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Hey glamorous babies…

I know I’ve been gone for a while. I have been busy with online school and it has been very stressful. I miss my girls at school a lot and I was excited to be at school this Friday. Now I cant go until May 1st. I hope you all have been practicing good habits and hygiene during this whole thing. Thanks for staying with me even though I have been neglectful.

This was some of my Earth & Space notes


Love you all, Jada

Song of the Day:

P.S. keep your chin up :3

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Reading exchange, 16th March 1973. Reading was one of three exchanges (the others being Cambridge and Tunbridge Wells) which were upgraded to Zone Centre status in the early 1960s to relieve central London centres of large amounts of operator-controlled trunk traffic. Controlling positions are on the left with an enquiry suite on the right and a supervisor’s table in the foreground.

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It’s important to remember we are always trying to reshape and improve ourselves. That’s not to say that we “need” to improve, just that we want to achieve that intimate goal of who we wanna be as a person.

From my experience, pushing myself past my comfort zone, is difficult as hell ( I am a really stubborn person) but every step I take tells me I can be a better and healthier person today than what I was yesterday.

It may be speaking in public, working on an assignment from school or work or even simply trying something new ( could be food, a day trip or even a hobby).

As long as we try to be that better person. We’re already half way there.

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I got an idea of a melody in my head. Something soulful! I’m not really a singer but I can hear where I’d like it to go in my mind already. I guess it’s the music producer in me. In my zone! I need to be in the studio with some people who trying to do more with their craft. #musicproducer #producer #songwriter #singer #song #ideas #studio #soulmusic #melody #beatproducer #rap #hiphop #music #soul #randb #sing #zone #beats #moshaebeats (at Orlando, Florida)

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“No seriously, Janie, likes me,” Phil said.

“Dude, no she doesn’t!’ declared Eric.

It was a heated argument; Phil still thought he was right.  He went to explain more, “We hang out all the time, we text constantly, she’s always wondering how I am…”

“Yeah, look at your text messages,” said Eric.

Phil did so and did not know what it was meant for.  Eric asked, “How many times does she write friend?”

Phil looked and almost every message ended up Janie calling him friend or how he was such a good friend.

“Fuck, you’re right,” Phil uttered defeated.

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