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malulls · 2 days ago
Manon and Zoya would dislike each other and then they would become badass besties while Nikolai and Dorian stare at them like this
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possiblypanda · a day ago
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“Most women suffer thorns for the sake of the flowers, but we who wield power adorn ourselves with flowers to hide the sting of our thorns” - Zoya Nazyalensky
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alxarasm · 21 hours ago
The crows as things I said with my friends pt2: Matthias is a virgin
Jesper: Look, if you’re still a virgin by the time you’re 40, I’ll get a sex change operation and let you d*ck me down.
Matthias: I- thank you?
Jesper: Of course darling, that’s what friends are for.
Matthias: *touched but slightly offended*
Jesper: Just let me know a month in advance so I can book my appointment.
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not-just-human · 6 months ago
What piss me off about shadow and bone’s reviewers is the constant comparison to game of thrones. Let that nightmare be dead, I’m begging you. We are talking about the show that ended with that stupid council talking about brothels.
Game of Thrones is dead. Long live Shadow and Bone.
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captain-inej-rietveld · 5 months ago
Nina: I’m cold.
Matthias: *gives her his jacket*
Nickolai: I’m cold.
Zoya: *controls the weather to make it sunny*
Inej: I’m cold.
Kaz: *burns down the Menagerie with Tante
Heleen inside*
Inej: :)
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kolarpem · a month ago
Morning Doodle: " could have pretty much any girl you want.” “A Shu princess? A Kerch banker’s daughter?” “Or a Ravkan heiress or a Grisha like Zoya.” “Zoya? I make it a policy never to seduce anyone prettier than I am.” Leigh Bardugo's Ruin and Rising Ch 10
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itscutebookworm · 2 months ago
Oh dear, I feel like I'm gonna die of laughter 😂 This is the best illustration of fandom debate I've ever seen 😂
The video isn't mine, I just found it on Internet.
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