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I made some design changes a bit. But here are two important Sparkats.

First up is my sona, Zolt


A familiar yellow and cyan tabby, now with a proper poster. Zolt is a proud Sparkat, holding his head up high no matter what happens. He’s a dimension hopper (which is why he appears in several blogs via ask lol) and is also the blog’s new Icon!

Now onto his counterpart… Ring Leader


This older Sparkat spent most of his life in the alleyways of a city (it has no name), and the leader of a group of cats that seem to worship him. His og name was Harpoon and original was a Sparkat with Zolt’s inverted colors (including white quills instead of black) as well as an arrow stuck in him.

He no longer has most of that, and is instead a cranky old tom that rules over a group of alleycats. I am very tempted to make an original story featuring them but idk yet.

Fun Fact: Ring Leader used to be responsible for a scar Zolt gets later in life, but this is no longer the case.

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I wish.

But on the subject of old Thunderbolt Zolt, isn’t a little bit odd that he doesn’t have his bending back in Season 2? Or at least, we can assume he doesn’t, because Shady Shin, whose waterbending was taken away by Amon, has not had it restored by the Avatar.

This is getting back to the “Amon was right” thing, just bear with me for a sec.

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-Seiki (94.9 The Republic City Momentum) 

Story submitted by Sister-Equalist

Lightning Bolt Zolt has officially returned to Republic City, and we have been informed that he intends to take back control of the Triple Threat Triad, and is willing to do whatever it will take. If you all do not recall, the last we heard of the notorious criminal was that his bending had been taken by the infamous Amon. As of now we are unsure exactly what he is capable of, and he definitely poses as a serious threat to the citizens of Republic City. If you know anything at all please contact the police station, and stay with us here at 94.9 to remain updated on this breaking story.
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"Zolt? Ya really wasting your time on that hogmonkey? He 'ain't so interestin', ya know...." He joked, clearly wasting the captains time. "You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you, anyway. Ha.."

“ He was the leader of an infamous and unfortunately successful Triad, and out of the blue… He disappears, and hands his prized little gang off to an untalented mook like yourself. Of course I’m interested." 


This was a waste of time, he knew- Viper wasn’t about to tell him anything, but he had to try. This case- he had to know what had happened to the bastard. If he was dead, fine. Then the Captain didn’t have to worry about the former bender rising from the ether and causing him or the department any trouble. 


He sighed, stepping up to to the bars and staring through them at the waterbender with a narrowed, hard expression etched into his features. He knew Zolt- knew him far too well for a police officer like himself to know any criminal- and he knew that the man wouldn’t just up and leave the Triple Threats behind, even without his bending. 


” Now- tell me what you know, or I’m going to toss you into one of the solitary cells until you’re processed.“ 

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Okay, headcanon has just happened:

Lightning Bolt Zolt had a crush on Lin when they were young. She was also kind of interested in him. But he went the way of the criminal, she went the way of the law. Their years of young adulthood were full of flirty encounters, some of which saw Zolt in prison, others of which saw Lin broken out by a very angry Toph. Eventually Lin drew closer to Tenzin, but she and Zolt could always make room for the ironic teasing.

…now I want fanart of these two facing off because yeah.

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[[ZoltKhan or SaiZolt (?)]]
  • Who’s more dominant:

Zolt, for sure. Khan is pretty damn content to be on his back or on his knees, so he goes along with whatever Zolt wants when it comes to sex, and enjoys the shit out of it. 

  • Who’s the cuddler: 

They don’t really… cuddle. It’s not their style. if they fall asleep in bed together after physical pursuits, its an accident, not on purpose, and one usually wakes up alone, to a cold bed. 

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:

No cuddling, no spooning. If Zolt ever tried, that would be one of the things Khan threw a fit about. 

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

Uh…. Naked Pai Sho after physical pursuits. 

  • A head canon:

Their relationship was never a monagymous one, just a ‘if the times right’ sort of deal. And the 'time was right’ very frequently for a few months. 

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif


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Tenzin is 51.

Lin is 50.

You know what this means? 


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She doesn’t need to be an equalist, there are so many more interesting things she could be.

  • Asami is actually a beautiful man in drag. Mako knows and is okay with it. :D
  • Asami is a robot that Mr. Sato built.
  • Asami is adopted… And Lightning Bolt Zolt is her real dad, but he never knew he had a daughter. Also, Tahno is her long-lost half-brother (his mom is a water-bender). Somehow, it turns out that Zolt is unknowingly the dad of MANY teens in Republic city. That is the real reason Amon and Mr. Sato hate fire-benders, they are charming all the housewives. (But they do not know it is all one dude.) Later it turns out that Pema’s new baby is a fire-bender. HMMM. (It explains why she was hoping for a non-bender, this time.)
  • Asami is secretly in love with Hasook.
  • When Mako was run down by the scooter, it put him in a coma; so Asami and everything since then has just been his coma-fantasy. When he eventually wakes up, he’ll be like “where is Asami?” and everyone will be like “Asami who?? Let’s go get your brain examined.”
  • Asami is secretly a fire-bender.
  • Asami’s favourite member of the Fire Ferrets is Pabu.

… Okay, that last one isn’t a plot twist. Everyone loves Pabu best.

Disclaimer: I do not think any of these things are actually true. Except the Pabu part.

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