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VI & JINX + cheek caressing
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What kind of little actions would immediately turn on our gals sevika, kass and eivor?
Like... little things their gf does on daily basis (like stretching, playing with hair... things like that) that makes them go insane😳
Tumblr media
Wearing something of hers - due to the difference in size it would most likely look big on you and if you want to really make her go feral then wear only a shirt, blouse, vest, etc. and let her see your bare legs and fantasize about whether or not you may have underwear on
If you smoke - watching you hold in the smoke any smoke tricks you can do, blowing smoke in her direction, shot-gunning, lighting your and her cigar or using your lit cigar to light hers, holding eye-contact while doing so feels more intimate
Helping her undress - might be meant to be helpful but she will assume you want to play and if you ask her for help undressing or even just buttoning or zipping up something, letting her see that little bit of skin is bound to excite her
Playing with your hair - finds it cute and far too innocent looking for the not-so innocent person she knows you really are, watching you twirl a strand around your finger, tuck it behind your ear with a smile, if you have longer hair and you move it back to reveal your neck and shoulders, no doubt she will think about marking you and pulling on your pretty hair while she rails you
Receiving praise - a lot of compliments from you and genuine affection and showering her in a lot of "I love you" mixed with everything you like she does for you or does to you will make her really willing to take you to bed, deep down is a little bit flustered, loves it if you have no shame and tell her about all the dirty thoughts you might have
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Stretching - after waking up when you are still naked or wearing little to no clothing, after you train or work when you may be sore and sweaty, stretch and make any sounds and her mind will instantly go to naughty places, guaranteed
Watching your morning routine - especially if you spent the night with her, she loves to watch you comb your messy hair, do braids, ponder on the marks she left on your skin, if you wash yourself outside of a bath just to freshen up, putting on any jewelry is something she finds attractive
Being outside with you - not so much in a horny way but seeing you when it's sunny outside, your cute smile when the light hits and shines in your eyes, knowing you're hers and she's yours and everyone can only look and wish they could have you, she will be into PDA and showing you off like you are the world's most beautiful treasure
Playing with your hair - much like Sevika, likes to see you try to hide her hickeys with your hair if it's long enough, moving it out of the way to let her see a glimpse of the bruises will make her want to pounce on you, especially if you look shy or embarrassed by being out in public like this
Feeding her or letting her feed you - oral fixation, likes to see her fingers close to your mouth, likes her own mouth close to yours, food-play is very on the table if you're down for it but she will be happy with just watching your lips accept food, how they glisten after a drink, do something like let wine/water slide down your lips and chin and she will start to think about obscene things
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Watching your hands - if you do anything that involves using your hands a lot, making bread, working, sculpting, whatever you may do, if you use your hands she will be distracted by them and thinking about how lovely your fingers look and how nice they always feel on her skin and if you have extra soft hands, she will crave touch from you for the rest of the day until she can be with you at night and caressed by your hands
If you drink - if you can match her drinking habits or even win against her or someone else, she will find it attractive and isn't above drunken make-out sessions and sloppy sex, if you win at games or at a fight then that works too, though if you need her to come rescue you from a fight and you hug her and praise her for being strong and powerful, that will work just as well too
Tracing her tattoos or scars - feels incredibly loved and wanted, pair that with genuine praise and confessions of love and she will melt, kiss her neck which has the deepest and largest scar and made the skin more sensitive and she might actually tear up a little and want comfort from you in the form of innocence cuddling or softer sex and she will be very willing to submit to you
If you're good with blades - has to do with her hands/fingers fixation and knife-play kink but if you carve wood or skin animals, cut meat, fight with a blade, stuff like that really excites her, she might even let you use the hidden-blade just to see how nice you look and how well you use it
Wearing her clothing or furs - catching you in nothing but her tunic or with a fur around your shoulders is a sure way to rile her up, seeing any bit of skin is arousing but if you hide the intimate parts and let everything else show, she will lose her mind and want to rip everything off of you
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no wait wtf i just spit my heart out this isnt okay 
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Sevika n her childhood friend
[ some context-
so I thought that Sevika had a childhood friend that she had a crush on, they kind of trained together and everything. After her death Sevika picked on her habbits like drinking whiskey
Bonus: I tried to make the friend resemble the girl Sevika allegedly often visits at the brothel bcz she never got over her…..so ye :>
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VI & JINX + cheek caressing
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Sevika n Jinx going to a prt in Piltover to find info. They bond over making fun of everyone there
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Sevika x her stripper gf scamming men out of money
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I wasn’t done with these outfits just yet >:)
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sure go ahead and kill me why wont ya
Dance For You
Tumblr media
❥ 𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔: vi (arcane) x fem!reader
❥ 𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑦: “You want to show Vi how much you appreciate her… so you surprise her.”
❥ 𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑟𝑒: fluff + smut
❥ 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡: 9,9k
⟶ 𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠: established relationship. dancing for your girlfriend/fiancé, lap dance, masturbation while she watches, vi being restraint for a short while, playful banter and teasing as usual, oral, fingering, tribbing, strap on use (fem receiving), doggy style, rough sex, the strap… is special, vibrator kinda, squirting bc vi is made of magic, lots of kisses and cuddles. after care.
⟶ A/N: ALRIGHT. 😭 it’s finally done!!! sorry it took a while lol… I’ve been kinda in the mood to just do other things but today I finally finished it hhhhhh y’all are gonna love this! I’m very excited about this. I don’t know if you ever seen me say this on my blog if you follow me but… i want to make typical cishet tropes gay. so here I am, to make something very hot and gay. It’s not really proof read so if I made any mistakes, bear with me! I’m tagging @piltoversapphics @saenaoin @syddsatyrn @ma3mae and @eclipsed-in-writing writing <3 if any of you guys want to be added to my tag list for future works hit me up in my inbox and I’d love to add you.
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If there’s one thing that you love to do the most, then it’s teasing your girlfriend Vi. Well, fiancé now. Future wife. Lord, just thinking about it gives you butterflies all over again. She’s truly special to you.
Coming back to the teasing, you love teasing her so much, turning her on or occasionally turning her into a flustered mess. The latter doesn’t happen very often, because Vi likes to act like she can control herself around you. Violet tends to get really sexually frustrated if she feels like you’re taking control because she likes to be the one in charge most of the time. You love being submissive very much, there’s nothing you’d like to be more than that.
