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Tumblr media
Overrated character you still stan alignment chart I’m depressed and edgy bastard
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batsibling team names
dick + cass: Oldest and Wisest
dick + jason: will argue over anything but it's better than them teaming up to torment the younger siblings
dick + tim: Team Bestie
dick + steph: ADHD Bi solidarity
dick + babs: MLM WLW solidarity
dick + duke: always pick rainbow road
dick + damian: The Team
cass + jason: MLM WLW hostility
cass + tim: Twinsies
cass + steph: Love is what you are looking at right now
cass + babs: Wine Mom and Vodka Daughter
cass + duke: Team Fashion
cass + damian: Lion and bumper car kitten
jason + tim: Team Middle Children (professional diagnosis)
jason + steph: do it for the vine
jason + babs: keep passing the same twenty dollar bill back and forth
jason + duke: welcome to jackass
jason + damian: i would sell you to satan for one corn chip
tim + steph: I'm taking the kids in the divorce
tim + babs: I Would Kill For You
tim + duke: dont know how to do laundry
tim + damian: say they hate each other but are always hanging out and going places together and know each others convenience store snacks so what is the truth??
duke + steph: Gay Brunch Buddies
duke + babs: Self Recognition Through The Other
duke + damian: if you dont get your FOOT out of my FACE-
steph + babs: its about being loved and validated and respected for who you actually are and not who other people want you to be for the first time in your life
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This is now canon.
Tim and Steph broke up bc they couldn’t agree on who the cutest member of One Direction was and it tore them apart
SO true. boybands r serious business
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Jason: (over comms) Barbara get B on this channel, I need to tell him something.
Barbara: On it. (keyboard clacking)
Bruce: (connects to comms) Jason, you need to tell me something?
Jason: yeah.
Bruce: …?
Jason: Bitch. (Disconnects)
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batman is the only superhero that I respect
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Tim: Being the failure of the family is tough, but someone’s gotta do it.
Tim: Shout-out to Jason for stepping up to the plate. Love you, bro.
[crashing sounds, Tim starts running]
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the-uninformed-zennial · 10 days ago
Okay, so like I get what the op is saying here about triggers and ptsd. And honestly, I think what they did here with the expansion upon their idea is really beautiful and cool and I would totally read a fanfic about it. But I have to say, as someone who is diagnosed with ptsd, that Jason could still smoke cigarettes even though they’re triggering. Because there are some things that are triggering (or should be triggering) for me that I still do. I don’t really want to share any of my own personal examples since they’d require context and that’s not what this account is about. However, my mother has also been diagnosed with ptsd and she does that same thing. A good example for her, is drinking late at night. It’s always been a very triggering experience for her, but she still does it anyway because she needs it. Much like Jason would need cigarettes after his resurrection, especially if he got hooked on them from a young age. So, as someone who has experienced this phenomenon in their personal life, I think it is entirely possible that Jason still smokes.
However, I don’t think it would be easy for him. Like, I don’t think he’d just casually pull a cigarette out and start inhaling smoke for no reason. He’s probably do it when he was feeling stressed or nostalgic or even already triggered. And as time went on and he started to heal from his past traumas (but I mean, this is dc we’re talking about so that’s like never gonna happen lol) he would probably start to move away from it. He’d start by finding a new brand of cigarettes and then maybe he’d move on to vapes or those weird herbal cigarettes or something until he no longer felt dependent on them for the reminder of all he lost when he was alive the first time. Jason Todd would stop smoking when he no longer felt the need to beat himself up for the mistakes of the past. And honestly, knowing him, that might not ever happen.
okay I saw somebody post about this but now I. I can’t stop thinking about it. Jason Todd already has trauma relating to drugs because of his mother, but maybe he has trauma from smoke too. He’s always been depicted as a pretty heavy smoker in fanon and a little bit in canon but like... Jason wouldn’t smoke because he has trauma from inhaling the smoke from the explosion, it’s part of how he died. He would probably hate even the smell of second hand smoke from other people, and if he moves back to crime alley he probably smells it all of the time. Maybe because of this he actually confiscates cigarettes from teens that are roughhousing and laughing at 1 in the morning. Maybe because of this he makes sure that Duke and Damian never, and he means never do drugs or he’ll beat them up. Gently. He smoked a few cigarettes before he died, but never after. One day Artemis asks Jason why he doesn’t smoke and Jason goes on a rant about cancer and tar in lungs and whatever because he can’t really explain to her the feeling of thick, dirty air filling his lungs and mouth and nose and blinding him, burning him from the inside out. Anyway yeah. Jason wouldn’t smoke.
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the-uninformed-zennial · 12 days ago
Tim: *cracks his knuckles* Alright, I’ll get you in.
Babs: Already done.
Tim: You want us to break into a government-controlled crime scene?
Jason: [Scoffs] It's the FBI how hard can it be?
