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takeaslicex · 4 hours ago
to the victor goes the spoils
Pairing: Mammon x Female! Main Character
Content Warning: NSFW (minors DO NOT interact), vaginal sex, semi-public elevator sex, dirty talk, cumming inside, and unprotected sex.
Word Count: 0.7k+
Authors Note: I deeply apologize for the lack of writing lately, and again that this is such a short blurb - I’ve been having a pretty shitty month that’s taken away most of my inspiration writing-wise, but I still wanted to get something out in the meanwhile. 
Anyways, thanks for reading, y’all! I hope you enjoy!
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
It wasn’t uncommon for Mammon to take you like this - without warning from the heat of the moment, expensive clothing ripped at the seams in a rushed effort to get you both undressed quicker, and hungry hands clawing at each other’s skin as he railed into you unforgivingly. In fact, it was more common than ever for Mammon to pull you into a random room in the house or school and fuck you in any way that he pleased - but this, you both knew, was different. It was animalistic, even.
To put it mildly, Mammon struck gold. From poker to blackjack to the slot machines, he was quite literally rolling in Grimm, and he felt as if his sin had never been so satisfied in his entire life. A Friday night at the casino turned into one of the best nights of his life, and he was all too convinced that it had everything to do with your presence. With your gentle hand in his, squeezing it for reassurance as he called out all the right moves and laid down the perfect cards, it was almost a given that his luck would never run out. Not with you at his side.
So, it’s not like Mammon could wait to kiss you so feverishly on the elevator ride up to your hotel room. The elevator door hadn’t even been closed before his hands were cemented on your waist and your legs were wrapped around his waist like it was the only place you belonged. Within seconds, your dress was hiked up to your stomach and Mammon’s slacks were around his ankles as he thrusted inside of you in one brutal go against the elevator wall, needing to feel the warmth in your slick walls the same way he needed air. 
“You look so good like this, human,” Mammon couldn’t hide the big fat grin forming on his lips while he pressed them against your neck, the pleasured cries escaping yours sounding like music to his ears as you wept into his shoulder. “So pretty on The Great Mammon’s cock, huh?”
Mammon’s pace was unforgiving and relentless as he continued to fuck you into your tight hole, his smile turning into a smirk as he unexpectedly pulled back and then snapped his hips forward, slamming into you roughly without warning. It was impossible to hide that beautiful moan that escaped your lips.
“That’s my good girl,” his lips traveled to yours, his teeth tugging at your bottom lip now. The taste he found from it made him feel like a goddamn winner all over again.  “That’s my very good girl.”
As Mammon continued to fuck you all the way to the next weekend, he couldn’t held but consider how lucky he was in this very moment. For winning thousands of Grimm in one night and satisfying his sin, of course - that’s a given, after all. But that wasn’t why the Avatar of Greed was feeling so lucky right about now. His greed was never limited to just money and gold, after all - at least not until you walked into the Devildom all that time ago. It wasn’t enough to simply have you around, or that you chose him over all of his brothers - Mammon wanted you every second of every hour, in any way that he could take you, as long as you would have him in return. To have you is to be the luckiest being in all of the three realms.
Within minutes, the coil inside of you both snapped as you shattered both in and against each other. Mammon coated your walls with thick layers of cum as he silenced your moans with a kiss that both defined you and consumed you, a kiss that said everything the two of you had ever felt about each other.
Mammon held you as tightly as possible as you both rode out the wave of your high - your blissful, perfect high. Slowly, the demon eased out of you and wrapped his arms around the small of your back, pressing your body as close to his as possible in a desperate attempt to have you as close as possible. If he could have it his way, there wouldn’t be a square inch of his skin that wasn’t covered by you.
“My beautiful treasure,” he cooed into your cheek, his own heating up in a crimson red now. “I love you so much, my beautiful human. I’m the luckiest demon in all of the Devildom.”
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takeaslicex · 6 days ago
hi y’all! just a quick update - i am not ghosting my requests, nor am i not writing. it’s been an incredibly shitty few weeks, and i’ve been spending the majority of this month working, sleeping, being sad, and apartment hunting. so yeah - if you sent me a request, or are simply looking for any updates - fear not! i’m working on a filthy lucifer smut one-shot currently, and it’s taking me awhile to write for those reasons + just me wanting to perfect it. that’s all!
in the meanwhile, y’all can find me on my main account, @dazaosamu, where i make a ton of obey me icons, graphics, and gifs. *kisses*
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takeaslicex · 27 days ago
vegas, baby!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mammon x Gender Neutral! Main Character
Content Warning: Character illness (common cold)
Word Count: 1.7k+
Authors Note: As always, thank you for the request! To answer your question - no, requests do not cost money, nor will they ever. Because of that, requests are done at my own time and if/when I find the inspiration to write them, but I will never charge money for requests.
Thanks for reading, y’all! I hope you enjoy!
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
If you weren’t so goddamn adorable and completely impossible to hate, Mammon would’ve cursed you for even making him consider missing a Saturday night at Caesars Palace. But alas, even with your stuffed-up nose and slight fever, Mammon somehow still found you hard to say no to.
Of course, he did still manage to say no to you, though only Lord Diavolo knows how hard that was. A Saturday night in Las Vegas with a more than generous sum on his human-realm credit card is hardly something that you can reject.
“C-Come on, human, you understand why I can’t stay, don’t ya?!” Mammon practically begged you to understand, allowing himself to sit on the very edge of your bed, desperately wishing he could peel his eyes off of your sad, human little body stuffed under a hundred blankets with a box of tissues by your bed before he felt any worse about the situation. “It’s Vegas, MC! Come on, don’t tell me you expect The Great Mammon to miss out on it! Besides, did’ja really think I wouldn’t spend my winnings on ya? I’ll take you out on a night in town once you’re feeling like yourself again! I promise ya!”
After an unexpected sniffle, you sighed. Honestly, you couldn’t lie and say it didn’t sting that Mammon was choosing a night out over you, because it did hurt. A part of you didn’t want to fault him - he’s the Avatar of Greed, so you can’t really blame him for giving into his sin, but still. It hurts. If he’s so willing to go against Lucifer’s wishes to take care of you while you’re ill to go out and gamble instead, then you weren’t going to argue with something that he was so clearly set on.
“Mammon, it’s fine,” you inwardly groaned at how weak and pathetic you sounded just then, and how it was practically a lie, but he said nothing about either. “It’s not a big deal, I promise. You got six other brothers who can help me if I need anything. I’m holding you to that night out once I’m better, though.”
“Six other broth-!” Mammon began to argue  - the idea of any one of his brothers taking care of his human in your time of need beginning to make him feel sick. However, you had just given him permission to bail, so he decided to bite his tongue at that. “I knew that you’d understand, MC! I promise ya that we’ll have a glamorous night out, anywhere you like. Ristorante Six even! I swear on ya!”
While that did sound nice, you were still disappointed. “Yeah, okay then.”
Mammon offered a warm smile before standing up, straightening up your comforter where he sat and then raising the edge of it and tucking you in. “Hey! Don’t you worry - not one bit. I’ll be back in no time. Don’t go dying on me or anything, because I won’t forgive ya if you do. So… get some sleep, and take your medicine. Okay?”
You smiled back at him before closing your eyes, not really wanting to be awake to think about this anymore. “Okay, Mammon. Good luck tonight.”
Shit, shit, shit - Mammon needed to get out of there now.
Mammon turned his heel and walked out of your room before he could dwell on his decision any further. He closed your door softly and then headed back toward his room where he would be entering the portal from the Devildom to the human realm, but his mind was just about everywhere else - like how helpless you looked under half a dozen blankets, or how fragile your voice sounded when you spoke, or how you looked like a kicked puppy when he told you he wasn’t going to take care of you, or how -
“Fuck, what are you doing, dude?!,” Mammon whispered through gritted teeth, practically stomping down the hall together, “Pull yourself together, damn it!” If he couldn’t pull himself together right before his big night over some weak, little human, then how the Devildom was he ever going to win big tonight?!
But then he thought about one of the last things you said right before he left - “You got six other brothers who can help me if I need anything.” , and that made Mammon silently seethe. He didn’t want any of his brothers taking care of you. He’s your first demon after all, and the one who was sworn to look after you and protect your life by any means necessary. The thought of Satan running you a bath or Beel making you soup almost made him sick himself, or if Lucifer himself came to your rescue because Mammon had failed you.
So, and without even really thinking about it, Mammon turned around and made a beeline for the kitchen. Within a few minutes, there he was, dressed to impress in cuffed black pants and a white button down with a credit card with thousands of dollars on it in his wallet, making canned soup for the human on the other side of the wall who metaphorically brought him to his very knees.
“Damn it, MC,” Mammon sighed, leaning against the counter while he waited for the soup to heat up on the stove. “What are you doing to me?”
  When Mammon knocked on your door about fifteen minutes later, you expected it to be Levi, who you had texted and asked to bring you something to drink shortly after Mammon left.
“L-Levi?” your cracking voice attempted to shout out.
“Seriously, MC? You chose that otaku to take care of ya while I’m gone?!” Mammon scolded you behind a closed door. “You can’t be that dumb, human. You know what, I’m coming in!”
You almost didn’t believe that Mammon was behind the door until he was suddenly in your room with a bowl of what you presumed to be soup with one hand, and a cup of tea in the other - but lo and behold, there he was. Before you could respond, in typical Mammon fashion, he was already gloating in your ear.
“That’s right - your eyes ain’t deceiving ya - I choose you over making some bank! So you better be appreciative!” Mammon began, setting your soup and tea down on your nightstand. Now looking down at you with arms crossed, he continued his little rant. “You think Levi’s gonna take care of ya like I can? He probably hasn’t even checked his phone in hours cause he’s bingeing on some anime of his, I guarantee ya… Anyways, I’m your first man, and I don’t want you to rely on anybody ‘cept me, okay? The Great Mammon will take care of you whenever you need it, so… just, slap some sense into me next time I pull a dick move like that again, okay?”
You could hardly contain your smile. “I promise.”
Mammon couldn’t hide his blush even if he tried. “But you gotta promise me you’re not gonna get sick on me like this again - ‘cause I’m gonna be real mad at you if you make me miss Vegas again! I-In fact, you’re coming with me next time! Now, where’s your laptop? The Great Mammon’s gonna watch something with ya while you eat.”
You smiled and pointed to your desk, where Mammon promptly grabbed it while you shot Levi a quick ‘never-mind’ text. One he grabbed it, he crawled into your bed beside you and situated your laptop on his lap, now causing you to blush as he pulled you to his side.
“Wait, Mammon, I don’t want you to get sick, too,” you began to argue. “Maybe you shouldn’t get too close.”
“Ha! You think your human diseases have any effect on a great and powerful demon like me?” Mammon scoffed, slowly bringing your soup to his chest. “I’m hurt, ya know? Now… shut up and eat your soup, human. I need you to get better before I… start freaking out about losing ya, or something...”
Saying that last part a little bit too quietly and hoping that you wouldn’t hear it, Mammon slowly shoved a spoon of soup to your mouth, holding it steady and close to your lips for you to sip whenever you were ready.
If somebody would’ve told you a few months ago that the Avatar of Greed would be feeding soup to you, a snot-nosed human, instead of gambling until his heart was content at one of his favorite places in the world, then you would’ve told them they are absolutely and utterly insane. 
The night continued like that, with Mammon feeding you and raising your cup of tea to your lips, being mindful of the heat of both and being ever so careful not to spill any on your or your blanket. Once you were done with your meal, Mammon propped himself lower onto the bed and pulled you closer to his side, hoping to Diavolo that you wouldn’t look up at his flaming red cheeks as he wrapped a tight and protective arm around you as he kept his eyes locked and glued on the laptop screen, absentmindedly playing with the ends of your hair. Some show that you picked out was playing, but Mammon couldn’t bring himself to give a damn about even the title of it with your hand balled up on his chest like that.
“M-Mammon?” you muttered lazily against his chest, close to letting exhaustion consume you.
Mammon looked down at you. “Yeah? What is it, MC?”
You smiled into his shirt and closed your eyes, before saying one final thing before you let slumber become you, “Thank you for taking care of me, Mammon. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.”
If Mammon’s cheeks were flaming red before, then oh shit, they’re on fire now .
By that point, Mammon had concluded three things:
You look absolutely adorable when you fall asleep on his chest, even when you’re sick.
The next time that an opportunity presents itself to go to Las Vegas, he better be making some goddamn bank to make up for what he missed tonight.
He would always look after you and protect you from anything bad that ever came your way, and that he would rather die than fail you ever again.
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takeaslicex · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
does he look like he hates pda. does he
everyone: lucifer hates pda. he fucking hates it. if you even THINK about touching him in public he will kill you. don’t even try
lucifer at any given moment when he’s with mc:
Tumblr media
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takeaslicex · 27 days ago
everyone: lucifer hates pda. he fucking hates it. if you even THINK about touching him in public he will kill you. don’t even try
lucifer at any given moment when he’s with mc:
Tumblr media
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takeaslicex · a month ago
The Obey Me! Brothers + A K!nky MC Headcanons
Tumblr media
Pairing: The Obey Me! Demon Brothers + Female! Main Character
Content Warning: NSFW (minors do NOT interact), vaginal sex, oral sex (male and female recievin), dirty talk, consensual kink, choking, breathplay, power dynamics, dom/sub dynamics, brat taming, spanking, handcuffs, being tied up, fucking on money, semi-public sex, cum, being heard having sex, cock warming, love/bites, hickies, sex toys, food kink, size kink, consensual somnophilia, etc.
