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asknarashikari · a month ago
Woz tries to do the lion king thing with Sougo
Keyword being “tries”, because Tsukuyomi will shut that down faster than Woz can say “IWAE WAGA MAOU”
Sougo is adorably confused about what just happened and Geiz just steers his innocent boyfriend away from the kingly tendencies.. again
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asknarashikari · 9 days ago
I got a Zi-O scenario about a school dance and Uhr.
Sougo, Geiz, and Tsukuyomi react to a beautiful Uhr walking through the doors in an blue open dress along with his tall bf (who's half American and Thai). And Woz appearing out of nowhere as a school teacher attendee to announce it. Why? Because he couldn't resist the urge do his thing.
Sougo: *claps hands like a seal while crying incessantly* “Heure!!! You’re so pretty!! And now you have a boyfriend and you’re all grown up and...” *proud senpai noises*
Geiz: *looks awkward* “Uh... congratulations, I guess...” *inwardly relieved that Heure isn’t gonna chase after his Sougo anymore* *sort of embarrassed by Sougo’s crying*
Tsukuyomi: *shakes head at her boys* “Well, if you’re happy, then that’s all that matters. Congratulations on your relationship... and I love your dress~ you look so fabulous, Heure!”
Heure: *blushing madly* “T-thanks for the support, everyone...”
Woz: *busts in like the Kool-Aid Man IWAE-ing* 
Everyone: “............”
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asknarashikari · 29 days ago
Funny minific idea: Tsukuyomi and Geiz see how much hotter Sougo has gotten one day
Who else did a double-take when they first saw that photo of Sou Okuno because honestly I didn’t even recognize him anymore. I only realized who it was when I saw the tags
“Good job today,” Geiz called as he handed Sougo his towel, the doors closing behind their students as they left for the day. “You really worked them today, didn’t you?” he said, going to lock up the front doors.
“I guess?” Sougo shrugged, wiping his face and neck. “We only have a few weeks until the recital, so I want to get as much practice in as possible...” He sighed, set aside the towel and shucked his shirt off himself.
“S- Sougo! I’m not finished locking up, you can’t just-” Geiz’s mouth went dry when he turned, only to see his boyfriend already shirtless, and he gaped as he wondered-
Sougo has abs? When did he get those? How did he get those?
Sougo set aside his soaked shirt, grabbed the towel again and used it to dry himself off. His eyes greedily trailed down Sougo’s naked torso, following the errant trails of sweat that still dripped down the contours of the dancer’s body, before they got wiped off. 
The former future rebel hastily turned away, busying himself with locking up the dance studio’s front doors, fumbling with the locks for longer than he should have. His mind descended into a chaotic mess as it whirled, confused as to how he seemed to have missed this whole development entirely.
“I- Idiot, put a shirt on before you get a cold,” Geiz scolded at his partner, taking off the tracksuit he had on to chuck at Sougo’s head, partly so he wouldn’t see the blush staining his cheeks now. “Hurry up so we can go home already...”
“Alright, alright!”
Later that night, after Tsukuyomi had gotten home and they’d had dinner together, Sougo had elected to take a bath first, leaving Tsukuyomi and Geiz to lounge around in bed, waiting for him to finish. 
Tsukuyomi gave Geiz a curious look. “What’s with you today? You look like you’re thinking about a lot of things.” She poked his head. “If you think too much your brain might explode,” she teased.
“No, it’s just one thing,” Geiz admitted, though not without a pout. “And I think my mind was already blown, to be honest.”
“Oh?” Tsukuyomi questioned. 
“Sougo,” Geiz said in a reverent whisper. “Since when did he have... abs, Tsuku?” he asked.
“I... What?” Tsukuyomi blinked at him in confusion. “What do you mean Sougo has-”
“Hey guys, I’m done with the bath, so one of you can take your turn now~” And the demon overlord himself came out, wearing only pajama pants and a towel wrapped around his shoulders. 
“Oh,” Tsukuyomi gasped in realization, her eyes drawn to exactly where Geiz’s had been earlier that day. “Oh....”
“...Is there something wrong?” Sougo questioned, oblivious to being ogled. 
“N-No! It’s nothing!” Geiz said, in an entirely unconvincing voice. “I’ll... uh, take my turn now.” He grabbed his own things and rushed into the bath.
“What’s with him? He’s been acting weird since this afternoon,” Sougo remarked cluelessly.
Tsukuyomi gave an awkward laugh, her eyes still transfixed on Sougo’s torso. “Well... I guess you can say he realized some stuff today...”
