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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
terrorofthenight · 2 hours ago
Seemed a bit... excessive to Gos, but she supposes Gabby’s weird like that. She talks all formal and like a mercenary. 
Gos watches as she picks up the hockey stick in, what she hates to admit, a cool way. The stick is suddenly coming at her though, and she instinctively braces for it, but nothing comes and she breathes a sigh of relief. 
“... am I ...actually hitting you?” she asks, sounding unsure. As fun as that sounded, she doubted her dad would appreciate it. She could only imagine his face if he walked past and saw Gos trying to hit his new girlfriend with a hockey stick. 
Gos stiffened slightly as she’s addressed and turns to look at Gabby. 
Tumblr media
“I think I have pretty good control.” She argues. It’s for two reasons. She still doesn’t like Gabby, and two, because she does think she’s got good control. She’s one of the best players on her team. 
She takes a moment before sighing. 
“… but Dad and Launchpad says to always accept help.” 
Tumblr media
“I know you do, I’m not criticizing you. But you’re still young and don’t know everything. I just thought you’d like to learn a technique or two that could set you apart from enemies………or at least humiliate them utterly.”
Gabby takes a few strides towards the redhead, and kicks one of Gos’s  discarded hockey sticks upright into her hand like a bow-staff. “This of course, is illegal in your ice game sport, it’s for fighting. But it has the same principles…” She whooshes the stick upwards in a loud whip, crossing it forward in a perfect arch, stopping on a HAIR before hitting Gosalyn’s stick. “I won’t harm you, don’t worry. Now…think you can mimic what I just did and try to hit me?”
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terrorofthenight · 2 hours ago
His smile turns a bit nervous and he finds his face heating up as she leans closer and asks what else. 
“I like,” he starts thinking a moment, but his brain is going slightly fuzzy as she plays with his collar. “how graceful you are... “ he starts, looking up at her. “and... how beautiful you are..” his mouth quirks up into a small smirk. “How you can probably take me down without breaking a sweat...” 
“I love how I just never quite know what to expect when it comes to you...it certainly keeps things fun.” 
He smiles as she said he did well by her. That’s all he ever wanted to do. He moved and sat beside Gabby, an arm going and resting along the back of the couch as he faced her. 
“You could. Keep me on my toes.” He says a bit playfully as he leans against the couch. 
“It is one of the things I like about you.” Drake smirks. 
She crooks one brow higher than the other, smirking back as she dips her form down, to lean in closer. Her long fingers rapping near his on the sofa back. “Oh? What else do you like about me?”
She’s not going to pounce…yet. “Illuminate me, Drake.” Lashes hood as she trills softly in her throat, her loose hand reaching over to play idly with his collar. “I need to know, or hnnn. I may have to leave until next time.”
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terrorofthenight · 2 hours ago
Gos blinked when she sees Huey of all people. She looks around, expecting to see Doctor Gearloose or Fenton; but when she doesn’t she frowns. Where was he? Did Huey come to the lab alone a lot? Lucky
“What are you doing here?” She asks. Then shakes her head. “I need to find Fenton. Its urgent.” she said walking over to Huey. 
“Darkwing’s missing.” Gos says quietly, and her hands clench in anxiety. “I need Fenton’s help finding him, he went out on a mission last night and hasn’t contacted me...Where’s Fenton?” The lack of seeing any adults made her only more anxious, and she bounced her weight back and forth between her feet. 
terrorofthenight​ ;; gosalyn
Gos was waiting, and she had waited a long time. But Drake hadn’t come home last night, and now she was getting worried. He had been doing a patrol, and told her via phone call he would be home late as he had caught onto something. 
But he hadn’t shown up and it was starting to get into the late afternoon of the next day. 
She had mulled it over for a while before quickly getting into her costume. Shoving her cape and hood into her backpack and pulling on her jacket over the vest to prevent anyone from seeing it as she took off for The Lab. If anyone could help her, Fenton would! 
When she arrived at the lab however, there was no answer when she called his name. 
“Hello? Is anyone here?” 
Tumblr media
          Fenton was gone. 
He knew that Fenton had been out last night, having caught wind of something while Huey had been asleep, wiped out from an adventure with Scrooge and unable to stay awake to spot Fenton. He tries not to think too hard about how the one night he had been too tired to stay up was the one time Fenton goes missing. 
