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couldn’t stop thinking about that one franz kafka quote about hiding your face in your lovers embrace and them doing the same because the world doesn’t need to see you anyways need me a freak like that

“I can’t think of any greater happiness than to be with you all the time, without interruption, endlessly, even though I feel that here in this world there’s no undisturbed place for our love, neither in the village nor anywhere else; and I dream of a grave, deep and narrow, where we could clasp each other in our arms as with clamps, and I would hide my face in you and you would hide your face in me, and nobody would ever see us any more.”

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my writing // the end of longing - chelsea hodson // my writing, cont. // the goldfinch - donna tartt // my writing, cont. // on earth we’re briefly gorgeous - ocean vuong // a litany for survival - audre lorde // ugly, bitter, and true - suzanne rivecca // my writing, cont. // beouija

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Irondad & Spiderson Rec List Pt.1


  • The Heir by  jwriter819  - Tony Stark came from a cold family where fists to the face were more frequent than hugs. In a world where superheroes are a thing and the Accords are a must, Tony Stark is saddled with finding an heir to his billion dollar throne.
  • close to my heart, never to part by parkrstark - During patrol one night, Peter comes across something that leaves him and Ned dumbfounded. The next morning, Ned is dropping off a now two-year-old Peter at Tony’s
  • shelter from the storm by eternitywar -  It had all happened so quickly - Peter hadn’t even known that May had been dating, though, he supposed if he’d been paying more attention he might have picked up on it.(May brings home a new boyfriend, and simultaneously brings a new kind of horror to the violent storm that already is Peter’s life)
  • be quiet, big boys don’t cry by TheRegularWriter - He’s seen as arrogant and selfish, and egocentric. But the truth is, Tony’s feelings never mattered.
  • The Homes We Make by iamq - Peter Parker isn’t the type of boy to run crying to Tony Stark because he can’t handle a punch.
    Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds aren’t the type of friends to ignore Peter’s rapidly declining health. Eugene “Flash” Thompson isn’t an idiot.

  • Make Way For Tomorrow by hopeless_hope - “I’m sorry,” he says to Tony. He doesn’t wait to see the man’s response before he pushes through the crowd of people and runs. “Wait!” Tony calls after him. But Peter’s already out the door.
  • remember me by aileenwood - After a particularly bad injury, Peter wakes up in a hospital room with a blank mind. He’s lost and confused until a man steps in, ruffles his hair and smiles gently. He immediately guesses that’s his father, obviously. He’s not stupid.
  • Brave as a Noun by edema_ruh -  They have a nice relationship - Peter is glad to have a father figure, and Tony cares for the kid as if he’s actually his son. The first problem regarding this arises when the people who think that Peter is Tony’s son kidnap him for ransom.
  • A Heart of Iron by TardisThiefTennant - After the death of Aunt May, Peter Parker is left alone on the streets of New York. That is, until Iron Man swoops in and changes his life forever. Can he get close to Tony, or will he keep him safe, by keeping him at arm’s length? And can Tony fill a hole in his life with this secretive orphan?
  • What’s Wrong with the System? by hold_our_destiny - When Peter was left alone in the world, he was placed in the foster system. It wasn’t very kind to him, until he won an internship at Stark Industries.
  • What it Means to be Loved by Aquaglow2 - May dies in a car accident, and Peter ends up in foster care.A group of orphans is given a tour of Stark Industries, and Tony sees a timid, adorable boy sat alone with a book.This is how Tony Stark became an adoptive foster parent.
  • Where You Never Would Have Looked by jwriter819 - He really wished he’d listened to Pepper and just got another assistant…then he saw him, that adorable little boy with those blue-rimmed glasses kicking his legs and reading the Science Today Magazine. Or where Peter is a kid during CACW and he meets Peter right after Siberia.
  • The Five Times Peter’s Enhanced Metabolism Screws Him Over + the One Time He Gets Help by whumphoarder - Peter only knows how to be empty or overflowing. Nothing in between.(Or, in which Peter’s enhanced metabolism causes him to essentially develop an eating disorder.)
  • limits of my heart by MayWilder - “If something happens to me, I want you to take care of Peter,” May plows on. “You are responsible, you’re financially set, you love Peter endlessly, and you know how to take care of a superhero. Tony’s life is too dangerous for him to be my first choice. It has to be you.” Pepper doesn’t need any time before she says yes.
  • Dad Level: 3000 by whumphoarder - Peter comes down with the flu while visiting the Stark family
  • Who Saves The Hero by CamelotQueen - May brings home her new boyfriend. Then it escalates.
  • Accepting the Tides by Emma_Anacortes - Tony had dragged Peter from the depths of despair after May’s death. It was normal that he’d grown to care a little about him, right? All he knows is if Richard hurts his kid, Tony’s gonna give him hell.
  • He’s My… Intern? by losingmymindtonight - A kid from Queens was all it took to melt the ice around Tony Stark’s frozen heart. A series of oneshots that delve into the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker as their lives begin to merge.
  • round two by caraminha -  So since peter felt himself going at the end of infinity war, what if when he came back he had to sort of go through his mutating phase again and tony there for him the entire time. 
  • Weak Spot by grilledcheesing - Peter Parker has been sent back in time hundreds of times after their last face off with Thanos to do the one thing nobody else can: save Tony Stark. Unfortunately, he has to find a way to kill his past self to do it. And the last thing Tony is going to do is let him.
  • Casualty of war by wolfypuppypiles - Peter got knocked down in Civil War, but when Tony went to check on the baby Avenger, he realized he was more badly hurt than first realized. There wasn’t meant to be any casualties, but there always is in war.
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*All fics have been linked to proper authors and given credit

