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otherwindow · 2 days ago
I just read your blooming dead content and this idea won't leave me alone.
Florists keep track of zombie hoards, so there have to be times where they have to go into the hoard (maybe they noticed one of the hoard members are acting cranky, maybe its just time for the hoard to have a check up and make sure the flowers are healthy).
My idea is that in addition to making sure they smell nice, florists will sing.
When approaching a hoard, you don't want to sneak up and scare the zombies, that could get them agitated or cause the hoard to disperse.
The singing lets the blooming dead know something is there, the good smells tell them its fine that something is there.
The singing also puts the zombies into almost a trance. People aren't sure if its because plants like music, or that the music reminds the zombie of the times before, but everyone is sure that the blooming like the singing.
Some blooming dead have been noted to hum along (as best they can)
THIS IS SO SWEET AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Zombies that become docile because you sing....... memories of lullabies easing the dead into a deeper rest......
ALSO there was an addition similar to this in one of my earlier Blooming Dead posts, where zombies are referred to as "Hummers" because they would sometimes be so content and gentle they would hum instead of groan. Everyone comes up with so much sweet ideas omg
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one-time-i-dreamt · 5 months ago
Tom Hiddleston is retiring from acting and he came to my university to lecture about Shakespeare. I jumped out of my window (I live on the fifth floor) to run to university to catch his lecture. There were zombies on the way so I Ramboed my way through them. I arrived to uni just as Tom revealed himself to be Loki and that he was also Shakespeare's real life muse.
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closet-keys · 8 months ago
you know how most zombie movies rely on genre blindness (i.e. no one has ever heard of a zombie before)? I would like to see a movie where zombies are exactly as well-known a staple of media and storytelling as they are now, so everyone who thinks they know what to do is relying on contradictory rules based on like Shawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead, World War Z, 28 Days Later, the Zombie Survival Guide, etc. and ignoring like CDC/WHO health information because they’re convinced their favorite zombie media had to be 100% accurate.
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daydreamodyssey · 7 months ago
There was something bothering me about zombie/post-apocalyptic stuff that I couldn’t explain until this and last year
That borderline (if not blatant) social darwinism of you have to be incredibly fit and ruthless to survive
When really a lot of it is communicative teamwork, resourcefulness, and not succumbing to fear/paranoia. Fitness obviously helps, but it being the most important thing glances over so many others needed for human survival.
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shorteststory · a month ago
The pandemic legit made me rethink my zombie apocalypse team priorities. Kindness matters so much in crisis. We need strength that holds on, not just pushes away.
Here's THE BONES BENEATH ft. Ed “Grimm Grinner” Hutchinson from my new book of microfiction The House of Untold Stories
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otherwindow · 3 months ago
Zombie setting where the undead are drawn towards unhygienic scents, so survivors constantly bathe to avoid being eaten.
Zombies are docile when adorned with flowers.
Settlements overgrown with herbs and flora.
Barely any banditry; everyone is focused on farming and gathering.
Different human factions and towns named after flowers like Lilies, Orchids, Roses, etc.
Instead of immediately killing an infected survivor, they're given special funeral rites - the zombie is covered with flowers to keep them calm, and  allowed to walk out from the settlement to join the hordes.
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satan-phd · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eating brains, how does that make you feel?
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one-time-i-dreamt · 4 months ago
I got bitten by a zombies while in my childhood home. Rather than freaking out because I was and still am terrified of zombies, I went to my bedroom and set my alarm clock to go off the next minute. It worked and I woke up.
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eggsaladstain · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thinking about valentine, the zombie tiger from army of the dead
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