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lingyi & bantering

I’ve probably said it before but Lan Jingyi & Jin Ling, being the stupid, unable-to-healthily-communicate-their-emotions teenagers that they are, act like they fucking hate each other.

They will absolutely verbally attack each other (nothing that actually hurts or is too harsh though) and bicker & banter and all that good hate.

Zizhen and Sizhui are very concerned for a bit until they realize that it’s okay. Which leaves everyone else to wonder why the sect leader heir of the Jin sect and a well-liked Lan disciple hate each other.

It gets like a tiny article in a newspaper (it was a slow week) and wwx has that framed. Jc was about to go down to the Cloud Reccesses to see wtf is going on but jl was like “what no that’s my friend” which makes jc ??

Anyways, jl explains that that’s just how they are & it’s okayy

Oh but no one else is allowed to be mean to jl or ljy beside the other

(Well lsz & oyzz also have rights but don’t use it 24/7 like these two.)

Once someone said something mildly rude to jingyi and jl had Suihua out in seconds.

Jingyi complained about jl & jin chan chimes in with agreement? Jin Chan will get attacked bc you can’t?? Just insult my friend?? That’s my job??

No one is allowed to called jl Young Mistress except for a very select group of people (& ofc the JL Protection Squad, which has a total of like three members).

TL;DR: jl & ljy hate each other but not really.

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(This isn’t really poly junior quartet, but it’s poly junior quartet in my mind cos it makes it funnier XD but can be gen or implied zhuiling too)

AO3 Link

“Wait, why are you running away?” Lan Sizhui turned to Lan Jingyi. “Why is he running away?”

Lan Jingyi was covering his mouth to try and muffle his laughter as he watched Jin Ling’s retreating back, and a flicker of suspicion woke in Lan Sizhui’s mind.

“Jingyi, what did you say to him?” he asked, gently but firmly as he carefully put down the tray of tea things.

Lan Jingyi gave up muffling his laughter, clutching at his stomach through loud guffaws while Ouyang Zizhen merely rolled his eyes from beside him.

“He may have implied that by accepting your offer of tea, Jin Ling would be making a statement he’s not entirely ready to make,” he said, lips still twitching in a smile that only grew when Lan Sizhui rounded on Lan Jingyi.


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Cultivation partners!! :D

Zizhen is super excited and has had this planned for at least three years. They’re older now, mayb mid twenties?

The Jin sect has generously offered to pay for everything, but it’s not super necessary since it’s gonna be a p. small event. Jingyi dreads the long guest list… 0-0

Actually I think they would have a public event & a private one, bc jl is a pretty public figure since he’s a sect leader. Technically cultivation partners are different from being married ( I think??? ) but I feel that it would be more meaningful (plus poly marriage isn’t allowed, even back then I think).

Though multiple cultivation partners is probably rare, not as common as pairs. But j think cultivation partners are also ranked higher than sworn siblings? Honestly idk but the first is more likely to be romantic I think

The ceremony itself would prolly be pretty traditional (honestly lqr would have a qi deviation if there were any more surprises). The public one is held at Carp Tower, and the private one is held in the back mountains of the Cloud Recesses near the stable. Many bunnies are present.

Zizhen probably helps plan the big, public ceremony bc he’s been dreaming of getting married for a while. He also helps out for the private one, ofc. For the small one the guest list is just family; sect leader ouyang, jc, wwx, jgy (in au where he’s not dead), lqr, lwj, lxc (if he’s outta seclusion), the ouyang siblings, etc.

The big ceremony’s theme consists of red and a whole lotta gold! Smaller one is softer. Think fairytale, lace, white, that stuff. Candles. Yk.

Ty for the ask!! :)

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Pairing: Lan Sizhui/Ouyang Zizhen (focus), Jin Ling/Lan Jingyi/Lan Sizhui/Ouyang Zizhen (background)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2.6k
Summary: After getting caught spying on Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi, Ouyang Zizhen drags Lan Sizhui on a mad dash through the Cloud Recesses until they wind up alone in the back mountain.

