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bisexuallsokka · a day ago
i really can’t decide what is more amusing. zuko genuinely thinking that sokka’s jokes are funny. or zuko laughing at sokka’s jokes and then later he’s banging his head against the wall and wishing that sokka would just realize he’s flirting already so zuko can drop the act
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thatssroughbuddy · a day ago
Who do u think goes harder for Halloween costumes Zuko (theater kid/literally the blue spirit) or Sokka (master inventor/shopper extraordinaire)
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smilehoneyy · 2 days ago
thinking about zuko and sokka and their chronic pain and how they’d take care of each other and know what the other needs before they have to say it and would always be there to cuddle during flare ups and how they’d wish they could take their partners pain away, but they can’t, so instead they do everything they can to ease their pain and make the bad days just a little more bearable
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haroldtea · 2 days ago
in the live action atla they’re gonna have zuko confess his love for sokka and then he will get promptly sent to super spirit world hell and then later the spanish dub will come out
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sokkagatekeeper · 18 hours ago
zuko definitely doesn't regret introducing iroh to sokka because they're two of the people he loves most in the world and he wants them to get along, and because they do, in fact, get along very well. the problem is that it's almost... too well? like, zuko is used to talking to sokka in a language of inside jokes and references, but it seems that sokka and iroh have their own such language—one that zuko does not understand in the slightest. iroh will say some incomprehensible proverb, and sokka will respond with one of his own, and iroh will laugh, and zuko will be left entirely bewildered. or they'll get into a heated argument over how best to conceptualize the spirits, all while seemingly enjoying themselves, and then go back to playing pai sho as if nothing happened. zuko often does not understand them, but at least they have each other?
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pinkpunkpie · a day ago
yk in fake dating stories when they have to unexpectedly kiss for the first time in front of people to really sell the lie and they're both like "oh shit oh shit oh shit this feels so good why does this feel good this is all fake wtf why am i gettig nervous?? and also happy?? oh shittttt"? yeah... it's about that
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chaotic-fanficwriter · 2 days ago
i might be weird but sometimes i read posts about ships that i don't ship (which contain people of my ships with other people)
like i would never comment something mean or attack the shippers because they have every right to ship whatever they want but i like seeing their POVs even if i completely disagree with their takes
[don't get me wrong if i see people being toxic and bashing my ships as a way to make their ship look better i will either remove myself or politely ask them to stop - it's never okay to be toxic]
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designer-fiction · a day ago
Colleague: Do they ship in Canada?
Me: I mean... probably? I, for one, certainly ship korrasami in Canada.
Colleague: What?
Me, blushing: Oh you mean ship-ship, like in a parcel? Oh, I mean, uh, yeah, I think so?
Colleague: What other 'ships' are there?
Me, super red, imagining all the ships: Uh... never... never mind.
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chitsangenthusiast · a day ago
This is like, the third one I send you. Zukka + they're filming a movie about a marine biologist AU
anon pls know how much i cradled this ask to my heart this past week lol
This time, Zuko doesn't care about politeness or manners. He keeps his hands buried deep inside his warm coat pockets and firmly ignores the impish cheer in the man's wave as he approaches.
"Hello," he says, just short of a snarl. "Again."
"Howdy," he man responds lightly, eyes flicking down to Zuko's pockets before back up to take in the crew and film equipment also milling about. "Wow, I really didn't expect you to still be here. Don't you guys at least have a hotel or something downtown you could've killed time at?"
Irritation flares in Zuko's chest. "You were the one who said could bring him over. This is ridiculous, we're running out of daylight at this point—where is he?"
He gets a hearty chuckle in response, and Zuko briefly contemplates punching him.
"Bring who over?" the guy asks as he weaves his way through the now-grumbling crew, and Zuko decides the charges may actually be worth it.
"Bring—" At this point, he's just waiting for him to get within arm's length. But the man must read the idea on his face because he manages to easily circumvent Zuko to instead head up to the house behind them. "You—what the hell was the point of messing with us? Aang said you'd be helpful!"