Word Count: 2.5k+
Authors Note: Thank you for the request, anon! For a few of the brothers, I focused a little less on the BDSM aspect and more on specific kinks because I didn’t want to sound too repetitive, so I hope you don’t mind that!
Also, this is like my sixth time posting this since Tumblr is a goddamn nightmare and refuses to let this show up in the tags. Here’s to my seventh attempt :^)
In typical sadist fashion, Lucifer would fucking love it if he found out that his darling little MC was actually super kinky. He doesn’t have a vanilla bone in his body - so the kinkier, the better.
Honestly, it didn’t really surprise him though. You’ve been so bold ever since you came to the Devildom - from pushing your way through demon affairs and literally jumping in front of his brothers to shield them from his anger, he had a feeling that you had a twisted side to you that you weren’t showing. You were always so sweet and caring to him and his brothers… but what are you really into, he always wondered?
So, once he realized your true side, it was like he was finally seeing heaven again.
Ultimately, he found out about your hidden side of you the night that you made a pact with him before you left the Devildom. It was so bold of you to stand up to his demon form and kiss him like that, and even more bold of you to agree to a night of being his.
With his hands running all over you, the light hitches in your breath and soft moans didn’t go unnoticed as his fingers drew on your sides, stomach, and thighs… but it was when his hand met your throat that he got the reaction he was looking for, as he watched your eyes flutter in utter bliss as you struggled for air.
“Oh? So that’s what gets your blood boiling, MC. You amaze me every day, you know that? Don’t worry, lover - the night is only beginning.”
Apart from Asmo, I think that Lucifer would be the perfect person to explore your kinkier side with. Being the big sadist that he is, you already know Lucifer is into power dynamics, dom and sub, and brat taming - so be prepared for your misbehavior and brattiness to be met with choking, spanking, and handcuffs.
Lucifer doesn’t have a filter, either - so if you’re into being talked to and degraded like a whore, you’ve got the perfect demon for that in Lucifer.
“Count to ten with me, MC. And don’t you dare think about opening that whore mouth of yours during your punishment. I warned you about interrupting me when I’m on the phone, did I not? Fucking count, MC. I won’t repeat myself.”
Oh, boy. If you think that Mammon wasn’t greedy over your love and attention before, then you certainly would think so after he found out about your kinkier side.
He would be totally flustered at first, like… you want him to WHAT?!?!
Poor Mammon would have so many questions, though he’s not going to ask you at the risk of your answer involving any other person helping you explore your sexual desires. But how did you develop a kinky side?! Who taught you what THAT IS?! WHO CORRUPTED YOU?!
Okay… he took a few seconds to process the idea that his precious human is actually kinky as hell (no pun intended). Now he’s ready to rail the fuck out of you.
Mammon first learned about how kinky you were when you walked into his room one day and he was counting his stacks of human-world cash from a photoshoot he recently did. It was then that you crawled on his lap, pinned him down and begged him to fuck you on his hard earned money.
Mammon’s always been sort of gentle and careful with you during sex before just to be sure he would never hurt you or make you do anything you didn’t want to do - but now that you’re asking him to be absolutely filthy with you? Oh shit. Mammon fell in love with you all over again.
Normally, Mammon would have his qualms about doing anything that could ruin his precious money. However, there’s something about fucking you from behind with his hand tightly pulling your hair that makes him give less than a fuck about anything else.
“F-fuck, MC! You’re gonna be the death of me - who knew you had this side, huh? Fuck! MC - I’m so close!”
Aside from fucking on a pile of money, I definitely picture Mammon to be into public/semi-public sex, or being put in any situation where the two of you could get caught. If you’re into that sort of thrill, he’ll fuck you in the study, in the attic room, in his dressing room at a photoshoot, etc. You name it, and he’s game.
Also - cum. The demon loves to see his cum anywhere you’ll let spill out - your back, your stomach, your tits, your insides, or your mouth. Preferably, he likes to cum on your face - there’s truly no prettier sight in the world than seeing the seemingly-sweet MC blinded by him after he fucked your mouth like a champ. Oh, how he adores you.
R.I.P. Levi, because I think you just killed him. Just give him a minute - maybe he malfunctioned. Definitely time to reboot.
Similarly to Mammon, I think he would let his sin take over a little bit and start wondering how you came to your kinkier side, and will get jealous at the idea of past lovers, or the media that inspired your kinks.
So… you just gotta give him a little push, and really show him that Levi is the only one you want to explore your kinks with. After you’ve shown him that he’s the only demon for you, be prepared to break the… well, bathtub.
Levi discovered your kinky side when he was in the middle of a multiplayer game on his gaming PC. He was completely in the zone, and winning by a longshot too, when he suddenly felt his chair get pushed back and watch you get down on your knees. Within seconds, he was too focused on his seemingly-sweet MC choke on his cock while he struggled to suppress his moans so his mic wouldn’t pick them up. It was almost as hard as Levi was.
“F-fu.... No, nothing! I said push forward! F-fuck! I mean... fucking push forward, w-we haven’t lost yet! FUCK!”
After you made Levi lose a game he quickly lost interest in at the sight of you swallowing his cum, he fucked you so hard that you both knew you wouldn’t be walking tomorrow.
As far as kinks go, I really hope you’re into roleplay, because you know damn well that Levi is. Levi would love nothing more than to fuck you while you were dressed as one of his favorite anime or video game heroines, but he’d also be more than willing to simpler forms of roleplay as well.
I think that once Levi gets over his insecurities and becomes truly confident in himself and that you want to explore your kinks with him, that he would also reveal his kinky side to you. It would definitely be a reveal to you both.
Satan had a feeling that the sweet little human who swept him and his brothers off of his feet was a lot kinkier than she was letting on. Satan is incredibly intelligent and a natural observant, so he didn’t miss the way your cheeks flushed when he called you kitten, or the way you’d cross your legs when you’d get to a spicy part in a book he recommended to you.
So, naturally, Satan tried to edge that side out of you slowly - he didn’t want to embarrass you by confronting you, so he’d do little things to tease you. Instead of recommending you books that ‘just so happened to have sex scenes’, he would start reading them to you all while slowling dragging his fingers down your arms and sides, admiring the way you’d tense in his arms and the way your skin would heat up.
“Oh? What are your thoughts on that… kitten? That’s not something you’d want to try is it? There’s no need to hide from me, you know.”
Cue a very, very long night of him fucking you raw into the mattress with your hands tied to the bedpost with one of his ties - just as described in the book he read to you. Satan was just happy that he was right about you, and how filthy you are being that sweet and innocent act of yours.
Satan would be down to try any of your kinks, assuming they weren’t childish or completely odd. Satan can get rough, so he has no qualms with inflicting pain and dominance with your given consent.
One-word: cockwarming. He’d cockwarm you while he read to you, that’s for damn sure. 
Oh, and another thing - Satan would mark the fuck out of you with love bites and hickies all across your body, if not for the way his little kitten would whimper and his lips sucked on your breasts, but to mark his territory as well.
As expected, the Avatar of Lust would adore the fact that his sweet, innocent little MC was finally succumbing to their sexual desires in all of their beautiful glory. He would be so goddamn happy that the seemingly-sweet MC was actually a little freak… just like him!
If you ever wanted to explore your kinks with anyone without shame or rejection, then Asmo is the perfect demon to do so with, because he’d fuck you absolutely any that that you desired. He can be soft and slow with you, sure, but his favorite sex is when both him and his partner are fully expressing their wants and needs.
Asmo would know pretty early on that you were suppressing your kinky side and your most inner sexual desires, given his title as the Avatar of Lust. Much like Satan, he would try to pull them out of you. However, he’d do it in a much less subtle way.
One night after you made a date with Asmo for a movie night with skincare and nail painting included, or so you thought, you walked into his room to find the lights dim with red lighting and a pink box on his bed. Inside, you saw the box filled to the brim with every sex toy you could ever imagine. Asmo was practically beaming at your reaction alone.
However, it was when he saw tears brimming under your eyes and your chest heave rapidly as his newly bought vibrator fucked you and brought you to your second orgasm of the night that he nearly came at the sight alone. You just look so perfect when you finally admit your most beautiful sexual desires!
“Yes, MC! Look at you, darling - you’re so perfect! Don’t hide from me, princess, let’s cum together!”
As I said, Asmo would be down to try anything with you as long as it satisfied your desires. However, I think that he would be most down to experiment with toys, and with making a sex tape with you. That way, he could watch his beautiful MC cry out his name as you came around his cock whenever he wanted to.
Oh, Beel would be surprised - that’s for damn sure. He’s so sweet and mindful of your health and safety, and would never want to hurt you or make you uncomfortable in any way, especially since he’s quite literally double your size and a foot taller than you. So naturally, Beel wouldn’t even consider you to be anything less than the sweet and innocent human he desperately loves to protect, unless he heard from you directly what you wanted him to do to you. 
So… when he found out that his size is actually a turn on to you, and that you literally want him to throw you around like a rag doll and fuck you like it was your last day in the Devildom? You can almost picture his cute, confused face.
However, once he realized that his size wasn’t intimidating to you, but actually a turn on? It absolutely became a turn on for him, too. Because sure, it’s nice to have you in his arms and know that he’s protecting you, but it’s even better hearing you scream and watching you cry as you struggle to take his huge cock inside of you.
“B-Beel, baby… you’re so big, I can barely-” “Don’t say that, pumpkin, I don’t want to cum yet… UH! MC…”
Well, this wouldn’t be a Beel headcanon if I didn’t include food play in it somewhere, now would it? That you two discovered accidentally while the two of you were baking a cake one day.
It was Beel’s turn to make dinner that tonight, but additionally, he wanted to make a three-layered chocolate cake for dessert to satisfy his cravings. You offered to help to spend some time with him, but also to make sure he didn’t swallow all of the ingredients down whole. While the ingredients didn’t end up in his mouth, they did end up just about everywhere else - your chests, his fingers, your neck… it wasn’t long until Beel was licking frosting off of your pussy like it was on the menu.
After that, foodplay became apart of your natural sex lives. Chocolate, whipped cream, fruit, pudding - you name it. It’s a definite win-win for you both.
In conclusion, I think Beel would be willing to try your kinks as long as they didn’t truly hurt you or cause you any long-lasting physical harm. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt you on purpose.
Belphie would be someone you wouldn’t really expect to have a kinky side, but oh, he sure does. He has sadistic tendencies and can be a bit of a freak - so when he found out that you also can be a bit of a freak yourself, he wondered what other surprises you were full of. He had a feeling, of course - you were daring enough to stand up to Lucifer for his sake, so how daring would you be in the bedroom for him?
Belphie would be amused by it, for sure. That apart from enjoying being intimate by simply cuddling with him and taking long naps under cold blankets, that you also like to be tied up and fucked until you couldn’t take anymore? How could he not be amused by that?
Under your given consent while you were conscious, Belphie would absolutely fuck you while you were asleep. He’d fuck you nice and slow and watch as drool pooled at your lips and admire how wet your pussy got for him first thing in the morning, as if your body knew who it belonged to without you being awake. Bonus points if he decided to tie your hands to the bedpost, or if he decided to wrap a pillowcase around your eyes to further deprive your senses.
“Shhh. So fucking pretty for me, aren’t you sweetheart? And you’re not even awake to see how pretty you look on my cock - what a shame.”
Additionally, if your kinkier side included being dominant and inflicting your kinks on him, Belphie would a hundred percent be down for that as well. The less work for him, the better, right? If you wanted to tie him up and ride his cock while he was deep in slumber, he would wake up with the biggest smile on his face. And if you wanted to tie him up, even better - it’s not like he’d go anywhere anyway.
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takeaslicex · a month ago
the price of arrogance
Tumblr media
Pairing: Asmodeus x Female! Reader
Content Warning: NSFW (minors do NOT interact), orgasm control, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, dirty talk, remote-controlled vibrator, handcuffs, and consensual punishment
Word count: 1.5k+
Authors Note: Thanks for the request, anon! This was fun to write!
You knew what you were getting into when you entered a relationship with the Avatar of Lust - so, in all fairness, you should’ve seen this coming. How you ended up with your arms outstretched and your wrists to the headboard in handcuffs, and every inch of your body exposed and ready for the taking? Well, that wouldn’t require much - there never had to be a celebratory or punishing situation for Asmo to bound either your wrists or ankles. However, tonight was a little bit different.
Your arrogance had been getting the better of you - or so Asmo said, which you thought was pretty rich coming from him. But how was it possible for you to be so chummy and lovey-dovey with his brothers when you have a perfect, in every sense of the word, boyfriend who could give you everything you could ever want? Don’t you have enough?! You knew exactly what you were doing, too - like you could get away with it every time you rubbed shoulders with Levi while you were playing video games, or when you licked the frosting off of Beel’s thumb when you two baked together. The final straw was when Asmo saw you lean into Lucifer’s touch while the two of you were studying together.
In all honesty, you kinda thought you could get away with those little things. There’s no bigger flirt than Asmo himself, so you thought that you were okay to do the same. I mean, Asmo would never punish you for spreading love… right?
So, that’s how you ended up with your wrists bound to Asmo’s headboard, your naked body exposed to every single one of your boyfriend’s desires, and a mischievous and excited grin on his face.
“Oh, darling, look at you!” Asmo purred in-between kisses against your stomach, admiring the small shivers that coursed through your body at the sensitive touch. “You’re so pretty, my dear. And all mine to adore.”
Your arch backed at his adoring kisses, absentmindedly tugging at handcuffs by default. They were tacky things, but they did the job that was intended - making sure you couldn’t squirm your way out of every perfect thing that he had in store for you, and sometimes, what you had in store for him. But tonight, you both knew, it was all about you.