(Poly Junior Quartet, but with this fic focusing on Lan Sizhui/Ouyang Zizhen specifically)

Tags: Polyamory, Poly Junior Quartet (Sizhui/Zizhen focus), Communication, Forehead Kisses, Kissing

Part 3 of ‘Of Forehead Ribbons and Vermilion Marks’

AO3 Link


Lan Sizhui and Zizhen were reprimanded by no less than three senior disciples and one elder as they ran through the Cloud Recesses. Zizhen was deaf to them all, still laughing and tugging Lan Sizhui along as if A-Ling was chasing them for revenge. The lack of cursing and shrieking behind them told Lan Sizhui that Jingyi had managed to hold him back with something more tempting than soothing his pride with revenge, but he let Zizhen pull him along, even knowing he would face a stern lecture and punishment for it later.

He had long since deemed any punishment worth it in pursuit of enjoying to the fullest every moment they visited the Cloud Recesses.

When Zizhen finally came to a stop, he’d led them to the back mountain, to one of the tucked away meditation spots that had fallen from use. It was one of Lan Sizhui’s favourite places, an overgrown clearing well off the main paths, frequented by Hanguang-Jun’s rabbits, but not Hanguang-Jun, and one of the many places he had often hidden away in when he was younger and wanted to be alone. It was one of his favourite places to take Zizhen and listen to him compose poetry to the backdrop of the woods.

“Did you see the way he got up and fell back down?” Zizhen gasped, throwing himself into a sprawl on the ground and clutching his belly as he laughed. “Such grace from Sect Leader Jin!”

“Zizhen,” Lan Sizhui reproached, sitting beside him and shaking his head. “We should not have spied on their intimate moment.”

Zizhen snorted loudly and rolled onto his side, then propped himself up on one elbow to smirk over at him. “You could have stopped me if you really wanted too.”

Heat rushed to Lan Sizhui’s cheeks. Indeed, he could have. They had spent some time determining who was the stronger and more skilled among them, and he had triumphed. He didn’t expect to maintain the position for long. Once A-Ling overcame his impetuousness, Lan Sizhui was sure his unpredictable blend of the Lanling Jin and Yunmeng Jiang styles of fighting would beat them all.

“You wanted to watch them resolve that just as much as I did,” Zizhen added, plucking at the grass and sighing. “They are so interesting with each other. I really never expected them to work alone.”

Lan Sizhui hummed his agreement. He too had feared that Jingyi and A-Ling would not be able to reconcile their differences despite a mutual attraction, but he’d been pleasantly surprised. 

“We each have our own way with each other,” he said diplomatically. And watching A-Ling and Jingyi find that honest intimacy with each other was as breathtaking as their constant bickering was amusing. He could happily watch them together all day and not feel the need to be included.

“Why is Jingyi so sensitive about his forehead ribbon anyway?” Zizhen asked, reaching up to tug on the ends of Lan Sizhui’s. “He took forever to let me touch it too, even after more intimate things. You let us touch yours when we were still only friends.”

“Hm…” Lan Sizhui reached up and unfastened his ribbon, holding the other end in his hand and thinking.

Jingyi often wondered the same thing, that they could both be raised with the Lan Sect rules and yet treat the forehead ribbon so differently. 

Maybe it had been the many lessons on regret that Hanguang-Jun had instilled in Lan Sizhui over the years. He’d always told him to live honestly, not only with others but with himself. That, if there were people he cared for, to not let fear be an impediment to closeness. To know what was right and good and let that shape his actions more than tradition and discipline. 

He’d not really understood much of it until Senior Wei had returned, along with his memories from before he’d come to Gusu. Then it had been abundantly obvious that Hanguang-Jun had been trying to avoid the same fate of loss and regret befalling him.

“The rules may mean for only direct blood family and cultivation partners to touch it, but if I love a person, then they are family to me, in whatever form,” he said, rubbing the end of the ribbon between his fingers. “Why shouldn’t they touch it? Why shouldn’t I want them to touch it? It brings me joy, it brings them joy. That can only be a good thing. There shouldn’t need to be the physical intimacy of cultivation partners to share in this gesture of trust and love. Why should I only feel safe relaxing my self-restraint around one person, and one person only, anyway?”

Zizhen observed him for a moment, then moved, getting a knee either side of his hips until he settled on his lap. Lan Sizhui leaned back reflexively, planting his hands behind him, but when Zizhen’s lips brushed his naked forehead, he froze.

“You should have told me you like this,” Zizhen whispered against his forehead.