But thinking about the fact that you could make her feel like you’re in control turns you all hot and bothered. Even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, because you know Vi will switch it up very quickly.
You always thought that stripping for her or giving her a show would be fun to do one night. To show her how much you appreciate her and how much you love to dance for her to some sensual music, while she’s sitting on a chair or the couch as she’s observing your body. Just thinking about it makes you feel so hot and turned on.
So, this Saturday morning when you wake up you decided to go to the cutest lingerie shop later this afternoon, in the central city to browse through all the things you could possibly wear to drive her insane.
The morning goes by slowly, staying in bed almost all morning cuddling with Vi until you both feel your stomachs grumble making you both laugh.
As you go and grab the vanilla soya milk and oat milk for Vi, from the fridge while she’s already sitting on the tiny dining room table you decide to tell her you’re going in the city centre of Piltover. As you sit down close to her she speaks up.
“Oh really?” She says while taking the oat milk from in front of her, pouring it into her bowl of cereals. “What are you gonna do?”
The problem is you can’t lie, especially not to Vi. You can always tease but you can’t keep your own secrets from her, you always tell them to her eventually because you hate keeping anything from her.
As you eat a spoonful of cereals, you shrug and Vi raises her eyebrow at you playfully. She knows you too well not to notice that you’re planning something.
“Are you gonna tell me?” She says as she leans closer against the table to look at you.
“It’s a surprise, that’s all I’m gonna say.” You try to say as nonchalant as you can.
“A surprise huh? So you’re going in the city to surprise me?” A teasing smile appears on her face as she sees your cheeks heat up.
“Not exactly, but don’t think you can get any more information out of me. You know I’m not good at this but I’m very determined to keep this one a surprise okay?” You say as you try to look at her seriously.
“Alright, alright I’ll let you do your thing,” she leans against her chair as she crosses her arms against her chest. “But I’d be lying if I said I am not very curious now.”
“I know… but all I’m gonna say is I want to stay home tonight, with you,” you say as you look down at your bowl. “Alone.” You whisper the last part.
“That can definitely be arranged,” Vi smiles at how shy you’ve become in such a short time. She reaches her hand down to yours, placing her hand on top of it. “Baby, you know you don’t need to surprise me.”
“I do, but I wanna do this for us.” You bite your bottom lip as you meet her gaze.
“Now I’m definitely curious what your cute brain is planning for us tonight…” She says with a playful smile.
“I guess you’ll have to wait and see,” you wink at her before picking up your bowl and spoon to the sink. As you’re cleaning the remaining dishes from last night you feel Vi her hands wrap around your stomach. Her head is on your shoulder, leaning her head to your neck to press soft kisses there.
“You know, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, right?” She says as she nuzzles her head in the crook of your neck. You feel yourself melt against her touch. Turning around you wrap your arms around her neck and lean up to press a kiss on her lips.
“I think I do, I mean you try to remind me daily… You know I feel the same way right.” You say as your hands caress her face, your thumb paying extra attention to her VI tattoo. “I love you so much.” You say as you lean your forehead against hers.
Vi sighs happily and leans down, tilting her head slightly to the side to seal your lips with a soft kiss. You both kiss each other languidly for a while, there’s no rush in this kiss, it’s gentle and sweet. She pulls away with a smile, pecking your lips one more time. “Come on, I’ll continue the dishes while you get ready. How does that sound?”
“I mean I can finish them and go shower afterwards it’s nothing—”
“I know you can, but I’m offering because I know you have something planned.” She brings her hands to cup your face once again.
“I didn’t really have a specific time to be in the city…” you say as you smile up at her.
“I’ll also clean the apartment,” She says, mirroring your smile.
“Vi, that’s sweet but… we can do this together tomorrow—”
“Please, I wanna do this for you.” She says genuinely and then she steps away from you shrugging. “Besides, I'll be bored without you around.” She chuckles when you roll your eyes playfully at her.
“You know you have many ways to occupy yourself, like playing video games or reading or watching tv… the list goes on.” You say teasingly.
“Alright now go get ready,” She says before she walks back to you, to press a soft kiss against your lips.
You smile as you walk away, gasping when you feel her slap your ass on the way out. Vi giggles at your reaction, blowing you a kiss from her position with a wink, making you grab it with one of your hands, placing it against your chest. Both of you giggle as you make your way to the bathroom.
Once you’re out of your shower and dried yourself off, you walk towards your shared closet in your bedroom. Looking through your clothes, moving one hanger after the other you decided to wear a dark brown blazer with a vivid green top underneath. Some light blue jeans and some cute artsy socks. It’s a relatively beautiful spring day, very sunny too so you thought this outfit would be fine.
Once you’re all dressed up, done your usual eye makeup, some nude eyeshadow with brown eyeliner, you take your bag and walk towards the living room giving your girlfriend a goodbye kiss. Both of you hold each other for a while as you kiss each other. When you finally detach your body from her embrace you both walk towards the hallway, near the front door where your shoes are.
“See you later baby,” Vi says as she leans against the doorway of the living room while you put on a pair of boots.
“Byeeeeee I love you.” You wave her goodbye while blowing her kisses.
“I love you too.” Vi says loud enough before you close the door behind you.
You step out of a tram, onto one of the busy streets of Piltover, the shopping district. The sun is blinding you and you squint your eyes as you take in your surroundings. You’re in the middle of a long and wide street, the main shopping street. It's quite crowded, you take a deep breath as you try to calm down your nerves.
You rarely go shopping on your own, usually you either go with friends or Vi. Violet doesn’t mind shopping as long as you don’t enter every shop you see, which you don’t really do anyway. Shopping alone feels weird for a second but you quickly shake that feeling away.
You purse your lips as you think about where you could find some lingerie shops around here. As you walk around, you feel your instincts tell you to go to the less crowded streets. Smaller streets usually have some hidden gems, so that’s where you go.
Soon enough you find a very cute looking lingerie shop and you feel all happy once you enter the store. You’re greeted by one of the sweet employees and you smile back as you greet her. You walk around the shop with big eyes, you’re speechless. There’s so many beautiful things here you think to yourself as you look through some of the cute pieces.
After a good five minutes the same employee approaches you. “Is there anything special that you’re looking for?” She smiles politely as your eyes meet her face. The woman is carrying lots of bras and underwear in her arms, probably going to put them all in their original positions in the store.