Still, when he had gotten the few messages Fenton had sent him last night, he had tried to contact him only to get nothing in return. When he had gotten a similarly worried message from M’ma, he knew something was wrong, and gotten to the lab as quick as he could. 
Gyro wasn’t here, not on the weekend, so when a voice interrupts his attempts to find out what exactly Fenton was tracking last night he nearly jumps out of his skin. 
He peaks his head out around a bend in the room. 
                    “ Gosalyn? ”
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terrorofthenight · 2 hours ago
Gos waited, tapping her pencil against her desk. 
“Hey!” She says when Huey pops up on the screen. “Are ya busy?” She takes a look around his surroundings. Certainly looked like the inside of his house. 
Good, she didn’t want to catch him in the middle of an adventure. 
“I could use your hand. You’re like... the smartest person I know, and I figured if anyone would know this stuff, it would be you.” Gos reaches over and brings one of her textbooks into view. It’s a highschool science textbook, however, it’s one that belongs to the advanced science classes. 
“I’m having some issues with a couple equations.” she said tapping it gently. “And i was hoping you might... have time to help? If not that’s cool...but! I can like... pay you back.” Gos looked at him hopefully. 
terrorofthenight​ ;; gosalyn
Smartest Kid I know
Gos had been sitting at her desk in her room for well over twenty minutes now, and had nearly pulled her hair out in pure frustration. She was having a hard time with these equations and Drake wasn’t home for input. 
she ran her hand down her face. Maybe she should call someone for help. Not Launchpad. Doctor Gearloose would know for sure… but…. Fenton is probably more likely to help her. But he was probably busy… 
After a moment her face lit up. She knew exactly who to call for help. She picked up her phone, selecting video call, and dialing Huey’s number. 
Tumblr media
          Huey had been tucked away in one of the spare bedrooms of the manor, mechanical parts laid out in front of him on a wooden desk he was using as a work station. There was the beginnings of a head piece in front of him, nothing final, or even that well executed, but a prototype to prove he would be able to do this. 
He jumps slightly, as his phone begins to ring next to him, and he’s quick to pick it up in case it was one of his family members trying to find him. The last thing he needed was for one of them to come looking for him and find out what he was working on. He didn’t think Donald at least would approve of his plans to become a superhero sidekick. 
A look of surprise crosses his face, however, when he looks at his phone and instead sees that it’s a video call request from Gosalyn. He swipes his finger across the screen to answer it, propping his phone up in front of him, careful to make sure no parts are in frame. 
                    “ Hey Gos, what’s up? ” He asks once he can see her on the screen.
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terrorofthenight · 7 hours ago
What’s one headcanon you have about my muse?
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terrorofthenight · 10 hours ago
Send my muse prying questions about the relationships you have seen them in!
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terrorofthenight · 10 hours ago
I see rps and opens I wanna reply to but my God
I'm at work and CANT
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terrorofthenight · 13 hours ago
lines that have made me React.
literally just. lines that i've seen on tumblr or twitter or instagram or television that have made me react in a wide range of ways!
" why is it called creepypasta and not fettucine afraido? "
" my best feature is that i'm blindingly intelligent for about thirty seconds a day. "
" if you live to be 100, you should make up some fake reason why, just to fuck with people... like claim you ate a pinecone every single day. "
" if i crashed into the ocean, i would simply not drown. rip to steve rogers but i'm different. "
" in my defense your honor i had really good music on and it made me want to do something evil. "
" no offense to myself but what the fuck am i actually doing. "
" someone said to me, god gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. this whole time i never even asked to be in the army. "
" how do they know an animal is extinct like?? you looked everywhere?? "
" just like regular ballet except everyone is holding a sword! "
" unlike my wife/husband/partner, i expect you not to cheat. "
" against my best wishes, i have been shot. "
" no curse of mine shall befall you from my dying breath. "
" and what i really intended to say in the end remains unsaid. "
" astrology is more real than the stock market. "
" ladies and gentlemen, balls of anxiety of all ages... "
" actually, life is beautiful and i have time. "
" this world may be cruel but i'm still kickin'. "
" what if, and hear me out, people DO love you? "
" hope is a dangerous thing. "
" i want to go home. "
" i did not kill him/her/them, but i wish that i had. "
" we don't have to stay here... "
" this tastes........... unlucky to me. "
" what in the actual fuckily duckily. "
" i will not eat one IOTA of shit! "
" you kneel before my throne unaware that it was born of lies. "
" do what you must, for i have already won. "
" ten grand??? for a baby?! "
" everyone knows that putin made a pocket-sized russia. "
" things are going to be difficult. but you are going to be difficulter. "
" ted just be letting anyone talk. "
" in his defense his wife triple dog dared him and called him a pussy. "
" i wonder when the bermuda triangle stopped working. not a lot of drama there anymore. "
" no wonder the ice caps are melting, i'm fucking HOT! "
" dumplings imply the existence of one large dumple. "
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terrorofthenight · a day ago
Drake can see that fear in her eyes and he hates it. “shhh.” He hushs softly. “It’s okay... you’re going to be okay.” His thumb moves to brush away her tears as his own starts to well up. He blinks them away, trying to see her face. 
