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zuko (having worked up the courage to say this for 2.5 years): you look nice, i want to kiss you

sokka (stops head-bopping, taking off his headphones): sorry, what? 


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okay, so, someone wanted soft boyfriends and this started like this, but then some fire sibling angst sneaked in, i don’t know what happened!


The Western Air Temple should, theoretically, be one of the best places for meditating, being a temple constructed by monks and all.

In his experience so far, Zuko has found that theory does not always translate into reality.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” says Sokka, throwing himself on the ground beside him and splashing icy water all around as he throws an arm over his eyes. “Katara is playing with her magic water,” he adds sullenly, talking about it.

“I thought you didn’t want to talk about it,” Zuko hums, making an effort to at least look like he’s not giving up on his meditation today. Closing his eyes, he can feel Sokka shuffling, probably inching closer to his patch of sunlight.

“I wasn’t even on the way!” Sokka continues, ignoring him, and before he knows it, Zuko has a lapful of him, wet hair soaking into Zuko’s pants, head pillowed on Zuko’s tight, and Zuko has to open back up his eyes to take in the way Sokka’s nose scrunches up in his irritation, the crinkle on his brow, the way his eyes narrow even though Katara isn’t there to see his glare, little tiny waterdrops clinging to his lashes and glinting dreamlike in the early morning sun.

He exhales slowly, affection bubbling up inside his chest like a rising tide, and Zuko’s so full with it, he thinks it might be spilling into everything he does; anyone who sees him must know, surely and irrevocably, how painfully in love he is with this boy.

Sokka talks, and talks, and talks, and Zuko listens, and listens, and listens, and there’s a war going on beyond these mountains, but when Zuko tangles his fingers through his hair, Sokka smiles and leans into his touch, when he leans down to kiss away the worry between his eyebrows, Sokka lets him.

“Ugh, that’s not fair,” he huffs, rolling his eyes with the fondest of his grins, and Zuko would start another one-hundred years war for that smile, “I’m trying to be mad at Katara, quit being so freaking adorable.”

There’s a blush on his cheeks and Zuko knows there must be a matching one on his, feels the warmth rising on his face, but this thing between them is so new, it’s hard to remember he’s allowed to let it show. “Erm, I think Aang would argue you should probably let it go.”

Sokka pouts, glaring at the clouds in the sky like they’re the best next thing since Aang isn’t here to be glared at. “Yes, well, Aang’s also got his bending– actually, he hoards bending– and he would take her side anyway like the two bending-prodigies they are, so he doesn’t count.”

 To be fair, there’s probably little Katara could do that Aang wouldn’t back her up, murder excluded, of course, but Zuko knows better than point that out.

“She’s the worst,” he continues, “and boomerang and I are not helping her fish again. Let’s see how well her spooky water works now.”

Maybe a few weeks ago, maybe when he first joined, Zuko would have taken this at face value, would have worried Sokka really is mad at his sister or that Katara pushed him into the stream to drown him on purpose, but he knows better now. Now, he just hums, amused, “Azula usually thinks she knows best, too.”

On his lap, Sokka blinks at him, seeming to be deciding how to proceed with the conversation, and, well, Zuko supposes that’s fair. His relationship with Azula had never really been like Sokka and Katara’s, always too harsh to be entirely playful, but sometimes, when he thinks back at the very early years– Ember Islands early, his mom laughing early– he thinks it might have been, once upon a time. 

Like the vague memory he has of standing at the very tip of his toes and peering down at her crib, watching Azula reach up at him with chubby hands, eyes wide and curious and trusting.

Sometimes, he thinks Azula has always been a little off, but then he thinks of this, of chasing each other in the sand and shrieking on the saltwater, and he wonders if his later memories of their childhood are just tainted with that he thinks of her now.

“Yeah, well, that’s little sisters for you,” Sokka says, shaking him from his thoughts, and Zuko is grateful for the interruption, for the hook to bring him back to the present, “annoying know-it-alls.”

“Once,” he snickers, “we were on the beach and–”

And he finds himself telling Sokka about the day on Ember Island, not the one with the beach game and party, but the one years ago, when they set out to make the biggest sandcastle in all of the world and Azula had him walking up and down the water edge looking for the prettiest shells to decorate their towers. It probably had looked sloppy and ugly, but the way he remembers it, Azula had grinned brightly and announced it as better than the royal palace.

Yeah, Azula always lies, except when the truth hurts more.

Today, though, with Sokka laughing at his story and following up with more tales of how Katara’s waterbending has personally victimized him, sharing his past doesn’t feel like giving up anything, it just feels like finally putting something very heavy down, just for a little while. 

There’s a war going on out there, but Sokka is asking about the summers at the beach house and Zuko wants to tell him, wants Sokka to know all of him and maybe trusts him to keep choosing Zuko anyway. 

As the morning crawls into midday, they talk, and laugh, and fall further in love.

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ok so remember the episode ‘the firebending masters’, where zuko and aang try and find someone to help them figure out firebending, because zuko’s basically only able to blow steam out of his hands

the moment where zuko touches the golden egg and the whole room fills with black goo and they’re trapped, what if they were there for a while…

and eventually aang gets all like ‘i didn’t even get to tell katara how i feel about her’ and zuko CANT BELIEVE they’re having this conversation right now

after many hours, still being stuck there, thinking they’re gonna probably die here soon, zuko mentions in a subtle way that he may have a similar feeling about sokka, just to help aang out in a ‘hey man i feel u, now pls shut up and bottle up ur emotions like i do’ way

and aang is :o ‘what!’ 

plus pretty much right then is when the sun warriors come find them so they don’t get a chance to talk about it again until they’re on their way back

zuko’s pretty awkward about it: ‘hey u know that thing i said…don’t tell anyone or ill…’

but aang is nice and basically laughs and says ‘what thing’

so now zuko’s reputation and sanity is in the hands of a 12-year old monk, so that’s fine, he’s not super stressed about it or anything

aang keeps his word though, since sokka is with suki, and zuko is clearly uncomfortable with this, and it’s not his place to tell anyone

years pass, and eventually it’s sokka having an existential crisis about his feelings for the fire lord, and he’s ranting to aang

‘omg omg what do i do, it’s zuko, i can’t have feelings for zuko, this is bad this is so bad its going to ruin our friendship, its going to be awful but i like him so much WHY’

and aang is just casually like ‘oh zuko’s liked you for years, he told me that one time we went to discover the secret of firebending’

it’s ok for aang to tell at this point, from his own point of view, because he’s seriously tired of watching these idiots go in circles around in each other, and be in pain, and it’s the avatar’s job to bring peace

but sokka is just speechless, because that was TEN YEARS AGO and HOW COULD YOU NOT SAY ANYTHING

anyway after that sokka takes this very crucial bit of info and takes it directly to the fire lord and you can guess how things go from there

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El dorado AU (?)

I watched the film last week and have been thinking about Suki as Miguel ever since.

Also the marker I use to color skin died halfway through sokka lol so zuko and suki don’t get skin 😔

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