Heat flooded Lan Sizhui’s face again, so hot that Zizhen’s hands felt cold when they cupped his cheeks as his lips brushed Lan Sizhui’s forehead again, and again, slow and gentle. 

Even though A-Ling had now kissed his naked forehead many times since the first time, he still could not stop his reaction to it. 

“Your selfless love is so beautiful, Sizhui,” Zizhen whispered, kissing Lan Sizhui’s lips once before pressing their foreheads together and sighing. “You would have been forever content to remain merely friends with the three of us, even desiring more. Even now, you never ask for anything, not even this simple thing.”

Lan Sizhui held his breath. He didn’t think it was selfless at all. As long as he kept them happy, they remained in his life. It was a selfish thing, trying to keep them close. That was all he needed, really. Everything else was just an endless gift.

(Read the rest on AO3)

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Uh yes we stan healthy communication in relationships!! And honestly, it’s understandable that he might feel that way since jingyi & sizhui are basically attached at the hip, and i hc that jingyi’s very outwardly affectionate to jl for the sake of annoying him.

poor zizhen though 🥺 he deserves better

it would probably take oyzz a hot second before he tells them abt his insecurities, bc of obvious reasons, but lsz probably notices that something’s off with zizhen.

maybe sizhui pulls him aside and asks what’s up? and ofc, you can’t lie to lsz, that’s like illegal, so zizhen spills.

and oh. oh.

sizhui immediately feels a little guilty, bc he should have noticed sooner, but he’s also glad that zizhen brought it up. zizhen asks sizhui not to tell the others just yet, bc he doesn’t want them to take it the wrong way. sizhui reluctantly agrees.

he spends the weekend overanalyzing everything they’ve done since the start of the relationship. jingyi maybe notices that sizhui is super out of it, but when he mentions it offhandedly,

so when jingyi hangs with zizhen and just talks abt sizhui acting off ofc zizhen is…concerned, but also a little sad bc when they do actually spend time together they just end up talking abt sizhui.

and oyzz doesn’t know how the others will react to this! is he overthinking it? is this just him? what if they want to break up- and oh he’s spiraling.

so he becomes more reclusive than jl before he befriended them, bc he doesn’t have the energy to be sad and around bfs at the same time. probably spends some time with his family, yk.

& sizhui is seeing this happening, and worries immensely, as you do when you’re sizhui.

jingyi & jin ling realize that zizhen is kinda sorta maybe avoiding them, and ask abt it on the next occasion the four hang out.

zizhen is sorta freaking out but sizhui manages to somewhat calm him down enough to explain everything. jingyi is more offended at himself for messing up so bad. a ling feels guilty, and also very upset that zizhen’s upset. but they wouldn’t break up with oyzz anyways, especially not for this. and they tell him that. apologies are made & they hug it out!

it’s all very soft and zizhen feels better, which, yay! and after, the other three make sure to better at balancing a relationship w/ four ppl.

hope you liked it anon! :)

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Lan Jingyi: The moon sure is beautiful, isn’t it?

Jin Ling: So’s a Yuan but you haven’t told him that yet.

Lan Jingyi:

Lan Jingyi: You’re stupid.


Ouyang Zizhen, aggressively trying to get Jingyi & a Ling together, and Jin Ling, softly trying to get Sizhui & Jingyi together, and Sizhui shipping lingyizhen.

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Lan Sizhui has always known he would one day have to choose between the mortal world of his friends and the magical world of his birth.

He just… never expected it would be this hard.

Sizhui only has until his sixteenth birthday to decide and with boys from both worlds vying for his heart… someone is bound to get hurt.

[[The tag for the au can be found here]]

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It’s Jin Ling’s idea, but they’ve all three agreed that whoever gets the chance should put that plan in action. At least, that was the plan. Sizhui did have the chance when the bottle landed on Jingyi, and Jingyi chose dare rather than truth (he’s been avoiding truth every time they’ve played lately, which is how Jin Ling came up with his idea). But Sizhui, however brave he is in others domains, is a damn coward for this and chickens out at the last minute, asking instead for Jingyi to do push ups without his shirt on.

Which at least isn’t a complete waste of that dare, even Jin Ling will concede it. And then Jinyi, absolute awful little shit that he is, doesn’t put his shirt back on, giving some bullshit excuse that he’s sweaty and doesn’t want to get it dirty. Jin Ling wants to punch him in the face, or maybe to french him. The two needs, he’s figured out long ago, are not mutually exclusive when he’s thinking about Jingyi.

