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the-sins-of-middle-earth·7 days agoAnswer

Hey sweetie! I see you'd like to have more (elves) requests? If you allow me, I can send a lot of them :3 I come up with ideas (sometimes VERY stupid ones) like every second of my little life. But before I request, tell me everything you like to write, favorite characters, kinks, what you would never do, prefer angst smut fluff or whatever, pour your heart out! I feel pretty alone and useless nowadays, reading is kinda helping me deal with it that's why I sound a bit crazy. Thank you doll!

Okay, I have never been called Sweetie and now I’m blushing. ANYWAYS as for more requests with elves, yes please! Most of my requests are the dwarves or the men. I have 3 requests for elves. 2 of those are threesomes. Only one of them is for Thranduil and it’s very new! And here on this blog we appreciate endless ideas! Mostly because I understand so much! So feel free to vent and unload at the very least I’ll reply and chat on it because I love hearing about the thought process of others! Don’t read below if you don’t want to know what I like to write.

I have also never been asked what I like to write. What I like to write is character ideas. I know, odd. However I enjoy ranting about what characters like or dislike. In the context of this blog I like writing filth. No other way to put it. I like writing the down and dirty; overstimulation, breeding kinks, cock-warming, cum kinks, BDSM in any context, knife play is always interesting, free-use, dirty talk, among others that go down similar veins. I like writing fluffy stories, however I excel in angst and smut. I actually have an angsty Bagginshield in the works at the moment that I plan to post on my AO3 as my first story there for my new account. Angst is where I excel and Smut is where I have fun to sum it all up.

As for characters in the Tolkien verse, I enjoy writing for Thranduil, Aragorn, Thorin, Fili, Kili, Tauriel, Eowyn, Boromir, Arwen, Legolas, Elrond, Eomer, Galadriel, Haldir. I like writing essentially every character. As for The Witcher; Geralt, Yennefer, Aiden, Vesemir, Lambert, Eskel. If you can’t tell I like powerful people.

I do not write incest, rape, or watersports. The only context I will write rape in would be for negotiated kinks and even then it will be heavily hinted and there will be lots of check-ins from the dominating party. I do this, because rape is awful and no one should ever have to go through that pain. If there is a limit of my writing capabilities reached or I do not feel comfortable writing something I will not.

Oh! I understand the feeling alone, and I am so sorry you feel that way. You don’t sound crazy at all! It was really great of you to ask and I appreciate it a lot! And oh my god the nicknames. I have never been called any of these sweet endearments and I keep blushing. Which you may think odd, but like sweet words kill me, I just break at endearments so thank you for making me blush!

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·7 days agoAnswer

In the books, there is a line about Boromir absolutely not wanting to marry and have kids, so many people (including my ace self) are happy to view him as Asexual representation. I don't know if I can request some writing on that subject since the magic of this blog is NSFW content, but even if you don't feel like writing this (which is totally fine)... thoughts? :D

I have so many other requests, but I saw this and immediately knew I needed to respond to this!! I agree that he could be used as ace representation! How characters are interpreted differently based on sexuality and context of scenes is so fascinating! I love this take and interpretation of his character and I agree! My girlfriend is ace and I’ve always wanted to write an ace character(and not a maybe, one that is clearly ace) so she could feel more included in media and not feel ashamed for her likes and dislikes. Based on Boromir’s character and the many ways he can be interpreted I can see him being ace very easily and I actually really enjoy the thought of it!

Also this blog, although mainly NSFW I made it so there could be more inclusion in the community. It’s always so weird to see descriptions like pale, or tall, or thin in stories that are meant to be for the reader. Not all readers are the picture perfect white girl that’s skinny and it completely ruins immersion to see a descriptor that doesn’t fit. And for those who put in oc’s or write self-inserts I am not talking about you. You do you and rock it. I’m talking about all the stories that let you put in your own details, but then turn around and fill in something for you.

