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#zodiac war

Oh hey, I’m relatively new to the Juuni Taisen fandom

I started watching it last week and finished it for the second time last night. (Date: Nov 29, 2020)

I hate how Tumblr doesn’t puts dates on their posts

Anyway, it’s good to see that there are still some active accounts for the fandom but there needs to be more!

Therefore, I’d like to help! I’m an author on Wattpad and Amino. I haven’t been active on my main account here on Tumblr but maybe this will change things.

So go ahead and tell me what you guys would like to see for Juuni Taisen!

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Oh to be called a term of endearment,,,

Pet names from the 12

  • Ox would call his lover dearest most often, love or sometimes my love, and in special moments, darling
  • I like to imagine Horse a lot more country than he is because I’m texan,,, HE SAYS DARLIN’ AND I WILL DIE ON THAT HILL
  • Sheep says hon, my old lady/man, and when he’s joking The Ol’ Ball and Chain™️
  • Chicken likes cutesy stuff like sweetie, sweetheart, muffin, chickadee, DUCKLING
  • Monkey canonically says baby, she would also use babe and probably sweetie
  • I think Dragon and Snake would pretty much use the same pet names like babe and doll, and they way overuse everything. Do they even know your name?
  • Boar would call you darling and lover primarily
  • Rat… probably calls you your name to be honest, and he gets flustered when you call him pet names
  • Oh Tiger says babe FOR SURE and also,,, KITTEN,,,
  • Rabbit is hard to place, I feel like he would copy what he hears other people say, but he would also call you the most random shit ever. Lmao catch this man calling you his spare rib
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Ah yes hello fellow whump fan!!

Rabbit and Ox down with the sickness


  • Ushii will straight up act as if he isn’t sick, business as usual for this guy
  • The only difference is that he’ll take extra care to keep his distance from you so you don’t catch anything from him. Respectful King™️
  • He’ll get so sick because he hasn’t been taking care of himself and you’ll finally have to put your foot down and force him to rest
  • He’ll be kind of awkward about you taking care of him, it’s his job to take care of YOU
  • If you go out of your way to make him soup and or tea he’ll be like “…dearest you don’t need to spoil me like this.” and then proceed to have a barely contained coughing fit
  • Absolutely no cuddling. If he’s asleep and he feels you start to lay down next to him he’ll wake up immediately and scold you for trying to get sick
  • On that note he exiles himself to the guest bedroom so you don’t have to 😭
  • After he’s well he’ll thank you for taking such good care of him and he’ll surprise you by either taking you out or cooking something you love


  • Usagi isn’t as subtle when he’s sick, he’ll be obviously sick but does all of his normal activities
  • …that is until you baby him at all whatsoever
  • Now he’s dying and he NEEDS YOU
  • Nobody has ever taken care of him before so he eats the attention up
  • He begs for you to snuggle with him despite the possibility of you getting sick
  • “That just means I get to take care of you next 🥰”
  • If you have to go to work he’ll try to manipulate you into staying home with him
  • If you’re gone from the room for more than a few minutes, he’ll sneak out to find you and when he hears you coming back he rushes back into bed to look pitiful
  • You come in with soup and he pretends to be too sick to eat it on his own so you have to feed him lmao
  • Basically Usagi is dramatic as hell and you’re an enabler because it’s cute
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Breaking up with Usagi

  • Why would you do this :(
  • The breakup isn’t going to be clean, he doesn’t understand what he did wrong and he’ll try anything to change your mind
  • He’s gonna cry and you’ll have to live with yourself after that so good luck
  • Contrary to popular belief I don’t think he would ever hurt you even if you did break his heart
  • You’d have to be pretty close to even get into the relationship in the first place
  • However,,,, you’re never getting rid of him lmao
  • He’ll go missing for a couple of months while he works through the initial grief of you abandoning him and after that he would randomly show up at your house, your work, places you go to hang out, etc.
  • He’ll be like “I know you said you don’t want to be with me anymore but I saw this and I thought of you so here you go!”
  • He wouldn’t kill them because he thinks you’ll change your mind eventually and he doesn’t want you to hate him, but he will scare off any potential lovers
  • He’ll go away, hurt, if you tell him to leave for a while but he always comes back timidly hoping things will go back to the way they used to be
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Sure darlin, I hope you’re doing okay! Me and Ushii love you

