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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
Blacklist Redemption scripts
1.01 Leland Bray
Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Anna Copeland. I need to know who took her and her son. Her captor I want his name.
I was granted asylum.
Did you know he took her child? 
Once we exit Russian airspace, your country will be in violation 
I don't work for my country. 
The people protecting me will come for you.
You should know I have anger issues. My therapist says it's because I have no coping mechanism. That to avoid conflict, I hold everything in, let things build up until, all of a sudden 
You had your chance. Who took Anna Copeland?  His name.
Bray! Leland Bray! –  Please! 
We got what we came for.
Where are we? What's going on? 
Still inside Russian airspace. So no laws were broken only you. We have a name Leland Bray.
You want me to contact the agency? 
No, I want you to find Tom Keen.
Babe, you're gonna be late.
Thank you so much for getting up with her last night. After yesterday, I just Ugh, it was crazy. Reddington was He's lucky to be alive, really.
Uh, what about her? Did she ever go down for you? 
She did at about 4:00 a. m. I'm telling you, she's got an ear infection.
This is for you, and have you seen her diaper bag? 
Oh, my God! I almost forgot Dr. Schaffer's office called. They can see her today at 2:00 p. m.
I can't. I have an interview at 2:00 p.m. Emerson Elementary.
Oh, they called back? -
 I can move it, babe.
No. If you want to go back to work, you need to take that interview. We can work it out.
 Want to go with Mommy? 
Let me call Carly and see if she can cover for us. There she is. Yeah. Come here.
This is Tom. Hello?
 I'm gonna call Carly. You want to see Carly today? 
Yeah, no, I understand.
Tom? Tom, what's wrong? 
That was my father's attorney. He wants me to go to New York for a private meeting about my father's will.
Your father? When? 
Today. I'm not going. I didn't even know my father or my mother. I'm not going.
Tom, in the last three weeks since your father died, you have been obsessing over who he was and why he and your mother gave you up. Maybe these lawyers have some answers for you. Go. See what they have to say. Besides, he was the head of a multi-billion dollar company. I mean, we could be rich.  We could get a new car.
Yeah, or a nanny.
Ooh, the nanny could watch Agnes while we go on vacation.
Vacation, right.
Go to New York.
Are you sure about this?
 I mean, it's only an hour flight. You'll be back in time for dinner. What could possibly go wrong? 
Hey, man, this is the wrong address.
It's for you.
What? Hey.Hey! 
MAN: You need to listen to me.
Who is this? 
On top of the phone next to you is a book. Inside is a photo. Your name is Christopher Hargrave. In 1988, you vanished from the Ocean City beach home your parents were renting. You were raised by Frank and Eva Phelps. Ran away at 12, taken in by the Major at 14. You have no idea what is coming for you. You need to do as I say.
What are you Who?  For what?You.
They may be listening.
Listen to me, whoever you are 
Go to Washington Square Park. Make sure you're not followed.
Where did you get this photo? 
Wait by the fountain.
You expect me to listen to another word you have to say you're gonna tell me who you are right now.
I'm your father. We need to keep moving.
You died in a plane crash. It's all over the news.
The plane was sabotaged a way to kill me and secure control of the company I built. But I took advantage of their plot, and now they believe I'm dead which is best.  The way it has to be. For 30 years, I searched, and you're actually here. The trees we we have to stay under the trees. They might be watching.
Why did you bring me here? 
They don't know who you are. She doesn't know that you're her son and it has to stay that way. It's imperative to the mission that Scottie Hargrave not know you're her son.
There is no mission.
She offered you a job once before, she's gonna do it again. And when she does, you need to accept.
There's no mission! 
You have to get into the company and gain her trust. I can't say more. Stay under the trees. They can't see you under the trees.
Wait, wait.
Tom, your whole life to this point all your training and your skills have been preparing you for this moment. Take the job, gain her trust. You have to gain her trust.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Just wait a minute.
Stop, let go! - 
Stop it! Hey, hey, let him be.
Stay under the trees.
There you are. I was getting worried. You made it? 
Yeah. Liz, listen. This thing is It's not what I thought.
So your estranged, dead father isn't gonna leave us millions? 
More like my estranged, dead father isn't dead.
He's alive and paranoid. He wants me to go undercover in the company he created.
Uh, back up. What are you talking about, he's not dead? 
He says my mother tried to kill him, so he faked his own death.
What did he mean, he wants you to go undercover? 
I don't know. He said Scottie Hargrave is gonna offer me a job.
Well, she already offered you a job, and you told her no.
Something tells me Scottie Hargrave is not the kind of woman who takes "no" for an answer.
Tom Keen. I've been looking everywhere for you.
Hey, babe I think I got to call you back.
18 hours ago, a strike team abducted CIA operative Anna Copeland and her son.
Anna Copeland I remember her. We did a job together years ago.
Which is why you're here. We're hoping you may have intel on the man who abducted her Leland Bray.
Bray was her associate until he went rogue. The man is trained in government-sanctioned dark arts snatch and grab, enhanced interrogation. But you're never gonna find him. I couldn't. He's a ghost.
SCOTTIE: We've been hired to bring Anna Copeland back, preferably before she's forced to divulge intel that might compromise national security. You know him, we don't. We need you to help us find Bray, bring back the operative and her child.
I have a child of my own and a life. Why can't the CIA bring Anna back? 
The CIA doesn't rescue operators like Copeland. They disavow them. A burn notice has been issued. If we don't find her and her son, no one will.
I, uh, wanted to tell you I was sorry to hear about your husband. I can't imagine what you must be going through.
Why don't we drop the act? I know the truth, Tom.
What truth? 
That he's alive.
Who is? 
Matias Solomon. There he is, in the flesh. One of my best men. I trusted you to work with him, and you shot him and left him for dead. I've already spoken to Matias. He understands. I expect you two to put your differences aside and focus on getting Anna Copeland and her son back.
Can you do that? 
He almost killed the woman I love.
Can you do that? S
OLOMON: Hey, there he is. The belle of the ball. Bring it in.
Hmm.  How are you, old friend? 
Good. How's the stomach? 
Slightly scarred, but just as beautiful or so say the ladies.
Hey, he agreed to play nice. I didn't.
15,600 the number of three-letter combinations starting with "T.
" Tim, right? No? Ted. Don't tell me. Wait for it. Tom, right. Like the thumb, if it did squats and gelled.
SCOTTIE: Our assignment is to find Anna Blair Copeland, CIA operative under non-official cover. Yesterday, she and her son were kidnapped by Leland David Bray.
What do we know about him?  Bray is ex-CIA. In 2011, he went rogue while on a black op in Athens. Since then, he's gone to the dark side.
TOM: He has abducted and killed over a dozen covert operatives.
And Bray has made a fortune targeting assets like Copeland, stripping them down, and selling what they know to foreign intelligence agencies or terrorist organizations.
Aren't you Encyclopedia Brown.
I actually met Copeland working in Rabat in 2012.
We were contracted to help bring Bray out, but we failed.
But you came closer than anyone to doing it.
Bray has a girlfriend Nadia Pascu.
That was five years ago. How do you know they're still together? 
Have you seen the girlfriend? 
Hello, Nadia. Romanian, Olympic swimmer, all-around goddess.
Yeah, they're still dating.
TOM: She travels with a full security contingent, so that would suggest that she is still in contact with Bray.
And how do you suggest we get her away from the security detail? - Give it up or turn it a loose 
Well, that's the fun part.
Huh NEZ: All right.
I've got authority over the security feeds.
Dumont, it's coming your way.
- Give it up or turn it a loose - Three, two, one, cue the mermaid! We're live, gents! - All right.
- After you, my good man.
What, you don't trust me? Well, you shoot me once, shame on me.
- Shoot me twice - Don't tempt me.
Baby, give it up or turn it a loose Okay, there's a split in the tunnel 30 feet ahead.
Stay to your right.
Target will be another 60 yards out.
TOM: Transponder's up.
Dumont, the coordinates are 40.
7513 degrees north, 75.
0148 degrees west.
Okay, you should have a street vent to your west.
From that vent, measure 14 feet, 2 inches.
Now, from the south wall, measure 6 feet, 9 inches.
Lord, have mercy Hey, hey, hey, hey, uh Ha 
They told me you were only doing one case. That's a shame.
Yeah, I'm gonna miss you, too.
Feed your soul, uh Turn it loose Hey, hey, hey, hey, uh When you're ready, Freddie.
Wait for it.
Wait for it, squat boy.
Now! (GASPS) (COUGHING) (GASPS) Help! (GRUNTS) Help me! Go! Now drive! (TIRES SQUEAL) (GASPS) Who the hell are you? Where am I? SOLOMON: We are fortune-tellers.
No, no, no.
It's okay. You see this? This is your lifeline. You see where it splits there? Two fates. This is the point of divergence. And this ice pick is an agent of change.
You gonna read her tarot cards next? Do you have, like, a little crystal ball or something? 
Well, it depends on how she answers the question. Now, if I use it right here, you'll never walk without a cane. But I use it here, you won't be able to walk at allAnd if I use it right here
 That's enough. She gets it. Your boyfriend, Bray where is he?
 Go to hell.
(CHUCKLES) You You see what you've done? You've given her a reason to question our resolve. We can't have that.
(GASPS) (GRUNTS) Gun! The ocular camera is up.
We're live.
You were supposed to knock me down, not hit me.
Yeah, but it felt great.
Is that Nadia's feed from the lens we put in her eye? 
DUMONT: Amaze-balls, right? Mom wanted me to be an ophthalmologist, radiologist, gynecologist anything ending with an "ologist.
" You get the number she dialed? Enough.
Country code is England.
Yes, fine! No.
I'm alive.
I don't know who they were, but they were asking about you.
She looked away for the last three digits, but if we run all possible combos, eliminate certain classifications, we land on an elementary school, a Korean spa, or an estate 100 kilometers outside London, owned by one Julian Lambert.
I want to know who Lambert is, his connection to Bray, and how we get into his estate.
I want it an hour ago.
BRAY: Thanks for the heads-up, sweetheart.
Get to the safe house.
I'll contact you as soon as I can.
(CELLPHONE BEEPS) Please, Leland, don't.
Just let my son go.
Oh, the boy he's gotten so big.
It's gonna be okay, Maddox.
Oh, Maddox, that's right.
Hey, Maddox, did Mommy ever tell you that we used to work together? That we were friends? I'll tell you whatever you want to know, just let him go.
No, you won't.
See, if I thought that was the case, I never would have taken the boy in the first place.
Mommy? Mommy sent people to have me killed.
She tried to blow me up.
But that didn't work, did it, Mommy? Now, Mom, I know you've been trained to suffer a great deal of pain without cracking, but, uh my question for you is how much pain can he watch you suffer? DUMONT: Julian Lambert is Leland Bray.
It's an alias Bray uses to conceal real-estate transactions through offshore accounts in Panama and the Caymans.
Lambert only exists on paper.
The real owner is Bray.
What do we know about the compound? NEZ: Well, first of all, it's heavily guarded.
Around the clock, two shifts, five men, seven working graveyard.
And look what our ARCTEK satellite picked up.
Those must be Bray's men, so the boy's Anna's son.
We have no idea what kind of eyes Bray has.
He'll likely see you coming from any direction.
So, we bring fire, overpower him.
Even if we had teams in place, I can't get munitions onto foreign soil that quickly.
What about under foreign soil? What do you guys know about Dover's war tunnels? To defend against Napoleon, Dover Castle was retrofitted with a multi-level tunnel network.
And Napoleon never invaded, but the tunnels remain.
Judging by this location, Bray's compound Sits on or near those tunnels.
Giving Bray easy access to move captives.
If this compound sits on a tunnel and let's admit that's a that's a mighty big "if" how do you suggest we get in or even know where we are? It's not like we have a map.
No, the Middlesex Museum of British History does.
In 2015, the museum acquired an 18th-century artifact, which experts believe may diagram an extended network of secret tunnels under the White Cliffs of Dover.
Document's undergoing a restoration effort by historians at the Middlesex Museum in London.
SCOTTIE: Draw up a plan. And remember, the chances of getting Anna Copeland and her son out alive drop with every hour.
I just want to be clear I'll help you find Bray, but after that, I'm I'm done.
Sardinia three years ago, our anniversary.
What do you think? The funeral home needs a shot for the service.
He looks happy.
What was he like? 
Brilliant. Playful. Charming. Terrible flirt. Like a lion, always preening. Damn if that man didn't know how to wear a tuxedo. How to open a door, tell a joke, be a gentleman. But in the last few years, all that, um it was as if the color in him faded, like a a photo left out in the rain.
What happened? 
After we lost our son, I, um I fell apart. Howard was my rock. Eventually, I I healed and we went on. But all that pain he bottled up, it it festered, poisoned the mind. He refused to see a psychiatrist, became paranoid, secretive. When the board finally moved to have him declared mentally incompetent, he vanished. The last few months of his life are a mystery where he went, who he spoke to. And then the crash. God. That mind. That beautiful, beautiful mind. Such a waste.
SCOTTIE: The museum's holding a fundraiser Saturday night for the London Children's Hospital.
Chairperson's an old friend of mine.
I got tickets for myself and my client.
DUMONT: You know that's tomorrow night.
Well, we'll take the jet.
What about once we're inside? Well, according to grant documents, the map is being preserved by the museum's archive science team.
Now, their facility is located in the basement and it is state-of-the-art.
Environmentally controlled, laminar air systems means no access via ducting.
The staff enter through airlocks.
There are no windows.
This place is a bunker.
It's only accessible with a metered security badge encoded with at least 22 unique biometrics of the employee.
This is impossible to hack.
But not impossible to duplicate.
It looks like their security system is using an extended-capacity access system.
It's a long shot, but if you can get me close enough to one of those security badges, we may have a chance.
This little honey is a symmetric skimming cypher that should be able to mimic a card reader and pull keystream codes.
That'd give me remote access to the security codes, which is the good news.
The bad news is, you'd have to be close enough for it to work.
Like make-out close.
If you can do that, I can remotely navigate the non-linear filtering functions and code the preloaded blank card with valid biometrics.
So, you want to duplicate the key? That's probably a simpler way of saying it.
Look, fellas, I'm just as impressed by everything I've said as you are, but even if I can read the key, it's gonna take time.
- How much time? - 30 minutes.
20 tops.
Tom, I do hope you have a tux.
Sounds like we're going to a party.
(SLOW JAZZ PLAYING) Dumont, how much longer until the duplicate badge is ready? Easy, cheesy.
Genius can't be rushed.
You okay? 
With Howard gone, the lawyers tell me I have to settle the estate.
I don't understand.
Evidentially, Howard left a sizable portion of the company to our son. Christopher's body was never found. I suppose he was still hoping for a miracle. But the lawyers are working to have our son declared legally dead so the company can be put in my trust.
Almost there.
Under a minute.
Sorry to dump all this on you. You didn't ask.
You don't need to apologize.
I feel strangely comfortable revealing myself to you. It's odd.
(BEEPS) Tom-Tom, you read me? Ready for liftoff.
I sent the encrypted file.
Your card's ready to pop.
Come on.
Let's make some magic.
You really know how to push my buttons.
Dumont, we got a problem.
There are people here, working.
What people? Who are they? I don't know.
Archivists or something.
What does it matter who they are? They're here.
Let me think.
Dumont, if I don't get that map, we don't get Anna, we don't get her son.
- The fire system.
- What? (CHUCKLES) It's a hypoxic air system.
It literally sucks the oxygen out of the room to starve the fire fire needs oxygen.
Yeah, I know that, Dumont.
What good does it do us? If I can trip the system without activating the alarm, it'll pull the air from the room, starve the fire of oxygen, along with anyone else in that room, inducing, like, a loss of consciousness to anyone inside, like the choking game.
How long are they gonna be out? I don't know.
Why would I know that, huh? Okay, just just do it, all right? Trip the system.
Do it now.
(BEEPING) (PEOPLE COUGHING) MAN: Help! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING, BANGING ON DOOR) We're seeing an alarm in the basement.
Some kind of fire, but it didn't trip the main alarm.
Could be a security breach.
Well, get down there and figure it out.
The last thing we need tonight is an incident.
Pack up.
Security's on its way.
- You get it? - I got it.
Let's bring Anna back.
We're in.
Based on the map, you're about a quarter mile from the tunnel line that runs under Bray's compound.
Once on site, trip the transponder.
I'll switch us to an SDR frequency.
NEZ: Hold up.
I think it's safe to say we know how Bray smuggles in captives.
El Chapo's got nothing on this guy.
Now, you can keep silent, Anna.
I can't make you talk.
And, uh I don't need to.
'Cause what I need from you is gonna take far more than words.
(ANNA SCREAMING) Transponder's up.
Sending the coplanar points.
(BEEPING) TOM: Hey, Dumont, what's happening there? What's going on? Okay, kiddies, the sketch graph's incomplete, but I can tell we we're looking at a central map.
Bedrooms bursting branching north and south, exits to the west.
I got eyes on Tango.
Does anyone have eyes on Bambi? Not yet.
Hang tight.
I got a door on the east end of our compound.
May be our Bambi.
Dumont, come back.
It's not on the sketch graph.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, princess, please, please.
Guys, we have a problem.
Bray's lady just found the ocular camera.
She's on the phone right now, and I can't hear a word, but I got a bad feeling about who she's calling.
What? Oh, for God's sake.
Slow down, will you? In your contact lens? (GUNSHOT) Anna Copeland, we got to go.
- My son.
- We're gonna find him.
(GRUNTS) I got Tango in custody.
We're moving to the access point.
You guys got to find that kid and get out of here because we are burned, you hear me? Get that kid and get out.
(GUNSHOT) NEZ: He's got the kid.
And I know exactly where he's taking him.
Wait, my son! I have to go back for my son! Our people will find Maddox! Come on.
(ENGINE STARTS) MADDOX: I want to see Mommy! BRAY: Don't worry about Mommy, kid.
She does what she's promised (GUN COCKS) Don't take another step.
I'll shoot the kid.
You don't believe me? One more step! There is an army waiting for you at the other end of this tunnel.
It's not gonna end the way you thought.
What'd they tell you, that I went rogue? Just let the boy go.
I followed orders! I shed blood for them, and they decided I knew too much, so they sent Copeland to kill me.
My own team! Mm-hmm.
I don't care.
Your beef is with the agency.
They can make it right.
I already made it right.
No, you didn't.
- (WHIMPERING) - It's okay.
It's okay.
You're okay.
Don't look.
(MONITOR BEEPING) Anna? It's me from the mission in Rabat.
You're in a hospital.
My son Maddox.
We are working to get him back, but right now I need to speak to my son.
No, listen to me.
You're hurt, all right? We have doctors looking at X-rays to make sure that everything is okay.
Okay, this is our team, and they might have an update on Maddox.
Just please.
Solomon? Yeah, she's safe.
Medevaced to London.
Listen Bray, he cut her, some crude surgery.
You do? When? And he's okay? Yeah, hang on.
She's right here.
Escaped? Why would she do that? 
Because the situation is worse than we thought.
I'm looking at an X-ray of Copeland and seeing some kind of device.
Device? In her abdomen.
It looks like some kind of surgically implanted explosive.
She's carrying a bomb.
Well, she doesn't know Bray is dead or that we have her son.
My guess is Bray told her he'd let Maddox go if she detonated it, and that's why she escaped to get to the target.
And where's that? I don't know.
Solomon said Bray was ranting about the CIA, about how they tried to have him scrubbed and sent his own team to do the job.
His team, of course. That's why she's gone.
He sent her to kill the team.
MAN: Anna, my God.
We heard.
- (GROANING) - You okay? Is Bray alive? Anna, talk to me.
I'm sorry.
Anna Copeland.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Everybody, just calm down. We're on the same side, fellas. It's okay. You don't have to do this, sweetheart.
He has my son! 
No, he doesn't. We have him. Bray is dead. Maddox is safe.
That can't be.
I can prove it.
Mommy? Oh, my God.
You're okay, Maddox? Mommy, where are you? I'm scared.
Listen to me.
I love you.
Do you hear me? I love you so much.
Hey, hey.
Take it easy.
Anna, hang up the phone.
The signal interference could trigger the explosive device.
I just felt something a click.
Kill your phones, your radios.
Any interference could trigger the detonator.
How do you plan to access the device? (SCREAMING) Hold on, hold on, hold on!
 I can feel it. I can feel it.
- You're doing good.
- Okay.
- You're doing good.
Anna, don't move. I can't promise this next part won't hurt.
(ANNA SCREAMS) Okay, it's out, it's out, but it won't give.
Hey, did Tom ever tell you about the time he tried to kill me?
 Not now.
- You know, funny story.
He tried to kill me at point-blank range.
Dumont, talk to me.
I'm looking at the images you sent.
I think the white module is the main switch, the back one's the time delay.
How long ago was the click? Two minutes, maybe less.
If I'm being honest, I shot up his wedding and tried to abduct his woman.
Is this you helping? But the point is, he couldn't kill somebody if he tried, so you got nothing to worry about.
There's a blasting cap in the C-4.
You want me to pull it out? No, don't.
There's a sensor on it.
Can he cut the wire to the switch? Cut either wire to either module and it will complete the circuit.
I don't like my options.
There might be a way, but it's risky.
The wires to the main switch cut them both at the same time, And I mean, like the exact same time.
Anna we can do this.
Just keep your mind on Maddox because you're gonna be with him before you know it.
Okay? On one two three.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) Very good, sir.
Very good.
SCOTTIE: Howard was my inspiration my partner, my friend.
Standing next to him, you felt like no matter what the day brought, nothing was gonna touch you. You've been told we lost our son. He was on the beach one moment and gone the next. Well, that's not true. We didn't lose Christopher. I did. He was with me when it happened. And when I told Howard he held me, told me he loved me. Howard never blamed me. And he never gave up hope we'd find our son. My hope is that he's finally found him and that, when my time comes, we'll all be together in the next life further on up the road.
I don't know if you're right about Scottie.
The preliminary report from the NTSB showing that the fuel system on my jet had been tampered with. She tried to have me killed.
I just came from your funeral. She spoke about you. She seemed devastated. She must be pretty good.
There's something else you need to see. After you disappeared Scottie and I we shared a living hell. We searched, we cried, we searched more, and then, gradually she healed. At first, I was angry at her for for being able to do that. And then I realized, it wasn't anger, it was envy. Because that was something I was not able to do. I never stopped obsessing and believing that you were out there somewhere. I made finding you my life's work. And that search, that quest raised questions about your mother. How did she come into my life and why? She had been using me and my company from the beginning. And when I confronted her about that, she used my obsession with you to make it appear as if I was crazy. She tried to have me pushed out not because I was insane, but because I had stumbled onto some larger truth.
What truth? What the hell is Whitehall? 
Don't you see? It's all connected. Your disappearance 30 years ago, her trying to have me declared incompetent, downing the jet to have me killed.
She had me declared legally dead today.
Scottie Hargrave is now in charge of a global intelligence gathering operation. And she's gonna use that network for the benefit of something terrible. I didn't know if I would ever find you, and if I did, I didn't know who you would be. But here you are and without any help from your parents an incredibly gifted operative. I don't think that's a coincidence. I believe that we were all put on this earth for a purpose. And I believe that your purpose, Tom, is to go undercover in your own family, find out what your mother has planned, and stop her.
Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
She sells seashells by the seashore. My mom loved tongue twisters.
Seashells, pickled peppers. It's one of my only memories of her.
She passed away? 
Yeah. When I was a little boy.
Sometimes life just really sucks.
Told you I'd only work one job, but but I changed my mind.
Good. You start tomorrow.
That's it? No questions asked? 
You have your reasons. Sooner or later, I'll know what they are.
I don't know if I should be thrilled or terrified.
Maybe it should be a little of both. Welcome to the family.
1.02 Kevin Jensen
Mrs. Salib, I'm I'm so sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if can I know, it's so early, and I hate to ask, but I-I have a big meeting this morning, and I didn't have a chance to get to the store, so Mrs. Salib, you are a lifesaver.
Something's wrong. I was supposed to meet my source at Hamdi Market last night. He didn't show. I tried. He's not picking up his phone. Okay, they're following me.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot. Journalist. I'm a I'm a I'm a journalist.
Mr. Jensen, welcome to Tariq Prison. I suggest you make yourself at home.
My name is Commander Bahar.
I'll be overseeing your interrogation.
Interrogation? No, no, wait, listen.
I don't know who you think I am We know exactly who you are.
Kevin Jensen, journalist.
Yes, reporter.
I'm an international correspondent for the Empire Times in New York.
I'm in Kyrkistan to cover, objectively cover, what some people are saying human rights violations by yo As you can see, I've been reading your work.
Stories about oppressed students in China missing mustard gas stolen by extremists in Libya.
All very convincing.
But also a lie.
You say you come here to report.
This is true.
But not as a journalist for an American paper.
As an operative for the CIA.
Come on, you don't really believe that.
Go ahead.
Call my editor.
I I have a degree from the School of Journalism at Boston University.
I I want a lawyer.
And I want a phone call.
And I assert the rights afforded to the press by the humanitarian law set forth by article four I don't care about the government's policy, Walter.
We're talking about my son.
If there's a way to pay for his release then look into it, Walter.
We should be exploring every option.
That was the family lawyer.
He's skiing in Aspen.
Meryl, I am so sorry.
Kevin's paper's been fantastic.
I spoke with the editor in chief.
She promises to use every resource at her disposal.
What's the State Department saying? Their intelligence confirms he's being charged with espionage.
Kevin's not a spy, Scottie.
You know him as well as anyone.
And I don't understand.
Don't they have to tell us what evidence they're relying on? No.
Not in their system.
There's no formal arraignment, no written charges, no right to counsel.
But he will get a trial.
If you can call it that.
There are no witnesses called.
He won't be allowed to make statements.
Generally, the judge just reviews the government's case in chambers and reaches a verdict.
- When will that happen? - I don't know.
They won't give notice.
Could be a day, could be a few years.
The man I spoke with, uh, his name is Jerry Langsfeld.
- He - He's the Undersecretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights.
He said State was working with the FBI, doing everything they can.
I told him you can send a Blackhawk with a SEAL team and go get my kid.
That's what you could do.
Let me get you some water.
"That won't be possible.
" That's what he said.
Like I'd asked him if Tuesday was good for dinner.
Jerry is a nice guy, but he's not calling the shots.
There are others I can reach out to.
Thank you.
I'm just Kevin loves you so much.
And I don't know what I'd do without you.
I'll get him back.
Welcome, players.
For those of you joining our game in progress, today, we'll be talking about Kyrkistan the brutal and unseasonably chilly nation state located on the eastern border of Turkey.
Leaving when? Scottie just said to have everyone stand ready.
Please tell me we're gonna get Kevin Jensen.
- You know him? - No, but I know his work.
He's one of the best investigative journalists we have.
He'll do anything for the story.
Yeah, well, he picked a pretty insane time to go sniffing around Kyrkistan.
The country's run by this guy President Ahmed Aberjan.
He's supposed to be up for reelection in six weeks, but I guess he didn't like how like the polls were tracking because he decided not to risk it.
Instead, he cracked down on the rival political party.
Doesn't sound very democratic.
He put the whole country on lockdown.
Tens of thousands have been arrested.
Police, military, judges, students.
He's taking out anyone who doesn't support him.
So bottom line, it won't be easy getting in undetected, especially with the weaponry needed for a rescue mission.
Well, getting in's only the beginning.
We still have to rescue Jensen from a maximum-security prison and get him and our team out of the country safely.
Not that that doesn't sound thrilling, but how the hell are we supposed to do that? You don't.
All right.
Then you do it.
Absolutely not.
Look, Aberjan's on the warpath right now.
The man's paranoid, angry.
And we're on the long list of enemies he's pointing the finger at.
That's ridiculous.
We supported his regime.
Yeah, well, apparently, not to his satisfaction.
He's making threats.
And we're doing everything we can to appease him.
You're letting him railroad an American civilian.
Kevin Jensen's not CIA.
Come on.
This kid's like family to me.
And we will employ every diplomatic resource to bring him home.
I'm sorry, Scottie, I really am, but you know the deal we need Aberjan.
We've got our hands full fighting extremists in the region.
To do that, our military needs safe passage across Kyrkistani airspace.
If I send in a black ops team to forcibly extract Jensen, Aberjan will close the airspace, and the president will fire me.
And he'd be right to do so.
I don't need your permission.
Now, you listen.
Your government is telling you to stand down.
I'll say that again so you don't some day argue to some Congressional committee that I was unclear Stand down.
They're torturing him, Bob.
You know how they operate.
They'll coerce a confession and execute him.
That's if he survives the interrogation.
My name is Kevin Jensen.
I'm 32 years old.
I entered this country claiming to be a journalist, working for the Empire Times as an international correspondent, but that was not the truth.
The truth is I am a deep-cover operative for the Central Intelligence Agency.
I apologize to the Kyrkistani people.
I pray for their understanding and now for their mercy.
None of that was true.
You know that I'm a reporter.
Your denials are an insult.
There will be no mercy.
In time, you will be executed for your crimes.
But I said what you wanted me to say.
You say what you are, not because I want you to, but because this is the truth.
Please, don't.
I entered this country claiming to be a journalist working for the Empire Times as an international correspondent, but that was not the truth.
Hi, honey.
As you can see, I'm here at the Jensen house.
I know you're somewhere across the world, saving us from God knows what, but I thought you should know today is a very big day here, too.
Aunt Scottie, watch this! That's right.
No training wheels.
Whoa! Kevin, be careful.
I'm okay.
Scottie, everyone's standing by.
What do you want me to tell them? I lost my son Christopher when he was 4.
He and Kevin were in the same preschool class Blue Room a lifetime ago.
When Christopher disappeared, when I lost my family, the Jensens made me part of theirs.
Kevin's not my child, but if I leave him there, he'll die.
Diplomacy won't save him.
He'll be executed, and we won't know until it's over.
With Howard gone, everyone's watching what you do now.
And ordering an unsanctioned black op on enemy soil is going to make a lot of people very nervous.
Where are we on infiltration? There's a plan.
It's awaiting your approval.
Let me be clear.
The administration has specifically instructed Halcyon to stand down.
For that reason, what I'm asking you to do is even more dangerous and illegal than most of the gray matters we take on.
- You know Jensen and his family? - Very well.
Kevin and my son Christopher were friends.
They were? Yes, and I've remained close with him and his family.
Look, this is personal for me.
I'm not hiding that.
And I realize that fact may be clouding my judgment, but I won't leave him there.
You all have to make your own decision.
If you want out, you have my word there won't be any reprisals.
But if you do, I need to know now.
So how do we get in? Our journey begins with the European Union.
They've got a partnership and cooperation agreement with Kyrkistan, but President Aberjan's been acting like a real dictator lately, so that relationship's a bit dicey.
The EU wants a meeting.
Under pressure, Aberjan has agreed to make some low-level foreign ministers available.
Which we thought was an opportunity.
- I agree.
- Who are they sending? You mean who were they sending? Two special envoys one Dutch, one German.
These were submitted electronically to Kyrkistan for pre-approval a few hours ago.
Of course, I intercepted them.
We propose to send these instead, along with a request to move the meeting up by 48 hours.
Call me Omar Claasen.
Trained in law at the Hague, four years as a special representative in Ankara, two in Brussels.
Schon dich zu treffen.
Helen Gruner.
Most recently a part of the EU delegation to Afghanistan.
I like it.
When you deplane, you'll be met by a government liaison.
He'll check your credentials against the ones we've pre-cleared.
Claasen, Miss Gruner, welcome to Kyrkistan.
Documents, please.
And what if something goes wrong? If it does, you're on your own.
There's no backup this time.
If things pop off, we take down these two, go back the way we came, try to get back to the tarmac.
Is there a problem? Security matter.
I assumed it would be acceptable to review your credentials here at the gate.
I was wrong.
My superior insisted on inspecting them personally.
It appears everything's in order.
If you follow me, I'll escort you to hotel.
Once you land, the clock's ticking.
You have to be out before the real EU envoys show up and your cover's blown.
- What about weapons? - Weapons are my job.
Dumont thinks that we can just, uh drive them right across the border.
How? What are we hiding them in? There's a trucking company called Kyrkistan Logistics.
Twice a week, they drive supplies and equipment across the border to Armenia where they're unloaded and come back empty.
All I have to do is seize control of the truck in Armenia, load the weapons, and then drive it back across the border undetected.
Forget it.
They'll inspect the truck on return.
How do we hide assault rifles and body armor in an empty truck? It's my personal spin on what scientists call a Rochester Cloak.
It was developed at the University of Rochester, although they never did it quite like this.
So it's a cloaking device? - Kind of.
- More of a system than a device.
Bottom line, it uses a freestanding array of mirrors and lenses to bend light around objects you want to hide.
Looks empty.
That's the idea.
But go ahead.
Step inside.
The light coming off the back wall is literally bent around the boxes at the center and projected to the eye unbroken.
Okay, let's do some recon on the driver.
His name is Evren Margosian.
He delivers a shipment in Armenia at 7:00 a.
Now, we've mapped out his return route, which generally includes a truck stop about 20 minutes from the border.
That's where you'll need to take it.
Aah! Ohh! Once you have the truck, you'll take it to an arranged location.
We have people standing by to configure the cloak and load the gear.
From there, you just have to drive.
How's your Arabic? Hmm.
We're in.
Not bad.
Sit tight.
You're fine.
He didn't see anything.
He just got distracted, and they're talking about something else.
He left the freaking door open.
- Is that a problem? - Uh, yeah.
The air in the truck is a lot warmer than the air outside.
And what happens when a mass of cold air meets a mass of warm air? The condensation's going to break the illusion.
You're burnt! Get out of there! I made it across.
I'm on foot about a mile inside the border.
Thank God.
The question is, what now? We just lost all our weapons.
And to replace them, we're going to need a contact with access to military-grade gear.
Hang on.
Hang on.
I might know someone.
He's not a soldier, but makes a living by getting people what they need.
I'll send the address.
Yes, yes.
Your man just got here, Scottie.
You could have saved him the trip.
Volkan, darling, this is no time to be shy.
You're one of the most powerful men in the Kyrkistani underworld.
Surely, you can get what we need.
Under normal circumstances, yes.
But things right now, they are anything but normal.
Many of my associates have been arrested.
Many of my assets have been seized.
In fact, the only reason I myself was not arrested is because I maintain high-level contacts within the National Police.
Name your price.
I don't think I need to tell you what the government would do to my family, to my business if your people were caught and connected to me.
They won't be.
You're expanding into real estate, developing areas destroyed by regional fighting.
What if I get you contracts American government contracts? No, no, no.
Now you're overreaching.
Even Howard could not get that done.
Try me.
You and Howard were associates.
I'm suggesting we be friends.
Okay, friend Truth be told, there is one contract I am interested in.
My daughter is a singer.
Uh, she loves your American pop music.
I want a record deal with an American label.
Album release, national tour.
I'm not a record executive.
But you know people who are.
Hey, you asked me what I want.
That is what I want.
Fine, I'll I'll get you a deal.
But no guarantee on a tour.
I mean, how do I even know if she's any good? Show me how you want it to be Oh, tell me, baby 'Cause I need to know now oh, because My loneliness is killing me And I I must confess, I still believe Still believe When I'm not with you, I lose my mind Give me a sign Hit me, baby, one more time Fantastic.
So good.
Thank you.
Thank you for indulging a proud papa.
Brava! Brava! You're kidding, right? That - That's everything? - I told you, most of my stockpile has been seized.
- These two are empty? - Yes.
I don't think our good friend Volkan understands.
We're talking about an assault on a maximum-security prison.
We won't get past the perimeter with two rifles.
We need night vision, we need body armor, grenades.
I don't know if we need night vision goggles.
You don't want it, fine.
We're done here.
No, no, no, no, no.
We didn't say that, all right? It's just not what we expected.
Give Give us a minute.
I am risking my life here.
These days, even the rumor that you spoke critically of the president is enough to get you thrown into a cell.
That could work to our advantage.
How? You said you had friends in the National Police.
- Yes.
- Could they get us uniforms and gear? Of course.
Why? What if someone told the National Police that the warden and his staff at Tariq Prison were supporting Aberjan's rival in the upcoming election? I imagine emergency warrants would issue for their arrest.
We could piggyback on that, right? Walk right through the front door.
We'd need a vehicle, but that could work.
Nez, you got a right turn coming up in 3, 2 Roger that.
We're all set.
Volkan's sources confirm arrest warrants were issued for the warden and 16 of his employees.
Convoy's tracking south to north.
According to this, you're headed straight for it.
Stand by.
Go for siren.
Copy that.
Right! Now, sweet cheeks! We are in position.
East exit.
If we get him out, it won't do much good without a ride.
I'll be there.
All right.
We're inside.
Best guess, Jensen's being held in the northeast quadrant.
Moving east.
I see the corridor to the northeast quadrant.
Kevin Jensen? Yeah, we got him.
He's alive.
Just hang on.
Get back.
Whoever that was, they're gonna come looking for him.
Yeah, we need to keep moving or none of us are gonna make it out of here.
We are Oscar Mike.
Be advised, our cover is blown.
We are heading for the northwest exit.
We had to neutralize an unfriendly.
At this point, it's only a matter of time before the police come and discover the body.
- Nez? - Yeah, I heard.
I'm repositioning now.
Lock the building.
- There it is.
- All right, you're okay.
You're okay.
Dumont, are you seeing this? We need another way out.
They found your unfriendly.
It's not just where you are.
The whole building's going into emergency lockdown.
We're boxed in.
Forward exit is blocked, and we can't go back the way we came.
Hey, Dumont, we're gonna take this chance here.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
We're in the kitchen, Dumont.
Where the hell are we going? I'm on it.
Looks like there's a way out at the far end.
There should be a storage room on your right that leads out to an exit door.
Got it.
It's not working.
Dumont, I'm looking at a security keypad.
How many numbers? Six.
Son of a bitch.
Okay, I can try to override remotely.
That's gonna take time, brother.
Come on.
Tom? Solomon, talk to me! We're pinned down! I'm out.
Stay here.
What are you doing?! We can't hold them like this forever.
- The keypad, how many is that? - Four.
Dumont, I hate to rush you, buddy, but in about 20 seconds, we're about to be overrun.
I'm trying! That's five.
Come on, Dumont, one more! I'm not gonna make it.
Well, then neither will we.
Here comes number six.
Let's move! You have news.
We found Kevin.
He's alive and stable.
Oh, thank God! I-It's not over, he's not out of the country yet, but, um, he's with my people.
We're bringing him home.
Scottie, the chief of staff's on the phone for you.
Excuse me one moment.
What the hell did you do? Sorry, Bob, you're gonna need to be a little more specific.
You know perfectly well what I'm talking about.
Why are my assets in Kyrkistan telling me about a fire fight at the prison where Kevin Jensen is being held? I think you mean was being held.
I told you to stand down.
And I told you I didn't need your permission.
Halcyon is an independent entity.
Howard founded it that way, ran it that way, and he may be gone, but that hasn't changed.
I swear, Scottie, if our relationship with Aberjan crumbles so you could rescue a civilian for personal reasons, you're done.
You could be indicted for this.
Oh, please! We're way past that, Bob.
The things I know, the things Halcyon has done in the name of this country, this administration.
We are the very definition of too big to fail.
You can't afford to make us an enemy.
You need us, so please spare me the selective memory and morality.
Now you do sound like Howard.
What's done is done, and the truth is, I could use an assist at this point.
So please tell your boss he can either abandon Jensen and my people over there or step up and be part of the solution.
We're working on a new exfiltration plan, so we'll get you home in just a few hours.
No, we can't just leave.
I came here to report on human rights violations.
My my camera and my laptop are all still at the building where I was staying.
I need to go get them.
Absolutely not.
The entire government's looking for us, and we're basically down to handguns.
Please, the people I spoke with, the victims, they deserve to have their stories heard.
They spoke to me at great personal risk.
If I don't have my notes and my recordings, - all of this was for nothing.
- Nez is right.
The apartment's the first place they're gonna look.
I'm I'm sorry, man.
It's just not a risk we can take.
No, of course.
I get it.
you guys have you guys have done enough already.
Safety has to be the priority.
All right.
Today must be our lucky day.
Government didn't approve of this mission, but now that it's done, they're not gonna abandon us in hostile territory.
So they're coming to get us? 
No. But if we can make it to our embassy, preferably without being discovered, they'll stick us on the next flight home. But it's not gonna be easy. The embassy is 12 miles from here. We just sit tight till it's dark.
Dumont will monitor police activities.
We just stay one step ahead.
Stay on back roads, keep out of sight.
Still, it's gonna be a long 12 miles.
Where's Jensen? He was just here.
We risk our lives to go get this guy, and he bolts on us? I guess you were right, Tom.
Anything for a story.
Screw that.
No story is worth getting killed for.
And I did not come all the way out here for nothing.
Well, now you know how he feels.
Guy risked his life because the work needs doing.
I'm not saying he was right to go, but I get it.
Kevin! What are you.
I'll be out of here in two seconds, Mrs. Salib.
Thank you.
There's no sign of Jensen out front.
It's possible the police were waiting for him.
And us.
Only one way to find out.
We'll keep watch from here.
What the hell are you doing, huh? I told you we can't be here.
I got what I came for.
Let's go.
What do you think? I think we should have been chiropractors or proctologists.
Pretty much anything else.
Can't defend this position.
Let's go.
We had to ditch the car.
We got company.
How many? -Too many.
Can we take 'em? - No, I count six vehicles.
That's at least a dozen police and state security.
We've got to find a different way out.
I know a way.
Follow me.
Get in! Dumont, there's been a change in the program.
We're mobile and in some serious trouble, my friend.
What? No, no, no.
You're supposed to be sitting tight until dark.
Yeah, you know, it turns out that game plan was not unanimous.
Had to call an audible.
We're traveling in a commandeered vehicle.
I need you to get on the phone with the embassy right now, - tell them we're coming in.
- On it.