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the-uninformed-zennial · 12 days ago
How about sunlight? Does Bruce even recognize what the sun is?
Tumblr media
“See this is why people thing you’re a fucking vampire, Master Bruce.”
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the-uninformed-zennial · 16 days ago
Okay, but why am I all four?
Tumblr media
When fic writers host writing tutorials.
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the-uninformed-zennial · 20 days ago
Okay, this is a ship I can get behind! Starlight for the win.
Tumblr media
(Green Lanterns #40) 
Clearly the “hmm” is meant to imply Jess is thinking about what option to pick so bisexual Jessica Cruz for the win. 
And now that you’ve seen that let me promote my KoryJess agenda here. Also I think maybe I’m gonna call them StarLight. You know Starfire and Green Lantern’s Light and all. 
Tumblr media
(Justice League Odyssey #1)  
I think these two would be adorable and kickass together. Thank you for your time. 
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the-uninformed-zennial · 20 days ago
Keep it in the dc comics fandom and I’ll respond.
Tumblr media
wake up gang a new ship bingo dropped, anyway send me a pairing and I’ll answer!
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the-uninformed-zennial · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-uninformed-zennial · 22 days ago
The fact that Jason didn’t die in pants is the saddest thing about his death.
Breakfast Conversation
Jason: dickie did you design the robin
Dick: yeah why
Jason: why didn't put pants
Dick:*mouth full of cereal*i needed flexibility
Jason: Bruce why didn't you tell him no
Bruce: he told me he needed it
Jason: why didn't you add pants later on
Bruce: you didn't say you had a problem so I saw no reason to
Jason: you saw no reason to let a 16 year old boy wear pant
Bruce: you didn't have a problem
Jason: I did have a problem I didn't know i could say anything about it
Bruce: sorry?
Jason: you gave tim pants
Bruce: tim gave tim pants because tim took the robin mantle
Jason: I could have died in pants
Bruce: probably
Dick:most definitely
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the-uninformed-zennial · 24 days ago
This is amazing
here are a few things that could help if you’re looking to get into comics because it’s very confusing at first (and every moment after)
the dcu guide lists characters’ appearances in chronological order
comicvine lists every appearance of a character
comicstorian is a youtube channel that summarizes comic arcs/character origins in short, easy to understand videos
lornahs has a lot of good character reading lists, dc & marvel
comic book reading orders has reading orders for almost all events & characters, dc & marvel
r/DCcomics’ wiki has a large recommended reading page & a newbies section for people looking to start reading for the first time
comic book herald has a list of reading guides as well as a where to start with current dc & a beginner’s guide to comics
the dc database has a recommended reading section
comics back issues has a list of reading orders as well as their guide to comics for new readers
and if you’re looking to get into lanterns, be sure to give my own, comparatively puny rec page a look!
good luck!
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the-uninformed-zennial · 24 days ago
obsessed with characters who have never been married to each other, but are nonetheless divorced from each other
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the-uninformed-zennial · 24 days ago
ooh for the character thing how about Bruce Wayne
Thanks for the ask!
Okay let’s see…
How I feel about Bruce Wayne: ehh? I feel like he’s an idiot when it comes to dealing with his kids, but he tries. So I can understand why each of his kids think of him the way that they do. I also headcanon he has autism.
The people I ship romantically with Bruce Wayne: Selina Kyle, Clark Kent, Talia Al Ghul, I’m not sure if this counts as romance, but I definitely think he and Ollie fucked at least once in high school/college, and then all the random celebrities he gets with over his exploits as Brucie. But if we’re talking OTP, it’s a tie between superbat and batcat.
My non-romantic OTP for Bruce Wayne: His kids??(lol) But in all seriousness, Diana. I love the idea of him just absolutely respecting her and them having like a big sister/little brother relationship.
My unpopular opinion about Bruce Wayne: Y’all are either gonna hate me for this one or accuse me of not taking sides… I honestly don’t think Bruce is a good or a bad parent. I think he’s somewhere in the middle. He tries to raise his kids as best he can, but he suffers from so much mental shit he can hardly handle his own problems, nevertheless his 200+ kid’s stuff. I think he tries, but that doesn’t make up for what he lacks. So he’s the world’s okayest Dad in my eyes.
One thing I wish would happen with Bruce Wayne: Just one? Okay… I guess I’ll go with him finally getting together with Clark in canon. Because, seriously, the two have way more chemistry with each other than they do with half the people they’ve hooked up with over the years and all the hardcore Superbat shippers need it.
Okay that’s it. Thanks for the request again @rainbow820 !
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the-uninformed-zennial · 25 days ago
I have nothing better to do, so HMU if you want my opinions
and I’ll break their ass down:
How I feel about this character
All the people I ship romantically with this character
My non-romantic OTP for this character
My unpopular opinion about this character
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
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the-uninformed-zennial · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
tag urself im regular hal jordan
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