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Those are actually both parts of my series Moral of the Story which is loosely based off of (surprise surprise) a song by the same name by Ashe. All of the stories and parts to it are titled after songs by Ashe. 

The series really is kind of being written as a way for me to continue healing and processing some similar stuff that happened in my life. There’s going to be a small mention of rape in the description of it but it’s only a mention and is about Zuko recovering from it but still… 

If you wanna know more it’s under the cut.

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Some frames from my little animatic I’m working on from the BEAUTIFULLY and skillfully written Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by @oldpotatoe ♥️ I hope to have the full video up in 2 days 😌

Flwogb is about Sokka losing his memory from directly after the war to present time (about 5 years later). Here Zuko has fallen ill and isn’t fully aware of reality as it has become. I don’t want to go too much into it because I don’t want to spoil the gorgeous story telling, but if you know you know 💔 if you don’t know, you should really look into reading @oldpotatoes work! You won’t regret it if you’re a zukka fan 😚👌🏼

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look i love zukka social media fics where they all have fans rooting for them before theyre even together but i think it would be really fucking funny if the opposite happened where they posted photos getting gradually more and more romantic and everyone was like: “just guys being dudes 🥰 f is for friendship!!! anyways zuko smiles at jin in this pic i will proceed to write a 50k meta on why theyre actually in love now”

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I got like three asks about this one lol.

Ok so the waterbender Izumi one is gonna be a continuation of This House of Mine Stands Strong in which Zuko is trans (duh - you can safely assume Zuko is trans in about… 100% of all the things I have written and will write) and pregnant during an assassination attempt and ends up having Izumi during said assassination attempt. 

Anyways… one of the last lines references Izumi starting to waterbend at the age of three.

So that was going to be like the progression of baby Izumi being like utterly fascinated by Aunt Katara’s waterbending (not nearly as infatuated by the fire-stuff tho much to Zuko’s concurrent disappointment and slight relief because… babies usually don’t mix well with fire but also y’know she’s his daughter and the Crown Princess of the Fire Nation so… yeah) to her actually trying to like imitate the waterbending moves that Katara uses sometimes which everyone just kinda thinks is funny whatever…

Until one day soon after she turns 3 she actually manages to waterbend and they’re all like ‘?!?!?!?!?!?!?’ 

Katara is absolutely thrilled by this, Zuko is in over his head and has no idea how to deal with his child - the child that’s supposed to be the next Fire Lord - being a waterbender. And Sokka…

Sokka knows logically that there’s bender - waterbender - blood somewhere in the family line. His sister is like one of the best (if not the best) waterbenders there is and there’s no way it started with her, y’know? But there’s also part of him, like in the back of his mind that he just can’t brush off, wondering if maybe Yue had something to do with it. Zuko was in really bad shape when Izumi was born and Izumi was premature but she ended up perfectly healthy despite it all so… Sokka just can’t help but wonder if Yue had been watching over them. 

Meanwhile, Izumi is causing absolute havoc essentially being a waterbending prodigy because like… one of her dads is an absolute genius, the other is a very powerful bender (…firebender but still), and her Aunt is, again, a powerful waterbender and also more than happy to teach Izumi new tricks and moves at every moment possible. 

Send me the title of one of my WIPs and I’ll tell you something about it.

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I remember seeing a girl and thinking “oh wow she’s so pretty! And tall!” and as she came nearer I realized that I was actually taller (I’m a fucking dumbass unaware of my height)

But anyway dumbass is Zuko and pretty girl is Sokka

Also when they’re both adults they’re the same height but Sokka wears heavy boots and Zuko doesn’t so it takes him a good two year to realise they’re the exact same height

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okay so what I have learned about myself is that I am incapable of doing anything halfway. I started my zukka cardigan songfic, intending for it to be a cute little drabble but it is in fact 13,000+ words and not even halfway over. I have my plan for finishing it scheduled so it should be posted by the end of next week. in other news I’m not doing all the ts songfics I had planned so if anyone has any strong preference for one over the other pls let me know!!

these were my ideas:

all too well - from sokka’s perspective and I imagine this as a post canon fic w fire lord zuko and ambassador sokka where zuko maybe broke up w sokka or sent him away bc he was scared after an assassination attempt or some other incident

you are in love - I imagine this just as super sweet, fluffy fic w modern setting. they would be in their mid-20s or so

enchanted - zuko’s perspective meeting sokka at a party and it could work as an au within the atla universe or a modern setting

illicit affairs - au w firelord zuko and body guard sokka

peace - zuko to sokka offering him life with him, post canon firelord and water tribe ambassador

hoax - also angsty, maybe an assassination attempt or something where zuko wants to break up to protect sokka and sokka is trying to convince him to have faith in their love

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zuko heard sokka exhale as they buried their head further into his chest. his partner hair was out of its usual ponytail and turning into quite the bed head style, but he thought it made them look cuter.

admiring them, zuko took the hand he was resting behind his head, and brush sokkas hair out of their face. sokka let out a tired groan. zuko was used to that noise since sokka had a habit of waking up like that.

after a moment they opened their eyes, locking their gaze with their boyfriend. “enjoying the view?” they asked teasingly, voice hoarse, moving their arms to prop themself up on zukos chest, still dreamily looking him in the eyes. zuko blushed, wondering how sokka always managed to make him smile.