I’m guilty of it, for sure. When I first started writing reader-inserts I didn’t think about what it really meant to put my writings online and who would read it. I didn’t realize how much of a reach my stories might actually have, and that’s on me. I’ve learned and now I have this Tumblr where I can hopefully write inclusive stories. And I also want everyone to know, if a detail throws you off, please message me! The only way I can improve is if I know what I do wrong, so feel free to call me out.

Now, back to Ace Boromir. I would love to write some stories for the aces! I would love to write some soft stories for those who don’t want the smut.

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·8 days agoAnswer

I was wondering do you do any of the elves from the Tolkien universe? I have not seen any on your blog, maybe I just missed them. Love your blog btw!

Hi!! I only have two requests I’m working on that involve the elves of Middle Earth. I don’t get many and I’m always hoping for more requests! If you’d like to see a particular elf please request, I do my absolute best to write when I have time. Thank you for viewing my blog, I hope soon I can have something for you!

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·20 days agoAnswer

HI! I know I just followed you but 👉🏻👈🏻I am already in love with your blog! I'm really thankful I found it, you know it is kinda difficult to find nsfw blogs about lotr, so really THANK YOU 💙

Oh HI! Welcome! So good to see new people! I’m really happy you liked my blog enough to follow! Unfortunately there aren’t many NSFW blogs for LOTR so I’m really happy I can contribute to the fandom in some small way. Thank YOU for the nice message. Knowing people appreciate and interact with my blog makes me look forward to posting and writing! So thank you for showing support!

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·25 days agoText


Tolkien Discord Server

Sadly, I have seen racism and homophobia rise in the fandom, and after having to leave a server myself because I felt unsafe, I have decided to make my own.

Here is a safe place for all LGBT+ fans and fans of colour!

- SFW server, at least for now

- separate channels for Lotr, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion talks, plus a multifandom channel

- fun little bots like HaikuBot roam the server

- writers and artists dedicated channels with their own bot


To join us:

SFW server

But I wanted to get the word out. Don’t go there and be gross

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·25 days agoText

So, I don’t know how, or why, however this blog now has 100 followers. Thank you guys so much! I’m in shock and completely dumbfounded. Just shocked to the max. I didn’t plan on reaching this so i have nothing planned, but would you guys like a part 2 to Lessons in Pleasure? It’s my most requested and I wasn’t originally planning to, but I think it’s well deserved! I also added The Witcher to my requests. I recently fell back into the fandom for it due to the Netflix series. This won’t become a Witcher blog, promise. Another thing added was the ability to request character pairings, without the reader involved. Just ships. I hope everyone enjoys!

Also! If there are any suggestions please message me. I’m doing my best. I’m not quite sure where to go from here. And, if you feel in any way thrown off from a detail in a story, when it’s supposed to be neutral, don’t be afraid to message me. These stories are for everyone and although I have to get specific with certain things, if at any time I give a non-descript character a specific feature please tell me. I wanna be inclusive here.

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·25 days agoAnswer

Prompt 394 "Friends? no I don't think so. Friends don't know the way you taste" Ok either Fili or Thorin but im getting more Fili's vibes with this but you chose!! lif you have a better idea for one over the other than please do so! or do both, whatever your happy with!!

I agree. I’m feeling some Fili vibes with this. Small drabble, nothing fancy. I hope you enjoy! And I hope this makes you happy!

Just “Friends”(Neutral x Fili)

“Fili. We’re just friends. Nothing else, it can’t be anything else.”

Fili laughed incredulously, “That’s all we are? Friends?” he shook his head, “No, I don’t think so.

You stared at him and sighed, “Fili, we can’t be anything else. No matter what we may wish. You have to know that. We’re just friends.” You closed your eyes and looked away

You waited to hear the resigned sigh, the soft shuffle as he left you again. Which is why you startled when you found yourself pressed against a wall. “Fi-”

Your words were stolen from you as Fili kissed you passionately, you raised a hand to put up a struggle, but only ended up cupping his cheek. ‘One last time. Just this once.’

