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‘did you fall off a cart full of stupid?’ ((From peter
Tumblr media
“Did you wake up this morning and decide you want to get thrown from a building?”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
emilia clarke appreciation 1/?
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 SENTENCE MEME ⟶ DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS / Part 9 always feel free to tweak the sentence to fit your muse.
‘you should curb your tongue.’
‘there is talk that your illness left you feeble.’
‘i cannot forgive what you’ve done.’
‘he always seemed the kind of man who enjoyed kicking stray dogs.’
‘everything in here appears to be breakable. it seems most impractical.’
‘i never knew my real parents.’
‘he was always calling me ‘a stray’, and throwing anything he could get his hands on at me.’
‘i don’t know how it happened, but one day, he just found his hair on fire.’
‘don’t get sentimental on me now.’
‘if one more person asks if i would like a change of clothes, i will set the house on fire.’
‘i was hoping for silk sheets and candied grapes.’
‘give me one good reason to believe this crazy story.’
‘i’m not sure that’s a risk we can afford to take.’
‘shouldn’t you be dead?’
‘he does get terribly emotional at times.’
‘well here i am, in the flesh.’
‘what? you’ve gone soft!’
‘did you fall off a cart full of stupid?’
‘you never hear music in the sound of a key turning in a lock until you’ve been imprisoned.’
‘impressive moves there, old man.’
‘you look like you’ve been dragged through ten kinds of crap.’
‘who calls that a crime? more like a public service.’
‘mistakes were made.’
‘it’s good to see you in one piece.’
‘eavesdropping is not considered very polite.’
‘you do realise that you have been smiling for hours, now?’
‘you are acting quite the fool.’
‘he has his charms, i’ll give him that.’
‘he must be quite something in bed for you to risk so much in order to be close to him.’
‘it’s a bit sickening to watch you two.’
‘where is your humility when we really need it?’
‘you helped them, didn’t you? helped them to never be seen again.’
‘some of us have  still got things to live for.’
‘the scars have healed.’
‘why would you lie to me?’
‘i admire you. you are a wicked, wicked woman.’
‘you are a fool who spends far too much time on his hair.’
‘surely we can reach some kind of compromise.’
‘from the look on your face, i take it the news is bad.’
‘it’s meant a lot to me, but so have… so has what you’ve done. please, take it.’
‘you are a very frustrating man to deal with, you know that?’
‘people like you and i are not the product of happy lives of contentment.’
‘i was cocky and arrogant.’
‘you were /more/ cocky and arrogant?’
‘i was often told i was insufferable. right before i ended up in bed with someone.’
‘she was a marvel. tough, smooth, wicked. eyes that gleamed like justice.’
‘i had closed off my heart, i thought.’
‘i felt empty. i felt as if i was nothing.’
‘in truth, what i wanted was to die.’
‘does she even known i exist?’
‘i suppose i’m your brother.’
‘they told you i was dead?’
‘i didn’t have the life you think i did.’
‘well. that was… not what i expected.’
‘i feel like a complete idiot.’
‘i wouldn’t let a festering swine wear it.’
‘are you blind as well as stupid?’
‘torture is an ugly business.’
‘must we sacrifice everything?’
‘a fine performance, but no one here is taken in by it.’
‘war is cruel.’
‘there are no such things as innocents.’
‘i believe i can speak for myself.’
‘i wanted to protect you from this.’
‘i suppose we both knew it would come to this.’
‘a man is made by the quality of his enemies.’
‘stop treating me like a child.’
‘daughter’s never grow up.’
‘when did this get decided? no one’s decided that! have they?’
‘you’re not thinking of avenging him, i hope.’
‘now there’s a reason to get drunk if ever i heard one.’
‘keep the drunkenness to a minimum.’
‘do not hurry so to sacrifice your life.’
‘don’t you have your own bedroom?’
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How do you get your soft italicised “oh”?
the missed opportunity
Tumblr media
this one comes with a pang. it is the wrinkled brow of something unpleasant sinking in. they've left to find some new adventure. or they've met someone else. and you have only just begun to understand their true importance to you. you watch them drift toward a future without you, and in that stark numbness of their absence, it hits you. Oh. oh, you want them close. you hopelessly, selfishly want them all to yourself. you'll support them no matter what, but you don't want them to want a future that doesn't involve you. you want them to read the near-invisible signs of your love and decide to take a chance on you. you never want to say that you *used* to know each other. so what are you going to do?
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Tagging: @wickedwritingswickedgame @missgreentelepath @caffcinate (whichever muse you feel like)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Poems & Words
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Emily stood straight, arms on her hips and her grey eyes narrowed. The insult to her appearance rolled off her. She didn’t care much what this bitch thought of her looks. Her white hair was a badge of pride at what she had endured and survived.
