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terriblesportsimagines·7 days agoAnswer

dude I am in love with your writing wtf,,, also thank you for writing knb content at this time (especially kise)

Thank you!

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terriblesportsimagines·7 days agoAnswer

i am so happy your ask box is open again! ☺️ pls may i ask for a nsfw scenario of kise spanking his female s.o? im sure youve touched on the idea of kise spanking his s.o before but ive been dying for a whole scenario of it 😳😳 what happens in the scenario is up to you, as long as there is spanking then im satisfied, lmao! thank you in advance 🥰🥰🥰

ahhh this ask is *chef kiss the fingers*

Kise Ryouta

You shivered as he stepped near, golden eyes gleaming exactly like a predator.  He even licked his lips as he stalked you, cornering you against the edge of the bed.  “Is that fear I see?” Kise purred, ducking his head to draw his tongue over the shell of your ear.  When you shuddered, he chuckled, “Yes, definitely fear.  Good, you should be afraid~”

You swallowed the lump in your throat.  On one had, you were a little afraid of him in that moment.  He was irritated, and you knew he was possessive, though it mostly just manifested in whining.  But he hadn’t liked that you’d hung out with a guy from you class all day, especially since he had it off.  You tried to explain that it was just for an assignment, but he got cranky when he had plans and they were thwarted.

He would never actually hurt you, and if you told him to stop, he absolutely would.  You trusted him.  That being said, it was kind of… fun when he got like this.  He was rougher, which you liked, since he tended be softer and gentler normally.

And, he was a cuddler.

Not now though, now, he turned you so that he could sit on the edge of the bed and pull you over his lap. “You’ll take your punishment like a good girl, won’t you, ____-chin?”

You whimpered, mostly for effect, but also because you were turned on beyond belief and it was all you could do not to squirm in his lap and press you thighs together.  “Yesss.”

He chuckled again, hooking his fingers beneath your shorts and yanking them and your panties down to your knees in one go.  His first smack was hard on your left cheek and it made you hiss, even as heat developed in your center.  The second came down on the other cheek and he quickly developed a rhythm.

“Bad girl, you’re not supposed to enjoy it,” Kise chastised, but there was no anger or annoyance in his voice, just pleasure and warmth.  

His fingers slipped between your ass cheeks and down into your slick center and purred as he dipped a finger into you.  “So wet for me, it makes me want to be lenient.”  You could hear the smirk in his voice as he fingered you for a few moments. “But I’ve definitely earned a treat, haven’t I?  Sit up, sweetheart.”

You followed his command and watched as he scooted up the bed and fell back against the pillows.  With a shark-like grin, he held out a hand and demanded.  “On my face, would you?  I’m gonna eat you up.”

You shivered as you obeyed.

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terriblesportsimagines·11 days agoAnswer

My dog is slowly recovering from pancreatitis. She's better now, at least it seems like she's a lot better than she had been before. Which is a good sign.. A good sign to me (and her).

I hope she gets better quickly!  A sick pup is hard on the heart! <3

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terriblesportsimagines·11 days agoAnswer

its rly interesting to me how there seems to be like.. two different ways people write for kagami (nsfw wise), like, they either write him as harsh and kind of rough w his s.o or they write him as soft, gentle as shy... personally i prefer the latter... i mean he is Baby™.. he wouldnt hurt a fly,, i could only see him being kind of rough if he was REALLY riled up idk.. just think its interesting :’) i still think the way u write him is spot on,, literally *chef’s kiss* ✨✨

Hehe thanks!  I honestly think he can be either.  I think most of the time he’s gentle and soft and gets embarrassed easily, but later in the relationship especially, once he gains some confidence, he can be rough – especially like you said, when he’s riled up.  Usually if he’s rougher its mostly because he’s just really intense lol

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terriblesportsimagines·12 days agoAnswer

what are your top 5 favourite animes? 👀👀

oh man, picking just five lol

1. Daiya no Ace

2. My roommate is a cat

3. Yuri on Ice

4. Naruto (Shippuden only, and mostly because I love the characters)

5. Kuroko no Basket

These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head that I have watched many times or will watch many times.