In the end Fili broke the kiss, staring into your eyes with a grin, “Friends don’t know the way you taste.” You shook your head and inhaled deeply, beginning to move your hand until Fili grabbed it to cradle in his.

You looked back to him and sighed, letting your shoulders drop. “You’re telling Thorin.”

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·a month agoText

I love when people follow my blog without interacting, because I just shrug like, ‘hope when you come back it’s not to disappointment.’

Like “Hi! I’m sorry about the mess. I hope you can sort through it all!”

Also! I have recently reached 100 followers and I have some things planned. Stay tuned.

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·a month agoAnswer

Hiiii. It's my birthday today and uhm, I would like to request a Fili imagine. Can't really come up with a prompt idea! My description can be done based on the profile pic. The pronouns are her/she. NSFW is fine too 😳 Please please pleeeeease. Love youuuu and your writing byyye

This took so so so long but uh, better late than never amiright? Happy belated birthday!

I used the prompt you gave me in DM <3 I hope the theme is okay.

Contains the act of voyeurism. NSFW.

Keep reading

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·a month agoAnswer

Sorry I had anons on by accident, oops. It's me! Of course I'll stick around! You are worth it👑

Oh-it’s fine. But yay! I’ve definitely missed you! Thank you so much, for your support as well as enjoyment of this blog, it has kept me going and motivated over the last few weeks.

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·a month agoAnswer

YOU'RE BACK!!!! I missed you so much!!!!!!

I don’t know who you are! But I missed you too!! It’s great to be back! I’m feeling much better! Thanks for sticking around!

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·a month agoAnswer

i’m so happy that i found your blog! could you possibly do a 56 from the prompt list with Aragorn? :)

Prompt 56 is “I’d like to breed you.”

Ya’ll know my thoughts exactly. I’ll do a small drabble. Gender Neutral, because anyone can have a breeding kink. But oh my god I love this prompt. Thank you for sending this in! I am also so happy you found my blog!

Warning: NSFW


(AragornxGenderNeutral Reader)

Aragorn panted above you, both yours and his breaths mixing in the air between you as you tried to catch your breath.

“Satisfied Strider?” you asked between gasps for breath.

His eyes met yours and the smirk on his face told all. You huffed in mock outrage as he rose and flipped you onto your stomach with minimal help from you. You stretched forward, onto your knees and stopped as you felt his hands on your waist, looking back you tilted your head as he stared at you.

The minute stretched as he continued to stare, with a laugh you arched your back and presented yourself further to him. “Come on Strider,” the tightening of his hands made you pause, “didn’t you have plans? Don’t tell me you’ve had your fill.”

He huffed and leaned over you, hands keeping you in place as his weight placed itself solidly on your back. Your eyes closed in pleasure as he began marking your shoulders with his teeth. You tried to move your hips back further, resulting in a small laugh from Aragorn as he pressed you further down.

You redoubled your efforts, pausing when teeth nipped the shell of your ear. “Patience dove,” his voice sending shivers down your spine, “this takes time.” You laughed, near breathless, “and exactly what is this?”

He didn’t respond and instead you felt as a hand left your waist to guide him into you. You both groaned at the feeling and you expected to be fucked into the mattress again, but Strider didn’t move. You both stayed still, his breathing filling your ear as you waited.

“I’d like to breed you,” his words heated you, a shiver going down your spine at the implications.

“Better leave me dripping then.”

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·a month agoAnswer

How do you think Kill would react to being dominated? I personally have a major headcanon that he ADORES being dominated and I don't mean it just as his S/O being on top,I mean PROPER domination,the kinky shit.

You are right and I’m glad you said it. He CRAVES it. The feeling of being tied up and having one or more of his senses dimmed or completely taken away. He loves and when he thinks about it I like to think it causes him to get a bit of a dazed look on his face until his brother smacks him out of it.

By far, his favorite domination scene would be him being left tied up for hours at a time until his S/O gets back. What happens after……. well that is for another day.