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asknarashikari · 24 days ago
Sougo’s lovers and Isamu react to their boyfriends’ new oufitd
I presume you mean their outfits in Superhero Senki?
Tsukuyomi: *swoons* Why is he suddenly so cool looking... he looks like a wuxia hero...
Geiz: *catches Tsukuyomi as she swoons while blushing like crazy* I don’t mind the hair...
Isamu: Sir you can slice and dice me with your sword any time (which one is up to you)
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asknarashikari · a year ago
FluffyCat!Tsukasa playing with Sougo
“Senpai is actually quite affectionate, isn’t he?” Sougo said, as he playfully lifted a cat toy for Tsukasa to chase.
“I’m worried about the chaos he can cause in this form,” Geiz grumbled. “Or worse, what chaos Kaito-senpai will cause once he finds out.”
“That’s why we’re not telling him,” Tsukuyomi said solemnly, and both boys nodded in agreement.
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asknarashikari · a year ago
Minific with Zi-Ot3 please?
I know this is like a month late but whatever. Birthday fic for Sougo!
Sougo woke up to the smell of bacon frying and his boyfriend and girlfriend’s muffled squabbling. His stomach grumbled as the scent wafted into his room, so he decided to make his way downstairs to obey his stomach’s demand for sustenance first.
“Oh, Sougo! Good morning,” his uncle greeted him at the bottom of the stairs. “Happy birthday, my boy! Or should I say, my man!”
“Birthday...?” Sougo yawned groggily, before spotting the calendar hanging on the wall. It was, indeed, the day of his twentieth birthday. “Oh yeah...”
“Tsukuyomi-kun and Geiz-kun were making breakfast for you,” Junichiro chuckled. “They wanted to surprise you in bed,” he said, shaking his head. “I think it’s to make up for the fact that you can’t go out right now, with the lockdown and everything.”
“Oh,” Sougo replied, a little shocked. “Sh-Should I head back up, then...?”
His uncle patted his head. “Up to you, Sougo,” he said kindly. “I can go in ahead of you and tell them you’re awake, if you’d like.”
“Thanks Uncle. I think I’d go back up,” he said. His uncle nodded then went into the kitchen, while Sougo climbed back up the stairs and went back to his bedroom.
He leaned back on the door for a brief moment and looked up at the ceiling in thought. “So... I’m hatachi* today...” He sighed then belly-flopped onto his bed.
It seemed like it was only yesterday that he was celebrating his 19th birthday. Tsukuyomi and Geiz were only tentatively his friends, and they were all embroiled in a war that was, unknowingly to them, supposed to decide the fate of the Heisei Kamen Riders. Has it really been a year since then?
Speaking of the Heisei Riders... Sougo reached for his phone, and indeed the group chat was already filled with birthday greetings from hise senpai Riders (and one kouhai). He smiled and fired off a quick thank you note before setting his phone aside again.
As if on cue, there was a knock on his bedroom door. “Sougo?” Tsukuyomi’s melodic voice called. “Can we come in?”
“Yeah, go ahead!” Sougo replied, sitting up in his bed.
Tsukuyomi entered first with a gift bag in tow, holding out the door for Geiz who was carrying a tray of breakfast foods including the bacon he was smelling earlier. Geiz put the tray on the bed carefully, then sat on one side of Sougo while Tsukuyomi sat on the other.
“Happy birthday, Sougo,” she greeted, kissing his cheek gently. Geiz said nothing but repeated the gesture on his other cheek, smiling all the while.
“Aw, thanks you guys!” Sougo looked at the spread before him, licking his lips as his mouth watered. Aside from the anticipated bacon, there were two fried eggs, buttered thick-slice toast, soufflé pancakes with syrup, a bowl of sliced fruit, a cup of coffee, and a huge chocolate muffin with a lit candle stuck into it like a birthday cake. “You didn’t have to do all this for me...”
“We wanted to.” Geiz cleared his throat, looking embarrassed as he usually did when expressing his affection candidly. Tsukuyomi laughed at his awkwardness, which caused a flush to appear on his cheeks. “A-Anyway, are you going to eat or what?”
“Alright, alright, I’m eating- itadakimasu!”
*hatachi- special term for 20 years old
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asknarashikari · a year ago
Geiz and Tskuyomi stumble upon one of Sougo’s old ballet outfits
They beg for him to try on one of the ones that still fit him...
...And promptly faint of a nosebleed when they see how formfitting they really are
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