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Ania - 20 - Polish. I like cats, history, books, languages, travelling, lots of TV series, tea with lemon, sad stories with happy endings. Current obsessions include The Untamed, The Magnus Archives, and RQG.

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when you’re young and you’re like les mis is awesome and then you discover other musicals and you’re like les mis is stupid and then you grow up a little more and realize that all theatre and art is stupid and then you’re like wait les mis is awesome again

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actually as tragic as post-canon Song Lan is, he’s also insanely cool? like, we have a mute, undead swordsman dressed in all black, who carries two (2) swords, one of which belonged to his dead soulmate, ceaselessly roaming the earth to fight evil, bearing the souls of his companions. like the power that has, the sheer drama of it all…where is his MOVIE, where is his full scale xianxia FRANCHISE

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The fact that the first mechs fic on ao3 was written by your brother about his friend's crimesona fucking a spaceship.... I have no doubt Morgan was the most chaotic mech

certainly in many, many aspects

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Can you fucking imagine getting pipe murdered by Elias Motherfucking Bouchard? Can you imagine just looking up at this petty man in his 3-piece suit, 3000-dollar hair gel, and professionally fluffed Cravat and knowing that THIS is the way you are going to go down???

You have been lurking in the walls of this man’s basement like a toothless basilisk with a library science masters for literal YEARS and he’s done NOTHING but squint. But Today? TODAY?? The first time you’ve had contact with ANYONE who didn’t curbstomp you on SIGHT and Elias Fucking Bouchard and his babysoft, perfectly moisturized hands are going to find your neck faster than your student loan creditor. THIS manicured monster man. THIS smug knifecat incarnate. THIS Victorian trust fund baby is about to test out $10,000,000 worth of golf lessons on your fucking cranium and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. 

I know we like to come for Jurgen with Gerry shaped pitchforks sometimes, but can you fucking imagine admitting that THIS 10 shot, dairy free, 7 pump caramel, 5 pump vanilla, free range coffee bean, Frappuccino fucker taking you out faster than you can say harder daddy?? And you can’t even hide from god because that’s his whole shtick.

And you fucking KNOW hes going to feed your brutal pipe execution to his precious archivist on a silver spoon like lovingly regurgitated murder mush. He might even include airplane side effects.

It’s a good thing Elias worships the horrible giant googly eye in the clouds because the only way Jurgen can ever admit this happened would be if almighty Mike Wazowski himself struts down from the sky and compulses the whole humiliating affair out of him like Jurgen is a roughly human shaped tube of go-GERT.

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Sometimes I wonder how Star Trek aliens feel about human features and I always end up imagining an intoxicated Kira scrunching and unscrunching Dax’s nose while repeatedly saying “normal, Trill, normal, Trill”

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curufinwe “what are you talking about, I’ve always shone like this” feanaro

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