“Oh I’m just shaking in my boots. What is this, Dungeons and Dragons? Go LARP with someone who cares. It’ll take a lot more than that, princess, so I’ll be nice and let you try again. This time go for fear not ridiculous.”
Aww, bless. Someone thinks they’re a bad bitch. Newsflash, you aren’t that big a deal. (Madelyn because you mess with one Time Lord…)
“You must not be current because *newsflash* died out with that albino platinum blonde.” Madelyne replied, rolling her eyes briefly at the youngling. “Also watch your tone before I drop you into my goblin pit and pop popcorn while they chew you like a rawhide.” She threatened, eyes flashing an amber red aura.
Tumblr media
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What is your Soul Mate Like?
A sweet lullaby
Tumblr media
my sister and i used to make up nonsensical lullabies for my younger brother when he was little so he’d go to sleep and the laughter that engulfed the room at the time is what your soulmate would be like. no matter how weird the rhyme, it would always end with an “i love you” and a boop on the nose, and somehow, even if the lullaby was more befitting of a sea shanty, my brother would fall asleep. i wish you sleepful nights with sweet dreams, next to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
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“I promised to look after you and that’s what I’m doing.” Malekith
60 Ways to Say “I love you” (DW Edition)
Tumblr media
So that was why he was here? That was why Malekith was willing to settle down on Earth and work alongside her in Torchwood? Emily had assumed he had some plan and she was merely a stepping stone to getting to a larger goal. Pretend to be interested in reconciliation and paternal feelings in order to use her in some way. Cynical? Yes, but Malekith was hardly known for his warm and fluffy side.
“You know I can do that myself.”
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Tumblr media
“So you’ve been told heroes don’t go down on their partners”
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“Well, then, Ms Clearwater. Welcome aboard.”
Tumblr media
A scruffy, ringed hand pulled a map out from a drawer and laid it out with a flourish upon the desk. Jack smoothed it out and set a few paperweights out, ‘paperweights’ varying from a small elephant figurine to a book to a lady’s shoe.
“One more thing to discuss is the matter of your living arrangements. You have three options: hammock on the crew deck among all the rabble; a shift arrangement with Mr Gibbs in his quarters; or you can bunk in here with me.”
Arguably there were one or two other quarters but they’d been filled up with sailing junk and crewmembers taking turns to get some privacy and Jack was not inclined to remove the privilege yet.
Emily raised an eyebrow at the eclectic collection Jack had to use as weights. Part of her wanted to ask but another part of her wasn’t so sure she would like the answer she got, assuming it would even be a truthful one.
“Crew is fine with me. I can more than handle them. I’ve slept in rougher conditions than that.” Of course, she knew there was the chance they could try and hassle her but, as she had stated, she could more than handle it. Besides, she pitied the fool who tried anything and got threw out a port hole for their trouble. They’d learn she wasn’t one to be on the bad side of in time.
Tumblr media
She leaned forward, curious at Jack’s next move. “So, where we heading first then, captain?” She asked.
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“I think we’re lost..”. David to Lya
“We are not.” Lya declared with confidence “You’re just being a complete chicken.”
The truth is that she also believed the two of them were lost but, unlike her twin, she wasn’t going to admit it.
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Tumblr media
☾Moonlight Aesthetic Starters☽
⋆Feel free to send more than one!
⋆To reverse, send ‘+✨’
(🌙) My muse comes over to your muse’s house/room to spend the night.
(💤)My muse finds your muse sleeping in bed with them.
(💭) My muse wakes your muse after having a dream/nightmare.
(📓) My muse stays up studying till midnight.
(📖) My muse reads a book/bedtime story for your muse.
(👁) My muse wakes your muse up because they can’t sleep.
(🍵) My muse cares for your sick muse in the middle of the night.
(🎐) My muse finds yours outside their house when they are suppose to be in bed.
(🧳) My muse is getting ready for work but your muse stops mine.
(☀️) Our muses watch the sunset and moon arise.
(🌅) Our muses stay up till sunrise.
(🎮) Our muses stay up playing video games.
(🥪) Our muses make a midnight snack.
(📺) Our muses watch tv together.
(📼) Our muses watch a movie/vhs tape together.
(🛌) Our muses make a pillow fort.
(🛋) Our muses are hanging out in the living room.
(🛁) Our muses take a nighttime bath together. (With rose petals and candles included.)
(🌧) Our muses watch the rain outside their window.
(💥) Our muses get a power outage.
(⚫️) Our muses are in a pitch black room.
(🕯) Our muses light some candles.
(☕️) My muse finds your muse at a coffee shop, alone.