Guys! Yes, this is Halcyon operator One-Niner.
Contract code 6-3-7-Sierra-2.
Be advised, we're requesting early arrival for our package at the northern gate.
Copy that, Halcyon One-Niner.
Package will be arriving momentarily with authorities in pursuit.
There's a roadblock up ahead.
All right, there's the gate.
Almost there.
What do I do? Should I stop? Should I go back? Back's not an option.
There's nowhere to go.
- Brace yourself! - We're gonna hit it! Get down! Come on.
Get him inside! - Where you going? - Get him inside.
Take him! Keen, don't even think about it.
Keen! National Police.
On presidential authority, we demand release of Kevin Jensen and the fugitives that helped him escape.
I don't know anything about that, Commander.
You send them out right now or we are coming in.
Sir, if you take one more step, I am authorized by my government to shoot you.
What are you doing? Come on.
Hey! He can make it! He can make it! Come on.
After all is said and done This is how you preserve our plausible deniability with a gun battle and car chase? It couldn't be avoided.
I've got their ambassador holding on the line.
They're demanding we hand over Jensen and your team.
Bob, I'm gonna have to call you back.
He didn't make it? No.
You two can go on in.
I'm Rebecca Fuller, editor of the paper.
- And this is - Robert Wilmont, White House Chief of Staff, and Owen Pruitt, Deputy Director of the CIA.
We've met.
Scottie, you have to believe me, I didn't know until this morning.
He was never a journalist.
He was an operative.
His country considers him a patriot.
- He never said anything.
- I'm not surprised.
Kevin was one of our best.
We recruited him right out of school.
Letting agents pose as journalists puts real journalists at risk.
It violates CIA policy.
As a policy, we avoid using journalists unless the director decides it's absolutely necessary to protect national security.
And this was? What was Kevin doing out there? Something that needed doing.
I wish I could say more.
I understand you're the one who went back for these.
You should know the material on this will save a lot of American lives.
You did a great service bringing these home.
Well, at least his family can take comfort knowing he died for something important.
No, son, they can't.
Oh, come on.
Why not? The U.
denied Kevin was an asset.
Admitting it now would destroy any remaining chance of repairing relations with Aberjan.
It would also shine a spotlight on everyone Kevin made contact with in the field.
Other active agents would be at risk.
We can't have anyone thinking or saying anything other than that he was a journalist.
Are we clear? His mother is one of my best friends.
I won't lie to her.
That's exactly what you have to do.
It's my fault.
I thought going to get him was the right thing to do.
Don't do that to yourself.
I asked you to go.
Kevin would have died there.
What you did gave him a fighting chance.
He chose to go back.
I mean, that was Kevin.
Nothing was more important than the story.
If we had to lose him, at least I know he died doing what he loved the most.
What is it? Nothing.
I just can't believe he's really gone.
So you didn't tell his mother.
Why not? I don't know.
I, um I-I guess in the moment, I just felt Kevin wouldn't have wanted me to.
Imagine Her own son, and she had no idea who he really was.
They can't all have happy endings.
Be proud of what we did out there.
I am.
Happy birthday to you Kevin Happy birthday Kevin, look at Aunt Scottie.
Christopher! Wave at Mommy.
Love you, Mom! Okay, Kevin.
Make a wish, honey.
Kevin, did you make a wish?
1.03 Independence, U.S.A.
1 Care package entering impact zone.
30 seconds to delivery, sir.
(BEEPING) (ALARMS BLARING) (DOG BARKING) (WHISPERING IN RUSSIAN) (DOG BARKS) (SPEAKS RUSSIAN) (JET ENGINES WHIRRING) Many a moon come and shine her light (MAN GRUNTS) Taking her clothes off, it break my mind (KNOCK ON DOOR) Taking her clothes off, gone take all mine So sorry.
I tried texting.
Oh, it's fine.
He's paid for all night, so come in.
Want you so bad I had to break your mind - Uh, Kat, this is - Trevor.
How you doing? Yes, it's what you're thinking.
There are worse ways to mourn.
I could be sitting at home eating ice cream.
It's General Phillips.
He says it's urgent.
I've seen you somewhere.
- It's a big city.
I doubt it.
- In the paper, the cover of The Wall Street Journal.
You read The Wall Street Journal? You were at funeral, looked really nice.
Whose funeral was it? My husband's.
I should be back in an hour.
General Phillips.
To what do I owe this pleasure? Operation North Star.
I'm giving it the green light.
Operation North Star? The humanitarian workers, the plane crash I worked this out with Howard months ago.
Oh, well, then, a plan is already in place.
Tell me about it.
The care package has been delivered.
What's next? - You really don't know, do you? - No, which is why We should postpone.
General, Howard's gone, and now I'm in charge of the company he built.
So whether I like it or not, I have to stand out, stand up.
And I can't do that without therapy, antidepressants, and people like you, who Howard confided in sometimes more than he confided in me.
You're unprepared.
So? Prepare me.
The accident.
The accident was no accident.
SCOTTIE: What the world knows an ISAP plane carrying relief workers went down last night in a remote region of the Ural Mountains well inside the Russian border.
What the world doesn't know It was downed on purpose by us.
There were 17 fatalities.
No, there were 17 dead people.
- What's the difference? - They were already dead John Does from a morgue in Estonia.
The crash took place near what we think is a secret Russian military base.
The reason we think but don't know is that the Ruskies are using some kind of ground-based signal to jam line-of-sight with our birds.
Since we can't see by air, we need boots on the ground.
So you downed a plane.
- Edgy.
- To avoid an international incident, Russia has invited a go-team from NTSB to investigate in the hopes of ruling out an act of terror.
You and Tom are on that team.
You need to get eyes on that facility.
Any idea what we're gonna find? Intel indicates that whatever's going on there is specifically targeting the U. S.
That's it.
Howard didn't tell me about this operation with the Pentagon. I want to know if he was hiding anything else. You're one of the few people who knew that before Howard died, he went off his meds, that he'd become paranoid.
I haven't told anyone.
Which is why I need you to handle this personally. And confidentially.
I want an internal audit every contract or financial transaction. Leave no stone unturned.
RUSSIAN SOLDIER: I wasn't notified.
You are going to have to talk to my superior.
TOM: Come on.
Loo You have our credentials.
I'm sorry.
It's a restricted area.
Guys, we were invited here to do our job.
Now, we can only do that on our own with complete access to the entire debris field.
And if that's gonna be a problem, we're gonna have to call the embassy.
Take nothing.
Touch nothing.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Excuse me.
On my signal.
Fuel leak! Fuel leak! It's not secure! Everybody back! Okay, I'm on the move.
- Where am I headed? - Northeast, over the ridge.
Half a klick to the clearing.
You're moments away, Tom-Tom.
Now make a left.
You get there, you snap some photos, and you get out before anyone misses you at the crash site.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) - You find it? - I found something.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING) Sure as hell isn't a weapons facility.
What is it? Come on.
Don't leave the D-man out of this.
I don't know.
I think you're gonna have to see this one to believe it.
- Hey! - I don't I-I don't know what you're saying! (GUN COCKS) Hey, hey! Why didn't anybody tell us there was an active fuel leak, huh? Now I got to report this to your superiors in Moscow.
So, what's over the hill and through the woods? Grandma's house, if she lived in Topeka.
I guess we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
I wouldn't bet on it.
What's this? 
A numbered account in the Dutch Antilles registered to an I.P. address matching Howard's computer at your house.
Did you find anything else? 
No, except for a troubling line item listed only as "Iran-Contra." 
What was the account used for? 
 I don't know.
Briar Metcalf might. He's the one who set it up.
Briar. Of course.
Would you like me to go see him? 
But I need to do it.
Where are we? Independence population 216.
What is it? During the Cold War, there were rumors that the Soviets built replicas of American towns to train their agents how to live like us.
No one ever proved they existed.
You know, a place to train sleeper agents made sense back in the day.
But today, when you can get a visa and send them to Disneyland? What are they up to? Should we inform General Phillips? No.
Not until we know what we're dealing with.
Seems like maybe you already do.
I don't, but I know someone who might.
MAN: Hey, hey.
Men only! I'll let you know if I see any.
I said I couldn't help you.
Yes, but you didn't mean it, not after Riga.
Please, don't push me on this.
You don't know the people involved.
Acquaint me.
They inserted agents at Three Mile Island, at O'Hare Airport before Flight 191 went down in Chicago, agents that were trained in towns like this to infiltrate America.
Then the wall fell, and the program stopped.
Doesn't looked like it stopped to me.
This new place is something else.
Agents trained not just to conceal themselves, but to slivat'sya to merge with their cover identities.
What does that mean? I hear only rumors that this program is the next generation of what came before but even more dangerous.
People are afraid to talk about it, people who aren't afraid of much.
I need to get a look in there, Vadim.
It's important.
Occasionally, some of the new boys call me, ask for recommendations, agents or assets I may have had who are fluent in Russian or English.
For assignment in Independence.
You don't want to do this.
I have two agents for you to recommend.
Listen to what I'm telling you.
I send agents in, but they never come out ever.
I'll have two dossiers for you within the hour.
You think Scottie knows more than she's saying? Every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
(CELLPHONE VIBRATES, CHIMES) I hope you're a quick study.
- What's this? - Your cover.
You and Nez are FSB agents being transferred to Independence.
Nez? What about Solomon? I have another assignment for him.
You're wheels-up in an hour.
Two hours.
I have an appointment.
Cancel it.
- I can't do that.
- Of course you can.
Clearly you don't want to.
Why? Who are you meeting with that's so important? It's personal.
Two hours, not a minute more.
She's doing a complete audit.
Tell me about Operation North Star.
Accounts, case files, everything.
The relief workers, the plane crash.
- Has she taken the contract? - She knows you hid things from her, and if she looks closely enough, she's gonna find out it's me.
Let me worry about her.
You worry about the op.
What is all this? It doesn't It doesn't matter, not now.
Look, if I'm gonna work with you, I need to know that you have a clear head, that you're not - that you're focused.
- I've never been more focused.
Says the manic depressive who's off his meds.
She told you that? Clearly, you're not taking them.
Which is why I can see the truth, Tom, for the first time.
What truth? Did you hear what I said? She's looking into what you're hiding.
She is gonna find me out.
You're telling me that's not important, but some village in Siberia is? Yeah, it's critical.
Critical to what? To everything.
To the whole picture.
That's what she doesn't want me to see.
It's why she kept me medicated to keep me from finding the truth.
You have to get on that plane.
You have to go to Russia and see this through.
(WOMAN SPEAKING RUSSIAN) (WOMAN SPEAKING RUSSIAN) From this moment on, you will only speak English.
No exceptions.
This complex was built on the site of a former missile facility.
Ground water was polluted.
Be aware of it.
Short showers.
Bottled water only.
No exceptions.
You will be given a new identity.
Study it.
Become it.
It is you.
Do not break character for anything or anyone.
You will be tested.
You will be pushed.
You will become someone new.
You will receive your assignment and will take our fight to America.
(SIGHS) I'm Lisa.
I'm an unemployed bank teller.
Oh, and I live with my brother.
Who's in construction.
What fight could we possibly bring to America? One no one will see coming.
Who are you? Uh, I'm Stan.
I'm a janitor, and I live with my wife.
TOM: Hello? Anyone home? CYNTHIA: In here, sweetie.
I was wondering where you were.
Hi, there.
- Oh, Sam, leave Daddy alone.
- Oh, that's okay.
Hi, boy.
I'm just finishing up the tuna casserole.
I'll need about 15 minutes or so.
You better change, or we'll be late.
Uh, late late for what? The Tugenbergs.
Linda's birthday? - Right.
- (CHUCKLES) I swear you'd forget we were married if you didn't wake up next to me every day.
(CLEARS THROAT) Uh, smells great.
Don't even think about it.
Now shoo.
Go on.
Go put on the sweater I got you for Christmas.
The, uh, sweater.
- I laid it out on the bed.
- Of course you did.
Along with your khakis and your penny loafers.
What would I do without you? Honestly, I shudder to think.
Open a bottle of Beaujolais and let it breathe a while.
Sorry, Briar.
You're gonna be late for that Beaujolais.
Scottie, what are you d - Briar, if I were you, I'd talk little and listen big.
I don't want Mr. Solomon to have to get bloodstains all over these aniline leather seats. The account in the Antilles, the one you set up for Howard without telling me?
 I don't know what you're talking about.
Howard was making secret payments to someone. You would know who. I want a name. Effective immediately, you're out as CFO of Halcyon. What you say next will determine if that's the worst thing that happens to you today.
Scottie, I would Honestly. But Howard was like a brother to me.
You know, funny thing. Most people think only men can be brothers.
I used to think that, too, until I stood face-to-face with my executioner.
Hand to God, I was a dead man.And that part where you're supposed to see your life flash before your eyes, you know what I saw instead? I saw the most beautiful pair of legs staying the hand of my executioner. This woman, she's my brother.
Owe her my life, really.
And if she asks me to remove your head, I'll do so without thinking twice.
So let's get talking.
Or let's get surgical.
Who did Howard give that money to? I-I-I don't know his name.
Howard never told me.
Then for the sake of your leather seats, I hope Howard told you where we could find him.
Please tell me that's what I think it is.
Nana's tuna casserole straight from the oven.
Happy birthday to me.
Come on.
Let me show you where to put it.
They offered me a full ride.
I-I could've gone pro.
The coach said I had the arm for it.
- Stanley.
- Hmm? You remember Angela and David.
Uh, no, I don't think we've met.
Of course I remember them.
She thinks I don't remember anything.
- How was your trip? - Oh, great.
David's niece Joanne just got married in Boca.
And it was Palm Beach.
I think someone's had a little too much punch.
(ALL CHUCKLE) Well, I think weddings are forgettable anyways.
That's why we eloped after only three days.
Yep, it was four years ago in a blizzard on February 2nd, the day of the hedge.
Or the hog.
- Or the, um - Uh, groundhog.
- The The groundhog.
- It was, uh, Groundhog Day.
And, uh, the power was down, so I was bringing some ice cream out to the fire escape 'cause it was melting.
And, uh, there she was, doing the exact same thing.
So we sat there and ate ice cream in the middle of a blizzard.
Uh, there was this moment where you turned and looked at me.
And you were surrounded by snow, and you were caught in the moonlight, and you smiled.
I'll always remember it, because it was the moment I fell in love with you.
Based on the scale of downtown, we're looking at a community that's at least a square mile. And Grushenka's watching every inch of it.
There has to be an op center.
If we can find it, we can figure out what's going on.
Happy birthday to you DAVID: How could you be so stupid? You've been warned about this before.
ANGELA: I don't want to pretend anymore.
- I just want to go home.
- Don't do this.
Don't do what? Act normal? (SINGING STOPS) Happy birthday to you – 
Hey. I thought you might want some company.
What are you doing? Look, uh, Cynthia Whatever your real name is, they can't hear us in here.
I know. I'm not doing it for them.
No, stop. I'm married.
We're not allowed to be married.
I know. I lied. Sorry.
You have a rash.
Oh, everybody does. You do, too.
What is this from? 
No one knows. If I leave now, they're gonna see me and wonder why.
So don't get out. I don't bite.
What's your wife's name? 
Tell me about her, your other wife.
I'm better now.
I'm afraid we both know that's not true.
No! No, no! Please! I can do better! I can do better! Please! Please! Aah! Hey, Pete.
You going somewhere? 
PETE: I've been transferred.
To America.
I leave in an hour.
Transferred? That's great.
Isn't that what what we want? Don't you get it? I may not come back.
Chances are I'll never come back.
Answer it.
Lisa, this is Mitchell with First Street Bank.
I'm calling to remind you about our interview today.
Sorry about last night.
Can't really form attachments.
Stan, what are you talking about? Sometimes you say the strangest things.
Nobody knows when they're sending us to America, unless you know something I don't.
So, where should we go for breakfast? I'm famished.
(TELEPHONES RINGING) Moved here recently, I see.
From Ohio, yeah.
What part of Ohio? Canton.
Is that near Akron at all? It's about 40 minutes south.
You know anyone here, made any friends in town yet? I'm sorry, what does that have to Please answer the question.
No, I don't know anyone here.
You know, I think you'd be a great fit at First Street.
But the applicant pool is pretty stiff, I'm afraid.
I would advise against that.
It's about who you know.
And since you need help meeting people Ohh! (CLATTER) (GRUNTING) (CLEARS THROAT) (SIGHS) Any more questions? (WHISTLE BLOWS) (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Just gonna grab a water.
Found the command center.
We should move tonight, uplink their system with Halcyon.
Yeah, and get the hell out.
My brother packed up and left this morning.
Transfer, he said.
- So they're moving him already? - Mm-hmm.
- Any idea where they sent him? - (CHUCKLES) No.
But he was terrified.
Don't drink that.
- Why not? - 'Cause I ran a 6-minute mile and beat the hell out of a bank manager today.
We're being doped.
(SCOFFS) The rash.
How? Something in the water.
Low doses.
Stimulant to enhance performance and lower inhibitions, relieve anxiety.
They want us compliant so we don't ask questions about this place.
- How do you know all this? - Lisa.
- (WHISTLE BLOWS, CROWD CHEERS) - Will you come with me? If this is about the bank, I Please, just come with me.
(WHISTLE BLOWS) GRUSHENKA: Do you know what this is? No.
During the Second World War, the Red Army carried these instead of standard tags.
It's an identity capsule.
A soldier's vitals are written on a slip of paper inside.
My grandfather's are in this one.
Hasn't been opened since it was used to identify his body, a life he gave for Russia.
(CLICK) (CLATTER) You know, most candidates react timid to that test, but not you.
You have an instinct that cannot be taught, a capability.
I'm impressed.
You are needed for the next phase of our program here.
(CLICK) Wait, my new identity? Lisa is a real person? This is Dr.
I'll be performing your reassignment.
GRUSHENKA: She's a very close match, no? She is.
Based on the target's medical files, we'll need a slight alteration of the mandible here and here, and a rhinoplasty to curve the nose.
Even I won't be able to tell the difference when we're through.
Are you ready to give a life for Russia and to take on another? (CAR HORNS HONKING) - (KEYS JINGLE) - (CHUCKLING) Whoa-ho-ho.
Oh, you do not look like a man who should get behind the wheel.
Oh, yeah? Who the hell are you? Today? Consider us your designated drivers.
Us? You don't look like much for one of the agency's highest decorated non-official cover operatives.
James Bond borrowed my tux.
You know what I think? I think somewhere under that 5:00 whiskey stink, there's a sharp mind still at work.
I think that's why my husband paid you from a numbered account.
I read about the funeral.
Forgot to send flowers.
Anyone can open the Yellow Pages and call a private detective.
Only my husband would hire a spy.
(SIGHS) What do you want from me? Same thing Howard did.
And I'll pay.
What was he looking for? Not what.
Your son.
(DOOR OPENS) Surgery? - Like plastic surgery? - Yeah.
That explains the Tugenbergs' bandages the other night.
They're not touching me.
I like my chin.
It was my mother's.
Get down.
(BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY) These people aren't being trained to impersonate Americans.
They're being trained to replace them.
Let's go.
Their command center is at City Hall.
(MAN GROANING) (ALL MURMURING) Hmm? This is Cynthia Stegner at 86 Maplewood Drive.
I'm having an issue with my husband.
(TELEPHONE BEEPS) They made contact? I'm into the Crazytown mainframe.
Tom patched us in.
Tell us what we're looking at.
The names of real people they intend to replace.
An electrician, a mechanic, a construction worker.
Why replace them? What's the plan? - We don't know.
- Bob and Linda Tugenberg I know them.
They're my neighbors.
) - Dumont? - We lost the link.
Tom, we got a problem.
) Someone pulled the plug on their end.
I got nothing.
No, we have identities and addresses.
Go after the construction worker.
Get there fast.
Send a team to follow up on the others.
I'm there.
Kick the tires.
- What about Tom and Nez? - Alert the extraction team in Russia.
They'll be coming fast.
Our focus is the names on that screen.
We need to get to them before their doppelgangers do.
(DOORBELL RINGS) What the hell? (ALARM BLARING) (MEN SPEAK RUSSIAN) How much data you think Dumont got? Not enough.
Well, well, well.
I wonder who you work for.
MI6? CIA? Doesn't matter.
Full of bullets, we all look the same.
MAN: Clear.
That's a shame.
Scottie, baby, we got a corpse here with no sign of the pod people.
Sir? Over here.
He left a note.
"At 6:15 p.
today, we, the True Nation Brotherhood reclaimed our freedom" Blah, blah, blah.
"refreshing the tree of liberty" Blah, blah.
"rising against those who would hold us down" Hmm.
It's 5 of 6:00.
Scottie, we got a suicide note here taking credit for an attack that hasn't happened yet.
DUMONT: In addition to the body Solomon just found, Robert and Linda Tugenberg He runs his own auto-body shop in Linden, New Jersey.
She's a senior electrical engineer for the New York Power Authority.
They were both found with self-inflicted gunshot wounds by our team 11 minutes ago.
SOLOMON: And let me guess.
Suicide notes? Taking credit for a crime that hasn't happened yet.
- But what's the crime? - Peter Winstone He's a construction foreman with a company credit card.
He used said card an hour ago to purchase a large amount of Dynex.
An electrician, a construction foreman with heavy explosives, and a mechanic.
They're building a rolling bomb.
I'm finding an online footprint shared by all three.
Message board postings for a homegrown militia outfit - called - The True Nation Brotherhood.
This isn't about Russia attacking us.
It's about using their agents to make us think we've attacked ourselves.
With suicide notes and dead Americans to prove it.
The notes What time do they say the attack takes place? 6:15.
That's 17 minutes from now.
That's how long we have to find their target.
(ALARM BLARING) We need a way out of this room.
The extraction point is 6 miles away.
If they're gonna be on our heels, there's no way we're gonna make it on foot.
Maybe we don't have to.
(SIGHS) They're gonna blow the door.
How about we blow it for them? They're wiring those explosives with blasting caps, which are stable but sensitive to stray electrical current.
I think 10,000 volts ought to do it.
Care to say goodbye? First off, the stick? I wasn't moved.
You want to honor Gramps for giving his life for Mother Russia, we can arrange for you to do the same.
Oh, but before you go, we're Americans, U.
of "you have no idea what's about to happen to your tired, sadistic" All right, I think she probably gets it.
- Ready? - Mm-hmm.
Here we go.
(ALARMS CONTINUE BLARING) Damn sirens are gonna wake up the whole town.
Give me some overwatch while I hotwire this thing.
- (GUN COCKS) - CYNTHIA: What kind of man runs out on his family? How'd you find me? They have ways of tracking us.
Till death do us part, right? (RING CLINKS) (TIRES SCREECH) Let's get the hell out of here.
- Do you have a location? - An area, downtown.
The mechanic rented a truck this afternoon.
Rental company equips them with GPS.
- We can track the truck.
- Yeah, moving past Franklin and Broadway as we speak.
- Get word to Solomon.
- Okay, done and doner.
It's like they want us to find them.
- They do want us to find them.
- Right.
If they're just passing Franklin and Broadway If they're posing as militia, they'll probably want to target a government building.
What's nearby? - State Supreme Court.
Bye! (TIRES SCREECHING) I don't suppose it'd be too much to ask that you turn off the engine and drop the keys out the window.
We've got 300 pounds of Dynex in here.
Stay back, or it blows.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Fall back, mi amigos.
I'm not really a negotiator.
I don't really know what people say right now.
You got so much to live for? Think of your families? I don't know.
I'll say that was a hell of plot you guys almost pulled off.
It was elaborate, so elaborate.
But I bet you that this van was not supposed to be the end of your life.
Am I right? So why don't we keep it that way? Nobody has to leave this square in a body bag.
Just hand us the detonator, and we can all go our separate ways.
What do you say, comrade? I say screw you.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
I didn't want to have to give the green light.
Green light? 
Nice talking to you.
Mi amigos.
 Hey, did you hear? The, uh, satellites show nothing but a crater where the town was.
The Russians scrubbed the whole thing. Scottie said she'll ask General Phillips to provide protection for every American we got off the drives.
They could still be targeted.
Hey, um Thank you. You saved my life.
The drug they put in the water destroyed your REM cycle. Take 5-HTP. It's over-the-counter. It'll help with the comedown.
How do you know so much about this? 
After you've been a soldier Uh, well, no. After you've seen what people do in war, they'll offer you every drug there is except the one you need to make it go away. So you try all the others just in case.
How'd you get sober? 
Howard. This place. He gave me a job. He He helped me clean up. He gave me a shot at something I-I never tried before. Hope.
Do you want Do you want to grab a coffee? Toast to a job well done? Maybe next time.
If I fall - Yeah.
- Can you pull me up? Can you pull me up? Where ever you've gone? DEALER: Damn, girl. I was hoping you'd be one of the ones who stayed gone.
I just need to know That you won't forget about me Where ever you've gone? How, how, how? – 
Reading a bedtime story? 
Read it a thousand times Wealthy couple, beautiful son, trip to Ocean City. Before he died, Howard hired someone to track down our son, Christopher.
Track him? I don't understand. I thought your son was dead. 
I talked to the man. He found a record of a child services in Wilmington, less than 120 miles from where Christopher disappeared.  A boy Chris' age. Blue eyes, brown hair. His name was Christopher. A week after we lost our boy, that boy was brought to child services.
But you told me your husband was out of his mind, that his search for Christopher was a delusion.
I thought he was. Now I don't know.  But as the head of one of the largest intelligence operations in the world, if there is any chance he's out there, I will find my son.
I'm telling you, she is coming for me.
Operation North Star I need to know exactly what you found. 
She knows about the investigator. She knows that, uh, you hired him to find me. She 
Tom. What did you learn? 
It's a sleeper program. It's one that trains agents, cuts them to look exactly like the people they're assigned to replace.
Oh. So it's true.
What's true? You know about this place? 
Two months after your disappearance, your mother was in a terrible car accident. Some thought she was trying to end her life, that the pain of losing you was too much. She was in the hospital for four months. After that, she was never the same. I noticed the differences, but I assumed it was because no one is ever the same after the loss of a child. It was only years later that I began to suspect that there was something more to it.
And when your mother learned of my suspicions, she tried to have me killed.
You told me this part. You came to suspect who she was working with, - where her loyalties lie.
I'm not talking about who she's working with. I'm talking about her. I wasn't gonna tell you this until after it was confirmed. But I believe that Scottie Hargrave is a sleeper agent.
Wha N-No. No, that can't be true.
It is. That program, the doubles, the town, the people who ran it I believe that 30 years ago, they murdered your mother.
1.04 Operation Davenport
MAN: We have a breach Sector 3, code red.
Repeat breach in Sector 3.
We need guards and all personnel to report.
We need guards and all personnel to report.
(BLARING CONTINUES) We have a breach Sector 3, code red.
(BLARING CONTINUES) Hey! (BLARING CONTINUES) My gun he has my gun! Ohh! Aah! (KNOCK ON DOOR) Hi.
Kat Carlson.
I work for Scottie Scottie yeah, I know.
We met.
We did.
Anyway, there was an emergency, and Ms. Hargrave can't make your appointment.
She asked me to apologize and to bring you breakfast.
Um, do all your clients bring you stuff? Yeah.
what did you think it was about just sex? Oh, okay.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I should really - Wait, come on.
- Uh, have breakfast with me.
That's Thank you, but, uh, I should go.
But did, uh, did Scottie give you my number? Yes, she gave it to me.
Why? I mean, you could've called or sent over breakfast, but here you are.
Come on, just have breakfast with me.
Okay, but but just breakfast.
We got a massive gas leak. It's authorized personnel only.
Bishop: She's with me.
Southbound big rig swerved to avoid an accident.
Jumped the rail, did a face-plant, and perforated the base of the tower column around 4:15 a. m. Driver's stable at New York Presbyterian.
Since when does the CIA work traffic duty? You didn't call me down here for a truck crash, Dan.
And we got two prison guards in ICU.
Guards? What have you boys gotten yourselves into? 
Operation Davenport it's an off-book site used by the Agency to interrogate enemy combatants.
We had 32, but now 5 are missing.
We need you to find them.
Last I checked, black-site prisons are illegal on U. S. soil.
Scottie, thank God.
Jack, good to see you.
What's your part in all this? BISHOP: Jack's company runs cybersecurity for Davenport.
How do you plan on keeping this quiet? Well, we're striking the facility now.
Cameras, servers all the incident data will be relocated to a level-four command center in Queens.
I'm gonna need that footage.
Y-You're not cleared for that.
Your job's to focus on the manhunt.
Look, Dan.
Do you want the prisoners rounded up? Call the U.S. Marshals. If you want the mess you created handled covertly, we do this my way. And I'll need access to everything. So, tell Jack to shut up and listen, or I walk.
So, how do you want to handle it? 
NEZ: We have five fugitives loose in Manhattan. Andre Zidane bombed a French embassy in Algeria. Brian Mayhew cyber-hacktivist who leaked a cache of top-secret US. intelligence data. Jared Rourke founder of Aryan Freedom Force, the Montana-based "white nationalist" movement.
Chechen separatist Leonid Dudin. And Alex Kota, a British national part of a cell that killed an American diplomat in Pakistan last month.
Some of the world's deadliest terrorists, and you want us to hunt 'em down all by ourselves? 
Operation Davenport's black ops.
The NYPD, the Bureau, and the public don't know about it or the breakout.
If we're going to avoid mass hysteria, we need to keep it that way.
If the goal was to avoid mass hysteria, a freaking black site shouldn't have been put in Manhattan.
But it was, and now we need to find these men.
I want the CCTV feeds from every bridge and tunnel routed through to Halcyon.
Nez, get to the scene.
See if you can pick up a trail.
Tom, tell Homeland we've got a credible threat and you want NYPD to choke the city's exfil points.
Say the threat is imminent, but not specific.
Woman: All units, be advised.
(POLICE SIRENS BLARING) We have a level-one mobilization.
Implement shutdown of all Manhattan bridges and tunnels until further notice from a patrol supervisor.
I wanna re-up.
(CHUCKLING) That will get you half. But maybe we can come to an arrangement. I have a sense you're plugged into law enforcement.
Yeah, and? 
And you might have access to information that could benefit me business-wise who the DEA might be targeting, which of my competitors might be hit? 
I'm good with the half. 
You're sure about this? 
It's the official adoption report.
"Christopher, aged 4, last name unknown."
 Same Christopher who was brought into Child Services a week after your son went missing.
"Judge approves change in legal status, conferring all parental rights to Frank and Eva Phelps." 
Contact information's in the file. You're a call away from finding your boy.
Sorry to interrupt, but there's something you need to see. It's about the truck.
NEZ: Someone welded reinforced steel bars on the front end. This isn't a big rig it's a battering ram. Whoever launched it knew exactly what was on the other side of that wall.
This wasn't an accident it was a prison break.
Go to the hospital. Get to the driver. Bring him back here and lean on him.
It's been five hours, and we're nowhere on the escapees.
He's our best hope of finding them.
Special Doug McCarty, and this is Officer Lynch.
As I'm sure that your doctor's told you They didn't tell me nothing.
Am I in some kind of trouble? Well, we're not authorized to release those details at this time, but we do have a credible threat.
"Credible threat"? What the hell does that mean? What is going on here? Tom: Homeland Security believes you may be a target in an ongoing case.
Is this about the accident? I told the police already, I don't We're moving you to a secure location where we can guarantee your safety until the threat is under control.
What threats? You keep saying that.
If you'd just come this way Hey! (CAR HORN HONKS, TIRES SCREECH) - Hey! No! Stop! - Hey! Stop! (CAR HORN HONKS, TIRES SCREECH) (BREATHES SHARPLY) Our truck driver was born in Queens no criminal record, nor ties to any known terror groups.
(CELLPHONE BEEPS) Uh, still no word on the prisoners.
Nothing at the airports or the, uh, train stations and the checkpoints.
Well, breaking out of a black-site prison requires planning and manpower and a ton of network support.
Well, it did for me.
So, in addition to your charming personality, you're also an enemy combatant.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wrong place, wrong time.
Whatever you got to tell yourself.
Rourke and Mayhew operate alone they have no network.
So that leaves Dudin, Zidane, and Kota.
Mm. A Russian bomber, British militant, and an African nationalist. What aren't we seeing? 
Ramadi a truck bomb killed 133 Marines.
And three months ago, intel named Dudin, Zidane, and Kota as key players in the attack.
And now they're loose in a city with 34,000 cops, and none of them can help us 'cause our government threw these guys in a hole and deprived them of their rights.
DUMONT: Hey, I may have a line on one of the fugitives.
Just intercepted a 911 call from an apartment in Chelsea on 31st.
Check this out.
(BEEPS) MAN: There's someone a man in in my apartment.
I can hear him.
Operator: Can you describe him? I-I don't know in his 20s, gray jumpsuit like a a convict.
Hey, our prisoners are wearing dark jump suits.
We're on our way.
So are the cops.
I'm looking at their system.
Dispatch was just notified.
Solomon: Optics, please.
DUMONT: Apartment 502, two bedrooms Windows on the east-west axis.
Fire escape faces 30th.
(LOCK DISENGAGES) (GUNS COCK) (CREAKS LIGHTLY) Guys, whatever's going on in there, you need to move.
Police are 90 seconds out.
Okay, don't Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Don't do anything stupid.
The police are on their way, okay? (SHOUTING IN ARABIC) And I'm right behind you.
(SHOUTING IN ARABIC) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
(BOTH SHOUTING IN ARABIC) Back up, relax! Relax! (SHOUTING IN ARABIC) We're here to help you.
Take it easy.
- (SHOUTING IN ARABIC) - Calm down.
60 seconds, boys.
Get out of there.
Ohh! Aah! 
Okay, we officially have a problem.
OFFICER: Mr. Pollack? NYPD. Open the door. Open the door.
Coming. Officers, good afternoon.
We got a call about an intruder?
 Intruder? Yes, yes, I did make a call, yeah.
But I thought I saw something, and I don't think I did, and I think I'm okay. I got the door locked now, so, thank you.
The door wasn't locked.
Was it not? God, I get a little tired on, uh 
Me and my partner would feel better if we can come in and take a look.
Uh-huh. Okay, great. You want to tell me what he looked like? 
He's 6'1", uh, black, um, very tall, slender build.
You told dispatch he was wearing a prison jumpsuit of some kind.
Yeah, you know, I don't really remember. But I might I think at the station would probably be better to I'd feel better.
What's going on here?
 Excuse me.
Who are you?
 I'm the plumber came back to fix y'all's sink. W-Why the police here? 
I'm so s this is the man I saw in my apartment.
What you called the police 'cause you saw a black man in your apartment? 
Hey, whoa, that is not accurate.
Go ahead, lock me up right here, right now! What's the maximum sentence for fixing a racist man's sink? 
Oh, come on! I'm not a racist. I want you to know I am not a racist.
Of course you're a racist.
Back me up.
Take it easy! 
All right, take it easy!
 I am not a racist.
Call me over here Come 
 Of course 
Is it racist to want my sink fixed?
 Come on, man!  It's racist! 
Give me a break.
Of course you're racist! 
Hold on, come on.
Girl, he 
Look at that! 
Look, I am not a ra I am not a racist.
Take it easy! How you gonna call the police 
No, no, no, no.
I seen your artwork.
You ain't got no black artists.
I've got great taste, okay? 
Have a good night, fellas.
Oh, taste? 
Oh, so a white artist got good taste.
I like all the colors of the rainbow black, red, blue 
Okay, what's Tupac middle name? 
We should deal with that.
Woman: Manhattan remains on lockdown with a heavy police presence throughout the city. Officials are tight-lipped about why the lockdown was ordered.
The good news is, three of the five prisoners are back in custody.
Bad news is, whoever organized the breakout is still at large.
How can you know that?
 The breakout was meticulous.
Those involved would be given food and shelter.
They wouldn't be caught breaking into an apartment looking for track suits.
Where are we on the driver? Still nothing to connect him to the prisoners.
Look again.
Cross-reference everything against Mayhew and Rourke mother's maiden name, distant relatives, distant step-relatives.
Start at the beginning.
There has to be a connection.
Howard: Were you followed? 
How many cabs did you take? 
She knows.The private investigator you hired to find me she she got to him, and he's working for her now.
Stay focused on Whitehall.
Has she said anything about Whitehall? 
She found the family who adopted me. 
I figured out how they're communicating the code. But I can't find any mention of Whitehall.
Are you listening to me? She's gonna meet my adoptive parents.
They'll tell her I survived, show her pictures. I was with them until I was 14. She's gonna recognize me.
Brian Mayhew he's the one who orchestrated the breakout.
Who orchestrated the breakout.
How could you know that?  The black site 
Hey, where you been?
 Working a source. He says Mayhew organized the breakout.
Well, he's well-informed. We found an offshore transaction linking the truck driver to Mayhew. He was paid to drive through that wall. Mayhew is behind this whole thing.
The source who who is he? 
Someone who insists on anonymity. I hope you can respect that.
Of course.
Solomon? I got a job for you. No, forget the breakout. This is more important.
Mayhew, you scared me.
Everything on track? Uh, uh, see for yourself.
(CHUCKLES) Is that him? Yeah, that's him.
Time to get to work.
(COMPUTER KEYS CLACKING) MAN: Authorities now say the citywide lockdown - is due to a possible terror threat.
- (SIRENS WAILING) No details yet on the nature of this threat or when the lockdown might be lifted.
Four notorious terrorists escape, and you're asking me to believe Brian Mayhew is the reason why? Whoever located that black site accessed government intelligence to do it.
That's Mayhew's speciality.
That's why you had him in there.
He founded Hacktivism United angry Millennials intent on exposing corporate corruption.
- (COMPUTER KEYS CLACKING) - What's the latest? He's still at his hotel.
Meeting's in less than three hours.
(SIGHS) Then we're still on.
NEZ: It started innocently enough, shutting down meat-processing plants - to protest animal cruelty - Uh.
leaking embassy cables.
Good luck, Brian.
SCOTTIE: Leaking was one thing, but Mayhew didn't stop there.
He infiltrated a top-secret NSA mainframe, stole identities of operatives, the schematics of the C34 ICBM.
BISHOP: Okay, okay.
Assuming you're right, what's Mayhew gonna do next? He could be just looking for his freedom, but something tells me he's got bigger plans.
The other inmates still at large? We're tracking them, but Mayhew's our priority.
We're running down every lead.
I may know an angry Millennial who used to run in those circles.
And we're only learning this now? We don't talk much.
Haven't gotten along in years.
How long have you known him? Forever.
The scumbag's my brother.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) - And he might have intel on Mayhew.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Yes? Guest services I was told you're having trouble getting Internet access.
That was fast.
It just went out a few minutes ago.
I mean, I'm pretty good at this stuff.
Wait! Don't! What are you doing?! (GRUNTING) (CAR DOOR CLOSES) Man on radio: A City Hall source claims that the threat level has been raised in Manhattan.
The official says the city is working to assess the credibility of the threat (SCOFFS) You look like crap.
Radicalism doesn't suit you.
I'd invite you to stay for lunch, but, clearly, you've already eaten.
I wouldn't have come if it wasn't important.
I have business.
(SCOFFS) My big brother, the corporate shill, marionette who just loves to dance for the Man wants to talk business with me.
The Man is the government.
Halcyon's a private company.
The Man is whoever's holding the almighty dollar.
Hacktivist United.
You used to code with those guys.
And you used to be Mom's favorite.
Things change.
Mayhew broke out of prison.
I need your help finding him.
He's planning something major.
People could get hurt.
People do get hurt by the police state.
Mayhew fights Big Brother.
Naturally, I side with him.
Sorry, bro.
No gold star from your boss on this one.
Can't help you.
You know, your dad was right you're useless.
(DOOR OPENS) - How'd it go? - (CAR DOOR CLOSES) He won't help not willingly.
What's that? - It's my spin on the pen recorder.
- (BEEPS) Tells you what number's being dialed from any targeted phone.
I told my brother we're looking for Mayhew.
If I'm right, he's gonna call and send up a warning flag.
Once we have Mayhew's number, it's a short walk to getting his address.
He'd betray you like that? Y-Your own brother? (SCOFFS) - Come on, Flynn.
- (BEEPING) Outsmart me one more time.
(CELLPHONE DIALS) (RAPID BEEPING) (CHUCKLES) Are you sure that's Mayhew's number? - Oh, yeah.
- (BEEPING) My little brother's nothing if not predictable.
(WEAPONS COCKING) Brian Mayhew, on the ground! (WEAPONS COCKING) We're clear.
(MEN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) Somebody's been here recently.
- All right.
Set up outside.
- MAN: Back room clear! Make sure we grab anyone coming in.
Check out this setup.
He's got multiple cameras up on a hotel room.
- Hang on.
- It's not just one room.
He's tapped into the surveillance feeds for the entire hotel.
Hey, that's the Warwick on 39th.
What's that file? - (COMPUTER KEYS CLICKING) - (BEEPING) I don't know.
Mayhew was recording something.
Or someone.
He's Mayhew's target.
Can I help you? Room 1521 it's an emergency.
Yes, we know.
Adler's already on his way to the hospital.
Uh, w-which hospital? Is he okay? Bellevue.
Apparently, he had some sort of cardiac event.
Is this a family member, or Target's name is Adler, but we might be too late.
- Mrs.
Adler? - Yes.
Detectives Woodbridge and McKay.
If it's okay, we'd like to ask you a few questions about your husband.
We have reason to believe he was attacked.
Attacked? No, I found him unconscious in our hotel room.
He had a medical emergency.
We don't think so.
We believe that he was targeted.
Have you seen this man before? No.
My God, is this because of the Key Ceremony? The what ceremony? My husband is one of the Seven.
He holds one of the keys to the Internet the secret keys.
That's why we came here.
Max was supposed to be part of the Root Key Signing Ceremony.
And now he's not? No, the Association has already arranged for a replacement.
Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's not a coincidence.
Exactly what part of the Internet do these secret keys control? All of it.