“Actually yeah, I am.” You say, reciprocating her smile.
“Are you looking for a bra, a set, a bodysuit or anything else?” She asks while she’s putting one of the bras she’s holding back to its place on the rack.
“I have no specific idea of what piece I want… I just want to surprise my fiancé with something cute but sexy.” You smile as you feel your cheeks blush.
“Oh, if you want I can show you some things around the store?” She says once her hands are free of all the pieces she was holding in her hands. “By the way, congratulations on your engagement!”
“I’d love that!” You say as you follow her around the store. “Thank you very much.”
“Before we start, what type of cup do you prefer? Non-padded or padded?” She asks once you’re both close to the entrance, looking at the first rack on the right.
“Well, I prefer non padded, I like lacy things the most.” You reply as you look at the bras in front of you.
“Okay, and what about the colour?” She asks with a genuine smile.
“Hmmm to be honest I don’t mind any colour except for orange.” You chuckle when you mention the colour you don’t like. “Maybe something besides basic colours? Since I have a lot of those already.”
“So no black, white and orange?”
“Well, maybe some white or crème too because I’m planning on buying a set for our wedding as well…” you say as you bite your bottom lip shyly.
“Alright, I think I have some things that I can show you.” She says with a playful tone.
So after the employee, named Emilie, measured you, she brought some cute things for you to try in the fitting room. You found the perfect set for the wedding day pretty quickly. It’s very sexy yet a bit cute.
You’ve tried several colours yet you didn’t feel like they took your attention. Until, she brought a particular set that caught your eye immediately.
“From the look on your face I think that this is gonna be the one…” Emilie says with confidence, chuckling when you take it excitedly from her hands.
“Let me try this on…”
While you’re putting on the set you can’t help but admire yourself in the mirror. It’s so cute… yet so sexy to you. You feel so beautiful.
“I have a robe that goes along with it if you’re interested.” She offers outside your fitting cabinet.
“I’d love that.”
Once Emilie gives you the robe, you put it over your shoulders. You bite your lip as you open the curtains of your cabinet, stepping out to look at the big mirror in the middle of the room. You can hear her gasp as she looks at you. “You look amazing!”
“Right? This is exactly what I want. I haven’t owned anything like this yet so this is truly perfect.” You say as you twirl your body around.
“I mean I loved the other things as well that you’ve tried on earlier but this is just, like you said perfect!” She says honestly.
“Thank you, I feel like that as well.” You blush as you continue to look at yourself in the mirror.
You can’t wait for Vi to see you like this.
“Vi, I’m home!” You say loudly as you enter the apartment. You can hear some music while the vacuum cleaner is on.
You figure that Vi doesn’t hear you so you take the opportunity to hide your bag full of lingerie. You quickly take off your shoes and blazer before making your way to the bedroom. Hiding the bag in the corner under some of the dresses and jeans hanging in your closet. Once you close your closet you hear a voice coming from the doorway of your bedroom. “You’re back,”
You almost jump out of your skin, placing a hand in front of your chest trying to calm down your heartbeat. “Oh my god, you almost made me shit my pants.” Vi laughs at your reaction.
“Thank god you didn’t then,” Vi says teasingly before striding towards you. Once she’s in front of you she takes your chin between her fingers, tilting your head upwards. “What are you doing?”
“Uh…” you say as you feel your cheeks heat up as she looks down at you with a mischievous smile. She leans her head down, her lips close to your neck.
“You’re hiding something,” She whispers in your ear.
“God Vi,” you say as you blush furiously, pushing her away from you making her chuckle. “You know it’s a surprise.”
“Alright alright, I’m sorry… I just wanted to tease you.” She laughs softly as she lifts her arms in the air in surrender.
“Good, because you won’t know until later tonight.” You say teasingly as you walk past her. You giggle when Vi grumbles dramatically and you make your way to the kitchen, past the living room. “Let’s make some dinner, shall we?” You say as you open the fridge.
After dinner, you asked Vi before doing the dishes, if she could wear one of her buttoned shirts that you love so much while giving her your best puppy look. Violet raises her eyebrows at you suspiciously before smiling and doing what you asked. Once she’s sitting on the couch, you make your way to her giving her a quick kiss. After that you go to your bedroom to put your plan in motion.
You leave the door slightly open before you walk to your closet. Sticking your arm in the closet, you try to reach for the bag from the lingerie shop. Once you find it, you grab it and look through the bag for the lingerie that you bought for tonight. Realising that you haven’t removed the tags yet you go to your desk that’s near one of the windows and open one of the drawers to look for the scissors you need to cut off the tags. When you’re done you peek your head out of your bedroom, when you hear the tv playing in the living room you smile and tiptoe to the bathroom with your lingerie between your arms, closing the door behind you. Stripping yourself off your clothes you turn the shower on, then drop your clothes in the laundry basket.
You step into the shower once it’s hot enough, sighing out as the water pressure tends to the knots in your shoulders, the warmth already relaxing you instantly. As you feel yourself get lost in the heat of the shower for a while you remember that you’re only here to clean your body, since your hair was already washed this morning. So you clean your body and once you’re done you step onto the bath mat as you grab one of the towels hanging on the towel radiator close to you.
Once you’re dried off you walk to the sink and take the underwear of the lingerie set, pulling it over your legs and all the way where you want it to be. As you pull the bra on you bite your lip while trying to concentrate on attaching the clasps together behind your back. When you’re done putting on the suspenders and little robe you look at your reflection in the mirror, a faint blush covers your cheeks and you smile as you admire yourself.
You open the door of the bedroom slowly, trying to not make too many sounds and you tiptoe back to the bedroom after checking the hallway for Vi. Once you reach your bedroom door you keep the door slightly ajar like earlier. You make your way to the desk picking up your phone, turning on the little Bluetooth speakers you own, while looking through your playlists, picking the one you’ve made specifically for tonight. Biting your lip as you press shuffle you quickly place your phone and speakers back on the desk. You close the closet door that you forgot to close earlier, you then make your way to the light switch next to the bedroom door, turning it off. Once you’re done, you call for Vi.
You quickly lay yourself on the bed sideways, your body facing the door. Hearing her turn the tv, turns you a bit nervous, hoping that the things you wanna do to her will excite her. Knowing that whatever happens soon will most likely be a night to remember.
