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Journals, articles, books & texts, on folklore, mythology, occult, and related -to- general anthropology, history, archaeology

Some good and/or interesting (or hokey) ‘examples’ included for most resources.
tryin to organize & share stuff that was floating around onenote.

Journals (open access)
— Folklore, Occult, etc

— History, Archaeology

Journals (limited free/sub/institution access)

Books, Texts, Images etc.
— Folklore, Occult etc.

— History

Websites, Blogs
— Folklore, Occult etc.

— History 

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One uncanny aspect of translating is when I am grappling with a sentence that would sound particularly wrong if I tried to preserve any part of the original structure or idioms, because nothing about it matches the way one would phrase such an idea in my language, so what I need to do is mentally divorce the sentence from its syntax and vocabulary, to try and find how my language would give form to the same concepts. It always makes me wonder, what am I working with here? What is left when you remove the grammar and specific word choices from a sentence? I don’t know, a shapeless mental porridge of pure meaning, a nebulous feeling of what another brain has tried to express. I find it amazing that your mind knows just what to do with something so unfathomable—that it’s just like “right, right, give me a minute” as it distillates meaning out of words like it’s nothing then lassoes it down from the platonic realm of forms to give it a completely new shape. What is ‘meaning’ and how does it exist in your mind in this liminal moment after you’ve extracted it from a foreign language but haven’t yet found words in your own language that can embody it? I don’t know.

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“arthur’s child was not among the slain, for the ghouls taken pity upon the helpless young morgause and took her with them. from that day, she lived among the ghouls-”

“-and the years passed, and the girl morgause grew into a sharp young man who chose his name as mordred.”

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trans women donation masterlist

aka for every transphobe i had to interact with i found a link to help donate to trans women. you can definitely send me more because i bet im gonna need more.

  1. trans women of color collective
  2. black trans woman transition fund (23k of 50k)
  3. help a trans woman escape yemen (3k of 12k)
  4. save the gully queens of jamaica (45k of 100k)
  5. memorial fund for bree black (3k of 10k)
  6. trans woman of color seeking housing (nearly there)
  7. memorial fund for chyna gibson (4k of 15k donated)
  8. black trans woman gender affirmation fund (20k of 45k)
  9. transition fund (2k of 15k)
  10. medical funds (tw: r*pe) (11k of 20k)
  11. poc trans woman transition fund (5k of 35k)
  12. transition fund (6k of 10k)
  13. support trans asylum seekers (usage of queer) (19k of 25k)
  14. major surgery transitional fund (2k of 95k)
  15. medical support (diabetic coma) (13k of 15k)
  16. transitional funds (10k of 25k)
  17. trans pride march (920 of 1.8k)
  18. hrt fundraiser (445 of 3.6k)
  19. reentry fund (help with housing, clothing, etc) (2k of 4k)
  20. transitional surgery (990 of 5k)
  21. transition fund (2k of 50k)
  22. memorial fund for lisa bryk (tw s*icide mention in description) (7k of 20k)
  23. transitional fund (3k of 20k)
  24. bottom surgery fund (2.5k of 5k)
  25. help two trans women get on their feet (160 of 5k)
  26. supports trans women of color in legal system (and reentry) 
  27. help a trans woman escape a bad household (4.5k of 10k)
  28. support a trans woman after being attacked (810 of 2k)
  29. help for medical treatments + better living (545 of 3.5k)
  30. help trans woman pay for car repairs (19.7k of 25k)
  31. trans woman of color transition fund (3.8k of 20k)
  32. incarcerated trans woman college fund (12k of 20k)
  33. donation to flee an ab*sive house before becoming homeless (1.3k of 6k)
  34. vocal surgery fundraiser (1k of 5k)
  35. support to keep a trans woman off the streets (immediately 150 but anything past that helps as well)
  36. gender conformation surgery donation (77.5k of 100k)
  37. help two trans women get conceal and carry permits (50 of 1.5k)
  38. help a black trans woman fight cancer (3.4k of 5k)
  39. the okra project (donates home cooked meals to black trans people) *
  40. help a trans couple pay rent (available until oct 1st)
  41. need help to fix their car so they can go to doctors
  42. general trans woman assistance donation hub
  43. trans woman assistance funds (targeted mainly for supporting sw trans women)
  44. marsha p. johnson institution
  45. black trans donation hub (including supporting black trans femmes in the arts)
  46. the tgip fund
  47. the transgender law center*
  48. help the fight to end violence against all women of color


