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if i get recommendated one more zutara blog i s2g i’m pretty sure i follow all of them on this site 😭😭

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Just want to take a moment to appreciate everyone in the zutara fandom and all the amazing artists/writers that give us so much amazing content, especially this week 🥺

Ik I can get WAY too emotional and overdramatic (which you can totally call me out on btw!!), especially whenever I see posts stating that zutara isn’t canon/endgame, but just know that I love you guys so much and genuinely appreciate everything you do and am NOT invalidating those posts. I just want to spread some positivity on my blog and hope I can contribute something worthwhile to this fandom as well and provide a more positive perspective on this ship, and help anyone who might still believe they have no future together

Because you guys are the reason we WEREN’T robbed, after all

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thinking about how zuko recognized kataras own emotional scars, and he was also able to help her heal from them…

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I’ve seen stuff for @zkfanworkweek popping up on my dash, which has been really nice and filled me with a lot of nostalgia (I say, acting like it’s been years since I was last deep in zutara even though i did zutara week 2020 lol)

Anyway, I have sadly not had the time to get involved with anything, but today I do want to thank all of the people who contribute to the zutara fandom. Your art and fics keep it alive and thriving, even if you feel not many ppl notice

As for recommendations, I’m going to rec @emletish-fish worst prisoner series

Anything by advocaat / @cabbage-foam

And mending wounds by @fictionissocialinquiry

There are so many more, but these 3 authors have written fics that particularly stuck with me and have made me go back to re-read

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Zuko literally brought Katara, a chieftain’s daughter of the southern water tribe, to take back his crown WITH him. How did he not see the fucking implications of that? He basically showed up to overthrow Azula’s coronation ceremony with his [potential] WIFE / FIRELADY by his side.

Besides the fact that Azula could read how much Katara mattered to Zuko, it’s my opinion that this entire dynamic is a major reason WHY Azula shot at Katara. Azula, unlike Zuko apparently, could read the political undertones of Katara’s presence there. As a result, she attempted to destroy that threat immediately [as well as hit zuko at the place it would hurt the most]

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People don’t talk enough about the incredible implications of the last Agni Kai for Zutara beyond the utter drama of Zuko taking the lightning for Katara… Cause although Zuko is the one initially challenged to the fight, it is Katara who ultimately finishes the Agni Kai in place of him. Because of that that makes both Zuko and Katara, as a unit, the final victors of the Agni Kai for the throne of the fire nation. If you’re following this train of thought, then this outcome, in the rules of Agni Kai’s, can quite literally make Katara the Fire Lady. Like not as married to Zuko, but as a female Fire Lord.

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For you, Tumblr people, it may seem like a simple fanart with the characters … but for you, Mar, who is surely reading this with a lump in your throat because of that precious sentimentality that you have, you know that it reminds us that at any moment the person we love can leave our side … and that is why we must constantly remind them that we love them.

Even before the fine thread of death, love is something that can pierce you.

- - - - -

For people who do not know me yet, my drawings are always directed to a single person so some of these can be a bit confusing. however, you may feel identified or just like what I do.

So welcome to our Kingdom (My girl and I) since she is the fundamental piece to draw.

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i don’t know who it is that’s been going around sending nasty anons about participation in ZKFAW, and i don’t care.

knock it the fuck off.

no one is obligated to participate. no one should be shamed for how much or how little they were able or willing or ready to give this week. this is supposed to be a week for uplifting fellow fans and their fanworks, whether that’s from being able to contribute, or just engaging with what has been contributed, or just existing in the fandom and being part of the community. you don’t get to shame someone just because they didn’t do X amount of works or participate in X amount of days or whatever.

if you are planning to go into anyone’s inbox to say ANYTHING negative about their participation in ZKFAW, stop for a fucking second and realize that no one needs or wants your opinion. this week is about lifting others in the fandom up, not tearing people down because they didn’t participate enough to make you happy.

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Zutara Fics I’m Currently Reading

I’ve done some rec lists of Zutara fics in the past, but I always find those so hard to put together. So for @zkfanworkweek I thought I’d simply share a list of Zutara fics that I currently have in my ao3 subscriptions. Obviously that means these are all WIPs, and some of them may not have been updated terribly recently - but I’m in no position to judge on that.

A Spark (To Light the Way Home) by writing_as_tracey

electric feel by windthorne

Hot Head, Cold Feet by nire

No Map Without Water by akaVertigo (aka the fic that proves you should never give up on a WIP even if it hasn’t been updated in over a decade)

Secrets of the Jasmine Dragon by silentmountain

something you build by owedbetter

Songs of the Northern Prince of Fire by tullyblue12

The Better Part by Dyce

The Boy with the Golden Eyes by N_ginoza

the brightest lights by serendipitea

The Masks We Wear by JiggleWigs (This one is primarily Urzai with background Zutara but truly one of my favorite AtLA fics.)

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