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#zodiac culture

Virgo Rising Culture 👀💭

  • Being told that they look young
  • Surrounded by a lot of books in early years
  • Resting Bitch Face
  • Eye for details
  • Huge animal lovers ❤
  • Book heads. 📖
  • Intimidating
  • Love to scream in general
  • Surprisingly very extroverted
  • They don’t like being exposed to someone except they themselves telling .
  • It gives them ANXIETY for real if someone knows a lot about their personality without them telling !
  • Very very judgmental ( also in a bad way but they don’t realize or say I’m just analyzing stuff!!)
  • Gets stressed easily 😪
  • Overthinking 24/7
  • Perfectionists
  • Feel the need to fix things or maybe people.
  • Just need to realize that it’s not their responsibility to fix everyones problems!
  • Love helping people ❤
  • Look at the world through great coloured glasses ( I have some advice for you guys in the last please do read that 🖤)
  • Too critical of themselves and of others
  • Self-worth issues
  • Love to organize!
  • Talkative
  • Likes planning and structure
  • The friend who gets all the assignments done somehow!
  • Doesn’t like a lot of attention or ‘fame’
  • Sensitive
  • Intelligent af
  • Caring
  • Sharp and small features.
  • Pouty lips
  • Attract a lot of broken souls
  • Might have weird or creepy neighbors or neighborhood ( just my personal observation, comment of its true)
  • Loves being Protected
  • Might not say but are drawn to the color pink 😏
  • Curious look
  • Sparkling eyes specially visible when they are existed or aroused!
  • Pale colors browns and beiges might suit them
  • Might do great in academics if they give a shit and work hard
  • Also hardworking people ( they give their best in what they do )

So, I wanted to give some advice to guys. I think you really need to see beauty in yourself, then only you could see beauty in others. This might sound cliche but It’s True! You guys really need to love yourself 💙 I understand that your past experiences are the reason who you are. But you can change that. It’s just a matter of choice. And you ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. Some of you might say “ Oh! Ofcourse I love myself ” but your actions show the reality. I’m not telling you to change your analytical attitude but also try to take out the good equally. Don’t have prenotions about what a particular type of person should be like. I think that’s why you guys are so reserved and have high expectations. Accept people. Sending lots of love and positivity to you guys 💖

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Cancer Rising Culture 💝

  • Being obsessed with the aesthetic cozy pictures of bedrooms !
  • Obsessed with cute dresses
  • Anything furry pinky white things
  • Might like pastels too
  • The baby face 👼
  • Baby voices!!
  • The Polaroid culture was invented by them i bet!,
  • Ooo, I just realized actually it was invented by a Cancer Sun only, Selena Gomez, lol!
  • Big round eyes which have great depth
  • Like they look so innocent!!!
  • Motherly aura
  • Compassionate
  • CARING ❤
  • Shy
  • Sweethearts
  • Have a comforting aura that puts others at ease. I have a Cancer Rising friend and I feel at ease around her.
  • Also likes to be comforted
  • Love reading books, poetry
  • Moody
  • Will make you feel like a child 😚💝 ( my cancer moon loves it!!!)
  • Clingy
  • Makes great friends really. ( imo)
  • Expressive face
  • Guarded
  • Flexible
  • Funny when they are comfortable
  • Reserved
  • Cuddly face😍
  • Love looking at the moon 🌙
  • Generous
  • REALLY want deep connections
  • Foodies
  • Sensitive to others needs more than their own 🥺
  • Pastels, pinks, light colors might be preferable because they look good on them
  • Possessive
  • High EQ
  • Might have a interest in cooking or baking at some point
  • Literal unicorns 🦄
  • Cautious in marriage (7th house capricorn)
  • Might marry later in life
  • Or actually saying it’s hard to woo them lol 🤣
  • Large breasts
  • A slut to routines and habits like Taurus Rising
  • Children love them.😍
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🩸has the darkest humor

🩸the best person to have deep conversations with

🩸idc what anyone says, these fuckers really will hold a grudge for life. lil Johnny took your lollipop in preschool? You’ll be 30 years old and still say fuck Johnny

🩸shows they care in weird fucking ways

🩸were probably having sex way too young

🩸puts up titanium walls the size of skyscrapers and let virtually no one in. Even those closest to them will run into them

