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Tonight @autumnhound found baby raccoons. We’d rather they not immediately die, so we’re doing our best to nurse them and keep them warm for now. But we cannot continue to raise them. We’d like to find a shelter or rehab center in Columbus that won’t kill them. Any suggestions?

Update: our landlord found a wildlife rehab that’ll take them, and she even delivered them for us. Yay!

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Zoo Report: The construction worker who is in charge of traffic on our access road approved of my outfit.  

Many, many tiny young-ins attempt to pass through our doors.  I only ever hear dads tell their sons to, “Push hard. Use your legs!” to get the door to open.  Every time I see a little girl struggle and their parents come to the rescue, I want to yell “Use your legs!”

One of our higher-ups enjoys hunting in Southern Iowa and says it’s the best little spot outside of Missouri.  The things you pick up at the front desk…

Our Invertebrates and Reptiles share the same building, but have 2 different entrances.  Fun Fact: One of our Reptile workers (who shall remain nameless) in charge of handling and feeding venomous snakes can’t handle going into the other side of the building because she’s paralytically afraid of spiders.

There is no water from 7-12pm in the Development Building, Boiler Building, Guest Services, or Human Resources.  This also means there’s no working toilets.  At least we can blame the smell on the animals?

According to the sign in the bathroom, lobsters pee on each other for identification and sea anemone have dual purpose mouths.  Well, that’s one way to feel better about ourselves.  

A woman from parts unknown is very, very upset that we breed our zoo animals and then send them off to live in other zoos and she demanded to speak to someone in charge.  I sent that call to the Executive Director.  He seemed like he needed a little excitement today…

It’s a tradition to name a baby panda 100 days after birth.  A rowdy bunch of  socialites called.  They need to know the exact date of the naming ceremony so they can throw a “massive” 100 day naming celebration.  I can’t decide if I should scoff, or get giddy over deciding the custom martini menu.  

As it was Friday the 13th, I stayed the heck away from the Bird House and all of the monkey houses because we all know that if something horrific is going down in our 125 year old park, it’s either going to deal with pecking of eyes, or screaming monkeys.  

I did see the volunteer spring into action at the Great Apes House today.  When the Orangs cross the overhead “O”-line, they now clear everyone out on the walkway below as to prevent any messy accidents. 

The only thing horrifying for me about Friday the 13th was my hairstyle after hour number five.  A tight up-do makes me look so sophisticated and feel so angry.  The angrier I get, the more perfect my paperwork must be.  My documents were pristine by 6pm.  

Pro Tip: You may not want to show up for your Zoo Internship Interview in cut-off jean shorts and flip flops.

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