He’s into almost everything though; knifeplay, breathplay, touch deprivation, Edging, rope bondage, maybe some roleplay, etc., etc., you get the point.

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·a month agoAnswer

Sub boromir headcanons? 👀 A top needs some fics too

You are right! I’ve been neglecting my tops and I apologize. Which is sad because I am both. Sub Boromir is such an image. A lovely image, for sure.  However, since there are many different types of Dom/Sub relationships I’m gonna do Soft Dom/Service Sub for this one. If I misrepresent anything in this or if you think I need to address something please send me a message. Or a request if you’re looking for something else. Either way. Headcanons, for my lovely tops out there who want a subby Boromir.

Service Sub Boromir(Headcanons)


  • He’s so soft.
  • Needs reassurances.
  • Loves when you just hold him gently as you either read or do any work with your hands.
  • If throughout the day you’d just lightly grip his wrist, that would be great!
  • If you’re alone, offering him food from you plate is a GREAT idea.
  • Other great ideas include lightly bossing him around throughout the day for the tiniest things and having him help with your bathing.which might lead to other things
  • If you pair a lookTM with an order he’ll positively melt. 


  • In the bedroom he begs for everything.
  • I mean everything, he wants to take your shirt off and make sure you’re comfortable before kneeling at your knees and waiting for you to tell him what to do.
  • And you’ll have to tell him what to do and he’ll listen.
  • Even if you’ve edged him for hours upon hours if you say ‘still’ he stills, excuse his harsh breathing.
  • If you make him pleasure you until you’re dripping down his face he won’t dare seek his own unless you command him to.
  • If he gets desperate enough he may beg, a word from you puts an end to that, unless you tell him to again.

I kept this rather vague. I may revisit it when I have more specifics I want to add, but I think this about covers it.

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·2 months agoAnswer

Please, more, 😩😂

I’m working on it! Thank you, you lovely person.

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·3 months agoText


I had to take a break due to a few personal issues in my life. I’d rather not get into the reasons, but I’m back and hopefully will be writing more soon. Mentally I’m not doing well so writing has taken a backseat, but I’m hoping to still interact with this blog and my followers. I thank everyone who has submitted requests and been patient with me as I go through this.

I thank you for your support of my writing and I hope you’ll enjoy my next few posts.

-The Sins of Middle Earth

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·4 months agoText


A/N: Happy Fíli Friday, my friends! @cassiabaggins​ asked me who would win an arm wrestling match between Fíli and Kíli and besides writing one hell of a rant, I also wrote this! Hope you guys enjoy the fun.

Pairing: Fíli x Reader

Word Count: 1,191

NOW LOOK AT THE SWEET BABES!! Thanks to the gifmaker!


“Brother against brother!” Dwalin yelled, lifting his mug of ale high into the air with such force, it caused beer to slosh down his arm. 

Keep reading

It has been written!! I loved this! Thank you for the quality content!

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·4 months agoAnswer

Who would win in an arm wrestling match: fili or kili?

Have you ever seen the Spiderwick Chronicles? You know Mulgaraths’ little minions that mob around outside of the circle around the house? Those are all my thoughts about this. You’ve freed them.

So we all know the dwarves are very strong. Proportionally, they’re stronger than they naturally should be. One example of this is how they move the boulders so easily when they are back in Erebor. Limestone boulders weigh about 175lbs per cubic foot and the dwarves were carrying them like I would carry a 12pack of beer. LIKE???? This is why they couldn’t just shrink the actors down using CGI in the movie. The costumers HAD to add the body/muscle suits, the huge boots, the larger fingers and forearms, etc. in combination with the CGI stuff in order to make them look shorter, yes, but also much stouter, wider, and stronger. To make them look as dwarves are meant to be- wicked strong creatures with impressive endurance. 

Now onto the brothers specifically. No one has any doubt Fili is strong. But you PUNKS who think Kili is any less strong, YOU ALL can FIGHT ME. I am coming at you with angry tears and pointing fingers.