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terriblesportsimagines·12 days agoAnswer

All Out headcanons please. Sekizan, Gion, Iwashimizu, Ebumi, Oharano, and Hachioji hear a classmate complain that he confessed his feelings for the boys' crush, but was rejected because she like boys who are more (insert respective quality for each boy here). What do they do?

Sekizan Takuya

  • Something flutters in his chest, at hearing you rejected one of your classmates.  He hates that he feels so concerned, but alas, one cannot turn off their feelings.
  • Doesn’t really think about how you describe the kind of guy you do like, since he’s never really considered his own traits before.  It sounds something like him, but he’s not getting his hopes up.  And besides, he has no time.
  • It’s unfortunate that Hachi overheard the same conversation, because he also knew that Sekizan had a tiny crush on you.  He pesters him about it for a few days and when he doesn’t crack, you catch him talking to you.
  • Panic ensues, especially when your eyes get big and you look at him, a blush on your face.  Soon he’s blushing too and it’s a mess.
  • Definitely feels like he has to confess now.

 Gion Kenji

  • Puffs up, not even realizing he’s blushing, because the guy you described sounds just like him and if that isn’t a sign from the heavens, he doesn’t know what is.
  • Brings you a present the next day. He has no idea how to confess to someone, or even if he should, but he can’t hold himself back.
  • Hopefully you are more with it than he is.

 Iwashmizu Sumiaki

  • He feels bad for the rejected guy, but doesn’t really think much about everything else.  Even if he does have some of the traits you listed, you are obviously not talking about him.  That was impossible.
  • I hope you are brave, reader, since this little puppy is probably never going to confess unless you confess first.  He smiles and hopes you find happiness with whoever you choose.

 Ebumi Masaru

  • Scoffs as he hears that you rejected another guy – like of course you did, you have more sense than that.
  • Doesn’t know how to feel about the rest though.  He thinks you’re weird for liking someone who sounds a lot like him.  You were too good for that too, though he’d never admit it.
  • Probably wouldn’t confess to you, but wouldn’t deny you if you confessed to him.

 Oharano Etsugo

  • Would never admit to eavesdropping, or to caring about what you said.  Little Tsun would rather die.
  • But he can’t help that his heart jumps to his throat as you describe the kind of guy you like, because it sounds an awful lot like him.  It, of course, wasn’t, but what if…-
  • Looks at you differently after that, and dreams.

 Hachioji Mutsumi

  • Is worried at first that the guy confessing put you out or embarrassed you.  He’s glad that he didn’t.
  • He holds his breath as you describe the kind of guy you like.  His stomach flutters – it sounds like me… could I-?
  • Spends a few days mulling it over and decides there is no way to know other than to ask, so he gathers his courage and asks you out.
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terriblesportsimagines·14 days agoAnswer

Hiii can I have a hc with Taira and Miyuki (All Out!!) and with Chris and Miyuki (Daiya) with S/O and what kind of fun things they would do during summer quarantine. I hope your safe!

Thank you!  I rarely leave my house and work from home, so I am as safe as I can be.  I hope you all are safe too!

Taira Tadakazu

  • He is restless.  It’s really hard for him to sit still and even harder for him to stay inside.  He always is the one to go shopping and to run any errand that needs to be run, with mask on and handsanitizer in pocket!
  • You probably will have to think up games to play inside to keep his attention.  Gets a little whiny when he’s bored and libel to drive you up the wall.  He’s a big guy and needs lots of exercise, not getting is killing him.
  • As quarantine restrictions lift, he’s the first one outside.  He always makes sure he’s safe, because he doesn’t want to get you sick, and he’s dragging you out to things like hiking trails and the like.  He’s very conscious of the possible risk, so he keeps you away from crowds.
  • It hurts that he can’t play rugby, but since it’s such a high contact sport, it’s just not done.  Once it’s okay to go outside again, you find yourself spending basically all our time out and since you have to avoid other people, you two are basically in your own world.

