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My KnY OC redraw
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Awesome !!!
Tumblr media
Did you know that I love drawing a lot of Sanses in a single post?
(P.S if you want to know something just ask!)
Every Sanses in this:
Classic (UT)
Fell (UF)
Blue (US)
Outline (TT)
Dream (DT)
Nightmare (DT)
Geno (AT)
Candy (CT)
Color (OT)
Killer (KT)
Dust (DT)
Horror (HT)
Fresh (UF)
Gaster (GT)
Ganz (GZT)
Cross (XT)
Epic (ET)
Outer (OT)
Dance (DT)
Reaper (RT)
Katana (KT)
Lust (UL)
Beats (UB)
Night (NT)
Asylum (AT)
Ice (IT)
Bird (BT)
Abyss (AT)
Chess (CT)
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it’s hard drawing sad bamboo
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This is very detailed
XTale / Underverse masterpost
Tumblr media
->Click here to watch the animated series
This project started with a short animation created by Jael Peñaloza (Also known as JakeiNimation or Jakei95). The story takes place in a “post-pacifist” timeline in the original universe of Undertale, where half of Sans’ soul is stolen by a corrupted alternate version of himself known as Cross.  With the help of Ink -the guardian of the AUs- Sans will travel through the Alternate Universes to recover his soul while he discovers Cross’s origin and the imminent danger that will put the Multiverse at risk: The Overwrite button.
List of Alternate Universes (AU) and Alternate Timelines (AT) that will appear on this animated series, including characters without an official or specific Undertale AU/AT.
* Undertale (By Toby Fox)
* XTale (By @jakei95​)
* InkTale/ Ink (By @comyet​ / @myebi​)
* Error (By Crayon Queen/ @loverofpiggies​)
* Fresh (By Crayon Queen/ @loverofpiggies​)
* Aftertale/ Geno  (By Crayon Queen/ @loverofpiggies​)
* DreamTale/ Dream (By @jokublog​)
* DreamTale/ Nightmare (By @jokublog​)
* Underfell (By @underfell​)
* Underswap (By AU Community)
* Outertale (By 2mi127 / @outertale​  )
* Core!Frisk  (By @dokudoki​)
* Undernovela (By @pig-demon​)
* Killer!Sans (By @rahafwabas​)
* Fatal!Error (By @xedramon​ / @fatal-error-blog​)
* Fresh!Ink (designed By @comyet​ / @myebi​)
Tumblr media
Before the events of Cross and his world, many of the Alternate Universes started to die when they were abandoned by its creators. 
Ink, guardian of the AUs, could not do anything else but watch how these worlds disappeared massively, in addition to having Error trying to destroy more universes on his own.
Desperate, he decided to make a truce with Error, where neither of them would get to create or erase more Alternate Universes, thus leaving a balance between nothing and the surviving AUs.
However, Ink discovered a small world that was about to be destroyed by its creator. Without Error finding out, Ink decided to enter that place, thus encountering its own creator in it: A strange man about to end his life by feeling unable to create something perfect for his two human children.
Just like Ink used to do with the creators before they abandoned the Multiverse and their creations, he helped the old man to bring him back his motivation and build an Alternate Universe by showing him the Doodle Sphere, a huge place where Ink kept the AUs he could save after the Truce.
Thanks to Ink, XTale was finally created, and the old man could even get his own name. XGaster. [VIDEO] TRUCE [VIDEO] TIMELINE 0
Tumblr media
XGaster was in charge of creating the perfect world for his two human children, with a mysterious power from his soul that became stronger after meeting Ink, the guardian of the AUs.
He won enough motivation to write the perfect story in just one timeline thanks to his ultimate invention - The Overwrite button - 
This power brought XGaster to corrupt his own mind and values. Overwriting his Universe into ten timelines on his quest for the perfect story.
