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the-mcu-files·4 hours agoText

Fic Rec Friday

Overprotective Father(figure)s (11k) by YunaYamiMouto

When Fury tries to convince Peter that he was the only Avenger available to fight the ‘Elementals’ with Beck, Peter pulls a Tony Stark and dials the private number of a certain Sorcerer Supreme that he KNOWS will be answered. The results of that call are not what anyone expected.

This is amazing. I had so much fun reading this story! 😀 Honestly I wish Far From Home had taken this into consideration as a scenario!

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the-mcu-files·6 days agoText

Fic Rec Friday

Does It Matter (3k) by LoneswaggingRanger

When Peter reached forward and called his name, Tony honest-to-god flinched away from him. 
His fingers twitched. “Captain Rogers did this, didn’t he?”
Hard brown eyes snapped shut. “Does it matter?”
“Yes,” Peter said, kneeling softly beside the hero’s battered form. “It does.

This was well-written and I loved how you handled this because I think writing post Civil War is always such a touchy topic. Kudos for writing such an amazing story!! 😀😀

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the-mcu-files·14 days agoText

Fic Rec Friday

kingdom come undone (14k) by @akillerqueenwrites

Rhodey’s properly met Peter Parker about ten and a half times, if he counts the shitshow that was Germany. His impression of the kid had been quiet, polite, a little nervous, and as enamoured with Tony as Tony was with him.
So when he lands next to a red and blue figure struggling gracelessly out from under his parachute, spitting blue murder, he wonders for a second who the imposter is.
au where Peter doesn’t make it onto the ship, and it’s Rhodey who has to deal with the aftermath

I have fallen in love with this fic!! This is a amazing! I cried a little (a lot!) seeing Peter call for Tony in his final moments and Tony just dealing with his grief. I was afraid you would kill Tony off but you didn’t which I’m very grateful for. That is all I can say without spoiling the story so please go and read it.

@akillerqueenyouare I love this fic so much! Thank you for writing such an amazing story. :)

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the-mcu-files·21 days agoText

Fic Rec Friday

Sometimes the only payoff for having any faith is when it’s tested again and again everyday (2k) by justyourfriendlyneighborhoodnerd

Natasha is just having a conversation with a certain super soldier after the happenings of the “Civil War” about how she found her Shellhead passed out in Siberia.

I absolutely loved this Nat and Tony are friendship goals! I’ve always loved the Dynamics between Nat and Tony but I’m always disappointed by the movies

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the-mcu-files·25 days agoText

Fic Rec Friday

Hard Drive (7k) by Era_Penn

After everything - after Ultron, after he blew a whole city out of the sky, after having a witch wrench his worst fears from him and use them to turn him into a monster -
After everything, Tony went home.
(He never expected a miracle quite like this.)

This is- I cried. This is very well written and I loved the way you showed Tony’s grief it didn’t feel forced or pushed aside it was on point. ❤❤

I hope you continue this I would love to see Clint and Natasha ripping Steve a new one. <3

Note: Sorry I couldn’t post on Friday.

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the-mcu-files·a month agoText

Fic Rec Friday

A Slice Of Life, Death, And Everything In-Between (35k) by @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars

Tony Stark never thought he would start to get gray hair at only 48-years-old. Then along came a certain Spider-Baby that turned his whole entire world upside down.
(Or: A series of unrelated IronDad Tumblr ficlet prompts people send me. Enjoy!)

I have re-read this so many times and I cannot get enough of it! Leah I absolutely love the way you right their father/son relationship! I hope there’s more coming.

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the-mcu-files·2 months agoText

Fic Rec Friday

Calm down Peter, its only the AVENGERS (98k) by Idek_Anymore

May Parker gets shot on her midnight trip to the local corner store for ice cream. Peter now had no living relatives left, and now he truly knew that nothing is worth living for. But then Tony Stark takes him in, with no hesitation of adopting him on the spot.
Ever since then, things go smoothly. Tony and Peter get closer than ever, and Peter even starts to call him dad (but only around the people he is close to, like Pepper and Rhodey, because no one can know that Peter is adopted by Tony). Actually, its perfect; Peter finally has a family and life. School ends as well, and summer finally arrives after a long wait.
Then the Avengers are pardoned, and Tony decides to house them in the tower with himself and Peter; basically opening his private life to a bunch of traitors. But it’s fine, he wants them back; he wants his old family back so much. Things only go haywire after that.

What more can I say?

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the-mcu-files·2 months agoAnswer

Hey me again! Do you have any fics where Tony goes back in time? Could be from civil war or Infinity war. Can be any ship but Stony and Starker please.