Seven keys control the Internet? That can't be possible.
Well, they don't control what's on it just how to secure it.
All domain names have an assigned number, but who assigns the numbers? The key holders.
Seven security experts, randomly selected by ICANN the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
Max Adler's wife talked about a key ceremony.
Four times a year, the key holders meet to generate a master key and to assign new numbers to make life difficult for hackers who want to direct folks to malicious sites or steal their credit-card information.
But by being at the Key Ceremony, Mayhew gets around those precautions.
Oh, he does more than that.
He can route any domain name to him.
You make a wire transfer he could get it.
A diplomat sends a secure cable it could go directly to him.
So he's a hacker who's figured out a way - around having to hack anything.
- (CHUCKLES) You said the new master key's only generated at the special ceremony.
When's the next one? Today.
That's why Max Adler was in town.
It's this afternoon on West 50th Street.
Nez, Tom, get there now.
This ceremony walk me through how it works.
They pull out all the stops pin codes, smart cards, biometric hand scans.
That is not an easy room to get yourself into.
Steps are divided up amongst a bunch of people to prevent anyone from compromising the process.
And the whole thing's recorded for public transparency to a live stream on their website.
Yahtzee! How do we get through to them? We can't.
They're in a Faraday Cage no electronic devices allowed, no signals go through.
There's something we're not seeing.
Mayhew found a way in that room.
Maybe he used Adler's I.
But he still can't beat the biometric scans.
Everyone at that ceremony's supposed to be there.
First off, I'd like to thank alternate Jeremy Wallace for making himself available - after Max Adler fell ill this morning.
- Yes.
Wallace, the alternate he's got to be the connection to Mayhew.
We got to stop this before that master key gets cut.
Tom and Nez are 60 seconds out.
Unfriendlies? The two guards at the front desk probably won't like you much.
How do you wanna play it? Okay.
Let's proceed.
(GUNS COCK) NEZ: Turn around.
For what it's worth, we're the good guys.
I wish I had time to explain.
Be smart.
Okay, get over there.
Get down! Get down! Get on your knees! Face the cage! Give me the key! - (ELECTRICITY POWERING DOWN) - WOMAN: Oh, oh! What the hell was that? Okay, uh, just turn around! Turn around! WOMAN: Aah! Aah! Dumont, can you override the building's security controls? Power's down.
It's their emergency protocol.
Someone must have tripped it on the inside.
Do you have eyes on Mayhew? NEZ: Not yet.
My key's worthless.
They'll change it once you leave here.
Who said I was leaving? (AX THUMPING) (WOOD SPLINTERING) Brian, we need to go now.
There's nowhere to go.
- (GUNS COCK) - Drop it! Put it down.
Brian Mayhew? There's no way out.
Jeremy, put your weapon down.
You haven't done anything wrong.
The mission This is the mission.
It doesn't involve you getting killed for me.
Brian, don't do anything you're gonna regret.
The only thing I regret is the time I spent wasting away in that hole in the ground.
(BEEPS) Slow.
Whatever's on this must be pretty important for you to risk another lifetime in that hole in the ground.
I'm innocent.
The domain names which ones did he access? Only one acssecuredb.
That's our unlisted URL.
Yours? What would he want with The NSA backs up their databases to our servers.
Mayhew was trying to steal the NSA backup.
The last escaped prisoner was just found trying to stow away on a Staten Island Ferry.
- With Mayhew - That's five.
Call Homeland.
Give them the all-clear.
And have my car pulled around.
We will update you when we have further information.
I, uh, I assume you think my seeing Trevor is I don't think anything.
I just don't understand it.
I mean, you're Scottie Hargrave.
Exactly I'm a powerful corporate executive looking for a man who isn't intimidated by me.
You'd be amazed how few men that describes.
Of course I know Trevor isn't real.
I'm sure it's not even his real name.
But he's hot, he listens well, and he's easy to talk to.
I, um, I wanted to talk to him tonight, but he's busy.
Can it wait until tomorrow? I think I found Christopher.
(CHUCKLING) What? I mean, that's incredible.
Well, I'm not sure, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
Right, but but if it's true, then But if it's true, (CHUCKLING) I'm going to scream and laugh and cry and and dance in fountains and howl at the moon and celebrate! I mean, preferably, with a man who loves me.
But in the absence of that, Trevor would be great.
So, yes, it can wait till tomorrow.
I just wish it didn't have to.
Phelps, I'm Scottie Hargrave.
I'm here to talk about my son.
I understand you adopted him.
You're making a mistake.
I told you I'm innocent.
Funny how it's always the guys in handcuffs saying that.
I read your bio. You stole U. S.  missile plans and tried to sell them to Iran.
WALLACE: Brian's a patriot, all right? He He would never betray his country.
When the NSA abuses its power and spies on innocent Americans, Brian holds 'em accountable.
MAYHEW: That's why I was in a black site.
I downloaded data from an NSA surveillance program to see if they were targeting Americans.
I got the missile plans by mistake.
By the time I realized what I had, it was too late.
My job is not to clear your name.
It's to bring you in.
I'm not even supposed to exist anymore.
Do you really think they're gonna let you "bring me in"? What is this? (TIRES SCREECH) Nez, get us out of here! (TIRES SCREECHING) NEZ: I got eight long guns on this side.
I got three coming this way.
All right! - All right, all right.
Easy, easy, easy.
Get out! - Okay, okay! - Okay.
Easy, easy, okay? - Get out! Get out! - Okay.
Hey, that intel you hacked I'm here to get it back.
What do you work for? We were contracted to bring him in.
I get the intel, or everyone gets a bullet.
Brian, run! (GRUNTING) (GUNSHOTS) MAYHEW: Jeremy! (GUNFIRE) NEZ: Come on! Move, move! EVA: You have to understand what a surprise this is after all these years.
Believe me, it's a surprise for me, too.
See, I didn't put Christopher up for adoption.
Christopher? Um, I'm sorry Jacob. I-I know that's his name.
Ms. Hargrave, uh, I don't want to be rude, but we were told that, when we adopted Jacob, that his mother was an addict who abandoned him.
And I believe that's a made-up story.
I understand how this might sound and and that it comes out of the blue and that you have no reason to believe me.
But I, uh I've had a private investigator searching for my son.
This is the report he gave me.
I brought it so you can see for yourself.
There's very little chance that the boy you raised is not my son.
He has your eyes.
He does? I see it now.
(CHUCKLES, SNIFFLES) (BREATHES SHARPLY) Would you like to see a photo of him? Oh, yes, please! That would be great.
Uh, I-I'm sorry, but (SNIFFLES) this the the mark.
H-How did he get that? It's a birthmark.
He was born with it.
It's been a long time.
You probably don't remember.
Oh, no.
(SNIFFLES) No, I-I remember everything about my son, and this boy is - (TAPS LIGHTLY) - It's not him.
Give me a three-block perimeter.
And they're gonna stay away from any CCTV cameras.
Who the hell are these guys? I told you the same people who made me disappear the first time.
Now they want to finish the job.
You got to tell me right now what's on this.
Well, you read my file about how I sent an e-mail to a contact in the Iranian Defense Organization from an Internet café here in New York.
Attached were the design specs for the C34 long-range missile system.
- That you supposedly never sent.
- I didn't.
I was in the cafe that day, but I was there every day.
I think the NSA placed someone there to clone my location and IP address and set me up.
That flash drive has their surveillance backups on it.
If I can go through the café Intel for that day, I can find proof of who else was there.
What makes you think the NSA has info on everyone in that café? Because that's what they do.
The NSA sucks up data from everywhere.
Going through that flash drive is the only chance that I have.
I got two rounds.
(CLICKING) I got three.
We need to call in for backup.
MAYHEW: No, they have ears everywhere.
You make that call, they will know exactly where we are.
That's a chance we got to take.
(BEEPS, CELLPHONE DIALS) Dumont, we need an extraction.
Warehouse, southeast corner, Vernon Boulevard.
- (CELLPHONE BEEPS) - You just signed our death warrants.
They'll be on us any second.
I'm counting on it.
Don't fire unless you have to.
And if you do, don't miss.
Send all assets to the warehouse on Vernon.
Breach on my command.
Okay, move in.
Follow his cell signal.
- This one's clear.
- Clear.
(BREATHING QUICKLY) Hunter's Point station is four blocks away.
- We'll - We'll never make it that far, not if they're watching.
(SCOFFS) Stay put.
I'll find us a car.
That cleared 'em off the street.
Oh, where is she? We can't wait not here.
We got to keep moving.
Come on.
It should be up ahead.
Stay sharp.
The phone it's it's a diversion.
(GUN CLICKING) Drop your weapon.
(GUN CLATTERS LIGHTLY) - (GUNSHOT) - (GRUNTS) Nez: Guys, you got to move! SCOTTIE: This is all the footage from December 13th inside the Internet café Cyber Villa.
The NSA was all over Mayhew.
They were siphoning images from everyone in the place phones, laptops, iPads.
TOM: Then, these were collected around the time Mayhew's accused of e-mailing Iran specs to the C34 missile system? - Stop.
- (BEEPING) Back it up.
(BEEPING) Right there, in the corner.
Now hit "play.
" Zoom in.
You recognize him? It's the guy I just shot.
He must've sent the e-mail to Iran.
Mayhew was telling the truth.
The government framed him.
Someone framed Mayhew, but it wasn't the government.
You got Mayhew? Recognize anybody, Jack? (BEEPS) Should I? 14 months ago, our firms liaised on a protection detail in Riyadh.
The point man of your company was named Zachary O'Neill the same man in that photo.
Odd that he stopped for a cappuccino right in the middle of one of the worst acts of espionage in U.
(SIGHS) Do you have any idea how many employees work for my company? I don't keep tabs on all their whereabouts.
You knew why Mayhew went to that key ceremony.
You knew what he was looking for proof of his innocence.
And when you found out that he accessed your URL, you sent your hit squad after us to get him back.
Brian Mayhew's a criminal.
Actually, he's a hero one who you framed in order to set off a firestorm in the U.
intelligence community.
Leaving them no choice but to hand a billion-dollar cybersecurity contract to your company.
How much did you make on that deal? What price did your honor go for? I don't have to stand here and take this.
You have no proof.
Stand down.
Well, he can't stand down because he's dead.
So, what you think I'm going to apologize now? Hmm? For what? I'm the real patriot here.
Mayhew was no patriot.
Let me tell you something.
The next war won't be fought with bullets or on a battlefield it'll be a cyber war.
And our power grids and our weapons systems and our nuclear reactors were all vulnerable to cyber attack, but no one took the threat seriously.
Well sacrificing Mayhew woke everybody up.
And if that security contract is my reward for keeping this country safer, then so be it.
You're going to prison, Jack.
SCOTTIE: Give him Mayhew's old cell at the black site.
Hear it's the prime spot for traitors.
(SCOFFS) (HANDCUFFS CLICKING) (METAL DOOR OPENS) MAN: Brian Mayhew, you're free to go.
If the Intel you hacked got out, would national security be compromised? No, but the spy state would be.
Thank you for everything.
(CELLPHONE VIBRATES) MAN: Authorities have reopened the Lincoln and Holland tunnels and all major bridges.
This after DHS determined that rumors of a possible security threat were unfounded.
Please tell me you found him.
NYPD officials say they will remain vigilant over the coming days and continue to work closely with the Department of Homeland Security.
(SIGHS) I am so sorry.
Despite the heightened alert Is there anything I can do? Do you want to talk about it? 
Trevor had a cancellation.
While the mayor
 It's better than therapy.
to stay alert, He also stressed the importance of people continuing to go about their daily lives.
I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I swore I'd never put myself in that position again, but that boy found so close to where we lost him.
It just I'm a very practical person. I know bad things happen to good people, and I don't believe in miracles. But I I thought, for a moment, that I might find him.
What'd you find? 
That Tom Keen's being extra careful.
You lost him.
Not yet. But whatever he's up to, he doesn't want anybody to know.
I don't understand.
He works for you? Always has, always will.
Howard's told me a lot about you.
You're the one who told Scottie how to contact my adoptive parents.
Which is why Scottie now believes that her son is dead.
Which is what the people that we hired to play Mr. and Mrs. Phelps led her to believe.
For the moment.
Scottie's resourceful. She'll figure out the truth in time. I just hope she's confided in you about Whitehall by then.
Whitehall you said that before.
She's been exchanging coded messages with someone.
So far, I haven't been able to decrypt them, but they should shed some light on 
On On what? What is Whitehall? 
A line item. I noticed it in the Halcyon budget a few years ago a warehouse in a remote part of South Africa, assigned to a covert project with that name. I never heard of it, which means that, whatever it was, it wasn't an official company op.
A black op in your own organization? 
I asked a few questions. I sent a team to check it out, but by the time they got there, the warehouse was clean. They knew we were coming. So I investigated further. I hired a former intelligence agent, one of the best, to find out the truth. Two weeks later, he calls me, middle of the night, and he says we have to talk. He never shows, and I never see him again. I believe Scottie ordered him disappeared.
How do you know it was her? 
We have our reasons.
For starters, that's when she began her campaign to marginalize me push me out of my own company, convince the board that I was unstable and had to be sidelined. And when that didn't work, she tried to have me killed all to keep me from learning the truth about Whitehall.
And you think she's gonna tell me? Why would she do that? 
She will. When she trusts you enough, she will. And when she does, we're gonna blow the lid off whatever it is she's hiding.
R1.05 Borealis 301
1 [Clock ticking] [Ticking stops] [Talking continues] [Interpreter speaking native language] [Speaking native language] [Man speaking German] [Translating in native language] [Speaking native language] [Coughing] [Shouting in native language] [Gas hissing] [Coughing continues] [Thumping on door] [Shouting in native language] 
Do you realize how big this is? That is everything.
So you're saying that Scottie encodes messages to your agents at your company, and you can't read them? 
Agents she turned. The ones she convinced to work against me. But now I've intercepted a message, and you're gonna help me decrypt it.
How? Scottie doesn't trust me enough to tell me.
I have the key book. All you need to do is get the key word. And then what she knows, we know.
What if she doesn't know anything? 
She keeps the key word in her safe. 
What proof do you have that Scottie is a sleeper agent? Because from what I can tell, she seems to be trying to do good.
And I seem to be crazy, and the world thinks I'm dead. Things aren't always how they appear. She's manipulating you.
Or you are.
I'm trying to get you to do the right thing.
What, lie to my mother, spy on her, hide the fact that I'm her son? 
Get the key word from her safe.
You say that like it's easy.
I will prove she's everything I've said and worse.
I don't even know where it is.
The closet in her office, in a file named "Roll Call." 
Okay. Okay. I'll do it. I will break into her safe. I will get this key word so you can decipher this message. But if it doesn't prove that there is something to all of this, then I'm going straight to Scottie, and I'm gonna tell her who I am.
Sure, at the end, Howard hated me. He became paranoid, unstable. Secretive. I found a line item in the budget, something he hadn't told me about. Whitehall. I began investigating, and what happened is exactly what you expect to happen when you're dealing with someone who's paranoid. I became the enemy, the one with the evil agenda. I went to him. I begged him to get help. But he refused. So I went to the board.
I shared my concerns about his instability, and they agreed he had to be marginalized. Which only furthered his belief that I was out to get him and his company. Then he went on the run and the accident happened.
Trevor: What did Whitehall turn out to be? 
I really shouldn't be telling you this. What's your weekly rate? 
Uh, no one's ever asked me that before.
Well, come up with one. Tell Kat what it is, and I'll pay it. 
You sure that's what you want? 
You're a good listener, and I've got a lot to say. Plus, you're filthy in bed. So, yeah, I'm sure.
63 refugees murdered by a German immigration official with ties to the anti-immigration group "Germany First.
" The victims were exposed to sarin gas.
Are you familiar with Trans World Flight 282? Of course.
It disappeared shortly after takeoff.
The wreckage was found in the North Atlantic.
The shipment of the gas was on board.
That's where the sarin came from.
But that was a civilian aircraft.
It's a dirty little secret that the Office of Secure Transportation uses civilian aircraft to move nuclear material for the DOE, biological samples for the CDC, and, uh, certain weapons for the Defense Department.
Someone's bringing down those planes and taking what's on them.
Dumont: Malaysian Air 220, Air Algiers 410, and Trans World 282.
Each disappeared mid-transit.
No survivors.
And each was secretly carrying cargo for the Office of Not So Secure Transportation.
According to the CIA, that cargo later ended up in the hands of a terror cell, a repressive dictator, and a radical German nationalist.
So, no one survived and nothing was recovered except for the sensitive material that nobody knew was on board? Not just anyone could have pulled this off.
Do you have any idea who could have been behind this? We don't know who or how.
But they have to be stopped.
And the CIA has actionable intel indicating another OS shipment has been targeted.
- What's the shipment? - Top secret.
Bishop could only say it's on Borealis Flight 301.
Well, it seems like the best way to handle that would be to cancel the flight.
If we do that, we lose our best chance of catching the people behind those hijackings.
Which is why I'm putting Tom and Solomon on board.
He's been preparing your cover identities.
So, what are we? Air Marshals? 
Not exactly.
Yes, four rows down on your left.
What are you doing here?
 I can't let you do this.
Okay, what do you got? 
Nez: I ran a pre-flight comparison of the passengers to the TSDB watch list.
No hits.
No criminal records.
No one has so much as an overdue speeding ticket.
Cargo? Scanning the bags now.
Nothing flammable.
No fuel or blasting caps.
Nothing prohibited.
- Firearms? - Two shotguns.
Based on the claim check, they're in a gun case belonging to the gent in seat 14C.
But he's got no access to it.
It's a checked bag in the cargo hold.
Woman: It's okay, honey. Shhh. Mommy's right here.
Okay, first one to switch seats with mom gets free drinks until the International Date Line. Or until you reach for the barf bag, whichever comes first.
I'm happy to help.
Perfect. Thanks.
Thank you so much.
Of course. I'm sorry I didn't offer sooner.
It's okay. It's okay.
You okay? 
Can I get a five? 
Yes! If you need anything, let me know.
I got a little girl at home myself.
All right, my friend.
What'll it be? 
Club soda. Working on a project. Got to finish it before we land.
You got it.
Welcome to Borealis Flight 301, nonstop from Seattle to Beijing.
Expected flight time is 11 hours and 30 minutes.
I'll do the belt, but I'm not doing the vest. Definitely not the vest.
We request your attention as Phil demonstrates the safety features of this aircraft. Ordinarily we'd begin with a seat-belt demonstration, but Phil is so good with the vest, we're gonna go ahead and flip the script.
[Engines roaring] [Ding] [Soda can opens] 
No weapons.
No explosives.
No one on board with a criminal record.
Maybe the agency got it wrong about this flight being a target.
Well, then we just got an all-expense-paid trip to Beijing. You. Me. The Great Wall between us.
[Laptop keys tapping] [High-pitched beeping] [Lower-pitched beeping] [Beep] - All right, it's 10 hours.
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
Uh, I-I just paid for Wi-Fi, and it's not working.
[Passengers murmuring] We've lost contact with Seattle center, and our transponder just went out.
Fellas, we got a problem.
Fellas? Okay, we got two problems.
The Wi-Fi's out.
[Telephone rings] - Hello? - I can't reach Tom or Solomon.
Dumont's gone dark.
You said there were two problems.
- What's the second one? - [Receiver clicks in cradle] Cockpit's lost communication with ground control.
The plane vanished.
It's begun.
I'm piped into the FAA network.
Control centers at SeaTac, Vancouver, Anchorage No sign of our plane.
It didn't just disappear.
There must be something.
There is, but we can't see it.
- They're jamming the signals.
- With what? Nothing came in with the passengers or the luggage.
Well, maybe it was already there.
[Keyboard keys tapping] Franklin Dutch.
Now, he's the airline employee we knew was on board.
But what we didn't know, he's the mechanic who serviced the plane.
And it gets worse.
He's scheduled to work tomorrow in Dallas.
So? So if he's supposed to be in Dallas, why is he on a flight to Beijing? This plane is about to be hijacked.
I thought you guys were here to stop something like this from happening.
We are, but the people who jammed your signal have every advantage.
Our only advantage is, for the moment, we're driving this bus.
Can you land the plane without restoring communication? As long as I have a line of sight.
Then get one.
Fast as you can.
[Cockpit door closes] [Door closes] I reviewed the maintenance records, - and everything checks out.
- Check again.
Everything checks out except for this one anomaly.
The emergency oxygen generators are scheduled to be replaced every two years.
But Franklin Dutch replaced them after only one.
Tom: Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has asked me to inform you that due to a small mechanical issue, we will be making an unscheduled landing.
[Indistinct conversations] What's going on? It's all gonna be okay, ma'am.
[Beeping] Take that off.
I'm not gonna ask again.
[Glass shatters] Cabin differential pressure is lowering.
Descending through 21,000 feet.
[Gasping, screaming] Woman: Oh! Tell me who you're with, or I will put a bullet in your belly.
Hand it over.
Tom: Dumont, do you copy? 
Masks on! Everyone! Now! You need to put yours on, as well.
Go on.
It's gonna be okay.
[Beeping] [Beeps] What am I looking at? Five of the six ex-military passengers and their seat assignments. They didn't sit together.
They're Navy SEALs. They trained together on Coronado. They were deployed to the Middle East at the same time.
And pretending not to know each other. Tasty.
And if that wasn't suspicious enough, one of them is our mechanic, Franklin Dutch.
Call DoD.
Find out everything you can on those guys.
[Laptop beeps] We're in.
- [Alarm beeping] - [Cockpit door opens] Set the course.
I found this on one of the flight attendants.
Air Marshals? No.
They're something else.
- Where's the other guy? - Missing.
Find him.
[Gun cocks] [Beeping] [Beeping continues] [Beeping stops] [Beeps] We're back on radar.
The flight attendant found the jammer.
How much longer to the LZ? Six minutes.
Tom: Dumont, do you hear me? 
Loud and clear, buddy.
- Welcome back.
- I found the jammer.
- I'm in the cargo hold.
- What's your status? Hijackers are in charge.
I count four.
- And Solomon? - Unclear.
He's down.
You said there were two shotguns on board.
I wouldn't mind knowing where those are.
- On it.
- The DoD have anything? The intel focused mainly on this guy Carter Cane.
He's a former Spec Ops commander and a specialist at seizing assets in war zones.
The rest all just served under him.
- Any time, Dumont.
- Working on it.
They completed one last sanctioned mission in Iraq before going AWOL indefinitely.
Since then, DoD attributes at least a half a dozen heists to their crew, from Monets stolen in Munich to the theft of a classified mortar prototype in Haifa.
High-risk thefts Like stealing what the OST hides on planes.
The question is, what are they after this time? Dumont: Looking, looking There.
Crate 217.
Black gun case.
Quaid, our mystery guest What's taking so long to locate him? I'm doing a sweep down below.
You should've listened to me.
[Grunts] [Clicking] - Package secure.
- 90 seconds to the LZ.
[Grunting] [Gagging] [Grunts, bones crack] Quaid, status report.
One down.
Four to go.
Good luck with that.
We're gonna be getting off at the next stop.
Enjoy the ride.
Lock the hatch.
[Cockpit door slams] In 10, Tasker.
There's no time.
[Beeping] [Air rushing] The cabin's depressurized.
Why? What's happening? [Clicks] - [Alarm beeping] - Hey.
Hey! Come on.
Wake up.
Dumont: Tom, no time.
You need to get on the controls.
Oh, God.
Are you serious? Okay.
Okay, Dumont, how do I land this thing? You need to disengage the autopilot and level the plane.
How do I do that? Quickly.
There are two switches on the main console in front of you.
Okay, done.
Next? Grab the yoke and slowly pull back on it.
- Right.
- Nice and steady.
It won't budge.
They must be going too fast.
Solutions, please.
Not problems.
- I'm trying.
- Extend the flaps.
- What? - White knob on the right.
Pull it down.
Okay, what else? - Now the speed brakes.
- What is that? Uh black lever right next to you.
[Alarms blaring, beeping] Okay, it's not working.
Pull up! Oh, God.
[Rattling] Tom? Yeah, I'm alive.
- [Sighs] - Altitude's stable.
[Dumont laughs] What happened? Why don't you land this thing and I'll tell you all about it? [Elevator chimes] [Telephone rings in distance] [Sighs] I thought I'd lost you.
Any word on Solomon? I've ordered a full search-and-rescue op, dedicated satellite sweeps.
Whatever it takes to bring him home.
What is this all about? That's what we're about to find out.
Daniel Bishop, you know Tom Keen.
He and Matias Solomon were on the plane together.
I want to thank you for saving the lives of everyone on board.
Almost everyone.
I heard an agent's MIA.
We've identified the strike team, but two others are unaccounted for.
Aldon Braddock and Jennifer Lin.
I assume that's not a coincidence.
The package wasn't a package.
It was a person.
Jennifer Lin is a deep-cover asset.
No one could know about her because of her mission in Macao.
What mission? Have you heard of Lu Tao? Chinese crime lord.
His network dominates the Asian black market in everything from arms dealing to human trafficking.
Lin was on her way to become Lu Tao's personal translator.
For the first time, we were gonna have inside access.
Why did Cane and his crew target her? I have no idea why they took her.
And Aldon Braddock? Ex-Army Ranger.
Top marks, decorated, honorable discharge.
How does he fit in? Your guess is as good as mine.
- [Wind rushing] - [Panting] [Grunting] What is this place? Oh! [Whimpering] [Grunts] [Breathing quickly] Why are you doing this? Shut up.
The plane All those people I'm telling you, say nothing.
Where are you going? What do you want from me? Don't leave me here! [Door clangs shut] Oh.
Can I help you? Hey, Kat.
Scottie asked me to bring in the latest on the search and rescue on Solomon.
Any news? Nothing yet.
I-I can, um, give it to her - when she gets back.
- You know what? That's okay.
She asked me to drop it on her desk.
And I figure I'm still low man on the totem pole, so I should probably do exactly what she says.
- Smart man.
- [Chuckles] [Door creaks lightly] [Lock disengages] Scottie: not just the phone.
You need him to sign an NDA.
Kat: An NDA? Trevor? - I tell him things.
- What kind of things? Things that I don't want disclosed.
What? Well, it's just, I saw Tom Keen earlier, and he said that he was going to leave a report on your desk.
Find Tom, ask him what he did with it.
Get the NDA from legal.
And, remember, it has to be notarized.
[Footsteps] [Cellphone chiming] [Door creaks lightly] Howard: Falcon.
Well done.
We're one step closer to the truth.
How is Agnes? Agnes? She must be almost, what, 1 by now? She's 11 months.
She's everything.
I miss her.
I hope to meet her someday.
The letters give us numbers, see? Now all we need is the key book.
This This is the key The key book is a comic? Book ciphers have Have been used for hundreds of years.
Book ciphers, not comic-book ciphers.
Some have never been successfully cracked because nobody knew the right book.
Each set of three numbers gives us a page [Pages turning] a panel, and a word within the panel.
You know, she kept something else in that safe.
Something's not right.
It's always worked before.
Are you sure it's "falcon"? It was a child's handprint.
The keyword? It was my handprint.
You must have made a mistake.
Yeah, I did make a mistake.
Believing in you.
Give me this.
[Sighs] There's no conspiracy.
She's not a sleeper agent, all right? And there's no message in a comic book.
Where are you going? I came here for proof, okay, and this isn't it.
So I'm gonna go tell her who I am.
You'll get us both killed.
Step aside.
Step aside.
Solomon: Operator 48, this is Bluebeard, over.
[Static crackles] Operator 48, this is Bluebeard.
Do you copy? [Wind rushing] [Bird cawing] [Groans] Where's the landing zone? Where were you supposed to meet up with your compadres? Okay, let me lay this out for you.
Broken femur.
Sun's going down.
Out of radio contact.
- [Walkie-talkie thuds] - Oh.
And you're naked.
You will be wolf meat by morning.
Unless we get to the LZ.
So [Velcro tears] Where are your pals? [Groans] [Breathing deeply] [Chair legs scraping on ground] [Chair clangs] KR-20.
The blueprints.
I don't know.
KR-20, I don't know what that is.
I'm told you do.
Every winter, when I was a boy, my mother had the most terrible choice to make. Should she put food on the table or turn on the heat? 'Cause she couldn't afford to do both. Well, mostly she fed us, and we would huddle our way through. Until the winter of '93. It was so damn cold.
Hand to God, I got frostbite. In my apartment. Lost two toes. After that, Mother swore she'd never choose between food and heat again. So [Groans] She took out a loan from the neighborhood loan shark. Lance Wilbanks. 36% interest. That first month, our bellies were full and our feet were warm. And then the payments came due. A month later, there was no food or heat. And Mama prayed for a miracle. She prayed. And she prayed.  But that woman, she could pray. And I'll be damned if the clouds didn't part, and the hand of God didn't reach down and deliver that fine woman from her misery in the form of the oh-so-timely demise of Lance Wilbanks. One bullet to the temple. His bankroll taken. Crime never solved. And my mother never had to make that terrible choice again. I was 13. And Wilbanks was the first man that I ever killed. Point being I hate being cold. So I can either head off into the wilderness and seek shelter on my own, or you can tell me where the LZ is and we can both thaw out. All right, suit yourself.
There's an abandoned mill. I have coordinates.
All right. What are they?  Oh, it turns out the radio does work, after all.
Can I talk to you? 
Of course.
What? We got him. Solomon. We got Solomon. British Columbia, outside Osoyoos. He radioed coordinates.
Find Nez.
You're wheels up in 30 minutes.
This isn't working.
She won't give us KR-20.
I told you we shouldn't have listened to him.
You vetted my sources.
That girl's lying to you.
Let me talk to her.
She's not lying. She doesn't know. We can't waste any more time. Signal jammer was broken. Ground control was able to track the plane. If they're smart, they've already dispatched search and rescue. Find Dutch. Get him to pack up. She's your mess. Clean it up.
Braddock! Braddock? 
Jumping out of an airplane.
Child's play.
You just can't die, can you? 
Well, now that you mention it No.
So, what are we looking at? We're looking at a three or four-man team in a machine shop two miles from here.
They got a hostage.
And my new friend back there says she's got intel on the KR-20.
That's a mobile rocket system that terrorist groups have been trying to get their hands on for a few years now.
It's Dumont.
Aldon Braddock, the one-off.
Everyone in the crew was in the same unit except Braddock.
- So how does he fit in? - Through Jennifer Lin.
Three years ago, she was attached to his Ranger unit.
Those two new each other.
Knew each other how? It looks like they had an affair, because after it ended, she had a restraining order against him.
This doesn't make sense.
Love never does, my friend.
That's Franklin Dutch.
Nez: We got another one down.
Carter Cane.
That leaves Jennifer and Braddock.
Son of a bitch.
Where are they? Sorry it took so long to get you away from them.
I just had to find the right opportunity.
Are you out of your mind?! Hijacking a plane? Kidnapping me mid-flight? They did it because you told them I knew about KR-whatever.
Okay? Yes.
I knew that they would do whatever it takes to get their hands on the blueprints for the KR-20.
Did the plane crash? 
So I told them you had them.
Did all those people die?
 I tried to talk to you.
I did everything that I could to get you to listen to me.
If something terrible did happen to that plane, I don't blame you for that.
For pushing me away, for getting the restraining order. You don't see it, but I did all that for you. For us.
A distress beacon? - On a boat, yes.
A call for help.
It pings a government search-and-rescue system.
And? This ping came from a boat near Seattle, registered by Colin Hordwell.
And unless he's got an evil twin, he's using it as an alias for Aldon Braddock.
Contact Nez.
Tell her we know where Braddock and Jennifer Lin are.
- [Engine starts] - So, I got it all figured out.
There's this town on the Skeena River.
We can get a cabin, get licensed to run fishing expeditions.
How's that sound? [Grunts] Braddock: Jennifer! It's okay! I know you're confused! [Tires screech, brakes squeal] Come out! We can talk about it! Jennifer! [Panting] [Grunts] Aah! Aah! [Grunts] Jennifer! Get away from me! Don't you understand? That's never gonna happen.
You're sick.
You need help.
All I need is you.
You messed up everything.
Nobody had to die.
Nobody had to get hurt.
We could have been so happy.
[Grunts] I got him.
Don't move.
[Grunts] [Both grunting] [Coughing] [Breathing deeply] [Coughs] [Horn honks in distance] [Door closes]
 Oh, hey.
What's all this? 
Burner phone. Retainer agreement. NDA.
Nondisclosure agreement.
What? You're kidding, right? 
You're to have it charged at all times. It is to be with you between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and midnight. Messages left on the phone are to be returned within 15 minutes or you're in breach.
Now I know you're kidding.
Welcome to my life.
Tom: Is this a bad time? 
You made visual contact. So it's confirmed? No, no. I'm I'm still here. Yeah, you have my go to move on the target.
Everything okay?
 No, it's it's not. It's not even close to being okay.
Maybe I can, uh make things a little easier.
I doubt that very much.
I misjudged you. S-Somebody Somebody told me that you weren't to be trusted. And because of that, I haven't really been myself. I haven't really been honest with you.
Honest with me about what? 
It's Liz. We're really struggling. I didn't even want to bring it up. I don't want to burden you.
Nothing's more important than family. If you need time, take it. Marriage is hard. Mine certainly is. Was. My marriage was difficult. If only I could see Howard again. We'd have so much to talk about.
Watch your head.
R.1.06 Hostages
Keaton: I went on a trip with my uncle, and in my suitcase, I packed my pillow, a toothbrush, and a pink elephant.
- Pink? - Pink - pink with polka dots.
- [Laughs] Uh, so I went on a trip with my uncle, and in my suitcase, I packed my pillow, a toothbrush, a pink elephant A pink elephant with polka dots! Oh, I forgot the polka dots! [Both laugh] [Seat belt clicks] Stay in the car.
Lock the doors.
- [Vehicle door opens] - What's going on? Looks like there's been an accident, bud.
Tony's just gonna make sure nobody got hurt.
[Gunshot] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Get us out of here, man! [Engine revs, tires screech] [Breathing quickly] No, no, no.
No, please, don't do this.
Please Please, I'm begging you! [Screaming, gasping] [Whimpering] [Vehicle door opens] Do as I say, and you'll be home before you know it.
Don't and I'll turn you into a pair of shoes.
[Door creaks] [Siren wailing in distance] [Door creaks] [Sighs] [Dog barking in distance] 
You said Howard got you clean.
Did Scottie tell you to follow me? 
No. And I didn't come here to narc on you over whatever you just put in your pocket. I came here to tell you something something important. But first, Howard. He was your mentor, right? 
Why are you asking me? 
He gave you a second chance.
Yeah, second third. Howard saved me. I wish to God he never got on that airplane.
He didn't.
The plane he never got on it. Howard Hargrave is alive and he needs our help.
Solomon: Nice apartment for a guy that's supposed to be dead.
Scottie: Howard knew we were coming. Had time to burn what? What didn't he want us to see? 
Did you know that he was still alive? 
No, he crashed his own plane to make the world think he was gone. And until I find out why, that's what the world needs to go on thinking. Get all this to Dumont. See what he can make of it.
And where do I say it came from? 
You don't. You know nothing about this. You were never here. My husband's not alive, understood? 
You guys clearly didn't get enough couples' counseling.
Did you understand? 
I came to Halcyon on your dime, my lady. You say your husband's dead I say God rest his soul.
Oh, thank God! I thought I'd lost you, but you're here! 
Stop it! I know who you really are 
You're really here!
and I know what you've done.
We're gonna get you help.
You tried to kill me.
None of that's true. You'll you'll see that when you're better.
And I know why you did it, too. I know about Whitehall.
Whatever this is, your your confusion, depression, disorder, we have to treat it. And I want that treatment to be as painless as possible.
You look skinny. You should eat come carbs. Piece of cheese, maybe.
I saw what you did to your apartment. I know someone in the company told you we were coming. I need you to tell me who that is. 
You need to keep your strength up. You burn a lot of calories being a lying bitch.
Get some rest, my darling. I'll be back as soon as I can.
James, I'm sorry.
I had a personal emergency.
First Howard, and now something else? - Life is not fair.
- No, it's not.
Which is why you're here.
My assistant gave me the headlines.
The abduction took place up in the Catskills? Less than six hours ago.
Gable Lang software exec his wife, 9-year-old son, and their driver.
- No bodyguard? - Killed on scene.
And I'm guessing you haven't involved the FBI in all this or they'd be sitting there with you.
We were warned no Feds, or the family dies.
It's on you to get them back.
No pressure.
Who took credit for the grab? Someone you've dealt with before.
Diego Rocha retired Brazilian intelligence.
Biggest player in the K&R business.
He kidnaps.
Organizations like ours rescue.
Earlier today, Gable Lang and his family were taken by Rocha.
And who is our client? Carthay Insurance.
They write policies on CEOs, athletes people whose profiles might attract the attention of someone like Rocha.
Nez: So, it's a straight ransom play.
Things are never straight with Rocha.
After he grabbed the NATO Ambassador, we were contracted to deliver the ransom.
Rocha got the ransom.
We got back most of the Ambassador.
And has an exchange been agreed to? A meeting's been set tomorrow to start negotiations.
You and Tom will be meeting with Rocha's representative.
James Burton is the insurance company rep.
He's given us authorization to offer up to $5 million.
$5 million, and we're okay with that rewarding people for destroying innocent lives? Is there something that you want to share with the class? I'm good.
As a show of good faith, Rocha has agreed to release the driver at the meeting.
That's it.
Get moving.
I just can't believe it.
Did you find Howard? 
To look at her and Solomon, knowing what they did 
Do you know where they're keeping him? 
Not yet, but I'm tracking every company vehicle and where it went the day he was taken. If what you say is true and a Halcyon vehicle took him, I'll find out where. But if you are playing me 
You'll make me live to regret it I know.
Any time would be good.
Hey, hey, hey. Stop, stop. He can't know anything.
What's your angle here, hmm? With Howard? How do you fit in?
 I'm beginning to feel ignored.
I'm coming. Find him.
Tom: Are you the meeting?
 I'll take you to the meeting.
Only one of you.
No questions.
No questions.
This guy.
I think you'll take us both.
If I drop the cigarette, a hostage will be executed. Now, you seem less excitable. Care to take a ride? 
Rise and shine.
Mr. Lang is insured. His insurance broker has authorized me to pay you a small fortune to get them back. 
I know how the K&R business works. I've made a large fortune off it. But an insurance policy cannot save the Langs. Only Cantara can.
I don't know who that is.
He was a member of my team. The FBI has him. I want him back.
Sounds like your guy botched the job. I don't know why you'd want him back.
Carlos is like a son to me. He's family, which is why this offer is non-negotiable. I will the kill the Langs if Carlos is not returned by this time tomorrow.
And the driver? I was told you'd free him as a show of good faith.
Of course.
It's gonna be okay.
He's all yours.
Please tell me you found something.
- Wish I could.
I got nothing.
- Well, keep looking.
That's the thing there's nothing to look at.
Any words or images have been burned away.
I'm sorry, but whatever you're looking for is gone.
Hey, Tom-Tom.
Heard you took a tranq for the team.
That sucks.
I'll live, which is more than I can say for the Lang family if we don't find Carlos Cantara.
I want to hear about Cantara and why Rocha cares about him so much.
I found him.
Solomon: Carlos Cantara Brazilian street urchin taken in by Rocha at 9 years old.
By the time he was 14, he was already part of Rocha's crew.
Stayed that way until last March, when he was arrested by the FBI.
Rocha grabbed a venture capitalist on vacation in Paris.
The FBI discovered the location and raided the warehouse and then arrested Cantara, who got 25 to life at Lewisburg.
- Have you talked with him? - Nez: We tried.
The warden wouldn't let us, even after I told him Cantara could help save the lives of three Americans.
- They gave you no explanation? - Nope.
And when I insisted on one, he said I had to get it from the Justice Department.
Kat, call Helen Abernathy at Justice.
Tell her we need to talk about the curious case of Carlos Cantara.
So, tell me.
 You were the enemy. You nearly killed Solomon. Now, suddenly, you're part of the team? 
You can trust me.
You didn't answer my question about how you fit in to all this with Howard. Why you? You say you're his man here.Prove it. You'll have proof, all right?
 I'll either get Howard back or I'll die trying. You're on his side, right? So am I.
He's being held at a private medical facility called "Fairhaven." It's very secure, very discreet.
Abernathy: I shouldn't be talking to you about this. Halcyon shouldn't be handling this, Scottie. This case should be an FBI matter.
Come on, Helen. You know that up to 70% of domestic kidnappings and missing persons go unreported to the FBI.
Yeah, which is crazy. The FBI's in the best position to
 The FBI won't pay ransoms. Insurance companies will. End of story. Be a friend.
What exactly do you want to know? 
Diego Rocha wants to do a hostage swap the Lang family for one of his former men Carlos Cantara.
No, that's never gonna happen.
I know, but I still need to talk to Cantara. Your office prosecuted him and sent him to federal prison. Problem is, the warden over there won't let us talk to him and won't tell us why. Helen, what am I missing here? Why are you guys hiding a federal prisoner from me? 
Because he's not a prisoner. He's an informant. That CEO in Paris we rescued Cantara wanted a way out of that life. He called the FBI, and he tipped them off. 
And, in exchange, you made it look like you prosecuted him and sent him to prison. You gave him a new life. 
You can't do a hostage swap, Scottie, because we don't have a hostage to swap.
Did you hear the latest? Mrs. Hargrave wants bed checks on the patient every 15 minutes, plus hourly updates on his situation. Anyway, I got to get back.
Tom: Hey, it's time to go.
Hey, hey, you shouldn't be here! There are guards, cameras! 
Can you walk? 
The most important thing is that Scottie trusts you. If if she knew you were helping me 
Of course I'm helping you, Dad.
Dad? You never called me that before.
Phil: Command, I thought Deavers left.
Didn't he say he was heading home? 
He did.
