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hey science guys i wanna buy the ebook version of campbell’s biology 11th ed. but can only find it on the US site and they dont ship to the UK. does anyone know where i can find it? 

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#Repost @micro_creatures @download.ins

Meet Spirostomum, a single-cell creature able to reduce its body size to 25 percent of the normal lengths in less than 8 milliseconds. .

If we’d have this ability, dieting won’t be a thing. 😜 .

Познакомьтесь - Спиростомум, одноклеточный чел с потрясающей способностью сокращать длину тела до 25% нормального размера меньше чем за 8 миллисекунд. .

Если бы мы так могли, понятие диеты бы не существовало. 😜 .

#spirostomum #micro_creatures #protist #protozoa #ciliate #microscope #microscopy #weirdabilities #микроскоп #микромир #спиростома #простейшие #инфузория #суперкруто #aquarium #freshwateraquarium #biology #zoology #pondlife #dropofwater #микробы #одноклеточные #биология #зоология #аквариум #пресноводныйаквариум #капляводы #удивительноерядом (at Urb Los Ficus - Santa Anita)

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The flippers are huge as well, making up as much as one-third of their total length. The tail can be a whopping 18 feet wide. All that length makes for a lot of weight. Humpback whales weigh as much as 40 tons. To give you some perspective, a standard car weighs under 2 tons!

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Does the concept of instinct as it is used colloquially have any use within an ethological context? I've been thinking about it for a while because something irks me about the general usage of it, but I don't know enough to know if this is a justified response. Thanks a bunch!

I usually see it called innate and/or instinctive behavior rather than just instinct but it is very well studied and talked about behaviour in cognitive science. It’s not one I’ve studied too much because my cognition research focused on learning and instinctive behaviour is defined literally as the absence of learning.

These complex behaviours that animals display aren’t based on any prior learning or experience an animal has. We can be sure of that these certain behaviours aren’t learnt when we look at animals that have just been born. Such as turtles that when they hatch instinctively move towards the ocean. 

Other behaviours in animals like communication (dance language in honey bees), mating rituals, mating behaviour, courtship, fighting, nest building ect. can all be defined as innate behaviour. 

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