The guy stops in getting his keys out. After a moment, he turns to look back over his shoulder. "You talked to Aang?"
Zuko's head hurts from how hard he rolls his eyes. "Yes, he was the one who sent us your way!"
"Huh," is all the guy says in response, before he turns back to the house, unlocks the front door, and walks inside. Right before shutting it, he pops his head back out and levels Zuko with a long, amused look. "Well, you could always try knocking."
Then, with a wide grin, he closes the door on them.
Zuko stills, mouth falls open. Because there's no way. It can't be. Nothing in the pictures suggest—
He barely wastes a second before stalking up to the door and knocks hard against the wood.
It opens again, and then—there's Sokka, the man who gave Zuko the run-around for the past three hours, the same man who is the sole reason why Zuko is even here, just casually leaning against the door frame.
"You were expecting the beard weren't you?" Sokka laughs, rubbing at his chin. "Yeah, being in the Arctic without a razor for a few months always leaves me pretty hairy. Wasn't expecting the photo op as soon as I got out of the water, so I didn't have the chance to shave beforehand."
That had admittedly been what Zuko was expecting—but he's just as equally blindsided by how...attractive Sokka is, in a sweater the color of the abyssal plain and crinkling eyes as blue as the bioluminescence on the newly-discovered giant octopus-whale from his expedition.
It's a far-cry from how he looked in the now-famous pictures, buried in sodden winter layers and on the brink of death.
"So are you here to ask about the 'amazing discovery of the biggest creature ever yet found' thing?" Sokka asks, smirking just for a second before his mouth tightens. "Or about what happened along the way?"
If Zuko was smart, he would've went with the arguably better answer; pick the thing that would guarantee him critical acclaim, rocket him from being some nobody producer to being one of the greats.
"Octopus-whale." he says instead, because his inexhaustible curiosity has never been good at following that kind of drama for his documentaries.
Sokka's brows shoot up in open approval, and the small smile he gives as he steps aside to let Zuko in is enough to let him know he unexpectedly made the right choice—as well as send his heart fluttering, just a little.
"You should probably congratulate yourself on being the only person who's going to get this story, you know," Sokka murmurs.
Zuko reels, then scoffs. "I'll wait to do that until I've finally learned how to pronounce that...imaginative scientific name you gave the creature."
And—oh, the pictures definitely did not prepare him for how nice Sokka's laugh sounds either.
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kataangarang · a day ago
✨POC Kataanger creator Spotlight✨
A masterpost for Kataang POC creators! People of color are often overlooked in fandom spaces. This is a growing list to give a little shoutout and light to the very talented artists here. Please follow and support in anyways you can to keep this fandom an open and friendly space for all!
Please contact me if you’d like to be added. 
I’ll only add those who ask.
I do check so please don’t ask to be added if you’re not a creator (fanfic, edits, art of any kind)
More (hopefully) coming soon
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flameo-hotman · a day ago
Zuko and Sokka: Sorry, we broke your table.
General Fong: I’m sorry you what?
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unacaritafeliz · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Of Truth and Love
a Zuko/Sokka Pokemon AU
When Zuko’s little sister Azula inherits his beloved Caldera City Gym, he knows he has to defeat the Avatar League and reclaim his honour. After winning the Freedom Badge from Jet and the Glider Badge from Teo, Zuko heads to South Pole Capital City to challenge Gym Leader Katara for an Aurora Badge. Katara’s out of town for the week - but a practice match against her brother, the adorkable Professor Sokka, could dramatically change the course of Zuko’s journey to be the very best (like no one ever was).
read on the (complete) story on AO3
[Image ID: Pokemon cards for Zuko, Sokka, Katara, Yue, Suki, Aang, Teo and Azula with additional information from the story].
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momos-servants · a day ago
Sokka using Zuko for scary dog privileges when he has to walk home at night
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pronouncedlikeokka · 2 days ago
Okay so I cannot remember if this was an actual thing but like didn't Sokka and Zukos voice actors actually record themselves saying "you're my person" from breakable heaven by @fruitysokka or did I imagine that
If they did in fact can someone link me to where they did??
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