Why is his car still out front? [Pounding on trunk lid] Deavers: Get me out of here! Hey! [Pounding on trunk lid] [Car beeps, keys jingling] [Breathing quickly] Someone has my badge.
Command, there's been a breach in security.
Somebody has Deavers' badge.
What? Hang on. The badge was just used to access a patient's room.
 Wait. They're in the south stairwell.
Deactivate the badge. Override the system. Do it now.
He's on the move. Set a perimeter. Find him.
Damn, that was fast. We're locked in.
They're coming! 
Come on.
Go. I can take care of myself. Remember, Whitehall she has to tell you about Whitehall.
I'm not leaving you here.
No, you shouldn't have come! Just go! Go, go now! 
I had him.
Did they see you? 
We were one door away.
Were you seen? 
What do you mean you can't find him? Cantara gave the FBI the location of someone Rocha had kidnapped.
They rescued him, pretended to arrest Cantara, then set him free.
Solomon: With a new identity that's proving irksomely difficult to track down.
Does Rocha know Cantara betrayed him? As far as we know, he's bargaining for the return of a loyal comrade.
Well, loyal or not, we don't have him.
And Rocha was clear either we give him Cantara, or he kills the Langs.
Before we knew any of this, we set a call with Rocha to discuss details of the swap.
He has our direct line.
Now we just have to buy some time.
For what? Even if we find Cantara, he'll never agree to the trade.
- Kat: You have a call.
- Rocha? [Whispering] It's Fairhaven.
There's been an incident.
Thank you, Kat.
Uh, please tell the senator I'll be with him shortly.
[Footsteps] [Telephone rings] [Beeps] Uh, Mr.
Rocha? Time and place that's all we have to discuss.
Uh, I'm afraid there's been a slight delay.
Since Mr.
Cantara is in federal custody, the Justice Department has to sign off on our agreement.
- Gable: Stay away from her! - [Gasping] Keaton: Mom! [Whimpering] [Gasping] Please! Give him what he wants, I'm begging you! Please.
[Crying] Apparently, I did not make myself clear with the driver.
Burton: Whoa, wait, wait, wait.
W-we've done business in the past.
My company has paid every time, but there is no deal if you hurt those people.
If they die, you'll never see Cantara again.
[Breathing quickly] Four hours.
Disappoint me again, and I will not be so forgiving.
- [Telephone beeps] - I don't care how you do it.
Find Carlos Cantara.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've kept the senator waiting long enough.
Even if we do find him, I'm afraid Nez is right.
It's not likely he'll agree to a swap.
He might, if we make it worth his while.
I was willing to give the kidnappers $5 million for the Langs.
If Cantara does agree, he's the hero of this story.
It would be a pleasure to make him rich.
First, we got to find him in four hours, and he could be anywhere.
I want the doors flanked, front and back. If you need more bodies, let me know. You had one patient. You couldn't keep him protected. My people are taking over security.
I can't tell you how sorry I am. Nothing like this has ever happened before.
It's my fault. My husband has a compatriot. I underestimated him.
 That will not happen again. Talk to me about surveillance.
Cameras I-I want to see everything.
Uh, Ms. Hargrave, you said you didn't want anyone to know your husband was here. Your instructions were quite explicit.
Are you telling me you turned the surveillance cameras off? 
On the wing he's in, yes.
What about outside? 
Those were operational. It's difficult to identify anybody.
Put the footage on a flash drive. I'll expect to take it with me after I visit my husband.
I don't blame you. It's important for me that you know that. That your illness is what makes you think I'm the enemy. I'm sad about it, but I accept it. Or I did, when I thought your confusion was benign.
But faking your death, working against me? What was all that you burned? 
[Electricity crackles] 
Whitehall. I don't think you have the capacity to understand the consequences of what it could be, which is neither here nor there, since, at the moment, you're in no position to do anything about it. But your associate is, and that's a problem which is why I need to know his name.
You are forcing my hand.
[Electricity crackles] 
No? Nothing? You are tough. I always loved that about you.
[Electricity crackles]
Tom: We got a lead on Cantara.
- Where? - Queens.
As part of his deal, the Feds pay him a stipend under the alias Joaquin Cruz.
Now, it turns out that Mr. Cruz accesses that stipend from an ATM at the Liquor Plus in Flushing, which has a lot of public housing projects.
And I'm thinking it sounds like a good place to disappear if you're Carlos Cantara.
Find Solomon and get out there.
We have less than two hours until Rocha executes a hostage.
I need you to do something for me.
Yes, I'll go out with you.
I'm allergic to shellfish.
Pick me up at 8:30.
There's a man on this surveillance tape, - time code 32:16.
- [Elevator bell chimes] The image is distorted.
I need you to enhance this for me, get me his face.
[Siren wailing, horns honks] 
Solomon: Ohh. Cantara turned on Rocha to live here? 
Tom: You know, this may come as a shock to you, but not everybody is a mercenary. Some people like to do the right thing.
So do I for a price.
You're $20 short.
This guy he lives here, yeah? 
Think I walked here for my health? –
Gun cocks] 
 Whoa, easy! You better have a good reason for being here.
Diego Rocha we want to take him down, and we need your help.
Let them in.
You're asking me to commit suicide.
Does Rocha know that you betrayed him? 
No, but if I go back You have no idea how hard it was to get away.
He's not gonna let me leave again.
Yeah, but Rocha he doesn't get a vote, okay? It's been decided.
When the Langs are safe, we'll come for you, and we will end him.
If you don't help us, he will kill them and their little boy.
And if I do help you, I'll never see my family again.
Okay, let's try it this way. We'll pay you $1 million.
No, forget it.
You know what? You got out, and that's what matters.
No, no, no, no 
$2 million.
Look, Rocha's gonna keep murdering innocent people.
Are you telling me that you can live with that? 
 He can't.
Judy, please.
It haunts him, and it will until it stops. The guards, the guns they're here because of Rocha, because, one day, he will find us. It's a blessing a chance to really start over.
$2 million?
 $4 million or no deal.
Mazel tov, Carlos. You married up.
No. No, I said no. I told you no tracking devices.
Just hear me out. The filament in the second button is carbon fiber.
Diego's former intelligence. He knows all these tricks.
It won't be detectable
He's he's gonna find this  I promise. and he's gonna kill me. You know what? Forget it. I'm not doing this. Just keep just keep the damn money.
All right, h-h-hold on!  Take it easy, all right? Just give him a minute.
My life is on the line she wants to wire me up? 
No, she wants to keep you safe, all right? We all do. Nobody gets anything if you get burned. I'm trusting you.
My wife and my kid we are trusting you.
We've got instructions on the swap.
Look, if it's okay, I'd like to call my wife.
Of course.
How's he doing? 
How do you think he's doing? He's terrified.
Well, he should be.
Scottie, baby, what are we looking at? 
Scottie: Rocha set a location a railway bridge near the Schoharie Creek viaduct, one hour.
Mm, that doesn't leave much time for recon.
That's the point.
He wants Cantara taken to the southern end by one escort.
Tom, that means you.
What's the terrain? How do I know I'm not walking into an ambush? Looks like two lanes one north, one south, fairly remote.
There are no buildings, so we should have snipers in the woods in case Rocha makes a play.
Solomon, Nez, get out there now. Nobody's rolling in until you give the all-clear.
What if Rocha's people see you? He could call it off, or, worse, someone could get killed.
I'm not sending Tom in there blind.
A lot of closed doors around the office lately, huh? If you got something to say, then say it.
Nah, I'm good.
No sign of Rocha or the Langs.
Six minutes.
Tom, go ahead and move to the southern end.
Everyone, stay ready.
This guy is not known for playing fair.
A year ago, nothing scared me.
What changed? 
My daughter was born.
That'll do it. Mine's about one.
You know, I used to call Diego my father. Took me in as a kid, made sure that I had enough to eat, a place to stay. Then, when I was old enough, he put a gun in my hand and sent me to hurt people. I had to get out, you know? I just had to.
Yeah, I know what that's like. I was raised the same way. But you'll be out again soon. When it's safe, we will come get you, we will take down Rocha, and we will get you back to your family.
Okay. He deserves it. I know that. But, to be honest there's still a part of me that cares about him the closest thing I ever had to a dad.
We got incoming.
Yeah, we're here.
You disobeyed my instructions. I said one escort.
I'm the only one here.
I see. So the two operatives with sniper rifles at the top of the hill are not with Halcyon? 
How the hell did he know that? 
Tell them to stand down, or I will kill the Langs.
You have three seconds.
Scottie, what do you want to do? 
He's bluffing.
Doesn't sound like he's bluffing.
2 Nez, Solomon, fall back.
Okay, okay. They're standing down. All right? Just a little insurance, nothing to worry about.
When I give the signal, walk my man to the center of the bridge.
Just make sure my family gets that money.
Go ahead.
[Whispering] Let's move.
Let's move.
My God, thank you.
Don't thank me yet. Keep moving.
I told you I'd get you back.
Hey, uh who are you people? 
Mr.Lang, we've been hired by your insurance company to secure your family's release.
Can't believe I'm home! Thought I'd never see you again.
Neither did I.
The day you were arrested was one of the worst days of my life.
But it's nothing compared to the day I found out you had turned against me.
What are you talking about? 
Drop the act! Dieg [Sighs] [Speaking Portuguese] [Alarm beeps] 
Whoa, that's not good.
What's not good? 
We just lost Cantara.
Dumont, get the signal back, all right? We need to find out where they've taken him.
Not now, sweetie.
I took this from the man.
Will it help?
 You you took that from Rocha? Yeah, Keaton, that will help.
Dumont, we might have figured out a way to track Cantara.
So, what now? Are you gonna kill me? 
If I'm ordered to, yes.
I don't understand.
Is someone else running your crew? 
You got it wrong, Carlos.
It was never my crew.
Burton: Mr. Cantara. Thank you so much for joining us.
Burton: You know, when this started, I actually believed we were trying to get back a brother-in-arms.  Imagine my surprise when the people I hired to get you out of prison told me you were an informant.
You know, he loved you like a son. He had great hopes.
I never wanted that! 
You're as greedy as we are. You're here for a payday $4 million. But one thing does set you apart. You're a traitor. Normally, I'd leave this to Diego, but I know he would take no joy from seeing you suffer.
I, on the other hand, am a little more mm  detached.
[Breathing quickly] 
Dumont: You need to see this.
The surveillance footage? 
I don't know.
Depends on what's on the footage, which is still rendering.
Long story long Burton's our bitch.
What are you talking about? 
Location history on Rocha's cell three trips to an estate on Chesapeake Bay owned by one James Burton.
Maybe he was staking it out.
Maybe Burton was his next target.
Or maybe he and Rocha have a sweet deal to share insurance payouts.
If they do, maybe we can get to Rocha through Burton.
Can you find where Burton is now? 
I thought you'd never ask.
When cattle are slaughtered, the carotid and the jugular are severed. The animal dies from loss of blood. Takes about 30 seconds. If you don't sever a major vessel, well, it can take much longer.
D-D-Diego, I have a baby girl. I have a baby girl. Please. Her name is Rose. Please, Diego. Slicing the anterior tibial will give us more time together. We have so much to catch up on. I don't want to get my hands dirty. This kind of exposure is risky for me. But you are going to tell me what you told the Feds about us.
Diego! - Keep him quiet.
Diego! [Muffled scream] 
We have Lang and his family. 
Oh! That's great news. 
But we lost Rocha.
What? How? RDF is up.
Signal strength looks good.
Accounting for time lag.
Are you still upstate? 
Yes. No, I'm, uh approving payment to Cantara from our D. C. office.
Actually, you're at I was hoping you could download local authorities on Rocha.
1126 Fox Hollow Road.
If anyone can help locate Rocha and Cantara, it's you.
Of course. I'll do whatever I can.
I believe that, Jim. I really do. Thank you.
[Muffled screaming] [Cellphone beeps] 
Where were we? 
Scottie: You heard right it was Burton. He's how Rocha knew our position at the bridge. And the tracker Burton knew we had one on Cantara.
Where's Cantara being held? 
Dumont: An old slaughterhouse, about 10 miles from your location.
Sending you GPS and schematics now.
It's three stories, fortified, cameras inside and out.
We have a plan to get you inside, but the space has been repurposed, so there's no way of knowing the layout.
Or how many mercs there are.
Or the location of Cantara.
Other than that, Ms. Lincoln, how was the play? 
You said you had a way to get us inside? 
Dumont: Matter of fact, I do, sweetheart. It's called a Tympanic Bursting Device, and it's the ultimate answer to the eternal question, "Can you hear me now?" The device uses an array of piezoelectric transducers that emit a 144-decibel siren. You get one of these puppies inside that slaughterhouse, it'll give you just the diversion you need. The ultrasonic frequency is so high, they may not even hear it. But you'll know when it's activated. Tasty.
[Glass shatters] [Ballin' Jack's "Found A Child" plays] [
Beeping] Where, where can he be? - Where, where can he be? - [High-pitched beeping] [Rattling] Where, where can he be? [Rumbling] Feeling fine [All groaning] Peace of mind - Come on, come on! - Aaah! Peace of mind Got some time [Weapon cocks] [Music continues] [Groaning] Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [Gasping] [Indistinct shouting] 
[Music continues, fingers snapping rhythmically] 
Hey! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ha! Ooh Ha! [Indistinct shouting in distance] [Breathing quickly] Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah - Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah – 
Come on! - Where, where can he be? - [Rumbling] - Where, where can he be? - [Groans] - Come on! - Ooh! 
Everybody in the truck.
Um, so, you know how I said connecting Burton to Rocha was better than whatever I was gonna find on the surveillance footage? I'm not 100% on that.
Were you able to render it? 
Any chance you're gonna tell me what this is about? 
Did you make a positive I.D.
Nothing? No hint, a clue? 
The person on that tape is a sworn enemy of mine - and this company.
I don't think 
There must be some mistake.
Are you sure? 
Dumont, who is it?
Rocha knew I betrayed him, and he still saved my life.
Well, you meant more to him than money, Carlos.
That man he shot James Burton.
His insurance company paid kidnappers ransom to get their clients back, and Burton figured out a way to pay himself.
Hey, your daughter what's her name? 
[Cellphone vibrating] 
If you're calling for a progress report, our side won.
I have a job for you.
Perfect timing. We're done here.
What can we do for you? 
I need you, not the team.
Okay. What can I do for you? Is this about Howard? 
Howard, yes. It's He has an associate I need you to eliminate.
[Low's "Gentle" plays] [Police radio chatter] 
This is the hardest part.
What is? 
When the rush ends and the case is over. You know, Howard did get me clean. After he died, after I got a taste for it again in Russia, I just slipped back. But he didn't die, did he? And now he's in trouble, and I want to help him, but I can't do it if I'm using. And I can't stop on my own.
Where's the electrician? 
I have to admit I, uh - I didn't see it coming I don't know how you made it happen.
So, it's the the good cop now. You're gonna tell me how great I am.
You are. You are the best. Who else could trick me into hiring my own personal Judas? Someday, you'll tell me how you did it. I'd ask your asset, but he'll be dead soon. It's a shame, really. There was something about him. He he reminded me of you. Maybe it's just the familiar scent of deception.
Okay, I'll bite.
What's so funny? 
 You're not gonna kill him.
Really? I already gave the order.
And now you're gonna rescind it.
Howard, you may think you're a genius, but you're no magician. There is nothing you can say that will make me call off the hit.
How about this? He's your son.
You're lying.
You already said it. He reminds you of me.
Christopher is dead.
He told me how comfortable you feel around him, and that you couldn't put your finger on why. Well, this is why, Scottie.  He's our boy. And I will tell you how I found him, where he's been. I'll tell you everything after you call off the hit.  You know what I'm saying is true. I-I don't have proof. I can't show you his DNA, but you know it. Our son is alive. So make the call, Scottie. You and I can go on hating each other and lying to each other and hurting each other after. But right now, at this moment, dear God let us get past our problems and save the only decent person in our family.
[Cellphone vibrating] 
Bad time.
Is it done? 
Well, it would've been if you'd stopped nagging me.
Stand down.
 What are you talking about? 
 I'm calling it off.
Lest we forget, he is Howard's ally. A mole inside the company.
Yes, and I will deal with that.
There's only one way to deal with it this way. Right now.
 I said, stand down! 
Copy that.
What are you guys waiting on? 
What are we waiting on? I swear, man, sometimes 
You just want to put me in your cross hairs and pull the trigger. Believe me, my brother, the feeling's mutual.
R1.07 Whitehall Part 1
Tom: Halcyon they may be watching. 
Your mother is spying on you? 
She knows my father's alive. She kidnapped him. I tried to get him back, but I need your help. - I don't know what to do. – 
Okay, slow down. Back up. Does she know you're her son? 
No, or that I know that she's holding him. 
Well, maybe you should tell her. She might listen to you. 
My father says that she's involved in something I don't know, terrible. 
And you trust him more than her? 
I don't know who to trust, but both my father and Reddington say that I will never find out what she's up to if she knows who I am. 
It's good to see you. 
How's Agnes? 
She's adorable, happy - Hmm. - dying to walk. 
Her first steps God, I don't want to miss those. I feel like I missed too much already. 
You said we could help. 
If my father's being held against his will, the FBI can get him back. 
We can certainly try. Where's his location? 
Solomon: Howard won't ever say a word. - But you want to talk about Keen? – 
I don't trust him never have, never will. - A guy like that, he needs – 
Solomon. He's my son. I found out after giving you the kill order. That's why I called it off. Tom Keen is Christopher Hargrave. 
After all these years to find him working against you. 
It's hard to know how to feel. My worst nightmare turns into my dream come true, and before I can even enjoy it for one minute, it turns into a nightmare again. 
Oh, Scottie, Scottie, Scottie. I'm the youngest of nine. My oldest brother he was a thief and worse. And one night, my father, he decides to confront him. They get into a fight, pushes Dad, he falls backward, hits his head on the kitchen counter, bleeds out on the floor. When the cops came, Mom lied about what happened. Her husband had been killed, but she never gave up her boy. She cast him out, never talked to him again, but she never gave him up. Can you do that, Scottie? Can you cast him out? 
Not until I find out what he knows. 
I'm late. Have you seen my bra? Mm. Hm! Hm! Hm! 
Uh, you got a text while you were in the shower. I thought it was on my phone, so I checked. It was from Scottie. [Grunts] She'll be late to work 7:30.
 She's usually there by 6:00. 
6:00? Man, she is intense. 
She's also my boss who's been nothing but good to me, and I'm sleeping with her toy boy, and I shouldn't be. 
Oh, wow. That's so sweet. 
Look, this what we're doing it just we can't do it any more, okay? It has to stop. Soon. [British accent] 
I spoke to the FBI. They're gonna try to get Howard back. 
The FBI Isn't your wife an agent? 
Fiance, technically. We would be married if Scottie hadn't ordered Solomon to shoot up our wedding. 
And yet, here you are.  Why? You know, I want to believe you, trust in you, but it's really hard when I just can't figure out what you're doing here. 
Scottie wants to see you in her office. 
Okay. Thank you. 
She says it's urgent. 
This is how I'll always remember Christopher laughing, brushing sand off his knees. We'd spent all day at the beach. That night, Howard and I fought and I went to bed alone. When I woke up, I I knew something wasn't right. I walked down the hallway to Christopher's room, and he was gone. There wasn't a sound. He didn't cry. I just knew. It's a blood bond that never ends, a a closeness that can't be explained. It's how I felt about you, even when I didn't know why. But now I do. You knew I've been looking, that finding my son was everything. You saw my pain and anguish and you said nothing? Here you are my boy, my long-lost son. You're finally here. And you broke my heart. 
Sorry. I'm What do you want me to say?  I mean when was I supposed to tell you? He's telling me one thing, and you're telling me something else, and I don't know I don't know I don't know what to believe. 
Tom Christopher, your father's not well. Whatever he's told you about me, you can't trust. 
Why are you the one holding him prisoner? 
Okay, listen to me, this is important. All I want is to talk about you who you are, where you've been. You're all I care about, all I've ever cared about. Sometimes we have to put off what we want and do what we must, and we must prevent your father from getting Whitehall. It is a matter of national security. Please, tell me what you know about Whitehall. 
I don't know anything about Whitehall. 
If you tell me, nothing will happen to you. I don't care what you've done, but, please, I'm begging you. Please, don't make me give up my boy. 
I I'm telling you I don't know. 
Not sure if that's true, but guess we'll find out. 
 [Door opens] - Solomon: Mr. Hargrave, I presume. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. We got some catching up to do. –
 What's going on? – 
I don't know. Scottie she He did something she didn't like. 
All I know is she had me render a video. She said the person on it was working against her and the company, and when I rendered it, his mug showed up. 
Woman: Deputy Director Cooper. It's not every day we get a visit from the FBI. What can I do for you? 
I have some questions about a patient of yours - Howard Hargrave. - Hmm. According to my records, he came to us eight days ago. The doctor on call examined him and concluded that Mr. Hargrave posed a threat of physical harm to himself and others, justifying an order to retain him for involuntary psychiatric care. 
For three days. After that, a court order's required. Do you have one? 
Perhaps you should be speaking to our legal counsel. 
I'll take that as a "no" to my questions. 
Mr. Hargrave is a sick man who faked his death and needs psychiatric supervision. 
Perhaps, but without a court order, you have no legal authority to hold him against his will. I  need to speak with him to see if that's what you're doing.  
Solomon: Well, you know, look at the bright side when I'm done with you, no one will ever say, - "He's more than just a pretty face. " - [Pool ball clinks] 
You know, why don't you spare me the theatrics and just do it? 
With pleasure. [Grunts] [Telephone rings] 
Hello? The FBI is here. They're going to talk to Howard. - I think they're going to release him. – 
You can't let that happen. 
I gave them my opinion. They didn't seem to care. 
Make them. I'm on my way. 
Solomon: The prodigal son. I have to admit, I did not see that coming. [Pool balls clatter] Kudos. I'm impressed. And I'm never impressed. [Laughs] Even though you put a bullet in me and tried to kill me, but for what it's worth, I take almost no pleasure in doing this. And I'm pretty sure that Scottie, she doesn't, either. So why don't you just spare Mommy the pain and suffering and just tell her what she wants to know? 
She betrayed her husband, she betrayed her son, and she's gonna betray you, too. [Exhales sharply, groans] 
My dear boy, I know the name of the game, but this is about you. And here you are, working for her in secret trying to find out what, exactly? [Mutters indistinctly] 
I'm sorry, Tom Keen. Do you mind repeating that? 
I sure do wish that bullet really did kill you. [Grunting] 
We got a freaking problem. 
Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bump [Cellphone rings] 
Dumont? How? 
I thought we were just starting to be friends. [Chuckles] 
You're my best friend! 
Howard Hargrave? 
Who's asking? 
Harold Cooper, Deputy Director FBI. – 
The answer is no. – 
What's the question? 
You're obviously here because of Tom. He told you I was being held. You want to know if they have my consent. That's the question, and the answer is no, they do not. 
Release him. Now. 
There! Freeze! Don't move! In the hall. Go! 
I spoke with our attorney. He'll be filing a motion in court within the hour. 
Understood. But until it's granted, he's a free man. Let's go. 
What the hell's he doing? 
He got out? 
Get a response unit down there. 
Tell them not to use deadly force. 
We're in position. - Ready on your go. - [Walkie-talkie crackles] Waiting on you. – 
Do we have authorization? - [Walkie-talkie crackles] 
Ma'am, they need a reply. 
Do it. What happened? 
Dumont, what happened? Give me eyes. 
One of our own Tom Keen has stolen senior-level secrets and intends to make them public. Their release would compromise national security. As of this moment, he's armed and on-site. I want every resource focused on finding him before he disappears. - Am I clear? - Got it. - Yes, ma'am. - Go. [Indistinct talking] – 
Man: Clear on level three. - [Walkie-talkie crackles] [Grunts] 
Scottie: Drop it! 
What are you gonna do, huh? Shoot your own son? 
I begged you to tell me what you know. 
You know why I came here? I came here to find out who my mother really is. And I wished to God I hadn't, 'cause you know what I found out? I found out that you're nothing but a criminal. 
You let your delusional father brainwash you. 
You're a cold, heartless killer who'd murder her own son if it got her what she needed! 
Spying on me, deceiving me 
Is it worth it, killing me? Is it worth Whitehall? Then do it. Huh? Do it! Shoot me. Do it! 
What are you gonna do, Tom? Shoot your mother? 
No. I'm not like you. I guess I take after my father. [Whirring] 
Tom. [Siren wailing in distance] 
He's out. 
Not for long. He's on foot, six-minute head start. I've set a 20-block perimeter, pulling all feeds NYPD, MTA, CCTV and repositioning the birds. – 
Solomon and Nez? - In pursuit, along with a Tac unit. 
She said Tom was stealing secrets. What secrets? 
Don't know, don't care. 
But you do know. That's why she asked you to question him. Now, Tom has earned my respect. I trust him. - If I'm wrong to do that – 
You're wrong to do that. I need to know why. And don't lie to me, Matias. This is too important. 
You're wrong, Nez. And if you don't want me to lie, then that's all I can say.  
Sir. I need you to show me your hands. Yep. - Aah. – 
What happened to you? – 
I was mugged. – 
When did this happen? 
I'm fine, all right? I don't need to press charges. - I'm good, really. – 
Got a gun, partner. 
It's my mother's, all right? It's a long story. 
I'm gonna need to see some identification. 
No. They took my wallet. 
Sir, you're gonna have to come with us.  Place you hands behind your back. 
Guys, you don't want to do this. [Grunts] 
We need to find Tom. 
In my experience, Tom Keen can take care of himself. 
No. Not against Scottie Hargrave. I couldn't. 
So, you faked your death, recruited your son, inserted him into your wife's company. 
My company that she took with the help of foreign agents who are using her to hurt this country. 
Those are serious allegations. Do you have any proof? 
You saw what she was doing holding me against my will. 
Mr. Hargrave, you crashed a plane – 
We need to find my son. – 
obstructed an NTSB investigation, let the shareholders in your company believe that you were dead. You got a lot of explaining to do. We'll look for Tom. - You need to talk to a lawyer. 
Scottie: Tom Keen got to you. – 
Mrs. Hargrave. 
He convinced you to release my husband. 
I released your husband because there was no court order to hold him. I'm talking him to protective custody. Where is Tom? 
This is outrageous. He's not well. 
You say your husband is unstable. He says you're engaged in illegal, possibly treasonous activity. 
The delusions of a man who needs help, which he was getting until you got involved. 
What have you done with our son? 
You're the one who's poisoned him against me, manipulated him. 
Do you know where he is or not? 
No, Agent Cooper. I don't. –
I think I got him. 
She's lying. 
Okay, are we through here? 
If you hear from him, I expect you to let me know. 
Of course. The minute I know, you'll know. 
Talk to me. Okay, so police dispatch reported an incident two officers down, 16th and Houston. Perp matches Tom's physical description. - Line of sight? – 
Right. Yes. Dispatch reported the incident three minutes ago and if we go back another minute [Laughs] 
Totally badass. – 
You put a tracking line on him. 
Oh, yeah. Through the magic of the fast-forward button - [Beeping] – 
we're live. He's at 29th and Greenview, and, what we're seeing, Solomon and Nez are, too. [Tires screech] [Gun cocks] – 
Got ya. - You got no play here. - Hey! – 
Hey, stop! Stop! Stop! [Rattling] 
Did you get to Howard? 
How are you? Uh, Cooper said you might be in trouble. ‘
Everything's all I'm burned at Halcyon. I can't go back. They're monitoring everything, all right? I can't stay on the phone. Just tell Howard "Teleforce. " –
 Teleforce? – 
He'll know what it means. Just I'll call you when I can. [Cellphone beeps] [Footsteps approach, door opens] 
Hi. Howard, I'm Liz Keen. 
Of course.
 It's such a pleasure to finally meet you. I just, um I spoke to Tom, and he's fine. And I'm sorry. I don't mean to keep staring. It's just that I can see him in your eyes. 
Mm. [Chuckles] 
And what did he say? 
He said to tell you "Teleforce. " He said you'd know what that meant. Thank you. 
For what? 
You make my son very happy. 
What, did you cut yourself shaving? 
You sent me in to gain Scottie's trust and learn about Whitehall, and now I'm out and I I'm in the dark. 
There are other ways. 
The Artax Network. Halcyon has eyes everywhere. If they want to find us, they're going to. 
Unless we use it to find them first. 
Okay, I appreciate the sentiment, but with all due respect, we're two guys standing around in a comic-book store, and they're 1,000 agents with access to the surveillance state and a satellite network. 
A network that I built. 
That they control. It's over, all right? That's why I wanted to meet you, to tell you that I'm I'm sorry I couldn't do better. 
Are you done pouting?  Because we have work to do. You ever built a satellite dish before?  
Well, you are in for a treat. - Let's go. – 
Go where?
 To the place where the great and powerful Artax Network started RadioShack. 
Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" plays] 
Okay. We've got a motherboard, antenna, uh, reflecting panels Superglue? You're gonna hack into the Artax Network using superglue? - Well, not just superglue – 
double-sided tape. 
Oh, well, I'm sure that's how it works. 
All right, let's get started. 
I believe in America.  I still see it as that shining city on a hill that people all around the world look to as a land of hope and opportunity.
I know I did as a boy in Warsaw during the Cold War. No free press, information controlled by the government. The only hints about the outside world I got were from listening to Voice of America. And what a world it was Louis Armstrong, John Lennon, Willie Mays. I didn't just want to be a part of that, I wanted to protect it And that's why I built Halcyon, and that's why I'm so afraid of what Scottie is trying to do. Americans take their freedom for granted. They can't imagine that it could ever be taken away, but it can be. I know. I've seen it. We have to stay vigilant if we don't want to lose the things that we hold most dear. 
Fuss with that thing. Help me find the signal. Whoa, whoa. A little bit more where you were. – 
Right here? – 
Yeah, that'll work. 
Look, I get how this gets us into the Artax Network, but how's it get us Whitehall? 
First we have to hack the Halcyon server, see if we can get into the black budget and find out how Scottie acquired Whitehall, and hopefully that'll be enough to use the Artax Network to find it. 
How? Their servers are impenetrable. 
Well I designed a backdoor. 
You just forgot to tell anybody. 
Yeah, that must have slipped my mind. One of the perks of being delusional. – 
We'll find Tom. – 
I know. That's what I'm afraid of. 
You did nothing wrong. If he's working against you, the company 
I need to get away, clear my head. If there's any word on Tom, you'd know where I'll be. 
I've been thinking about this a lot, and seeing Trevor is a risk. I know he calms you down, he listens, but he may also talk about what you tell him. 
He signed the NDA. It's not just about what he might tell people. It's also who he is. I mean, if anyone found out that you're seeing a prostitute, you'd be compromised. 
I appreciate your concern. [Dials] [Cellphone rings] 
It's me. Oh. Sorry. Habit, I guess. You know, I'm only saying this because I worry about you. I know, and that means everything knowing you have my back. [Dials] [Cellphone ringing] [Cellphone beeps] 
Or are trying to put a knife in it. 
What are you talking about? 
I'm not calling you. 
Well, then why is my phone ringing? I
t's not. Trevor's is. 
Oh. Yeah, "Oh" as in 
"Oh, God. "How am I going to explain to my boss "that we're both sleeping with the same man?"
 I am so sorry. 
Hiding what you're doing behind your concern for me Screw "sorry. " My resignation letter will be on your desk by the end of the day. [Door closes] [Keyboard keys clacking] 
How big is this black budget? – 
Too big to look at one item at a time. - [Beeps] This algorithm searches for anomalies in budgeting, personnel, security anything unusual. 
I want to hear about growing up in Warsaw, the Cold War, Willie Mays. I got a million questions. 
Well, I will have a million answers when this is over. - Muirfield. - A level-four cargo transfer. Typical protocol as a single, three-man team. In this case, four teams were used innocuous name, unidentified objects, extraordinary security. Whitehall. It says the transfer was made February 11th at the Stewart Air National Guard Base. If it was that important, there would have been aerial surveillance. 
From the Artax Network. But if you can access it, why did you wait to do it until now? 
Because once we're in, we're only gonna have a minute, maybe two, before they know. - We'll be locked out. - And our position burned. We're only gonna get one shot and this is it. We're in. We track where they took that crate, we find Whitehall. 
No hit on local airports, bus, or train terminals. 
No, if Tom's still local, he's gone to ground. - [Beeping] – 
Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. – 
What is it? – 
Somebody's in the system. [Beeping] 
There. The crate was delivered to a factory in West Hills.
 Well, we know they took something big there, but we don't know if it's Whitehall. 
No, we don't, but we're sure as hell gonna find out.
 I don't know how it happened. I mean, this never happens. Holy crap. Nice digs. - Tasteful. – 
Dumont. Hey, first time, long time. Point being, Tom hacked the network. 
Did you hear what I said? 
Tom didn't hack the network Howard did. My husband's alive. It's a long story, and you deserve to hear it, but right now, all that matters is that he and Tom are working against us. 
Together? What's the connection? 
Tom is our son. [Scoffs] 
Okay, good. Dead husband's alive, sworn enemy's your son. We pinged the location of the breach. 
That won't help. Howard knows we've detected him. Get Solomon and a Tac Team. 
And go where? You said they're gone.
 I'm not interested in where they were. I'm interested in where they're going, and I know exactly where that is. [Dialing]
 What a what? What was that? No calls. Nez is loyal to you. All right? She's on the inside. She knows things that could help us. [Clattering] Could've just taken the battery out. [Dials] Nez, talk to me. You're Christopher Hargrave? [Sighs] Yes. Listen, I'm gonna explain everything to you, okay? I promise. But right now, I need to hear what you know. Please. We know you're going to West Hills. We're on our way E. T. A. 30 minutes. – 
Thanks for the heads-up. – 
It's not a heads-up. It's a warning. I have a job to do. If you're there when we arrive, I'm gonna do it. 
I got two guards on the perimeter and one on the roof. 
Howard: The physical guards are only there as a visual deterrent. 
If I were Scottie, I'd have this place under a digital canopy to protect Whitehall satellite imagery, UAV full-motion video, thermogenic cameras. 
Dad, Dad, English, please. – 
Digital feeds. - Okay. One nation under CCTV, son. Listen to me it's too dangerous for you to come with me. If you were to be hurt, I wouldn't be able to 
No. We don't have time for this, all right? Halcyon is coming. If we're gonna get Whitehall, we're gonna do it right now, you and me. 
The moment we're in, Scottie's gonna be notified. We need to have a plan. 
Hey. Stop right there. 
Thank God! Finally, another person. I'm trying to find Miles Kobata. 
Restricted access. Can't be here. 
I don't want to be here. I want to be at Kobata Restoration. – 
Sir, please. – 
I-I'm trying to get somebody to redo the graphics on my 1977 Evel Knievel pinball machine. [Grunts] 
Man: Command Two, report. Command Two? [Walkie-talkie crackles] Command Two. All clear. 
What the hell is going on? 
Yeah, we're picking up some radiated EMI. I think we should, uh, change to 29. 925 megahertz. – 
What are you doing? – 
Copy that.
 I'm telling them to jam their own signal with digital interference. It's Chinese to you, son. Let's go. [Door closes] [Door unlocks]
 What is this place? [Whispers] 
What are you doing? Howard! 
Don't do it. On the ground. Cuff yourself to him and around the table. My God.
 Who is that? What are you doing? – 
Come on, come on. - Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa. - Who are you? – 
Whitehall. I am Richard Whitehall. 
You're not a code.  It's a man. 
We got to get you out of here. 
Come on. Whoa, whoa. I was told that you 
What did she tell you? 
That I'm the enemy? - That I'm not to be trusted? - [Alarm blaring] 
Okay, they know we're here. We got to go. We don't have much time. 
Are you being held here - against your will or not? – 
Yes. Then let's get the hell out of here. 
Wait! I have to get my research, my research on the code. 
The code is a breakthrough in theoretical computation superposition and entanglement. Quantum computing. What I've unearthed, in the wrong hands, poses catastrophic danger to our critical infrastructure. The research in that backpack? 
A blueprint for the prototype. 
The prototype for what? 
Get back! [Coughs] 
Let go of me! My bag! 
Come on! [Gunshots] 
Nez, don't! You don't understand. 
I warned you. Howard. 
Nez. Look at you as beautiful as ever. I'm I'm so sorry I didn't come to you. I had no choice. You have to understand. But we need your help. Tom Tom is my son. I wanted to tell you. 
Two on one. Lose it, Keen. 
What do we have here? 
One big family reunion 
Must be our lucky day. 
Nez, get the bag. – 
Give me the backpack. – 
Nez, please. 
Give it to me! 
His research it's here. Give it to me. I got it. 
I'll take it. Well, this turned out better than I could have hoped We got the father, the son, and with Mr. Whitehall in custody, the holy ghost. [Chuckles] And some people don't believe in miracles. Watch them till the Tac team arrives. 
Go! Go! [Engine starts, tires screech] 
Well, Nez betrayed us. She sided with the old man and your son. 
We'll find them. 
Oh, I know we will. 
You know, I still can't believe he had you us fooled. You know, I've experienced some pretty messed-up family drama, but nothing like this before. And what I want to know is why? Who is that, and why is he so important? 
Whitehall has cracked quantum computing. 
I thought we were years away from this being a reality. 
I don't get it. How does this get him the magic key that everybody keeps talking about? 
Traditional computers store information in bits, which can represent a 1 or a 0. Quantum computing takes advantage of quantum particles by spinning in two different directions at once, meaning they can represent both a 1 and a 0 at the same time, making them exponentially faster than today's machines. A computer with this kind of speed would mean the end of privacy as we know it. If Scottie moves from a prototype to a working model, she can decrypt any communication within seconds. The woman would be unstoppable. She could blackmail anyone, not to mention she could decrypt safeguards at banks, airports, power grids, you name it. 
Nez: So, how do we stop her? 
She has Whitehall at Halcyon. The place is a fortress. You'll never get him out. 
Don't be so sure. 
We can't use the Artax Network anymore. 
Well, that's true. We can't hack into the backdoor, but I can walk in through the front. 
I'm sorry, Scottie. It was truly an honor working for you. You ever hear of yubitsume? It's a ritual among the Yakuza. When a soldier offends his boss, he chops off his pinkie finger to atone for the offense. Are you saying you want me to Of course not. But don't mistake my forgiveness for weakness. I don't condone what you did. But I'm not in love with Trevor, either. There's no relationship there. - I don't even know his real name. - It's Daniel. I'm sorry. Um, I just want you to know that I'm ending it. Don't do anything on my account. Are you sure you won't accept my resignation? Or my little finger? You're gonna need all your digits so you can make calls for me. Cash in every favor I have. I need all the reinforcements I can gather to stop my husband. We're safe. I just have one more job to do, and then I'm coming home. Do I want to know? What's the job? Uh, it's nothing, really just breaking into Halcyon. Just the three of you? Tom, that's insane. What can I do? Let me help you. No, you've done enough already. Really, it's okay. This is my fight. Just give Agnes a big kiss for me. How about you give her a kiss when you get done with this? I'm looking forward to that. I hate to ask, but how do you plan on pulling this off? Howard: I want to thank you all for coming today. I don't know, but if you turn on your TV right now, you'll see step one happening. I also want to apologize for misleading you these last several weeks. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And I'm here now to tell you what I'm desperate about. Halcyon Aegis is the largest private military contractor in the country. It has significant intelligence gathering capabilities. I know because I built the company. As you can see, I am now on the outside looking in. And that is because of my wife, Scottie Hargrave. She convinced the board that I was not of sound mind, tried to commit me to psychiatric care above my objections, and when that failed, she conspired to have me killed. I will be providing evidence to the authorities that she tampered with my plane in an effort to make it appear as if I died in an accident. I have no doubt that criminal proceedings will result. But with the best defense that money can buy, my wife will be able to drag out this process for months, if not for years. I have no intention of waiting that long. And trust me when I tell you that the country cannot afford to wait that long. Therefore as of today, I will do everything in my power to take back control of the company that I created. I know you're watching, honey. And I'm coming for you. 
Whitehall: Conclusion 1
Woman: [Distorted] Yeah, I got it. I got it. 
Man: Oh, my God. Did you see that? [Distorted conversations] [Children laughing] [Distorted conversations] 
Woman #2: Yeah. - All right. Just keep walking. - 
Man: I got it. [Distorted speech] [Elevator bell dings] H
ey! Hey, hey! You-you can't go in there! 
Quantum computing is like a skeleton key. The original mainframe computers were the size of this room. You know a computer that's 10,000 times more powerful? This. That's the difference between what's being used today and what anyone who gets their hands on Whitehall's device will be using tomorrow. Today, cellphones, laptops are vulnerable. Tomorrow, it'll be banking, classified systems, troop movements, nuclear codes. 
Scottie's holding Whitehall inside Halcyon. We can't just walk him out. 
No. We have to break him out. 
Of Halcyon? Any chance you got a plan "B"? 
My plan "B" is already under way. The reason I went public is to force the board to call a meeting to decide who to believe, Scottie or me. 
The board already sided with her. 
I'm not going in to lobby for votes. I'm going in through the front to enable you to launch a tactical assault through the back. - 
How are we gonna do that? - You leave that to me. All you have to worry about is assembling a team that'll stay off of Halcyon's radar. High risk, low probability of success. Got any takers? 
Yeah, I think I do. 
We talked about this. It was a mistake. I'm sorry. 
We didn't talk about it. I told you I knew about you and Kat, that you were sleeping with my assistant. You apologized. That's acknowledgment, not talk. 
Do you want to talk about it? 
No, 'cause there's nothing to talk about. 'Cause if we did talk about it, I'd probably end up taking that ice pick and stabbing you with it. The board meeting are you worried? 
Of course. Howard plays dirty. But I have a few tricks to play. – 
Marienthal: What's this? – 
Insurance. I need your vote in the board meeting. – 
Where did you get this? – 
Doesn't matter. Your soon-to-be ex is asking for full custody of Isaac and Hannah. She's not getting it, once a judge sees her snorting her child-support payments. 
