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#zoned out

You ever think about how bones are just rocks that grow inside us and keep us solid and how without bones we would just be a puddle of skin probably without eyes and we wouldnt be able to do anything other than squirm uselessly??

Cause i do

(I zoned out for fucking 5 minuets, at least it wasnt the ‘we’re all robots’ thought)

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Not gonna lie.. I absolutely love the hours between 1 am and at least 5 am. Between those hours I am completely free from literally anything and anybody. I could zone out and get lost in my mind for hours and I wouldn’t be bothering ANYBODY.

But.. then again I am screwing up my already screwed up sleep schedule and also somewhat kinda messing with my health. But, yeah whatever.

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Did I just zone the fuck out for at least a solid 6 hours and get really, really confused when I realized that a) I’m fuckin hungry, b) I’m fuckin thirsty, and c) the whole house is dark and I’m the only one wake?

Fuck yeah I did.

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