Once you hear the door creaking softly you look up, revealing Vi in the doorway. “Babe?” She says, her voice laced with confusion. She reaches for the light switch, turning only the little fairy lights that were all over your walls and bed frame, illuminating the room with a dim light. It gives off a very intimate and warm feeling. You notice Vi’s eyes finally land on your body, making her gasp as she takes you in.
You smile mischievously at her, your left hand holding up your head while the other hand waves flirtily at her. You can see Vi gulp as her eyes widen as she keeps staring at you. Sitting up slowly, sliding yourself off the bed as you make your way to her swaying your hips side to side, hypnotising her. You chuckle as you circle her body once, then stand in front of her as you flutter your eyes up at her.
“I—” Vi breathes, her eyes looking at your body up and down.
The lingerie you’re wearing is a lilac set with turquoise and lilac flowers embroidered onto the lace. The cups of your balconette bra are pretty transparent unless it’s for the floral details at the top to the middle of the cups, barely covering your nipples. You can see her eyes travel from your chest to your waist as she takes in the elastic band, covered with the same lace pattern, of the suspenders. Her eyes linger a bit too long as she takes in the small thing that barely hides the curves of your ass. A matching thong, the elastic band sitting just below your suspenders. Her eyes wander from your covered core to your shoulders as she notices the lilac see through robe with lacy details hanging off your shoulders loosely.
“What’s wrong baby, cat got your tongue?” You say as you trace a finger up and down her chest as you continue to hold her gaze. “I thought it was rude when you don’t answer someone’s question?” You say biting your lip as you cock your head to the side.
Eventually you see Vi quickly come back to her senses as her eyes glint with mischief while a smile plays on her face. “You’re right princess, it’s rude… you know what else is unfair?” She says as her smile turns deviously. She circles your body as you follow her movements, taking a step back before you feel her hands on your hips, as your back hits the wall. You’re trapped. “It’s kinda unfair that you look this hot…” Vi whispers as her lips move to your ear.
Before you can answer her lips attach themselves against your neck, sucking and nipping at your skin. You whimper as you feel her lick up a wet stripe against your neck while holding your body closer to hers. Heat travels all the way between your thighs at her touch and attention. As she keeps practically devouring your neck you get lost in her touch, forgetting your plan for a while.
“Vi,” you whine as you feel her hands play with the elastic band of your thong. “Vi?” You breathe, trying to catch her attention and she responds by just humming against your skin. Trying to get your strength back, you push her off you gently.
“You’re so sexy baby,” she says hungrily before she tries to pull your body closer to hers again, leaning down to kiss you. You quickly place a finger in front of her lips while you push her face gently away from yours as you smile teasingly.
“Uh-uh no touching,” you say sensually as you shake your pointer finger slowly in front of her.
“What?” Vi squeakes, her eyes widening “you can’t be serious?”
“I’m very serious, I have something planned for tonight and I don’t want you to touch me for a while. That’s for later…” you bite your lip just thinking about Vi ravishing your body.
“Why later? When I can, touch you right now?” She says as she tries to touch your hips again. You step away from her quickly.
“Vi, let me do this for you please.”
“I don’t see why doing this—”
“I want you to watch,” you say, cutting her off quickly, closing your eyes for a second before looking into her eyes again. “I want you to watch me.”
“Oh? Watch you?” She says, raising one of her eyebrows at you playfully. “Watch you do what?”
“Dance.” You say as your face heats up and your eyes look away from her face.
“Dance huh? I—” she’s cut off when you grab her strong arm in your hand and pull her in front of the bed.
“Please sit,” You say quickly before you walk backwards with a smile, leaving her standing there before her comments can affect you.
“Okay,” Vi says softly as she takes a seat on the bed. She notices you opening the closet a bit further away in front of her and you kneel down on the soft carpet in front of it as your hand tries to reach for something inside the closet. Her eyes travel to your ass, observing your curves, how plump your ass looks. The way your cheeks squeeze the barely there material between them.
You could feel her eyes burning in the back of your head, or ass, since that’s where you know where she’s staring and it makes you bite your bottom lip. You finally find what you’re looking for, standing up slowly, giving her a good show of your ass. You could hear Vi groan, closing the doors of the closet, you turn around while revealing the vivid pink silky tie ups you bought today along with the lingerie.
“What’s that?” Vi asks curiously.
“This? Those are pink silky tie ups, I’d like to tie your hands behind your back so you’re unable to touch me.” You say as you walk towards her with confidence, “If that’s okay with you?” You ask softly as you stand in front of her, asking for her consent.
“This is new?” She says as she takes in the silk objects in your hands.
“Yeah I bought them today along with this set, do you like it?” You say as you bite your lip as you feel yourself blush once again.
“I love all of it, I mean it’s new but I’d love to see you explore your sexuality more so I’m more than happy for us to try this out.” She smiles genuinely up at you.
“Okay, you sure?” You say nibbling at your bottom lip.
“Positive, go ahead.” She says as she lifts her arms up for you.
One of your hands grabs her hands moving her arms to her back. Once her hands are the way you want, you tie her wrists together with the soft satin material. You lift your head to her neck, leaning down to press a soft kiss at her pulse point, making her moan.
Your hands tighten the knot against her wrists. “Now sit back and watch, let me take care of you.” You whisper in her ear before making your way towards the desk, to select a song you want to start dancing to. You smile once you decide on the perfect song. Pressing play, Sway by Majid Jordan plays through the speakers.
You take the wooden chair from in front of your desk to place it in the middle between the bed and the closet, right in front of Vi.
Once the singer starts singing the lyrics, you slip the robe slowly down your shoulders to the crook of your elbows while moving your hips slowly to the beat of the song. Licking your lips as you run your hands slowly up and down your chest, holding her gaze while circling your hips slowly.
Temptation, conversation, I hear what you sayin'~♪
You lose yourself to the song as you move your body closer to hers, still keeping a good distance between you two.
“Oh my god baby, you’re so hot…” Vi groans as her eyes admire your body, her eyes flicking back and forth from one place to the other like she doesn’t know where to look.
Playing safe but we're losing our patience~♪
You turn around while looking over your shoulder slightly as you drop the robe to the floor smiling mischievously as you could see Violet’s mouth drop as she takes in your backside once again. You sway (quite literally), your hips to the rhythm of the song while her eyes trace the curves of your body slowly.