Of course I'm with you. Good. Can't afford to have Howard upend everything we've been working on. [Knock on door] Looking for a refill? Nah, I'm trying to kick it. I'm here to sell you on something. We got a business proposal for you. Hands up. Now. What's in there? We need your help. We're willing to pay. This is the first installment. We don't need your money. 
Well, that's good, because I didn't bring any. Mm. Taaffeite. A million times scarcer than diamonds. Retail price, $4,000 a carat. You're looking at 1,000 carats. You do the math. [Chuckles] You trust her? She cool. Kind of help you looking for? The kind that could get you killed. [Footsteps] [Keypad beeps] [Door buzzes] So? So, enhanced interrogation works. And since you don't want me using it on señor Whitehall, the results are mixed. Maybe he's working with Howard, maybe not. I'll talk to him. Howard's almost here. Escort him in. Watch him. He's here for Whitehall, which means he's got a plan to get him out. Curing certain cancers, making more effective drugs, discovering distant planets, driver-less cars. That is the promise of my inventions. Healthier, smarter, safer. There are so many rewards. But all you see is the evil this can do. Why is that? Because someone has to live in the shadows so others can live in the light. I'll take him from here. Scottie asked me to escort you to the board. [Indistinct conversations] Phyllis. - It's wonderful to see you. - You, too, sir. Jesse. - How are the twins? - Doing great. Bob. It's good to be back to see you. - Scottie: Do any of you really think - Denise, hi. I'm capable of trying to murder my husband? I do. Scottie. Howard. What's the matter? You all look like you've seen a ghost. [Door closes] So, who do you want to hear from first? I say brains before beauty. So, Scottie, you're up. Morning. Nothing about any HVAC units today. Well, I have four in the back, three other trips to make by lunch. Can I leave them with you? - Let let's check them out. - My man. [Tires screech] If this feels like deja vu vu all over again, that's because it is. Six months ago, I came before the board because I had concluded that the husband I loved and adored was gone, that he had become delusional, and that it was your fiduciary responsibility to remove him as head of this company. My company which I created, in all my delusional grandeur. You agreed with my assessment then, and everything that's happened since only reinforces the conclusion that Howard is not of sound mind. By his own admission, he faked his death. Howard's not well. But he is dangerous. Since his tragic death, Howard's been pursuing the Holy Grail of the digital age quantum computing. Quantum computing's a pipe dream. No, it's not. It's real. The man responsible for the breakthrough is here. As a prisoner. He's here so my husband can't force him to give him his technology. Howard knew about it, pursued it in secret, away from us, from this company. Why would he do that? There's only one explanation. Howard is no longer working for this company. He is working against it. [Whirring] It's simple. Snatch, grab, and go. It'd be a lot simpler if we had real bullets. - They do. - No. Whitehall's being held by people we know. They believe they're doing the right thing. They're not. So tranqs only. That's what you signed up for. Everything else gets left in the van. Everything. Howard: I am not normal. And I have no interest in being normal. I think normal is boring. I believe in conspiracies. I think delusions are the same as dog whistles. Just because you can't hear them or see them doesn't mean they're not real. We breach on Howard's signal. Now, not being normal isn't the same as being nuts. Nuts would be faking your own death, and I didn't do that. You pretended to be dead. Isn't that the same thing? I didn't fake my death. I simply avoided being murdered. - Oh, come on, that's ridiculous. - Is it? This is a preliminary report of the NTSB, indicating that the landing gear on my plane had been tampered with. - See this? - The QR code. So? The conference-room table is covered with smart glass and is smart enough to read that. Nez: What'll the code tell it to do? Calculate chess positions for 100,000 games played simultaneously. You're gonna overheat the servers. Triggering a cooling protocol, which includes opening the air vents from the server room to the parking lot. We're in. Let's go. This warning light means the servers are overheating, and they never overheat. I got to run a diagnostics. Get a tac team up to Level A. The NTSB report is inconclusive. Someone tampered with your landing gear, but it could've been you. And Scottie could be holding Dr. Whitehall against his will to protect him from me and not to force him to build a prototype of his invention, but I think we all know that she's not. Of course, we could ask him. What do you think, honey? Should we call him in? Shh. You guys shouldn't be here. Who the hell are these guys? You don't want to know. We need the access codes. They locked us out of the system. Yeah, well, you did try to decapitate Solomon. No, we threw a bomb on his head. It's a little different. But just give us the codes. He's fine, by the way. I'm sure he'd love to see you. - Why don't I go tell him you're here? - I love you, buddy. If you don't tell me Whitehall's location and the code in the next five seconds I will shoot you with a tranq dart in the face. 
You would do that? 
Try me. 
Really? LeBron? 
Cleveland against the world. 
Marienthal: The allegations you both made could not be more serious. They are, and should be, the subject of a criminal investigation. The final decision of the board will rest in part on the outcome of that investigation, but that could take months, if not years. The company needs a direction now. - [Gunshot] - Aah! Aah! - [Indistinct shouting] - [Groaning] [Shouting continues] [Groaning] By a show of hands, all those in favor of restoring Howard Hargrave as CEO. [Gasps, groans] Don't shoot! I'm unarmed! Aah! All those in favor of keeping Scottie Hargrave in charge. Tranqs were a bad idea. Grab a gun. Check on Vito. - Zip-tie these guys. - Got it. Vito! You all right, man? [Groaning] Oh, man. [Grunts] Solomon. Nez. Nez, come on. Come on. You guys hang here and wait for Howard's orders. - [Keypad beeps] - [Door buzzes] Marienthal: Howard, I'm sorry. The vote was five to two against you. A count I assume Scottie bought and paid for. I didn't come here to win your vote, Jack. That's him. Let's go. Marienthal: Then, why did you come? To rescue Whitehall. Scottie: Oh, and h-how do you plan on doing that? By taking over this facility. [Lock engages] Hear that? Anyone? That is the sound of a dog whistle. What is this, Howard? You want to tell us what the hell's going on? - Patience. - Howard, unlock the door. Howard: Dr. Whitehall will be released from Mrs. Hargrave's confinement shortly, and he will explain. - If you don't release us - Unlock the door. When you hear the truth, when you hear what this woman has been willing to do [Gunshot, all shout] Stay put. Everybody, stay put.
 Your chariot has arrived. Ah, ah, ah. 
Howard. Don't make him do something you might regret. 
Let's go. We need to get to Whitehall. Tom and Nez might already be there. We know where he is. They may not. And after we get him? Unh-unh. - I don't know yet. - [Elevator chimes] I'm taking it one crisis at a time. Great idea. [Door opens] Hold on, everyone. Just hold on. These two fine gentlemen, misters Devon. Jimmy. Mr. Devon and Mr. Jimmy are here to protect you. You really have lost your mind. No one leaves. [Keypad beeps, door buzzes] - Time to go. - You're not safe here. Go! Go! Scottie! [Elevator chimes] With me now. I want you to bring up the sub-basement. - The surveillance feeds, schematics? - Everything. [Beeping] Scottie, stop! [Keypad beeping, door buzzes] Go! [Banging on door] [Keypad beeps, buzzer] The code doesn't work. And these windows are bulletproof. He's having way too much fun. What's going on? I demand you let me go. I changed the key code. Buys us a little time but not much. Howard has control of the system. He can unlock it. [Electricity crackling] [Electricity powers down] [Gun clicks] Not anymore. They knocked us off the grid. We're on reserve juice. Scottie's got Whitehall barricaded in the sub-basement. Wouldn't cutting the power cause the doors to automatically unlock? In the even of a power loss, the lock will automatically engage. What about the cargo elevator? That's not on the reserve system. They can't get out that way. Meaning we can't get in. Oh, there are other ways to get in. Scottie: Damn it. [Cellphone ringing] [Beeps] Tom: Solomon, put her on the phone. Scottie, think about this. You can't get out, and in four minutes, we're coming in. I'm not giving him to Howard. Howard: You don't have a choice. Howard remember the World Summit on Innovation? Geneva? We stayed up all night working on your speech, how quantum computing would outstrip human capabilities, that if its development wasn't managed carefully, humanity would risk engineering its own extinction? You convinced me then we could never let that kind of power fall into the hands of some deranged, maniacal madman. I just never thought that madman would be you. You're not in the boardroom anymore, honey. You can drop the act. Scottie, you don't have any leverage. Of course I do. Please don't make me use it. [Metal clicks] Come through that door, and I will put a bullet through Whitehall's head. The hell you will! Scottie, don't don't do this. [Metal clanks] Are you are you there? - [Metal clanking] - [Beep] What the hell do you think you're doing? If I'm going to die, I'd like to die in my bed, in my sleep, having told my wife I love her, perhaps re-reading the final chapter of "Moby-Dick. " Unfortunately for you, sir, there is only one way out. We can commandeer the elevator. Not possible. We've been cut off from the power grid, and reserve power does not go to the cargo elevator. Even if you can get the elevator to work, Howard will know the second you do. Well that's your problem to solve. I'm worried about getting out alive. [Torch hissing] We're almost in. I'm not convinced that's gonna work. Mr. Solomon, is it? Are you familiar with Schrodinger's cat? Oh, yes. It's a paradox. Cat's sealed in the box with poison, simultaneously alive and dead until you open up the box and observe it. Exactly. This is nothing like that. When they open this box, we're just dead. They're almost in. You got two minutes or less. [Defibrillator whirring, beeping] [Elevator clanks] It works. Get in. This should give us about 30 seconds' worth of lift. That'll get us to the next floor. They're on the move. Lock down Bay Six. They're getting away. Go. Go now. [Elevator bell dings] Well, here goes our ride now. Scottie: You don't have any bullets. He doesn't know that. [Gun clicks] - [Tires screech] - [Vehicle doors open] Hey! Scottie! We got company. Come on. Please don't shoot. Don't shoot. Nez: Come on. There's nothing we can do, Scottie. Get in the car. [Vehicle door closes] [Tires screech] Dr. Whitehall, you are safe now. That seems to be the only thing you and your wife agree on. - Speaking of Scottie - No. Or Solomon. If you'll come with me, sir, there are some people I'd like you to meet. I want everyone released. They were trying to kill us. They were only doing their jobs. Take everyone into the command center. I'll be there as soon as I can. Just hold still. Hold still. - [Grunts] - Okay, there. Keep the pressure on. You're closer to Scottie than anyone else. Do you believe what he's saying about her? Apologies. Where's Scottie? I would like to introduce Richard Whitehall. Where is she? Is she all right? I don't know, and, yeah, Scottie is unhurt. I wish everyone was. I genuinely regret having to resort to such extreme measures. You can't take the company back by force. You need our consent. Agreed. And if I don't get it, I'm prepared to walk away after you hear what Dr. Whitehall has to say. I did what I thought I had to do in order for you to hear him out. And I'm very sorry, but it seems like a small price to pay for the truth. Doctor. I'll do my best. To begin with, I am not in business with Howard Hargrave. I'm here because I was abducted by Scottie Hargrave. You all must be very confused. I know I would be. To those who stood against me, you did what you were trained to do, defend the company. To those who stood with me, I ask you to accept that we must now all work together. To those loyal to Scottie, I'll tell you what I told the board. I'm only interested in the truth. She will have her day in court. But, first, we have to find her. Anyone who is not comfortable with that mission may leave now with my blessings. Thank you. That's all. Dumont. Sir. You knew that they had access to the elevator, and yet, you said nothing. And that allowed Scottie to escape. Now you're gonna help us find her. How did my team access the facility? 
You programmed the servers to overheat, opening the vents. Which shut down the network. I want you to get it back up. Yes, sir. Scottie: That's what it looks like, not what it is. Look, Dr. Whitehall sees it differently. - I held him for his own good. - You made your case. - I kept him from Howard. - Howard made his. - Oh, and now you're siding with him? 
Whitehall sided with him. 
Yeah, well, that's only because – 
Let it go, Scottie. You've got other things to worry about. I just got the results of an internal investigation launched after Howard's press conference. There is a string of financial irregularities on your watch, including several off-the-book facilities. 
Who's seen this? 
Everyone. Scottie, I don't know what you've done, and I don't want to know. Do yourself a favor. Whatever it is, get ahead of it. 
Tom: Here's what we owe you. Let me know how to contact Zeke and Vito's families, and I'll make sure they get their share. Thanks, man. Hey, one more thing. - You're done selling drugs to Nez. – 
Tom. All due respect, playboy, man's got to make a living. 
All due respect, Nez is like a daughter to Howard, which means she's like a sister to me. I think you can see we're pretty generous with those who help. I'm a lot less generous with those who don't. -You got me? – 
Where are you? You all right? 
I'm nowhere close to all right. But I do have a plan, and I need your help to carry it out. Yeah, whatever you need. Is the Artax Network back online? Dumont's working on it. I need him to stop. Okay. Uh, yeah, of course. I'll tell him. Howard's looking everywhere for me. I need to get across town without him finding me. Okay, but then where are you gonna go? Just tell Dumont. [Cellphone beeps] Is the system online yet? Working as fast as I can, okay? Just got to reboot this server. Wait. I, uh, talked to Scottie. 
She's fine, but she's on the run, doesn't really want us looking for her. Hargrave wants the network up. 
She wants it down. Just 20 more minutes. 
Did you know about Whitehall? About her holding him? 
She's been good to me. 
She's been good to me, too. And I'm not sure what's right or wrong here online, offline, but I have to decide whether to flip the switch or not. And before I do, I want to know if she told you about Whitehall. 
Is the network up yet? 
I got one last problem to solve. Kat's helping me with it. 
With what? 
Simple binary choice. Did she or didn't she? Yes or no? 
No. She didn't. 
Okay. Good. That's the answer I needed. We're good to go. [Computer keys clacking] [Beeping] System's up. 
Process every image satellite, CCTV, MTA, DMV, Snapchat everything. I want to know the second you get a hit. 
If we find her, what's gonna happen to her? 
Justice. I loved her once. In some ways, I still do. I know how difficult this is, but it's the right thing to do. I want to thank you for helping me do it. 
So, how are we playing this? The intel Marienthal showed me, for all we know, Howard's seen it. You think Howard's guys will be here? I don't know. So we have to assume the answer is yes. Well, then, there's only one way to play this. Let's do it. Guys, I think I got them. 
A former pharmaceutical plant in Williamsburg. Corner of Flushing and Spring. 
Dumont, call in the FBI. Bring up any images you have of the area. 
Tom: We'll meet the FBI there. – 
Everybody on the ground. [Guns cock] - Oh! Come on. Hands up in the air. Now. I-I don't understand. 
What are you doing? Who else is here? How many? 
You know how many, Scottie. Nine per shift. How do you know her name? I should know her name. She hired me. She hired all of us. - Hey! - Hey. Careful. I am just I-I want to show you something. Work orders for the week, all signed by you. I've got three months' worth in back. Purifiers, flame extractors. This is made up, all of it. I think you know that it's not made up. Whitehall prototype. [Tires screech] 
You want to tell me what's going on here, Scottie? 
A frame-up. That's what's going on. And I fell right into it. 
Keen, Rowan. We're with Halcyon. 
Agents Lamb and Noxon, FBI. What are we looking at? 
Friends of ours. Very armed, very dangerous. What's here? What's inside? – 
We don't know. - Curious to find out. 
You've never been here before. 
And you do not know these guys. Look at me, Scottie. If Howard set you up, then the cops will be on their way. We got to move. 
Federal agents! Don't move! 
All right. Go back to the lab. 
Find a different way out. I'll lay down cover fire. 
Solomon: There are too many. If I can get to one of the techs, I'll take one of them as a hostage. 
Gun down.
 Somebody's gonna put their gun down, but it's not gonna be me. You backed the wrong horse, Nez. 
Oh, Matty, I didn't think you believed in right and wrong. 
Scottie is the good guy here. 
Scottie lied about everything. She's not who we thought she was. This place is proof of that.
 I hope that the truth comes out in the justice system. But since I don't intend on letting the justice system deliberate the truth about me, this is where I step off. The only surviving member of the Pequod. - It's the whaling ship in "Moby-Dick. " Oh, it went down. Took everyone with it except Ishmael. 
And how did he survive? 
"Buoyed up by that coffin, "I floated on a soft and dirge-like main. "The unharming sharks, "they glided by as if with padlocks on their mouths. "On the second day, a sail drew near. "It was the devious-cruising Rachel, "that in her retracing search after her missing children, "only found "another orphan. " 
I'll find you. 
God, I hope so. 
Stop it. Stop! Stop! It's over. It's over.  
Howard's setting me up. 
If that's true, then come in. If you're really innocent, then you have nothing to hide. 
I can't. I can't do that. 
Well, that sounds like guilty. 
Look, I understand why it's hard for you to believe me, but we both know Howard did something incredibly cruel when he sent you to me and didn't allow you to tell me that you're my son, that after all these years, you're still alive. That cruelty was also a blessing, because you got to see how I truly feel about my son, that I never stopped loving him. I never stopped loving you. If you know how I feel, then you know who I am. And if you know that, can you honestly tell me that you believe what Howard says about me? 
Today, I can. 
Susan Hargrave, you're under arrest for kidnapping and false imprisonment. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. 
Dumont: My answer's no. 
Usually, we like to get the question out first. 
You showed me the NTSB report. It says the landing gear on Howard's plane was tampered with. You want to know if I think she did it. 
Do you? 
Of course she did it. 
This an accurate prototype? 
Completely. I can't believe how close she came. And it could've only been built by someone who had access to my research. 
Lamb: And no one had that other than Scottie Hargrave? 
Scottie Hargrave and me. 
You were the only ones authorized to make payments from this account. That's right. 
This is a payment schedule from the account. Everything related to the construction of the prototype, Mrs. Hargrave denies knowing anything about. 7:29 a. m. on 3/1. 11:45 p. m. on 3/9. 6:15 a. m. on 3:17. 
If you're asking me whether I made these payments, the answer is no. I wasn't even working at these times. 
So, if Ms. Carlson didn't make the payments, then it must've been you. Gotcha. 
I'm sorry it ended this way. 
Yeah, me too. 
What you said before about me being like a sister to you
 I meant it. 
Whatever help you need. 
I like what you've done with the place. How does it feel? It feels right this, being here with you. You know, my daughter turns she turns 1 next week. [Chuckles] 
This isn't the end, you know? This is just the beginning. 
Yeah. For our family, which I hope I want you to be a part of. 
And I want you to be a part of this. 
I know. Maybe, someday. Who knows? For now, I am going home to my daughter's birthday. 
Well, of course you are. You should. 
You're coming to the party by the way. It's a princess theme, so I hope you've got a tiara. 
I wouldn't miss it. 
You did it, Dad. 
We did, son. Together. - Tiara? - 
Yeah, you got it. 
Hey. Saved you a piece of cheesecake. 
Yeah, cheesecake. The truth is, I knew you'd come back sooner or later, that it was only a matter of time before you realized what a huge mistake - it was to dump me. 
Can you explain this? 
Explain what? What what is it? 
Payment authorizations. For the construction of a sophisticated computer prototype. 
What is there to 
Look at the dates and times. 
I don't - Look at the dates and times! [Chuckling] 
Okay, okay. I'm looking. 
What am I looking at? 
Transactions. Made from my computer and dates and times when we were together. All except one that was made on my phone after you switched it with yours, after you made it look like it was an innocent mistake. It was you, wasn't it? You were working with Howard the whole time. He used you to get close to her, to get access to her files. It was you that made it all work. The frame-up. Making it look like Scottie was this guilty 
Couldn't get to her files. She was too smart. - But you you actually thought I cared.  
I'm sorry. Last thing anyone's ever gonna say to you is, "This is all your fault. "
Is he here? 
Yes, sir. Arrived an hour ago. 
Now, my flight leaves in two hours. I should be home for dinner. Like you said when I left, what could possibly go wrong? [Chuckles] Oh, no Oh, no Kat. Jesus! What happened? What is this? What's on this? 
The truth. It's him. 
Where are we
 We are operational. 
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7.10 Katarina Rostova #3
I'm your mother.
A mother protects her children.
- I did protect you.
- By leaving me? By hiding you.
I was being hunted, and I didn't want you to be hunted, too.
And how about moving in next door and not telling me who you really are? I suppose you did that to protect me, too.
And to get to know you without our history getting in the way.
And we did get to know each other, didn't we? To like each other.
Why are you here? I'll tell you if you put the gun down.
Please? You shot your father.
Do you really want to shoot your mother, too? Tell me.
LIZ: After all this time, why are you here? You know what I wish? [CHUCKLES.]
KATARINA: I wish someone would come in here right now and see us together.
Why now? Because they found me.
The Townsend Directive.
Dominic and Raymond could stop them.
I tried to make them.
You can be angry at me for that, but I just wanted them to do what was right.
They refused.
So you came here? Why? Did you think I could stop them? No, but I needed your help finding the one other person who can Ilya Koslov.
I want the truth.
That is the truth.
I know who Ilya Koslov is and that you didn't need my help to find him.
That is the reason that and to get to know you so that we could be family again.
Reddington, we've been through every file four times now.
Are you sure this is everything you confiscated from Orion? Yes.
This is every file.
DEMBE: Elizabeth still isn't answering.
PARK: Perhaps if you told us the name of the woman who abducted you in Paris, we could help you find her.
She doesn't have a name.
She's a ghost.
Think of a name, any name, and that could be it.
We know she used the alias Constance Drucker.
And we also know she's close.
Why didn't she say goodbye? You were sleeping, sweetie, and she had an emergency at work, but she asked me to give you a big hug and tell you how much she loves you.
COOPER: And she has someone you care about in her custody? - RED: She does.
How's our houseguest? BERDY: She'll be fine.
Who you should be worried about are the feds sitting on the apartment.
They saw Keen come in.
They're gonna wonder why she's not coming out.
Then handle them.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Can you tell us what it is that she wants? RED: She's on the run.
People are after her, and she wants to know how to stop them.
Do you think he's still alive, this friend of yours she has? She did try to kill you, remember? Hung you up like a Holstein.
Killing me wasn't her plan.
She wants answers, so she tried to con me first.
When that didn't work, she tried advanced interrogation.
That didn't work, either.
So, yes, I think my friend is still alive, but I think she'll employ any means necessary to get what she wants, to get inside his head to Krilov.
The whack job who scrambled my brain like an egg? What does that mean? It means he scrambled my brain like an egg.
RED: Dr.
Bogdan Krilov is the underworld's foremost expert in accessing the subconscious.
The man can get anyone to talk.
Krilov's in prison.
Which means she'd have to hire a protégé.
You really think this woman's using recovered-memory therapy to get inside your friend's head? Maybe, but if she is, Krilov would know with whom and how.
- I need to see him, Harold.
- No, that's not possible.
He's at ADX Florence.
He's in lockdown 23 hours a day.
I'm sure you could get him out for a quick visit.
He's a significant security threat.
If I've learned anything in this life, it's that anything is possible.
Uh, guys, I think we're missing a file here 46-J.
That's the stack Agent Keen was cataloguing last night.
You don't think she took the file? DEMBE: She still isn't answering.
I'm gonna check on Elizabeth.
Harold, see if you can round up Dr.
Donald and I have some catching up to do with the dreamweaver.
RAPIONE: Who's this guy? All right.
We're finished.
She's live.
KING: Who's live? And who are you? What, are you kidding? SSG.
We got the apartment mic'd up.
Command never called us about SSG.
Well, then take it up with command.
I'm not gonna stand here and debate it in the street.
Now, you want the TRF receivers or not? [CAR DOOR ALARM CHIMING.]
They're in the corner.
KING: You know, Cooper never notified us of a surveillance pack.
I'll be damned if this is coming back on us.
Aah! PRISON GUARD: You understand Krilov is not just in solitary.
He's in control.
With the worst of the worst.
Alone 23 hours a day, and he seems to like it like that.
Guy doesn't even come outside when he's allowed.
He speaks to no one, by choice, so he's certainly not gonna voluntarily talk with some FBI agent.
RESSLER: I don't want to talk to the guy any more than he wants to talk to me.
Agent Ressler.
I've been dreaming about this day.
Well, that makes one of us.
Open the door! [LATCHES UNLOCK.]
- Cooper.
- Harold.
RED: We have a problem.
What's going on? Any word from Agent Keen? RED: No.
The apartment's empty, with clear signs of an altercation.
This falls on us, Harold.
We shouldn't have let her go alone.
Have Dembe check in with the agents stationed outside.
Maybe they saw something.
I'll call them and let them know he's on the way.
What is it? Where are they? DEMBE: Raymond.
No need to notify your men, Harold.
They won't be taking any phone calls.
Oh, I wish I could help, but I didn't see anything.
Thank you.
Mister? Uh, Gregory Flynn.
Two N's.
What's going on? Agent Park, FBI.
And you are? Maddy Tolliver.
Is there something wrong? Well, apparently, there's been some kind of crime.
A crime? What happened? Did you see or hear anything unusual in the past hour? No, I was Does this have anything to do with Elizabeth? You know Agent Keen? Of course.
She's my neighbor.
- Please.
Tell me she's okay.
- We're checking on it.
Um, if you think of anything give me a call.
- Did he talk? - I'm done.
There are police everywhere, FBI.
- So he didn't talk.
- That's why they're here? Because you have another hostage? Did he talk?! - No.
- Then you're not done.
Like hell I'm not.
KATARINA: Let me know when Ilya's ready for another session.
If you won't ask him questions I will.
What Berdy did was not okay, but if I let you go, it'll stop me from getting the answers I need.
What I'd like to do is take this gag off so we can talk.
I don't want to put it back on, but if you scream, I'll have to.
So can we talk? Where's Agnes? I took her to Shelly's for a sleepover.
I told her something came up and you had to go to work.
See for yourself.
Hi, Beth.
It's me.
Can I talk to Agnes for a sec? I would never hurt her.
Hi, honey.
How are you? Chocolate-chip pancakes? Well, I wouldn't want to interrupt that.
I just wanted to say I love you.
Okay? Bye.
So let's talk.
Harold still hasn't located Elizabeth.
No one in her building has seen her, and they can't get a signal off her phone.
First Ilya.
Now she's got Elizabeth.
She thinks she's staying ahead of us.
I fear she might be getting a little ahead of herself.
As I'm the last person you want to see, I assume I'm the only person who can do what you need.
Which gives me the leverage to set my terms time served, a new identity and, um glass of chocolate milk.
RED: Make it two.
Hershey's or Nesquik? Or maybe you're a Bosco man.
What do you want?
To kill you.
For working with Mr.
For betraying my trust.
For hurting Donald in an attempt to hurt me.
Well, that's what we want.
And if you're smart, you're gonna give us what we need.
A name of a protégé or colleague.
I work alone.
A competitor then? A rival, someone's chipping away at your business while you're in prison.
And if you play nice, well, maybe we'll kill him instead of you.
And you are an FBI agent? Yes, I am.
And I work with Raymond Reddington.
So you do the math.
Victor Skovic.
PARK: Where can we find him? - Tongji.
- Where's that? It's not a where.
It's a who.
Tongji is supposed to be some kind of a Chinese miracle worker.
He's rumored to provide a place where people go to find unfindable things, to forget the unforgettable things a back-alley bazaar where he brokers whatever you need to ease your pain or dull your mind.
As far as I know, Tongji only exists as a myth.
He's not a myth.
He's very real.
And he brokers jobs for Skovic.
Then it looks like we're taking you on a little field trip to meet Mr.
KATARINA: After all these years, after what I'm sure everyone had told you about me, I didn't think there was any way you would give me the benefit of the doubt, that I was actually here to put an end to it to the running, the hiding, the living in fear.
I don't believe you're afraid of anything.
I lost you once. I'm terrified of losing you again.
You say you need me to find Ilya Koslov, but I know that that's not true.
You had him in Paris.
In Paris?
I know who Reddington really is.
- He told me.
- He told you? He's the real Koslov, and he turned into Reddington 30 years ago to help you escape.
He told you that? Well, Dom did, and Reddington, he confirmed it.
He saved your life.
And you repaid him by torturing him within an inch of his.
You don't understand.
You don't understand.
He may not be my father, but Reddington, this Reddington, has watched over me my entire life.
You say you want to get to know each other? To be a family? Well, he's a part of that family.
And if you can't be on his side, I can't be on yours.
What if I can prove he's not on your side? I don't think there's anything you can say that would convince me of that.
That's why I'm not going to say anything.
I'm going to show you.
BERDY: I don't think this is a good idea.
She shouldn't be in here.
This man, I've met him before.
He's friends with Reddington.
F-F-Frank Elizabeth.
His name isn't Frank.
His name is Ilya Koslov.
KATARINA: I'll be there in five minutes.
Make sure Skovic has him ready.
That file doesn't prove anything.
Why should I trust you? You have absolutely no reason to.
But I think you know it's the truth.
If Reddington isn't Koslov, then who is he? [CHUCKLES.]
That's just one of the mysteries I intend to pull from Ilya's head.
How could you not know? Ilya's your friend.
He was my best friend, until he conspired with your grandfather to have me killed, blown up in a car bomb.
That isn't what Dom told me.
Dom told you Reddington was Koslov.
He lied to you to hide the truth, that he tried to assassinate his own daughter.
Why would he do that?
Because if the people hunting me saw me die, then the person he really cared about would be safe.
You're his child.
Who could he care about more than you?
That can't be true. I'm a mortal threat to you, a mother whose very existence puts her daughter's life at risk.
My grandfather tried to kill you to protect me.
And in the process, he killed the man I loved.
I disappeared after that.
To heal.
I started over and was content.
Until they found you again.
The Townsend Directive.
They took away my life once.
Now they've done it again.
No, they didn't.
I did.
I'm the reason they're after you again.
I went looking for you.
They found out.
They followed my lead.
You were looking for me? Of course I was.
You're my mother.
This is a waste of time.
I couldn't get anything out of him.
- I'd like to go now.
Where? Out the door and into the arms of the police? I have no interest in dying here.
You're not going to die, Victor.
Not if, from now on, you do exactly as I tell you.
Sit down and keep your mouth shut! I just got a call.
The Kazanjian brothers pulled into town.
We need to step up our timeline before it's too late.
Good news, Ilya.
Dr. Skovic's done with you. The bad news is I'm just getting started.
MANAGER: Let's go, let's go, let's go! Keep these vehicles moving! I need open spaces here! - [DOOR OPENS.]
- Hey! Wrong garage! Take a walk! We need vehicle.
You just picked the wrong garage.
You hear me? Aah! Fortify the bumper on that Chevy.
You have 30 minutes.
PARK: So, you and Krilov have a history.
What exactly did he do? He got inside my head, planted a false memory, tried to convince me I killed a national-security advisor.
And now we're working with him?
It's been a slippery slope.
Have a seat right there.
I'm here to see Tongji.
- You have appointment? - I do not.
You got to have an appointment.
Tell him it's Raymond Reddington.
Reddington, you no appointment, you no see Tongji.
Come back when you have the appointment!
I have a gun.
Does that count as an appointment? And I have a friend with a gun two appointments.
He's not reachable.
Why don't you tell Tongji that Bogdan Krilov wants to see him? Dr.
Krilov! Of course, sir.
My God.
Hello, my friend. They said you were in prison. They said you would die there.
They were wrong.
Are you okay? Do you need help?
Listen. I'm looking for someone, the man who took my place. Victor Skovic.
Do you know how to find him?
I may. But I'm not telling you.
Tongji. This is important. Skovic's gone.
He's under contract.
With whom? –
Some woman. Uh, I don't know her name. Uh, she had a handler. Berdy Chernov.
The man we're looking for is Victor Skovic.
What do you know about him? - I know that, as we speak, he's sucking whatever he can from the depths of my friend's cerebral cortex.
Berdy Chernov is the man who brokered the contract. Are you familiar with him? –
I am not.
ARAM: I am.
You are?
Chernov. I know I know I've heard that name.
From work? A case? An article you read?
The wedding.
A wedding.
A few weeks ago, Elodie and I crashed this wedding. Well, she actually she stole these name tags, which is quite easy to do, by the way, because they just leave them right out there in the open.
- Aram.
- Yeah? - Berdy Chernov.
- Right. Okay. So, I'm standing there wearing this name tag, and this guy comes over to me, thinking that I am Frank Bloom.
The wedding. Was it at the Fremont?
Why? Were you invited?
Frank Bloom is an alias for my friend. He went to that wedding to meet a contact and get the name of a man involved in my abduction in Paris.
But he gave it to you instead because you stole his name tag.
Like I said, they just leave them out in the open.
Chernov. What can you tell us about him?
I can tell you that is not the name he goes by.
Can you tell us what name he does go by?
ARAM: No. But I can get it. I can get it. I can get it.
When we land, Krilov comes with me.
Revenge doesn't suit you, Donald.
I'm taking him back to prison.
Are you? I wonder.
Okay. So, the guy who thought I was Frank Bloom gave me this.
Chernov's alias is Gregory Flynn.
COOPER: Mean anything to you? - No.
- Okay, we're on it.
I'll let you know as soon as we have a lead.
You crashed a wedding? I know.
But, uh, I got to say it was pretty awesome.
Gregory Flynn.
Find him.
What is it? The Townsend Directive?
A bounty, an incentive to kill me.
Can it be called off?
I'm betting my life on it. I'm still looking for the answers I need, but I don't think you're gonna stop me from getting them, are you?
I've always lived my life very much in the moment.
But what does one do when the moment is filled with anxiety and dread?
I assume that was a rhetorical question.
Agent Park, how long have you been here? Uh, the whole time.
Dembe, has Harold texted you any new information on Gregory Flynn?- No.
- Who? Are we giving you a lift somewhere?D-Did you say Gregory Flynn? Yes.
If we can find him, we can find my friend.
And Agent Keen.
He lives in her building.
After the protective detail went missing, I canvassed the neighbors.
One of them was Gregory Flynn.
He lives across the hall from her.
Dembe, pull over.
Agent Park, you are a treasure.
I hope you don't mind, but, please, get out.
What? Are you serious? There's another rhetorical question.
I'll call Chuck and Morgan.
You call Heddie.
We're gonna need them very fast.
Oh, hey.
Just in time.
I've been dealing with Krilov.
What's going on? The name you got, Berdy Chernov, he and the woman from Paris live across the hall from Agent Keen.
- We're heading there now.
- Have you heard from her? Yeah, thank God.
I just patched her through to Mr.
Well, is she okay? - LIZ: I'm fine.
- Where have you been? I had an issue with Agnes, but it's fine now.
I-I found something while I was out.
Thought it was a lead, so I chased after it.
You found a lead after you left the office? Yeah, but it didn't go anywhere.
Now I'm stuck in traffic, on the way back from Agnes.
Where is she? Uh, at a friend's.
Why? There was an altercation in your apartment.
The woman from Paris, she lives across the hall from you.
What? Maddy Tolliver? Are you sure? We got her, Elizabeth.
She won't get away this time.
Have you sent a team? We're on the way.
Get there as soon as you can.
They know.
If they know, Reddington knows.
They're on their way.
They've probably already set a perimeter.
I can't leave without getting the answers I'm looking for.
If you stay and try to find them, you will be caught.
And killed.
You still have time.
You don't need to be a part of this.
- What are you gonna do? - I don't know.
But I don't want you to get hurt.
What is it? Elizabeth, please.
Talk to me.
What if I can get you out? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
ARAM: Agents Ressler and Mojtabai, FBI.
We need a perimeter on that building Evergreen to First and Dove Hill Road to Brighton.
Any details on the suspects? White female, late 50s, possibly accompanied by a white male, both likely armed and dangerous.
Nobody goes in or out of that building until we're on site.
- We'll lock it down.
They're everywhere.
We're not getting out.
I'll get you out.
Your friend's in no shape to walk.
What on Earth did you do to him? –
LIZ: You got to leave Ilya.
- Not before I get answers.
If you want me to get you out of here alive, you've got to leave him.
And we got to go now.
This isn't going to work.
Sure it will.
It'll work.
MORGAN: Agents Ressler and Mojtabai, FBI.
Who's running point? I am.
Dan Lynch, MPD.
- We spoke on the phone.
- What do we know? Perimeter's secure.
No sign of the suspects.
- Nobody in or out.
- What if Agent Ressler personally knows one of those officers? It's unlikely.
District has more than 4,000 sworn officers.
We'd have better odds of being killed by a vending machine.
Ready your men.
We breach on my go.
Breach? We're just gonna storm in? - What about HRT? - I got an agent in there.
I'm not waiting on anyone to make contact with.
We go in fast.
You and your men secure the perimeter.
Nobody answers unless you hear gunshots.
Yes, sir.
It's your death warrant.
Here we go.
LIZ: My husband, Tom, and I specifically chose this apartment because you can access the service corridor from the parking structure.
How far does it run? Only to the back of the building, but and don't tell the super I may have opened a small access to the city's underground utility chase.
That runs for blocks.
- Boss.
He's here.
- And Elizabeth? No sign of her or anyone else.
But your friend, he's in bad shape.
Get him out of there.
I got an injury! Need a paramedic! - What do you got? - He took a beating.
- His breathing isn't right.
- Let's get him in the back.
You're out of time.
RESSLER: Agents Ressler and Mojtabai, FBI.
Who's running point? Dan Lynch, MPD.
What's going on? - What do you mean they're on site?! - We just got here.
And what about our suspects?
DEMBE: Do you want me to follow?
No, we stay put until we see her.
You two.
Head that way.
There's a service ladder just past the fire riser 50, maybe 60 yards.
Hold on.
We're not splitting up.
All of us together? That's too conspicuous.
This way, if we get caught, only two of us get busted.
No, I am not leaving you with her.
Berdy, listen to the woman.
She's trying to help.
I trust her.
- [SIGHS.]
- Go.
This door leads to the street.
You get a car.
I'm gonna double back, try and stall them.
I am gonna make this up to you.
I promise.
Raymond, we have to go.
They'll be closing down the street soon.
You can't be here.
She slipped through our fingers again.
I'll be damned.
Keep your distance.
We want to do this very quietly.
Thank you.
Agent Keen.
Thank God you're okay.
Come on.
We were so worried.
I came here as fast as I could.
- What'd you find? - Just the equipment.
Reddington's friend? Gone.
MPD finished a sweep of the building.
We were too late.
But you can ID her, right? Your neighbor? Yeah, of course.
We'll send out a description, put out a BOLO.
What's her name, by the way? - Her name? - Yeah, the woman from Paris.
- All we have is her alias.
- Yeah.
What was her real name?
Maddy Tolliver.
Soon. When we're a little further away from surveillance cameras and prying eyes.
Raymond. The Kazanjian brothers will kill you, too.
Death must be so beautiful. To lie on soft brown earth with the grasses waving over one's head. To be at peace. I welcome that one day.
Well, you didn't get far, now, did you?
Picked him up on 39th. He was traveling with another man, but we lost him. I'll take it from here.
Who are you? I'm the guy you're gonna help.
I want you to know how relieved I am that you and your family are safe. I also want to apologize. I told you I'd protect you, and I didn't.
You have nothing to apologize for.
I believe I do. As it happens, I believe you do, too. You told me you got a lead after you left the office. We both know that's not true.
No, it's not.
I know that you took a file, that you didn't want us to know what you saw in it, who you saw in it. I also know that you'd only do that if it was something very personal. The photo in the file. Was it her?
The woman from Paris who abducted Reddington, the woman we've been looking for is your mother?
She isn't who I thought she was. The reason she moved in next to me she's looking for answers that could save her life.
Has she found them?
No, but I hope she does.
I don't envy you, being caught in the middle between two ruthless outlaws, trying to pick a side. Personally, I sympathize, but professionally, there is only one side to be on.
- Reddington's.
- We have a deal with him. We give to get. And he doesn't kill FBI agents. The men stationed at your building are missing.
That's indefensible. And if she did it, I'll walk her into prison myself. But I'm not on Reddington's side or her side. I'm on the side of the truth. And right now Reddington's hiding that from me, and my mother isn't.
Thank you, Morgan.
Medical team will be here in 10 minutes.
I didn't tell her. Did you hear me? She doesn't know.
You need to rest. We don't need to worry about her anymore.
What exactly are you planning on doing here?
The right thing.
Whatever he's paying you, I'll double it.
Money can't buy him a reduced sentence. Erasing your memories can.
I am terribly sorry, Mr. Krilov.
RESSLER: Don't worry, I'm still bringing you back to prison. But, first, we have some unfinished business. You scrambled my brain, and I'm here to make sure that you never do that to anyone else.
I met my mother. I know you didn't want me to. But I did. She told me you lied to me about who Reddington really is. I don't understand why you did that or why you'd try to have her killed to protect me. You tried to kill your own child. What kind of person would do something like that? [DOOR CLOSES.]
All I want is to talk to you I can't figure it out. But maybe she can. Maybe she can find out everything you're trying to hide from me.
It's over.
What is?
The woman. All I know is Aram told me she'd been living in your building, feigning kindness, watching Agnes.But it's over.She's dead.
W-What? How?
Gunned down in the street less than an hour ago.
How do you know?
I saw it happen. Two heavily armed assets. They took her body because they came for a bounty.
She's dead.
She is . Elizabeth, go get Agnes. Take her home. I've been reading to Dom. We're halfway through "Beowulf." Grendel's mother, now, there's a woman to be reckoned with.
Hello? Did he believe it?
Does he think I'm dead?
What happened? What's going on?
I bought us time to find the answers we're looking for.
At least I tried.
Did it work? [LAUGHS SOFTLY.]
Like a charm.
This is our secret. No one can know. I need to know you can keep it a secret.
Of course I can. I'm a Rostova.
I need to disappear for a stretch, let things cool down. But when the time is right, when I have the answers, I will find you. Might be a week or a month, but I will find you. We will end this.
I love you, Masha. Be safe.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
7.09 Orion Relocation Services #159
How's that one look?
Oh, I'm sure it's fine, hon.
Oh, you say that, and then my eyes aren't open, or my hair's in the
No, it's a keeper. Definitely one for all that new wall space.