 Miyuki Atsushi

  • Groans a lot about not being able to go outside, but surprisingly isn’t restless or antsy
  • He’s just as happy to stay inside cuddling and other activities with you.
  • It does get boring after a while, but he always has video games to play and drags you into them whenever he can.  Is stupidly competitive though, so beware!
  • Is prone to pounce on you at random.  So good at talking you into bed it’s not even funny.  Uses all the time inside and together as an excuse lol
  • He’s not as careful as he should be when outside is okay again, though he wears his mask.  He’s a physical kind of guy, so it’s hard for him to hold back and so he touches people a lot.  You have to be there with the sanitizer.
  • He drags you to the beach and sets up a barricade around your beach blanket lol
  • Tries to play rugby with a mask, it didn’t go well lol He’s grumpy about the loss of his sport for a while, and ends up sticking like glue to you.

 Takigawa Chris Yuu

  • He’s just fine staying inside.  Would he like to be out and playing baseball? Yes.  But public safety, and your safety comes first.
  • You spend a lot of time reading together, though he can be convinced to watch tv or movies, as long as he gets to hold you.
  • You both get good at cooking during quarantine and it becomes habit to try out new recipes when you cook together.
  • Smiles are you if you pull him into a dance in your living room.  It’s a little out of his usual realm, but he’s down, if only to see you smile.
  • When things slowly start opening again, he’ll take you on trips to the mountains.  Nowhere difficult for you to trek, but somewhere outside and isolated. He’s very conscious of risk and the numbers surrounding waves and infections.  Doesn’t want to make it even longer before he can go back to playing baseball.

 Miyuki Kazuya

  • Doesn’t mind being inside so much, but hates not being able to play baseball.  It’s the summer, he’s supposed to be playing.  Doesn’t know what to do with himself when he should be playing but isn’t.
  • He does read, but he’s restless and spends most of his time in the kitchen.  It will be up to you to get him out of his funk.
  • Will go along with you if you want to play games, video or otherwise.  He’s not great at video games, but board games that require strategic thinking?  Good luck, you’ll never win.
  • Has the tendency to flop on you and stay there, grumbling about boredom.  He’s happy to lay with his head in your lap and doze while you read or watch tv.
  • Clears a space big enough to swing a bat if he can. He doesn’t want to lose his body tone, and so has free weights and exercises he can run at home.
  • Even when things open up some again, he doesn’t see the point in going out.  He’s not particularly an outdoors person, except for baseball, so nothing much changes. Spends longer lingering in the grocery store tho.
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terriblesportsimagines·19 days agoAnswer

Yay your back!! Can I have Chris,Miyuki,Jun,Kuramochi hearing there little innocent baby curse

Takigawa Chris Yuu

  • Taken aback.  Has no idea where the babe picked it up, since he didn’t use that kind of language, and neither did you, mostly.
  • Understands that kids pick up things super easily, and baby might have picked up from a trip out and about.
  • Steers his child away from the curse word without making a big deal of it.  If the kid is old enough, he’ll explain why it’s not polite to say the word, but other than that, he opts for teaching rather than scolding.

 Miyuki Kazuya

  • Tries to hide that he thinks it’s hilarious, because you are huffy about it, but he remembers how he was as a kid and isn’t surprised.  Sure, he was sneakier about his language, but still…
  • Has no idea how to explain that grown ups can say words kids can’t so he kind of flounders, especially under your watchful eye.
  • Decides that some things are best left to you.

 Isashiki Jun

  • Turns bright red.  100% knows right away that his little one is cursing because of him.  He tries his best to watch his language around kiddo, but he’s not particularly successful.
  • You laugh, but you expected it to happen one day.  The kiddo looked up to their daddy a lot, so it makes sense.  You aren’t even annoyed about it.
  • There’s no point in explaining the concept of curse words to the kiddo, but you both try.
  • He gets hit back with, “If daddy can say it, why can’t I?”