🩸if they ever apologize for doing something wrong, just know it took every fiber of their being to do it and it shouldn’t go unnoticed

🩸prone to self-medicating because they have so many deep-seated issues and burdens that they’d rather compartmentalize than share with others

🩸really amazing friends, they are loyal and loving (again in their own weird way) and they always check in with you

🩸have memories like elephants, which is another amazing quality they have. They don’t forget anything

🩸surprisingly practical given their water element, however their realism can be exacerbated and turn into pessimism and cynicism

🩸reads WAYY too much into things but they can smell hidden motives like sharks smell blood in the water

🩸mysterious and magnetic no matter what they look like, people just want to get to know them more

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👽really cool in person, but the worst texters ever

👽despite the Leo sun, these guys are really aloof and socially anxious sometimes

👽moody asf

👽loves to travel and be out in the world and can get depressed if they’re alone for longer periods of time

👽do not like to be tied down, probably has a job that allows them the freedom they need

👽full of ideas, has a new one multiple times a day

👽probably the least Leo out of all the leos, but does like show off in their own way

👽can be socially awkward but it’s cute

👽extremely misunderstood, as their emotions are shown differently than they’re felt

👽getting them to open up is like trying to open a steel vault with 50 locks and no keys. Seriously, good luck if you’re going to try

👽very stubborn and opinionated as every other double fixed sign is

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😼always there for you when you need it but will also put you in your place quickly and firmly

😼they don’t do passive aggressive, they’re just plain aggressive

😼spends way too much money even though they don’t have any 🥴

😼skeptical of everyone and everything until proven otherwise

😼definitely full of themselves. Like a Leo, but more narcissistic???

😼pretty judgemental of other people, but also empathetic when they choose to be

😼sarcastic 25/8

😼always tries to be productive but also always finds an excuse as to why they couldn’t do anything. Literally would say they couldn’t go to work because their fish died 

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🌈one of the best aspects for careers. You have the passion of Venus harmonizing with the skill and destiny of mid heaven. Chefs kiss

🌈the type to actually grow up to have fulfill their childhood dreams

🌈using their beauty as part of their career, likely to be actors, actresses, models, etc

🌈well known and loved by many 

🌈having a career involving aesthetics, like makeup, interior designs, photography, art, etc.

🌈will not be aggressive when it comes to their future, they take a go with the flow approach

🌈may have been a teachers pet

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🌻a real ass bitch

🌻cool with everyone until you fuck them over, then you’re cut for life

🌻surprisingly funny

🌻despite the Taurus sun, they’re really spiritual

🌻kind of an extremist

🌻stubborn ASF. Will hold a grudge for a millenium

🌻definitely has a controlling nature

🌻protective over everyone and everything they love

🌻super cute but will also fuck u up

🌻natural psychologists, practical, grounded and fact oriented but also in tune with human emotions

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💚exudes natural beauty

💚reminds me of the sound of birds chirping and trickling water

💚either a hippie who loves nature, or a bad bitch who loves buying expensive things OR BOTH

💚high end street wear is definitely their style

💚not the most affectionate, but theyll buy you shit and make u food

💚the most likely to marry for money

💚attracted to people who dress nice, smell nice, have money, and have confidence. They’re not as concerned with looks or personality as they are those things

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🦋loves pastel everything

🦋dreamy, Angelic aura

🦋unlike most beauty pageant contestants, they actually want world peace

🦋finds beauty in everything

🦋natural romantics and flirters

🦋saving everyone, committing to nothing

🦋obsessed with all things spiritual

🦋attracted to water suns and risings

🦋their boundless empathy can lead to them being used as a doormat

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🔮Come off very mature, like they have lived multiple lives and understand it all

🔮love all things spiritual and transcendent

🔮the type to relate everything to the planets and to ask everyone what their sign is so they can assess them

🔮the best at introspection and self-awareness

🔮speaks eloquently but enigmatically, so it’s beautiful to hear but difficult to understand

🔮can be intimidating, but I’d imagine being the third eyes of the world can be exhausting 👁

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🌾laidback couple

🌾the couple you’d see eating at a quaint restaurant in Paris

🌾with the Pisces love for art and their big dreams and caps love for status and material things, these two may live a lavish lifestyle together

🌾 cap helps Pisces go for their goals and with practicality while Pisces can help cap relax and tap into their creative side

🌾a love like Noah and Allie ❤️


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