======== CHARACTERS ========
|Reference Sheet 1 | Reference Sheet 2| Race: Monster Owner of the XTale Alternate Universe His true origin is unknown. He appeared along with Frisk and Chara when said world made its appearance in the Multiverse. He possesses an unconventional soul, similar to a creator’s. With its power, he can use the Overwrite ability, materialized as a button. His main goal is to create the perfect world for the two humans and live in harmony, but despite counting with such great power, he lacked the motivation to continue with his work. Before trying to destroy his soul and disappear from said Universe, Ink appeared to stop him and help him recover, showing him the Doodle Sphere and the thousands of possibilities he had to create his own world. From that moment, XGaster would focus on creating the perfect world, no matter the sacrifices or complains from the two humans. XGaster would soon start running out of ideas, so he decided to choose one of the two humans to give him half of his soul, in exchange for Determination. That way turning into a stronger being, incapable of dying. After all the events that took place in the ten timelines, XGaster found his final objective: Creating one single Original Universe with the best of the others. ==================================
|Reference Sheet 1 | Reference Sheet 2| Race:Monster XGaster’s creation. Code I Monster prince. Chara’s and Frisk’s adoptive brother. He was always destined to grow up alongside his two human brothers and maintain peace between humans and monsters in the world created by XGaster. He never became Flowey. However, he can transform into his Exterminator version (Omega Flowey) thanks to his creator’s ability. ==================================
|Reference Sheet| Race: Monster XGaster’s creation. Code II Monster King. Chara’s and Frisk’s adoptive father. He’s got a strong family relationship with Chara. XGaster never liked this creation, who always maintained the qualities of a kind man despite his miserable and lonely life, like in the other Universes. Now he’s only a being full of remorse and rage aware of the reality of the Multiverse. ==================================
|Reference Sheet| Race: Monster XGaster’s creation. Code III Monster Queen. Chara’s and Frisk’s adoptive mother. She’s got a strong family relationship with Frisk. She isn’t relevant to XGaster, but she’s still part of his story as every King must have a Queen. Toriel is also aware of everything that happened in her Universe, the true fate for her son Asriel in the original universe and her relationship with Asgore. In her mind, she only keeps the memory of her loved ones smiling in a peaceful and happy world before everything went out of control. That’s why she refuses to open her eyes, fearful of forgetting that image and facing reality. ==================================
|Reference Sheet| Race: Monster XGaster’s creation. Code IV She’s got a strong platonic relationship with Frisk. She can create illusions with her poison. She was the first one to encourage Chara to rebel against XGaster. Now she’s only a killing machine, it doesn’t matter if she has to get rid of other spiders.
|Reference Sheet| Race: Monster XGaster’s creation. Code V She was the first creation who attacked her own creator. Now she’s her personal bodyguard along with Papyrus. All her happy memories with Alphys are fake. But deep inside her soul, she still has feelings for her. She doesn’t believe justice anymore. ==================================
|Reference Sheet 1|Reference Sheet 2| Race: Human. Code VI He appeared along with his Alternate Universe as well as Frisk and XGaster. He eventually took resentment towards his tutor after the constant uses of the Overwrite button. After rebelling against him in the fourth timeline, not only did he learn to use the Reset, but his Determination became rather noteworthy for XGaster. He was then forced to share his soul with XGaster’s, obtaining half of this purple soul. After that incident, Chara began to lose his mind, turning into a being who only wanted to hurt others. Having been corrupted by XGaster, he became part of his collection of creations. Created only for his satisfaction based on suffering.
|Reference Sheet 1 | Reference Sheet 2| Race: Human.Code VII He appeared along with his Alternate Universe as well as Chara and XGaster. He always had a passive attitude towards XGaster’s treatment despite being filled with hatred. He was temporarily overwritten by XGaster to test a genocidal alternative. After that event, Frisk gave up invaded by fear and distrust, losing his Determination like that. Before XGaster erased him permanently from his Universe, Chara convinced him to give him one last chance, becoming the vessel for his big brother’s soul, that way being one individual, just as it should be in the Original Universe. That’s how XGaster’s final experiment began, named the X-Event
It’s XGaster’s master experiment. Frisk’s body with Chara’s soul. The purpose of his creation is to give a human with Determination the chance to create something new with the Overwrite ability. However, XGaster rejects all of its creations and takes its ideas to refine them on his own, using it only as a tool. Due to the awful treatment, it’s received, the experiment tried to end its own life to prevent its tutor from still overwriting his universe, but after finding out that the other half of the purple soul wasn’t in his possession anymore, it would give everyone their memories back to rebel against XGaster and obtain full power of the Overwrite button, plan which ended up failing after an intervention from Cross (Sans). Cross destroyed Frisk’s body and kept Chara’s soul, becoming the new X-EVENT. Despite sharing some of the human’s abilities, Cross is unable to overwrite, as his monster soul isn’t compatible with the purple soul’s abilities, developed exclusively for a human vessel.