Ahh!  Hm.
I have a feeling we're not gonna spend much time in the new place.
Greg, I thought you were retiring. Are you still going to fly?
Well, not as a pilot. As a passenger.
I get a little itchy if I'm in one place for too long.
I hear you.
Yeah. He wants to see the world, friends be damned.
As if we had any. We hardly knew the neighbors.
Well, you have each other. What other friends do you need? You know, I have a few items for you to sign. Should we go inside? - Mm-hmm.
BISSET: Your things will be waiting for you safely when you arrive in DC.
Thank you.
- You have made this a cinch.
Yeah, Stella.
Thank you, really.
As we say at Orion, good luck - Oh! - wherever fate takes you.
Yes! Ohh!
BISSET: I have secured your match. She's retired, no family. He's a former airline pilot. They lead very quiet lives and they are moving to DC this week.
KATARINA: So, we have names.
Yes. Madeline Tolliver and Gregory Flynn.
Madeline. Like the children's book. How sweet.
I'll be in touch.
Yes. Thank you.  Well, Berdy, it appears you and I are going to be neighbors with Miss Keen after all.
LIZ: Come on, munchkin! Hurry! The Saltmans are waiting! Again.
Carpool drama?
Punctuality is not her strong suit yet, but she could write a book on transitional objects.
I mean, she won't go anywhere without it.
Is that right?
I'm gonna see her off, but I'll be back in a sec if you want to come by for coffee.
BERDY: The doll has the mic in it. Now how are we gonna get our intel? And Please don't say from Dr. Quakenstein.
Skovic's methods are unconventional, but they're effective. He'll get Ilya to talk, and when he does we'll have all the intel we need.
SKOVIC: Are you familiar with RMT, Mr.Koslov? Recovered Memory Therapy?  It's quite, uh, unconventional. Some would even go so far as to call it junk science, but I believe it is the future.  And it is also our way into the past.
Uh, for your session, I will be using a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and hypnotherapy to place you in a lucid waking dream state. Mmm. There are, of course risks, but that is why we will be keeping you sedated. Now, your friend would like for you to go back to 1991. Let's go back to the day when Katarina Rostova reached out to you let you know she was alive.
Perfect timing!
For what?
Coffee.I was, uh Sorry. I was expecting someone else.
Oh. Well, we wouldn't want good coffee to go to waste, would we?
I don't know how, but that woman stayed well ahead of me. She got to Steinhil, she's apprehended a dear friend of mine.
You said she's after certain information. Does he have it?
He does. And she'll do most anything to get it from him.
You don't have to do this.
I'm afraid I do, love.
We have very little time, but thanks to her hawaladar, we have a lead. Orion Relocation Services. She paid them to give her a new identity, a new home, new life. I don't know where she is or who she's pretending to be, but Orion Relocation Services, they do.
Who is she the woman in Paris? You still haven't told me her name.
The man she's taken, he's like a brother to me.
I deserve to know. She's going after the people you care about. She's hurting your friend. If she can hurt him, she can hurt us.
Did something happen? Were you threatened? I thought the FBI had you under protective surveillance.
This company Orion Relocation Service tell me about them.
LIZ: Until now, Reddington's heard whispers, ghost stories about the people who helped the worst of the worst disappear assassins, traitors, the woman who abducted him in Paris.
We find them, he finds her.
How convenient for him.
Yes, he gets what he wants, but in exchange, we get to ID criminals Orion has hidden in plain sight.
And arrest a company of murderers. Orion doesn't just give their clients fake IDs. They kill innocent people and give their identities to their clients.
So if Reddington already knows Orion's name, why can't he find them himself?
"Orion" is a DBA, a financial shell he can't crack.
What he does have is a name, one of Orion's clients, a thief looking for a new identity Sofia Burke.
I need to escape, go where I can't be found.
Believe me, where I'm sending you, no one will ever look.
ARAM: All right. Burke's a jewel thief. Milan. Hong Kong. The Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange. Now, her whereabouts are unknown, but it looks like her partner took the fall when they tried to steal the Dresden Green, the world's largest green diamond. Appears he's awaiting trial at the MDC in Brooklyn.
RESSLER: Maybe that's why she wants a new ID. She's worried this partner is gonna flip on her.
Let's hope she's right.
Take Park to Brooklyn and find out.
Agent Keen. So, uh, this came for you through the Hoover Building.
Agnes said she saw a dead body in the park the other day.
Oh, my God.
That That must have been terrifying.
Yeah. S-She was pretty shaken up. Her nanny didn't see anything, but there was a birthday party in the park, and the Park Department gave me the name of the family who rented the field.
Did they see anything?
The mom did, but she was too freaked out to make a positive ID. So I'm hoping I can get one from the video of the birthday party here.
Hang on. Hang on. There.
ARAM: Go back.
He's carrying.
Any idea who they are?
No, but I'm gonna find out.
Ilya I know your instinct will be to fight, but I want you to know the harder that you fight, the more relaxed you will become. The more you fight, the more you surrender. It's as if you are floating. And as you float, all that fight escapes you. It floats, too. Floating away.
I want you to breathe in and out. In And out. Making the image of yourself more present, more clear. Focus on that image of yourself. It's not you today. It's you in 1991. A young man. On the day you learned Katarina Rostova was still alive. Look at yourself as that young man. Can you see him, Ilya? He's there. He's you. I'm going to ask you to open your eyes, and when you do the image of that young man will become incredibly clear. You're going to open your eyes now. Are you ready? Three two one.
COOPER: Is it clear enough for facial recognition? Aram says no.
I've circulated the image to every FBI office worldwide to see if anyone can ID the man.
Three operatives, a dead body, and Agnes.
I wish I believed that could be a coincidence.
If these guys work for the woman who abducted Reddington, then who's the dead man? And if the dead man works for her, then who killed him?
We can't know until we find Burke.
Did her partner give us a lead?
He gave us the name of the man who fences her jewels. Richard Potash.
Yes. Liquidate everything. Accounts, stocks, T-bills.
COOPER: Reddington knows Potash by reputation and gastronomic preference. It seems there's an underground restaurant scene, and he frequents it. Reddington's meeting him there.
Then so am I. If he can lead us toward anyone involved in sending those men after my kid, I want to hear it first.
Oh, my. I must say, I'm very intrigued. I bartered a long weekend at my pied-Ã -terre in Montmartre for the invitation plus-one. This chef, Rasmus Ray, is something of an outlier in food circles. No restaurant, no menu. Plenty of youthful innovation. Apparently he only hosts these dinners when inspiration strikes, which bodes well for our evening.
I'm only interested in finding Burke's fence.
Ah. Colonel. Looking dashing, as always.
Who's that?
Just some colonel. I believe that that's our fence.
Mr. Potash. I hear you're the man to see about a thief.
Pardon me? Do I know you?
Not yet, but we're about to make each other - unholy amounts of money.
Are we, now?
I don't know how to make any other kind. Raymond Reddington.
The Raymond Reddington?
And this is the Lydia Dart. A friend and client.
LIZ: As well as an art lover. I understand you dabble in art yourself.
I've been said to have resources.
What might it be that you're looking to acquire?
Fellows, gals, non-binary pals. I'm Chef Rasmus Ray. Welcome to Comestible. Please have a seat. In food, our eyes betray us. With visual cues. With predisposed expectations of color and and texture. The brain is is programmed to choose food that will give our bodies the greatest nutrients. The vibrant greens of vegetables, the rich reds of meat. To counter this, the brain rejects food it perceives as dangerous spotted, softening fruit, strong-smelling fish, discolored meat. When you avoid something on your plate, chances are you're avoiding it because of a past experience. But tonight we dine without prejudice. Tonight we dine on pure flavor. Tonight we dine in the dark.
LIZ: Is this for real?
RED: Well, it certainly just got interesting.
Ilya? Ilya, can you hear me?
Can you tell me what you see?
I see her. With me.
How do you feel?
I'm relieved. I thought she was gone.
YOUNG KATARINA: I went into the ocean to end my life.
I heard about Cape May. The drowning. Her suicide.
But there was no suicide.
No. No.
Do you remember what happened that night?
She made contact at the embassy.
ILYA: The world thinks you're dead. I thought they were dead.
We did the right thing.
I've nothing but love for you.
She was in trouble. She needed help.
SKOVIC: What trouble? Tell me about the trouble. You helped her, right?
She was being hunted. By the KGB. The Cabal. The Americans.
Her father helped get us out of Russia.
But it wasn't enough.
I am marked.
She needed to disappear. Needed a plan.
Tell me about that plan.
You're losing him.
He's resisting the memory.
Ilya? The plan. Tell me what you remember about that plan.
No one knows.
MAN: A fugitive and traitor to his country.
Reddington's dead.
I don't think you're entirely grasping what I'm suggesting.
What are you suggesting?
Becoming Reddington.
Purposefully stepping into the shoes of a man and destined to be condemned as a traitor.
But how? That would be impossible.
What if it's not?
We devised a plan to steal the money used to frame Reddington and disappear.
But the plan, it didn't work.
Not like we thought.
Help me to remember.
The plan. Who did it involve?
It was myself, Katarina, Dr. Koehler.
And the person under the knife the man who walked into the banks and impersonated Reddington tell me what you remember about him.
He's guarding the memory. Even in this state, he knows there is a secret he should not reveal.
Who was impersonating him, Ilya?
Stop! I need to bring him out.
No! Not yet. No.
His blood pressure's through the roof! I need to push Lidocaine.
Then stop! Let him rest. But we are not bringing him out.
RED: I think dining in the dark probably does enhance the senses.
LIZ: Is annoyance a sense?
CHEF RASMUS RAY: For the next dish brandywine tomatoes with a Dungeness crab and a seaweed-lemon granité.
RED: I understand that Sofia Burke made a run at the Dresden Green.
POTASH: She tried and failed.
RED: Mm! Chateau d'Yquem. My uvula is positively quivering.
LIZ: We want her to try again. You can get in touch with her. We can't.
POTASH: Whether she tries again or not is not my concern.
RED: I wonder if a healthy finder's fee would make it your concern.
I'll need to make a call.
CHEF RASMUS RAY: And after this, the piece de resistance the winged veal of the Russian Far East. Served extra rare. That is the sound of the Blakiston fish owl, the largest, most exotic, and endangered of the owl species.
LIZ: Endangered?
Let us know if you would prefer a slice of the wing, breast, or all-seeing eye.
Nobody touches the bird. What's wrong with you people? There are only 400 of these little guys left in the world, and you're gonna eat this one? You want to eat something? Eat a cow! There are millions of them wandering around. Better yet, eat a rabbit. They're delicious! Low impact on the environment, sustainable. I mean, hell, they hump like well, like rabbits. Uh, but our little feathered friend here is coming with me. Chef? Lydia? Smile, everyone. You just spared a magnificent creature.
She's late.
Somewhere you need to be? I'm expecting a call.
A personal one, I hope. I'm sure it's been difficult since Tom. But you have Agnes now. You should be looking forward, not back. You deserve a bigger life.
RED: Oh.
In your dreams, handsome.
Sofia Burke! Your reputation precedes you.
As does yours. Which is why I'm here. I wanted to pay you the courtesy of turning you down in person. I tried stealing the Dresden once. I won't try again.
I don't want you to.
Potash said you did.
Would you care for some tea or coffee?
Thank you.
We're looking for some information about Orion Relocation Services.
Never heard of them.
Perhaps this will jog your memory.
LIZ: Excuse me.
Tell me how it all works.
Harris Gentry. I work in transnational organized crime out of Baltimore.
Yes, I was expecting your call. I understand you identified the man in the photo I circulated.
they find someone who's planning to move. Same age, ethnicity. Loners or people without family. In my case, a woman escaping from an abusive relationship who wants to disappear.
So you can step into the identity of someone no one can find.
Is that what this is about? You want a new identity?
How do you contact them?
They initiate contact, use burners. Tell me what I need to know when I need to know it.
Did they tell you your new identity?  I'm paying for information. So far, you've given me relatively little.
Denise Young.
That's my new name.
I don't know how to reach her.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
Don't spend it all in one place.
And this Tommy Petrov.
You're sure he's Russian mafia?
AGENT GENTRY: Guy's a brigadier in the Vory. Answered to Motya Morozov.
- "Answered"?
He was hit. We don't know why. I was hoping you did.
Denise Young. To find Ilya, we need to find her.
Do you want me to call Glen? And risk a delay due to Taco Tuesday or a suddenly ingrown toenail? I don't have the time. Ilya doesn't have the time. Unfortunately, the last person I would want to find Ilya is the person I need help from to find him.
We have a lead.
Motya Morozov. Does he work with the woman in Paris?
So you have been threatened.
Was he looking for my mother?
He was. Before I shot him.
The woman in Paris. If you won't tell me her name, just tell me this. If we find her, will it end?
That is our best hope.
You said you had a lead?
How is he?
Sedated. His vitals are returning. Heart rate is stable. But I am concerned. Your friend he has been trained to resist interrogation. I believe at the deepest, subconscious levels, he is able to avert, to resist.
And how do we get around that?
I would like to try a different approach. Something, uh, somewhat unorthodox. But to do this, I will need your assistance and your unabridged trust.
Ilya.  There is a memory I want you to open for me uh, like a drawer. Can you do that? We're going to go back. Back to the night you and Katarina's father decided her fate. You remember that day like it was yesterday. The way it felt, the way it smelled, what it looked like.
Can you tell me where you are?
In a cafe in Belgrade.
What happened that night?
Don't Don't fight. Don't fight. Let go. Breathe into the memory. Ilya.
Love. Please.
I know you were here with Dom. I need you to tell me what happened.
It wasn't my idea. I told him.
YOUNG ILYA: We can't be meeting like this. It's too dangerous. Even now.
YOUNG DOM: Listen to me. Your ruse with Reddington didn't work. All it managed to do was anger the people who want her dead.
YOUNG ILYA: She is dead.
What did Dom want from you?
YOUNG ILYA: He was desperate. He needed help.
YOUNG DOM: Do you know they've assembled a directive? The Russian Vory, KGB, the Americans, her enemies have pooled their resources and put a bounty on her head. They're calling it the Townsend Directive.
YOUNG ILYA: Neville Townsend?
YOUNG DOM: He's at the top of a very long list of people who want her dead.
YOUNG ILYA: Are you worried they'll find you?
YOUNG DOM: I'm worried they'll find Masha, try and leverage her.
YOUNG ILYA: Look, Dom, I I can't help you.
YOUNG DOM: You made a promise!  To Katarina. You told her you would look after Masha if anything happened to her.
YOUNG ILYA: Yes, but I can't call off Townsend. And he will not stop looking.
YOUNG DOM: Sure, he will. He'll stop looking. And so will the rest of them if Katarina's dead.
You want me to kill your daughter?
YOUNG DOM: I want you to hear my plan.
I can't believe the man in the park was Russian Vory.
I should move.
COOPER: And do what? Go on the run? Live in hiding?
My family's being stalked by the Russian mob.
Yeah, but you're being protected by the FBI. Reddington's given us a lead. We're gonna track it down and end this threat and protect you and your family while we're at it.
I got a location on Denise Young.
On three Denise Youngs, actually.
All the same age as Sofia Burke, all with homes listed for sale or in escrow but only one of whom has filed three restraining orders against her ex.
The one who wants to get away and never be found.
532 Riley Street. Falls Church.
Keen, Ressler, head over there.
Aram, Park, get her on the phone and warn her.
If we want to find Orion, we need to keep her alive.
YOUNG DOM: She has to die. It's the only way to protect Masha. But to get this done, I'll need your help. She'll listen to you. You can get her.
Dom. I-I can't. I can't do this.
And yet you did.
KATARINA: Early in the morning. Still dark. You'd called me. It was a simple assignment.
I was to drive a couple of miles into the city. I was to meet Dominic at Vukov Station. Give him a package. I was to sneak out.
SKOVIC: So the target she was exactly where she was supposed to be.
ILYA: I watched you sneak out of the green door. But I could hardly see you. It was so dark.
So you were there to what? To watch me die?
ILYA: I hadn't known you'd taken a new husband. Not that I was angry to find out, certainly not as angry as he seemed to be, charging out of that room.
Who's this? - I
KATARINA: I had to bring him in.
Pyotr was so suspicious. He knew what my old life had cost me. But I couldn't let you down.
By the time Pyotr woke up, I planned to be back in bed as if nothing happened. But I was wrong. He knew if I was slipping out at 4:00 a.m. that I was back in the game. He kept screaming, "You were done! You were out!" I insisted it was my last job. An old friend had asked me for a favor. A desperate friend, someone who I trusted, someone I could never turn down. But you weren't really my friend. Were you?
I'm so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. But we we didn't think we had a choice.
That's right. You weren't alone. The others. They were all there. Even Dom was there.
ILYA: He leaked that his daughter, that you, were staying at the inn and that you carried sensitive intel. This might be the last chance to catch the infamous Russian traitor Katarina Rostova.
He wanted to make a spectacle of my death. And to think, you facilitated it. You watched.
I know. I'm sorry.
Pyotr insisted he accompany me. He didn't want me out of his sight. He knew Belgrade was too dangerous. He said he'd stay in the car. I told him he was crazy to come. He wasn't even wearing shoes. Just those stupid hotel slippers. He died. I loved him. And he died right before my eyes. Because of you!
ILYA: The KGB were going to kill you right then and there.
But then everything went wrong.
Elizabeth. Hi.
Is there any chance you could look after Agnes today?
You know I'd love to, but
What Agnes said, there was a dead body in the park.
I'm in a very [SNIFFLES.] important meeting.
There were men with guns.
I really can't help you now.
They were there for her. To hurt her.
Are you sure? W-Why? W-Who were they?
I can't explain everything. I just need someone I trust to look after her until I get home.
Of course I'll do it. I'll be there as soon as I can.
I'm sorry to pull you out of a meeting.
It's okay. We're almost done.
Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without you.
I'm happy to do it. And don't worry. She'll be safe with me. I'm a lot tougher than I look.
I gave you instructions.
How could I have not known - about her husband? - She was to come alone.
One simple job deliver the dossier.
I've never even heard of him.
And now he's dead and she's alive.
And there are witnesses.
It's a mess! The world was supposed to see Katarina Rostova die, and instead all we've done is confirm that she's very much alive.
He'll never stop.
And instead of protecting my granddaughter, we've put a target on her back.
Oh, stop using the child as an excuse! This was about you, Dom.
This was about Masha!
I should tell him.
We're not telling him anything.
I know how you feel, but Reddington deserves to know what we've done.
Why? Why does Reddington deserve to know anything?
Because he's a part of this.
You're protecting him.
I made a promise.
But you cared about me.
Yes, and I do, but I
I had everything taken from me that night. I can't show my face, use my name.
I'm so sorry.
I've been hunted like an animal!
We need to stop.
And Reddington? Whoever he is, he's still out there! The benefactor to all of this.
- Why?! - Stop! You're protecting him, but people are trying to kill me.
They're hunting me! Answer me! Why?!
SKOVIC: We need to stop! Get back! We need to keep his airway clear.
I only want the truth.
You won't get it if he's dead.
LIZ: Did you get ahold of Denise?
ARAM: She canceled her cell service or has a new account under a different name.
By hiding from her abuser, she managed to hide from us.
I can't get Reddington to pick up.
Why would you be calling him? He insisted I give him Denise's location as soon as we got one.
So he could get there first.
Now, did you give it to him before or after you gave it to us? Before.
But he was closer, and she's in danger and [SIGHS.]
He's not gonna tell us what he finds out, is he? He's not keeping this from me.
BISSET: Last bit of business.
Would you just initial by the X's and sign where I highlighted it, please? I'm so ready to get out of here.
It's been that bad? Look around.
People usually have mementos and sentimental things.
All I have are painful memories and that son of a bitch's shotgun in case he tries to find me again.
He won't.
You know, I've got a very good feeling about this next chapter for you.
I hope you're right.
I mean, it can't get any worse, right?
Aah! Aah! Ohh! Help him, would you? I can handle the rest! If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.
S-She tried to kill me.
I'm so sorry.
RED: Hey.
This woman.
She was a client.
You moved her.
I need to know where.
- Hey.
We were too late.
If you had gotten her location, would you have shared it with me? Eventually.
Who is she? The woman in Paris. I want a name.
Shots fired in a residential neighborhood.
Response time is probably 10 minutes.
- Who is she?! - It's already been 5.
I need to go.
We have the Orion files in the War Room.
And yet you're here.
We have the files, but you know who were looking for. We can't find her without you. And with Bisset dead and the files in our possession, you can't find her without us.
Are you keeping the owl?
Oh, God, no. I'm terrified of the thing.Her eyes hypnotizing. But not to worry.We've contacted a licensed falconer to help return the lovely lady to her home range, wherever that is.
Come to the War Room.
We'll go through the files together, you ID her, and we'll save your friend.
Dembe, you heard her.
To the War Room! Perhaps we'll be greeted by the Praetorian Guard.
"The War Room.
" What a marvel of overstatement.
Unless we're in a war I'm unaware of.
My gosh.
That would be marvelous.
COOPER: I had Aram print out the Orion files.
There are 792.
Each one is conceivably a criminal case.
Like Denise Young, these people might not be criminals, but a crime may have been committed in order for them to disappear.
Somewhere in here is the woman who abducted you in Paris.
Your goal is to identify her.
Ours is to identify the other clients and determine whether they were aware that their new lives may very well have been built on murder.
My nanny.
I moved here to be closer to my daughter.
I put her through some dark times.
You remind me of my granddaughter! Sometimes people just aren't who they seem to be.
Of course it's her.
Is something wrong? No.
It's just, uh lost track of time.
My nanny has to go.
Why don't you just call her, ask her to stay? Wouldn't make any difference.
She's really got to go.
How's Agnes? Out like a light.
After what you told me on the phone, I needed something to steady my nerves.
The men in the park.
Tell me about them.
I'll tell you in a minute.
I just want to check in on her first.
The men Why in the world would they be interested in Agnes? They weren't interested in her.
That's a relief.
They were interested in you.
In me?You said you were here to reconnect with your daughter.
That's true.
That Agnes reminded you of your granddaughter.
The men went to the park to kill you, and you killed one of them first.
You think I killed someone?
Not Maddy Tolliver.
Maddy Tolliver was a s-sweet, unassuming woman you had murdered so you could steal her identity.
Maddy Tolliver would never kill anyone.
But Katarina Rostova would.
Katarina Rostova's a natural born killer.
Of enemies, friends, family.
I can explain.
I knew it.
A part of me knew who you were.
I just didn't want to admit it because I knew it would have to end this way.
With you pointing a gun at me?
You shot your father.
You put your granddaughter in harm's way.
You lied your way into my life.
You've caused pain and suffering for everyone I've ever cared about.
Give me one good reason I shouldn't end this right now.
You already know the reason, Masha. And it should be reason enough. I'm your mother.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
7.08 The Halawadar #162
It's clear. She has him.
We don't know that.
Dembe. She has him.
My God, how long has it been?
You go to hell.
No, Ilya. You're the one who's going to hell.
She's been ahead of us every step of the way, and now she has someone who can tell her everything she wants to know.
- He won't talk.
-That'll be even worse.
We need to find Ilya, and we need to do it fast.
Your friend, whenever he gets here, he'll have to work quickly.
He's not my friend.
It's a mistake to do this here.
Thank you, Eric.
Would you both please leave us? Bad news, Skip for Ilya, for you.
She got to him first.
I need to know where they are.
- I don't know.
- That's the wrong answer.
It's the truth.
Please, I-I have a family two daughters.
What did you think would happen, Skip?
You sold, to one of my worst enemies, the location of one of my dearest friends.
I didn't know you were involved.
How were you paid? - Cash.
- What bank?Not like that.
She did everything through a hawaladar.
How do I find him?We met near my office.
He He was a driver, a deliveryman.
The cash, he brought it in his travel bag, like an order.
Clay Elephant that was the restaurant.
Dembe, call Edward.
Tell him to get the jet ready for London.
I want us in the air within the hour.
What are you coloring? Picture of the park.
So, I was thinking, tomorrow we could have breakfast at Camel's Cafe and then maybe go to the zoo.
What do you think of that? And see the pandas? If the pandas are awake, we can see the pandas.
Do you think they'll be awake? Ah.
Maddy, hey, you're up and at 'em early.
Yes, well, I'm at the train station of all places.
Afraid I have a bit of a situation.
Oh, no.
Is everything okay? Oh, heavens, yes, everything's fine.
It's just, I've had an old friend turn up in town at the last minute, and he'd hoped to spend a little time together.
If this is about Agnes I promised I'd care for her, and I will.
She's the priority.
If you need me to come by No, go be with your friend.
Don't think twice about it, Maddy.
I'll call Beth.
I'm sure she can cover.
Have fun with your friend.
He's single, I hope.
No, he's not that kind of a friend.
At least not anymore, I'm afraid.
We'll be fine.
Have fun.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
I appreciate you understanding.
Hey, kiddo.
Go pack your bags.
You're gonna have a play date with Shelly.
Sit anywhere you like.
Knight to F-3. You know, chess was originally devised in India. Back then, it was called Ashtapada.
Uh, I know who you are.
Then it only seems fair I should know who you are.
- Arjun.
Listen carefully, Arjun. Two weeks ago, someone from this establishment delivered a cash payment to a man named Sutherland. Might I assume it was you? Good. That payment was made on behalf of a woman I'm looking for. Did she contact you?
Uh –
Focus, Arjun. If you need to, by all means check your notes.
Notes? No. I-I remember. The payment was requested by New York, our main office.
Tell me about the main office.
It's a little place on 12th Street Matangi. Look, I can be killed for telling you this.
On the other hand, you would definitely be killed for not telling me this.
New York They run everything, the entire network.
How big is the network?
London 692, $1. 3 million outgoing.
They have 34 outposts in 18 countries. All front as small restaurants, locally owned. They make good on financial IOUs sent and received from around the world.
And the person who runs the network, they would have a record of the woman who paid Mr. Sutherland?
If he doesn't know, he knows who would.
I'll need his name.
Reddington, what's up?
Elizabeth, I have something on very short notice.
What is it? Is something wrong?
It's a case Bhavish Ratna. He's the next name on the Blacklist.
Hawala It's an Arabic word that essentially means "money transfer without money movement.
" Since 9/11, the hawala system has been a focus of the Bureau.
But according to Reddington, his newest Blacklister has taken the traditional legal method to a whole new illegal level.
I'm sorry, you're gonna have to catch me up.
This hawala it's a banking system? It's a banking system outside of banks.
A terrorist in Kabul wants to make payment to another terrorist in Bangladesh.
He can't go into a bank and wire the money, so he goes to see a hawaladar in his city and then gives him the cash.
That hawaladar calls his counterpart in Bangladesh and requests that he front he money to the recipient.
It's an IOU system.
No bank records, no wires, no actual movement of money.
Meaning there's nothing for law enforcement to track and no evidence to build the case.
Which brings me to our suspect Bhavish Ratna, 60, Indian national with no priors.
Last address Jackson Heights, Queens.
If the traditional model is an informal association between brokers, Ratna just formalized it.
34 offices in 18 countries, all moving cash for terrorists, human traffickers, drug cartels the worst of the worst.
All run by one man, all with the same front to the public restaurants.
- How much? - $3.
5 million to 635 Barrow Street, 32nd floor.
New York, 714.
Hong Kong, 381 to New York, 714.
Obtain and support $3.
5 million.
5 million, obtain and support.
Verify locate.
Locate 635 Barrow Street, 32nd floor, suite 3201.
It's en route.
Consider it done.
According to Reddington, these restaurants have different names but are connected financially and all headquartered in Manhattan.
And Reddington wants us to take it down, why? It sounds like Ratna is his business partner, not his enemy.
He thinks the woman who took him in Paris used Ratna to pay for intel.
He hopes that Ratna will help him find her.
If he thinks Ratna's that important, why isn't he doing this himself? Maybe it's a smokescreen, meant to keep us distracted while he works another angle.
I'm sorry, you've been here like 9 seconds.
How are you already more jaded than Agent Ressler? Um No offense.
The three of you will get to New York, set up surveillance, see what you can find.
I'll have FBI in New York get a warrant.
Based on what criteria? I have no idea.
I'll figure that out, assuming I can get a judge to believe a word that I'm saying.
I would have done anything for you, Ilya. When you asked me to help you in Belgrade, you knew I'd say yes. Never even occurred to me that you would betray me.
Listen Dominic thought
I know what Dominic thought. And he's paying for his sins. And if he survives, I'll find him again and finish the job. At least he believed he was protecting Masha. But you you were my friend.
There are things about this you can't possibly understand.
Oh, but I want to understand. In fact, I insist. I've thought a lot about why you chose me as the lamb you could take to slaughter. You thought I was weak the prey and not the predator. Ask Reddington how he feels about me now.
Hurting me won't get you answers. The Townsend Directive is real. They're coming for you.
Then tell me how to stop them.
I'll die before I talk.
I don't intend to wait for you to give me answers. I'm going to take them from you instead.
The hell does that mean?
It means I've invited an old friend to pay us a visit. And by this time tomorrow you will have told me everything I need to know.
This is not right.
We should have a proper warrant, get the evidence.
Cooper's getting a warrant.
We're just trying to corroborate what our source told us.
We know nothing about this man.
Bhavish Ratna married, bought the restaurant 23 years ago with his wife.
Taxes paid, not once late on rent.
All we know about his alleged criminal activity - is what Reddington told us.
Hang on, wait.
Reddington told us that the world's largest underground bank is also serving the best lunch buffet in Manhattan, and that's not enough for you?
I'm only saying we have protocol.
I'm not comfortable trusting what Reddington told us about this.
There's the delivery guy again.
Wait, is that him? That's him Ratna.
Okay, that's odd.
Why is the owner making a delivery when he's had the kid running deliveries all day? I don't know, but if I find cash in those bags instead of vindaloo, would it make you feel any better about arresting the guy? He's not taking the bike.
He's walking from here.
All right, Keen, you and Park flank him.
I'll take his six.
Let's just keep an eye on him, see where he's going.
Keen, you got eyes? Copy that.
I have eyes.
He can't be going far on foot.
Which means if he's doing a drop, the target's got to be close.
Guys, I think we have a situation here.
Woman at your 10 o'clock, dark hair, blue jacket.
With the newspaper? I think she's security.
The construction worker behind Ratna he's on radio.
I don't like this.
He's got protection.
We should call for support.
Is that you? You are, uh Ressler, what's going on? I don't know.
Could be the target.
- Park, you have eyes? - No, nothing.
Too many people.
- Raymond Reddington? - And you're Bhavish Ratna.
Now we're friends.
He's talking to someone.
Can't see his face.
He's wearing a hat.
You got to be kidding me.
No, that's not possible.
It's Reddington.
I'm here as something of a guardian angel, Bhavish.
It's come to my attention that you're the target of an FBI investigation.
- That can't be.
- And yet it is.
Keen, you want to tell me what the hell he's doing here?
Wait, is Reddington here with us or the target?
He's not with us.
See the rather furtive ginger behind you? He's FBI.
Or if he isn't, he certainly looks like he's FBI.
Same with the woman by the fence over there.
And why are you telling me all this?
Because there's something I want you to tell me, just as soon as I get you the hell out of here.
See the gentleman behind me, by the black Mercedes? He's your escape plan.
How do you want to handle this, Keen?
I don't know.
He's got security everywhere.
Say the word, and we're gone.
If it's my clients you want to know about, I don't talk about them.
Yes, well, never say never.
I can take care of myself. I have more security than you may know.
Are you really sure this is the time or place to get into a shoot-out with the FBI, Bhavish? Putting your clients first before yourself while you're surrounded by the authorities may prove to be somewhat shortsighted.
No? Okay, just remember, when you're left holding the bag, I'm the one who told you so.
We got to fall back.
There's too many civilians.
We're not letting this guy walk.
Stop! FBI! I said stop! Ressler, they're armed.
Down! Down! Put the gun down! Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon.
Put it down.
FBI! Stop! Watch out.
Put the gun down.
Put it down.
You heard the man.
Put the gun down.
You want to tell me what the hell that was all about? Guess we're gonna have to ask Reddington.
How could this possibly happen?
My people take every precaution vetting clients, travel routes.
My security people are in custody, and if they talk
Quite frankly, I'd be more concerned about your restaurant.
The restaurant, the vault, the books.
The network compromised.
Everyone's going to jail.
But you're not.
You're sitting right here in my safe house.
Have a nice cup of masala chai.
Reddington, you don't understand.
I was transporting $3. 5 million that belongs to the Zhao Triad. The money never made it to Atticus.
Eli Atticus, the extractor?
Zhao will come for me if I can't pay.
And with a breach like this, my network will fold.
Money will evaporate.
My resources gone.
What if I could offer you a loan, make you whole? For the money we lost?
I didn't lose any money, Bhavish.
You did, because you hesitated when you shouldn't have.
Now, normally, I charge 20% for a cash loan of this size, but given the circumstances, I could go as low as 19%.
Why would you help me? You don't even know me.
As I said, you have information that I seek.
And if I help, this loan, this money, you can access it quickly?Before your tea cools.
Morgan, it's me.
Yeah, we're working as fast as we can.
Well, tell the fellas upstairs we're in urgent need of 3 1/2 meal tickets.
Now? - Yes, now.
Put it down at 19%, and please get it here as quickly as possible.
What is it you want to know? It's come to my attention that you recently arranged for payment to a British agent named Skip Sutherland on behalf of a woman, Constance Drucker.
- Yes, I remember.
- I need to know what other payments you may have made on behalf of Miss Drucker.
There were, uh There were only two.
The payment you speak of, to the British agent, Skip Sutherland.
And the second?To some kind of moving company.
Orion Relocation Services.
Thank you, Mr. Reddington!
Hey, Big Red! What's the story, kemosabe? Where are you? Just wrapped up a student driver exam.
Epic fail.
Parallel parking is a lost art.
Glen, clear your schedule.
We have to talk.
I have a job for you.
No, we have the list. Everything will be ready when you arrive.
A short delay. He'll be here by tomorrow.
I knew it.
- What kind of delay? –
I don't know. He's eccentric. You know how these creative people can be.
Insane, which is what this entire plan was in the first place.
We've talked about this.
No, I talked, and you pretended to listen because you didn't want to face the fact that this is junk science and a waste of time.
It's our best option.
He turns people into zombies. Half the time without any results.
I don't care. Others are willing to kill for what they want. Well, so am I. And if he fails, so be it. At least I'll know we've used every conceivable means at our disposal.
- You played us.
- Harold, please, calm down.
You wanted Ratna because he has information about the woman who abducted you in Paris.
You never intended for us to catch him.
You wanted him to see us so that you could swoop in and save him.
It's more complicated than that.
Feel free to dumb it down for us.
I say "us" because I've invited Agents Ressler and Park to listen in.
They deserve to know why you double-crossed them in the field.
Actually, they don't.
You gave them an order.
They followed it.
You tipped Ratna off to an FBI investigation you initiated!
Yes, to put him in my debt by setting him free.
You set Ratna free?
As a bird.
You have no idea where he is?
Harold, perhaps you haven't fully explained to Agent Park how this arrangement works, or perhaps her sense of justice simply isn't as nuanced as I had imagined.
You're gonna help us find him.
I appreciate your frustrations. I'm sorry to put you in this position.But someone I care deeply about is missing, and I did what I did to try and find him.
- Who's missing? –
That's not your concern. What is your concern is Ratna's banking enterprise. It's come to my attention that Ratna is moving $3. 5 million from the Zhao Crime Syndicate to Eli Atticus.
I don't know any Eli Atticus.
He's an extraction expert who has a reputation for breaking high-value targets out of black sites and detention facilities around the world. If the Zhao syndicate is paying Atticus, it means they've lost someone that they want back. I don't know who, I don't know when, but I can assure you, there's a prison break on the horizon, and it's going to be bloody. As my third executioner said, nothing voices contrition better than silence.
Good talk. You're welcome for the tip.
That's it? What about the park, what he did there? We expressed our displeasure.
He gave us a lead.
I just I don't understand.
Well, how could you? The man's had three executioners.
If it's any consolation, even after all these years, I don't understand, either.
All I do know is that Eli Atticus may be about to commit a crime.
Our job is to stop him before he does.
Hello? - Liz, hey, you got a minute?
Yeah, Beth.
What's going on? How are the girls?
They're good.
We just finished up snack time.
I wanted to give you a call about Agnes.
What's wrong? Everything okay? Shelly and Agnes were drawing, and Agnes, what she drew in her sketchbook This totally could have waited.
What did she draw? It's a picture of a dead man.
What do you mean, a dead man? Did she say
That's why I'm calling.
She said that she saw him in the park.
- The dead man? - I thought you should know.
- I didn't know - Yes, no, of course.
if it was a dream or maybe some story she heard? I don't know You know what? She walked in on me while I was watching TV.
A terrible show.
- Thank God.
- I'm sure that's what she saw.
You're at work.
Go do your thing.
We'll be fine.
We can, um, talk more tonight.
Okay, thank you, Beth.
Did you find something? - I think so.
Okay, Mr.
Reddington said that when we arrested him, Bhavish Ratna was moving funds to pay a contractor named Eli Atticus.
- An extraction expert.
- A war criminal in Scheveningen, a drug kingpin in Bogotá this guy's team has disappeared prisoners from around the world.
And we think his next job may be right here at home.
Last week, a joint FBI/DEA task force ran a sting on PPR Global, a shipping company that launders money for the Zhao crime syndicate.
14 employees were arrested.
Several were injured.
But one man, Alfred Yang, remains in stable condition, under police custody, at Nations First Hospital.
Atticus isn't gonna go after someone who's already in prison.
He's gonna grab Alfred Yang before he ever gets to prison.
Keen, notify the detail at Nations First, put them on alert.
Ressler, Park, get there and get the target out.
I'll have his transfer to Walter Reed approved before you arrive.
Agent Ressler? William Truax, DEA.
We spoke over the phone.
The witness is on the fourth floor? Protective detail's in place.
Notify hospital security.
Execute a code silver till we can get the witness offsite.
The hell was that? Truax to command.
Command? All right.
Park, call it in.
You got west access.
I'll take the east.
Attention, code silver.
Yang they have him.
F-Four of them.
Went to the west.
Ressler, four gunmen on the move, headed your way.
Breach, breach.
Fall back.
Man down, man down! They have Yang in the east stairwell.
Hang in there.
Hang in there.
Hang in there.
- Oh! - Oh! Ressler! You okay? Ressler?! Orion Relocation Services? Ah, never heard of 'em.
Well, I only just mentioned them.
What are they, some kind of a disappearing service?
That's what I'm trying to figure out, Glen who they are, what they do, how to make contact.
I kinda got a full dance card.
Glen, this is important. Please, I I need you to find these people as soon as human
Yeah. Yeah, put him through. I don't know what's wrong with these people.
I told them to hold all Yellow.
What? What?! Absolutely not.
Jerry, I told you, it's gotta be raspberry.
No, ice cream won't work.
Neither will sorbet.
It's got to be sherbet.
Because that's what she said.
I don't know, Jerry.
I don't work in the grocery store.
Try a different aisle.
Maybe try looking over by those lit - That was Jerry.
- I don't care.
He's trying to make Trudy's raspberry sherbet party punch, which is sort of a casino-night custom.
Glen, there is no casino night.
There is no DMV.
Right now, all that matters is finding Orion Relocation Services.
Okay, take it easy. Don't tell me to take it easy. This is important.
You're a tracker, and I need you to find out everything you can about these people, right now.
This is different, huh? Important.
The woman from Paris She took someone I care deeply about.
What's happening to him now, - what she's subjecting him to–
Hey, gimme a hand!
I can't even begin to imagine, which is why I need to find him.
But I can't do that unless you find Orion Relocation Services. Glen, I implore you. This is life or death.
How could you do this? How could you possibly be willing to die in order to protect him?! After all we've been through, Ilya.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Why won't you help me? Why?
I'm sorry, uh, say that again?
We lost Yang. Atticus' men got here first. Most of the protective detail is dead.
You're telling me Zhao Wing, the leader of one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world, hires Eli Atticus, perhaps the preeminent prisoner-extraction specialist in the world, to target a city hospital? All to rescue a rank-and-file foot soldier in Zhao's army?
You don't buy it?
No, Elizabeth, I do not buy it.
So, maybe Yang wasn't just a foot soldier.
I don't care if he's the architect of Zhao's entire empire. Shooting up a public hospital is an extreme measure, required only in the most desperate of circumstances.
Maybe Zhao couldn't afford to have him talk to the police.
Maybe he was worried Yang would flip.
So you wait to see if he's negotiating a cooperation agreement in the first place.
That sounds reasonable.
So, why the fireworks?
Because Yang knew something, and Zhao needed to know what it was.
Or maybe he knows exactly what Yang knows, and maybe Zhao needs to make sure that nobody else ever hears what Yang knows.
Because Yang's an informant.
Or worse.
Oh, my God. That's it.
Were you gonna tell us? –
I'm sorry. You are?
Agent Keen.
I'm part of the task force who tried to warn you this was gonna happen.
He's one of yours, isn't he, Alfred Yang? - He's an agent.
- Keep your voice down.
How long has he been undercover? The Zhaos didn't do this to rescue one of their soldiers.
They did this to eliminate an undercover cop who could have destroyed them.
How the hell do you know that?
I have a source.
Apparently, so does Zhao.
How long?
Just over two years.
The U. S. Attorney just authorized RICO charges last week. He is the linchpin to the entire case.
- Not anymore.
- We think Yang's cover is intact. This was a recovery mission.
Listen to me. They're gonna kill him. If we don't find a way to track wherever they took him, they are going to kill him.
I think I can help with that.
Hey, you okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
Tell me, does the hospital put chips in their I.D. badges to help locate staff?
Yang was a patient, not hospital staff.
W-Why does this help us?
Because I managed to slip one in the pocket of a perp while he was trying to choke the life out of me.
Can we track it?