* not trans woman/transfem specific

please tell me if any of these links need updated/replaced/removed/etc

new update!

please reblog this version and tell me if any links need to be fixed. i am happy to edit through these as needed! (and please submit donations if you have them. i update as i get asks + for the spite)

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wlw obsessing over mlm ships because there are barely any women in media for them to ship together is NOT the same as straight women obsessing over mlm ships because they think it’s hot send tweet

and mlm liking wlw ships bc gay relationships are to be treasured is NOT the same as straight guys thinking lesbians are hot to watch

it’s called solidarity bitches! im thrilled about all sorts of queer rep because even if it’s not for me specifically it’s good for the community as a whole and that’s fucking cool

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probably i just said it but i want to say it again:

- don’t apologise if you don’t know english.

- yes, english is the most common language on the internet but you are not forced to know it perfectly.

- your own language is beautiful.

- non-english people make a huge effort to write in English everyday on this website.

- support non-english people and don’t make them feel bad if they do not know English. 

- actually support all the languages.

- spread more language diversity on Tumblr.

thank you. 

Probabilmente l’ho già detto, ma voglio ribadirlo:

- non scusarti se non conosci l’inglese

- è vero, l’inglese è la lingua più comune su internet, ma non sei obbligato/a a conoscerlo perfettamente

- la tua lingua è bella

- i non anglofoni si sforzano molto ogni giorno a scrivere in inglese su questo sito

- sostieni i non anglofoni e non scoraggiarli se non conoscono l’inglese

- sostieni tutte le lingue

- sostieni la diversità linguistica su Tumblr


Wahrscheinlich habe ich es schon gesagt, aber ich sage es nochmal: 

- Entschuldige dich nicht, wenn du kein Englisch kannst. 

- Ja, Englisch ist vielleicht die am meisten gesprochene Sprache im Internet, aber du bist nicht dazu gezwungen, es perfekt zu sprechen. 

- Deine Muttersprache ist wertvoll 

- Leute, deren Muttersprache nicht Englisch ist, geben sich jeden Tag die größte Mühe, auf dieser Webseite Englisch zu benutzen

- Unterstützt Leute, deren Muttersprache nicht Englisch ist, und macht euch nicht über sie lustig, wenn sie kein Englisch sprechen. 

- Unterstützt alle Sprachen

- Setzt euch für mehr Sprachenvielfalt auf Tumblr ein

Danke. :) 

- ne vous excusez pas si vous ne connaissez pas l'anglais.
- oui, l'anglais est la langue la plus utilisée sur Internet mais vous n'êtes pas obligé de la connaître parfaitement.

- vos langue maternelle est belle.

- les non-anglophones font un effort énorme pour écrire en anglais tous les jours sur ce site.

- soutenez les non-anglophones et ne leur faites pas sentir mal s’ils ne connaissent pas l’anglais.

- supporte toutes les langues.

- Parlez de plus de diversité linguistique sur Tumblr.

merci :)

Ik heb het waarschijnlijk al eerder gezegd maar ik wil het nogmaals zeggen:

- Zeg geen sorry als je geen Engels spreekt.

- Ja, Engels is de meest gebruikte taal op het internet maar je hoeft het niet perfect te kennen.

- Jou eigen taal is prachtig.

- Niet-Engelstalige mensen doen enorm hun best om elke dag Engels te schrijven op deze site.

- Moedig niet-Engelstalige mensen aan en geef hen geen slecht gevoel over het feit dat ze geen Engels spreken.

- Eigenlijk, moedig alle talen aan.

- Verspreid meer diversiteit in talen op Tumblr!

Dank je wel.

Probablemente ya lo haya dicho, pero quiero volver a decirlo.

- No te disculpes si no sabes inglés.