|Reference Sheet| Race: Monster/Robot X-Event’s original creation. Current property of XGaster. Code VIII He was initially an idea discarded by XGaster, so he never appeared in any of the previous timelines. When the X-Event initiated its training, it decided to use this resource and make him a robot with many qualities, the most outstanding being an unstoppable Royal Guard, an idea that gets XGaster’s attention and giving origin to the final concept for his perfect story. Mettaton has an insatiable appetite and always eats anything in his way. His favorite food is souls, both humans, and monsters´.
|Reference Sheet| Race: Monster XGaster’s and X-Event’s creation. Code IX He’s one of the initial creations on the first stage for the perfect universe developed by Frisk and supervised by XGaster. His kindness and optimism captivate everyone else, even getting to confuse XGaster. More than a simple creation, XGaster sees him as a closer relative, as he sees in him the innocent and pure side that he lost long ago. Papyrus feels great remorse and disappointment towards Cross after having been exterminated by him in the past.
|Reference Sheet| Race: Monster XGaster’s and X-Event’s creation. Code X Better known as “Cross” or “C”. He was trained along with his brother Papyrus to become a Royal Guard in order to protect Frisk after he broke the Barrier and brought peace between humans and monsters. His Genocide core code was restored by Frisk, forcing him to destroy him forever, releasing the true X-Event that was inside him, taking the form of Chara. Cross destroyed half of Chara’s soul and sealed it in his own body to prevent a new Overwrite and hurting anyone else again. He also calls himself the new X-Event. His real name is Sans, but Frisk gave him the nickname “Cross” because of the design on his clothing. Cross wants to obtain the full power of the Overwrite button to make his own utopic Universe where everybody can be perfect the way they are, however, he was unable to use the Overwrite button, living in the void of his own world for a long time until he meets Ink.
|Reference Sheet| Race: Monster XGaster’s assistant. Created with the only purpose to compile all the data generated during the Timelines, as well as keep XGaster’s personal notes during and after the X-Event development. XGaster had all his trust on her until he discovered she was part of Chara’s rebellion in the 4th Timeline. Alphys was overwritten into a loyal and emotionless assistant. She is still able to think for herself, but she doesn’t want to get involved in trouble anymore and just obey her creator. She can also be used by XGaster as a puppet, giving him the ability to see through her eyes.
XGASTER: -XGaster’s soul is of a purple color, like his tears and blood. -His creations and the two humans gain this same feature once they’re overwritten/corrupted by him. -He can use his creations as puppets, either with movements or to speak. -When he’s sharing his soul with the X-Event, both can share some of their memories, thoughts, and feelings. -He can also use the RESET button using Chara’s Determination to go back in time when he’s not able to use his purple soul, however, he considers that power inferior to his OVERWRITE. -XGaster can create Artificial Determination in his corrupted form.
XFRISK / XCHARA: -Frisk loves spiders and other insects. -Chara dislikes any type of small animal. -Chara feels inferior to his younger brother when it comes to appearance. -It’s unknown if Frisk and Chara are biological brothers. Chara has the title of older brother since Frisk considers him the strongest and most astute. -Frisk and Chara are male.