  • Ushii is pretty good about comforting his lover especially if it’s a long term relationship
  • When you’re sad or stressed You Will be taking self care steps and you don’t have a choice in the matter
  • He’s a practical person so his first step in comforting you is making sure you’re clean, full, and well rested.
  • He’ll run you a bath and cook something he knows you like while you’re in it
  • If you can’t sleep he’ll be the big spoon and run his hands through your hair while trying to get your mind off of whatever it is by talking about something more lighthearted
  • he can be a little awkward trying to think of something to make you smile but he’s trying his best
  • He also gives really good advice, usually his advice is straightforward and perhaps even a bit harsh but he’ll take extra care to be gentle when he knows you’re struggling
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This ask is beating my depression with a baseball bat thank you


  • Ushii is a pretty romantic guy with his s/o (behind closed doors) so I think he’d be happy to receive most kisses from you
  • That being said I think he’d really love temple kisses. Like passing by him in the morning and pressing a quick smooch to his temple, he loves that
  • I also think you could get him to blush if you kissed the back of his hand because that’s TOP ROMANCE


  • You can’t go wrong with cheek kisses with this guy!
  • But consider this! Uuma scooping you up to carry you in his big giant hulk arms and you kissing all over his shoulders, it makes him feel strong and protective of you 😳


  • This is my grandpa.
  • I don’t know man, a victory peck on the forehead for winning bingo


  • Nagayuki likes it when you’re rough with him 🥴
  • Much prefers kisses on the lips especially when you bite him
  • He doesn’t like pda unless it’s in front of Takeyasu, because he’s a shithead and likes to make him jealous


  • Kisses with Takeyasu are always either so fast you barely register them or long drawn out make out sessions depending on his mood mostly
  • He’s afraid of any kind of genuine feelings so if you’re the one initiating, he likes it when you distract him by wrapping your hand around his neck to pull him in for a deep kiss
  • Can’t be scared of affection when you’re too dazed to think about it 🤷‍♂️
  • He also likes to tease you afterwards
  • “Can’t get enough of me, can you? You fucking simp??”


  • Dotsuku likes playful kisses!
  • He loves it when he’s cooking breakfast for your little family and you pull the ol tap-on-the-shoulder surprise kiss
  • It makes him feel so domestic, like you guys are a real family, he can forget about the shadier aspect of his work
  • His flip can be switched so fast though so when you’re alone he’ll pay you back for all the teasing with a rough kiss of his own


  • Niwatori prefers gentle kisses on the lips
  • I think she’s probably not used to being treated gently so I think she would really love gentle kisses without expectations of anything more
  • Finds it especially endearing if you ask if you can kiss her first and she’ll never say no


  • You know that move where you grab the other person’s face to pass a shot through
  • Tora is also a fan of playful kisses
  • she’s low key a tsundere who gets really embarrassed about being girly, so genuine sweet affection is best to be saved for when she’s tipsy or sleepy
  • She will blush SO hard and then ask you why the hell you’re so sappy
  • On the flip side however when she’s in the mood for kisses, she loves neck kisses 👀
  • fuck aww?? Can you imagine making her breakfast and kissing her forehead when she has a hangover? She would be so appreciative 😭


  • Nezumi hasn’t had a lot of experience in the romance department so I think he’d like kind of subtle kisses from you at first, like nose kisses, cheek kisses, forehead kisses
  • It’s only because he’s afraid of messing up
  • You’ll probably have to be the one to initiate the first kiss, but after that he’ll be more comfortable and prefer kisses on the lips, at least in private
  • The man is shy give him a break


  • As big of a heart Sharyu has, you’re not the only one in it, she’s duty bound to war zones until she can’t give anymore, or she’s been successful in reaching some amount of peace
  • So I think she’d be waiting the entire time she was gone to get back into your arms and getting her favorite kisses which are, of course, the reunion kisses
  • She loves the big, dramatic, running into each other’s arms and music swelling reunion kisses the most. with every other kiss you give her as a close second


  • Inounoshishi loves to be treated like the goddess she is
  • Loves neck and collarbone kisses the most, but she’ll also accept your kisses anywhere as long as you’re worshipping her
  • She’ll pay you back by roughly grabbing your chin for a long deep kiss, this is one of the ways she says I love you without having to say it


  • Anywhere and everywhere! He’s just excited to get kisses from you
  • Usagi’s love language is physical mostly, when you’re together he’s almost constantly touching you in one way or another
  • If he had to pick a favorite kiss, it would have to be the ones where he’s laying on you already, pressed as close to you as he can get, slowly making out with you while you have your hands in his hair
  • … it hot in here? Anyway,,,
  • If you kiss him on the nose it’ll twitch like a bunny 😭💕
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