Kissing his way down your inner thigh now, smiling against your flushed skin, he said, “But your arrogance is becoming you, my dear.” He applied another kiss, further up your thigh now. “Did you really think you could spread your magnificent love to my brothers without consequence, hmm?” Another kiss, so close, yet so far. “Answer me, my love.”
He wanted you to answer him - but how could you even think straight when his lips were so close to where you desperately needed them to be? “A-Asmo,” you stuttered, trying to breathe through labored breathing and raw desire. “I-I would never, it’s… it’s only ever you , Asmo!”
Asmo knew that - without a second thought, you were always his . You would never cheat on him, or seek love from somebody else, let alone one of his brothers. But you’re the first person he’s ever been in love with in all of his years since his birth - how could he not be slightly territorial over your love? He couldn’t help but smile at your plea, however - it was always nice to be reminded who you gave your love to.
“Oh, Y/N…” Asmo pressed another soft kiss, again, so close to where you needed him. Asmo could see how wet you were without having officially touched you yet, and his patience was testing, but he had to endure. “Your love is overwhelming - I could never get enough of it.” Another. “I love you so much, my dear. Won’t you let me show you how much I love you?”
You nodded frantically, desperate for his touch. Whether it was his tongue licking against your clit or his cock railing you into the bed frame, you just wanted him to make you feel anything besides impatience. “Y-Yes, Asmo. Please, baby. Show me!”
Asmo smirked at that, noting the desperation in your pretty little voice. Leaning down again, Asmo applied one soft, generous kiss to your clit - watching your body shake at the fleeting sensation through hooded eyes. Just as quickly as he kissed you, he then removed himself from in between your legs, sitting up now and getting off of the bed. Through slightly hazy eyes, you watched as he made his way over to the bedside drawer’s bottom shelf, which you knew from experience held a collection of his favorite sex toys. What Asmo pulled out, however, made your eyes widen in both fear and excitement. 
It was a vibrator - a small, pink, expensive-looking, remote controlled one, as Asmo had the remote control in his other hand.. It was new, too, because you had never seen this one before. Asmo smiled down at you as he pressed one knee down on the bed so that he could lean down and press a kiss to your forehead, pressing the tip of the vibrator between your breasts. “Do you trust me, my beautiful Y/N?” You nodded, muttering a quiet approval. Meanwhile, Asmo trailed the vibrator lower down your chest. “Good - I’m so glad. Let me show you how much I love you. I want you to feel everything you make me feel, and know that no other man or demon could give you my love.” 
Asmo teased the tip of the vibrator against your clit, though preparations were hardly needed - you were already soaked from the teasing alone. With a small click, the vibrator started to life as he teased it at your entrance. You gasped at the sensation because, at the same time, Asmo kissed you long and hard on the lips. But The Avatar of Lust wasn’t quite done there - before you knew it, he had slowly shoved the remote control inside of your pussy.
You could hardly register Asmo climbing into bed with you with the vibrator jolting inside of your pussy at its highest setting - giving you absolutely no time to adjust to the foreign object inside of you. Asmo had adjusted himself onto your right side and held you in his arms, your left side half propped up against his right side. Asmo wanted to physically feel you chasing your orgasm - absolutely every second of it.
“Do you feel that, my darling?” Asmo whispered into your skin, placing a delicate kiss on it while the sound of every whimper and tangled moan that escaped your lips played like music to his ears. Meanwhile, your body shook uncontrollably. “Don’t you feel the intensity of my love? You can feel it all through your body, can’t you? Why would you seek that anywhere else, hmm?”
“Asmo,” you pleaded, your legs shaking like they could fall off at any second. Asmo was keeping the vibrator at the highest setting - this you knew as you could feel an impending orgasm close to being wrenched out of you. Asmo’s fingertips trailed over your sides, moving his kisses from your shoulder to ghosting over the shell of your ear. 
“Do you feel that high, my love?” Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. “That euphoric bliss you’re chasing is what you desire. It’s what defines me, my love - let it define you, too.”  Fuck, fuck, fuck! “Let me define you, my darling - and me aloneI!”
Without warning, the dam breaks - and the orgasm was wrenched out of you like water being rung out of a wet shirt. Your back arched and your body shuddered at the euphoria, and an impossible to subdue scream escaping your lips followed. Your orgasm came quickly, but you had zero time to recover - because Asmo never turned the vibrator off.
“Oh, yes my love!” Asmo praised you, gripping your nervous sides with sharp fingernails and pressing his lips to your cheek. “That’s my girl! Let it all out for me, announce your deepest desires to the world!”
The feeling inside of you could hardly be put into words - you could feel the overstimulation in every single bone in your body, and you could hardly take any more. “A-Asmo, please… I… I can’t…It’s too much!”
“Fuck, darling! My beautiful Y/N - yes, you can!” Asmo encouraged you, arms snaking around your waist, slightly encouraging your movements as well. Even if he wasn’t the one mercilessly fucking you into the bedframe, he would surely help you fuck the plastic toy bringing you to your second orgasm. “Don’t disappoint me now, Y/N - show me your most beautiful and intimate desires, my dear. Show me everything !”
You were a goddamn mess in his arms - the spit pooling in your throat and drool dripping down your chin made it just barely possible to even breathe. Your brain shut down completely - all you could focus on was the grand intensity inside of your pussy as the vibrator fucked a second orgasm out of you, and a third, and a fourth, until the batteries finally gave what felt like an eternity later. Almost immediately, you were quick to pass out in Asmo’s arms, the world fading to black as the punishment for your arrogance came to a close.
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takeaslicex · a month ago
Hi again! I'm the one who asked for the undatables sextape, I just wanna say thank you😊❤
AHH thank you for requesting, i’m glad you enjoyed them!! ❤️
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takeaslicex · a month ago
The Obey Me! Undateables + Making A Sex Tape Headcanons
Tumblr media
Pairing: The Obey Me Undateables (MINUS LUKE)  x Female! Main Character
Content Warning: NSFW (minors do NOT interact), sex tapes/filming yourselves having sex, oral sex (female and male receiving), vaginal sex, dirty talk, semi-public sex, third person, etc.
Word count: 1.1k+
Authors Note: Thank you for the request, anon! I didn’t quite pull out all the stops for the undateables as I did with the demon brothers, because I am 10000000% biased towards the brothers - but I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless!
Also, since this has gained quite some traction on both here and AO3, would anybody be interested in one shots of each individual making a sex tape with MC? Let me know if it’s something y’all would be interested in!
The Obey Me! Demon Brother’s + Making A Sex Tape Headcanons
Lord Diavolo:
Okay, let’s be real. For being the future King of the Devildom and ruler of all the demons, Lord Diavolo is a pretty cheerful demon who will do whatever the hell he wants just because it looks fun. Also, who exactly is going to scold him if anyone were to find out that he had made a sex tape with his star human exchange student? He wouldn’t care one way or another.
He would respond so cheerfully to you asking him too, as he usually does to anything that sounds pleasing to him.
“You want to make a sex tape, darling? Of course! Anything to please you, my dear. Come with me - we’re doing this right now, princess.”
So, where do you want to do it? Did you want to get railed in his larger-than-life office against the biggest desk in all of the Devildom with your phone propped up against a pile of paperwork? Did you want to get fucked against every golden wall in the Demon Lord’s Castle by a video camera? How about a video camera directed on the Lord’s king-sized bed while you ride his cock?
He would show absolutely no mercy on you, either - and the sex tape would be proof of that. Just because the Lord of the Devildom just so happens to be a happy and cheerful demon doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know what he’s doing in the bedroom, and while you’re cumming all over his face and dick, he’s got all your screaming and crying on video to hear whenever the hell he wants.
“Euh! That’s it, princess, cum all over my cock - just like that. I’m gonna breed you so full of my cum for the camera - just like you asked.”
Also… don’t you dare think about Lord Diavolo asking Barbatos to film it for all those filthy close-up shots of you swallowing his cum or taking his cock like the good girl you are. Lord Diavolo would at least ask Barbatos, at the very least.
I mean… any wish is your command, right? I can’t see him actively wanting to make a sex tape with you, but he also wouldn’t see the harm in it either. Like, yeah… something new the two of you can do in the bedroom. Sounds good to him!
“Oh? Do you want to film this, my love? Very well, anything for you then - hand me your phone and I’ll take care of the rest, my dear.”
Any sex tape with Barbatos would be so soft and loving - like perfect, aesthetic porn. Despite being an all-powerful demon, I genuinely don’t think that he has a rough bone in his body when it comes to his lover. That’s not to say he doesn’t know how to make you cum all nice and pretty for the camera, however.
He would make it such a nice experience for you, too. Like candles all over the room, and soft music playing, while needy hands run up and down your sides while you sit pretty on his lap and ride him like it’s the whole reason you’re in the Devildom.
“Yes, sweetheart - so good for me. So pretty for the camera. Now lay down and let me be at your service, my dear.”
A sex tape with him would be so sweet - 10/10 recommend asking him to make one with you.
Simeon would most likely be the most against making a sex tape out of all of the brothers and undateables. Simeon has strict morals and is a literal angel of the Lord, so I feel like filming the two of you having sex just wouldn’t be a thing for him. However, since it wouldn’t be very fun to write about how much Simeon wouldn’t make a sex tape with you - let’s say he’s totally down to make one with you.
So, let’s paint a setting here - Simeon finally got to see you again after you both departed back to the human world and the Celestial Realm respectively. His time with you is so limited, and you both can’t wait to be in each other’s arms again - so why not film it so the two of you can look back on it again when you’re missing each other? You recommended a sex tape to mark your little reunion.
Just like Barbatos, I think that any sex tape with Simeon would be sweet and loving. I can’t imagine that an angel of the Lord would ravage you as Lord Diavolo would - but Simeon knows exactly how to make you cum like the good little angel you are.
“Yes, my Y/N - show me how much you missed me. Cum with me - let’s do this together, my love!”
Simeon would also be someone to go out of his way to make this a memorable experience with you - you two would film your sex tape after a nice date with wine, a nice hotel with the prettiest view, and he’d be bringing you to orgasm so hard that you wouldn’t even need a sex tape to remember the night.
Oh, he would be SO down to make a sex tape with you - I mean, what better way is there to prove that out of all the demons and angels and humans in all three realms pining over you, that you chose him?
Solomon is overall a pretty confident and powerful human - he’s going to make you irrevocably his all over video. You can’t convince me that Solomon isn’t a little bit of a freak, and I feel like he would be no different in bed.
Picture this - it’s the end of the day at RAD, and the two of you are about to leave the classroom, the two of you being the last ones to leave. As you’re trying to leave, you can’t get the door open, and it doesn’t take you very long to figure out that Solomon used magic to keep anyone from entering or leaving - long enough to fuck you on a school desk with his phone propped up on the teacher’s desk.
With your arms wrapped around his waist as he fucks you hard into the desk, kissing you to stifle your loud moans - you hardly have time to consider the repercussions if Lucifer found out. 
“Shh, be quiet for me, Y/N. You wouldn’t want to get caught and have me stop, would you? Ugh, that’s it - take my cock, baby!”
Solomon would make multiple sex tapes with you, too. It would become a thing between the two of you - each one being filthier than the last. 
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next to you
Pairing: Lucifer (Obey Me!) x Gender! Neutral Reader
Content Warning: implied NSFW (minors do NOT interact), spoilers from Lesson 16 and Lesson 21
Word count: 1.1k+
Summary: Lucifer liked waking up next to you. Specifically, he liked waking up with you wrapped snug in his arms like you were home, but he’d take you any way that you came.
Authors Note: This is just a small blurb I wrote on a whim last night and just finished a few minutes ago. If anyone spots any errors that I missed, please let me know! I hope y’all enjoy!
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
Lucifer liked waking up next to you. Specifically, he liked waking up with you wrapped snug in his arms like you were home, but he’d take you any way that you came. That, as he stared at your soft features every morning before you woke up, he was sure of. He was quite certain, upon your return to the Devildom those months ago, that he wouldn’t be able to survive you a second time - and he was right. A being strong enough to challenge God himself, letting himself indulge in the pleasure of being in love with a mere human was almost an insult to his pride - but Lucifer wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything. Your soul was bound to his, after all. How could he not have you after that?
Of course, it wasn’t just the waking up next to you part Lucifer liked. It was the way you made coffee for him in the mornings without sparing it a second thought, and how bitter it remained each time you made it. It was disgusting, of course - no matter how much creamer you added to it, it still tasted as black as ever. But he would down every last drop each time. He liked the way you would wear one of his satin shirts after a warm shower like it was yours - and it almost bothered him that you just so happened to look better in his clothing than he did, but he was too captivated by you to argue. He liked the way your eyebrows furrowed in concentration when you carefully applied red nail polish to his fingernails. He didn’t have to remind you that they had to be perfect, despite being clothed behind black gloves - your delicacy was an unspoken understanding of that. Everything you did was an unspoken understanding that you were, and always will be, irrevocably his .
But therein lies the cold truth of it all - you, an autonomous being, could never truly be owned by anyone. Despite being an all-powerful sin incarnate, you were also you, and you would always be yourself before being his. But that was okay because he liked all those parts just the same - even the things you did that were separate from him. He liked the way your hand shoots up in class when you’re certain of the answer, and he can’t help but smile the slightest at the small sense of achievement glimmering in your expression when your answer is correct. He’s starting to see his pride in you more and more every day. He likes the way you’ll reach whatever is too high for you to reach by yourself by any means necessary, even though he could easily grab anything that you need. He liked the way you restart songs because you ‘didn’t appreciate them enough the first time playing’, and although he found it a rather annoying quirk before, he’s come to find that anything you do is endearing.
