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Our innerworld is a club. This is a blog where we post our thoughts, feelings, OSDD-1b system but not diagnosed yet. Go see #about us. Feel free to message or send an ask.

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306 followers!!! Heck ya!


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1. Rosehip tea: Which book did you love when you were younger?
2. Oolong tea: Which book series could you read again?
3. Rooibos: What is one of you favourite books?
4. Strawberry tea: Tell me about your first kiss, if you had one.
5. Apple tea: Tell me about your first break up, if you had one.
6. Earl Grey: Which countries have you visited?
7. Chai: Where do you want to travel next?
8. Darjeeling: What languages do you speak?
9. Hop tea: Do you have a favourite tea? Which one?
10. Herbal tea: Which person would you chose to travel the world with?
11. Nettle tea: Are you jealous on a person? Why?
12. Ice tea: Do you miss somebody? Why?
13. Yellow tea: What shampoo do you use?
14. Peppermint tea: What is your favourite gif at the moment?
15. Ceylon tea: Do you have a song you like, but have bad memories with?
16. Hibiscus tea: What is a song you can always hear?
17. Flowering tea: What is a movie you can always watch?
18. Pu-erh tea: What is a book you can recommend to others?
19. Turkish tea: What is your favourite cake?
20. Green tea: What was the first movie you saw in a cinema?
21. Blueberry-Muffin tea: Tell me a memory, which makes you smile.
22. Panda tea: Do you have pets? Which one?
23. Butter tea: Show / Tell me about one thing i your room you find awesome.
24. Hot chocolate: Do you have (a) stuffed animal(s) sitting in your room? Which one(s)?
25. 24 flavors: What is your favourite word?
26. Jasmin tea: Can you draw / paint? Wanna show me something?
27. Kombucha: What do you order on a pizza?
28. Cloud tea: Which movie do you want to watch next?
29. Gunpowder tea: If you had the chance: would you go to space?
30. Matcha: Bonus question of you choice! I might answer…

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What people think having DID is always like: Alter A is fronting, and then they switch with Alter B. Now Alter B is fronting.

What DID is actually like sometimes: Someone who thought they were Alter A is fronting, but after 1 hour they realize they’re not Alter A, and they have no idea who they are. 

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I love this man so much I can’t wait to he married to him.


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Hey uh fun fact but I love my system and it’s an honour to protect them but also they dumb as FUCK


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🍭Hello other me, what is your favorite band? I share my favorite with Weiss; The Birthday Massacre, though I’m sure you remember~ Also, do you have a favorite song?

Aren’t you supposed to be asleep? I do not really know if I have a favorite band. I like carnival music and heavy metal/ death metal. More or less, I listen to whatever music my dear sweet strawberry shortcake or the host has put on.

~Laughing Jack

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So before we were called the club system none of us could decode on a name so I suggested that we be called the dumbass system because we’re a bunch of dumbasses. Laughing Jack got tired of us fighting and made all of our system social media the-club-system because our innerworld is a club. It stuck. All over my boyfriend being fed up with us bickering. 😂


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2 & 4

2. Yes, we all have very different styles of clothes. Some of us are similar than others.

4. No. We would if we got a spotify? We don’t know. Right now we just download music to the phone.

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8. Anyone in your system who loves dancing? 10. Is there an interest that the entire system shares? 15. Which alters change the body’s voice when they front? :D

[We’re blurred between Mystic and host atm]

8. I (Mystic) and also I (host) love to dance. The hist took ballet lessons as a child. One of our littles likes dancing to kiddie music. L.j, will only dance if it’s with me (Mystic).

10. I don’t think we share an interest. I know that I (host) love to crochet and make crafts. L.j loves to make crafts too and he crochets as well, I (Mystic) know how but I don’t LOVE it.

15. We answered it already. But! I’ll give more info. L.j and Emily have the most recognizable voices due to their accents. L.j’s gotten better at mimicing the host’s voice but he still sounds like someone who’s badly faking an american accent. Lol.

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the-club-system·23 days agoAnswer

All of them/ us. I don’t know who I am at the moment. 😅 But! If it’s not safe then they’ll do their best to mimic the host’s voice.

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getting to know the system - asks !

1. Does anyone in the headspace feel content with how to body looks?

2. Does everyone in your system have different fashion sense or is everyone’s style rather consistent?

3. How many fictives do you have?

4. Anyone have a playlist for themselves of their own favourite music?

5. how do you personally cope with memory loss?

6. who’s personality differs the most from the body’s?

7. What was your first solid memory of an alter fronting?

8. Anyone in your system who loves dancing?

9. What’s your system littles favourite treat(s)?

10. Is there an interest that the entire system shares?

11. Does your ability to do art improve based on alters fronting? If so, who affects it?

12. Does anyone speak a different language than the body’s?

13. Have any non-human alters?

14. Is there anyone who’s better with coping with the stresses of life better than other alters?

15. Which alters change the body’s voice when they front?

Can someone please leave us asks?

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That moment when you find out you have another creepypasta fictive so you’re waiting for them to feel comfortable to show themselves. Mystic, our primary protector knows who they are. I don’t know if anyone else knows but I think Slenderman knows who.


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Ecosocialist praxis

I support you poison Ivy

Reblog if you support Poison Ivy

That’s my girl.

Man, you wrote a story about how she was “crazy” because you wanted a justification for why she was in Arkham, don’t act like you stan now.

No, funny person, I wrote her original Secret Origin story as a narrative about a man investigating her who sent her to Arkham, after deciding that he couldn’t cope with her and that she couldn’t reliably be manipulated into working for the US government. And if I didn’t love her I wouldn’t have written her Secret Origin or put her in Black Orchid, back when she was a semi-forgotten Batman baddie. I still love and am proud of how much of what I wrote in that ten page comic has survived and become a solid part of the mythology over the last 35 years.

Reminder that I love Poison Ivy and Neil Gaiman

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can someone explain what is going on here

Slenderman tryin to change his look, can’t find pants that fit.

Let Scary Dad try to find clothes that fit!

(Slenderman is an alter in our system and we call him ScaryDad)

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Introject system asks !

1. Is your source a comfort for you? Or do you dislike it?

2. What’s your favourite part of your source?

3. Are you similar to your source version of yourself?

4. Do you go by a different name than in your source?

5. What’s your personal role in the system? (Ex: protector)

6. Found any sourcemates?

7. How long have you been in the system for?

8. What’s your favourite song to front to?

9. How do you affect the body’s memory?

10. Do you feel comfort in seeing yourself in your source or do you get tripped out?

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