- Es verdad que el inglés es el idioma más hablado en internet, pero no estás obligado a hablarlo perfectamente.

- Tu idioma nativo es hermoso.

- La gente que no habla inglés como idioma nativo hace un gran esfuerzo para hablarlo todos los días en esta página web.

- Apoya a la gente que no sepa hablar inglés y no les hagas sentir mal si no saben hablarlo a la perfección.

- Apoya todos los idiomas.

- Apoya la diversidad lingüistica en Tumblr.

Muchas gracias.


- 你不需要为不懂英语道歉

- 是的,英语是互联网上最普遍使用的语言,但是你不必毫无差错地了解它

- 你自己的语言是美丽的

- 非英语人士每天都在这个网站上很努力地写作

- 支持非英语人士,如果他们不懂英语,不要让他们为难

- 实际上,支持所有语言

- 在汤不热上传播语言多样性


я это по-моему уже сказал ну я хочу сказать опять:

- не извиняйтесь если вы не понимаете английский язык.

- да, английский самый популярный язык на интернете, но вам не надо её знать отлично.

- ваш собственный язык прекрасный.

- люди которые не разговаривают по английскому языку сильно пробуют писать по ему здесь каждый день.

- поддерживаете других, и не оскорбляйте их если они не умеют разговаривать по английскиму.

- на самом деле, поддерживаете все языка

- позвольте большему количеству языков существовать на этом сайте.

благодарю. 💖

(извините за грамматические ошибки; русский не мой основной язык)

Jag har antagligen sagt det men jag vill säga det igen:

- be inte om ursäkt om du inte kan engelska.

- ja, engelska är det vanligaste språket på internet men du är inte tvungen att kunna det perfekt.

- ditt eget språk är vackert.

- icke-engelspråkiga personer gör en stor ansträngning varje dag för att skriva på engelska på den här sajten.

- stöd icke-engelspråkiga personer och behandla dem inte nedlåtande om de inte kan engelska.

- faktum är att du bör stödja all språk

- försök sprida mer språk-variation på Tumblr


Вероятно го казах, но искам да го кажа отново:

- Не се извинявайте, ако не знаете английски.

- Да, английският е най-често срещаният език в интернет, но не сте длъжни да го знаете перфектно.

- Вашият собствен език е красив.

- Хората, които не говорят английски като роден език, влагат огромни усилия да пишат на английски всеки ден на този уебсайт.

- Подкрепяйте не-англоговорящите хора и не ги карайте да се чувстват зле, ако не знаят английски.

- Всъщност, подкрепяйте всички езици.

- Разпространете разнообразието на повече езици в Tumblr.


prawdopodobnie już to powiedziałem, ale wspomnę raz jeszcze:

- nie przepraszaj, jeśli nie znasz angielskiego

- tak, angielski to najbardziej rozpowszechniony język w internecie, ale nie zmusza cię to do znania go perfekcyjnie

- twój własny język jest piękny

- osoby, których językiem ojczystym nie jest angielski, podejmują ogromny wysiłek, pisząc w języku angielskim na tej stronie

- wspieraj osoby, których językiem ojczystym nie jest angielski i nie sprawiaj, że czują się gorzej jeśli go nie znają

- wlasciwie, wspieraj wszystkie języki

- rozpowszechniaj różnorodność językową na tumblrze!


I’m going to use “official language” for this, anyone who knows Finnish knows that spoken and written are completely different

Varmaan jo sanoin tämän, mutta haluan sanoa uudelleen

- Älä pyydä anteeksi ettet osaa englantia

- totta, englanti on internetin yleisin kieli mutta sinun ei ole pakko osata sitä täydellisesti 

- Oma kielesi on kaunis

- ei-englanninkieliset ihmiset tekevät suuren teon joka päivä kirjoittamalla englanniksi tälle nettisivulle

- tue ei-englanninkielisiä ihmisiä äläkä loukkaa heitä, jos he eivät osaa englantia

- tue kaikkia kieliä

- Levitä kielten moninaisuutta Tumblrissa


ฉันอาจจะพูดไปแล้ว แต่ให้ฉันได้พูดอีกครั้งเถอะ :