Doin' things that my body is cravin'~♪
Your fingers wander from your hips to your backside and you squeeze your cheeks softly as you give your fiancé a show. Vi moans at the sight of you touching yourself like this and you bite your lips as you enjoy her staring at you.
So amazing the way that she moves~♪
She's my favorite dancer~♪
Seductively, you slowly turn around, then you sink yourself to the floor. Once on your knees, you crawl steadily towards her. As you’re slowly making your way to her, you’re never breaking eye contact as you smile up at her. Once you’re close to her you sit up on your knees as your hands trace her ankles all the way to her thighs, spreading her legs more for you to fit in between them. Vi’s breath hitches in her throat and you smile up at her as you bite your bottom lip. Your hands travel from her thighs to her hips to her waist as you slowly but sensually stand up in front of her.
“You’re breathtaking Y/N…” she moans while your lips move to ghost over her lips. You feel and see her squirm against the hold of the silky tie ups.
You smirk as you hover your hips over her lap. Using the music to your advantage, you move your body to the rhythm of the song, making sure to emphasize on your movements. Your arms around her neck as you slowly lower your lower body on her lap, sitting down, your heat against her clothed one. Her eyes were gazing into yours, all you could see was lust and desire. You grind against her crotch making Vi groan at your movements. Finally you lean down your lips against hers, swallowing her noises in your mouth.
“You’re the prettiest little thing I’ve ever seen…” She whispers breathily against your lips as you continue your little performance, swaying and grinding your hips against hers. You hum with a smile before you capture her lips again.
Her mouth moves against yours, slow and passionate. She parts her lips slightly to catch her breath. Your tongue sweeps across Vi’s lips making her gasp, tongue wrapping itself against hers a moment later, hot and wet and steady as you taste her mouth and kiss her deeply.
Your tongues slowly swirl and dance against each other as your hands wander all over her body. You feel your core clench around nothing and become even more wet the more you grind against her. The thong you’re wearing surely ruined by now, clinging against your wet folds.
You hear the song slowly come to an end, you kiss her for a little while longer before you stand up slowly again. She whines, missing the heat of your body against hers already. You make your way while moving your hips to the beat and once the song is over you reach the chair and bite your lip as you sit down on it. Touch me by Victoria Monét and Kehlani flows through the speakers while your fingers move to your neck, touching you there sensually.
I'm in love with your fingertips~♪
I reminisce places you kiss~♪
Girl, it's been too long~♪
Your hands move slowly from your neck to your collarbones while you circle your hips slowly on the chair. As your hands travel to your chest you spread your legs for her just slightly. She moans as she keeps staring at your body, her eyes locking in on your chest where you feel yourself through the fabric of your lacy bra.
And when you rock them short nails, that's lowkey sentimental~♪
Now keep 'em cut though so there ain't no incidentals~♪
“Oh I wish you could touch me right now…” you say teasingly, making Vi gasp at your words.
“If you wouldn’t have retrained me like this you know I would.” She says as she tries to move herself out of the silky tie ups. You giggle softly as she groans.
Your hands wander from your chest over to your hips, moving dangerously close to your underwear. You take the other hand that’s been trailing over your hips and lift it to your mouth and press two fingers past your lips, trying to imagine that it’s Violet. Imagining that it’s her fingers that are covered in your or her cum. Vi’s eyes widen as you slip one of your hands into your underwear.
And I love them tattoos, I still gotta learn 'em all~♪
Tell me when you're gonna make them the writings on my wall and~♪
All you can think about is her as your fingers move down to your wet lips, instantly plunging two fingers inside while you moan and close your eyes. Vi’s wetness against your mouth. Her mouth on your pussy. Vi’s fingers fucking you nice and slow. Her skin against yours. Violet fucking into you, hard and deep with that god damn strap of hers. You’re moving your fingers slowly, picking up your pace the more you think about her fucking you so good. Hearing Vi moan as she watches you makes you feel even more hot.
Touch me, feel me~♪
Get to know me inside~♪
If you love me, show me~♪
Your blood rises in your veins, toes curling as you can feel how your orgasm is getting so much closer now that you’re so turned on, your heat leaking with arousal; the thought of Vi touching you, fucking you, kissing you is driving you quite literally mad. You’re so close, so so close.
Touch me~♪
Just as you're almost there, you hear a ripping sound coming from in front of you. Your eyes fly open at the sound and all you can see is Vi standing in front of the bed as she rubs her fingers over her wrists as she smirks.
“Vi—” you gasp.
“You should’ve known that these,” she says as she gestures towards the ripped silky fabric of the tie ups that are now on the ground “wouldn’t last long with me.”
She strides towards you, hovering above you, your orgasm slips away from you and you whimper, from the unintentional edging and Vi looking down at you so intensely. She smiles down mischievously as she kneels down in front of you, feeling your cheeks heat up even more at the action.
“What are you—-”
“Now it’s my turn to play with you, just sit back and relax baby.” Vi says as she places her hands on your thighs spreading your legs for her even more. She stares down at your tiny thong and you know it’s ruined by now because you’re dripping. Your breathing picks up as some of her fingers trace up and down your slit over your underwear while licking her lips. “So wet… Is it all for me kitty?” She smirks as you nod your head vigorously. “Use your words for me baby…”
“Yes Vi you did,” you let a breathy moan escape as she circles your clit over the lacy fabric making you buck into her hand.
“So responsive, just the way I like it.” She smiles up at you deviously before leaning down her head to inhale your scent. Trembling you whine as you lace your fingers in her hair, tugging slightly. “Easy, I’ll give you what you want.”
“Please…” you beg desperately, you need your release so bad. “I need you—” you whimper loudly as she licks up from your entrance to your clit over your underwear and your hips stutter against her at the action.
You feel her push your underwear all the way to the side and then her hands move to your back pushing you closer to the edge of the chair to eat you out properly. Her mouth leans down to blow air against your clit, immediately going to work. Her tongue is lapping at your lower lips. Squeaky, senseless noises come out from your mouth the more she applies pressure with her tongue. She then brings one of her hands to your pussy, spreading your lips apart for her to lick you better.
“God… I’ll never get tired of eating your pretty pussy. So sweet just like you.” She whispers against you before making out with your lips again.
You whimper as you tremble against her, so overwhelmed already. Licking a long stripe along your slit and then her tongue swirls around your entrance, coaxing a loud, broken moan out of you. You squeal as Vi plunges her tongue inside your walls, instantly massaging and licking your inner walls. Writhing against her tongue as loud incoherent noises leave your lips. She’s quite literally driving you insane. The orgasm that you lost from earlier, slowly creeping back.