A few turns go without the bottle picking Jingyi again. Jin Ling is starting to despair, half convinced that Sizhui has ruined their only chance. He’ll pay for that. Not that Jin Ling has much hope that his plan would bring anything good for him personally anyway, but… but he’s got to know already, and this was the best way to deal with it, and he’s so damn tired of the uncertainty of it all, and…

Ouyang Zizhen spins the bottle, which finally lands again on Jingyi.

“Dare,” their friend quickly said, rolling his eyes as if it’s obvious he’d pick that.

“If you’re in love with someone in this room, kiss them,” Ouyang Zizhen orders with a calm assurance that Jin Ling would kill to have.

Jingyi stares at him, his cheeks colouring quickly. “What?”

“I dare you,” Ouyang Zizhen insists, his voice trembling a little now. “Or are you too scared?”

Jingyi stares some much, scrunching his nose the way he does when he has to actually think for once. It is not at all an adorable habit, and Jin Ling doesn’t find it endearing in any way.

“Ok, fine,” Jingyi huffs, rolling his eyes again before he leans to his left to kiss Sizhui square on the lips.


It’s not a surprise, of course.

Among them, Sizhui is the one who has known Jingyi the longest, and he’s so stupidly perfect and sweet and gentle and beautiful (maybe Jin Ling has more than one crush, it doesn’t matter, he never had a chance with either) so of course, of course Jingyi is in love with him. It makes sense. Everyone should be in love with Sizhui, it’s only logical.

Jin Ling exchanges a dejected look with Ouyang Zizhen who has lost his facade of coolness and seems on the verge of actually crying, like the big baby he is. He doesn’t get to, though, because as soon as Jingyi’s done kissing Sizhui (and he must be good at it, Sizhui looks a little dazed and breathless), he leans to his right and kisses Zizhen as well.

Jin Ling gapes at the sight.

This is so fucking unfair. But then again, well, Zizhen is almost nearly as handsome as Sizhui, and he does laugh in that way that makes Jin Ling’s heart clench, and he always says all that stupidly beautiful poetic crap, and… really, if Jingyi has to be in love with two different people, of course it would be those two. Jingyi is a damn idiot, but he’s got taste.

When that kiss is done, Jingyi turns his attention to Jin Ling. For a good half minute, the two of them glare at each other. Jin Ling knows that he probably should leave and let those three sort themselves out, but it’s not fucking fair, and he’s hurting, and he doesn’t want to be nice. Not right now, anyway. Later he’ll be happy for them, but right now he’s trying to think of something mean he could call Jingyi.

Before he can think of something, Jingyi’s huffing and rolling his eyes again.

“Ok, fine, fine, I’ll be honest all the way!” he grumbles. “You can punch Zizhen if it pisses you off, it’s his fault,” he adds, shuffling on his knees until he’s nearly on Jin Ling’s lap, and…

Jingyi presses their lips together, much more briefly than he did with Sizhui or Ouyang Zizhen, as if he expects for the gesture to be unwelcome. When he tries to pull back, already half grumbling about how stupid that game is, Jin Ling grabs him by the collar and brings him closer, kissing him clumsily. He feels Jingyi tense and gasp against his mouth, but the older boy doesn’t push him away or punch him in the face or shout at him for not seeing that it was just a joke. Instead, Jingyi puts his hands on Jin Ling’s cheeks and kisses him back for a long while, until they’re both breathless.

Zizhen is half laughing as he comes closer, pulling Sizhui with him so the four of them can hug.

“Anyone else you’d have kissed if they’d been there?” Zizhen teases.

“A-Qing is pretty neat too,” Jingyi admits, blushing hard. “So you’re not… mad?”

He looks at Jin Ling as he says that, clearly expecting him to be the one who’ll make problems.

“I’m mad we had to trick you into admitting it,” Jin Ling retorts, his cheeks burning. “What, were you going to fucking pine in silence like an idiot for ten years like Sizhui’s dad?”