Definitely! Here are some of my favorites.

Old Souls by @the-writer1988 (Pepper/Tony)

A Father’s Son (Pepper/Tony)

If You Had This Time Again (Loki/Tony)

My Use and Value is What You Do (female Tony Stark)

Anew (ironstrange)

Persistent Memory

Also check out Wix AO3.

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the-mcu-files·2 months agoAnswer

Hey I've been asking around a lot of people and in hopes I can find this fic again. Its a gif where Tony gets the Hanahaki disease becuse of the Avengers. Instead of being caused by unrequited love though, it's caused by betrayal. When I had read it it was incomplete and I'm hoping it's complete now. Also, I'm pretty sure Natasha's was a snapdragon flower! And Bruce's was really smal because his actions didn't hurt too much. Set after Civil War happens and Avengers are pardoned.

Hi it could be Bittersweet by lion_boy_13

Or 5 Times Tony had Hanahaki and the last time he did by IttyTitty

You can also check out the Hanahaki Disease tag on AO3.

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the-mcu-files·2 months agoText

Fic Rec Friday

All That I Am (All That I Ever Was) (7k) @justme–emily

From the moment he heard the knock on his apartment door, Peter knew that it was Tony Stark. And it wasn’t that he hadn’t been expecting him. It wasn’t even that he didn’t want to see him. Not really. But he’d only seen Mr. Stark once since he’d returned…on that battlefield. And, of course, directly after. And Peter…Peter just felt too much. Too much pain and too much disappointment and too much sadness to want to see him again. But the man was at his door. So what was he supposed to do?
After surviving the snap and being left on Titan, Peter will do anything to fix it.

This was…Incredible!! I’m so glad we got to see Peter bonding with the other Avengers, the scene where Peter was begging to have Tony back was so heartbreaking. 😭

The use of “You can rest now.” In that context was perfect I was sobbing! I got so lost in the story that it felt like I was there when all of this happened I didn’t even realise I was crying.

Thank you so much @justme–emily for this incredible piece of work! ❤❤

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the-mcu-files·3 months agoText

Fic Rec Friday

Old Souls (167k) by @the-writer1988

Tony Stark dies October 17th 2023.
And wakes up on the 30th April 2016, three days before Lagos.
Three days before the breaking of the Avengers begins.
But now he has a chance.
A chance to do it all over again.
And not die trying.

What do I say about this story? I’m so glad I finally got around to finishing it because I had the tab open forever and let me just say it was worthwhile! ☺☺ This is Amazing!! It has made me want to laugh, cry and scream all at the same time. It’s so well written.

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the-mcu-files·3 months agoText

Fic Rec Friday

Tony’s not that bad (3k) by Snap_pdf

Bucky isn’t who he used to be, and he’s trying to become a mixture of his old and past self. Yet, the hate from Steve and everyone on Tony is slowly tearing Buck apart.

Let’s be honest we all need a bit of crying Tony, guilty Avengers and Bucky knocking some sense into everyone don’t we?

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the-mcu-files·3 months agoText

Fic Rec Friday

I Will Carry You (Always) (163k) by TheStarvingWriter @thestarvingwriter

When Aunt May tragically dies in a car accident, not only is Peter crushed, but he blames himself for it as well.
Luckily, there’s someone there to pick up the pieces, and just maybe, put them back together again.
Featuring a self-deprecating yet fatherly Tony and a soft, scared Peter.

I love this so much this is everything you would want in an irondad fic. It’s fluffy, soft, happy oh and did I mention ANGST. This is every irondad troop mixed into one! It’s still a work in progress so I hope there’s an update soon.

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the-mcu-files·4 months agoText

Fic Rec Friday

Ohana (81k) by @jen27ny (Complete)

When Tony recruited Spider-Man during the debacle of the Sokovia Accords, he never thought it would lead to anything else but a mentorship; giving the boy a suit and a few pointers here and there. He never dreamt that Peter would charm his way into Tony’s life, claiming a spot right next to Morgan. For a while, it looked like the universe finally gave Tony a break.
Until Spider-Man suddenly disappears.
For two years, Tony doesn’t stop looking for him, doing everything in his power to bring the boy back. But to no avail. It’s like the earth opened up and swallowed him, leaving behind nothing but a Peter-shaped hole in Tony’s heart.
Then, during one mission, they meet a HYDRA agent who can stick to walls and has a very familiar face.

I love this so much!! Once I started reading I could not stop and I would say be prepared to cry it’s that perfect. I don’t know what else to say just read it.

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