 Kuramochi Youichi

  • Also knows it’s his fault, because you are better at curbing your language than he is.
  • Sighs and tries to figure out how to fix it before you find out. He wouldn’t blame you for killing him, and he’s worried about what his mother was going to say.
  • No matter how hard he tries to get his kid to stop saying it, he can’t, and so you inevitably find out, much to his despair.
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terriblesportsimagines·21 days agoAnswer

Hello love great to see you back! Can I have a All Out!! With Taira,Miyuki,Zanba with preg S/O and how they with there new born baby

Taira Tadakazu

  • A more enthusiastic father there could never be.  This guy is ESTATIC that you are pregnant, so proud he brags to everyone about how amazing you are and how amazing his baby is
  • He’s also the most supportive partner ever.  Does everything you want, and does a ton of research so he can anticipate everything. He probably knows more about pregnancy than you do LOL
  • Gives the best foot and back rubs and never flinches at the more disgusting pregnancy cravings you have. Scolds a bit about staying healthy but always caves quickly lol
  • He goes to every one of your doctor’s appointments/scans.  Like, he gets in trouble at work because he’s always taking time off for it.  Gives 0 fucks and will beg forgiveness rather than miss being there for you.
  • He’s your stalwart companion through the birth.  Holds your hands, not even flinching if you squeeze too hard, doesn’t pay attention to your threats or curses.  Even helps the nurses or doctor if he needs to.  Nothing about your body scares him or grosses him out.
  • When the baby comes he’s the proudest papa that ever lived.  Sends all his friends and family pictures and texts about the baby.  He’s one of those near-obnoxious over-sharers lol
  • Is determined to do everything for the baby he can – changes diapers, cleans everything, stays up with you and gets up in the middle of the night as much as he can.
  • To say that he is a huge part of baby’s life is an understatement.  Every milestone he misses due to work he sobs about.  Spends every minute he’s not at work with the baby.
  • He’s baby’s favorite, much to your annoyance XD

 Miyuki Atsushi

  • Hes terrified when you tell him your pregnant.  Even if you’d been trying, he’s petrified.  What does he know about babies?!
  • Not that he shows it though. He’s as cheerful as ever, putting on a brave face.  You can probably tell, and so the pair of you sit down and talk about what the baby means and what the future holds.
  • Only mildly curious about the whole process and mostly lets you tell him what he needs to be doing.
  • Talks to your belly throughout the pregnancy.  Talks about rugby a lot and how he was going to teach baby how to play when they are old enough.  You point out that it might be a girl and he just shrugs and says “Girls can play rugby too!”
  • A little freaked out about the more graphic information, and kind of hates that you have to go through all of that just to bring his baby into the world.  He’s happy of course, but he’s worried about you too.
  • When the day actually comes, he’s in a bit of a panic.  Manages to smother it enough to get your to the hospital and settled in.  Struggles with the birthing room, but is determined to be there with you all the same.
  • But when the baby finally comes, he’s enthralled.  Thinks baby is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, even when covered in after birth and swollen
  • He’s the fun dad.  He plays with the baby and looks after the basics, but has to be asked to do more complicated stuff.  Its not that he minds, it’s just he doesn’t think about it.
  • Is determined to support you and baby to the best of his abilities and does work overtime so that baby can have the best things and toys.  Goes a little bit overboard.
  • Always there to put baby to bed though.

Zanba Ryujin

  • Does not get what the big deal about being pregnant is.  Doesn’t really understand that there will be changes.  This man needs some education.
  • He listens and learns, but doesn’t really conceptualize the overall picture (this is not because he’s stupid, but rather, he gets bored and stops listening, and he doesn’t really think about it).  Thus, there is a long adjustment period as learns that you can’t do everything you used to do.
  • Is overprotective though. Once he figures it all out, he’s like a mother bear.  Gets hyper focused on certain things.  Reads a pregnancy book or two and takes some things to heart.  Exercise, but no overexertion, the need for massages, etc. Makes himself pay attention in baby classes.
  • He’s ALL IN for your pregnancy cravings.  Eats things with you, and somehow isn’t grossed out.  Goes a long way to normalizing weird things.  Also refuses to believe that desserts can harm the baby and so always makes you share his unless you feel sick.
  • Holds your hair when your throw up.  Doesn’t understand why having a baby makes you sick, but he takes care of you regardless. Is completely unfazed by it.
  • Talks about what kind of sweets the baby might like and how big they will grow.  Wants them to follow in his footsteps because it would be fun to play with them.  It’s very adorable.
  • On the day the baby is born, he’s outside the room while your mother is in with you.  He can’t stand seeing you in pain and there being nothing he can do.  Has major anxiety about the process, especially after the last doctor’s appointment when it was explained.
  • He’s also the type to realize at the last minute when having a baby means – that baby will get all your time and energy, and this causes a little pout.  It is like that and he gets a little resentful towards the baby about it, but the baby is so cute, he can’t stay upset about it.
  • Baby’s favorite place to sleep is on daddy’s chest and there are times when baby won’t settle unless Ryujin is holding them.
  • Complete gentle giant with baby. Doesn’t seem like it though, like he’s terrified you many a time by tossing baby in the air (when baby’s old enough!)  Always makes sure to be aware of his strength.  Baby’s fragility scares him sometimes, so he’s extra careful.
  • What he likes the best, however, is when you are in his lap as you feed baby.  It’s like his whole world is in his arms.
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terriblesportsimagines·a month agoText