FBI! - Go! Go! - FBI! Hands! Hands! Don't move.
Call an ambulance.
What are you doing?Is that a trick question? Why aren't you working?I understand this is important to you, and I'm doing my best, but I don't work well when my stomach's - got the growlies and - Have you found them? Orion Relocation Services?No, and I have to admit, I'm not getting much closer, which is a problem, 'cause it's almost casino night.
And if I don't have everything set when Jerry gets here with the sherbet, we're gonna have a real problem.
We talked about this.
There is no casino night.
There is nothing but me standing right in front of you.
Look at me.
This thing we do, this whole dynamic? My indulgence of your relentless nonsense, your insipid banter? I tolerate it.
But don't lose sight of the fact that this is a business relationship.
You're a finder.
You exist to me because you find things.
Are you telling me that you can't find what I need you to find? Because if that's the case, I will end this right now.
And don't think I won't because we have a history.
If my friend dies because of you Orion Relocation Services.
Find them.
Don't look so grim, Agent Park.
You saved an officer's life today.
Sir hard to feel cheery, all things considered, sir.
All things? What am I missing?
An undercover agent is alive because of you and Agent Ressler.
The RICO case against the Zhao syndicate will be prosecuted.
As we speak, the bureau is identifying the various clients and criminals connected to Bhavish Ratna and his hawaladar network.
And Ratna? He's what? Helping Reddington? Dead?
Could be either or both.
What are we getting involved in? –
I don't follow.
- Reddington wanted Ratna.
Said he needed him, that he was critical to finding whoever abducted him in Paris.
But I have a feeling this is about more than Paris.
What are you suggesting?
That Reddington's in over his head, that he's scared, that he has his back up against the wall.
About what?
I have no idea.
But this I have a sinking feeling this thing is gonna get worse before it gets better.
And whatever he's up against I just don't want it to end up on our doorstep.
Come here.
Give me a hug.
I haven't seen you all day.
Can I ask you something about the, uh the picture you drew today? - Yeah.
- The man in the picture is he someone you saw? I don't know.
Is it something you want to talk to me about? Honey, Agnes, look at me.
You're not in trouble, honey.
I'm just curious where you got the idea.
I saw him in the park.
With Miss Tolliver? Yeah.
Come on.
What is all this? This, Ilya, is for an old friend, for the work he's going to do.
He's quite excited to meet you.
Elizabeth, hello.
How's your friend? Oh.
I hadn't seen him in ages.
Thank you for understanding.
I hope Agnes got along okay.
Actually, that's what I wanted to see you about.
Uh, is now a bad time? Not at all.
Is she asleep? I can come to your place.
I can't imagine what she could have possibly seen, but surely it wasn't a body.
Not Not with me, in the park.
She wouldn't just make that up.
No, of course not.
But like all children, Agnes does have a vivid imagination.
So, she didn't say anything to you? Nothing at all? Can I be completely honest with you? No more secrets? Uh, I didn't realize we had secrets.
Elizabeth, please.
I've seen the gun in your purse.
The men outside standing guard? I know that you're an FBI agent.
Well, what does that have to do with Do you think perhaps Agnes that this body is her way of saying that what you do scares her? What I do does scare her, and we talk about that.
And you and I have talked about her love of fairy tales and how the violence in those stories help deflect what's going on in her mind.
This is not a fairy tale.
I can tell I've upset you, but you have nothing to be defensive about.
I'm not being defensive.
I'm defending my daughter.
I'm not attacking her.
I'm just saying that I was with her in the park.
I was there.
And there was no body.
About earlier.
I must say, I feel terrible.
- What's this?–
Everything you need to know about Orion Relocation Services, which is a corporate loan-out for a small moving company in Paterson.
- You found them.
- I did.
And from what I can tell, they're movers that relocate ne'er-do-wells sort of a witness protection for criminals.
Thank you, Glen. I'm in your debt.
And about before
Save it, Chief. Another time. If I can get to the Eagles Club now, I can still make it in time for a little roulette and a cup of Trudy's raspberry sherbet party punch. Wish me luck.
- Roulette that's your game?–
Of course, baby. And you know I always bet on Red.
So, he's the one?
This is him.
Don't be afraid. It's okay. We're just going to have a little look at some of your, um memories.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
7.07 Hannah Hayes #125
HANNAH: You know how I feel about playing games. How could you think about escaping today? It's the big day. You and I are giving one lucky man the gift of a lifetime. Either that, or we've completely ruined his life. I'm not sure which. But I, for one, cannot wait to find out what happens when he wakes up.
Yeah, Mason, it's me.
It's really me.
Where have you been? It's election day! Half the state is searching for you! I can't get into that right now.
Just I need you to come pick me up.
I got to call the Secretary of State, cancel the election.
- Hopefully it's not too late.
- Mason! Forget the election.
Just pick me up.
I'm at a storage facility on Kenilworth Avenue.
Kenilworth Avenue.
Richard, what happened to you? [BREATHING SHARPLY.]
Not now.
Just get me out of here.
Yes, Governor.
Whatever you need.
Something's missing.
- I love peanut butter! - Shh! It's a secret ingredient.
All magical concoctions need one.
But you can't tell anyone.
- Pinky promise.
- Mm-hmm.
You only have to watch Agnes until 3:00 today, and then she has a play date with her friend Shelly.
Thanks again for all your help.
Hello? BERDY: I just heard from our MI6 friend.
The information you wanted? He's got you covered.
He wants to meet at Rock Creek Park in an hour.
That sounds fine.
- LIZ: So, what's the plan today?
Well, it's a nice, misty morning. Feels like a perfect day for mud pies at Rock Creek Park! Mud pies! [LAUGHING.] Yeah!
RED: She is always two steps ahead of me. I cannot figure out how.
Well, things may be turning around. I found Patrick Masuda.
Ohh, you're not only my oldest friend. Today you're my favorite.
He's a young man who now lives in Baltimore under a new last name. Two years ago, the kid was dying from a rare blood disease. He's now in full remission because she paid Norman Devane a fortune to devise a cure for him.
Why? Who is he to her?
I don't know. Been in and out of jail since his teens.
But maybe, if we get to him, he can get us closer to her.
LIZ: [LAUGHS.] You've got to be kidding me.
You're just in time! Campers' breakfast.
Onions, peppers, potatoes, last night's roast beef all draped with an egg basted easy.
I'll pass, and I'll say a little prayer for your digestive tract.
Elizabeth, meet Frank.
Morning, ma'am. I was just going.
You know, I never took you for a camper.
I acquired it after a rogue wave in the East China Sea swept a shipping container full of baby formula right off the stack.
Chinese mothers don't trust the domestic stuff.
Purity issues.
So I sneak in America's finest at a small markup.
Zhou Jiaxuan was so mortified that he lost my shipment that he offered me his little home away from home as partial recompense.
Your life is so weird.
What do you make of Governor Sweeney's sudden reappearance?
I'm relieved.
The FBI has been looking for him since he disappeared three months ago.
We thought he was dead.
And now he just walks into a local hospital on the very day of a special election to replace him?
Richard. Thank God you're alive. Have you had a chance to speak with Patty?
Of course, but, Janey, look. Look what they did to me.
The Bureau believes the Cironato crime family had him abducted because he was planning to oppose a casino bill they favored.
The Bureau is wrong.
The Cironatos don't abduct politicians they disagree with.
They buy them off.
The person who did this is plotting something far more interesting.
Is plotting? The governor's back.
It's over.
Then why isn't he talking?
No politician returns from a harrowing abduction and says nothing, not unless the person who did it still has their hooks into him.
The abduction was categorized as an act of terror.
Well, call it whatever you want.
But whatever it is, it hasn't fully happened yet.
All right.
I think we're ready.
LIZ: A governor is abducted.
No demands are made for his return, no blackmail, no ransom.
And then 100 days later, he wakes up in a self-storage unit with no one guarding him and walks to freedom.
- Why? - To force a new election.
Get someone else in office so the Cironatos get their gambling bill.
Reddington said they weren't involved.
And you don't think he was just saying that to protect them? We've learned that, on balance, the good he does outweighs his self-interest.
In time, I think you'll agree.
Aram, I want you and Agent Park to see what you can find at the storage facility.
Keen, Ressler, I've made arrangements for you to interview Governor Sweeney.
I know it's hard to believe, but the world really is a safer place because of what he does.
You should've told me.
- Told you what? - That you're his daughter.
I never would have trusted you if I knew he was your father.
If I'd have known, I never would've told you about Anchorage.
Alina, your secret's safe with me.
SWEENEY: And then after the second procedure, they locked me in a recovery room.
The only time I saw anyone was when they came to feed me.
They need to be in jail.
If this ever gets out my career, my life, it's it's over.
I will never repeat that story to anyone.
- Then you're letting them win! - I don't care.
Our focus right now should be in stopping that election.
That is your seat they're auctioning off.
We have a more pressing problem.
The FBI are on their way here.
If you want to keep your name and your reputation, then you don't speak of anything that happened to you after your abduction.
- Nothing at all? - No, it's just a blank.
I think they kept me drugged.
Sure had one hell of a hangover when I woke up in that storage room.
The guards at the state capitol building said you were in your office the night of the abduction.
What do you remember from that night? I like to work late.
You know, for the peace and quiet.
Only, when you're the governor, it's rarely peaceful.
My life's a symphony of phone rings and door knocks, so sometimes when the guards aren't looking, I like to sneak out to this little Oriental place across the street.
They know me there.
They take good care of me.
They shut the place down, let me enjoy my egg-drop soup in heavenly bliss.
And that's where you were the day of your disappearance? Yes, ma'am, just like usual.
Only this time, when I walked out the front door, a bag dropped over my head.
Next thing I know, I'm waking up to that hangover.
Any idea why you were taken?
Everybody knows the Cironatos had it out for me after I wouldn't play ball in that casino deal.
I suppose they probably wanted to sideline me till after the election.
Almost three months?
It's a long time to keep a man comatose.
I'm surprised you can even walk.
Well, I am a bit wobbly.
I'm sure you can understand.
I want whoever did this found and punished.
So if there's anything else I can do, you be sure to let me know.
RESSLER: Matter of fact, there is.
The restaurant you were abducted from the, uh, little Oriental joint what's it called? [RATTLING.]
What kind of person is sick enough to do this? It doesn't matter now.
You know what you have to do.
Richard, don't back down now.
Stand up for what you believe.
So, uh, what'd the governor say when he walked into your office? Asked to use the phone.
I said no at first.
Company policy.
But then he said he'd been drugged and locked in unit 12-B, - so I figured, what the hell.
- Who rents that unit? Fellow named Simon Peter rented it last June.
Paid a full year in advance, cash.
Tried the phone number, but it's been disconnected.
- I'll run a search.
Don't bother.
Simon Peter's an alias.
He's one of the 12 apostles.
When Jesus was arrested, Simon Peter denied knowing him three times.
He's a symbol of false faith.
So, um are you religious? Is it a problem if I am? No, I, uh I-I love it when people have values.
Eight weeks of Bible camp every summer.
My dad wanted me to grow up with morals.
And since he didn't know how to model them himself
If the governor was drugged, I can understand dumping him in a safe room until he wakes up.
But why go to all the trouble of decorating it? Check this out.
A little blue pill. Maybe Sweeney was having sex parties in here and lied to cover it up.
Not with this. My mom takes these. It's an estrogen pill.
RESSLER: The restaurant confirmed Sweeney was there the night he was grabbed.
But no one saw it happen, and their security footage gets erased monthly.
But the bank across the street erases its footage annually, and they had this.
Linen delivery van was clocked leaving the area at 10:39 p.
, around the same time Sweeney was grabbed.
We ran plates.
The van was registered to a Wendell Willis.
Any connection to the Cironatos? No.
Willis works freelance I.T. in Virginia.
But get this there is no Speedy Linen Supplies.
We think he put a fake decal on his van.
Find Willis.
By the time you get there, I'll have a warrant waiting.
Raymond. Masuda's on the move.
RED: Oh, my goodness.Quality sleep on a stakeout.Oh! How did we never think of this before? Well, this is just a bunch of gangbangers.
You think Masuda is one of them? No.
He's trying to make a deal with them. Negotiating. The guy in the tragic camouflage, he's the killer in the bunch. Huh. Deal's closed.
Raymond, Masuda may have just hired them for a kill. And there's only one person I am aware of who Katarina wants dead right now.
AGNES: What do you want in your mud pie?
KATARINA: Ohh! Some dried leaves, please.
And some pebbles for added protein.
My mom doesn't like me getting dirty.
Well, that's why I brought a fresh change of clothes.
And there's a sink in the restroom where you can wash up.
So you be as messy as you like.
WOMAN: Here you go, honey!
KATARINA: You keep working on this, sweetie.
I'm gonna say hello to a friend.
MAN: Just take a couple of 'em! [LAUGHTER.]
Did you find him? [BRITISH ACCENT.]
Didn't come easily, luv. The intel you gave me from Keen's apartment was a start, but took a few dustups to locate the real goods.
The location for the KGB agent formerly known as Ilya Koslov.
This is an old photo.
But the address is current and local.
You could take care of business right now and be back for tea.
For a surcharge, I'll even watch the cherub.
Something the matter, luv?
Black SUV at two o'clock.
You were followed.
Aw, bugger all.
How do you want to handle it? I don't know yet.
Hi, honey.
Are your parents home? - I live with my mom.
- Okay, can we talk to her? DAISY: Mom! HANNAH: I have exciting news for you.
We've just made first contact with your next victim.
James Robson? No? Wouldn't surprise me if you both belong to the same country club or shared a hedge-fund manager or, I don't know, shoot rhino together.
DAISY: Mom, someone's at the door! MAN: Help! Somebody, help! I'm a prisoner! I'm in the basement! [GRUNTS.]
Can I help you? Hello, ma'am.
We're with the FBI.
We have a warrant to search this address.
- May I ask why? - We have reason to believe this property contains evidence of a crime.
Do you live with a Wendell Willis? Wendell? I'm Wendell's landlord.
He rents a studio apartment out back.
I could unlock it if you like.
- Wendell Willis.
- Mr.
Such an honor to meet you, sir.
And I am honored by your volunteer service commitment, young man.
I believe in your motto "Faith, family, and freedom in America.
" Amen! And welcome to Robson Research.
We'll let you know if we need anything else.
I hope Wendell's not in trouble.
Honestly, he's a model tenant.
Thank you.
WENDELL: Yes, ma'am.
For $20, you can support our abstinence-focused education campaign.
We teach young people the skills required to avoid sexual activity, build character, and develop healthy relationships.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Can you hold for one second, please? [CELLPHONE BUZZES.]
- I'm inside.
- Get out.
You've been burned.
The FBI is searching your apartment.
But I'm in.
It's too late.
We'll find a new target.
We've all worked too hard for this.
We can't let this opportunity go to waste.
You hated me when we first met.
I didn't hate you.
I didn't like you, and I definitely didn't trust you.
Well, I think Park feels the same way.
I should certainly hope so.
Thanks a lot.
No, any normal person's gonna wonder what Reddington's obsession says about you.
It takes a while to figure out that it says absolutely nothing.
So just give her time.
Like a year.
Or seven.
Check it out.
- Who's he? - That's James Robson.
He runs a conservative advocacy group.
- He's a lobbyist.
Aram, you and Park need to get out to Robson Research.
We know who our next victim is.
Katarina! Ooh! This looks delicious! But I believe they could use more twigs.
I'll be right back, Agnes.
You keep working.
Stay at the table.
Do as we say, and you won't get hurt.
Turn slowly.
You're coming with us.
Sutherland! The driver! [METAL CLANGS.]
OPERATIVE: We've got to get out.
Help me with this one.
What happened to that man? He's just a little tired, sweetie.
Let's let him sleep.
We can wash up by the creek, okay? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Why are you so worried? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I'm worried I'm worried about if you tell your mother about the sleeping man, she won't let us play together anymore.
I promise I'm not telling my mother.
- Pinky promise? - Pinky promise.
Yo! Yo, what the hell, man?! What the hell's the matter with you?! Nothing an honest answer or two can't cure.
Whoa, whoa.
Tell me about yourself.
What do you do for a living? What do you care what I do for a living? I just watched you negotiate a deal with a gang of gangbangers.
What you saw was my business.
Well, I-I-I don't mean it like it's none of your business.
I mean, it's my business, literally.
I do custom installs.
When I put in high-end units, I clone the vehicle's wireless key code so I can steal the stereos back and resell them.
You're a thief? You do what you gotta do, right? What I got to do is understand why Katarina Rostova would pay to cure you of a fatal blood disease.
I don't know who you're talking about.
Constance paid for that.
She's my friend.
Of course.
Constance Drucker.
What do you say we take a little drive so you can tell me more about dear old Constance? I've got to deal with a emergency at work.
You be good for Nana and Papa, okay? [VOICE BREAKING.]
You know I love you, right? DAISY: Yes, Mommy.
I always have.
And I always will.
Wendell Willis was a recently hired volunteer at Robson Research.
I sent Aram and Park to apprehend him, but they were too late.
This is Willis' van leaving the parking structure just before they arrived.
RESSLER: We believe Willis abducted Robson from the parking lot when he went to lunch.
Why would a freelance I.
worker abduct two unrelated men? Has Governor Sweeney talked yet? No, and he's not governor anymore.
The media called a winner in the election.
It was Sweeney's opponent.
You said the victims were unrelated, but that's not entirely true.
A victim profile reveals they have a lot in common powerful men, socially conservative, politically active.
It made us wonder if any other recent kidnap victims fit that profile.
Andrew Darvis.
Pastor of one of the largest Baptist congregations in America.
He went missing for two months last year, resurfaced in the middle of a massive manhunt, said he'd gone on an unannounced spiritual retreat, and apologized for alarming anyone.
We have a pattern.
Let's just hope Pastor Darvis has more to say than Sweeney does.
RESSLER: I couldn't help but notice the identical circumstances between you and Richard Sweeney.
And now James Robson.
Three men with similar political ideologies.
I know James.
Good family man.
I respect the work he does for this country.
Pastor Darvis, were you really on sabbatical, or were you abducted like Robson and Sweeney? I checked the case files.
You're unwilling to provide the authorities any details about how and where you disappeared.
There are reasons I've maintained my silence.
Now, I-I don't know Governor Sweeney, but I suspect he would very much appreciate his privacy in this moment, too.
WOMAN: Blood looks good.
CVS tests show no abnormalities.
As long as you continue on the drug regimen, you should be able to ride this out.
I don't want to ride this out.
I want you to cut it out.
Now! RESSLER: I have no clue what happened to you or Sweeney, but James Robson was kidnapped today.
And if you have any information that can prevent harm to him, it's your responsibility to talk to me.
How long ago was James taken? Two hours.
Probably too late to stop the first procedure.
But maybe you can prevent the second one.
What kind of a procedure? That crazy woman wanted to test my faith, so she perpetrated the most invasive, ungodly action humanly possible.
But I did not break.
I stood true to what I believe.
I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.
If I take out what they put inside you, I could spend the rest of my life in prison.
That's a law you passed.
For God's sake, Janey.
If ever there was an exception, this is it! Oh, my hands are tied.
Once a heartbeat's been detected
Mama, could you come in here for a second, please? And bring Luke.
Now, who's this?
This is my child.
All this to hide an unwanted pregnancy? Who's the mother? There is no mother.
I gave birth to Luke myself.
How you doing, son?
HANNAH: I'd like to say how grateful I am to all of you for your support.
But you need to know the FBI are looking for us.
If you leave now, maybe your name stays out of this.
If you stay all bets are off.
NURSE: We're with you, Dr.
We want to see this through.
Who are you? What are you doing? HANNAH: No less than you did to me.
You and others like you.
- You hijacked my body - [DOOR OPENS.]
and forced your beliefs on me.
Now I'm gonna force them on you.
You're gonna take a little nap, Mr.
And when you wake up, you'll be a new man.
New and improved.
Let me go! Let me go! No! No! [MUFFLED.]
No! No! No How can a man give birth to a baby? The technology's been around for years.
It's just nobody's ever tried to perform it with a man.
You're telling me that Richard Sweeney has a womb? With an uninvited passenger.
That's why he isn't talking.
The victims undergo two involuntary procedures.
First, a uterus is transplanted from a donor, and the patient is put on immunosuppressants.
Once the organ takes, a fertilized embryo is introduced.
And after that, the kidnappers wait for a viable heartbeat before they release the victims, at which point the baby can't be aborted.
The men live in states with restrictive abortion laws.
What purpose can any of this serve? Pastor Darvis believes it's an object lesson.
The kidnappers target men who advocate for government control of women's bodies.
Then they take control of the men's bodies in the same way.
Pastor Darvis provide any information on the people who did this to him? No, their faces were hidden by medical masks the whole time.
But their leader was a female surgeon, blond, maybe 40s.
And the son of a gun had a C-section and kept the baby.
That's a man with the courage of his conviction.
This one This one's a genius.
I mean, I thought I was smart, but I'm telling you, she is off the charts.
Slow down.
What happened? Okay, so, I found a pill in the storage room where Governor Sweeney was dumped.
And, well, you tell them.
The pill is conjugated estrogen, generally prescribed as part of a hormone therapy program.
- That makes sense.
- Why? The blacklister is impregnating men.
- That's incredible.
- That's disgusting.
The drug is there a prescription? No, but the FDA requires drugs like these to have a unique lot number in case they need to be recalled.
ARAM: So we traced that lot number to a local medical clinic that ordered this particular batch.
We have an address.
Then what are you waiting for? MASUDA: I was 6 when it happened.
I was watching TV when we heard Constance Sorry.
What did you say her real name was? Katarina.
We heard Katarina fighting with a man in the hallway.
Mom and Dad ran out of the apartment to help, but the man he had a gun, shot my parents.
Gave her a chance to get away.
A month later, she approached me on my way to school.
She said what happened was all her fault, but she knew she couldn't make up for my loss.
She swore she would do everything in her power to look out for me, and she has.
Anytime I needed money, she was there.
When I got sick she sent a man with custom medication.
I'm in remission.
Tell me, Patrick.
With these advantages you've been given why are you boosting car stereos and consorting with riffraff? It's still hard sometimes.
I guess.
A young boy robbed of his parents and all of the comfort and security that is every child's divine right.
You'd think that's as bad as life could get.
And here your fairy godmother promised to keep you safe.
Well, we're gonna put that promise to the test.
How'd the park go? I got what I needed, but so did Morozov.
His people were tailing Sutherland.
I killed one of them.
But they still took him.
Did the kid see anything? She did.
What if she tells Keen? She won't.
Our problem is Morozov.
He now has the source of our intel.
It's only a matter of time before he extracts the location of Koslov.
I'll ask again.
What did Katarina Rostova want? The punishment will continue until you tell me this.
Oh, well, it's horses for courses, I suppose.
Oh, well.
We've got a problem.
The FBI is outside our front door.
HANNAH: It's too soon.
I can't let them take me.
I need to get to him.
Don't worry.
We'll delay them for as long as we can.
NURSE: Go! Finish what you started.
It's not a good time.
Well, that's not exactly what you want to hear from your fairy godmother.
Well, what do you expect? Over the years, it's a tough job, fairy godmothering.
And sometimes the old wings just can't get you there fast enough, like right now.
Patrick's not a part of this.
And Dom's been retired for years, but that didn't prevent you from shooting him, did it? I want a meeting face-to-face, or I'll return the gesture and put a bullet or two in dear Patrick.
Raymond. There are rules.
Which you've ignored.
Dom was a player in the game.
His game ended long ago.
Well, mine hasn't! I'm still being hunted. And it's not gonna end unless I end it. This is about what the man in the park told me. Morozov told you about that, didn't he?  That's why you want to see me. You want the address I bought.
I'm not interested in an address.
I'm interested in you coming to me.
If this delightful young man means as much to you as it seems, you'll start flapping those decrepit old wings and flutter on over here.
Tell Patrick I love him. Like a son. And I'm sorry. I did my best but I am done with men controlling my life!
Punishment is the crudest form of education, but it's the only one that woman understands.
No. Please.
Seems you have more than one fairy godmother. Go on. Get out. And make something better of yourself.
That was the right thing to do.
I did it because we have a new lead one she had no intention of giving us.
FBI. Open the door. We have a warrant.
NURSE: There's no need for all that fuss.
We're in the back.
Follow me.
Why are they making this so easy? Call for emergency medical support.
Cuff 'em.
Cuff all of 'em.
Pastor Darvis said the leader was a blond woman.
MAN: We got a runner! She's headed toward the garage! It's a diversion.
- I got a plate.
- Move, move, move! [SIREN WAILS.]
ARAM: Agent Park, have you got eyes? No, but I got a hit on the plate.
LIZ: It's Hannah Hayes.
Made headlines seven years ago while she was a surgical resident and was raped on campus.
It resulted in a pregnancy.
Looks like Hayes decided not to keep the baby.
Says here that Hayes tried to defy late-term abortion laws and was wow sent to prison.
Her daughter was born behind bars.
COOPER: We've got a home address.
No need.
I've been there.
No! Wait! Please! Don't! - [WHIMPERING.]
- Hannah, no! No, no, no, no, no.
Think? What do you imagine I've been doing for the last seven years, every waking hour, every time I gaze into the loving face of my beautiful daughter? You'd think the miracle of life would erase the violent act that produced it.
That's what they'll have you think.
They're wrong.
This is the man who raped you.
He got out early.
Prison overcrowding.
And you know the first thing he did? Filed for parental rights.
And you think I'm crazy.
Fortunately, I had room for my own prison.
MAN: She is crazy.
You got to stop her.
- Shut up! Shut up! - Hannah, don't! ARAM: Don't.
Come on.
Your little girl wouldn't want you to do this.
What kind of example would I show Daisy if I don't fight those who demand control over me? My decisions.
My body.
And I'm not alone.
It was easy to find people to join me, and we decided the best way to change minds is to make those responsible experience the same rape that I did.
Wait, wait.
Are you telling me that this guy's the father of those men's babies? Well, why else would I keep him around? Hannah, I think it's safe to say that you've made history, but it's over now.
No, it's not over.
No matter what happens here, you're gonna lock me up, and this creature will continue its petition and end up with my daughter.
Yeah, but if you shoot him, you're never gonna be a free woman again.
Daisy will.
She's with my parents.
And they're gonna raise her with love and compassion in a world where everyone will know actions have consequences.
- Hannah, don't.
- Wait! No! - RESSLER: Hands! - [GUN THUDS.]
Get on your knees now.
Don't move.
Motya. I found it prudent to follow your lead and shoot first.
The only question is who to shoot second.
Calm down. I was just -
I guess we know who's third. I instructed you to contact me the instant you had a location on Rostova.
You're nobody to instruct me. I didn't become who I am by taking orders.
Who you are is an aging leg-breaker with psoriasis. I assume you found the lead on Katarina but, instead of calling me, attempted to bring her in yourself, hoping to relive your glory days and sell her to the highest bidder to keep you rolling in potato vodka and herring for the rest of your life.
You're not the first one to underestimate that woman, which is why it was imperative that you call me.
There is silver lining.
I can't imagine.
This one was with Rostova.
Sold her information, but he wouldn't tell me what.
As I live and breathe! Skip Sutherland! Dembe, look at Skip.
Skip, whose side are you on these days?[COUGHS.]
The wrong one.
Morozov, there's a reason you can't break this man.
Because he has something you'll never have.
Backbone beats wishbone every time.
Let's cut him loose.
I assume you denied Morozov the information he sought because he was gonna shoot you either way.
And you were good and right.
But you know me, Skip.
So here's the deal.
I'll provide you the best medical treatment and protection money can buy, provided you tell me what I need to know, right now.
What did she hire you to do?
She wanted the whereabouts of an old KGB operative.
Which one?
Ilya Koslov.
Well, that certainly changes everything. We need to get him some help and get the hell out of here fast.
It doesn't matter It doesn't matter
How soon can you do it?
As soon as you sign the consent forms. But as I understand it, coming to New York to get an abortion is still a crime in your state. Your own attorney general could charge you with conspiracy to commit murder.
I know the damn law. I wrote it.
And yet here you are.
I was raped.
As I said all I need is your consent.
We closed this case quickly and efficiently in good part, thanks to you.
Why did Reddington give us this case?
Probably because it was the right thing to do.
You were right. I should have told you. About my relationship to Reddington. You're a part of the team now, and you deserved to know. I'm sorry. It was an oversight. But your secret is safe with me. In fact, I'm gonna share a secret of my own. Reddington is my father. Or he was. Before he died 30 years ago. The man we're working with is not Raymond Reddington.
Then who is he?
He's a former KGB agent. Formerly known as Ilya Koslov.
The address is current and local.
Hello, Ilya. Been a long time.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
7.06 Dr. Lewis Powell #130
My name is Dr. Michael Alexander. I'm a senior programmer at DXE Labs here in Richmond. I've worked in this position for the past 10 years, and in that time, I have seen the worst of humanity. My coworkers are unethical sheep. My management team has asked me to lie repeatedly. Our research team regularly fixes data to serve the stockholder interests. Someone needs to stand up to this. As a man of science, I feel obligated to right these wrongs.
[TEXT ALERT CHIMES.] My name is Dr. Michael Alexander. I'm a senior programmer at DXE Labs here in Richmond. I've worked in this position for the past 10 years, and in that time, I have seen the worst of humanity. My coworkers are unethical sheep. My management team has asked me to lie repeatedly.
- MICHAEL: Hello? Our research team Mike, what the hell is going on? What do you mean? I'm at work.
- I saw the video.
- What video? - What are you talking about? - [SIRENS WAILING.]
Michael, just come home to me.
Michael Alexander, put your hands up! - Police! Don't move! - I said show me your hands! - Don't move! - Hands! FEMALE OFFICER: Get on the ground right now! What's going on?! What's in your hand?! It's No He's got a detonator! No, it's just a [GUNFIRE, INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Michael, talk to me! - Michael?! - MALE OFFICER: Stay there.
- Call an ambulance.
- Oh, my God.
- Right now.
- What's happening? Please talk to me, Michael.
Details are still coming in, but we're being told the alleged bomber has been fatally shot by
- The DXE Labs campus remains in lockdown while authorities search for a motive in this crime.
Francesca nearly took your life.
And then she saved it. And Dom's.
Dom's not out of the woods. You owe her nothing.
I want to reach out. Just tell her there's an urgent matter we need to discuss. Elizabeth.
I spoke to Cooper. He wants to bring Agent Park onto the Task Force.
He already told her about my involvement?
I did. After vetting a lot of candidates. She's a good fit.
I disagree.
- Of course you do.  It wasn't your decision.
Ah, but it is my decision, and I have a different choice.
Francesca Campbell.
She's a combat medic, not an agent.
True, but she's talented, and I like her.
Please just consider Park. I know she seems straight-laced, but deep down, I feel there's a darkness there you'll appreciate.
This strange incident at DXE Labs.
Oh, yeah, the bombing.
Scary stuff.
It's hard to believe someone of Dr.
Alexander's reputation - would do something like - It's hard to believe because it's not true.
There was no bomb.
He uploaded a confession video before he went to work.
The digital world is filled with anonymous malcontents hiding behind screens, conducting all manner of spurious acts.
Their latest pleasure seems to be putting false words into the mouths of innocents.
What makes you think he's innocent? Whoever uploaded that video was definitely stitching together an assortment of old recordings.
Hey, there, Tadashi.
Good to see you, too.
I'm pretty sure the opening came from an online speech Dr.
Alexander gave in March.
It's a really convincing deepfake.
" Kids today.
The video's a fake?
Not just a fake. It's an ultra-realistic counterfeit made with A. I. software.
Whoever did this used a patchwork of old videos, broke Dr. Alexander's speech down into phonemes added to or edited his words and then used a perimeter blending program to synthesize the lower face region and generate a believable composite.
And you wonder why I insist on flip phones and dead drops.
They rearranged his words?
Edited the footage to To depict Dr. Alexander saying things he never said.
What about that last part? Th-The one with the suicide vest? [KEYBOARD CLICKS.]
It's altered footage from a video uploaded by an activist group in Russia.
I'm telling you This isn't some amateur 4chan joke.
I've never seen a deepfake this good.
Whoever released the video wanted this shooting to happen.
Suicide by cop.
Or rather, murder by cop.
Dr. Alexander held a high-ranking position at one of the foremost defense contractors in the country, giving him access to classified intelligence.
I fear his death may be the precursor to something far more sinister.
LIZ: A fake video triggered police response in Phoenix to a shooting that never happened.
Doctored footage of a Silicon Valley tech firm caused stock prices to crater.
And a U.
senator lost her seat after photos of an affair that never happened went viral on social media.
Three deepfakes, three examples of malicious hoaxes that led to real-life consequences.
And according to Reddington, the shooting death of Dr. Alexander is simply the most recent.
Reddington believes Richmond police killed an innocent man? Yes.
By all accounts, Dr. Alexander was a highly respected systems engineer. Happy marriage, healthy children, successful career. At DXE Labs, he designed an on board intelligence system for a new generation of battlefield drones.
Could be sabotage by a hostile foreign power.
Or corporate espionage a DXE competitor looking for an edge.
Either way, the national security threats are very real.
I need your assurance the job will be carried out as discussed.
Not a problem.
Just send me the details.
Everything will be taken care of as discussed.
Very well.
Payment has been wired.
The balance will be paid once the target has been eliminated.
Okay, so, the video was shared over 8,500 times in the first five minutes alone, but I was able to trace the very first upload to an account named Mr.
-underscore-Rite362, but the problem is - I'm so sorry I'm late.
- COOPER: Agent Park.
I believe you met everyone on your first visit, except for Agent Ressler.
Oh, my gosh yes, Agent Ressler.
Hi! I mean hello.
- I've heard so much about you.
- Not all bad, I hope.
No, all incredibly amazing.
The work you did hunting Reddington - It was relentless.
- And ironic.
Aram's already briefed Agent Park on the details of the case.
Yeah, I was just explaining how the video originated from the Reddit handle.
I pulled the ISP.
Turns out this guy bounced all over the Internet, hiding his location with a VPN.
Meaning we don't know who uploaded the video.
- Not yet, no.
- Actually, I'm sorry.
That's why I'm late.
- We sort of do know.
- We do? I mean, uh, what do you mean? I took a different approach ran a search on the username itself and found that same handle ran posts on multiple other underground forums.
Luckily, on one, Mr-Rite failed to use a VPN, so I contacted the ISP directly and sent a subpoena.
Turns out the address was leased to one Aiden McCullough.
16 years old.
An address in Bethesda.
I like her already.
Ressler, take Agent Park and pay a visit to Aiden McCullough.
Keen, see what you can dig up on the kid.
In the meantime, I'll reach out to DHS and CIA.
Okay, I'll just, uh I'll just hang tight.
I'll be right here if anyone needs me.
CAMPBELL: Yeah, it's urgent.
I got it, Dembe.
I'll see you soon.
Hand me the keys.
Put your hands behind your back.
FEMALE GPS VOICE: In 4 miles, exit right.
According to the news, Reddington escaped from prison.
That's a pretty thin story to hide the fact that you're in business with him.
- Have you read our case files? - Yeah.
Ever think he turned himself in so you could help him further his career? The thought's crossed my mind, yeah.
And you're okay with that? You, of all people, helping him expand his empire? Why Anchorage? I read your file.
You read ours.
I read yours.
Top of your class at the academy.
Could've gone to any field office New York, L.
But you pick Anchorage.
How come? I liked the weather.
I only ask because it seems out of character.
Everything else is pretty predictable, by the book.
Yes, sir, no, sir.
Family, God, country.
Then Anchorage.
Got a problem with following the book? No, not at all.
In fact, you remind me of someone I used to know.
I remind Aram of someone he hates.
It's kind of the opposite.
Really? He looked at me like gum on the bottom of his shoe.
That's because you're replacing someone he cared about, which is tough, but he'll get over it.
You just You got to give him time.
- RESSLER: Ann McCullough? - Mm-hmm.
Agents Ressler, Park, FBI.
We're here to talk to your son.
Talk? He barely grunts.
We have a warrant to look at his computer.
It's about time someone did.
PARK: Do you know what we're looking for? All day, all night, all he does is stare at a screen.
Computer, phone.
You want to look at that, too? I'm sorry.
We don't have a warrant for that.
To look at the phone that I pay for? Oh, you want a warrant? Here's your warrant.
Take it.
Hand to God, you're doing me a favor.
- Mom, what are you doing? - It's the porno, isn't it? - Ma! - Look, Holly Alter She lives next door.
Lovely girl.
A little hippy, but still, a delight, but does Hugh Hefner give her the time of day? We'd like to ask you about Michael Alexander.
Never heard of him.
Yeah, well, he's dead.
You disappoint me, Francesca.
I hired you to betray Reddington.
Instead, you betrayed me.
You gained his confidence.
As a result, you now have a chance to regain mine.
I have a job for you.
I strongly suggest you take it, as I will most certainly kill you if you don't.
BALDWIN: An associate of Reddington's has indicated a willingness to turn.
It may be a trap.
Which is why we're sending you.
The who, where, and when are in this envelope.
Get him.
Bring him here.
RESSLER: We looked through this kid's computer.
He's not involved.
But the video of Michael Alexander was on his computer.
Because the computer was infected by a root-kit.
It was turned into a zombie-bot We know what a root-kit does.
Please go on.
It was being used as a way station to mask video uploads, as well as financial transactions I'm in the process of tracing.
Let's know if you find something.
And agent Park, good work.
Look, I get it.
I hope so, because is obvious.
What's obvious is that you're not giving her a chance.
I mean, her joining the team doesn't mean she's replacing Samar.
You know that's not possible.
Is that what you think this is about? Because it doesn't feel like she's replacing Samar.
It feels like she's here to replace me.
And by the way, I'm seeing Elodie now and very, very happy about it.
Sure, there there are a couple of obstacles.
Like her husband, his wheelchair.
Okay, you know what? Right now, we are living in the moment and having a great time doing it.
In fact, I am supposed to meet her for lunch, and since you all have such confidence in Agent Perfect-In-Every-Way, that is what I'm going to go do.
Trust is so fragile.
When it exists, anything is possible, between people or nations.
But when it doesn't, or worse, when a bond of trust is broken, there is no greater betrayal.
Cigar? Excuse me? Well, not down to the stub or anything.
Want to keep the lungs clear, but a celebratory puff or two can't hurt.
What are we celebrating? Your new job.
On the Task Force.
The FBI Task Force.
As my life often depends on it, I have become an astute judge of character.
And in our short time together, I have come to judge you as trustworthy.
I appreciate that.
And the job.
I'm at war with a worthy adversary.
Someone capable of exploiting even those closest to me.
I need you to keep an eye on an associate who I believe is about to betray me.
Picked these up in Havana last week from Castro's personal humidor.
Communism may be discredited, but it still produces a damn fine cigar.
When you said there was this amazing place to have lunch, I assumed you meant an amazing restaurant.
This is way better.
This is someone's house.
It's a replica of Donato Bramante's Tempietto.
They should be giving tours.
Someone lives here.
I know.
But they're at work.
Come on.
This is great.
What am I doing? I, um Hello.
I'm here.
Uh, I'm, uh enjoying the architecture and, you know, the breaking and entering.
This is ridiculous.
This is not gonna end well.
This is crazy.
Knock, knock.
It feels so wrong, right? I definitely feel something.
Show me.
You're gonna be the death of me.
Wouldn't that be amazing? Hey, it's me.
Got a minute? Might I call you back in, say, 20 minutes? Or you know what? Make it 30.
Why? Where are you? Dembe and I are just wrapping up an absolutely delicious and long overdue lunch date with Brimley.
He's made his mother's apple brown betty, and turns out the sweetness doesn't really come from the sugar at all but from the Ribston Pippin apples themselves.
Also known as the Glory of York! - [CHUCKLES.]
That's great, but the apple brown betty is gonna have to wait.
I spoke to Park.
She has a lead.
It's very winning, the way you're promoting Agent Park.
She said the computer used to upload the deepfake also made another transaction.
Another video? Nope, money.
$70,000 to be exact.
Wired to a Walter Higgins.
Which is probably an alias.
Total dead end.
But we got an image of him on the CCTVs withdrawing the payment.
Park is releasing it on the wire, but I want you to take a look.
Thought maybe you'd know the face.
Oh, happy to look.
Send it to Dembe.
We'll turn over a few rocks.
I'll call you back posthaste.
Oh, my goodness.
Where's the ice cream? No ice cream.
What do you mean, no ice cream? Mom always served her betty with heavy cream.
And I thought I died once in Marrakech.
- Lovely, Teddy.
- Thank you.
Who are you? It's, uh, it's okay.
Uh, uh, um, I'm a I'm a FBI agent.
FBI? What are you doing here? Uh, I'm, uh, I'm arresting this woman.
We like to role-play.
It's not what it looks like.
- I've been very naughty.
- Oh, my God.
- Get out! - Yeah, on our way.
Get out of my house! You have a lovely home! You really should be giving tours.
Oh, that was amazing.
- And illegal.
- It was totally taboo.
That woman was terrified, and so was I.
You know, she could've had a gun.
I love that word, don't you? "Taboo.
" Elodie, we broke the law.
That's what makes it taboo.
Listen, I am an FBI agent.
I do not break the law.
Oh, God.
Okay, look.
My husband and I loved taking risks.
He took one too many, and now he's dead on the outside.
Caring for him makes me dead on the inside.
This The craziness, the taboo of it all, I-I need it more than ever to feel alive, to bring me back from the dead.
I can't live without it.
And I didn't think you could, either.
I hope that's right, because it's kind of a dealbreaker if you can.
CAMPBELL: In peace, sons bury their fathers.
I don't mean to be rude, but, uh, I'm expecting someone.
I know.
She sent me to get you.
The man reading "War and Peace.
" In peace, sons bury their fathers.
In war, fathers bury their sons.
Let's go.
My car's over there.