Your hands are still on her head, tugging at her hair again as you grind your cunt against her face. You cry out as you feel yourself get closer to your first orgasm of the night, praying Vi won’t edge you. Squeezing your eyes shut as you pick up your pace, unable to handle the unbearable pleasure you’re experiencing as the coil in your stomach is about to snap.
You fuck yourself against her tongue, whimpering loudly the more she thrusts her wet muscle inside you. The temperature in the room is rising dramatically the more she sucks, licks and thrusts inside you. As you try to move your hips faster against her you feel her grip your thighs, spreading them more for her, squeezing the flesh. Then one of her hands leaves your thighs to circle your little pink button with her thumb, driving you mad.
“Pleeaaaseeee Mommyyyyyy…” you’re so lost in chasing your orgasm you don’t even realise this slipped out of your mouth.
Vi grunts loudly, she curls the muscle upward to brush your walls, you practically scream at her actions and you feel the coil snap when she presses her thumb harder against your clit.
“Fuuuuck Viiiii—” you choke on your moan.
Your back arches off against the back of the chair, as you see your vision turn white while you continue to grind your hips against her, trying to chase your release.
Once you feel overstimulated, your body tries to pull away from hers while she still laps at your wetness gently. You whimper as you push her head gently away from your heat. You try to catch your breath still as she looks up at you with the most playful smile she can offer you.
“What?” You say as you try not to giggle when she wipes off her face.
“Do you know what you just called me before cumming?” Her eyes shine under the dim lights as she continues to smile at you.
You feel your cheeks heat up as you try to remember what you said while you were about to cum. “Uh, not really…”
“You called me mommy,” Vi says as she bites her lip, tilting her head to the side as she looks at your body up and down from her position, on the floor.
Your face burns as you look at her with wide eyes. “I said what?” You squeak.
“Mommy.” She repeats her voice laced with lust as she traces her fingertips up and down your thighs.
“It was kinda a rhetorical question Vi, I heard you the first time,” you groan as you throw your head back while your hands reach to cover your face.
“No need to be shy, princess, I love it.” She says as you hear her stand up once again. You peek through your fingers to look at her in front of you and you giggle as she gives you a seductive look. “What?”
“I don’t know how to react, I’m sorry…” you bite your lip as you try to keep your giggles at bay.
“I think it was very hot,” she says as she takes your hands slowly off your face. “Do you have a mommy kink?”
“Oh my god, Vi!” you scream, hiding your face once again when you feel yourself blush once again.
Violet laughs as she leans down to tickle your sides, the place where you’re the most ticklish. You turn in a fit of giggles at her touch.
“Viiiii—” you choke on your laugh making Vi snort. You try to push her hands off you as you squirm against the chair.
“I’ll stop when you answer my question,” she says and then she bites her lip while smiling.
“Okay! Okay…” you say as she stops her movements with her fingers against your skin.
“So?” She says as she raises one of her eyebrows at you.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you play coy, as you flutter your eyes up at her.
“Alright,” Vi says as she wraps her arms under your thighs, picking you up easily making you yelp. “Up you go.”
You giggle when she basically drops your body on the mattress, hovering her body over yours instantly. She leans down her face to yours way too slowly for your liking, you grab the collar of her shirt tugging her down to your face as your lips meet in a heated kiss. Your eyes flutter closed, the swipe of her tongue already licking around your lips, head spinning but you give your body completely to her as you melt against her.
You can feel her smile against your lips as you whine against her, sliding your tongue around hers as you kiss each other more deeply. Your whine soon turns into a moan at the familiar taste of alcohol on her tongue. You try to pull her even closer towards your body as you try to grind against her.
“So responsive for me angel,” she pulls away as her lips travel from your lips to your cheeks, to your jaw, nipping at the skin softly. “You still haven’t answered my question though…” she says as her mouth wanders down to your neck, sucking all over your skin making you whimper beneath her. Her hands are holding your hips as she tries to keep you from squirming.
“Yes, fuck yes I have a mommy kink. Just… fuck me already I’m begging you.” You whisper desperately.
“Good.” She chuckles, only frustrating you the more she keeps teasing you. Her lips continue down your neck, licking, sucking and littering your neck with so many kisses, when you groan and try to arch up into her, Vi’s hands tighten where they sit on your hips, stopping you from moving.
Then she finally pulls away to look at the panting and wet mess she created, you. Your eyes are clouded with lust, you feel so lightheaded from her attention and touches, your head literally feels like it’s swimming. Vi winks before crawling off the bed and makes her way to the closet. As you’re staring at the ceiling you’re hoping she’s gonna take out her strap and finally fuck you until all you can remember is her name.
“You know my sweet Y/N, you’re not the only one that has a surprise for you…” you could hear her say, her voice laced with mischief. You hear the doors close, before you can sit up you feel the bed dip again.
“Strap time?” You giggle as she hovers above you.
“Oh baby, it’s not just any strap…” she says playfully as she wiggles her eyebrows. “It’s the strap.” Violet emphasises on the ‘the’ while smiling.
You look down as you see her hold a new strap in her hands, the colours of the lesbian flag which makes you gasp, not only because of the colours but also it’s a bit bigger than the other one you’ve been using.
“New?” You gulp as you take it in.
“Yeah, I picked it up yesterday… I think it’s neat.”
“Yeah it’s… special.” You bite your lip as she looks at you playfully. “Can you please undress as well? I don't want to be the only one in my lingerie.” You whine underneath her.
“Okay,” she says with a look of amusement. She holds your gaze as her fingers move to the buttons of her shirt. Impatiently, your fingers move to the waistband of her jeans, looking up at her asking wordlessly if you can unbutton her pants. Vi nods with a smile, her eyes observing you as you unbuckle her belt, unbuttoning and unzipping her pants. She assists you in removing her jeans, once they’re off she removes her socks as well. Your eyes stare at her light grey boxers as you notice a huge wet spot forming against the material already, making you blush. Both of your hands move to her hips, squeezing the flesh and playing with the waistband of her underwear.
“Someone’s eager.” Vi chuckles teasingly.
“I’m always eager to see and touch my fiancé,” you bite your lip with a smile, winking at her playfully.