Ebumi Masaru

  • Oh boy… honestly, this relationship would be rocky as hell, since he’s exactly the same way lol
  • But that actually puts him in the perfect position to understand you, and since he probably knew what he was getting into before you got together, he handles it better than a lot of people would think.  
  • That doesn’t mean he doesn’t snap back at you or growl, cause he absolutely does.  He doesn’t take shit from anyone, not even you, but you both understand that it’s not serious and so neither hold grudges.
  • He gets embarrassed when you give him presents.  Like he doesn’t know what to do with them and doesn’t really think it’s necessary, since he’s bitchy with you a lot too.  Always blushes.
  • He draws out your apologies as much as he can, always maneuvering it so that he ends up getting some. That’s the only present he needs – the feel of you in his arms, his lips against your skin…
  • For that feeling, he’d put up with whatever.

Zanba Ryujin

  • Doesn’t even notice you are being moody most of the time.  As long as he’s with you, he’s happy.
  • The only time he gets upset is if you snap about not wanting desserts.  Then he feels hurt and pouts.  Sometimes he just leaves you and lets you work out your mood and other times he just pushes harder, feeding you his sweets until he gets you to smile.
  • Its usually after he leaves you that presents come into play.  Boy can hold a grudge and when he’s upset, everyone knows.  Not placated until you bring him some specialty pudding or something. Then he lights up and picks you and twirls you and everything’s forgotten.
  • Thinks your apologies are adorable, especially when he has no idea what you are talking about.
  • Demands cuddles.  Always.

Kirishima Sekito

  • Not gonna lie, I think this kid would be crushed if you snap at him.  He’s pretty sensitive, and while he likes you, it hurts when you are bitchy for no reason.  
  • Does not understand your anger.
  • Always lets you make it up to him though.  Sweet kisses and little anime figurines are the key to his heart.
  • Letting him use your lap as a pillow is also a sure-fire way to get him to forget the tension and hurt.  He loves looking up at you, especially if you give him a smile
  • He is easily hurt though, so you’re probably going to have to work on your anger issues or you will lose him eventually.  He loves you, but there is only so much he can take.  Tries to get you to talk out your issues.  Makes you a deal that he’ll work on his if you work on yours.

Kirishima Kokuto

  • He rarely reacts to your snipes. What he does do, however, is look at you, eyebrows raised until you realize what you are doing and look contrite.
  • The king of pulling you out of bad moods, mostly because he doesn’t put up with it.  He makes you realize what your doing when your are doing it and give you a chance to amend.
  • Doesn’t hold anything against you. He knows you, and understands you, he just thinks that you should be accountable for the things you say and do and that sooner is always better than later.
  • Always takes your gifts, even though he doesn’t see the need for them.  He knows you feel bad and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by not accepting them.
  • He’s not a wordy guy, and doesn’t usually speak his feelings, but when you are really bad off, he will pull you into his arms and murmur his feelings
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terriblesportsimagines·a month agoText

ooh, unusual customer.  Me likey

Shirakawa Katsuyuki

His eyes darkened the moment the works fell from your lips.  Gold turned to burnt umber and all at once became threatening.

Make me.

He was not a wordy man.  He much preferred to observe, giving his opinion when needed.  Not that he wasn’t a man with weak opinions – he absolutely wasn’t.  Nor was he a submissive sort of man.  He tended to quietly dominate, which was something you probably should have considered.