It had come to Lucifer’s realization that he was, in fact, sincerely fucked . With every little thing that you did, he was completely lovestruck, and that is one insanely scary thing if you think about it. Love has a funny way of leaving you vulnerable to attack and despite his thousands of years of experience with every emotion in the book, romantic love was new to him. But somehow, when he looked at you, he knew he was going to be alright.
This, he knew, as he watched how you behaved around his brothers. Despite his formal attitude toward his family and the rather cruel punishments toward their misbehavior that he never hesitated to give out, he loved his brothers deeply. Seeing you not just worm your way into his heart, but his brother’s hearts as well, gave him a new sense of fondness he never really could find the right word for. Lucifer’s pride made it almost impossible to not indulge himself in jealousy every now and then, but that emotion was mostly overshadowed by the pleasing sight of how well his favorite people got along.
You were so good for his brothers, after all. Lucifer quickly realized how good of an influence you were on Mammon, ever since he entrusted your safety to the second eldest brother over a year ago. It was hard to tame somebody as greedy and rowdy as Mammon, but any change that Lucifer noticed, he rightfully credited to you. He also appreciated that you never insulted Mammon while he was being berated on - Lucifer was well aware of how cruel he and his brothers can be toward him sometimes, so he’s thankful for you in that department as well. He liked the way you listen to Leviathan ramble continuously about the manga he was reading, or how he found his favorite idol’s home address for whatever reason - and you did so with a smile and without judgment. He liked that you attended book club meetings with Satan every Thursday and that you even made reading those assigned books as important as homework. He liked that, for the first time in his existence, Asmodeous had learned to love someone for who they are, and not because his lust was demanding to adore someone. It was unfortunate that it had to be you, but he was thankful nonetheless. He liked that when it was your turn to make dinner, you always kept Beelzebub’s gluttony in mind - as well as his cravings. It was almost like you were making dinner for him, and everyone else was just welcome to eat what was left. He also liked that, despite Belphegor’s juvenile outburst that cost you your life, that you were willing to forgive him and befriend him all in the same breath. You truly are one-of-a-kind, aren’t you?
Lucifer stared down at your sleeping form draped over his body, your head resting softly on his chest and your arms wrapped loosely around his torso, taking in every intoxicating plane and curve of your bare body after he had worshipped it thoroughly the night before. He smiled softly at your chest expanding and contracting against his side - the sure sign that you were alive, and that nothing as cruel as the circle of life for a human could take you away from him any time soon. 
He would gladly fight fate if it meant that he could keep you at his side forever, but even he knew that fate would never be in his favor. Still, he cherished the moments that he had with you deeply. As he stared down at the beautiful figure pressed softly against his side, he knew that he would raise Hell and bring down Heaven if it meant that you were happy, healthy, and his. 
But Lucifer didn’t have to worry about that right now - you were already happy, and healthy, and his. And as for Lucifer? He was just happy to be waking up next to you again. 
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takeaslicex · a month ago
When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy! :)
AH OKAY thank you for this <33
obey me has been like…. THE source of happiness for me lately, so definitely that
sleeping in without setting the alarm? slaps so good
my best friend kelsi!
root beer floats!
that feeling you get after you write something and actually finish it, for sure
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The Obey Me! Demon Brother's + Making A Sex Tape Headcanons
Pairing: All Obey Me! Demon Brothers x Female! Main Character
Content Warning: NSFW (minors do NOT interact), sex tapes/filming yourselves having sex, oral sex (female and male receiving), vaginal sex, vaginal fingering, dirty talk, masturbation (female and male), doggy position, missionary position, cowgirl position, sex work, finger sucking, nude photos, semi-public sex, etc.
Word count: 2.8k+
Summary: So, you asked your demon boyfriend to make a sex tape with you. How’d that work out for you?
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
You’re not being serious, are you? That’s an incredibly ridiculous and obscene thing to ask. He has a reputation to uphold, and if someone found out? If Lord Diavolo himself found out? Absolutely not…
… Okay, but ever since you asked, he’s been thinking about it non-stop.
I mean, what are the chances of someone actually finding your sex tape? It’s not like anyone besides you is allowed to enter Lucifer’s room, and he knows enough spells from his thousands of years alive to protect absolutely anything he wanted.
So, one night, you walked into Lucifer’s room with his body pressed firmly behind yours with a hand covering your eyes. With his other hand on your hip to guide your movements, he halted your steps just a few feet away from his bed. By the sensation of his cock straining against his pants and pressing against the back of your thigh, and his fingers exploring your skin with the softest touch, you had a feeling that tonight would be fun.
But what you weren’t expecting, when Lucifer uncovered your eyes, was to find an expensive video camera and tripod a few feet from the end of the bed, and candles lit all over the room.
I think that Lucifer would do a sex tape the old-fashioned way, with a video camera positioned to cover the entirety of the bed for a few reasons. One, Lucifer is a classic and old-fashioned guy - why would he use his phone if he has a perfectly good video camera? Additionally, using a phone would take away one less hand from the equation - and he’s gonna need both of yours and his for what he plans on doing with you. 
Also, keeping your sex tape on a literal tape makes it easy to keep hidden. He’ll keep it locked in a drawer guided by a hundred different protection spells, hidden in his room that’s already under a protection spell, so it would be quite impossible for anyone to find it. Anyone can unlock or hack a phone.
As far as the actual sex tape goes, I think it would be nothing short of filthy. The video camera is able to get every single angle and position that he puts you in, and you know damn well he’s putting you into the most flattering positions so that when either one of you rewatched it, you’d see how well he pounds into you and fucks your pussy into next week.
Picture this: sitting in-between Lucifer’s legs on the edge of the bed with him sitting behind you, his legs dangling off the edge of the bed beside yours. You’re both facing the video camera head-on while he finger fucks you into oblivion with one hand while keeping a tight grip on your neck with the other, forcing you to look into the video camera as he talks you through your orgasm.
Or, would you rather imagine him pushing you down to all fours to face the video camera while he fucks you doggy-style?
“Smile for the video camera, sweetheart. This is what you wanted, is it not? Look into the video camera and beg for me, Y/N - let everyone know who the fuck you belong to.”
When you asked him, baby would absolutely be flustered as hell that you would want him fucking you to be filmed, but after he gets over the initial shock, he wouldn’t hesitate to grant your wish.
“I-I uh… I mean, yeah. Yeah! You want The Great Mammon to fuck ya on video camera, yeah? Fuck, human. You know all the right ways to get my dick wet, don’t ya?”
Now, unlike Lucifer, the action is happening on his phone rather than an actual video camera. Whether he’s holding his phone in one hand while he gets the perfect angle of you choking on his cock, or propping it against a pillow while you bounce up and down on his length while you’re sitting pretty on his lap, his phone captures your pretty moans and sighs better than any video camera could.
One of his favorite things to do on video? He would absolutely shove his fingers down your throat after he fingered you with one hand and hold the video camera in your face with the other, getting all those pretty choking sounds crystal clear.
I really hope you like the sound of Mammon’s voice, because you’re gonna be hearing a lot of it in your little sex tape, too.
“F-f-fuck, human! Taking Mammon’s cock like a fucking champ, huh? That’s my good girl - that’s my very good girl! Oh, fuck!”
Mammon would become so obsessed with your sex tape that he’d watch it all the time. One time, you walked into his room, your books in hand and ready for a quick study session when your moans, clear as day, sounded from his phone. You stopped once you realized what he was watching, but it was his dick in his hands that made your eyes widen. Of course, you had to help him get off after that.
Oh, this isn’t a one-time thing, either. Once you guys have done it once, he’s going to want to do it all the time.
… But, the more that you guys filmed yourselves having sex, the bright idea that you guys could make money off of it popped into Mammon’s head.
So, you suggested the two of you make a sex tape, yeah? Now, Mammon’s suggesting that the two of you make a couples OnlyFans account - or, whatever the equivalent to that is in Hell.
Due to Mammon’s career in modeling, I think any videos or photos posted would be faceless to avoid jeopardizing his career. Additionally, if Lucifer somehow saw Mammon or your face on such a site, I think he would quite literally strangle the both of you. So, faceless content it is!
I don’t think he’d want to film the two of you fucking every single time that the two of you had sex - when he’s feeling his most intimate with you, which does happen frequently, he wouldn’t want to waste his time or energy filming it. It’s only when the two of you are going at it like fucking rabbits that he would suggest filming it, let alone uploading content.
You… you… you want Levi and you having sex to be FILMED?!?!?
Leviathan, like his older brother, would have to get over the initial shock of the question you asked before he agrees. However, he would absolutely agree.
So, you guys could get a video camera and make a sex tape that way, or you could use your phone, or… wait, Levi has a perfectly pristine webcam on his desktop, does he not? Yeah - you’re about to make Levi’s wildest fantasies come true and be his little camgirl.
So, yeah. Levi would absolutely fuck you in his gaming chair that he spent hundreds of Grimm on, filmed by his desktop that he spent thousands of Grimm on. How unfortunate it is that your back is facing the video camera while you ride his dick - but damn, do you look good fucking him in his favorite spot in the world.
Give the demon a blowjob while he’s leaning back on his chair like a king, and you’ll have Levi coming down your throat quicker than ever before.
“Fuck - Y/N! Jesus, you’re gonna make me cum all over my setup! Oh fuck, don’t you dare stop!”
Levi also has his ways of keeping your sex tape a secret, much like Lucifer. While your sex tape would be on his computer, he knows exactly how to hide it and put a bunch of passwords on it. He doesn’t need anyone else seeing you like that. 
Also - if you wanna make this demon go absolutely feral, leave a video of you fucking yourself on his chair when he’s not in the room. Just make sure you put it in a file where nobody else would find it.
One time, Levi came into his room to watch a new human-world anime that he illegally downloaded to his desktop. He paused, noticing an unexpected file titled “winkyface.mov”. Upon clicking it, he almost died on the spot at the sight of you, your legs wide open and feet planted on his desk, fucking your fingers and moaning out his name.
Poor boy - you better never leave him, because you just exceeded all of his greatest fantasies. 
Out of all of the brothers, I think that Satan would be the most against making a sex tape. However, for argumentative sake, let’s say he’s down to make one with you. 
I don’t think that Satan would want to make a sex tape for the simple idea that he wouldn’t find it appealing or respectable, nor does he find it necessary. If you guys are already having sex, why does he need to film it? He knows where to find you if he feels like repeating what would be filmed.
However - I can think of one scenario where he wouldn’t be opposed to making a sex tape - out of jealousy. 
Picture this: Satan was walking to his dorm when he saw you disappear into Lucifer’s room. It was a completely innocent hangout with the eldest brother - he was tutoring you on your worst subject for an hour, and Satan knew you wouldn’t cheat on him in the first place. However, given Satan’s wrath and history with Lucifer, he was beginning to feel extra possessive after that.
Cue the end of your night. Satan has a video camera shoved in your face and tits while he fucks you into the mattress, getting the way your mouth falls open in bliss and your chest bounces in each thrust.
“You gonna flaunt this little ass around my brothers til the day you die, huh? Do they know who you belong to, kitten? What would Lucifer think if I sent him this video of me fucking your tight little pussy? Isn’t this what you wanted?”
Of course, Satan would never embarrass you like that by sending anyone your sex tape. But it’s not like the thought of making sure his brothers know who you belong to hasn’t crossed his mind. 
One thing I do think that Satan wouldn’t be opposed to in the slightest is nudes. I mean, all of the brothers would love it, but I think Satan would rather receive tasteful nudes from you rather than film a sex tape. 
One day after one of his classes, he had settled down to read a book while he waited for you to finish yours. Once he opened the book, he realized that his usual bookmark had been replaced with a polaroid of you - smiling oh so pretty for the video camera, and your tits out on display for him. Let’s just say you spend the rest of your day in bed with him. 
Do you… really even have to ask the Avatar of Lust? You might as well have just said “We’re going to make a sex tape”, and it would’ve been as casual to him as talking about the weather.
However, the second he heard your request, Asmo could practically hear the wedding bells. You’re so perfect for him! He loves it when you express your desires and is down to do anything in the bedroom.
“Oh Y/N! I thought you would never ask! Let’s start right now, baby. How do you and your beautiful desires want to do this?”
Asmo is down to make a sex tape in any way that you desire. Do you want to make love in the jacuzzi while being filmed with a video camera and tripod? Do you want the perfect mood lighting that hits his flawless skin and soft hair just right on your phone while he goes down on you? Or do you want his phone propped up on his vanity while he handcuffs you to the bed and fucks you relentlessly? Do you want him to fuck you with one of his toys, or do you want to cum around his cock? It’s entirely your choice. 
You know those perfect Twitter porn videos where the couple looks flawless, the background is pretty, and the sex is achingly good? Yeah, those are the kind of videos I think Asmo would make with you.
“Uh…! So pretty, baby. Don’t stop - I’m almost there, cum with me, yeah? Cum with me, darling!”
Just like Mammon, I also think that Asmo would be down to make an OnlyFans with you - but not for the money. I think he would want to do it as a form of sexual expression and to share with the world your beauty together and how well the Avatar of Lust gives it to you. 
He’d be public as HELL about it though because you know he doesn’t care at all. He’d be posting a photo on his Devilgram telling everyone that your shared OnlyFans account is having a sale that week. 