He gives a pained smile. She’s so stubborn... so full of spirit. “I love you so much Gos...” 
The hero is feeling cold, and Gos’ voice sounds quiet. He feels the hold on his hand tighten.  
Please, dad... 
Drake feels something in his chest tighten, and more burning tears come. He’s trying to see her desperately through them. The world has already gone blurry, and it’s making him dizzy. He knows... he knows he’s not going to make it. This is something he can’t get back up from. And he was... he was okay with that. He knew Gosalyn would be looked after, if not from Launchpad then by everyone she was friends with... 
He can hardly feel the hand that’s lifted to her face. 
He can’t deny that face. 
He can’t ever deny her. 
“... okay.” He says quietly. “Help... help me up...” he doesn’t even know if he can stand at this point. But he’ll try, 
He’ll try for her. 
Tumblr media
@dragcnsden / @ducktales-wco-oo· asked: 
“Oh my god… Don’t give up! You can’t give up!” - (Gosalyn @ Drake because jubgcscjc)
Dying rp Starters
Drake forced his eyes open, and he grunted as he forced himself to take another deep breath.  He was dizzy and everything was sore. Give up? Him? Never… but…
“Hey… hey Gos…” He reaches over to cup the side of her face. “Gosalyn…if…if it doesn’t work out” He says quietly. “I need you, to promise me, you’re going to be good.” He says quietly. “I need you to know how much I love you…that you’re the perfect daughter…it’s going to be okay. Whatever happens, you will be okay…” 
Tumblr media
{ ☆ } This isn’t right… This isn’t how these things are supposed to go. Drake is supposed to get the snot beat out of him, relentlessly teased for it once enough time has passed for it to be funny— which isn’t long at all —and then get back up, and beat the bad guy. That’s how this goes. Not this. Not this much blood or they way his hand seems to shake even as it cups her face. How… final his words sound. Like he doesn’t think he might have the chance to say any more. To TELL her this before—
Tumblr media
❝  N-No… No.  ❞  Gosalyn retorts a bit louder than intended, eyes stinging bitterly as she glares down at the fallen hero. But even though she tries to look indignant, to seem frustrated with how he’s acting— there’s no denying the utter terror in her gaze. A hand moves to rest against the one on her cheek, thumb lightly rubbing the back of it as she stubbornly retorts,  ❝  Stop it. You’re acting like— like…. Just STOP.  ❞  
Sniffling, hot tears slide down her face, but Gos doesn’t bother to wipe them, free hand now clutching Darkwing’s Drake’s arm, cheek smushed against a too-cold palm,  ❝  What’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna get up. Just like you ALWAYS do, and you’re gonna be okay. Because I… I need you…. I can’t- I… Please…..  ❞  Voice trembles, growing weaker with each word until it’s barely a whimper, as if even she doesn’t believe what she’s saying. But she HAS to. Someone has to… and it doesn’t seem like that someone is Drake.
So Gos will just have to do it for him. Difficult as that may be, looking into eyes that are far too hazy, a face that seems paler than usual despite being covered with snowy feathers. Still, grip on Drake’s hand tightens, as if wanting to remind him that she’s here… With him. For him. Just like he was for her. No matter how difficult she was, or how much she attempted to push him away. Fighting tooth and nail at first, before slowly succumbing to the prospect of another family. Of a new— … But Drake didn’t give up on her. Because that’s just what he does.
He keeps fighting… no matter what.
He beats the odds.
He… He always—
Tumblr media
❝  Please, dad…  ❞  { ☆ }
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terrorofthenight · a day ago
Our muses just heard a gunshot in the distance. Send me 🔫 for a starter.