“So that’s what you want.” His reply was quiet, soft, but incredibly threatening.  You’d pushed his buttons and now you were in for it.

A delicious shiver crawled down your spine.

He moved like a cat, and though you tried to keep him in your sights, the room was dimly lit.  His eyes practically gleamed in the low light of the lamp as he began to circle you exactly the way a predator would circle his prey.  You felt yourself heating up already, your center throbbed and all he’d done was look at you with that look in his eyes.

You were ready for any action, and yet, when he pounced, you were caught off guard, allowing him to gain control in an instant, despite your paltry fight.  He pulled your arms behind your back and lashed your wrists together tightly, though not enough to hurt, and he’d used something soft.  Where had even gotten something like that?

“Now you’re completely mine,” Katsuyuki growled in your ear from behind, touch surprisingly gentle, despite the position.  “And I’ll make you do whatever I want.  You should know better than to challenge me, _____.”

Despite your vulnerability, or perhaps because of it, you were turned on.  You liked this side of him, the forceful side that got what he want. You were more than happy to be in his capable hands.

Thus, when he pushed you by the neck and onto the mattress, leaving your legs spread and ass displayed perfectly, you went whimpering as your center ached.

“Wet already,” he drawled, touching the gusset of your panties lightly, lingering over your clit.  “Do you like this?  Being so helpless?”

“Yes,” you mewled, wiggling your hips, trying to deepen his touch.  “Please… please Katsuyuki…”

Katsuyuki snorted, shifting forward until his hips pressed against your ass, revealing his arousal clear as day. “You think it’s going to be that easy?” He bent, pressing his chest to your back so that he could once again reach your ear.  It was an awkward position, but he made sure not to rest too much weight on you.  “I’m going to make you suffer for that comment. I’m going to pull you to the edge over and over until you cry.  And then maybe I’ll let you have my cock.”

You whimpered, more desperately this time.  You didn’t know whether to be terrified or even more turned on.  Or both.

His lips were curled up into a smirk, a dangerous expression.  “Now then, let’s get started.”

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terriblesportsimagines·a month agoAnswer

i really love your DnA content!!! i hope you have a great day 💓

Thank you so much!  It’s my favorite of my content, I’ll admit.. probably because it’s my most favorite series

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terriblesportsimagines·a month agoAnswer

🥺👉👈 may i ask for kuramochi and miyuki (respecticely) when their girlfriends were disappointed that they couldn't go on the 2nd year's field trip with them? headcanons pls

Miyuki Kazuya

  • At first, he just sort of shrugs it off – it can’t be helped, after all.
  • But then he sees how disappointed you are and can’t stop himself from teasing you.  Mostly about the things you wanted to do to him while on the trip and thus less supervised
  • If you get mad at how cavalier he’s being, he’ll sigh and ‘apologize’.  It’s kind of half-assed though, because he really doesn’t see what the big deal was.
  • He’s not immune to your disappointment though, no matter how bad he is with things like this.  He tries extra hard to make time for just the two of you in the days before the trip.  Lots of cuddles and teasing and a surprising amount of sweetness from him.
  • Pokes you until you promise to bring him something back, though he doesn’t really need anything, he just knows how much you would like the idea, especially if it were a set of matching things
  • Once your gone though, he misses you immediately, and actually starts getting a little disappointed he couldn’t be on the trip too.  Throws himself into baseball to forget, but keeps his phone on constantly so he can read your messages as fast as possible.
  • Kuramochi teases the shit out of him.