I think Beel would be extremely confused about why you’d want to make a sex tape with him, and it could take some convincing to get him to actually want to do it. I really cannot see him actively wanting to film a sex tape, but I can’t see him being opposed to it either. 
Beel would ask you why you want to make sex tape - and not in a rude or judgemental way, but he’d be genuinely curious as to why you’d want to do that with him.
“Oh… okay. That makes sense, Y/N. We can do that. When did you want to make one?”
I don’t think that any sex tape with Beel would be some performance like some of his brothers, but he knows how to bring you to orgasm, so the job is getting done either way.
However, I think that Beel could switch up easily between making love to you and fucking the absolute hell out of you. So, if you decided to make multiple sex tapes, then there’d definitely be a switch up between him softly worshipping your body or making you cum all over cock repeatedly. 
I don’t think he would care at all if you started filming him eating you out - he eats you like a starving demon in the desert, and in case he ever gets ‘hungry’ and you’re not around, it’d be the perfect thing to tide him over until he can recreate the video. Your moans of pleasure are just so delicious.
“Hold still, pumpkin - I’m still hungry. Make sure the video gets all your pretty moans, too.”
If you want to make the demon lose his damn mind - send him a video of you fucking your fingers while he’s working out, or while he’s at practice. He’d be so hungry that he wouldn’t be able to think straight until his tongue was inside of you.
I could also see him letting you prop your phone up in the kitchen pantry while he fucks you against the door or pantry shelves, the sight of falling boxes and bags of food falling to the floor while you get relentlessly pounded into the shelves.
Belphie would be down to do it, but be prepared to do all the work for this lazy demon. You’ll be handling the camera this time!
I imagine that sex with Belphie is a lot more intimate and softer than his brothers would go on you, and not just because of his sin. He has a very soft and adoring personality for the ones that he loves (Beel, in particular), so I imagine that any sex tape that you make with Belphie would be just as soft. Don’t mistake that for him not being able to bring you to orgasm, though. He knows exactly how to make you cum.
So, that being said, I think that any sex tape that you make with Belphie would be so nice. Imagine riding his dick while he lies back against his fluffy pillows and blankets in the attic room - one hand filming, and the other exploring the skin on his stomach. The video would be able to get Belphie’s soft moans and mouth falling in ethereal bliss, his eyes in awe as he watches you ride him like an angel.
“F-fuck, Y/N. You’re so beautiful riding my cock like that. Are you g-gonna cum all over my dick for the camera, baby? Is that it? F-fuck!”
I think that Belphie would appreciate making a sex tape with you more after the fact - that way, when he’s at his most lazy and in need of your comfort when you’re not around, he can watch how flawlessly you ride him and make himself cum before he falls back asleep.
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takeaslicex · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi y’all! Here’s my masterlist to all of my writings posted on here - which you can also find on my AO3, takeaslice! As always, I do take requests, though I do ask that you please read my FAQ before requesting anything.
Reminder that this is a NSFW blog, and minors are strictly not welcome on here. If I discover that anyone under the age of 18 is following me or interacting with this account in any capacity, they will be swiftly blocked, as most of my stories contain mature content.
I AM CURRENTLY WRITING FOR: Obey Me!, Attack On Titan, Hunter X Hunter, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Bungou Stray Dogs.
main blog  — ao3 
♡ = smut, ★ = angst, ✿ = fluff, or soft
Attack On Titan:
Levi Ackerman:
Steady Lovers: Part One ( ✿, ★ ), Steady Lovers: Part Two ( ♡ )
Just You And Me ( ♡ )
Hunter X Hunter:
Hisoka Morow:
Fill My Veins With Cruel Desire ( ♡ )
Obey Me!:
All Brothers:
The Obey Me! Brothers + A Kinky MC Headcanons ( ♡ )
The Obey Me! Demon Brother’s Love Languages Headcanons ( ✿, some ★)
The Obey Me! Demon Brother’s + Making A Sex Tape Headcanons ( ♡ )
the price of arrogance  ( ♡ )
next to you  ( ✿ )
to the victor goes the spoils  ( ♡ )
vegas, baby!  ( ✿ )
The Obey Me! Undateables + Making A Sex Tape Headcanons  ( ♡ )
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
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takeaslicex · 2 months ago
Pairing: All Obey Me! Demon Brothers x Gender Neutral! Main Character
Content Warning: A few earlier chapter spoilers (all appropriately tagged), and some implied NSFW (these headcanons are NOT smutty, but some can be implied to be), mention of death
Word count: 3.9k+
Summary: My headcanons of the seven brother’s primary and secondary love languages!
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
Lucifer’s primary love language would be ACTS OF SERVICE.
He already spends so much time looking after his brothers, keeping everyone out of trouble, and working hard to please Lord Diavolo, that beginning to look after you would become second nature. In fact, it’s his job to make sure your needs are met as the human exchange student, so making sure that you are taken care of is literally in the job description as he has pledged his loyalty to Lord Diavolo.
However, it didn’t take very long for Lucifer’s service to you to become voluntary rather than mandatory.
Though Lucifer would never admit it at the risk of wounding his pride, he would do almost anything to make sure that you were happy, healthy, and/or safe.
His acts of services range from the smallest acts to the big ones - but they all matter.
If you’re struggling in any of your classes, Lucifer would be the first to know, and more than likely would be the only one who would actually sit down and help you. If you were feeling physically unwell, he’d be at your side with medicine in a minute. If you were feeling emotionally unwell, you’d be in his arms in a second.
These acts of service would typically cause you to think you were putting too much on his plate, but Lucifer never fails to remind you how much he cares about you.
“Lucifer, I don’t need you to come over. You already have a lot going on today. It was just a nightmare. I’ll be okay, I’m just being ridiculous.” “MC, if I thought you were being ridiculous for one moment, I wouldn’t have offered to come over. I’ll be over in a minute - I’m all yours for the rest of the night. I love you endlessly, and I’m always here for you, do not forget that.” *cue a night full of cuddles and backrubs long after you were lulled back to sleep*
Lucifer’s secondary love language would be QUALITY TIME.
Lucifer is an extremely busy demon and barely makes time for himself, so if he makes time for you, then you are incredibly special to him.
I personally think that he prefers spending quality time alone with just you, rather than spending it in public with prying eyes. That way, he could be most himself, and most importantly, have you all to himself rather than sharing you with his brothers.
Lounging on his couch with a chess board in front of you? Listening to each other’s favorite music together? Simply existing in each other’s arms? Absolutely nothing better than that in his eyes.
He also really likes having you in his study while he’s doing paperwork - even if you’re just sitting on one of his chairs while he’s working. Although, sometimes, having you in the room while he’s trying to focus can prove to be distracting, so this occurrence is a bit more rare.
“Y/N.” “Yeah, Luci?” “Can you come to my office at once, please? I have more paperwork for Lord Diavolo than I’d like to handle at the moment, and I would love it if I had something pleasing to look at while I’m busy.” “Of course. Can I help you out with your paperwork?” “That would be lovely, my Y/N. Please come over as soon as you can - I’ve been dying to see you.”
However, he does absolutely love to show you off in public as well. It’s a pride thing.
Whether it’s taking you out to an expensive restaurant, laying with you at the beach, accompanying you to the human world, or simply walking you around the streets of…. well, Hell, he knows how good you look at his side.
A power couple if I’ve ever seen one.
Mammon’s love language, naturally, is GIFT GIVING.
Whether it’s Mammon himself out shopping, or if it’s one of his brothers spending the money, Mammon found it hard to shop for himself without shopping for you, too. If he’s out shopping anywhere, he’s always on the lookout for something you may like as well.
“Hey, human! I bought these flowers for ya while I was out shopping today. Go ahead and thank The Great Mammon for that, MC! Because you’re welcome!”
Most of the time it’s one of his brothers paying for whatever gift he bought you. Or, even you yourself. But since Mammon is the one who picked it out and handed it to you, it totally counts, right? As long as you don’t question how the gift was paid for, you’re good.
However, since he’s totally been in love with his favorite human since day one, he finds it pretty much impossible to go shopping without spending his money on you. He just loves your reactions to the things you buy him, no matter how big or small.
“Well I… bought this for ya because it reminded me of ya, ya know? Because I… I love ya, MC. You’re pretty special to me.”
I could definitely see him gifting you with clothing and jewelry more than anything, since he’s not exactly uneducated in the fashion department. He totally would give you clothing that he’d love to see you in, or even clothing that would match his. Cringey? Maybe. Does he care? Absolutely not. You’re his human, after all.
Mammon’s secondary love language would be PHYSICAL TOUCH.
As I mentioned before, Mammon’s been pining for you since day one. And while gift-giving and spending his quality time with you was always something he could do as friends, touching his favorite human was only a benefit he could indulge himself in once he finally got to claim you as his. So… once he got to touch you in the most intimate of ways, he never got enough of it. Ever.
Mammon, being the total tsundere that he is, would be different depending on whether or not the two of you are alone, and his touches would be no different.
If he’s in public with you, his touches would be almost proud and claiming. With an arm wrapped around your waist and your head under his chin, Mammon would proudly announce, “Incoming - The Great Mammon with his absolutely stunning human! Since I’m feeling quite generous today, you can all look at how good we look together. Feel free to thank me later!”
However, when he’s alone with you, he’s the biggest softie - and so are his touches. A complete cuddle bug, you’re almost always enveloped in his embrace, or vice-versa. He likes to lay with his head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat, but he also likes being the big spoon and encasing your entire body against his.
Also, consider this: either him spinning you around, or you spinning him around. *sobs*
Just touch him, or let him touch you - please!
Levi’s love language is undoubtedly QUALITY TIME.
Levi really values his free time. He canonically loves nothing more than immersing himself into video games, anime, and fiction. So, if he chooses to spend his time with you instead, or if he invites you to do his favorite things with you, then he really loves you.
Spending time with him is him showcasing all of his interests to you. Often, he gets made fun of for his interests in anime, gaming, and cosplaying, so introducing all of his interests to you in their entirety would be a pretty big deal for him - because he wants to share them with you, not just tell you about them.
“Listen well Y/N, because I’m going to explain this to you however many times it takes because I’m not dating no normie, got that? The Tale of the Seven Lords isn’t just a masterpiece because of the plot, but also because - ”
Spending his time doing and watching his favorite things with you just makes it all the more fun for him. You’re his favorite Player Two, his favorite anime binge-watcher, his favorite midnight-premier buddy, and favorite person to accidentally spoil things to.
Also, if you had any interests that he didn’t share, I think he would be willing to experience them with you as well as long as he got to spend time with you. As long as you take an interest in his interests, he’d be willing to indulge you in your interests, too.
Of course, with you being from the human world, you have the pleasure of introducing him to your favorite games and anime from your world, too. If you walk into his room with a new DVD set of an anime you like from the human world? Prepare to be locked in his room with him for the next week.
Levi’s secondary love language would be through GIFT GIVING.
Of course, his gifts wouldn’t be as grand as Mammon’s would be, but they would be a lot more personal in my opinion.
Levi’s idea of a gift would be personal items that mean a lot to him, such as limited-edition items, a copy of his favorite video game, a soundtrack from an anime he likes, figurines, a collector’s edition manga, or anything else that he holds dear to his heart from one of his fixations.
If Levi were to notice that you were really into one of the animes you were watching, or if you really liked the video game that you two were playing together, I think that he would be quick to give you something from his collection if it made you happy.
“Here, I want you to have this. It’s a limited edition Ruri-chan figurine - only 100 of these exist in the entire world… and, since you love the anime so much, I… thought you’d like it. But, if you break or damage Ruri-chan in any way, I won’t hesitate to ban you from watching The Magical Ruri Hana with me ever again, you got that? So, uh… enjoy, I really hope you like it, Y/N.”
Initially, I think that Levi would be hesitant to give you anything from his collection, given his envy or even just his general love for fiction. However, upon seeing your face light up the second you realized he was giving you something so special to him, he never became more sure of anything in his life.
Satan’s primary love language would be QUALITY TIME.
Satan is pretty independent and values his free time to be by himself, very similarly to Levi, so having you around him in any capacity during his free time is his way of showing you that he loves you.
His main interests being those of books and fine arts, laying in his arms while he reads his favorite book out loud to you or introducing you to his favorite detective show would be a perfect night in his mind…
...so much in fact, that he starts bringing you to all of his favorite places that have to do with his interests. You quickly became his companion to his book club, and you take frequent dates to museums and art galleries together.
“Hello darling, we’re reading the number one best-selling book in the human world in our book club today. I thought that it would feel a bit like home to you, and I think that it would be nice to experience a piece of your world together. Would you mind accompanying me tonight, Y/N?”
Also, with him being the big animal advocate that he is, I really hope you don’t hate the many little furry creatures of Hell, because you’re about to be visiting quite a few shelters with him. That, and creature-cafes as well.
One time for one of your anniversaries, you managed to convince Lucifer to let you surprise Satan with a trip to the human world so that he could see more cats than he could handle by visiting animal shelters and going to a cat cafe. It was the one time you’ve ever seen him tear up in your life.
Much like Levi, I also think that Satan would be pretty willing to take an interest in your interests as well, as long as he got to discuss them with you and have you next to him while he enjoyed them.
Regarding his sin, I also believe that spending time with you is a good way for him to subdue his wrath as well. When you’re with him, it’s a lot easier for him to control his emotions and keep his wrath in check. You keep him calm and collected, and as his peace, he adores having you around.
I believe that Satan’s secondary love language would be WORDS OF AFFIRMATION.
Due to Satan’s respectable and typically composed nature, Satan isn’t one to beat around the bush and tiptoe around his feelings and what he wants to say. If he loves you, or if he’s happy around you, he’s going to tell you just that.