Sizhui winces at the reminder that his dad has a love life now, while Jingyi starts arguing that Jin Ling isn’t allowed to disrespect Lan Wangji like that. Up until now this would have degenerated into a big fight, but now Jin Ling can grab Jingyi and kiss him to silence him, which turns out to be a super effective way to shut him up.

With how often they argue on a daily basis, Jin Ling has a feeling that his life is about to get pretty fun in the near future.

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oh, you enabler (thank you)

  • so this is basically an au within my modern au—same characterization nd all that, but just a “what if?” i got one day
  • (u can find my modern au here if u haven’t read it already)
  • alright, it’s the summer leading up to their last year, they’re in the living room nd zizhen is thinking out loud
  • “what if we opened a coffee shop together?”
  • this gets him excited and he runs with the idea, roping in jingyi with his enthusiasm
  • jin ling isn’t rlly having it, bc they’re still students nd there’s a lot that goes into opening a business
  • sizhui is listening along nd commenting here and there bc he loves seeing his friends so excited, damnit
  • however jingyi is not having ling’s lack of enthusiasm nd essentially convinces him through a game of chicken
  • “what, are you too scared? you think we can’t open a coffe shop?”
  • “no, our coffee shop is gonna be the best damn coffee shop this city’s ever seen. but we have to take into consideration—“
  • and so they sketch out the roughest of plans nd ideas
  • sizhui was kinda hoping they’d drop it once school started again (he’s an orchestra major, damnit) but ideas keep getting thrown around, storefronts being put up for lease keep being pointed out nd eventually he realizes that this is Actually Happening
  • with this realization, he buys a massive cork board (nd a million thumbtacks) for all the inspiration images, tips, notes, places that’re leasing near them, etc
  • zizhen also keeps a journal with all his notes, comparing prices of other coffee shops, calculations, random thoughts and ideas, etc etc
  • if you don’t think it’s painstakingly color coordinated nd organized, ur wrong
  • he never goes anywhere without it
  • i’m not gonna go into detail here, but the same time zizhen first came up with the idea the next year, they have a storefront nd are working towards opening day
  • (if y’all want the details, all u have to do is ask 👀👀)
  • ling is in charge of the paperwork side of things nd all that management (permits, calculating budgets, bills, etc)
  • zizhen is in charge of finding equipment nd working on the menu
  • jingyi fine tunes the menu (making sure flavors work together nd recipes are doable for any future employee) nd is in charge of marketing
  • side note: jingyi stress bakes, usually midnight the day before auditions or opening night, so he’s familiar with workshopping recipes (there’s smth abt the certainty of if u just follow the recipe, it’ll come out right that helps center him when his thoughts spin out of control)
  • sizhui works the layout/furnishing of the front nd honing the aesthetic of the place, basically focusing on the little details (the cups, chairs, signs, if there are plants or not, etc)
  • jingyi also took a music production class second semester and for each assignment/project, he would record sizhui’s playing and him singing and would mix them together to be played in the shop
  • opening day sees their family coming to see their baby (more details to ask abt if u want to know more 👀👀) nd a steady stream of students throughout the day
  • basically, opening day goes off without a hitch nd their coffee shop becomes a staple for students from their university to go to study or get a job
  • (they relatively quickly do become one of the best coffee shops in the area, like ling promised)
  • (nd maybe they fall in love and get together, but again, just more to ask abt :) )

trying to lay out my ideas for this au actually lead me to my modern au, so i have A Lot of ideas abt this so please ask me for further clarification abt Certain Points, and i will of course answer any questions you guys may have :)

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thank you! nd thanks for waiting a bit for my response, i don’t rlly follow zombie apocalypse stories all that much so i didn’t know how to fill this at first but we love gaining experience in areas outside ur comfor zone, nd it was fun thinking abt the world building