“i am actually,” he finally responded, taking sokkas chin in one hand and pulling them close for a short kiss. “and thinking,,, about us.” his addition caused sokka to raise their eyebrow, before resting their head in the crook of zukos neck, in between leaving kiss marks there, they ask “pray tell, young fire lord.”

if there was one thing zuko learned from his time being with sokka, is that they were especially physically affectionate in the mornings. not that he was complaining. waking up to your partner covering your chest in kisses wasn’t an unwelcome wake up call. but the first few times he woke up to it, he was too flustered for words. now he could somewhat talk through it, only stuttering over a few works.

“i just thought that maybe, since we’ve been together for a while, and i really enjoy your company that you know, we could um-“ in practice, asking this question was a lot harder than zuko thought. but sokka, knowing him well enough to cut him off in the middle of his ramblings spoke up, oh zuko, would you just spit it out?” they had ceased leaving hickeys on his neck and was now looking into his eyes.

zuko briefly got lost in their eyes before clearing his throat. sokkas gaze had a way of giving him butterflies and simultaneously giving him peace of mind enough to ask without tripping over his words.

“would you wanna move in with me?” zuko asked suddenly. “move in with you?” sokka asked shocked. whatever they were expecting it wasn’t that.

“o-only if you want to, of course!” zuko quickly sputtered out. god i must look so needy. he thought. “it’s just we spend most days together anyways and i thought it just might be easier if we-“

sokka cut him off, by pressing a chaste kiss to his lips and started running their fingers through his hair. “you’re cute when you’re flustered, you know that dork?”

zuko turned pink. “is that a yes?” he asked causing sokka to roll their eyes. “what do you think?” and they both smiled.

they say in silence for a moment, just holding each other, and treasuring the moment. of course soon enough, sokka broke the silence saying “ i guess this means they’re gonna find out about us huh?”

“like they don’t already know,” was the only reply they received.

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i made playlists for an atla modern au

ty lee listens to stuff that sounds cute but sometimes hints at something darker (like an ari album about ptsd). mai listens to angsty stuff but when they start dating she lets ty lee in on her guilty pleasure babymetal


aang listens to music u can chill to, he & katara bond over erykah badu. BUT he’s also a goof who listens to crazy frog when he’s hyper; as pointed out by @pencilscratchins he does dumb tiktok challenges with sokka


zuko blasts music wild dramatic & is a theater nerd but also listens to stuff that reminds him of his uncle. luckily his bf’s taste is random as hell so he doesn’t mind. sokka listens to anything from abba to the yojimbo soundtrack


suki & toph listen to music they can kick ass to. toph also lowkey bonds with zuko over theater; tbh her intro to classic rock was school of rock


& jet listens to ratm but takes it way too serious

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these are probably gonna be my main couples i write once i start posting

( 99% are gonna be nblm hc)

zuko x sokka - atla

asra x julian - the arcana

kirishima x bakugou -mha

sal fisher x travis phelps -sallyface

klaus hargreeves x dave katz - the umbrella academy

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Stolen from @lotussokka

Rules: Post the names of all the files in your wip folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!

All of these are Zukka, Jetko, or a few of them have the 3 of ‘em in a poly. Also a lot of these are for future chapters/scenes/parts to existing series/multi-chapter stories that I’ve started on AO3 so if you’ve been reading any of those then uh… yeah. Might end up finding out more about them potentially.

I’m putting (nsfw) after any of the smutty ones also! Just for that distinction so you know what you’re getting into lol. 

  • All the Places You’ve Never Been (nsfw)
  • zukka first time oral edition (nsfw)
  • a ticket out of my mind (nsfw)
  • You’re My Favorite Kind of Night (nsfw)
  • Call it Anything but Love (kind of nsfw? It’s not explicit.)
  • freeze frame 2 
  • Hoodie
  • In Another Light 
  • I Hope This Bed Won’t Swallow Me 
  • Hope Gets Hard to Find 
  • full moon surprises
  • hospital jetko stuff
  • waterbender izumi
  • angsty zukka omegaverse
  • single dad zuko
  • domestic soft jetko
  • Untitled Document (…there’s like 10 of these lol if you ask for one I’ll just randomly pick.)

I have anxiety about tagging people so I’m not tagging anyone but feel free to steal and do this if you want to!

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i love my name

[I.D.: a screenshot of a chat exchange in the game among us. the first message is sent by user sokka, who is blue. it reads: “my first gf turned into the moon”. the second message, sent by user Zuko in red, reads: “That’s rough buddy”. End I.D.]

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