CROSS: -Cross and Chara love chocolate but have no relation to each other. -Adding to this, Cross gained a liking for tacos thanks to Ink, who showed him said dish after meeting for the first time. -Cross hates his royal guard outfit. CROSS XEVENT MODE:  -When Error took their soul, both Cross and Chara lost control over their body, corrupting themselves and turning into an unstable being, having only a few hours to live thanks to Chara’s determination. They’re fighting for the body’s possession, changing their appearance every time (Chara’s body or Cross’ body). Thanks to Chara, Cross was able to take half of Original Sans’soul and recover their physical body. With a new monster soul inside, Cross recovered his body and He has full control. Chara only gives him advice and The X-Event Power to accomplish their purposes. - When Cross is sleeping, Chara can take control over his body, even if he doesn’t have a physical soul. His soul can be extracted out of his body when he is distracted and receives an attack or even a simple hit (like Sans’s special attack).
ALPHYS: -She can put any Universe or individual under quarantine and use them at will. -All the information XGaster gives her is saved in the shape of paper sheets. These papers have the same mechanic as the LOAD/SAVE from the Original Universe. She’s the only one besides XGaster who can use these options after using the Overwrite button. 
======== THE OVERWRITE BUTTON ========
Tumblr media
XGaster’s master creation made from his own soul. This button is able to create a new and different story over an existing Universe by erasing or modifying its current course and code forever.
All loads files get erased.
The RESET or TRUE RESET only allows going back in time right after the Overwrite button was used in the respective Universe without creating a new timeline/alternate timeline. Just a very amount of DETERMINATION will be able to change the time and space of the new code generated by the OVERWRITE button.
The Overwrite button can be split into several fragments. This implies that its properties will be reduced on each user, only allowing them to alter a few timelines or small code fragments temporarily without causing major changes in the invaded universe.
The fragments of the Overwrite button, located in the users’ soul, must have at least 50% of DETERMINATION.
Each fragment of this button can be programmed before to be used only by a monster or a human. Any being other than the race of the fragment’s user can not use the button’s properties.
When the Overwrite button fragments are complete, the user gets access to all of its power. 
- It cannot overwrite an entire AU or the Multiverse itself if the user has only a fragment of the purple soul.
- If the user has half of the overwrite button, It only allows them to corrupt one timeline and the code from objects, humans, and monsters that can be found there. The damage done can’t always be permanent or successful.
- It can’t be used over something or someone that is not usual in the Multiverse, like beings/objects without a specific code and original/unique characters that don’t exist in any other alternate universe. - The true owner of each fragment must have at least 50% of their race’s HP to use this power. Determination allows each owner to exceed their limits during an Overwrite process, it also let them refuse to die in the case they’re out of HP, so they can get a new physical soul and keep using the full power of each fragment again. - The Overwrite button can only be destroyed by the current user and only if it’s complete.
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Welcome to Australia...
Where an already endangered species is on the brink of functional extinction...
Tumblr media
Oh, and 500 million animals unique to this country have already lost their lives, upon homes that have been destoryed and lives lost of people as well...
Tumblr media
I mean... we're only living in a literal inferno...
Tumblr media
415 fires. Fuck are we dying...
Oh yeah and people are just fleeing to the damn ocean, you know?
Tumblr media
Do you want to know what Hell on Earth looks like..?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Because there it is in all it's unfiltered, firey rage...
There it is... my home from space...
Tumblr media
This is only the beginning. Our country has not only entered a new decade, it seems a new dawning era as well, because this flaming apocalypse doesn't show any sign of stopping any time soon.
And you know what saddens me? I've never seen Australian tragedies trending here on this website. I mean it's been going on for months and only now does it seem to really be getting recognized, even if it is only at #9.
And I'm going to be honest with you here - the internet, and media in general is so American centric, this website being no exception. You'd think that an entire continent being on fire for several months with devastating consequences would have more recognition, but no, it really doesn't. The most notes I've ever seen on a post about the Australian fires is at least a few thousand, and that's about it.
So just... please. If you can, with this post or any other post in regards to the fires going on down here, reblog. Because the only thing that should be spreading like wildfire, is a post about a burning country...
