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Okay, doing it the right way this time! How about the words "book", "help", and "light"?

Yay, more~! Here we go…


[Morgan family]
He continued down the hall into the bedroom and there he found Alonzo sitting on the floor beneath the window, staring blankly at his songbook. 

The hand holding the songbook dropped.


[Morgan family]
He didn’t even think about it, if he could help it. 

And those were the moments when Zephyr was the most desperate to help him. 

“She’d been wanting to forever and I helped her work up the courage.” 

Hazel, her hand still on the doorknob as she lost herself in thought, couldn’t     help laughing under her breath when she heard the song Al was singing along to.

[Zaz Limelight]
He couldn’t help it, Zeke’s words were getting to him again.


[Zaz Limelight]
Diaz let out another light laugh as Zach sat back to just admire him. 

It made him want to comfort him, and lighten the mood a little, “Plus, I know now that I can make you blush just by…” he reached out to cup Diaz’s face, rubbing his thumb across his cheek.

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I’ve been so bad at coming up with words lately, but here goes nothing! Half, less, mean, or anger?

You got some interesting things last time! Let’s see~

Nothing for “less” or “anger”…


[Zaz Limelight]
Half from irritation at how Zach didn’t seem to be taking this seriously, and half because it was just… such a Zach thing to say. 


[Morgan family]
Most days, he would open the door and be met with the sound of a guitar and Alonzo singing along, completely oblivious until Zeph walked into the ‘studio’ (what was meant to be another bedroom which Al had decked out with his equipment) and turned down the amp’s volume, or removed his headphones, or whatever else he could do to surprise him.

“And this **** should actually mean something better…” 

[Zaz Limelight]
There was a pause, then Zach sighed, “You wanna know?” he got a nod in response, “I mean, aside from how attractive you are?”

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WIP words: yes/no, hug, (any color words)

Thank you!! Not a lot this time, just “no” and one colour…


[Morgan family]
Alonzo had no reference for this stage in life. 

[Zaz Limelight]
But then Diaz was smiling at him, “No.”

Colour words:

[Morgan family]
Zephyr shrugged, continuing to idly twirl the red lock of hair in amongst the green around his finger. … It was the only thing that would stick to zombie hair and Al had always wanted a red streak.

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Thank you~! For future reference, send WIP words as asks, please!

Hmm, nothing for “afraid” so far, but some interesting stuff for “happy”..!


[Morgan family]
Wasn’t that supposed to make her happy? 

Of course she was happy.

Of course Hazel was happy.
She was happy.

The struggle was long and hard but here they were on the other side, safe happy and together. 

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