marduksstuff a day ago
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I love these men and their relationships
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rinnrynn a day ago
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homolobotomized a day ago
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was violently reminded that this is a thing that happens. i hope they die i hope we all die
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no-context-zolu a day ago
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zoro-the-zolu-simp 2 days ago
Love the idea of Luffy and Zoro getting older鈥攖hey鈥檙e still terrifying and intimidating men who can make the world crumble beneath their feet with a single step, but time鈥檚 starting to slow for them and that鈥檚 alright. The adventures still come and go, but the two find themselves valuing the peace between them much more than ever before. They鈥檝e learned over the years not to take the quiet for granted, as fun and liberating as the chaos was, there was a sweetness to the soft mornings where Zoro awoke to Luffy pressed against him, with nowhere to be and nothing to do except simply exist with the man he values the most in this world.
And Luffy learns he really loves how tender Zoro can get, how over the years Zoro鈥檚 allowed some of that serious tension to bleed away, and when it鈥檚 just them two, a world of responsibilities momentarily forgotten, Luffy is overwhelmed by how beautifully gentle Zoro is. He鈥檚 loving, and when the hard, intimidating lines of his scowl soften into a fond grin, delicate around the corners and so foreign to anyone other than Luffy, the pirate king can鈥檛 think of a better look on his swordsman鈥檚 face. Not even the joys of battle could match the utter love Zoro shows Luffy on mornings like this.
They鈥檝e aged. They have lifetimes of adventures and tragedies they鈥檝e lived through and endured. Decades of shared laughter, tears, joy, and sorrow. Through all of that, they鈥檝e seen themselves to these fragile moments. Zoro reaches for Luffy鈥檚 hand, drags his king closer until he can let his cheek brush along Luffy鈥檚 growing scruff. There鈥檚 a rumble from the younger man, a laugh and a noise of contentment. Zoro breathes it all in as he takes that hand he grabbed earlier and brings it to his lips for a fleeting kiss. Tomorrow they鈥檒l probably be dragged into some ordeal or another, and they鈥檒l readily embrace any challenge thrown their way.
But this?
Luffy and Zoro existing in the same tender space, relishing in a morning donned by a rising sun on a hopeful horizon as they let their hearts speak what they鈥檙e sometimes incapable of saying aloud鈥his is nice too.
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limitie a day ago
Hello zolu community, been a while-
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Have a lady sketch to celebrate both zolu proclaim day and buggy birthday, lol
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sourxsweet a day ago
I think i've figured out what really draws me to a ship, and honestly ishoukld have seen this coming 馃拃
I really adore when you have a character who often finds themselves in control of a situation whether they want to be or not, and its their responsibility to make sure everyone/they themseves are safe
And when they find that character who takes some of the pressure off, who they trust to take control of the situation and themselves so they can let go a little
And this translates to the bedroom where they can trust the other person to take care of them and the other person loves to do that
THIS. I LOVE THIS. I WANT THIS. PLEASE and I think its cus I both want to be taken care of and want to take care of people, platonicly or not so i find myself connected to both characters
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kikithecorgi a day ago
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OP x Atla AU where Prince Luffy turns into the Sun 馃槶馃挏 Zolu idea inspired by (IncorrectZolu) on Twitter!!
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hellfire-fist 2 days ago
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galaxyninjer a day ago
thinking about Zoro dying for Luffy at the end of the story in a final act of devotion and love
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imasunina a day ago
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rinnrynn 23 hours ago
The ZoLu body swap we needed馃槱馃槷鈥嶐煉ㄢ潳锔忦煫娥煆
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rufitaroo 5 hours ago
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no-context-zolu 2 days ago
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zoro-the-zolu-simp 12 hours ago
Zoro getting competitive because when Perona uses the negative ghosts on Mihawk, they don鈥檛 affect them, and yet Zoro can鈥檛 stop crying about being more worthless than dog food.
So, Zoro conducts secret training with Perona until he can withstand the negative ghosts. Mihawk catches them one time and has to hold in a laugh at seeing Zoro wail about being less than dog food, but eventually Zoro can withstand the onslaught of negative emotions.
One day, Mihawk says casually, 鈥淪o you鈥檝e figured out the trick to combat the ghost girl鈥檚 negative hollows, have you?鈥
Zoro stiffens.
First, he blushes because he realized Mihawk found out about his training, and secondly, because Mihawk also knows how to fight against Perona鈥檚 hollows. So that means he knows that Zoro knows the trick and what that trick is.
You have to think about something that makes you really happy. Something you love.
Mihawk smirks over his glass of wine, 鈥淵ou should tell your captain when you have your little reunion. I鈥檓 sure he鈥檒l be thrilled to know how much you moon over him.鈥
Zoro blushes even more, festering in his embarrassment, 鈥淥h yeah? And what about you, huh? Got someone that makes you really happy?鈥
Mihawk merely maintains his smirk, completely unphased.
鈥淯rgh! I hate this place!鈥 And Zoro storms off like a petulant teenager, slamming the door on his way out.
Mihawk watches Zoro leave with amusement as he sips on his wine like an unbothered man, 鈥淐hildren. They鈥檙e so easy to rile up.鈥
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beachyeclipse a day ago
i like zolu bc its silly but i like zosan bc i love the rivals to lovers type beat.
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trails-to-azure a month ago
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Another silly comic
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