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I think we need to talk about this more, you know?

(Photo ID: There are two comic panels from Lumberjanes issue 67 with a pale yellow up to pale red gradient as a background. In the first panel Hes, Mal, Wren, Jo, and Ripley stand in a semicircle around Emily, who is sitting down dejectedly on the grass. “Emily, why is this so important to you?”asks Hes in her speech bubble. “Yeah, what’s up?” adds Wren. “Sigh… It’s STUPID” reads Emily’s speech bubble. “No one here is going to think that. Promise,” says Jo. In the next panel the girls are smiling more and Emily looks up hopefully. “We’re all weirdos,” says Wren. End ID)

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The Signs When There’s a Break-In

  • Aries: Tries to fight them but fails
  • Taurus: Thinks it’s a prank
  • Gemini: Tries to outsmart the robber
  • Cancer: Crying
  • Leo: Tries to scare the robber off
  • Virgo: Tells the robber to take his shoes off
  • Libra: Doesn’t know what to do
  • Scorpio: S C R E A M I N G
  • Sagittarius: Jumps out a window
  • Capricorn: Tries to play hero
  • Aquarius: Tells the robber to close the door on his way out
  • Pisces: Faints
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Dear Scorpio, virgo and Capricorn placements:

There’s no point to being good at finding what people’s deep rooted issues are if you’re just going to be apathetic and toss them away bc you found them. Everyone has deep rooted issues. Learn how to deal with those with the help of that knowledge.

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this is your chance to become more adaptable and to be mindful when communicating with each other. don’t be afraid to talk through your feelings and to make time for your friends. 

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“How dare you come into my life to show me you’re better than me”

Jealousy is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a teacher. You will learn, not only, to appreciate other but yourself, as well.

Jealousy teaches you where you are on your path to greatness and how you can healthily compete.

Don’t be ashamed.

Be grateful.

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listen i have my own thoughts about astrology and whether or not it’s real or anything but like,, if you have an astrology blog or you frequently write about the zodiacs, especially in reference to other people (ie what the signs need to hear, etc), make sure none of it is based on your own feelings towards those signs? like at least try to make it non biased and free of your own thoughts about them?

idk the amount of times i see someone say something especially negative in a reading and then go through their blog to see that they’ve been very outspoken about their annoyance towards that sign is,, telling to say the least. if you’re going to talk to other people about their future or personality, don’t let your own bias get in the way of what’s supposed to be a fair reading.

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It took me some time because I didn’t want to leave it as a half baked idea, props to my best friend for helping me with that <3

Floating in a blue lagoon (2884 words) by Glowcloudwasright
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Lumberjanes
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: April/Jo (Lumberjanes)
Characters: Jo (Lumberjanes), April (Lumberjanes), Mal (Lumberjanes), Molly (Lumberjanes), Ripley (Lumberjanes), Jen (Lumberjanes), Barney (Lumberjanes), Hes (Lumberjanes), Diane (Lumberjanes), Mackenzie (Lumberjanes), Wren (Lumberjanes), Emily (Lumberjanes), The Mermaids, technically - Character
Additional Tags: Slight Mal/Molly, Slight Diane/Hes, Jo is dying to kiss April and make things official, Mal had a plan to help her, And it involves songs from the little mermaid, because of course, And it involves lots of flare and cheesiness, also mermaids

Jo asks Mal for help to make things official with April, but the thing is, Mal will help her but won’t tell her her plan. Now they’re in the middle of the lake left alone for the surprise of their lives.

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The Zodiacs I.

I started this an entire year ago and ended up finally finishing it today, so… the art changes just slightly but I did attempt to keep the old art style. (The heads shrink over time though…) This is one of those banners for the main characters (another set of Zodiacs) of Killer Instinct, one of my old stories. It’s not one of my favourite ones in terms of plot and characterisation, but it’s still a story and since I started this a while ago, I might as well finish it. At least the character designs aren’t too bad, so kudos to my previous self?

Anyway, for a summary of what this is, the Zodiacs I are a group of assassins that are being trained to assassinate the tyrannical king of the imaginatively named ‘Central Empire’, King Ophiuchus. They lost their memories a while ago in some ‘great incident’, but… well, that’s basically all I can really get up to. The plot goes everywhere though thanks to bad planning (or… a lack of planning), so it’s not my favourite in terms of plot (even the first one, which is even older than this one, is more organised in terms of plot), but the characters are… lovable assassins all the same?

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what does this mean for us basically you might ask

WELL, it’s the perfect time to self reflect and find more ways to show love towards our own selves. Self love is very important during this time, along with going with the flow. It’s suggested to work with what you currently have to succeed throughout the progression of these upcoming weeks. Past memories might resurface but don’t worry, don’t solely focus on that but look at it as more of a lesson to grow more as an individual and to feel content. Remember that you are strong and you can overcome anything that comes your way.

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I… I have too much school stuff to do but I very much want to write this hella long Lumberjanes fic where like, the campers are older, like 16-19 and everything just goes to absolute hell.

Like dark magical battles and war with creepy eldritch/ mythological forces and morally grey areas all around, and complete camp idolization just shattering into a million rose colored pieces. So obviously it’s angsty as hell but like it’s still Lumberjanes so friendship and more than that found family will win in the end.

So, I guess is anyone interested in reading something like that? Anyone I could bounce ideas off of?

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