- อย่าขอโทษถ้าคุณไม่รู้ภาษาอังกฤษเลย

- ภาษาอังกฤษเป็นภาษาที่พบเห็นได้เยอะที่สุดในอินเตอร์เน็ท แต่คุณไม่จำเป็นต้องรู้ไปทั้งหมด

- ภาษาของคุณสวยงามในตัวของมันอยู่แล้ว

- คนที่ไม่ใช่คนอังกฤษนั้นต้องใช้ความพยายามอย่างมากในการสื่อสารด้วยภาษาอังกฤษในทุกวันนี้

- จงสนับสนุนพวกเขาและอย่าให้พวกเขาต้องรู้สึกแย่ที่ใช้ภาษาอังกฤษได้ไม่ดี

- สนับสนุนภาษาทั้งหมดด้วยใจจริง

- ช่วยเผยแพร่ความหลากหลายของภาษาให้กระจายออกไปในทัมเบลอร์


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i think a lot of people have collectively forgotten that nonbinary is an umbrella term for an incredibly vast range of experiences and embodiments…it’s not one singular thing

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I don’t have the Time to make an in-depth post about this but nobody’s accent or language actually sounds inherently cultured or stupid or beautiful or aggressive or grating, your perception of someone’s accent or language is deeply influenced by the culture you live in and how the culture you live in feels about the people who have that accent or speak that language

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Let us not forget the greatest real-life bard of all time.

Reblogging this because people need to know about the original Badass Bisexual

She did that. She was also so extra she had to be pardoned by the King of France… twice.
-The first time it was because of the aforementioned “breaking and entering a convent to flee with a novice while also putting a dead nun in her bed [that she had previously dug up from the nearby cemetery] and setting fire to the convent just in case”.
-The second time it was because she went to a Royal Ball and spent so much time flirting with a high society girl so overtly that three of her suitors challenged her to a duel. She fought the three of them at once and then went back in to continue flirting with the girl. She apparently hadn’t considered the small fact that duels were outlawed, and that maybe having three duels on the Royal Palace gardens wasn’t the best idea ever? Luckily for her Louis XIV found her hilarious and he pardoned her a second time.
-She also gained her living for a while by doing ‘singing and dueling demonstrations’. As in dueling and singing mocking songs about the guys she was dueling at the same time.
- Apparently, during her time at the Opera, she challenged to duels all the nobles who tried to molest the chorus girls. When she realized they went around saying “they had been mugged by a gang” to cover for the fact that they had been crushed by an opera singer, she started taking small objects from them and returning them in front of everyone, “you forgot this when I beat you up” style.
- When the woman she loved the most in her life died, she apparently retired from public life… to a convent. She died at 33 (37 according to other sources).

If you want more details about Julie d’Aubigny, aka Madame de Maupin, and you speak Spanish, there is this twitter thread that gives all the information above and more. Warning, though, it uses quite a lot of slang.

What a legend omfg. From this article about the life of Julie d’Aubigny written by Kelly Gardiner, a historical fiction writer who published an extensively well-researched novel about d’Aubigny called Goddess

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30 days of productivity: 30/30

after 30 days i finally have finished this challenge and honestly i’m proud of this. 30 days of work, posting and just being motivated to do something each day. maybe i’ll do another challenge or start a new format of daily productivity logs, we’ll see.
  • meeting with philosophy of dialogue team about planning and main ideas of mind maps
  • read and highlight next method (task approach) for MET
  • search tools for MET projects
  • divide topics for MET class
  • reread FAL reading
  • do an ugly draft for the FAL mindmap
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30 days of productivity: 29/30

  • read and highlight method for MET class
  • read next FAL reading
  • oral test for Lab B1
  • plan mind map for FD

nailed my oral test by talking about Hellraiser for 5 minutes (not that much time tbh). the teacher also loves horror movies so he praised by participation. these are the only times where i have a sliver of “hapiness”

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the uncanny valley between “this academic article doesn’t make sense because i’m an idiot” and “this academic article doesn’t make sense because the author is an idiot”

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