Bellarke / Kakasaku / Reylo / Zack x Rachel / Katara x Zuko / Harmione / Annie x Abed / Midge x Lenny / Jackie x Hyde / Irondad & Spiderson

Irondad & Spiderson fics

Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin from “The 100″

  • Training Wheels by betts - Clarke is pretty sure the new guy, Finn, is going to ask her out. The problem is, she’s never had sex or even been kissed, and she wants to be prepared for it. So she does what any good student would do: seek out the help of an expert, her best friend’s older brother — who is about to become her history teacher.
  • Just like a shelter (in a time of storm) by AGallifreyanTrickster  -  How Bellamy Blake finds a battered woman in the middle of the night and takes her under his wing and into his heart. Pregnancy AU 
  • The Arrangement by  kbecks87 - Her mother had gotten her into this, and until this moment, some part of her thought she’d get her out of it as well. But, her eyes won’t meet Clarke’s now, and that’s how she knows that this is actually happening. Arranged marriage AU. 

Sakura/Kakashi (No Underage relationships) from “Naruto”

  • I Found You Missing by  Wolfy Tales -  ‘They’re asking us because these soldiers have absolutely no one left to write home to,’ Sakura thought with a frown. So she signs up for the Shinobi Letter Exchange, not realizing how large the consequences would be.
  • Heart Under a Blade by yunyu - Sitting on a bench after being told by Sasuke-kun that she’s annoying, Sakura thinks that it’s the worst day of her life. ABO AU 
  • Crowns Of Blood And Bone by raendown - He hates and hates and hates until he loves her, slowly and in small pieces. Same age AU
  • The Kekkei Genkai of Haruno Sakura by  swbooker  - When Sakura turns 21, she must marry or face death. Thank God she’s got Minato: the Love Guru there to help her make sense of it all.
  • Against Fate by Nyxako -  In a world where everyone remembers how they died in their past life, where their soulmate bears the mark of their death, what happens when Sakura begins to fall for someone who she’s almost completely sure isn’t her soulmate? Soulmate AU
  • Teach Me by Alien_Writes  - What does Sakura do when she needs a lesson in sexual education? Calls upon her favorite teacher for help, of course!

Saukra-Centric from “Naruto”

  • Of Gardens and Girls by Dovey - Soulmates: a person so important, so loved, and so central to your life that the universe acknowledges it. Flowers representing that love will grow inside of you until the love is requited, or you move on. Sakura has a lot of soulmates. Multi-Soulmate AU
  • the one with the eye thing by Dovey - BAMF!Sakura. Sakura snaps and gets revenge. A must read for those who love complicated and angry women. Must read in general!  Warning: Gorey
  • coming undone by Dovey - The Uchiha Massacre is world-famous within weeks. The homicide of the Haruno family, in comparison, is a barely a blip on the radar- another case of personal drama with an unfortunate end. Sakura, the only survivor of her family tragedy, tries to grow up normal, chasing after boys and running away from nightmares. She doesn’t grow up normal.