  • bc of the fact that there are walking corpses nd such in canon, let’s say this is a modern au where cultivation is still a thing but resentful beings/fierce corpse are extremely rare bc suppression tactics have become ingrained into society to the point where there’s almost no chance for enough resentful energy to gather
  • mirroring cql, it’s wwx’s generation that had to actually deal with the outbreak nd the collapse of society
  • cloud recesses nd lotus pier still burn down due to the wens and all survivors from both sects both take refuge in qinghe nie bc it’s already a fortress but bc it’s still too dangerous, they can’t rebuild right away
  • wen ruohan is responsible for the outbreak, bc he was trying to find a way to cheat death nd yadda yadda
  • but the thing is that the zombies aren’t formed from resentful energy, so the cultivators don’t rlly know how to deal with them at first
  • now to the juniors’ timeline
  • by this point, the techniques needed to deal with the zombies have been pretty much perfected
  • techniques being gun cultivation, no i will not elaborate (they still mainly use swords tho bc gun cultivation is a new thing)
  • the cloud recesses is slowly starting to be rebuilt, but it’s an agonizingly slow process so they’re still at qinghe nie
  • lotus pier hasn’t even started rebuilding bc survival is priority nd they’re safe where they are
  • now to the juniors
  • they’re the best cultivators of their generation nd they always night hunt in a group together
  • they are a force to be reckoned with
  • ling is a sniper who has never missed a shot nd can track a target from a mile away
  • zizhen notices everything nd his talismans and arrays are nearly unparalleled (in his generation at least)
  • jingyi’s voice cultivation is as strong as his will nd his arm strength makes his sword strikes devastating
  • sizhui is precision personified nd has never left a task unfinished, completed with neat sword work that leaves no room for survival
  • they are strong, they are ruthless, they are in love, and they are lonely
  • what with ling, zizhen, and jingyi being sect heirs nd sizhui looking to be a great candidate for chief cultivator they have no time to see each other
  • (yanli nd zixuan are alive so that’s why ling is only an heir bc zixuan is sect leader, nd u can pry sect leader jingyi from my cold, dead hands)
  • the only time all four of them are together is during discussion conferences nd when i tell u they take advantage of every second they have alone,
  • they will talk for hours, and there is always some form of contact between the four whether it be an arm around the shoulder, a head on a lap, legs pressed together from sitting close, whatever
  • they also have a bad habit (it’s totally intentional) of talking too late into the night and sizhui nd jingyi fall asleep, nd zizhen nd ling have to help them to bed
  • cuddle piles always ensue
  • when they do go on night hunts, they’re always watching over each other nd teasing one another
  • if one of them does get injured, the other three get even more vicious against their target bc how dare they—
  • they always patch each other up, from tiny scratches to oozing gashes
  • “maybe if u were paying attention to what was going on around u, we wouldn’t be in the position, so stop complaining”
  • “well darling dearest, how could i ever pay attention when you are just so radiant?”
  • “,,,,,,sometimes i wonder why i worry about u, clearly u have enough attitude to bullshit ur way out of anything”
  • “aww, u worry about me?”
  • “of course i do, i love you”
  • *intense flustered spluttering*
  • they’re also the kings of facetime, like if they’re not in lessons, training, or studying, they’re facetiming one another
  • nd if one of them falls asleep during a call? u bet the others stay on the line
  • their group chat is, to say the very least, Chaotic
  • the saying of how the heart grows fonder with distance rings so true for them

if u have any questions, suggestions, prompts, or aus don’t hesitate in sending them in, i answer any and all asks

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Shit I keep forgetting stuff in my drafts. I’m so so sorry!! Gonna change up the cast a bit cause Zizhen is too pure for Keith. Time for me to remember everything from the one season of Voltron that I saw-


Lan Jingyi as Lance (this one fit well imo!)

Jin Ling as Keith (orphans + stubbornness) (I get why you put him as pidge at first though, w/ the family thing & I think canon pidge was genderfluid..?)

Lan Sizhui as Hunk (the pureness)

Ouyang Zizhen as Pidge (they have older siblings!! & pilot!Zizhen!! & green!!)

Wei Wuxian as Shiro (kinda wanted to make him WN but this works quite well-)

Lan Wangji as Allura (I know this doesn’t fit but my Voltron knowledge is like 2/10 & magical man lwj)

Honestly don’t remember the name of that orange-haired guy (Conan? Coran?) as Wen Ning I guess.

I love the idea of stone-faced Wangji telling the juniors that they have to fly giant cat robots around and wwx being excited about it all. Wen ning is very welcoming!! Background wangningxian bc bc.

Yes this is crack what did you expect of me.

And what if lwj and wwx used to be a thing before wwx mysteriously disappeared and the big Galra/fire nation/wens attack went down.

Jin Ling hates this all and wants to leave. Zizhen wants to know wtf is going on. Ljy is freaking out bc aliens = ghosts are real???? And lsz is just chillin.