I don’t think that his words of affirmation would be as outstanding and vocal as Asmodeus (see below), however, I think that he would never hide his feelings from you, since his sin is bred from a strong emotion, after all.
“Y/N! Thank you so much for coming with me today. Your presence makes me so happy - I really like having you with me, even if it’s just something as small as grabbing a drink. I love you.”
Also, consider Satan recommending you his favorite books, and upon reading them, it becomes quickly apparent that the romance in these books is how he truly feels about you. It’s not him personally saying these words of affirmation, but he might as well be.
Staying true to his title, the Avatar of Lust’s love language is PHYSICAL TOUCH.
Asmodeus is a very physical person towards everyone, so if he loves you, he’d definitely be more physical and touchy than anything.
PDA is a part of the package with him - he’s 10000% into holding your hand, cuddling with you, hugging you, and kissing you in front of everyone, and wherever he wants. He does NOT care.
When you guys are alone together, Asmo’s just as physical as well. How he acts in public with you vs. how he acts in private with you is a line that blurs constantly.
Essentially, there’s always at least one part of his body on you. Whether it’s his hand on your thigh, or his fingers through your hair, or his arms around your waist, or your entire self sat perched on his lap is entirely dependent on the situation.
He just really loves the way your skin feels under his fingers.
“Oh darling! Your skin is just so soft, and… warm ❤. Why don’t you come a little closer so I can touch you in other places, hm?”
I don’t think that a relationship without touching would work when it comes to Asmo. Of course, I believe that he would be pretty understanding about boundaries and respect when you don’t want to be touched. But the physical nature of his love is a big one - and as long as he’s touching you, everything is alright in the Devildom.
Asmo’s secondary love language would be WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, though I believe that his primary and secondary love language could be switched.
Out of all of the brothers, Asmodeus would be the most straightforward with expressing his love and what he wants to say to you through actual words.
I truly believe that MC is the first person that he has had truly genuine romantic feelings for. Oftentimes, lust and love have a funny way of blending together, and it’s quite easy to mistake one for the other. However, it’s quite apparent to him, and to all of his brothers as well, that he truly is in love with you.
Also, if you are truly in love with him back, and you don’t just see him as lust and sex personified? Oh boy, are you going to make this demon melt like putty.
So, with that being said… he would never let you forget how much he loves you. How could he not let the first person he’s ever truly been in love with know that he loves them every second of the day?
“Oh, Y/N… my sweetheart, I love you so much. I love you so much that I could hold you and kiss you a thousand times a day and never get bored of it. I want you now and forever, don’t you get that, my beautiful human? Won’t you let me love you forever, please?”
Just let him give you lots of kisses and tell you how much he loves you, please.
Beel, being the big softie that he is, his love language would be PHYSICAL TOUCH.
I headcanon my MC as incredibly small compared to Beel, but either way since Beel is pretty big, I think that having you wrapped in his arms would just be the best thing in the world to him because it would feel like he was protecting you.
** SPOILERS ** When Beel was dealing with the early chapter grievances regarding Belphie and Lilith, you were a tremendous help to him in every sense of the word. One of the ways you were a comfort to him was through holding his hand and sleeping with him at night, so naturally, he associates touching you with loving you.
You just fit so perfectly in his arms, okay?
Beel doesn’t think twice about touching you in public - though his touches would be fairly innocent. He likes having you perched on his lap with his arms around your waist, holding your hand as you walk the halls of the Devildom, or holding your thigh during meals.
Of course, handsy makeout sessions in the kitchen during snack runs or while you two were making dinner together have been known to happen more than once… (the two of you aren’t allowed to make dinner together anymore, actually.)
In private, Beel is just as big of a softie with his touches as he is in public. He loves having you lay straight across his chest, even if it’s just to talk and hang out rather than just sleep. However, holding you while you two fall asleep together is his favorite part of his day next to… well, eating.
“Beel baby, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.” “...” “I woke up and you had rolled over to the other side of the bed, that’s all.” “Oh my god, I love you so much. Want me to come back and we can cuddle until my next class?” “Yes! Come back soon, please.” “And, I love you too.” “Now come back to bed.”
Shoulder rubs and back rubs are his things, and if it’s you giving the massage - especially after a game or a tough workout - then this demon is going to be getting literal heart eyes for you.
Beel’s secondary love language would be GIFT GIVING - and it’s a very specific gift he would give to you. If you guessed food, then you’re a thousand percent correct.
Being the Avatar of Gluttony and a huge foodie, sharing his food with you in any capacity is basically the same as saying “I love you” for him.
The first time Beel offered you some Super Spicy Devil Fries off of his plate at lunch one day, all of his brothers and you included all stopped dead in your tracks.
“Hey MC, you want some of my fries? I know how much you like them - so here, have some of mine.” *Cue Asmo choking on his food, Levi and Belphie’s mouth dropping, Satan dropping his fork, Mammon quite literally hollering, Lucifer’s eyebrows raising, and you doing all of the above*
Basically, you’re the only person in the world who’s safe from his wrath if you touch his food. Anybody else would be on the floor in a hot second.
Belphie’s is the hardest to pinpoint for me, but I think that just like his twin brother, his love language would be PHYSICAL TOUCH - and for a very specific reason.
** SPOILERS ** Belpie was incredibly close to his younger sister Lilith. Upon realizing that you’re a descendant of his sister, and the closest thing he’ll ever get to having his human sister back, I think that touching you (in a non-sexual way) would make him feel closer to her.
Of course, he would like to touch you just for you being you as well.
Since he’s the Avatar of Sloth, and thus a very tired and lazy demon by default, I think that he would eventually learn to associate comfort and rest with being with you, and would only want to nap or lounge around if you were there to do it with him.
“MC, I’m tired.” “Take a nap, baby.” “I can’t.” “Why not?” “Because you’re not in my arms, obviously? Come to my room now, please.”
You’ve had quite a few arguments about which of the two of you can be the big spoon or the little spoon for the night, because there’s just so many perks with being the big spoon. Of course, there’s perks with being the little spoon, too, so you both let the other win the argument from time to time.
Having you pressed firmly against him under the coldest and comfiest blankets in Hell is literal heaven to him. He just wants to have his arms around you all the time, okay?
In public, I think he would be prone to sleeping on you too, since you’re just so comfortable and because he loves and trusts you so much. How many photos are out there of Belphie sleeping on your shoulder in class? Too many.
I’ve thought hard about this, and I think that Belphie’s secondary love language would be ACTS OF SERVICE.
** SPOILERS ** Belphie definitely regrets killing MC - like, infinitely. I think that no matter how hard he tries to forgive himself, or no matter how much MC or his brothers have already forgiven him, I think that killing someone you’d later fall in love with would be a big weight you could never truly get off of your shoulders and forgive yourself for.
With that being said, I think that Belphie would take special liberty in protecting you and making up for the wrong he committed in any way possible.
He’d often check in on you and make sure that all of your wants and needs have been taken care of, to making sure you ate breakfast that morning, to checking in on you when you’re with his brothers to make sure you weren’t too overstimulated or stressed out.
This would be an easy thing to pinpoint - that he was often doing things to overcompensate for what he did to you. However, while it’s true in part that he’s doing these acts of service out of guilt, he’s also doing these things for you because he loves you and wants you to be happy all the time.
“Belphie, my love, I know what you’re trying to do and I promise you that you don’t have to. Okay?” “Of course I do, Y/N - you don’t understand.” “Okay, so help me understand, please.” “I-I just… just let me do this for you, okay? I love you so much. Just let me do this.” “...” “Belphie?” “Yes?” “You know I forgive you for what you did, right?”
Belphie can’t take back what he did, but he’d happily spend the rest of your life making it up to you if that’s what it took. He just loves you so much - and if he can keep you happy, healthy, and safe through his actions, then it’ll never be an issue for him.
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takeaslicex · 3 months ago
Hi everyone! <3
I really appreciate the love I've been getting so far (especially for Levi x Reader ‘Just You and Me’!!) I started this writing side blog so that I can practice my writing a bit more, and I have so many ideas for so may different characters, and hopefully I can type all these ideas out for y’all.
So, here’s a few quick updates for y’all:
I am currently working on the requests that I have in my inbox so far, so if you’ve sent me one, don’t fret! I've seen it, I love it, and I have drafts and ideas for them!
I have a few Hisoka x Reader NSFW fics that I have already posted on AO3 that I'll probably be posting on here soon. However, if you want to read them there instead, they’re currently here.
I'm also currently outlining and writing the first chapter of a Levi x Reader modern au fic that I am INCREDIBLY excited about. I don’t want to spoil anything else about it other than that it’s a modern setting fic, but I am incredibly excited to start it. This is the first time I've been confident about posting a fully fleshed out fic rather than one shots, so I really hope to get that fic out within the next few weeks. I'd love to write the first few chapters first before I publish anything, just to make sure I don’t abandon it or lose motivation to continue it. But it’s A GOOD STORY, y’all. Very cute. Very idiots to lovers. So excited to start it.
However, I also work full time, and writing is HARD so I do apologize for the very spaced out blog updates so far. Nonetheless, I hope everyone is enjoying my writing so far! Thank you again for the love <33
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takeaslicex · 3 months ago
Pairing: Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan) x Female!Reader
Content Warning: NSFW (minors do NOT interact), vaginal sex, office sex, vaginal fingering, dirty talk, built-up sexual tension, etc.
Word count: 3.5k+
Summary: The three times that Levi Ackerman gets cockblocked, and the time he refused to let there be a fourth.
Authors Note: If you're viewing this on mobile, I apoligize for the slightly weird formatting around words that are italicized. I unfortunately can't seem to make it dissapear, so I hope this doesn't hinder your enjoyment while reading. Anyways, thank you for reading!
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
“So, why did we only start sparring just now? ” you teased from a few steps behind Levi, your pace behind him steadily increasing in a desperate attempt to keep up with your lover as he rushed down the halls to his office. You had never seen him like this before - so discomposed, so flustered, and all because of you.
You were so here for this.
“Annoying brat,” he groaned to himself, “I bet you think you’re just fucking hilarious , don’t you?”
You smiled. “Oh, I know I’m hilarious.”
He tisked at that, his pace increasing as he took a sharp turn left. “Do you have any idea how close I was to losing my mind over you in front of my cadets? Tsk, and you wonder why we never sparred together until now. I can’t stand you.”
A few steps away from his office now, you smiled and started taking your jacket off - just one more layer of clothing Levi wouldn’t have to deal with momentarily. “So you hate me now, huh?”
As Levi opened the door, he was incredibly quick to grab your wrist and yank you into his office. The sudden and harsh slam of the door was almost a relief to Levi - finally, alone , as he shoved you into the wooden door, earning a weak gasp from you at the sudden sensation. “I hate your fucking guts,” he spoke lowly into your mouth before he crashed his lips to yours passionately.
Levi kissed you hard - consuming you as if you were a drop of water in a canteen in the scorching summer. You excitedly matched his energy as you laced your arms around his necks and ran them through his soft, raven hair - he really is too soft and too pretty to be so deadly, you thought to yourself. 
At the pace Levi was going at, you could tell that he had no desire to take this slow - he wanted you now . He hooked his fingers to the undersides of your knees and effortlessly wrapped your legs around his waist, earning a sharp gasp that had escaped your mouth to tremble against his lips in the process. Hoisting you further into the air, Levi carried you to his desk and sat you down on the edge after he had impatiently pushed away the neatly organized papers that he had on his desk onto the floor. 
“Christ, what are you doing to me, Y/N?” he groaned into your mouth, using his roaming hands at your waist to hoist your shirt up. “You’re intoxicating, absolutely fucking intoxicating.” 
The smallest of disappointed whimpers escaped your lips as he left yours, but the pleasurable sensation of his lips against your jaw was quick to follow. He sucked at the skin right below your ear before his lips began to travel to your neck as you arched your head back, allowing him further access to your skin.
“Fuck,” you breathed, your mouth hung slightly open in pleasure. If anybody is intoxicating, Levi, it’s you.  “Keep going, Captain.”
He smirked against your skin at his title being used. “You teased me in front of my cadets, and you want me to keep going?” he asked, genuine curiosity laced in his voice as he started to kiss your clothed chest. As his lips traveled further down, he hoisted your shirt up so that he could kiss your bare stomach. A small laugh bubbled in your chest as he pressed a long kiss to your belly button. “Dumb brat, you should be punished just for the way you straddled me alone.” 
Levi’s fingers were quick to start unbuttoning your pants as he lowered himself down to his knees. You couldn’t help but let an excited grin take over your face - your lover’s punishments were never exactly punishments. 
But before Levi could even get your pants off - the worst thing that could’ve happened, happened.
“Captain Shorty! You’ll never guess what Moblit and I found while we were - AHHHHHH!'' The door to Levi’s office had swung open as casually as if they had entered a platoon. There stood Hange, and the sight they beheld when they realized what they were interrupting was an interesting one. It was you, a disheveled and half-clothed mess with your legs spread open. And Captain Levi, Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, had his face in between your legs. 
You and Levi had both been too caught up in the moment to lock the door, you both concluded at the same time. You were both mortified. 
“Shit - oh fuck! Sorry! I’m sorry!” Hange slapped the papers that they were holding to their eyes to shield their gaze, yet made no effort to actually leave Levi’s office.
“Just get the fuck out, Four-Eyes!” Levi shouted, his palm meeting his forehead in frustration as his elbow dug into your thigh. There wasn’t much you could do to cover yourself, but in a desperate attempt, you shoved your shirt back down over your stomach. “If word gets out about this, I’ll flay you alive!”
