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#zone out

Online school is super funny to me because I’ll have my work done and check my phone and then I accidentally zone out for 15 minutes and literally haven’t missed anything. And when I say zoned out I mean completely forgot I even had the laptop in my lap, completely blocked out my classmates’ and teacher’s voices, and 100% ready to start a book next to me. I just,, never experienced such a thing in actual school. I zoned out for minute or two and accidentally missed a bunch but I missed nothing when I zoned out earlier today. Such a weird feeling.

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I really want to feel normal again and not interact constantly with the voices in my head which is starting to control every bit of my emotions. I know I’m not alone and that there are many people going through the same stuff as me but still it does get really painful and hard especially when you are the type who doesn’t like sharing their problems with anyone. I just want to feel normal again and be confident in myself again.

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Excuse me if i zone out during our conversation i’m just thinking about what my future soulmate might be doing at that exact moment

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Have you looked at the fan, the way it is rotating, how fast it is.. and you keep looking at it until you saw the three blades..You know it’s weird but, you just zone out for a moment & end up looking at three blades…

~V S

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