“I’ll never get tired of hearing you say that…” Vi whispers as she closes her eyes, finally removing her shirt, revealing her breasts for you.
Your eyes widen as you take in her naked chest, forgetting that you wanted to tease her further while you admire her bare upper body. Her muscles, so defined, her abdomen and arms so beautiful. Everything about her is so beautiful. Your hands travel slowly up to her arms, tracing her tattoos as your eyes follow along with your fingers. Vi smiles down at you as she patiently lets you explore her body.
“I love you baby,” Vi says softly as one of her hands comes to cup your cheek. Your eyes move to hers, smiling fondly up at her as you meet her tender gaze.
Vi leans down, her body fitting between your legs perfectly as she nuzzles her head against your cheek. “I love you too Vi,” you whisper before she moves her face, closing the gap between your lips.
The kiss starts off gentle, soon turning more passionate. Kissing you full of fervour, with everything that she has, you feel her tongue sliding against your lips slowly, prodding at your lips. You sigh against her lips, opening up your lips slowly for her. She slips her tongue past your parted lips and swirls it around yours, while her hands move to squeeze your hips pushing your body closer to hers.
Her hands leave your hips for a while, you both continue to kiss as your arms wrap around her back, she tries to take off her underwear while kissing you. You giggle against her lips as you notice her struggling, your hands moving to help her take off her underwear. Once it’s off the kiss turns more heated and deep.
Violet her fingers run down to the base of your thong and she continues to kiss you as she pushes them once again to the side. The material is drenched, and she moans when she uses two fingers to open your lips further and expose your soaked entrance. Her fingers move to slip inside making you whimper underneath her.
“F-fuck Vi, I need you so bad… please fuck me.” You whine desperately, so needy for her touch and to feel more of her.
“Mmmm when you beg for me like that, you know I’ll never be able to say no to you.” She smiles against your lips as she continues to finger you. You buck your hips against hers, wanting more. “How do you want me?”
“I want you, I want to feel you. Fuck me with the strap later, I just need to feel you against me.” You beg underneath her, she moans when she curls her fingers inside you for a while until she slips them out of you.
She licks her lips before slipping her fingers inside her mouth and releases them with a pop after licking them clean. She stares at you as she spreads your legs wider for her, her body fitting against hers so perfectly. Her face leans down once again to envelop your lips in another kiss.
The temperature is rising in the room once again the more you kiss each other and the more your hands wander all over your bodies. Your lips slowly open up to her, Vi’s tongue slipping inside immediately, moaning against each other at the taste.
You’re whimpering against her lips as she positions her pussy against yours, feeling her clit rub slowly against yours instantly. Your fingers dig into her tattooed back, your arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer against you while you try to move along with her. Trembling, your hips stutter up against hers, grinding against her soaking wet heat.
She looks so fucking hot above you, her eyes closed as she occasionally gasps and moans against your lips. Her hands trace all over your body until she grabs your hips, squeezing your flesh and rolls her hips harder against you, making you both cry out in unison.
“F-fuuuuck baby, you feel so good,” Vi moans against your lips before swallowing your loud noises once again kissing you sloppily. You’re so close, you can feel it build up really fast. Vi picks up her pace, rubbing her clit against yours a little bit faster than before making you tremble even more underneath her. Feeling so overwhelmed with the pleasure she’s giving you and the way she looks on top of you, you know you’ll come any second now. Vi applies more pressure with her clit against your own making you see stars.
“Viiiiiii, I love youuu—” you choke on your moan as you feel your vision turn white as your hips stutter against her, falling apart beneath her.
She continues to move her hips as she rides out your high, chasing her own and then her hips still as she throws her head back moaning loudly as she comes against you. You feel her body tremble as she lets herself fall against you gently. As you’re both catching your breath you feel her nuzzle her head in the crook of your neck. Your arms come to wrap around her once again as you hum enjoying her warmth and body against yours.
“That was amazing, as usual.” Vi chuckles while giving your neck a soft kiss.
“Yeah…” you say breathily, your head still in the clouds.
“Mmmm ready for another round?” She says her head moving in front of you as she bites her lip while she looks you in the eyes.
“Fuck yes,” you groan and it makes her laugh. She sits up a bit, her hands reach for her new strap quickly, adjusting it against her.
Once she’s done she leans down against you once again. Her strap gets wet instantly as she rubs it against your lower lips, making you whine for more as you grind against her. Vi leans down her face to your neck, her lips leaving wet kisses down your neck. “Hands and knees kitten, I need you like that.” She whispers against your ear before biting your earlobe softly.
You whine, your cheeks heating up instantly, feeling your body tremble as she pulls back, to stare at you, her eyes filled with desire. You flip yourself onto your stomach, your face down on the mattress as you raise your ass in the air for her. Vi groans when you wiggle for her, spreading your legs a bit more for her exposing more of your pussy.
A moment later you feel her grind her strap against your dripping heat, you’re aching for her to fill her up. A loud moan fills the room along with your whines, with a strong grip on your hips a second later she eases the tip inside, making you gasp as your whole body trembles.
“Please…” You whine desperately as you feel her halt her movements, a small portion of the tip only inside you. Wiggling your hips you try to push back against her but the strong hold that she has on you makes it hard for you to move.
“Patience baby,”
You whimper as she finally slides more and more of her thickness inside of you. You squeeze your eyes tightly as she fills you up. The pressure of the strap deep within your walls overwhelms you while you clutch the sheets below you in tight fists.
“Fuck princess,” she groans breathlessly, as her hands trace your body gently. “You’re taking me so well, we’re almost there.”
She thrusts more of herself inside you, filling you up to the brim, you moan as she halts her movements, finally inside you all the way. “Fuck, baby, you look so hot like this, taking me all the way underneath me.” She can’t control the words that leave her lips as her hips move, quickly pulling herself out of you making you whine at the empty feeling. “Such a needy kitten.” She groans before she thrusts herself all the way inside your pussy again.
“V-Viiiii, oh my god—” you hiccup as she moves her hips slowly against you. You cry out as she thrusts so deep inside you that it has your body slumping against the bed. Suddenly, you feel a slight vibration inside you, you gasp loudly at the buzzing feeling as she continues to thrust inside you. “What??!!! It vibrates?”
“Ah yes, forgot to tell you, it does vibrate… cool right?” She says, her voice laced with mischief.