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terrorofthenight · a day ago
"but... School... Thing..." Gos says slowly, confused.
"who are you then?"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
―               ❝   Hm!   Dr.   Gearloose?   He’s   otherwise   occupied.   If   you’re   looking   for   him,   come   back   tomorrow.   ❜
Tumblr media
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terrorofthenight · 2 days ago
send me a ‘dibs’ if you are ridiculously attached to me as an rp partner
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terrorofthenight · 2 days ago
Angst sentence starters
(Possibly triggering subjects below)
“I knew you’d leave, it’s okay. I’m used to being left behind”
“We used to be so close and now I feel like I don’t even know you”
“Please don’t go. Please”
“I wish I meant something to you”
“Why do you you always shut me out?”
“You may have stopped being my friend but I never stopped being yours”
“I still care”
“Just leave, you’re better off without me”
“Why are you looking at me with that pitiful face?”
“Stop following me. I want nothing to do with you”
“I hate you for what you’ve done”
“Feelings change”
“You won’t even kiss me anymore”
“Don’t touch me”
“You never cared”
“You have such a beautiful way of telling lies. I almost believe them”
“You were the only friend I had”
“Forgive you? How could I ever forgive the things you’ve done?”
“I’m sorry I wish I could fix things. I’d go back in time just to take that chance”
“Why won’t you look at me?”
“You can say all the hurtful things you want but I won’t leave you like this”
“Running again I see”
“Yeah, walk by me like we’re complete strangers” 
“I should hate you but I don’t and I don’t know why”
“You terrify me”
“I wish I could just vanish”
“I’m nothing”
“I hate you but I hate myself even more”
“You’re useless”
“It seems like I always get off easy while everyone around me suffers”
“I didn’t mean to hurt you”
“I still love you”
“You’re destroying yourself”
“I hate what I see in the mirror”
“I’m a monster”
“You’re a monster”
“Nothing matters anymore”
“If only I was like you”
“Goodbye, I mean it this time”
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terrorofthenight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
@dragcnsden / @ducktales-wco-oo​ asked: 
“Oh my god… Don’t give up! You can’t give up!” - (Gosalyn @ Drake because jubgcscjc)
Dying rp Starters
Drake forced his eyes open, and he grunted as he forced himself to take another deep breath.  He was dizzy and everything was sore. Give up? Him? Never... but...
“Hey... hey Gos...” He reaches over to cup the side of her face. “Gosalyn...if...if it doesn’t work out” He says quietly. “I need you, to promise me, you’re going to be good.” He says quietly. “I need you to know how much I love you...that you’re the perfect daughter...it’s going to be okay. Whatever happens, you will be okay...” 
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terrorofthenight · 2 days ago
“I worry about that man sometimes.”
Tumblr media
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terrorofthenight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
scrooge's littol gremlin dance is everything
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terrorofthenight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Gos ,Dewey and Lena!
Artwork for LenaDipper. They asked me to draw these ducks together.
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terrorofthenight · 2 days ago
Dying rp Starters
“Stay with me. Come on, just a little longer.”
“You’re gonna be fine, okay? You… You’ll be fine.”
“No. Oh, no. No no no. This can’t happen. No. You can’t die.”
“Shush, just concentrate on staying awake, okay? Don’t sleep.”
“Oh my god… Don’t give up! You can’t give up!”
“You can make it through this. I know you can. Y-you have to…”
“Where did they shoot you!? Where did they sh– Oh… Oh, god… Oh please no…”
“The doctor explained everything to me… I… I can’t just let you go like this. I need you.”
“Oh, god. Please be alive. Please still be alive.”
“There’s nothing they can do. I– I’m so sorry.”
“No. They’re wrong. They’re wrong, okay? You’re not gonna die.”
“Please, fight this. You have to fight it. You have to live.”
“Don’t die… Don’t die on me. Please…”
“Listen to my voice, okay? I need you to stay with me. I’m bringing you to the hospital.”
“I wish I could tell you everything was going to be fine…”
“Come on, now. You’ve lived through worse than this. Just… Just live through this too.”
“I’m so sorry I let this happen to you.”
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terrorofthenight · 2 days ago
Send me a “💭“ and your Muse will experience one of my Muse’s Memories
Bonus: Specify what kind of memory! (Ex: A Happy memory, a Childhood memory, an experience from college, etc)
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