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Old sketches I knew I wouldn’t finish, RIP

(First pic headcanon:

tw; self harm; Sometimes, when Dib wear’s his coat with the collar up, he is hiding cuts. Yeah, someone could notice if they looked close enough, if they paid attention or cared….

But, usually, no one does….


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me: even though he appears to have no feelings of sympathy, i strongly believe zim actually really cares about the people that hes close to. when gir started crying after zim scolded him, he immediately felt guilty about it and reworded what he was saying even tho gir was just sad about eating his muffin. its revealed in ‘tak the hideous new girl’ that zim already “promised the moon to gir”. and even tho zim knows for a fact that gir is more trouble than hes worth, he never has the heart to deactivate him or make another sir unit- this could be explained as him truly believing that gir is an advanced sir unit, but that contradicts with the episode ‘gir goes crazy and stuff’, as its visibly obvious that zim doesnt enjoy gir constantly being in duty mode as much as he does when gir is just being…. gir.

my dentist putting the drill down: how are you even speaking

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Lockdown has destroyed my sense of humour. I have been laughing for 20 minutes at this. This is the hardest I’ve laughed in awhile and I too am worried.

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