The juniors are a mess, and wwx probably carries em through the whole thing, which kinda fails cause jl hates him. Lsz trusts him (long-lost dad??), ljy is a little sus, but oyzz is okay with everything so far. Freaked out but not dead.

Eventually they work together…? Found family & all that.

Wwx dotes!!

I honestly don’t remember that much from Voltron besides flying lions (I think) & don’t have to time to rewatch it (along with ATLA) so… I’m just gonna leave this here. If anyone else has hcs, reblog or reply to this post!! :)

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i actually have a coffee shop au in the drafts right now (if anyone’s interested, lmk👀👀) so let’s make this one nice and just completely different

  • jingyi and zizhen work at a cute little coffee shop and they are always put on shifts together bc they work so well with each other
  • sizhui and jin ling are their favorite regulars
  • and goddamn the four are crushing hard for each other
  • when they first met, sizhui walked into the shop, saw the cute baristas, went oh no then when he saw the only open seat was at jl’s table, almost spontaneously combusted
  • can u tell i’m a big supporter of internal mess sizhui
  • (lwj’s influence, truly)
  • jin ling is there almost everyday bc he’s a student at the nearby university (the other three already graduated) and his orders sometimes worry ljy nd ozz
  • “i’ll have a large coffee with seven shots of espresso”
  • “jesus, just do cocaine”
  • basically this post
  • he’s a business major (what else) nd he was the liner in high school so he’s not used to ppl just being nice to him, and suddenly??? these three very attractive ppl??? are nice??? to him???
  • like sizhui, during their first meeting, noticed his homework nd he had taken that class nd now helps him study?? zizhen always writes a cute message on his cup?? jingyi actually cares abt what he has to say???
  • zizhen is weak for these boys
  • jingyi’s smiles always just make him go weak in the knees, nd there was this one time where he started singing along to the music playing when the shop was empty nd he almost felt his soul ascend, it was a religious experience he swears
  • jin ling is so dedicated and passionate, unafraid to call an asshole out nd once he reamed a karen who was being racist nd zizhen has never felt more ✨comfy✨
  • and god, sizhui is the literal personification of the dawn, all that is warm and good, he heard his unrestrained laughter once and he had to take a five minute break bc he was just feeling so much—
  • (sizhui was laughing at jingyi showing him the frog that he had caught in a cup and labeled it “one cup water, no water +one froggy baby”)
  • now, jingyi is that last the realize he’s crushing but only bc he’s used to deeply feeling platonic affection so he didn’t realize it was romantic until one day
  • one day when he offhandedly mentioned to jl that he was working in his birthday nd zizhen’s head snapped up to him, and the two looked to each other but didn’t comment
  • zizhen went on his lunch break nd jl left, but they came back together, sizhui in tow (somehow, don’t worry abt it) and bc the shop was empty, when they gave him a potted miniature rose plant, he practically vaulted over the counter to hug them
  • jingyi will deny vehemently that he teared up when jl handed him the plant blushing
  • then when he got home, he looked at the rosebuds, thought of the three, and oh. OH.
  • they’re all pining messes :))
  • communication is not their best friend :))
  • there’s a lot of confusion and assumptions bc of course :))
  • it wasn’t until when it’s finals season for jl and, after their shift, jingyi nd zizhen stay with jl nd sizhui to help jl study
  • and jl, in a haze from pulling a four-night all nighter, pretty much intoxicated on coffee and vibrating with stress from finals, blurts everything accidentally when he’s nonsensically rambling abt one of his classes
  • sizhui, after he’s done reeling nd noticing that the other two are frozen, has to basically force jl’s mind to cooperate with him when he asks him to backtrack just a bit—
  • it takes a minute, but then he repeats what he said nd jl freezes
  • sizhui tells him that they don’t have to talk abt it now, but they will after his finals are over and he’s actually had a night’s worth of sleep
  • and they do :))
  • and they’re cute and happy :))
  • but they never go in coffee dates bc jl will insist that no coffee is as good as zizhen’s
  • the other two readily agree nd zizhen is vv flustered

sorry for this taking a bit to be answered, school’s starting nd i am Stressing. so i will be a bit busier in the coming months but i am still answering asks and i’ll do them as fast as my creativity allows me, so don’t hesitate to send in one :)

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