Second account of @crosbyce... I write lots of KH3 dialogues now but this account focuses more on Rokushi.

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theaterlout·14 days agoText

Losing It

Roxas: Where are you?

Xion(phone): Look, I… I needed some time alone.

Roxas: That’s like the third time this week! You promised to join Axel with me today!

Xion(phone): I gotta go-

(The phone cuts off.)

Roxas: I can’t believe this s***.

Isa: She’s out again?

Roxas: You don’t think… She has a new friend.

Isa: What, like that yellow bear Sora told us about? Or the talking elephant?

Roxas: Ugh, no, they’re irrelevant. I don’t want some idiot to go out with her.

Isa: Relax. You’re overfantasizing.


-Few days later-

(Roxas walks on the empty street of Twilight Town. Then he hears a familar voice over the closed fence door.)

Xion: (murmuring.) I just want to say… I’m glad I met you here. I think we should just be more than friends now.

(Fully believing Xion is with some random man, Roxas bursts into anger. He shatters the gate and rushes forward to see her.)

Roxas: WHAT THE F*** IS THIS?!

(He sees Xion all alone and nervous. No trace of another person is present.)

Xion: R-Roxas?

Roxas: Tell me where he went.

Xion: No one was-


Xion: No! I wasn’t with anyone, I swear!

(Roxas is not convinced. He drags her to the Clock Tower. Axel catches them.)

Axel: What’s going on here?!

Roxas: She was with the other guy! Keep her up there while I find him-

Axel: She’s not dating, she was trying to convince you!!!

Roxas: W-What?

Axel: You must have heard her practicing her lines, she’s been doing that for days! So she can confess to YOU!

(Roxas is dumbfounded. He then turns to Xion who is crying in fear. He immediately kneels and grabs her while sobbing.)

Roxas: I’m sorry Im sorry I’m sorry!!! Don’t leave me, please!!!

@winterstorm032802 Thank you for the title

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theaterlout·a month agoText

Rokushi Dialogue - Kiss

(Roxas drags Xion to the usual place. He is not happy.)

Xion: Roxas!


Xion: Where are you taking me?!

Roxas: Shut it.

(Roxas lets go of Xion and immediately pins her to the wall.)

Roxas: Who did you talk to?

Xion: N-No one.

Roxas: Don’t lie to me! It was a guy, wasn’t it?!

Xion: Look, I just ran onto him. I didn’t have any deep feelings, I swear!

Roxas: I don’t believe it.

Xion: Roxas… You’re scaring me…

(Roxas slowly puts his thumb on Xion’s lips. Xion realizes what is about to happen.)

Roxas: If you’re not going to give me what I want, then I’ll just take it myself.

(Roxas pushes his lips against Xion’s. They share a kiss for a while. He looks at Xion again and notices she’s sobbing.)

Xion: I… I’m sorry…

Roxas: (horrified.) W-What have I done?

Xion: Don’t hurt me.

Roxas: No no no! Please, I didn’t mean to do that! I’ll never hurt you, of course NOT!

(Roxas then realizes things are not getting better anytime soon. He lets go of Xion. While she leaves, Roxas sobs in regrets.)

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theaterlout·2 months agoPhoto

I, uh… want to say thanks to my followers. But I gotta be honest, that’s a scary number…

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theaterlout·2 months agoText

Rox & Xion in Task Force 328

This is my original storyline/headcanon where Sora becomes evil and he secretly forms a new task force with his “heart crew”. Here’s the idea for Roxas and Xion:

1. They are the first ones recuited by Sora because he is familiar with them the most.

2. Darkness has poisoned them as well.

3. Roxas receives two new keyblades with chainsaws (similar to Beta Sora)

4. Xion gets a new Ultima Weapon but it’s black and filled with dark power.

5. Roxas lets Xion do his work for him because that makes her feel like she’s worthy of Rox’s admiration.

6. They would often see Kairi to make sure she’s not running away (more on that later.)

7. Their team attack resembles Xion’s boss form. In terms of power, they can shred 6cm of mythril armor easily.

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theaterlout·2 months agoText

How to scare Roxas

Sora: Boo!


Riku: …I got nothing, I’m out.

Ventus: *falls asleep*

Aqua: No ice cream for an entire week

Axel: I’m getting a new flavor this time

Xion: *puts on yellow contact lenses*

Roxas: (seeing Xion.) AHHHH!!!

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theaterlout·2 months agoText

My new fanfic “Save Me” has been updated. 5th chapter is now available.

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theaterlout·2 months agoChat
Rokushion Dialogue - Game
Roxas: Ow, stop screaming.
Xion: What are we playing?
Axel: We're playing TRUTH OR DARE!
Isa: You make it sound like a big deal.
Xion: I guess I'll ask first. (flipping a truth card.) Isa. Have you ever ding dong ditched someone?
Isa: Yes. It was on Axel's house.
Axel: Ha! I KNEW it was you!
Isa: Now it's my turn. (flipping a truth card.) Roxas, blonde or black hair?
Roxas: What?!
Xion: (whispering.) Please say black hair.
Roxas: I-I'm going with dare!
Isa: (seeing a dare card.) Get slapped by someone in this room.
: (Roxas, looking at Xion, lends his right cheek.)
Xion: Are you sure?
Roxas: Anything for you.
Xion: Okay, hmm. This for GOING OUT WITH NAMINE!
: (Xion slaps Roxas on the cheek. HARD.)
Isa: Oh, s-
Axel: Ooh, that's gonna hurt.
Roxas: ...Ow...
Xion: Ah, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that!
Roxas: (still in pain.) Let's just... get the next question. (flipping a truth card.) Axel. What is the biggest thing you've gotten away with?
Axel: Ah, yes. Remember that one time, I told you that we ran out of ice cream, so you and Xion had to share one? Well, I lied.
Roxas: You mean that whole thing was a setup?!
Xion: (embarrassed.) AXEL!
Axel: What? It was cute to see you two cuddling just because of that ice cream. And besides, you two would take a great couple.
Isa: Wow, you should really be ashamed yourself.
Axel: I know. I couldn't make it even better. Well, that being said, I get to pick the card. (flipping a truth card.) Xion. Who is your current crush.
Xion: (blushing.) Dare!
Axel: I see how it is- (seeing the dare card.) Uh oh.
Xion: What?
Axel: Umm... Have a French kiss with someone in this room.
: (The whole room goes silent. Roxas and Xion are shocked.)
Xion: W-W-What...?
Roxas: Axel, maybe-
Isa: Xion, get it over with. You already know what you need to do.
: (Xion, after a moment of hesitation, abruptly kisses Roxas on his lips. They go on for few seconds.)
Axel: Oh god...
: (Roxas and Xion look away in embarrassment.)
Xion: What have I done?
Roxas: I never want to play this game again...
Isa: Not bad. Maybe we should leave you two alone.
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theaterlout·2 months agoText

Aight, so a new title for my Rokushion fanfic is “… .- …- . / – .” The content will be . -..- .–. .-.. .. -.-. .. -

The first chapter will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned

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theaterlout·2 months agoText

Roxas: Xion. I got something for you.

Xion: What is it?… Two Necklaces?

Roxas: With two star charms.

Xion: For what, though?

Roxas: I thought, since we’re nobodies, no one can really know we exist. Well, except for our friends. So I wanted to give this necklace to you. It’s kinda like a proposal that… I love you.

Xion: Awww. That’s so sweet. I’ll always carry this with me. And I love you, too.

Isa: That necklace looks expensive? How did you get it?

Roxas: I stole it.

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