“Oh, shit - right! Totally my bad, I’m so sorry!” they nervously slammed the door close from the other side, but Hange wasn’t done there. “Nice to see that you’re a giver, Shorty!” 
Oh my god. 
You looked down at Levi and could already tell that his embarrassment levels had skyrocketed - and that he was definitely no longer in any mood to pick up where he had left off. Sighing, you leaned down and kissed the top of his forehead before the two of you both got up, as you buttoned your pants back up. 
“I expect a full refund for what you were just about to do, you know,” you playfully nudged his ribs, earning the smallest of smiles from your lover. He reached over and reassuringly ruffled your hair before planting a soft kiss on your temple. 
“Tonight, after dinner,” he decided already. “Come straight home, brat. Don’t make me wait all night for you.”
You smiled genuinely at him, giving him a joking salute. “Sir, yes, sir!”
He tisked at that. “Good girl. Now, help me clean these papers up.”
  After dinner at the mess halls, Levi had his mind on one thing, and on one thing only - you . Mock fighting with you during training earlier had taken a bigger toll on him than he had originally thought, and then he had to go and get interrupted by Hange while he was finally relieving his pent-up lust. He wanted you bad , and as he steadily made his way back to your room, he couldn’t wait to reclaim you.
As Levi opened the door to your room, your shared room with him , he couldn’t help but let a jolt of disappointment course through him at the sight of your sleeping body curled up in bed. Of course, he couldn’t stay mad at you for too long - your peaceful and at rest body curled up against his pillow with his long-sleeve shirt on you was a difficult thing to be mad at. He imagined that you had intended to wait for him to get home, but that you had eventually succumbed to your exhaustion. Levi didn’t have the heart to wake you up, either. You were so hardworking and dedicated to your work - and who was he to wake you up from your well-deserved rest?
Plus, Levi didn’t feel like dealing with the wrath that you would reign over him if he woke you up either.
So, instead of fulfilling his promise to you from earlier, Levi showered and changed out of his clothes and slipped into only a fresh pair of boxers before he climbed into bed with you, snaking a gentle yet claiming arm around your waist from behind as he pulled you close into his chest.
Tomorrow morning, you’re all mine , Levi had decided before he rested his chin on your head and eventually drifted off into slumber himself. 
  The morning greeted Levi kindly - after all, there isn’t a much better awakening than having your lover give you soft kisses all over your face. Normally, Levi might have been annoyed by getting his sleep interrupted so abruptly, but something about you doing it so softly was endearing.
Levi’s eyes fluttered open as he regained consciousness and took in the sight of you straddling his lap, your face millimeters from his as you continued to press kisses all over his face. “Good morning, my love,” you whispered into his cheek. Just as you were about to kiss him an nth time, Levi cupped your face and pulled you in for a lazy morning kiss.
“Good morning, Y/N,” he muttered against your lips. “You fell asleep on me last night.”
You giggled against his lips as his hands met your hips, slowly moving up and down against your skin from underneath his shirt that you were still wearing. “Yeah, sorry about that. I actually came home early so I wouldn’t keep you waiting, but ended up falling asleep instead. So, it looks like we’re even now, huh?”
Levi supposed that was true, you were even now. But that didn’t matter now, he had you all to himself now. “Fuckin’ brat.”
The two of you wasted no time in crashing your lips together in a raw, sloppy, and passionate kiss. Levi sat up and wrapped his arms around your lower back, bringing your chest right up against his until any space that distanced you was closed. Both yours and his hands were wandering viciously - your hands were raking his hair feverishly as his hands scratched at your back. You could feel his growing erection underneath you, and it only incited further excitement.
“Levi,” you moaned into his mouth, grinding against him slowly as he moved his lips to your neck. Levi was getting harder, and you could tell that he wasn’t going to fuck around further with foreplay, until-
“Captain Y/N!” Three consecutive knocks from an unfamiliar voice sounded against the door, causing both you and Levi to stop in your tracks. “Commander Erwin has requested your presence in his office, right away ma’am!”
“Ignore them,” Levi immediately demanded into your mouth, sure and final. If Levi was willing to go against the Commander of all people, then you knew he wasn’t fucking around about needing to fuck you here and now. You didn’t have much of a choice in the matter of deciding to leave this bed, so you continued to kiss him instead.
“Captain Y/N!” They knocked again, earning a mutual grunt of annoyance out of both of you. “The Commander wishes to speak to you immediately, please meet him in your office as soon as possible!”
You huffed and pushed yourself off of Levi - whoever was outside your door wasn’t going away until they got your word that you were coming. “Good god, I hear you! Give me a second to get dressed, will you?”
“Of course, Captain! I’ll inform the Commander that you’re on your way!”
Levi cursed as he brought his hands up to your cheeks and cupped your face again. He stared you directly into your eyes as he said, “I’m going to rip his shitty eyebrows right off of his shitty fucking face, Y/N.”
You giggled and attempted to wiggle out of his embrace. “You will do no such thing!”
Levi halted your attempt to break free. “Come on, just a quickie. The shithead outside already left.”
You tisked at that. “You don’t like quickies.”
That wasn’t necessarily true, but Levi did prefer taking his precious time with you.
“I like them today.”
What a tempting offer - but truthfully, if you allowed a quickie to occur, you feared that you would never end up leaving your bed.
You laughed and planted an innocent peck on Levi’s lips before you got up to get dressed and meet the Commander in his office. Meanwhile, Levi pondered how he could actually rip Erwin’s eyebrows off and still get away with it.
  When Levi heard from Eren and Mikasa that you were in your own office later that evening, all he could think about was bending you over and fucking you until you could see God.
The pace that Levi was walking at was all too similar to the pace he had when he led you to his office yesterday - and he was all too determined for the outcome of this encounter to be entirely different.
Levi was rarely this discomposed, and never this horny. Fuck, he felt like one of the teenagers he trains. But the fact that you had managed to slip out of his grasp not once, not twice, but three times within the last 36 hours had him practically running to your office.
In short, he needed you now .
So when he walked into your office and saw you leaning against your desk, and Hange and Erwin standing across from you - the two cockblockers of the week - he just about lost his shit. 
Nope. Nope . Hell fucking no. Fuck this shit.
“Levi,” Erwin almost flinched at Levi swinging your office door wide open. Not closed - because your guests wouldn’t be staying much longer. “Y/N was just telling us about-”
“Not now, Eyebrows. You,” he pointed to Erwin, “and you,” he then pointed to Hange, “Get out. Now.”
You scoffed at that. “Levi, what are you-"
“You, quiet, ” he raised his eyebrows at you, before dragging his gaze back to the two intruders, “You two - get out before I drag the both of you out.”
“Holy shit! What’s gotten into you, Shorty? Did a titan crawl up your-” Hange almost continued their beratement against Levi, until it dawned on them why Levi was so pissy. “Haha! Oh shit!”
“Levi?” Erwin had no clue why Levi was so riled up, “What are you-"
“Commander, please!” Hange grabbed his hand through laughter, almost dragging Erwin out of the office before Levi did it himself, “If we want to live to see tomorrow, then I suggest we hop outta here, yeah?”
Poor Erwin still didn’t have the slightest clue as to why he wasn’t welcome, since he hadn’t been the one to physically interrupt the two of you this morning, but Levi couldn’t have given less of a shit about his Commander’s confusion as he slammed the door right behind them. 
You couldn’t help but smirk at Levi as he slammed the door. “What’s wrong, Levi? You seem a little flustered, my love.”
Levi was standing in front of you within a second. “Christ, you’re insufferable,” his hands were on your cheeks now, “and fucking irresistible, too.”
In a flash, Levi’s lips had crashed into yours, his lips moving against yours with fire, passion, and hunger. Fuck, he needed this. He needed to feel your skin shiver against his, he needed to hear your shaky and pleasured breaths, and he needed to feel you while he was inside of you. As his tongue slipped inside of your mouth, access you had immediately granted, you knew this entirely.
Again, and to your expectation, Levi wasted no time with foreplay, and spent little time on that heated little makeout session of yours. Levi’s lips parted with yours and found their way to the base of your neck as he sucked on your skin, your hips digging into his form as his hands found their way to your belt. Taking the hint, you started to work at his belt as you melted into his hungry kisses at your neck. Surely you would need to hide your neck tomorrow , you quickly thought to yourself.
“All fucking day,” he grunted into your neck, his teeth ghosting against your skin causing you to shiver and arch your back, “All fucking day, I’ve been thinking about fucking you against this desk, and you’ve been shooting the shit with half the fucking island. Do you even want this, brat?”
Before you could even respond, Levi captured you in another starving kiss. He felt you gasp into his mouth as he used his thumbs to push your pants and underwear down at the same time. As you continued to work at his belt, and as you could feel him getting harder and harder as this became more heated, Levi dipped his hand down to palm at your pussy - the whimper it elicited from you was music to his ears.
“Ah, so you do want this,” Levi smirked into your mouth, almost impressed with how quickly it took for you to get wet for him. You couldn’t help but smile back at him as his thumb rolled over your clit at about the same time you got his pants off - the both of your pants pooling at your ankles. “That’s a very good girl. Now, bend over.”
He didn’t have to ask you twice - you separated your lips from his and turned around to bend over, but your speed was not to Levi’s liking as he pressed his hand into your lower back and pushed you down. He bent down and pressed a hard and loving kiss to the back of your neck as he positioned your right leg up so that it was up on the desk, the kiss nearly leaving you a heated mess before he could even finally push himself inside of you. 
“If I’m able to walk tomorrow, Levi, I’m going to be pissed .”
An adoring and amused smile crept against his features at that - a sight you were unfortunate enough to miss, but fortunately because Levi was positioning himself to enter your bent-over form. As soon as Levi entered you - slowly, enough to get you used to his size - you knew you would regret challenging him.
Your face pressed into your wooden desk, you gasped against it as you reached up to grip your hands against the edge of the other side of your desk. Soon enough, the sound of his skin smacking against yours and your mutual mangled breaths were the only sounds audible in your office as Levi’s hands guided your hips against his cock, sharp nails digging into your skin as he did so.
“ Christ , you’re taking me so fucking well,” Levi admired, his speed increasing as he continued to pound into you, his eyes dilating with lust as he watched your eyes roll to the back of your head as your face lolled to the side. “What a beautiful, beautiful , perfect girl.”
“L-Le...Levi…” you whimpered, forgiving your desk for being such a rough surface to get fucked on as you continued to move against Levi’s cock, his hips bucking against your backside with intensity. He was fucking you exactly how he’s been wanting to fuck you ever since you sparred with him yesterday morning. “F-fuck!”
You moved your right hand back and wiggled your fingers, signaling that you wanted Levi’s hand to hold yours when you cum. Levi knew you were both about to cum as his fingers linked with your against the desk, his speed and pressure increasing as he continued to thrust his cock inside of you. The deep grunts and shaky sighs coming out of his mouth were almost angelic.
“Y/N, fuck ,” Levi groaned into the air, moments away from coming undone. “Show me what I do to you, Y/N. Cum all nice and pretty for me, yeah?”
Your hand tightens against his as the dam in your stomach breaks, and the water starts to flood - an immense and euphoric orgasm causing your entire body to shake and ripple as you shriek against the wood of your desk. Levi was quick to follow - a low and shortened moan sounding in the air as he coated your walls white with his cum as he came to a still inside of you.
What was it he said he wanted to do? Fuck you until you see God?
Your breath was shaky and mutilated as Levi suddenly pulled out of you, his cum slowly dripping out of your pussy and down your thigh as he did so. The thing about fucking unexpectedly in an office was there wasn’t a ton of options to use for aftercare cleanup, but Levi made do as he used a busted and ratted-up blanket you had on the back of your couch to clean you up.
You tisked at that. “Well, guess I can’t use that blanket for naps anymore.”
He scowled at you in disapproval, wiping your inner thigh clean. “You nap in here, brat? And with this of all things? This shit-colored thing?”
You laughed genuinely at that, causing Levi to smile as he turned your body around to face him once you were all cleaned up. He helped you sit up as the strain in the lower half of your body would surely start taking its toll, he guided your arms up to wrap around his neck. “My birthday is coming up, you know. Buy me a better one for my birthday.”
That , he could do, since he just turned your office blanket into a cum rag. “Hmph. Maybe I will.”
The kiss that followed was a soft and loving one, and so was the second round of sex later that night, and the third, and the fourth...
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takeaslicex · 4 months ago
Pairing: Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan) x Female! Reader
Content Warning:  NSFW (18+!! minors do NOT interact!!), vaginal sex, oral sex (female recieving), orgasm delay, and dirty talk
Word Count: 3.0k+
Summary: Waking up in each other's arms for the first time after weeks of sleeping alone, Levi makes it abundantly clear that you aren't going anywhere today... training can wait until tomorrow, but today, you're all his.
The lack of the morning light didn’t stop you from stirring awake in the earliest throes of the morning - your internal alarm clock waking you right at dawn, a habit you’ve unconsciously formed since joining the Scouts, and since sharing a room with Levi. The captain kept the curtains closed almost always due to his need for complete privacy, which you were thankful for as you stirred into a state of consciousness. Still, the morning greeted you kindly. The lazy arm around your waist and a slow heartbeat under your ear reminded you of that.
Softly craning your head up to Levi’s face, you couldn’t help but let a smile creep on your face at the sight of him still sleeping - something about ‘Humanity’s Strongest Soldier’ at his most vulnerable, a sight reserved for you and you alone, made your heart ache in the best way. It wasn’t often that Levi let himself indulge in a full night of sleep - he was often awake, and sometimes already out of the barracks before you could even wake up. This morning was different, and both of you knew why. He needed you as much as you needed him, even if he would never admit it.