Rey/Kylo Ren(Ben Solo) from “Star Wars” series

  • Misbehaving For Days by t0bemadeofglass - Rey’s experience with Demi-Humans is about as limited as her experience with snow, that is to say: horrendously minimal… ABO AU.
  • Colorblind by belowtheprecipice -  A nobody, a scavenger from Jakku was his soul mate. It took one clear look at Rey for the colors to appear. Colors were for Jedi. Colors were for the weak. Soulmate AU
  • I Wasn’t Expecting You by SuchaPrettyPoisonWe’ve all accidentally sent a text to the wrong person. Rey just happened to do it for two weeks.
    What kind of person just continues to let a random person text them? Well, she plans on finding out.
  • Soul Searching by OptimisticBeth - Sixteen-year-old Rey finds out she’s soulmates with her English teacher – in front of her entire class. (Ben does not mess around with Rey at all when she is underage. The rating is for the end, after she is 18) Soulmate AU 

Zack/Ray from “Angels of Death”

  • In Heat by  Khymer - While on the run, Zack and Ray temporarily make camp within a forest. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been entirely kind to the two. During the heat of the summer night, a dip in a nearby lake seems to be exactly what they need.

Katara/Zuko from “Avatar:The Last Airbender”

  • lines in the sand by sweetsymphony -  In order to bring peace back to his war ravaged nation, the rebellious future Fire Lord is arranged to marry the Princess of the Southern Water Tribe. Despite their marriage being born of duty and not love, the Fire Lord and his new Lady discover they have far more to worry about than each other.

Hermione/Harry from “Harry Potter” series

  • Orange-Violet Blooms by Graziana -  It’s slower in coming certainly, but then all the best things are.
  • H J Potter by  S.M wane  -  Who would expect that sharing a simple kiss with his best friend was all it needed to begin a journey far beyond his greatest imagination? Soul-bond fic 

Annie Edison/Abed Nadir + Troy Barnes from “Community (2009)”

  • Door Number Two by MC-Aitlyn - Flaming lips and wild hearts lead to a truly unexpected evening for Miss Annie Edison. 
  • Loose Ends by MC-Aitlyn - Annie discovers that getting what you want and learning what you need are often mutually exclusive. Will not make much sense without having read it. Sequel to Door Number Two. 

Miriam “Midge” Maisel/Lenny Bruce from “The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel”

Jackie/Hyde from “That 70′s Show”

  • Oh, your love is Sunlight by @undecidedcookie​ - When Kelso had first brought her to the basement, he felt his heart drop. For a moment, he forgot where he was. She was the sun, and he had to turn away.
  • One Difference: Hyde Goes to Kelso’s Ice Shack by MistyMountainHop - Kelso plans to get Jackie back by taking her to his uncle’s “fabulous” cabin in the woods. He has everything in place—the right lie, the right couple to emulate—but an unexpected variable threatens to dismantle his scheme: Steven Hyde.
  • Endless Midnights by Anonymous -  In which Hyde feels guilty about covering for Kelso and Jackie finds out about Laurie much sooner
  • Mistaken Messages by MistyMountainHop -  Jackie longs for her soulmate to accept her, and Hyde hopes his will leave him alone because he’s in love with someone else. Soulmate AU
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when camus said “the only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion” and when jennifer donnolley said “for mad i may be, but i will never be convenient” and when ursula k. leguin said “you cannot make the revolution. you can only be the revolution. it is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.” and when subcomandante marcos said “we are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution”

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Walt Whitman, ‘Song of Myself’


Mahmoud Darwish, ‘Mural’


Adonis, ‘Desert’

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Kim Addonizio, ‘For You’  |  Margaret Atwood, ‘Hesitations Outside the Door’  | Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things  |  Mazzy Star, ‘Fade Into You’  |  Margaret Atwood, ‘Pre-Amphibian’  |  Adonis, ‘Transformations of the Lover’  | Leonard Cohen & Sharon Robinson, ‘Boogie Street’

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I Know What You Think Of Me, Tim Kreider // Emma, Jane Austen // Pride and Prejudice (2005) // She Knows Me Too Well, The Beach Boys

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sometimes it’s “no one loves me” other times it’s “I am not brave enough to look those who love me in the eye”

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Mary Oliver, “Don’t Hesitate.”

