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Some of y'all bout to be real mad at me, but it must be said…it’s one thing to talk about how Zuko was your cartoon crush. Many of us have been there. I’ve been there. But I’m seeing grown ass people talk about Zuko as if he’s still their cartoon crush and like…y'all do realize the character is 16 right, at least in the original series? It’s one thing to be like “yea 12 year old me would’ve risked it all for the firenation bc of him”. But if you’re like me and in your 20s and still saying that shit then…fucking ew. I just find it interesting how people have the sense not to talk about Azula that way bc she’s 14, but they can’t seem to grasp the concept that Zuko is 16 and adults drooling over him is fucking creepy.

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So, don’t crucify me or anything, but I came to a realization recently. I don’t have any particularly favorite pairings in AtLA (though there are a few I actively dislike) but I think the reason I find the Zuko/Sokka pairing so appealing is that it has the same dynamic as Keith/Lance.

*hides behind Toph*

Don’t kill me! Hear me out!

Look, you’ve got one constantly angry, fighty, socially awkward kid, and the other is an extroverted, flirty, goof.

I only realized this because I was reading a modern AU fanfiction without bending (which shall remain unnamed because I don’t want anyone to be offended by this assessment) and about halfway through I realize that the two characters bickering over whether or not to stop at some tourist trap on a road trip could very easily be Keith and Lance instead of Zuko and Sokka.

This didn’t upset me, it just made me realize why the pairing appeals to me, because I really like the dynamic of those types of characters, even if I’m not a fan of the drama that came with the Voltron fandom.

Anyway, observation over. Proceed with your day!

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Nothing need to be changed in the series plot to make Zuko and Aang canon. Actually it’s super easy barely an inconvenience. Just scrap the romance between Zuko and Mai (or maybe keep it and then they broke up, which they did on book 3 when Zuko decided to chose his own destiny and confronted his father for all the wrong he did to him and to the world). We didn’t even need to scrap the part of Aang and Katara romance but probably Aang realized that what he feels for Katara was because she was always constant by his side and they’re always together so he developed some feeling because of the familiarity, Aang hasn’t has any human contact for 100 years so it’s natural for him to think the affection he has for Katara at first was something romantic, but then Aang realized that the only one he truly likes is Zuko. So that kiss at Iroh’s tea shop between Aang and Katara can be replaced with Zuko kissing Aang instead. Tada, you got yourself Zukaang romance. Nothing needed change much because all the dreams sequence they have in the canon, they keep dreaming of each other, the destiny that Iroh keep echoing at the background through out the series that Aang’s and Zuko’s destiny is heavily linked together. We don’t need to do much to make them canon seriously, Bryan and Michael have done it for us.

(From anon ask to @thethiefandtheairbender )

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