 Kuramochi Youichi

  • He’s very apologetic.  I mean, he feels bad he can’t go either – think of all the fun you could have had together away from school.  It’s so lame!
  • Except that it’s an important time of year for baseball and he really is focused on the Summer tournament. It doesn’t stop him from being disappointed.
  • Placates you with kisses and hugs and maybe a little more if you let him (or you are there in your relationship).  He’s sweet and apologetic to the point where his teammates fake gagging lol
  • He always makes time for you after dinner and you usually either talk or study.  This means he has to swing a bat later in the night, but it’s worth it for you.
  • He demands you take lots of pictures so he can see them, and makes you promise you’ll take ones with you in it, because those are the ones he wants to see the most.
  • Always has his phone on him so he can read your messages and see the pictures while you are gone.  He misses you, so it stands to reason.
  • Ryousuke teases him mercilessly, including about what if you met someone better on the trip?  Mochi tries not to take it to heart, but once Ryou said it, he was a little worried.
  • Miyuki laughs himself silly when he hears.
  • When you get back, he drops everything to see you.  Doesn’t manage to get out of practice, but heads straight for you the second it’s done. Doesn’t even wait to bathe.
  • Which you bring up, but you are too busy being smothered in kisses to really care if he’s dirty and sweaty.
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terriblesportsimagines·a month agoAnswer

terrible sports imagines? more like teribbly good sports imagines!

lol thank you! <3

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terriblesportsimagines·a month agoAnswer

kiss cam scenario/headcanons for mei but this time his crush sat in the middle of him and another person on the team so the kiss cam zoomed in on crush and teammate instead rip mei 🤭


Narumiya Mei

  • If it had up to him, you would have been seated on the end with only him beside you.  He eyes Carlos with more than a little rancor for getting to sit on your other side.  Really, why did the rest of the team have to come anyway?  So what if it was a treat for winning the Kantou tournament…
  • Carlos laughs at him, purposely flirting with you the whole time.  He would never actually go for you, of course, since he is Mei’s friend and he’d never to that to him, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t make Mei’s life a little difficult.
  • Mei spends most of the game chattering at you, telling you all about the different players and what was happening.  He wants to impress you with his knowledge, even if you already know.  
  • His smiles are softer around the edge, and honestly, Carlos and Shirakawa don’t understand how the hell you hadn’t noticed the blond’s affection yet.
  • Every time he has to touch you to pull your attention away from Carlos or one of his other teammates a thrill shoots through his fingers and up his arm and settles in his chest.  He didn’t want to admit that he felt a little giddy, sitting beside you in a stadium and not at school.  It was almost like a date… or would have been if his stupid teammates weren’t there too.
  • His favorite spot to touch you is your knee.  Your knee and a bit of your thigh is bare so he gets to touch your skin and it’s electrifying.  You’re skin is soft and he wishes he could touch more of it.
  • Mei’s not really paying attention to the camera’s, he’s too focused on you.  It isn’t until you jerk and tense that he realizes what was happening. That the kiss cam had stopped on you and Carlos.
  • Carlos’ grin is quick and sharp and he’s already reaching out to touch your jaw to lead you into a kiss when Mei loses his mind.
  • Mei grabs you by the shoulders and turns you, ignoring the way your eyes widen in shock.  And then he’s kissing you – it’s a little forceful, and a lot rushed, and he’s humiliated as soon as it happens.
  • The crowd cheers and Carlos laughs, but Mei’s in his own little world with you.  The moment the kiss is over, his cheeks are hot with shame.  “I… I’m sorry,” he blurts, hands pulling away and going straight for his hair.  “That was rude… I didn’t even ask… I’m sorry, that’s now how I wanted it to happen-”
  • You stop him with a soft utterance of his name. “Mei.”
  • He blinks, thinking that he’s messed everything up and that you’ll never go out with him now.  Why couldn’t the camera land on you two?  It would have been less weird…
  • All of a sudden, he feels something soft touch his lips and his eyes widen as he realizes you were kissing him. When you pull away, you’re smiling in a cheeky manner .  “Now we’re even!”
  • Mei.exe has stopped working
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I'm so happy that you're back!! :D Can I request a scenario with Sanada Shunpei (DnA), he and his female s/o go to the beach for the first time and both discover that the other one is way more "toned" than they thought? pretty please and thank you ^3^* (sorry for my English, hope you understand)

Sanada Shunpei

Damn, was his first thought as you came out of the changing room all geared up in your adorable swimsuit.  It was a two piece, but not a bikini.  Instead, the top was a halter that came half-way down your abdomen and the bottoms were boy shorts.  Either way it molded to you and displayed a deliciously toned body that would fuel his dreams for a long time.

