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Thank you for participating in SaNami Week 2020!  

All the content produced have been truly amazing, and the likes and reblogs are highly appreciated!

Didn’t have time to make entries? No worries as we will still reblog entries within this week - that’s another 7 days for everyone, so please don’t hesitate to create content according to the prompts provided. If you still need more time, hit the ask button or chat to us! ^.^


Day 1 - Eye contact

Day 2 - Vacation

Day 3 - Superhero

Day 4 - Fantasy

Day 5 - Dance

Day 6 - Home

Day 7 - Touch

Bonus day: Festival

Thank you  and see you guys again next time~! 

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Every One Piece Animation and Movies, The Strawhat crews usually join and have the vacation for the big group , but something that I’m found it then may Sanji and Nami will have the trip or vacation together, and they both will leave from the group for while to spending the time about two of them, Maybe you could ask me that how can I proof? I will tell that is only my opinion but somethings reliable

Cause of Nami’s shopping


Every island or every town when the Straw hat crews have visited , Luffy / Chopper/ Usopp looking for the place that have many food or the Fun Park , Robin going to the book shop. Zoro finding for the weapons of swords shop

Nami who can’t miss the clothes shop or Beauty Salon , and Sanji usually following her for service her at all…. Yes , I want to tell you guys that Nami love to shopping clothes and accessories / or the ornaments


This is the reason why I tell u that Sanji and Nami may will leave from the group and have the vacation trip together,  See at the matching accessories between them, I bet  it’s not the accidentally that their accessories ‘s matching , And the matching is appearing about Sanji-Nami,   but Robin not


Is meanning that they buy it all from the same place, same shop , and same time? and why….cause in the color spreads , the matching accessorie will appearing in the same colorspread picture( you can proof its yourself) So I try to not be in bias but I can’t help it.  They will going together, indeed!!


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For this prompt, I’d like to talk about one of the most angsty moments in One Piece for both Sanji and Nami. Their fight and eventual reconciliation in Whole Cake Island arc.

I believe I don’t have to remember you the whole context: Nami and Luffy were coming after Sanji to stop his wedding with Pudding, because there was no chance that they could let Sanji leave the crew. 

Of course, Sanji’s situation wasn’t that simple, and to protect eveyone, including Zeff, he had to push them away. And the way Oda decided to make Nami believe his lies, even when she was the most eager to reach Sanji and leave that nightmare behind, was through eye contact, most specifically the glare:

Nami never thought that Sanji, the guy who was always kind to her (like she said in Enies Lobby) would be capable of staring at her like that. Despite everything, it shows how Nami sees Sanji as anything but the cruel and cold man who was in front of her at that moment. It is subtle, but is the kind of nuance that many people miss and fail to perceive about their relationship. There is mutual admiration between them, even when Nami isn’t outspoken about it. 

It’s tragic that Sanji had to break that admiration and make Nami (the woman he loves the most!) feel hurt and disappointed:

And look how Sanji can’t make eye contact with her here! He knows he hurt her deeply. It’s another subtle detail given by Oda.

Thankfully, as we all know, they managed to save Sanji later and after the tea party, they reconciliated. And I love the moment their eyes make contact again, when Nami hugged Sanji:

It was the definitive ‘we’re okay now’ moment, and it was so cute that Sanji mistook it for a love confession… Or maybe he was right about it.. ^^

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Thanks to your votes, we have our eight prompts. You have one full month to prepare it! Don’t worry if you’re late with your submissions, we’ll still reblog them until March 14th.

Visit our website to get more information and content such as about the event, rules, last year’s prompt list, and category list. Be sure to follow the submission rules, under read more below, to qualify.

Share this with other SanNami fans in any social media you have. This isn’t just a Tumblr event but also in twitter (link: #サンナミ週間) and DeviantArt (link is here).

Still have question? Just click the askbox button of this site or chat with the moderators (either @eleamaya or @ichihimefanfics​).

Keep Calm and Love SanNami!

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Thank you so much , Oda-San!!!

Thank you very much for many SanNami cover pages and color spreads 2019 and now recently Feb 2020
Thank you for the gifts from you that made we enjoy and happy with the lovely  color SanNami 

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Would be curious to see how accurate this translation is, because if this is what Luffy really said it speaks to his fundamental misunderstanding of Sanji as a person, a misunderstanding that I think extends into the fandom itself. Which is understandable, given some of the mixed signals Oda has sent and how he didn’t get his second backstory until well after the timeskip. 

Sanji is, at heart, a very self-sacrificial person, but that’s mostly because he has very little self-worth. I’ll talk about it more once we get to Thriller Bark, but part of what makes Zoro sacrifice with Kuma so profound is that Zoro thinks very highly of himself, referencing himself as the future greatest swordsman even in the face of death, and still puts all that aside to save Luffy and the rest of the crew. 

Sanji doesn’t have that, which puts a completely different spin on his actions over the course of the series. Sacrifice isn’t really sacrifice if you don’t value what you’re trying to throw away. 

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— Nami-san… Did you see my kick?

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Sanji: Nami, here’s the shopping list you asked for.

Nami: This just has my name written on it.

Sanji: Because you’re all I need.

Nami: Oh—

Luffy: … Can you please write the list? We’re out of meat.

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