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@alfa-artz @chloekimmi @air-head-meimei @neko-frisk6 @nezumi-tan
Yeah i dont know why im doing this but meh free pics are always a plus
everyone who reblogs this
will receive a piece of art based on their url
e v e r y o n e
tag people, reblog, so on
now i tag people
@frnkfuckniero @joshdunsleftdrumstick @the-black-melody @the10dollarfoundingfather @markdebutslimitlessly @opaiescents
no reblogs will be taken after DEC 31st
but i will start this again
(make sure submissions are open)
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Anime's main characters remembering the past in order to get stronger and to win
Camila looks at Undyne and Toriel:
Tumblr media
You played us well, @camilaart
Also rooting for your next part of the episode :)))
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Demon Slayer OC - Haro - Leaf Pillar
Been a while since i post something ahaha...
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Choose me or get punched
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Okie dokie so here are le rules~ (mus read ;;)
To join you must reblog this! The winners will be picked out of a random number generator
You must be a follower! New followers count too!
Reblog and say a pun xD
You can reblog this as many times as you want!
What I won’t draw 🚫
Furries (depends honestly-)
Masculine men
Overly thick characters
Too complex ocs
Armor (ew help I suck lol—)
What I can draw ✅
Fandoms Etc.
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Let’s do this #EthicalMemes
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...wait is dat a flirt ?
hey Lord X!Gaster,how is your arm doing after recording Xtale VIII? :( ❤
Tumblr media
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Um I was wondering if you have a kind of reference of your persona if you do (I just wanted to ask 😖)
Sure i usually wear a grey jacket with a white shirt with a yellow line. These are pretty old but feel free to use
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
We need to talk @alfa-artz
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Tumblr media
I need money for some stuffs and i have to earn money by myself
contact me using [email protected] if you’re interested !!!
reblogs are appreciated <3
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Hi have fun
Tumblr media
Hy guys
Wanted to thank y'all for 350+ followers!
I'm really grateful ,and as a thank you I want to do something different here
I want you to reblog this post with one of my,or yours,drawing you'd like me to redraw!
Like a draw this again or a redraw in my artstyle thingie(??)
I will pick up to 3 drawings for this
I really need to get in the mood after all this heat summer threw at us and after all this time my artstyle became a problem again ,so I need some warming up and practice
you have time until tomorrow when I wake up xD
I will pick the drawings that inspire me,so no worries if I don't pick yours,I might continue this series in the future
(Commissions and art trades are on hold meanwhile)
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for the last 2+ weeks, the Amazon has been catching fire. Yes, it’s the season where that’s normal but because of the sayings (aka incentive) of our new president, some farmers are taking advantage of that and intentionally setting the trees on fire. Yesterday, because of this, the sky of São Paulo looked like this. AT THREE IN THE AFTERNOON.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hospitals of the northern states are filling up with people (especially children and seniors) claiming they can’t breathe properly. ALREADY ENDANGERED ANIMALS ARE DYING. THIS IS SERIOUS.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Germany and Norway, huge donators to the Amazon cause will stop sending money because they don’t see results (that can also be credited to our president, who has been tweeting angrily ever since - not because he cares about the environment, btw). That money gives this guy and his team equipment to save little guys like these:
Tumblr media
THIS AFFECTS EVERYONE, NOT JUST BRAZILIANS. The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, and it’s being destroyed. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.
If your country is holding elections, vote for someone who cares about this. Don’t let another Bolsonaro or another Trump have the power to do something and then do nothing. This is going to shape our future — if we have one.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
side note: not to sound bitter or ungrateful but also like what’s up with Europe... y’all exploited South America for centuries but just because you “aren’t seeing results” you stop helping altogether?? if you really wanted to help you wouldn’t stop because you think you aren’t helping lol
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So, our “Lung” is on fire.
It is already threatened by huge deforestation, to the point it lost 20% of its width in less than 30 years.
It’s been burning for around two weeks and almost no word has been uttered about it. I, sincerely, have come to find out about it just now. I’m shooketh ™️ because we’re really burning away this planet.
The Amazon Rainforest holds 20% of global waters, it’s an area of incredible value in terms of biodiversity and, nevermind, it’s a crucial climate regulator. Spread awareness, demand help.
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