He’d known you were lithe and muscled, of course, since he’d put his hands on you and just holding you was enough to tell that.  But he had no idea how toned you really were.  Sanada felt a shot of something very male move through him as he caught you by the waist and grinned down at you.  “Hey there~”

You were too overwhelmed to reply immediately.  His hands warmed your skin and it was all you could do not to shiver.  You couldn’t stop staring either, which was embarrassing, who could blame you?  The body before you was perfection – all sleek, carved muscles that made you want to lick them.

You felt your cheeks heat at the thought.

He was muscled without being bulky, exactly the way a pitcher should be.  He’d obviously been hitting the gym…

“Oho, cat got your tongue?” Sanada’s voice teased into your ear.

You jumped a little, but since you were firmly in his grasp, there was no where for you to go.  Instead you buried your head into his chest and slung your arms around his waist so he couldn’t see how red your face was. “You’re way too attractive,” you admitted, grumbling.  Your embarrassment didn’t stop you from running your hands over his back though.

His shoulder’s shook in silent laughter.  He pressed a kiss to the top of your head and cuddled you just the way you always liked. “Then we make the perfect pair, because you’re gorgeous.”

A part of you wanted to be incredulous that he could say something so cheesy in such a cheeky tone of voice, but since that was pretty much him (off the field), you just huffed.

Sanada pulled you back and looked down at you, still grinning.  “So cute~” He laughed and touched his lips to the tip of your nose. “Now then, shall we?”

You got a smile out and nodded, taking his hand as he offered it.

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SLINGS MYSELF IN hello hello can i have a scenario of furuya's bubbly and affectionate girlfriend since middle school coming to cheer for him at one of the matches and the entire team didn't believe he has a gf before now witnessed this baseball idiot being lovey dovey with his gf

Furuya Satoru


Furuya froze mid-step, causing one of his teammates behind him to bump into him and grumble.  He turned at the sound of your voice and saw you waving a few yards away.  He immediately pushed his way through the crowd towards you and when he reached you, slid his arms around your waist and dropped his head on your shoulder. “You’re here…” he mumbled into the material of your school uniform.

“Of course I am,” you chirped, pressing a kiss to his hair.  “I couldn’t miss your first game in high school!  It would break the pattern!”

“So hot,” Furuya complained, but despite this, wormed closer to you.  You laughed at how adorable he was.

“Oi, Furuya!  What are you doing?!”

Furuya ignored Sawamura, but when Miyuki, Kuramochi and Haruichi joined Sawamura, he huffed and lifted his head, though he did not remove himself from your space.  He pressed his side against you and left an arm wrapped around your waist as he blinked at his teammates.

“Oho, who’s this now?” Miyuki drawled in a smarmy voice that perfectly matched Kuramochi’s grin.

“My girlfriend,” Furuya stated plainly.

Kuramochi twitched a bit. “And when the hell did you have time to get a girlfriend?”

“Oh!  You should have introduced me!” You said brightly and then bowed at the other Seidou players.  “I’m  ____ ____. I’m Satoru’s girlfriend from middle school.”

“But he came here from Hokkaido…” Haruichi answered, blinking.

You grinned at the boys. “So did I!  I couldn’t let him go to a new place all by himself!”

“Kind of opposites aren’t they?” Kuramochi muttered at Miyuki, eyeing you.

Miyuki just giggled meanly.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Haruichi finally answered properly, bowing politely.  “It’s good Furuya has someone to look out for him.”

Sawamura, who had been looking between the two the whole time finally lit up and slapped his fist into his hand.  “Ah! Furuya has a girlfriend!”

Kuramochi rolled his eyes and grabbed Sawamura in a headlock.  “Duh!”

“We should get going,” Haruichi said, “It was nice to meet you, ___-san.”

“You too!”

You and Furuya watched as the boys wandered away, back to their original path.  “You should hurry and follow them,” you said, ruffling Furuya’s hair a bit.  “I’ll be in the stands cheering for you!”

“Okay,” he responded, bending to press a kiss to your cheek.  “Later?”

You grinned.  “Of course!”

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Are your requests hopefully going to be open soon??

It’s possible!  I’m not sure how soon they’ll be open.  I really struggled with this batch, so we’ll see.

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