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that-thing-that-feeling3 hours agoAnswer

how long was charlie in comanechi before he transitioned to acting?

seems like abt two-three years of drumming in bands (not just in comanechi, a few other as well), before he started acting. other than that commercial, his credits on imdb rlly start in 2015, and this was his debut on drums for comanechi; the quietus apparently had thoughts:

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that-thing-that-feeling4 hours agoText

@thetowerofbabel replied to

indy and bloomington had very thriving punk scenes and record stores in the 80’s, i always imagined that he’d driving there for shows. jonathan def saw the zero boys live

would have been nice if instead of erasing his personality and giving him no pov, they had given us some of this

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that-thing-that-feelinga day agoAnswer

are we really going to wait for like 2 more months until we get to see content again I miss being invigorated by escapism charlie/nat content /sad complaint over

lol anon p much. there will def be nat content in july w YGY and then, what, in august you鈥檒l prob find me providing content ranting when NM has been moved for the fourteenth time, but hey jane eyre and drumming were surprises. also i wonder when ST will resume filming; the stuff going on with resuming film prod seems so complicated.

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that-thing-that-feeling2 days agoAnswer

i still think the siouxie writing isn't as bad as you make it out to be. first of all, just bc a couple acts appear to exist in the same cultural space doesn't mean everyone is listening to them both or knows who they are. jonathan's existing in a time before widespread mtv (cable was SO expensive back then), siouxie was v much a niche goth act, and just bc we now associate joy division and siouxie with the same kind of countercultural people doesn't mean their fanbases ACTUALLY overlapped (1/2)

(con鈥檛) as much as you seem to think. acts like that got attention and fame in magazines but not always the same ones, and fanzines were much more specialized. jonathan probably encountered her albums at records stores, etc., but how much do you pay attention to the records you’re not interested in, you know? especially if you’re a 16-year-old. and considering it’s an overwhelming situation for him to be in, and he’s distracted by nancy, that interaction always rang true (and truly awkward) to me. (2/2)

i love this ask tbh and there are some great pts, but i disagree on some of this. for instance, siouxsie wasn鈥檛 a niche goth act–she had more chart success both in the uk and even cracked american charts with spellbound and cities in dust slightly before/around the same time as these other bands. i think arguably jonathan might be more into u.s. college rock (rem, maybe ult the pixies?) than it appears in s1, but to take the uk post punk/new wave side, once the show mentions that jonathan likes the smiths and is deep into joy division, it should mean he at least knows siouxsie, the cure, 1984 onwards depeche mode, echo and the bunnymen, killing joke, maybe the chameleons, etc. so i def think it鈥檚 bad writing; the only excuse you can make is he gets awk and completely blanks, but what it feels like is they go for the stupid kiss joke instead of character continuity.

as to how he鈥檚 getting that music, idk, the music history side of this i鈥檝e read/heard, is the british now so-called 鈥榗lassic alternative鈥 bands (not the duran duran/鈥榥ew romantic鈥 side that was coming to the u.s. via MTV), were coming into the u.s. via radio stations like KROQ, WLIR, plus college radio, and then also building an american audience via touring. there鈥檚 a GREAT podcast ep that focuses exactly on this (it鈥檚 a bit of history of joy division/new order, the cure, depeche, the smiths in the uk, but specifically it鈥檚 on how they enter into the u.s. and become a huge part of u.s. 80s 鈥渁lternative鈥 music, but then end up cracking the us market so much, that by the late 80s, they鈥檙e chart topping and landing a bizarre level of commercial success).

but back to jonathan in indiana in the 80s–idk, my guess is to know those british bands, he鈥檇 need 1) access to a really solid record store (side note: ST totally should have given us a scene of him in a record store but prob never will smh), 2) prob access to a good college radio station. i doubt NME and melody maker are available to him in indiana, and i鈥檓 not sure if there were us equivalents at the time, but those mags were def covering all those bands at once. i get the pt about the same cultural space, as definitely these bands are v diff from one another, and often defy any labels/genres thrown at them, but my understanding is a lot of it wasn鈥檛 just retroactively applied, like, here鈥檚 a 1983 rolling stone article discussing a 鈥渟econd british invasion,鈥 that part did seem to be recognized at the time, and there was a kind of grouping.

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that-thing-that-feeling3 days agoAnswer

Hey, not sure if this is any use to you but jomo fray, the cinematographer who worked on no future is doing a talk today at 2pm ET with arri_rental on ig. If you go to their ig it has all the info there. You have to register to watch but in their ig stories it features nf as a teaser of what they may be talking about and you can send him questions as well.

oh cool, thx, anon, that could be int; will def try to check it out. just looking around at it, it also appears they post each ep on vimeo after, so that鈥檚 helpful.

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that-thing-that-feeling5 days agoAnswer

pretty sure said flamingo can also be seen in the background of natalia’s jane eyre reading video (which if you haven’t seen, is pretty great!)

if true, would suggest then:

but yes, i did watch it and enjoyed it–if you haven鈥檛 seen the jane eyre reading with natalia check it out, for her, the other actors, plus ig the flamingo cameo lol

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that-thing-that-feeling5 days agoAnswer

do you happen to have this pic of charlie from like 2017/18 where he was kissing a plastic flamingo, it’s for science

ha here you go anon; reblogged below 鈫 馃Ι

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