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whisplion · a day ago
I’m in the mood for some lawzo fics ~ I haven’t really read a lot of them to be honest so send your favs my way 💕.
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yukiyukioekaki · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Zoro & Law carrying eachother~ (I made these for Lawzoro week 2021) 
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aokisprolapsedanus · 6 days ago
“He tastes copper again and his lungs feel like bursting and it’s good. It’s the best he's ever been.”
It's like their chests have been cracked open and made to share one heart.
ZoLaw nation where we at! This one’s a little odd but so are they. As always read the tags.
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optigeress · 6 days ago
Zorobin week was last week, Lawzo week is this week, and I was completely unaware of both (I think they're being hosted by discord servers and I'm too shy to talk to people enough to join those), so now I'm sitting here depressed that I'm not participating in either one, but also giddy as shit because I'm getting to see so much GOOD Zorobin and Lawzo content, I can hardly keep up with all of it.
But oh, these would have been such good motivation to find the time to write. Maybe next year.
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zure-s · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
somehow couldn't get this out of my head...
so, its zolaw week on twitter so i'll also be posting there if you're interested!
(alt version under the cut)
Tumblr media
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zolaw-haven · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Law & Zoro + Tigers
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kerowyn-fr · 8 days ago
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some-piece · 8 days ago
Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to request something for a chubby reader! Can I have headcanons for poly relationship with Zoro, Law and chubby female Reader? Them trying to initiate sex with her but she's having a very bad day when she feels ugly because of her size and retreats into herself? Some hurt/comfort vibe with a soft nsfw ending please? Thank you!
I see there are more fans of those boys together ;) Thank you for this request, it really hits home (were you reading my mind?). I hope I won't make it too personal because of that.
chubby female reader | nsfw content | tw: insecurity regarding weight
Comforting chubby s/o in intimate situation because of her body issues
Tumblr media
Law & Zoro
-> At first neither of them pays attention to your struggle. As attentive they are, the heat of the moment swallows their minds. They don’t observe you as much as they usually do, too absorbed with your body, too excited for the intimate moment to come. It’s been lately so rare for all three of you to find time to be together, the longing is palpable in the way they touch you. Law kneads your soft rolls as you rest against his chest, peppers your jawline and chick with hungry kisses. Zoro is more hesitant, but his hand lingers on your thigh, caressing it, and his lips inch closer to your collarbone. You, however, have something else in mind.
-> In the beginning it’s as thrilling for you as for them. But the mood starts cracking. Was it their teasing teetering on the line of discomfort a bit too much? Was it just your bad mood getting in the way of pleasure? Was the feeling of their fingers sinking in your soft body? Was it the glimpse of reflection you caught in the mirror in the corner of the room? Whatever it was, the seed of insecurity has been planted - and it found a good soil. You already had a hard time with yourself lately, your relationship with your body was - in fact still is - awful. You feel unattractive, ugly, disgusting. The touch from pleasant turns itching, finally almost painful. Fighting against tears, you shut your eyes closed and tense. You hope it will pass away, that it will leave you alone and let you enjoy the moment. But it’s futile, the more you withdraw into yourself, the bigger discomfort becomes.
-> You don’t want to push them away, but at some point you snap and wiggle out of their arms, beat their hungry hands away. You want to get out of the room, but you can’t find enough power - instead, you curl on the other side of the bed, face hidden in hands, legs twisted in an attempt to make yourself look and feel smaller. You don’t cry, you’re trying not to, but some dry sobs escape from you nonetheless, and your whole body tenses and spasms.
-> Silence becomes so tense and thick it could be cut with a knife. Neither Law or Zoro has an idea what to do - but they’re both pissed at themselves for pushing you to your limit, for not realising there’s something wrong before the tragedy happened. They’re not really good at comforting people, but they love you and care about you - they know something has to be done and said, just don’t want to screw things further.
-> Eventually, it’s Zoro who snaps first out of the bewilderment. He inches closer and gently places a hand on your head. If physical contact is bearable for you, then, as softly as he can, he asks you what’s wrong. Either you manage to word what troubles you or not, Law soon joins and patiently peels your hands out of the way, so he can face you. Soon, everything becomes clear to them. It’s not the first time they see you in this state, they know well about your struggle with body image. It hurts them that they can’t heal you once and forever from your bad thoughts, they equally wish you could at least once look at yourself through their eyes. And they both hate that they're not the best at emotional communication, so they could bring you better comfort.
-> They do their best, though. They talk about their love for you, either as a whole or their favorite body parts of yours. Zoro mentions how he loves the softness of your body, so contrasting with his muscles, bringing him so much comfort just from the hugs. He tries, not without getting flustered (it’s embarrassing for him to talk openly about sex stuff), to explain how it turns him on, how he loves seeing your curves jiggling underneath him, how he loves feeling and seeing his hands sinking in his beloved sotness.
-> Law is more practical, tries to explain that they would not sleep with you, if they didn’t find you attractive. He’s also more physical, as soon as you allow him to touch you again. As Zoro talks about his favorite parts of your body, Law tries to caress them, first in comforting, then in erotic way. If you still don’t feel convinced, he’s going to grab your hand and press it against the impressive bulge in his pants. “Can you feel this, (Name)? It’s all your doing. You’re sexy as hell and this is the hard proof.”
