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29, Scottish, Animation Graduate Interested in freelance opportunities. Illustration, character and creature design. Email: natasha.moore.art@gmail.com

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tashanimation·10 hours agoPhoto

These horse sized hyena relatives are seen as an omen of death. Both as a cruel curse or as a friendly guide into the afterlife, depending on who you talk to. They stalk the weary and injured in deserts and plains. Waiting for its quarry to finally collapse. Their size and long forelimbs help them to scan thier wide open territories. But they also make them slow moving and ungainly so they make for poor hunters. They avoid injury as much as possible but if food is scarce and their cubs need feeding they might hurry their prey along into the afterlife.  

Yay its done! I was trying a different technique for this so it was a bit of a learning process.
Mostly based on brown hyena’s with a bit of vulture for the mostly hairless head.  

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tashanimation·7 days agoPhoto

Creature concept to be digitally painted soon!
Its a big, horse sized scavenger, which scans the open desert and grassland with the help of its long forelimbs.
Wanted to go for something unsettling but believable and natural. Mostly based on brown hyena’s with a bit of vulture for the mostly hairless head.  

Traditional pencil with some digital edits.

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tashanimation·14 days agoPhoto

I forgot how much fun col erase pencils are!
Wont use them for commissions since they don’t erase quite as well as normal pencils. But I think I’ll use them more for personal things.

This guy will be used for some digital inking practice.

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tashanimation·16 days agoPhoto

Roosters are pretty cool looking on thier own. It doesn’t take much to make them into a fantasy creature! I kinda prefer the head design in my first version oops.
Experimenting with coloured pencils with the watercolour. Plus a derwent paint pen for highlights.

Arches hot press paper and schmincke/daniel smith watercolours.

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tashanimation·a month agoPhoto


Main commissions are open again!
Two slots open! Small experimental wing it commissions are also still available!
I’m not currently offering background options.
See my commission site for examples, prices, tos and more info! 

Best with
Imaginative fantasy themes. Nature themes. Creatures. Natural, earthy colours and markings.

Will draw
Any animal/creature, anthro or human. Android/cyborg’s to an extent.
Original, existing, and fan characters. Portraits and pets.

Won’t Draw
Complex machinery, very complicated and detailed armor. (Might be able to do a simplified version)
Extreme gore (blood and small wounds are ok).
Nsfw, most fetishes and anything discriminatory.
I won’t heavily reference/copy another artist’s, character, art style or pose.

Keep reading

Just a note that I post commissions on my main account! This account has grown a bit so I ought to post openings here as well. 

I’ve currently got one last slot open if anyone wants to grab it!

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tashanimation·2 months agoPhoto

These birds have special fire resistant eggs and feathers and can tolerate extreme heat. They lay thier eggs in deep underground borrows as soon as they can sense a wildfire starting. The fire helps to incubate thier eggs and keeps them safe from predators. But the phoenix have to hurry! Although they are far more resistant than most animals to fire, they still have thier limits.
Inspired by magapode birds, as some of them lay thier eggs in volcanic ash.

Schmincke/daniel smith watercolours on Saunders Waterford cold press paper.

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tashanimation·2 months agoPhoto

Hippogriff concept sketch for the mythical birds project. Large avian flightless herbivores. Their vestigial wings are only used for display now.
Natural enemies are griffons who prey on thier foals, but adult Hippogriffs are more than a match for them and are fiercely protective.    

A6 pencil drawing

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tashanimation·2 months agoPhoto


First sketch for my mythical bird zine project, cause if I don’t jump into it now I never will! Pencil with some digital clean up and edits.
I’ll go for watercolour paintings with little bonus sketches for this zine. I was thinking about postercolours but that’ll take quite a bit longer and I’ve only started using them recently. Best to go with what I know for a bigger project.

I’ve based these phoenixes loosely off magapode birds, as some of them lay thier eggs in volcanic ash. But with fancier feathers and colourful wattles to give it more of a fantasy phoenix aesthetic.

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tashanimation·2 months agoPhoto

I’ve added some recent artwork to my originals shop on storenvy! The BNA paintings, the lichen dragon, fairy harpy and the little peryton!

If you want to buy some of my artwork but don’t want to spend quite that much I’ve also got my inprnt store for prints and my etsy for smaller charms and stickers etc.

Any purchase would be a massive help while I job hunt. And if you don’t have much but still want to help support me and my work, sharing these links would be a great help!

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