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Megan. 21. INTJ. She/her. ♌. Slytherin. Tribute. Dauntless. Nerdfighter. Space Enthusiast. Chaotic Good. I reblog everything that I like or agree with. I think too much and don't sleep enough.

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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.


robber: hey give me all ur money

me: how about i instead buy that gun off of u for all my money

robber: ok

robber:oh shit now ur gonna rob all ur money back

me:no im not a dick who robs people

roober: that hurt way more than any bullet would

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i have an “infinite monkeys at infinite typewriters” approach to my content in the hopes that someday ill have unknowingly recreated all the classics of literature in the form of inane dumbass posts. ive never read a book in my life and im not starting now


not to be insensitive but some of the salem witch trials were so funny bitches like “i saw her at the devils sacrament!!!” girl… what were YOU doing at the devils sacrament 👀

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  • london: when you visit a city, do you take in the tourist points or the more unknown places?
  • paris: where did you last fall in love?
  • berlin: do you find history or geography to be more interesting?
  • amsterdam: would you drink in a room full of strangers?
  • prague: rivers or forests?
  • vienna: do you enjoy classic literature?
  • barcelona: beaches or cities?
  • madrid: who did you last attend a party with?
  • budapest: if you could do anything and not have to face the consequences, what would you do?
  • rome: ancient rome or ancient greece?
  • copenhagen: how many languages can you speak?
  • dublin: where was the last castle you visited?
  • stockholm: angst or fluff?
  • lisbon: if you had the chance to become a prince/princess, would you?
  • athens: favourite greek myth?
  • milan: what matters more: fashion or comfort?
  • munich: why did you kiss the last person you did?
  • helsinki: when did you last visit a friend’s house?
  • reykjavik: do people usually have trouble pronouncing your name when you first meet?
  • florence: how did you discover your favourite artist’s work?
  • edinburgh: would you visit a dog park without a dog?
  • oslo: what’s more important: work or love?
  • venice: why did you last fall in love?
  • glasgow: where were you going during your latest bus journey?
  • liverpool: do you follow any sports?
  • cologne: why did you last visit your grandparents?
  • moscow: would you rather perform in a circus or an opera?
  • naples: if you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and for how long?
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Oh, to be young, unleashed in a Barnes & Nobles with a fifty dollar gift card, buying whichever books had a dragon drawn on the cover.

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This is what hozier meant when he says he falls a little bit in love everyday with someone new

I once watched a girl in the produce aisle pick up a bushel of bananas that were precariously perched on the edge and move them farther back and under her breath she said “there you go sweeties - that will be more comfortable” before shuffling off and… I think about her often.

« Silent lovers » is such a sweet way to put it.

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The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by any invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing, Potter. Or at least most minds are…

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fun facts!

  • leonardo da vinci was a year younger than christopher columbus.
  • stalin, freud, Ttto, trotsky and hitler walk into a bar……no really, it’s possible since they all lived in vienna in 1913.
  • aristotle tutored alexander the great.
  • abraham lincoln was twelve when napoleon bonaparte died.
  • an unusually well-traveled person in 5th century BC could have conceivably met confucius, lao tze, the buddha and socrates over the course of a seventy year life.
  • pharaohs and mammoths existed at the same time.
  • pocahontas and william shakespeare died, in the same country, less than a year apart from each other. 
  • oxford university is older than the aztec empire.
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Waitress, Tonda Dickerson, was tipped with a lottery ticket, and she won $10,000,000. After that, her colleagues sued her for their share, and the man who gave her the ticket sued her as well. She was also kidnapped by her ex-husband, whom she shot in self-defense. Then she went to court against the IRS.

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