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“first. he touches you and you light on fire. your wrist blazes where his fingers meet your skin. the burns don’t show, but it’s hard to breathe with ash in your lungs. it’s so hard to breathe. you’re suffocating daily. second. it hurts to watch him. he shines. he’s brighter than the sun, he’s too beautiful for your eyes. it’s hard to look at him. it’s even harder to look away from him. you’re going blind. third. your ears are tuned to his voice. you could pick him out in a sea of thousands. his voice makes pretty singers who sing pretty songs sound dull. his voice makes everything else sound ugly. fourth. the color of his eyes is blue enough to drown in. he is turning you into a clichéd love-wrecked being. you’re drowning, always sinking. down, down, down. fifth. you know him. you love him. through a thousand lifetimes, across millions of stars, you’d find him, you’d never leave him. you love him, till death do you part. ( sixth. he loves you, too. )”

five things you know and the one thing you don’t. 19/09/14 (via eposetties)

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“How to care for the injured body, the kind of body that can’t hold the content it is living?”

— Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric

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Peter and Tony

Peter runs out of web fluid mid-swing

Chaotic driving lessons

Tony’s vs. Howard’s parenting

Peter meets Shuri

“You were missing for days!” (Superfamily)

“Maybe this will keep that big mouth of yours shut.”

“You’re just like your father!” | Pt. 1, Pt. 2

“You’ve been out for a few months…”

“I-I can’t see! I can’t see anything!”

“I trusted you to keep them safe, and you couldn’t even do that?!”

“You can’t sleep yet, kid, I need you to stay awake.”

“I told you I had a weak heart…”

Peter learns he can’t save everyone

“Oh god, what did they do to you? / I’ve got you.”

“I’m going to make that sick bastard suffer for what he did to you.”

“I know it hurts, I’m sorry. / Please be okay.”

“Can you stay awake for me? / You’re burning up.”

“I won’t let you fall. / I thought I’d never get to see you again. / I’m sorry I failed you, I should’ve been there.”

“Hey, it’s me, it’s just me. / Look at me. / I know you can’t talk, but I just want you to know that I’m not going anywhere.”

First snowfall of winter

Tony goes dark when protecting Peter

Tony helps Peter deal with mental illness

Peter surprises Tony for Christmas

Tony surprises Peter for Christmas

Tony finds Peter applied to Oscorp

Tony doesn’t share food

Peter dreams of Tony’s death

“I need you to try. For me.”

“The only way you’re going to stop me is to physically restrain me. / You can’t. I won’t let you. … I’ll stop you. / Don’t you dare.”

“Are you afraid… of me?”

“I warned you not to lie.”

Tony has a PTSD-induced outburst with Peter nearby

Peter learns how Tony met Carol

First time asking for help, first 3 AM call

First time calling them family

First time they stand up for you, first inside joke | Pt. 1, Pt. 2

Mermaid AU

Peter finds out about the events of Siberia

Peter is taken advantage of for Tony’s money

Steve sees the effect Siberia had on Tony (and Peter)

Post-CW: Steve notifies Tony of a homeless child living outside his building

Peter calls Tony a boomer

Tony learns of Peter’s asexuality

Blind Peter Parker AU | Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3

Tony tells Peter he’s heir to SI

Spider-Man conspiracy theories

WYAF by Pacific

“I just want to get away from here.” “I know you do.”

“You need to take a deep breath, everything is fine.”

“You never actually thought I was straight, right?”

“Take me instead. / How dare you think none of us love you with everything we have?”

Peter deals with aphobia

Closeted Peter is stressed when Tony brings up Pride

Sleepy Peter

Penny and Tony

Penny steals Tony’s hoodie

Tony takes Penny to prom

Tony identifies Penny has depression

Young Penny and Tony have a tea party

Tony helps Penny deal with an injury

Tony deals with Flash

Penny meets Morgan

A villain makes suggestive comments toward Penny

Summer Bummer by Younger Hunger

The Flame by Andrew Huang (Superfamily)

“I kissed someone today.”

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“i only ever thought there were two kinds of loves: the kind you would kill for and the kind you would die for. but you, my darling, you were the kind of love i would live for.”

— Nathaniel Orion G. K.

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thinking about the quote “life is short. art is long” and how tragic it is that art lasts forever, but we don’t; how there will always be more books unread than read, more music unheard than heard, more paintings unseen than seen, and when i die, there will be countless more that i will never even have the opportunity to love and cry over and feel, because it certainly seems that there is more worth feeling in the world than time to feel it.

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I want a soft kind of love. A best friends kind of love. A “good morning baby, I’ll make coffee and meet you in the shower” kind of love. I want lazy Sundays spent in bed and groggy Mondays getting ready for work side by side. I want the kind of love that makes you question if you ever felt love before. I want slow and steady and I want jumping headfirst into anything as long as we’re together. The kind of love that feels like home and like a great adventure. I want that love.

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it’s okay to yearn for true love even when you’re still healing (2020)

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