You softly leaned up and kissed the edge of his jaw, causing the light sleeper to fuss mildly at the sensation. His eyes squeezed tightly until they eventually fluttered open and met your soft gaze. “Good morning,” you muttered, your voice slightly raspy since waking up.
Levi grunted and pressed you closer to his side. “Good morning.”
“How are you feeling?” you asked against his chest, drawing mindless shapes on it with your hand.
“Hmm, fine, I suppose.” he simply responded, reaching for your hand and halting it with his own, holding your hand softly in his against his skin. “Aside from you sleeping on me like a brick. It felt like a dead body was draped over me all night.” His eyes were deadpan into yours, but the slightest crease in his lips  almost  indicated a smirk attempting to form.
You tisked at that. “Has anyone ever told you that you have a way with words, captain?”
He hummed. “Constantly.”
You laughed in response and pressed your lips to his collarbone, shifting in his embrace until you were straddling his lap, your knees softly pressing into his sides as you leaned down and planted your lips on his for a few seconds. “S’okay. You make up for your words with your good looks.”
Before either of you could get another word in, you attempted to swivel your way off of his lap and get out of bed (or else - you were afraid, that you’d probably end up spending the entire day in it), but Levi was having absolutely  none  of that. With immediate quickness, Levi grasped your wrist and yanked you back into bed - and mid-fall, he gripped your arms and maneuvered you until he had you pushed back-first into the bed, your hair flying every-which-way back into the pillows.
The positions between you and Levi had switched - suddenly  he  was the one straddling your lap and pressing all of his weight into you, the sudden quickness of the turn of events giving you whiplash. Limiting your movements further, Levi reached for your hands and pinned them above your head as a sudden gasp escaped your lips.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Levi leaned down, inches away from your face as his eyes stared intimidatingly into yours - almost  daring  you to try and move out of his embrace.
“U-um,”  since when did I lose the ability to speak?!  “Y-you should know, I have training today, I have to-”
“You don’t  have  to do anything,” he interrupted you, whispering intoxicatingly close to your lips, his husky morning voice causing a rush of heat to course through your body, “What do you  want  to do?”
You smiled innocently up at him. “You.”
His lips were  too  close to yours now - you could feel his hot breath against yours. “Good girl.”
With that, Levi closed the gap between yours and his and caught you in a slow, demanding kiss. Recalling your kiss with him last night in the shower, and the direction of the kiss ending in innocence, you knew that this was Levi’s way of making up for your mutual disappointment. You knew how uncharacteristic it was for Levi to demand that you skip your training to fuck him instead - so you knew he needed it as much as you did. Everything about this kiss was hungry -  starving,  even.
His grip on your suspended hands tightened as he slowly rolled his hips into yours, causing a quiet and mangled moan to escape your lips. Through hooded eyes, Levi pried his lips off of yours and leaned his forehead against yours, “If anyone walks through this door and whines about you missing  training,  all they’re going to see is me fucking you silly into the headboard. That’ll shut them up pretty fucking quick.”
Holy fucking hell  - so much for not having a way with words. You sank further into the mattress and rolled your hips playfully into Levi’s, earning a weak groan from him in response as his lips parted over yours again. Through a teasing chuckle, you said, “That, or seeing ‘Humanity’s Strongest Soldier’s’ bare ass in tangled bedsheets - either way, they’ll take off running.”
Levi smirked shyly at that and pressed into your further, collecting your wrists in one hand and using the other hand to trail the pad of his thumb across your jawline, and then to your parted lips, “Such a smart fucking mouth on you, brat - I wonder what else that mouth of yours can do.”
With his thumb ghosting over your slightly separated lips, he took that as an invitation to push his thumb slowly into your mouth - which you gladly accepted, as you softly sucked on his thumb all while staring into his concentrated eyes. While it’s true that Levi isn’t fond of messes in the slightest - something about seeing  you  make a mess over  him ? As intoxicating as wine.
“Hmm, good girl,” he repeated, parting his thumb from your mouth and trailing it back down the edge of your jaw, but then his path lowered down your jugular. Still traveling, his damp thumb moved down your chest and over his shirt fit snug around your form, and down your stomach, and lower, lower, lower…
Suddenly, he had his thumb hooked over your panties, tugging them down gently but not all the way - just enough to get to where he needed. His thumb ghosting over  exactly  where you needed him to be, and through darkened irises, he said, “Is this what you wanted while I was gone, princess? Is this what brings your blood to boil?”
You couldn’t form any coherent words to respond with as his thumb pressed and rolled over your clit gently, making soothing circles as his eyes searched for the desired reactions he wanted you to have - and he was getting them. Your heels had dug into the mattress and your back arched in utter bliss as Levi leaned down to trail faint kisses down your neck, releasing the hold he had on your wrists knowing  damn  well how compliant you could be with his touch lingering inside of you.
“I could’ve sworn that you knew how to speak, Y/N,” Levi breathed teasingly against your skin, his thumb pressing into a harder roll against you, “Answer me, brat."
A shaky “Y-yes, Levi…” escaped your lips, and you could’ve sworn you felt the faintest smirk creep into Levi’s lips against your trembling skin. 
“Ahh, so you  can  use your words,” Levi muttered, softly biting down onto your neck and earning a weak gasp from you. His lips began to travel slowly down your body, taking his time and absolutely  marveling  at the reactions he was getting from you. As his lips began traveling down your chest, he pinched the hem of his shirt that you were wearing and slid it up to where it met your breasts, meanwhile kicking the blankets away in the process. Suddenly, there were just too many things in the way keeping him from you. “Good girl. Such a beautiful, good girl.”
His thumb had ceased his movements against your clit as he maneuvered his way down to your lower half, applying hungry kisses to the hem of your panties now. “What kind of mess do you think I’m going to find under this dainty little fabric for me?” Of course, Levi knew the answer to this already. He had barely touched you and you were already  dripping  under his touch -  so perfect . “Hmm?”
“L-Levi,” you whimpered, his teeth nibbling lightly at your inner thigh now. Moving closer to where you were physically  aching   for his touch, you sighed, “Levi,  please .”
All it took was for Levi to press a longing kiss to your clit through your panties to make your entire body  ache . Through a muted laugh, Levi said to you, “Oh - so  there’s  the mess you made.”  Mine, all mine.  “What are you begging for, Y/N? What do you want?”
Had you not been desperately yearning for his touch and his attention for the last few weeks, you may have put up more of a fight. But his touch was completely overwhelming you now - and you wanted him desperately. “I… I want  you .”
“Again, Y/N,” he demanded, his control on you undeniable now, “Tell me  exactly  what you want.”
Tugging your panties down slowly, achingly, your words failing to exhale into coherent words, you whimpered as the next kiss was applied to your exposed clit. But you knew that was just encouragement - he wouldn’t touch you again like that if you didn’t tell him what you wanted.
“I-I want you…” you trailed, your voice barely a whimper over the stagnant air, “I want you to make me feel everything, Levi. I want you… I want you to  fucking destroy me .”
Levi couldn’t help but let a smile creep onto his lips at that. “Tsk. So impatient,” he noted.  You’re right.  And without further warning, Levi crushed his mouth to your clit - unforgivingly. A vicious gasp escaped your lips as the all-too-familiar knot of heat tightened in your core as Levi pressed your thighs into the bed as your legs were already shaking mildly - and Levi was having absolutely none of that while he was hard at work.
His tongue flicking up sensationally against the same swollen spot, your back arched up as your right arm reached backward for the headboard behind you for support. “F-Fuck, Levi,” you moaned up to the ceiling, your chest heaving in unreliable rhythm.
“Is this what you’ve been waiting for, Y/N?” he breathed into your stimulated pussy, flicking his tongue slowly upward once before continuing, “Talk to me. Show me what I do to you.”
“Y-yes,” you said almost immediately, “Please - keep going… Levi ...”
Levi tisked in amusement. “Be careful with what you wish for, Y/N. When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk for a fucking  week .”
Holy shit.
With that, Levi continued going down on your clit, your slow breaths turning into gasping and expanding ones again at his touch. But it was what Levi said next that stunned you, despite the overbearing sensation of pleasure coursing through your veins, “But I don’t care how good this feels - you better not cum until I tell you that you can. That’s an order unless you want to get  real  comfortable with the showerhead, brat.”
You gasped at that - you knew that Levi wasn’t above orgasm denial, but  now?! Of all times?!   “You-you…” you made the prettiest and most audibly aching moan as he continued relentlessly flicking his tongue against your swollen clit, genuinely expecting you not to cum when his movements were so perfect and spot-on, “You f-fucking… bastard!”
Levi genuinely chuckled at that - he wasn’t denying your orgasm to be a bastard, and he had absolutely no intention of denying it from you for long. He simply wanted you to cum  with  him - with his cock buried deep inside of you after weeks of you both being denied the pleasure. But Levi wasn’t done with you quite yet, continuing his relentless pace on your clit as he took in the beautiful noises and whimpered screams escaping your lips. As you began to clench as his relentless touch began to overwhelm you, Levi began to feel just as impatient as you.
Through drooping eyes and hazy vision, you watched as Levi separated his mouth from your clit and began shimmying out of his boxers. The movements he made were quick and hurried, and you knew that you weren’t the only one who had been dying for this. Suddenly he had grabbed your legs and shoved them into the air as his captivating, steel-eyes found yours as he unforgivingly slammed inside of you.
Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as his pace began mercilessly fast and hard - like fucking you until you were in tears was the only job he had in life, or at least for the day. He leaned down and trapped you into a filthy and passionate kiss as your hands found their way into his soft and raven hair, tugging gently at his strands in an attempt to leverage yourself against  something  as he fucked you like, well, like he intended to destroy you.  Your words, not his .
“I love the sounds you make as come undone, princess,” he cooed into your jaw now, biting down on your skin briefly, “Make those beautiful sounds for me, Y/N. Only then will I let you cum with me… and  only  then.”
He pressed his lips longingly and passionately against yours again before trailing his lips down to your collarbone, nipping where it met your neck as a heavenly moan escaped your lips. The only word that Levi wanted you to muster up the strength to speak was his name, and that’s what he was getting from you as he continued to fuck you into the headboard, the entire bed shaking under the motions. 
“Levi… Oh, Levi…!” His name was a weak and childish whimper on your lips and into his hair until he shifted, bringing your arms back up behind your head as he intertwined his fingers with yours, his hands lovingly held in yours as his cock pounded blissfully and without mercy into you. You were  so  close to unraveling now, and as he sighed a hefty groan into your neck, you could tell that he was, too.
“Wait, Y/N,” Levi demanded into your throat before shifting and hovering over you now, forcing you to meet his intimidating and hooded stare, “Just-  wait,  until we both…  fucking Christ …”
You could feel the effect of a full-throttle release aching in your muscles as Levi slowed his strokes suddenly and slammed into you - just once, but with enough effect to plunge you both into the final lap of pleasure as you both succumbed to each other. Instinctively, you wrapped your legs around his torso as you came undone beneath him, as he came undone inside of you. He thrust inside of you again as intense waves of pleasure overtook you until slow strokes came to a stop inside of you.
An intoxicated laugh escaped your lips as the sudden wave of exhaustion was quick to follow your release. Levi leaned down and captured you in another kiss - softer this time, a ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ wrapped into one spoken with a simple action rather than words, but it meant the world to you.
Levi pulled out of you slowly and fell beside you on the bed, your body rolling to its side as he met you at his and pulled you into his embrace. His arms wrapped around completely, one hand meeting you at the small of your back as the other tangled into your hair, combing reassuring and comforting circles into your locks. You curled your arms up to his chest and nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck, which made Levi tremble the slightest chuckle in response. It had occurred to Levi at this second that you both  reeked  in the stench of sex, and the fact that both of your legs were glossy and sticky in each other’s cum didn’t go ignored, but your alluring body curling into his was difficult to ignore. A shower could wait - at least for a bit.
“Is that what you wanted, Y/N?” Levi dared into the top of your head, applying the softest of kisses to the top of it. “Did I make good on your wishes?”
You chuckled softly into his chest and pushed yourself closer into his embrace, a lazy smile forming on your lips now. “If I said ‘no’, I don’t think you’d believe me now, would you?”
Levi tisked at that. “It wouldn’t make a difference to me - I’m not exactly done with you yet. I went without you for weeks, without  this  for weeks - we have a lot of making up to do, I reckon.”
You bit down on your lip - you had a feeling Levi wasn’t quite done with you yet. It was clear that he wasn’t going to allow you to venture off today, and quite frankly, there was nowhere else you’d rather be anyways. You only hoped that when he said,  “When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk for a fucking week.”  that he wasn’t being completely serious, because unfortunately for you, life would have to continue tomorrow. But today, you were with Levi - and that’s all you could ask for.
“Agreed,” you sighed, closing your eyes as you snuggled into his embrace, “I’ve missed you. I know I said this last night, but… thank you for coming back home to me.”
You could feel Levi tense slightly at your serious words, and in response, he simply held you closer. What he was thinking wasn’t always something that he could voice, but his lack of words never indicated to you that he was without love for you. Instead, he responded, “Get some sleep, Y/N. I’ll wake you up soon. You’re all mine today.”
“And always?” you countered gently at the word ‘today’.
You could feel Levi smile - genuinely, and fully - into your hair, before his soft voice spoke again, the last thing you heard before exhaustion fully consumed you, “Yeah. Always.”
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