(🍳) My muse finds your muse at a diner.
(🥃) My muse finds your muse in a bar, late at night.
(⛪️) My muse finds yours at a church.
(🌃) My muse meets yours in the nighttime city.
(🚎) My muse finds yours in a public bus.
(🚊) My muse finds yours taking the same subway train.
(🚂) My muse finds your muse on the same train as them, still awake.
(🚗) My muse drives your muse at night.
(🏍) My muse drives in the middle of the night on their motorcycle with your muse holding on to mine.
(🌲) My muse finds your muse in the forest in the middle of the night.
(🌊) My muse finds your muse at the beach in the middle of the night.
(🛡) My muse saves your muse from getting beaten up by a gang.
(🎉) My muse meets yours at a party. (House party, club, etc.)
(🔭) Our muses go stargazing.
(☄️) Our muses watch a meteor shower.
(🎆) Our muses watch a firework show.
(🎇) Our muses bought their own fireworks! Let’s light ‘em up!
(🎑) Our muses go to a night festival together.
(🛒) Our muses go shopping together for groceries or other things.
(🛍) Our muses go to the mall.
(🏬) Our muses go to a restaurant.
(🎞) Our muses go to the movie theatre.
(🔥) Our muses go camping together.
(🎸) Our muses go to a concert.
(🎧) Our muses go to the club.
(🏚) Our muses entered an abandoned area. (House, construction site, town, etc.)
(🚫) Our muses go to places they shouldn’t.
(🚔) The cops are after our muses.
(🚕) Our muses take a taxi home.
(🗺) Our muses get lost. (In the forest, mountains, city, etc.)
(☔️) Our muses get stuck in the rain.
(🕛) My muse points out that it’s midnight for your muse.
(🎵) My muse sings your muse a lullaby.
(🌠) My muse points out a shooting star and wants yours to make a wish! Quick!
(🌱) My muse catches yours watering a potted plant/garden.
(💧) My muse cries in front of yours.
(🚬) My muse catches your muse doing late night smoking.
(⛓) My muse rubs their fingers against your muse’s scars.
(💔) My muse help washes blood off your muse.
(🐾) My muse accidentally reveals a secret that they have been hiding from your muse. (Being a werewolf, vampire, demon, etc.)
(📻) Our muses listens to the radio.
(👻) Our muses tell ghost stories.
(🌷) Our muses walk around a garden.
(🎤) Our muses do karaoke.
(🐺) Our muses hear howling in the distance.
(📷) Our muses take pictures of each other in the moonlight.
(👄) Our muses whisper secrets and promises to each other.
(🤝) Our muses hold hands in the moonlight.
(🍽) Our muses have a dinner date.
(💃) Our muses dance in the moonlight.
(💋) Our muses kiss under the moonlight.
(💍) My muse asks to marry yours in the moonlight.
“I can see the moon and stars in your eyes.”
“Your the prettiest star I have ever seen..”
“Wow.. the moon looks so pretty..”
“I’m a little sleepy..”
“I wish I could jump over the moon!”
“Nah, I don’t feel like sleeping!”
“C’mon!! Let’s dance!”
“The moonlight is our spotlight! The stars is our audience!”
“Look! A shooting star!”
“I wish for..”
“Shh! Don’t say your wish out loud or it won’t come true!”
“I’m not really a.. *yawn*..night owl..”
“D-Did you hear that?”
“I can hear a cricket chirping.”
“I can hear an owl.”
“I think we’re lost..”
“Ahhh!! A wolf!!”
“Would you like a cup of coffee?”
“The moon/night is my ally!”
“Darkness will consume you!”
“What time is it?”
“It’s 12AM already?!”
“You can sleep in my bed if you want.”
“Your sleeping on the couch!”
“Come back to bed..”
“Don’t shine that light in my eyes!”
“It’s so dark out..”
“Look at those pretty fireworks!”
“Spooky ghooost~”
“You trying to be scary?”
“I’m actually a little hungry.”
“Are they open this late?”
“Hey! [Name]! Over here!”
“That movie sucked!”
“Let’s.. not go that way.”
“This place is like a ghost town!”
“Stay still! If you keep moving, it will hurt more!”
“It’s not what it looks like..”
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Anon or not, confess a secret to my muse and see how they react to the news.
Tumblr media
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Send Me Your Assumptions About My Muse
and I’ll respond with “Correct”, “Nope”, or “Kinda”.
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Tumblr media
“Ew. No thanks. I’ll drink my tea as god intended it without weird balls in it.”
“Emily, Wanna try some Boba Tea with me?”
Tumblr media
“What the hell is a “boba’? And why is it in my tea?”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Eyebrow action.
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