-> They are so soft with you as they only can. You’re not allowed to do anything, you are in the centre of their attention now and they want to spoil you endlessly. Every inch of your body is kissed and caressed, their lips move along their favorite parts, whispering praises between pecks, some marking and gentle nibbles. If you don’t mind, they’re going to get down on you, either together or switching places between your pussy and bosom, proving to you time after time how loved and desired you are. They might not be the best with words, Law and Zoro are men of action, and they can’t imagine any other way of showing you how beautiful you are than just making intense, but sweet love to you.
-> As double penetration is a bit too overwhelming and they don’t want you to orally pleasure them this time, they take turns on you: while one thrusts into you, taking it deep and slowly, piercing you with his intense gaze full of love and desire, the other embraces you and whispers praises right into your ear. Their competitive side of course has to show, so expect a really long and intense session. Both Law and Zoro keep their impressive stamina under control, they are not stopping until you’re so overwhelmed and spent you’re nothing but a mewling, half-conscious mess curled in their arms.
-> When you’re able to breathe again and when you’re back to your senses, they will repeat once again what they said about your body. Cuddling you between them, Law and Zoro make sure you understand they love you for who you are, that they love and find your body attractive, that they don’t care about your weight at all: more, they find your curves and rolls appealing and cute. Zoro is going to fall asleep with head on your bosom or tummy, but Law will stay awake as long as you are (and most likely even longer), caressing your head and humming a calming melody for you with his beautiful voice.
-> No insecurity has a chance against the passion of their love.
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trashchaser · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
happy cuddly moments
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greyskyflowers · 15 days ago
I've said it before and I'll say it again
Zoro has a great back and should spend more time on it
Tumblr media
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drheartstealer · 24 days ago
Day 13: Favorite Canon Couple
I don’t care about m/f ships....
But it does say “canon”, so I’ll talk about “couples” that aren’t really canon, but unlike my favourite ship, Doflamingo x Law, can be read from canon as being a “couple” instead!
Tumblr media
Law and Luffy are practically married throughout the Dressrosa arc, and Law is the waifu with a husbando that wouldn’t listen to him and just does whatever he likes. “If he dies, I’ll die with him”... This beats “till death shall we part”! 
Tumblr media
Sanji and Luffy have a pretty good dynamic going on too in Whole Cake Island, when Luffy is trying to get Sanji back, and Sanji is going to get married to Pudding instead of Luffy. (Sure, Pudding and Sanji seem like they’ll be a pretty good couple, too, but Luffy’s right there...) There’s a lot of angst involved, and I assume a happy ending will be in order (haven’t finished the arc yet).
Tumblr media
Zoro and Luffy seem to have this dynamic where Zoro’s the one who gets and cares for the captain the most. He has no problems sacrificing his whole life and dreams for Luffy. While other characters also protect Luffy, Zoro’s self-sacrifice is the most obvious in Thriller Bark.
Tumblr media
Zoro and Law is a pretty fun couple, too, though their interactions are just limited to two instances, there’s a lot of potential. I can’t believe Law followed Zoro out all the way in the forest just to flirt with him and help him. I bet they’ll have a lot of fun together when they’re in the submarine to Wano.
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kerowyn-fr · 24 days ago
One Piece Slash Prompt #34
Fandom : One Piece
Pairings : Luffy/Law or Zoro/Law or Kid/Law, etc...
Genre : humor, romance, slash
Prompt : 
A calendar showing sexy pictures of most of the former or actual shichibukai (how they managed to obtain those sexy pictures of Sir Crocodile will always remain a mystery) was published while Law was a shichibukai.
Law is mortified when his crew and the strawhats discover the calendar’s existence and its content (he had somehow managed to keep it secret until now).
A few other crews could also discover the existence of this calendar.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, he now finds himself with several suitors, some of which he would gladly do without.
This prompt was inspired by this tweet
Request crossposted on AO3 and
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zolaw-haven · 26 days ago
I believe the Zolaw moments have come to an end for now in the manga, so I wanted to take time to discuss this Zolaw moment in Chapter 1012 (and also, give some Japanese lessons).
Tumblr media
In the English translations of the chapter, Law said to Sanji regarding Zoro "I'll leave him with you" / "Take him". It kind of gave me the impression Zoro was something Law just wanted to brush off his shoulder (and onto Sanji's, lol). It felt like a bit of a change of attitude considering how worried for Zoro Law had been the past couple of chapters. But when I read the original Japanese scans, I found that Law actually says 「そいつを頼む」 which translates more closely to ‘I’ll trust you to take care of him (for me)’. So, he is actually requesting that Sanji take care of Zoro. This would be a strange thing to say if Law were not a doctor, since it should be expected that a friend would take care of their friend without you having to ask them. But since Law is a doctor, I believe this shows that he actually feels a strong sense of responsibility for Zoro’s wellbeing since he is requesting for Zoro’s own nakama to take care of him. 
Tumblr media
And also when Sanji asks Law to explain the situation, Law’s answer is solely focused on taking care of Zoro. I’m sure that Law understood when Sanji meant, but he thought caring for Zoro was more important so he sort of ignored Sanji’s actual question. Law's response also ends with しろ which is a command form of する (to do) so Law isn’t just giving Sanji advice but direct orders/instructions on how to take care of Zoro. 
So my point is, don’t take Law leaving Zoro behind and running away as Law not caring because its very much not the case. However, because Law has a priority as one of the 3 captains to take down the Yonkou, he didn’t have the time to take care of Zoro himself (it’d also be pretty inconvenient for the plot, as much as I would like to have seen it). If Sanji hadn’t shown up, he probably would have found one of the other Strawhats to take care of him anyway. And the fact Law already knew about the state of Zoro’s body makes me think he probably did a quick check-up back on the rooftop, we just didn’t get to see it.
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