We all know the usual headcanon things- Fili and Kili BOTH trained for battle, may have worked in the mines and forges with Thorin, can fight off all species in very heavy dwarven armor, etc., etc. THIS is why their bodies are so thick, they have to match the strength of humongous enemies in much shorter bodies. Hence the THICC bois. We have all seen the body suit they had Deano wear for Fili- it makes him very wide, very sturdy. There is no reason Kili should be any different, especially since in the movie and arguably in the book, the brothers were meant to be the same height. They are meant to be built the same, they have the same muscle structure, they would grow similarly. 

Like LOOK at them. Look. 

They’re big boys. *happy shiver*

“Kili only shoots arrows, Fili fights with swords.” LIES. You cannot tell me that BOTH nephews of the king weren’t trained in the same kinds of weaponry. Kili knows how to fight with a sword or anything else he has to use. But him being an archer is a HUGE and IMPECCABLE asset because he can fight from afar. He can help take the heat off the dwarves- some of whom only fight in hand to hand combat- by knocking off the enemy in advance. We all know the scene with the wargs when Thorin depends on him to take out the orc and warg above them on the rock.

WHICH LEADS ME TO THIS: Do you KNOW how much draw weight would be necessary to kill a warg? Or an orc? A LOT. Now, I am not an archery master in any way, but I do know that longbows were used in medieval battle that had a draw strength of up to 150lbs to kill horses, travel far enough, and pierce shallow or thin armor, or holes in armor (like armpits and the back of knees and all that painful stuff). These longbows could be 6tft long and were used by human men (der). Kili uses a composite recurve bow. These kinds of bows were usually used by warriors on horseback, so they were smaller than longbows, which is why Kili, being a dwarf, could use it. Would a smaller bow mean the draw strength would have to be increased to kill wargs and orcs? AKA HUGE enemies? I don’t know enough about archery and… physics? to answer this question, but it’s one of my thought goblins.

SO NOW THAT WE HAVE CONCLUDED THAT BOTH FILI AND KILI ARE BOTH VERY VERY VERY STRONG BOYS!!!! I think there will be a story about this coming tomorrow where we will find your answer! *evil laugh*

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the-sins-of-middle-earth·4 months agoAnswer

Hi! I've never made many requests let alone anything like this so I apologize if I did anything wrong. Anyways, I was wondering if you would do something with Fili and a dwarf reader. Using the prompt “don’t kink shame me!” (I see Fili having a weapons kink). Feel free to ignore this if it's too vague or not something you would do.

This is perfect! And exactly the type of requests I like! Thank you for sending this in. I agree. With how many weapons he has, for sure a weapon kink. And if not, damn it’s a wasted opportunity. In the spirit of this and I need to be silly sometimes too. Something more lighthearted. If you want more serious or headcanons inbox is open.

Don’t Kinkshame Me!(Fíli x Reader)

Fíli rolled his eyes as you let out another short burst of giggles. “I didn’t-” you snorted and dissolved into another fit of giggles as Fíli sighed in exasperation.

Your giggling died down and you huffed out a breath before nodding to yourself and turning to him. “Okay, so. Let me get this straight. The dwarf who carries the most swords happens to have the weapons kink?”

Fíli opened his mouth to reply when you burst back into laughter and almost fell out of your chair before you could stop.

Fíli huffed and looked down. “Don’t kinkshame me. I didn’t kinkshame you.”

At that you looked at him seriously, noting his deep blush and the uneasy look in his eyes.

You exhaled and grabbed his hand, holding firm when he went to pull away. “Hey,” you reached forward and lightly pulled on his mustache braid to grab his attention, “I was only teasing.”

He nodded, “I know.”

You huffed a breath and pulled him gently into a kiss. “I was only thinking of the irony that you can indulge at any time,” you sighed and rolled your eyes, “meanwhile I have to wait.”

Fíli laughed at that and kissed your forehead before pulling back. “True.” he paused to shoot you a lopsided grin, “Would you like to indulge with me?”

You breathed out a laugh and pushed forward to kiss him eagerly.

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