All you can answer with are moans as they slip off your lips. Your mind goes blank as all you can do is focus on the feel of her stretching you, filling you up, so overwhelmed with bliss already. She thrusts deeper inside you, earning whines and moans as you continue to cry out her name. You try to tell her, breathlessly, about how good she makes you feel. The sound of your pleasure fuels her desire to fuck you better, urging her to do more. Vi picks up her pace, thrusting into you quicker, harder, hitting the spot that has your body going numb.
You claw at the sheets, burying your face into the mattress to muffle your screams. The air is all stuffy around you as her hips move faster while the toy continues to vibrate inside you, whining you try to push back your hips against her to take more of her thick strap. She moans at the sight, kneading your ass as she tries to bury herself more inside you, the tip hitting your cervix instantly. Your eyes roll back inside your head as you dig your fingers more into the bed, you mewl against the sheets at the overwhelming pleasure she’s giving you.
“F-fuck fuck fuck, this feels so goooohhhood Mommy, p-please more…”
“Yeah? You love being filled with all of this cock don’t you?” She grunts as she slaps your ass once and then turns up the setting of the vibrations making you cry out in pleasure. Your moans grow louder and louder as well as the sounds of your pussy that keep meeting her strap over and over again. The sounds mix along with the buzzing sound.
“God, fuck Viiiii, mommy fuck p-pleaaaase I—”
You whine as your eyes roll back inside your head.
“What do you want, kitten?” She groans while one of her hands reach around you to slip against your clit making you writhe against her as she applies pressure. The pleasure has the tension tightening in the pit of your stomach, dying for your release.
“Oh, o-oh m-my… fuck, h-harder, faster p-p-pleaaseee.” You squeak out in between moans. The wet noises of her easing into you over and over has your cheeks burning, realising just how wet and needy you are.
She moans, gripping your hips tighter as she picks up her pace once more. Your skin is all sweaty and gleaming underneath the dim fairy lights in the room. You try to catch your breath but from how Vi is trusting while the vibrations buzz inside you and the rubbing against your clit it feels almost impossible to do so.
“Does that feel good princess?” She asks as she leans down her body closer to yours making her hit your cervix repeatedly. You whimper and tremble underneath her as you nod, she moans against your ear as she whispers close to you. “Does it feel good? That I’m fucking you like this? Just the way you like it.”
“Yes! I-it feels sooooo gooood, Viiiii—” you whine as she continues to hit your sensitive spots inside you. Her fingers press down on your little button making you squirm. The tension continues to build up as the pleasure is becoming too overwhelming.
Vi snaps her hips into you again and again, thrusting deep, causing you to see stars from knowing just how to pleasure you. Feeling like your head is swimming once again, you whine. “I’m so close, baby, please…” you beg desperately. You only need one more little push, a little bit more attention to reach your peak.
Her hips never slow down as she massages your clit, while she turns up the setting one more time. The coil snaps, pleasure erupts in waves as heat overflows your body as you arch your back. You can’t stop yourself from shaking as you come against her. You almost black out because of the intensity of your orgasm, trembling like crazy. You feel yourself gushing against her, you moan as the overstimulation is getting to you.
“Fuck yeah!” Vi grunts as she looks at you squirting all over her. She slows down her movements once your body turns into mush. Smiling, she places a hand on your ass gently as she pulls out of you, making you a whimpering mess beneath her. Once she removed the strap and dropped it on the floor, telling herself she will clean it up later, she climbs back into bed, lying down next to you.
Your senses slowly come back to you as you’re still catching your breath from having such an intense orgasm. Her arms are wrapped around you while your head is against her chest. Groaning you pull your arms from against her, holding her close to you after wrapping your arms around her. You hear Vi giggle when you squirm as you feel the soaking wet sheets below you.
“Again!? How the fuck do you do that?” You groan. “Are you made of magic?”
Vi laughs so loud that you have to pull away from her. “No I am not made of magic,” she shakes her head as she continues to chuckle. “Yeah again, I guess I’m just that good at making you squirt.”
“I believe you because I haven’t cum this much in my life.” You try to look serious but soon a smile cracks on your face, you giggle along with her because her laugh is so contagious.
“I think you deserve all the orgasms in the world. All the love in the world. Because you’re the most beautiful soul and person I’ve ever met.” She says as she leans down to kiss your forehead gently.
“Turning sappy now?” You smirk playfully up at her making her snort as she shakes her head in disbelief.
“I’m being honest and sweet with you…” she pouts dramatically.
“I know, I’m just teasing, I love you so much, my most beautiful flower.” You lean up to peck her lips.
“Flower huh?” She smiles against your lips. You’re about to pull away but her hands cup your face quickly as she deepens the kiss. Violet loves to kiss you like she has all the time in the world. You love the feel of her soft but chapped lips on yours, you could kiss Vi all day.
You eventually pull away after a while of just kissing and hugging each other. “What about the sheets?”
“Soon, let’s just cuddle and kiss more for a while,” she whispers before rejoining your lips together.
“But, we’re soaked?”
“Shhhh kiss me baby,” she puckers her lips as she makes small kissing noises making you giggle before kissing her once again. Kissing each other languidly for a while before you feel her trace your thighs with her fingers. You pull away and you raise your eyebrows at her.
“What?” She plays coy and tries not to laugh as you shake your head with amusement.
“I know you Vi…” you look at her teasingly.
“Another round please?” She looks at you with the best puppy face she can give you.
“You’re unbelievable,” you giggle before pressing a soft quick kiss on her lips. “Maybe…”
“I’ve been very nice, very good to you. Maybe you would love to squirt all over me again?” She smiles at you deviously as you gasp, giving her a playful push.
“Vi!” You squeal before she holds your body close to hers, swallowing your noises as she kisses you. Both of your giggles turn into breathy moans as you both continue to touch each other.
As she kisses you again and again, you settle in for a long night, as Vi intends on wearing you out. You truly will never get tired of touching or loving each other.
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Are we…still sisters? Nothing is ever going to change that.
VI & JINX │ ARCANE (2021-)
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ngl I’m 👌 this close to using either of these as my new profile pic
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somewhere in new york 🌙
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Indeed the finest of Piltover. Thanks luddlestons for the tatto design <3
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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla | Of All That Has Passed
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Eivor + being interrupted while making eyes at Randvi.
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JINX | Arcane – 1.07 “The Boy Savior” 
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