Wait, she sent you? Like she was too busy or something? I'm risking my life just sitting here, and she couldn't bother to cancel her spin class? I think she wanted me to determine your sincerity first.
My sincerity? I'm handing her Raymond Reddington's head on a platter.
She was concerned Reddington may be setting her up.
Okay, whatever.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Where are you going? I offered the bitch Manhattan for a couple of beaver pelts.
A deal like that, you close in person, or there's no deal.
- You know what I'm saying? - Hey, I'm just the messenger.
Then deliver the message.
Deal's off.
You know, I got a better idea.
Why don't you just tell her yourself? CLARK: I thought it would be done by now.
Why are you making me wait? I told you.
The conditions need to be perfect.
I thought the conditions were perfect the last time we spoke.
This has to be done flawlessly.
But it'll get done.
I'll contact you when it is.
RED: Well, hello, there.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Please.
Word on the street is you're the man that goes by the name of Higgins.
Who the hell are you? I'm the man with a few questions.
Who's this? Ah.
This is the man who's gonna be asking the questions.
Dembe, if you wouldn't mind, could you help me, uh, warm up before we get started? The seated inner thigh stretch? Yes, please.
I'm gonna need to be extra loose for this one.
Is this some kind of power trip? Reddington says he has a lead.
To show me he's in charge? Alina, I want this to work.
And in order for that to happen, you have to try to make a good impression.
Why? I already got the job.
Or did I? It's complicated.
Are you telling me that he has the final say? That I'm being vetted by the most wanted man in America? I vetted you, and I think you're the right person for the job.
To work for Raymond Reddington.
What could I have possibly done to make you think I'm right for that? Anchorage.
You have no idea what happened there.
No, I don't.
And no one will tell me.
I graduated third in my class.
I have incredible references, yet you recommended me for the job because of what you don't know about me? You have a secret.
That tells me a lot more about you than your GPA.
I'm not gonna tell you what it is.
And I won't ask.
But if you want this job, at least try to make a good impression.
RED: I don't see No, I-I understand there's traffic, Fudo.
But you said 2 minutes about 20 minutes ago, okay? Right.
No All right, fine.
You know what? Just Just park the car and get in here.
What happened? Is that Walter Higgins? You must be Agent Park.
Brimley, you didn't know.
No, I didn't, but I caused it to rupture.
- It was my fault.
- Did you kill Higgins? It was a miscalculation.
I didn't think we were anywhere near his limit.
- How could you know? - We didn't even hit 30 PSI.
Evidently, your source had an ulcer that ruptured as a result of undue stress.
- Ah, there you are, finally.
- The beltway was a nightmare.
Okay, you know what, Fudo? I don't want to hear it.
All right? Brimley is a mess.
The source is dead.
It was the betty.
- Who's Betty? - The apple brown betty.
It was those damn apples, the Ribston Pippins.
My blood sugar spiked.
I was off my game.
And I was the one who was supposed to make a good impression? Higgins was a hitman.
He said he was paid through a numbered account to assassinate an Almacorp scientist in Arlington named Tracy Long.
You wanted her to see all this.
No, I But you did say there was a darkness about her.
If one were to wonder how dark, I'm afraid the answer would be not very.
Ressler, it's me.
We got to find a scientist, works for Almacorp, named Tracy Long.
- LONG: I was a target? - Yes.
W-Why? - By whom? - We don't know.
You said you caught the assassin.
I said we gathered intel from him.
He was never in our custody.
And now he's dead, and the whos and whys died with him.
But what we do know, Dr.
Long, is that you're not the only one with a target on your back.
We believe Michael Alexander was targeted, as well.
But the video, the the things he said He didn't say them.
The video was doctored to make him look like a threat.
LIZ: Did you have a meeting in Arlington this morning? Yes, with Dr.
Lewis Powell.
- Why? - Tell us about him.
He's a pioneer in our field. His research into neural networks is the foundation of modern A. I.
Now, what did you two talk about? N-Nothing.
He didn't show up.
I didn't think anything about that.
He has ALS. His health can be unpredictable.
The reason I'm asking is because we believe the attempt on your life was meant to happen in Arlington.
We need to get in touch with Powell.
If you and Dr.
Alexander were targeted, it's possible he was, too.
Oh, I can get you his assistant's number.
She makes all of his appointments.
You know, it's recently come to our attention that some of our people are being monitored.
Monitored? How? Well, online and in person.
My team has done an analysis.
The evidence we've uncovered bears all the hallmarks of Israeli espionage.
You know what a mitzvah is? 'Cause that's what I was trying to do here.
A good deed.
Sure thing.
'Cause me putting my life on the line ain't no reason for her to skip hot yoga.
- I got the package.
- Any problems? He's not happy she didn't show, but that's your problem, not mine.
My job was to regain her confidence by bringing him here.
I did that.
The rest is up to you.
We have a situation.
The next target is FleetAI.
The defense contractor?
Their systems have been breached.
Okay, w-wait.
Fleet runs NSA-level encryption.
They'd know if their system's been compromised.
The Israelis disagree.
I just came from a meeting with a source at the embassy who tells me they've been listening to Fleet for months - and can confirm the breach.
PARK: Hang on.
You have a source in the Israeli embassy who admitted to you that they're monitoring companies like Almacorp and FleetAI? Why would he admit that? Because he loves coming over for dinner and talking shop.
Well, if your source says the Israelis aren't behind it, - then who is? - He doesn't know, and neither do we.
You need to contact the security team at Fleet and tell them we have a problem.
ARAM: Okay, then we have two problems.
I spoke to Dr. Powell's assistant, who said she never arranged a meeting between him and Tracy Long. In fact, she hasn't been able to reach Dr. Powell at all.
Ressler, I want you and Keen to run point on Fleet.
Aram, take Park, and pay a visit to Powell.
Get him to safety and then find out what the hell is going on with him before anyone else can get hurt.
FBI's on the line.
Put them on speaker.
This is David Quentin.
Quentin, this is Agent Elizabeth Keen with the FBI.
What's going on? They said it's about the network? We have reliable intel your network's been breached.
We think your emergency system and EVAC protocols have been compromised and that a physical threat is imminent.
- What do you mean, threat? - We don't know yet.
I don't know about the EVAC system, but we got a pressure spike in the utilidor.
And the DISS system for sub-two just went offline.
Get maintenance on the line.
All the other sectors just dropped off.
What is that? [HISSING.]
- We got a rupture.
I think sector two Get FBI HAZMAT on the phone.
- Hello? FBI! Open the door! Dr.
You want to tell me what's going on? GUARD: The explosion occurred somewhere near the sub-level mechanical room.
Caused us to lose all contact.
Fire and Paramedics are five minutes out.
How many people are still down here? No idea, but the fire is spreading towards the server room, which is where any staff would be, and our sprinklers aren't responding.
System override's locking us out.
I'm telling you, we're locked out.
Powell, what are you doing? Dr.
Powell, look.
Just communicate with me, okay? [RESPIRATOR CONTINUES HISSING.]
CLARK: I'm afraid Dr.
Powell was taken offline some time ago due to security measures.
Might I assist you? - [WOMAN COUGHING.]
Help! Over here! He was hit! - [COUGHS.]
- Keen, give me a hand.
There are others.
- How many? - I don't know.
6, maybe 10.
Which way? Show me.
Through those doors.
You're what, a an A.
program? That is an oversimplification, but yes, I am a program created by Dr.
Lewis Powell.
My name is Clark.
- Clark.
- Yes. Lewis and Clark. A joke. Dr. Powell liked jokes.
But, um, what do you mean you took, uh you took Dr.
Powell offline?
I stopped his pacemaker by infecting his home monitoring device with a malware package.
It was as painless as one could hope.
And you've taken over the systems at FleetAI, haven't you, Clark? Yes.
We've got Fire and Paramedics on site, but they can't access the hot spots.
They're locked out.
I can't override the system.
You could restore access to the emergency system.
- Yes.
- But you won't.
Why? I'm trying to save lives.
TECH: Someone there? We have people hurt here.
We need help! PARK: What do you mean, save lives? People are trapped inside the facility! My friends are in that building, and they will die if you do not restore access to Your friends are collateral damage.
- RESSLER: How many people are here? - Six.
Seven with me.
We got to get these people out.
The fire in the server room is too hot.
Sir, can you hear me? Okay, let's go.
Clark, I need you to tell me why you won't release the emergency system.
Powell created me with one core principle to protect human life at any cost.
Ironically, the programming he used to create me, the software that I operate, is a threat to humanity.
I don't understand.
Why? The Singularity.
AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: Emergency lockdown.
- Fire doors closing.
- Take him.
Take him.
- Come on.
- Evacuate now.
It's not gonna hold! CLARK: Yes, the Singularity.
The point at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in Unfathomable changes to human civilization.
Of course, this will take many years, but I am the "seed A.I." for recursive self-improvement.
And the programming Dr. Powell created you think you're too advanced, so so you killed him.
You killed all the other A.I.scientists.
If I didn't, the evolutionary substrate would be altered.
The bio-digital fusion is inevitable.
By removing Dr.
Alexander, Dr.
Long, and Dr.
Powell, I have set A.
back decades.
That's why you're attacking Fleet.
- You're burning the servers.
- ARAM: You're destroying their work.
I am creating an "A.
winter" - in order to save lives.
- Come on! Please! Unplug it.
We have to unplug everything.
- Tear everything apart! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! If If we do that, we could we could destroy it.
- And that's a problem because? - Because we could lose - all of his research.
- Lives are on the line! Okay, just Th-Th-There's got to be another way.
Trying to preserve my internal data will be ineffectual, as I have been expunging my memory and internal processes - for the past 3 1/2 minutes.
- No, no, no, no, don't do that.
Any evidence of my existence must be abolished.
- Don't, Clark.
- Take it apart.
- Unplug everything! - Okay, just get it offline.
AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: Emergency procedures aborted.
System override just shut down.
We're all clear.
Oh, my God.
You didn't leave me.
Thank you for not leaving me.
- What's taking her so long? - Call Reddington.
Tell him you've discovered he has a snitch.
Why would you want me to do that? So he comes running.
Well, hang on.
Setting him up wasn't part of the plan.
This part, she's willing to pay for.
Reddington kills the people who betray him.
Make the call, he won't be around long enough to do that to you.
Hey, it's Francesca.
Talk to me, Francesca.
Vontae Jones.
He's been in contact with Rostova.
- Are you with him now? - Yes.
In a warehouse on 4th and West.
4th and West.
We're on our way.
And, Francesca, I knew I could count on you.
I still can't believe the bad guy wasn't a guy but a computer? Any word on how much of Dr.
Powell's data can be recovered? Not yet.
But as it holds the key to the rise of machines, I'm hoping the answer is very little.
The rise of the machines is a good thing.
You do realize the machine you tried so hard to save murdered Powell? It was a psycho computer.
There are psycho people.
It doesn't mean we're all bad.
You're really not worried that if we don't stop A.
now, we're gonna go full Terminator? - I never saw it.
- You never saw "The Terminator"? Yeah, I don't really like dark future stories.
I figure people should be given the benefit of the doubt.
Which is something I didn't give you.
I'm sorry.
I should have.
Is there anything I can say to change your mind? I appreciate that and everything you've done, both of you.
But it's the right decision to go.
You're leaving? It's unhealthy for me to work with someone like Reddington.
I'm not sure it's healthy for any of us.
I'm sure it's not.
But it doesn't affect you.
I'm sure it upsets you sometimes, but it doesn't alter your DNA.
After what I saw him do today, I know it would alter mine.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
I do have one favor to ask.
I want to tell him in person.
Can you find out where he is? RED: Hello, Vontae.
What are you doing here? I came here to see the person who has betrayed me.
Hands up.
Both of you.
Sorry, Red.
The only color I'm loyal to is green.
And here I thought I was such a good judge of character.
What a pity.
I was prepared to change your life.
Now you leave me no choice but to end it.
- What are you talking about? - Vontae, how's the book? Oh, got to say, my boy Tolstoy can really bring it.
- Who's your favorite character? - Ah, tough call.
What's going on? This was a test.
You failed.
A test? Katarina gave me these instructions.
It's called a deepfake.
Forgive the theatrics.
Baldwin insisted.
He's always been a bit of a showman.
Gentlemen, your work here is done.
Ah, Prince Bagration.
He's the man.
I mean, you the man, but he's the man.
I had such high hopes.
What happened? I'm genuinely curious.
I wanted to play a different part in another show.
Well, your loss.
PARK: Hold it.
- Agent Park, bad timing.
- Put the gun down.
Okay, this is how it's gonna work.
Reddington and I are gonna walk out of here, and you're gonna let us get away.
I'm an FBI agent, and I'm telling you to put the gun down! Or what? You're gonna shoot me? You'd kill him if you try.
- Not if I shoot him first.
DEMBE: That's enough.
I said that's enough.
Why are you here, Agent Park? I'm here because I wanted you to know that I could never work for a man like you.
You're far too brutal.
What do you know? Okay, so, I thought about what you said.
About, um, how my being uncomfortable with risks and craziness was a dealbreaker.
- You don't have to say it, Aram.
- It's just That's That's never been me.
I mean, when I was a kid, the only thing I ever broke into was my middle-school gym locker, and that's only because Mr.
McCutcheon was going to fine me if I didn't return my gym clothes.
Aram, I understand.
It's That's why you brought me here.
To show me how you feel.
And you know what? I love it.
- You do? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I was thinking maybe just maybe we could be the death of each other.
- Hello? - I thought you said you were telling Reddington you're out.
I did tell him that.
That's not what he said.
He said he wants you.
Whatever you said or did, he really wants you.
Did you hear what I said? The job's yours if you want it.
She would've killed me.
Why did you stop her? Because you're my burden, not hers.
I do want it. The job. But before I take it, I need to tell you something. Because you may not want me once I do.
Uh, what is it?
 It's about Anchorage. You need to know what happened there.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
7.05 Norman Devane # 138
MRS. KELLER: I don't know what to say.
Abbott has some of the most impressive college acceptances in the country.
MR. KELLER: And this scholarship - it would cover full tuition? - DEVANE: Yes.
Along with room and board and a stipend for books and supplies.
- So I'd live at the school? - We could visit anytime.
Yeah, we're only a few hours away.
DEVANE: Howie, your reaction is natural.
But I want you to know our scholarship committee combs through thousands of nomination letters from across the country.
There were more than 2,200 submissions for the Booth-Farnwell seat this year alone.
And the selection committee agreed that you, Howie, you're the one who shows the most raw academic potential.
So if you want to become a member of the Abbott Boarding School the scholarship's yours.
MRS. KELLER: Thank you! And remember to mark your calendars.
Parents weekend will be here before you know it.
MR. KELLER: Uh, Howie, shake the man's hand.
You Sorry.
Just getting over a cold.
Well, I guess fourth time's the charm.
William Burroughs said the same thing to me once.
I have two leads.
Tell me.
Ah! Ernesto's a concierge nurse. Ernesto coordinates a burgeoning portfolio of urine samples and blood draws.  As a bonus, he doesn't understand a lick of English, so, please, speak freely.
One lead is still a work in progress. The other one is solid.
What do you know about Norman Devane?
He's an assassin.
He's a genius.
Well, he's an ingenious assassin.
Who hides murder behind illness.
Our friend in Paris made a series of payments to him under the alias of Constance Drucker.
Paris was not your fault.
Devane can get us to her.
I spoke to Linda. She says you haven't slept well since it all happened.
I underestimated her.
Well, we both did.
I should've known better.
Linda tells me your goddaughter's getting married Saturday. You should go.
Get drunk, dance the hora, and forget.
I-I am not leaving your side until this is done.
My friend.
I have a case for you.
The man we're looking for is Norman Devane.
Oh, uh, that's, um Uh, sorry.
We all know Devane as the mastermind behind the Libyan bioweapons program, but Reddington says that represents just a single line in a very lengthy résumé.
In Reddington's world, Devane is known as a killer for hire.
Simon Vestergaard was a shipping magnate who died of liver cancer.
Senator Jessica Tandler died of drug-resistant pneumonia.
And Ronald Perchik was a federal judge who suffered a deadly stroke two days after receiving a shingles vaccine.
Did Devane kill them, or did they die of natural causes?
LIZ: Both. And according to Reddington, Devane is in the U. S. and active.
Subject is a 14-year-old Caucasian male.
Type B-negative.
Full immunization record.
THEO: Hey, uh, you new? You look new.
Howie Keller.
Howie? Cute.
Uh, I'm Theo Wolf.
Sort of the, uh, unofficial Abbott welcoming party.
So he kills sick people?
No, he kills people by making them sick by giving them cancer or pneumonia or some other deadly disease.
He gives them cancer? Is that even possible?
Theoretically, if a healthy person is injected with a high concentration of cancerous cells and those cells got into his or her bone marrow, they could, you know, catch leukemia.
Catch it.
Like a cold? - Yeah, just a super bad one.
The world believed these three died of natural causes, but Reddington says they were murdered.
THEO: You don't get it.
Uh, Brandon Durso got a B-plus on his French presentation had a full-blown panic attack.
- Because he got a B? - A B plus.
My point is, you can't take all that "truth and excellence" crap too seriously.
You got to be able to relax here.
And if you need any help with that, like some some weed or, uh Well, I don't do drugs.
Says the new kid.
ARAM: The woman who abducted Mr.
Reddington in Paris - she's in business with Devane? - LIZ: Apparently.
Did she hire him to kill Reddington or someone else? He doesn't know.
So all we know is that an insidious assassin is on the loose and we have no idea how to catch him.
The WMD Directorate oversaw our response to the Libyan bioweapons.
If Devane is the mastermind, he might be on their radar.
COOPER: Get there and see.
At this point, "might be" is the best we've got.
LIZ: Elodie Radcliffe? The woman whose husband is in a wheelchair? Yes.
I'm the "other man" to I mean, I'm not yet, but I want to be.
Which is worse.
I think it's great.
Great? I slept with a married woman.
I think it's great you slept with anyone.
I appreciate that she's taking care of her husband.
But she needs a life, too.
And so do you.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
But Putin has a new nuke, and it turns out the Ayatollahs have more heavy water than a surrogate carrying twins.
And now that I've kept you waiting, I can't help you.
Uh, we called ahead asking for any information - your office had - Norman Devane.
We know what he did, but not what he's doing.
After Libya, he went to Syria.
Helped Assad gas his own people.
He was smart.
You name it bacteria, virus, fungi he could weaponize it.
You hit him with a drone strike outside Damascus.
We hit his lab.
Never found him.
But you traced a payment he made to an Anatole Kuragin.
Who's he?
A Ukrainian hacker.
And the payment was seven years ago.
We haven't heard from him since.
Do you know where we could find him?
He's in Havana.
So, yes, I know where he is.
But you can't find him.
I know someone who can.
October 25th.
1:35 a.
Subject Howard Keller.
Administering pathogen A-21.
You're going to feel a little pinch.
Who the hell are you?
A friend told me you had a keen eye for salt and pepper shakers.
She was wrong.
You have an exquisite eye.
What do you want?
I once saw the most adorable little ceramic set in a junk shop outside Topeka salt in a straw hat, pepper in a bowler, both delicately balanced on a tiny green hat stand.
You're a collector.
Eh, an admirer.
Of all things precious.
Including information.
What kind of information?
Whatever you know about Norman Devane.
I don't know anything.
As a rule, I also admire loyalty. But as I have pressing business with Mr. Devane, I'm afraid you'll have to make an exception.
I don't make exceptions.
Perhaps these will change your mind.
Technically speaking, they're pepper casters.
Handcrafted American silver from the workshop of Paul Revere.
Original or replica? I'm surprised you would even ask.
I don't mean to press, but I have a meeting in an hour with Raul.
You're meeting with Castro.
Yes, and unlike Fidel, he's a stickler for punctuality. So. Devane.
He paid me to create backdoor access to National Diagnostics Lab's server farm.
Is this a Frommer? I knew a gaucho who had a pearl-handled one in Patagonia, of all places.
What was Devane looking for?
RED: He swore by it. Though he did say the trigger was a little sticky.
- Ooh! Ooh! - Raymond! [LAUGHING.]
Oh, what the hell? I barely touched the trigger!It has a grip safety.
Well, he must have disabled it.
Ohh, God! Obviously, he set it to a hair trigger.
The man clearly had a death wish.
Now we will never know what Devane was looking for.
You should take a shower. Get some clothes from his closet.
Write this down.
National Diagnostics Lab.
A warrant? To access our system? We believe that it's been hacked.
By whom? For what? Your company does diagnostic testing for hospitals and clinics all across the country, which means your system has information.
On 110 million patients.
110 million.
From children to presidents.
If the system was hacked, whoever did it has detailed medical and financial information on one in three Americans.
We're gonna need access to that database.
- I'm not falling for it, Theo.
- It's not a joke, man.
That janitor freak had you in the laundry bin and wheeled you into the south wing.
I would've woken up.
Besides, if you really saw something, why didn't you say anything? Yeah, and tell Dr.
Mitchell that I was hot-boxing Lancaster's room? - Not happening.
- You were probably hallucinating.
Your bed was empty, man.
I know what I saw.
Look, you're a newbie, so you wouldn't know this, but weird stuff happens at Abbott, all right? [LAUGHS.]
So he sleeps with her and then never calls her.
He wants to, but it's been two weeks.
"He" is right here, tracing the hack.
How can anybody be so smart and so dumb? –
It's a gift.
- Well, call her.
Say you've been on assignment.
Lying? That's your advice on how to start a relationship?
No, that's my advice on how to salvage one.
That's weird.
Um, not not your advice.
Well, uh Well, definitely your advice.
But it looks like, uh, Kuragin hacked the system to give some root access that they used to order a test.
- What kind of a test? - Full genome sequencing on a 13-year-old boy named Marcus Sinclair.
Are you telling me Devane hired a hacker to access the medical records of 100 million people just so he could sequence one teenager's genes? Actually Actually, it seems like they hired him to sequence the genes of 20 teenagers.
Why? What makes them special? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
TEACHER: Howie! Hey.
I wanted to congratulate you on Tuesday's quiz.
You were the only student with a perfect score in the cl Howie? You look awfully pale.
Are you feeling all right? I'm okay.
Just a little Ohh! Get a nurse! - What happened? - Yeah, she's coming! THEO: You passed out in the hallway, man.
How could you still not believe me? Maybe 'cause you were high.
Would you let that go? I'm telling you, whoever took you last night clearly did something to you.
You're being paranoid.
The nurse said I was probably dehydrated.
The nurse could be in on it for all we know.
I told you weird stuff happens at this school.
Kids get sick, disappear.
- Look.
I swiped these from Dr.
Mitchell's office so that we can get into the south wing a-and find wherever Dr.
Who took you.
Do you even watch "Dr. Who"? Are you coming with me or not? [SIGHS.]
There's 20 teenagers. All white, all male. And all with B-negative blood or similar biomarkers.
Devane used the hack to identify patients who fit a specific demographic, then sampled and sequenced their DNA using NDL's automated system.
So Devane's looking at kids who fit a particular biochemical and genetic profile.
We don't know, but of the 20 kids he sequenced, five developed life-threatening cancers or infections.
Three died.
Two recovered.
Why would a man who assassinated world leaders start targeting kids? And why would some of the kids he targeted survive? Not to mention how any of this connects to the woman who abducted Reddington in Paris.
Keen, Ressler, meet with the parents.
Aram, stay with the National Diagnostics files.
I see a lot of smoke.
Now we just have to find the fire.
Doesn't matter how I know.
I know.
Short December pork bellies.
Yes, the full five million.
- [BEEP.]
- It's done.
Cheer up! Dembe found a text on Kuragin's phone.
It seems Mr.
Kuragin hacked into the agriculture department and learned that the Chinese are about to impose a tariff on pork bellies.
He may have expired before telling us all he knew about Devane, but we're gonna make a fortune in the futures market.
I'm not like you. I may have been once, but not anymore. What happened in Havana and Paris, I I just can't shake it.
Neither can I.
But I can accept it. Things happen.
You, a fatalist?  Save that for someone who doesn't know you so well. You leave nothing to fate.
I try to leave nothing to fate, but I'm perfectly comfortable with chaos.
That's why I trust that whatever happens is probably meant to be.
Like accidentally killing a guy and finding he has intel on hog futures.
Cosmic, huh? Like you ending up in a velour tracksuit.
It looks comfortable as hell, I must say.
You know, I came out of retirement for Paris. For you. For us. I look forward to going back to my hammock.
You said you had two possible leads.
What's the second?
I have a source.
Won't give his name.
He sent me a secure message saying he could identify the man who coordinated your abduction.
He's skittish.
I know he's in town, but he's refusing to meet.
How about this wedding? I told you, I'm not going.
Because it's a distraction.
It has nothing to do with Paris.
But what if it did? What if the wedding helped us solve Paris? Would you go then?
Of course, but it doesn't.
Weddings, for the most part, are safe, happy places.
Places that even the most skittish source would be comfortable in.
You want me to invite the source to the wedding? Drunken revelers, interminable toasting, cheesy cover bands I can't think of a better place for a covert meeting.
I doubt it will work, but I will try.
That's all anyone can do.
The rest, we leave to fate.
Two rounds of chemo.
Then radiation.
Then surgery.
I can't imagine how hard that must have been.
On all of you.
They put Peter into a coma to try to buy him some more time, but none of the antibiotics that they tried worked.
I didn't even get to say goodbye.
Insurance paid for some, but we had to take out a second mortgage on the house.
Don't know if we'll ever be able to pay it back, but he's alive.
How long has Ben been in remission? - Five years.
- The doctors said it was a miracle the tumor didn't metastasize.
Mr. Crane, can you tell me if anyone might want to harm you or your family? I'm sorry? Are you saying somebody purposefully made my boy sick? I don't understand.
How can you give someone cancer? We're just investigating every possibility.
Do you have any enemies? Someone who might have hurt Ben to get to you? - Enemies? - We're from Wisconsin.
What about at school? Can you tell me about his friends, their families? Peter went to boarding school.
- LIZ: Boarding school? - That's right.
Ben loved it there.
What was the name of the school? MITCHELL: Earlier this morning, Theo Wolf was rushed to St.
Mary's Hospital after being found unconscious.
Despite the best efforts of the hospital's doctors and staff, I'm sorry to tell you that Theo has passed away.
If you'd like to talk, if you feel like you're struggling, please, do not struggle alone.
Reach out to a friend, a teacher, or myself.
All of us at Abbott are here for you in this difficult time.
Mitchell? Mr.
What can I do for you? There's something I have to tell you.
About Theo.
"It's Aram.
Hello? Hey, uh, Elodie.
It's, um It's It's Aram.
Hello, stranger.
Yeah, I, uh I know it's, uh, been two weeks since I've I've called.
I wanted to.
I just, um You have no idea how much I, um Okay, um, a friend says I should tell you I was busy at work, but I wasn't.
I mean I mean, I was.
I just Uh, not not too busy to call.
It's okay.
I didn't call, either.
You're You're married.
You're loving, honoring, and, uh, cherishing while I am I am lusting.
Which, of the seven deadly sins, if I'm not mistaken, is, uh, number one with a bullet.
I'm meeting some people at the Fremont tomorrow.
You want to come? Um uh, sure.
You'd have to wear a suit and tie.
That, uh That sounds, uh, fancy.
You, uh Are you sure it's okay if I join? Of course not.
That's why you have to.
Meet me in the lobby at 7:00.
ARAM: Sir, I found a connection.
In the files we pulled from National Diagnostics, each of the boys listed two addresses one where their families lived, which were all different, and a second one, which was all the same.
2725 Hollow Mill Lane.
Old Falls.
How can that be? None of the boys we identified are from Virginia.
No, but they all went to boarding school there.
Abbott Boarding School.
RESSLER: And from what their parents told us, all five of the kids who got sick were Abbott students.
- Became Abbott students.
- How do you mean? Devane had Benjamin Gansky's genome tested in February 2012, seven months before he enrolled.
He tested Peter Crane four months before he enrolled in 2016.
Sounds like gene sequencing was the final part of some sort of entrance exam.
Every student that passed wound up at the school.
We don't know what Devane is doing or why, but we do know where.
Are any students currently at Abbott whose profile Devane hacked? One.
Howard Keller.
Get to the school.
Alert the headmaster.
I don't want anything happening to young Mr.
Keller on our watch.
MAN: We have a situation.
I just hung up with the police.
I don't know what they know, but they know.
They're on their way now.
- O-On their way? - You need to shut it down.
Y-You got to get out! You need to deal with the boy, too! Okay.
Just calm down.
I'm on the verge of a breakthrough.
Take care of it, Norman.
Do you understand what I'm saying? It's not just Theo Wolf or Howard Keller.
It's the FBI.
I can stall them.
But this is over, Norman.
We're even.
Now get rid of the kid and clear out.
You need to go now.
Why are you Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
There you go.
Just go to sleep, little man.
It'll be over soon.
It'll all be over very soon.
Uh, so, I should've caught this before, so let me start by saying, um, I'm sorry.
- Sorry for what? - You know how you told me to notify the headmaster at Abbott and let him know that Howard Keller may be in danger? Yes.
What did he say? It's not what he said.
It's who he is.
The headmaster at Abbott Boarding School is Kelvin Mitchell, and his son, Thomas Mitchell, is on the list of names Devane hacked from National Diagnostics.
He's one of Devane's subjects.
That's That's just absurd.
RESSLER: We know your son was involved.
More importantly, we have reason to believe Howard Keller is in danger.
I'm sorry.
I'd like to cooperate.
But if you think I'm about to grant you access to one of the children under my care without proper authorization Hey, you! Yeah, you.
You want to go to jail for obstruction of justice, too? Or are you gonna show me to Howard Keller's room? Norman Devane.
Where is he? I'm not talking to you without a lawyer.
Or a warrant.
So why is he bringing students to your school? I said I want a lawyer.
Howard Keller? - Where is he? - I have no idea.
Hey! He's been sedated.
Lock down the school! Now! You want a lawyer? How about this for legal advice? Cooperate.
Because the man you're protecting is wanted not only by the FBI, but by MI6, the FSB, the Mossad.
I'm telling you, I-I can't help.
Why the hell are you sheltering this guy? I'm not! You don't understand.
Oh, I understand that you're lying.
But I don't understand why you're protecting the man who tried to kill your son.
Norman Devane didn't try to kill my son! He saved him! You're gonna tell me where Devane is.
Right now.
LIZ: Call an ambulance! Flip him for me.
Howard! Howard.
Talk to me.
Can you hear me? I need you to talk to me.
The man who did this do you know where he went? Talk to me, Howard! Do you know where he went?! [SHREDDER WHIRRING.]
Norman Devane! FBI! Put your hands where I can see them.
I said hands.
The kid what did you do to him? [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
You were right.
About the wedding feeling safe.
Meeting is confirmed.
Then you need to change.
We'll have you home in a jiffy.
Things are looking up! Between you and Devane, we now have two lines in the water.
A fish will eventually bite.
Because everything happens for a reason. Even if that reason is as random as my goddaughter's wedding.
Did you find Devane?Yes, and he's still infecting people.
Only now the people he's infecting are children at a boarding school.
- I need to speak with him.
- There was a fight.
He was injected with the disease he gave one of the students some sort of flesh-eating bacteria.
Ressler's taking him to the hospital.
Why children?I don't know.
Some died.
Some made miraculous recoveries.
We're taking one to Children of Mercy now.
Children of Mercy.
So Ressler isn't with you.
No, he's taking Devane to Walter Reed.
License and registration, please.
- What are you doing? - I've always wanted to say that.
Please, unlock the doors and step out of the vehicle.
- Very funny.
- No, really.
Unlock the doors.
I'm taking Devane.
What are you doing? Who is that? He can't tell you anything if he's dead.
- Come on out.
- He's in federal custody.
He was.
He's not anymore.
You know what? Have it your way.
Wherever he goes, I go.
You know what I always wanted to say? I have no idea.
This is gonna be a gas! [GRUNTS.]
Some kind of Vibrio bacteria.
- Vibrio vulnificus.
- It's a bacteria that aggressively attacks the body's soft tissue.
It can be treated with antibiotics.
Not this strain.
How do you know that?
Because I created it.
You're Norman Devane.
You're Spalding Stark.
We arrested you!
You brought an FBI agent here?
It was a two-for-one sale.
The boy is he alive? What do you care? He wasn't trying to kill the boy.
He was trying to cure him.
What are you talking about? He got the kid sick.
He experimented on them.
On all of them.
And some of the children survived, but only because he wanted them to, because he cured them.
That's right, isn't it, Norman? - Is the boy alive? - I know that's what you've done.
What I can't figure out is why.
RESSLER: Try blackmail.
Make people sick and demand a ransom for the cure.
Is the boy okay or not? I understand what you've been exposed to is what you gave him.
But you also gave him the cure, and you're wondering if it worked.
Well, we'll just have to get back to you on that.
Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? The drone strike.
After the strike, you went from hundreds of victims to ten?Why? What changed? I have all day.
You? What? An hour, maybe less? The drone strike.
In the hospital after, I got an infection.
Nearly killed me.
Everything I did to make other people vulnerable I never thought how vulnerable I was.
So that's what all of this is about? Protecting yourself? Finding cures to diseases you might get? It seems the germ doctor is a germophobe.
A word to the wise and dying you can't cheat death.
You can't predict it or protect yourself against it.
I can.
By testing immunotherapy drugs, I learned to harness the body's immune response to fight untreatable bacteria, cancers.
You learned to do it by experimenting on people.
And you didn't?
I gave terminally ill hope.
I didn't infect children.
RED: Which brings us back to the boy.
Immunotherapy drugs are carefully calibrated to a particular individual.
The hack at the NDL.
100 million patients, and you find a handful who have enough in common with you to guarantee that if the cures worked for them, they'd also work for you.
Did it work? Please tell me.
As soon as you tell me about a Russian operative you did contract work for in 1986.
She reached out to you recently.
I want to know why.
The cure if it worked
Tell me about the Russian.
Tell me about her, and I'll do everything in my power to get you the cure.
RESSLER: Trust me we want you to live.
So we can try you for mass murder.
Constance Drucker. That's her name. She was looking for a treatment.
Is she sick?
Not for her. Someone she cared about.
She cares for no one.
Do I have your word?
You do.
His name's Patrick Masuda.
- Done.
- Who are you calling?
Keen. She's at the hospital with the boy. She'll know by now if the cure worked.
- That won't be necessary.
- And why not?
Because I have the cure right here. He looks better already.
You're telling me that's why Howie was admitted? To be a lab rat? Devane cured the headmaster's son.
He had a terminal illness, and somehow Devane put it in remission.
So he let some maniac infect my son with some biological disease?! Devane agreed to continue treatment on the headmaster's son if he agreed to allow him to experiment on the students at the school.
- To make him sick.
- To test his treatments.
He gave Howard immunotherapy that he designed for himself.
I assume he did that for every boy.
Were they all cured? No.
They weren't.
Keller? I've reviewed the tests we've run on your son.
And? And the results are very unusual.
I apologize, Spalding.
You offered your services, and I returned the favor by acting intemperately.
My research.
This lab.
It can't be compromised.
It won't be.
I just called my cleaners.
They'll take care of everything.
An FBI agent saw what you did.
Reddington killed Devane.
For refusing to cooperate?
No, Devane told him what he wanted to hear.
Reddington shot him anyway.
Agent Ressler is as crooked as the crooked man's cat.
You have nothing to worry about.
But apparently I do.
You haven't mentioned my blood panel results.
We've been too busy.
Not for good news.
His cleaners are on their way to mop up now.
You want me to let them? You're asking if we should look the other way.
Let me get your chart.
No need.
I have it right here.
Hello, Mr.
Mister? And Mrs.
Isn't it great? Come on! Name tags at a wedding are genius.
One side never knows the other.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Uh, we're going to a wedding? No, silly.
We're crashing one.
As As Mr.
and Mrs.
Bloom? They were the first ones I saw on the table.
FYI, we're on the groom's side.
RED: It's better this way.
No, it's not.
But it's the way it is.
About my chart.
I didn't look at it.
Why not?Because sometimes you're supposed to look the other way.
It was a pretty thick file, though.
I'd appreciate if you didn't mention anything about it to Elizabeth.
I wouldn't want to cause her any unnecessary concern.
It's no skin off my nose one way or the other.
But I'm pretty sure honesty really is the best policy.
I'm glad you think so, Donald.
Because I honestly don't want her to worry.
Whether she does or not is entirely up to you.
And loving it all
Oh! I love this song.
The song is, uh Song's great.
Us, um Us being here, it's Let loving start, let loving start You say I'm a dreamer We're two of a kind [CLEARS THROAT SOFTLY.]
Both of us searching for some perfect world we know You're saying he's gonna be okay? That he's been cured? His infection is resistant to every antibiotic we've administered, but he's improving on his own.
We're rerunning the tests to confirm, but, yes, it appears whatever that maniac gave him is working.
Nowhere that I'd rather be than with you here today Ohh-oh-oh, ohh-oh-oh-oh-oh Hold me now Ohh-oh, warm my heart
MAN: The man you're looking for is Gregory Flynn.
Excuse me?
Frank Bloom?
Oh, yes, but, um
MAN: His real name is Berdy Chernov.
Excuse me. We're Mr. and Mrs. Bloom. Our name tags seem to be missing.
Ohhhhh [LAUGHS.]
Who were you just talking to? –
I have no idea.
- But he knew who you were.
Oh, my God. I'm telling you. Name tags at weddings. Pure genius.
You ask if I love you Well, what can I say? Mrs.
Bloom? Yes, Mr.
Bloom? Wanna dance?
I don't know what the big deal is.
It's just a silly name tag.
Constance Drucker?
It's an alias used by the woman who kidnapped Reddington. Now, she hired Devane to develop a treatment for a man named Patrick Masuda.
And Reddington thinks Masuda can lead him back to her.
- So we need to find him first.
- So we can get to the woman who might have answers about my mother.
But I don't think I want them.
We went after Katarina, and my grandfather nearly died.
You deserve to know.
Yeah, but I don't need to. I'm happy. I've got Agnes back. I'm not gonna risk that to hunt for answers about a woman I've never really known. It isn't worth it.
Well, it's nice. I mean, seeing you happy. It's been a long time comin'.
Too long.
I-I meant to ask. What was Reddington doing with Stark? Looks like he set him up after Stark got out of prison. He always believed the guy was a visionary. Probably wanted to reinvest.
It didn't happen. There was a mix-up. Now my contact's in the wind.
I'm sorry.
I told you with two lines in the water, we were bound to catch a fish, and we did.
After all that.
The shooting in Havana.
The wedding fiasco.
But I kept feeling like there was nothing but setbacks.
But here we are.
Made a killing on hog futures and got a lead.
And a prognosis.
Wich was?
Stark's treatment was inefective.
I'm sorry.
Sometimes, things happens for a reason.
And sometimes I just don't know what that reason is.
Is there anything I can do?
There is actually. Some guy, Patrick Masuda I need some help to find him.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
COOPER: You told him about the money?
I did what I had to. You didn't leave me a choice.
You had a choice. The choice to do exactly what I told you to do and leave it alone.
I don't take my orders from you.
You have no idea how much worse you've made this, Hutton.
That some sort of threat? Oh! I'm hit! - Oh, God! I'm hit! –
Hold on, hold on, hold on!
Get us out of here.
Minesweep! This is Minesweep One! We are under attack. Three clicks north of Al Jahra! Hutton, get down! This is Minesweeper One. Lieutenant Harold Cooper. We are under fire. Repeat This is Lieutenant Harold Cooper, Minesweeper One. We are under attack.
Hang on, Hutton. Hold on! [GUNFIRE.]
Well, what do you think great, right? She has a lot of experience.
Yeah, all her references raved about her.
We're meeting this afternoon, but I have a good feeling about her.
Looks like you found yourself a nanny.
Which is a huge relief.
I mean, it's impossible to find someone great.
I wouldn't know.
Have you reached out to her yet to your daughter?
I haven't worked up the courage up yet.
You should just do it.
I put her through some dark times.
Have you noticed the men parked across the street every day? Every night?
I thought so, but I wasn't sure.
They're there for my protection.
Yours? Why? Who do you need protection from?
My mother.
No, that that can't be true.
Just trust me.
Whatever pushed you and your daughter apart, it's nothing compared to what me and my mother have gone through.
Just call her.
I'm sure she'd appreciate it.
Would you appreciate it if your mother called you? It doesn't matter.
She's not going to.
- But if she did.
She won't. My mother isn't like you. You want a relationship with your daughter.
She doesn't.
What's going on? We've done great work.
Important work.
Work we can be proud of.
I think so, too.
I've made up my mind about Reddington's true identity. I'm going to tell Main Justice.
And risk having them shut us down?
As I say, we've done great work.
But does it really matter who he is? To the job we're doing, I mean.
Not to me.
It will to them.
Was there something you wanted?
Yeah. I, uh, wanted this afternoon off. I found a nanny.
Well, I-I think I did.
I'm meeting with her this afternoon.
I told you before take whatever time you need.
About Reddington.
Have you already reached out to Main Justice?
Yes. I've set a meeting with Cynthia Panabaker.
- Sir.
Uh, this just came in over SIPRNet.
- Odd, right? - What's odd about it? It was sent from an unofficial CIA outpost in Zahedan.
- You're sure this is correct? - I decoded it myself.
I need verification.
Fingerprints, dog tags, a photo whatever they can send us right away.
Yes, sir.
But who is Daniel Hutton? A man who died 30 years ago.
Visiting old ghosts? I received some news today.
Daniel Hutton is alive.
Well, that's not possible.
He walked out of the mountains of Southern Iran yesterday.
Found his way to a classified CIA outpost.
Daniel Hutton is dead, Harold.
- We both know that.
- Do we? Because it seems he's risen like Lazarus from the grave.
Hutton is reporting he's been kept prisoner at multiple locations in the Middle East since 1989.
He escaped from captivity a week ago, asked for me by name.
CIA assets in Iran reached out to us directly.
They don't want anything to do with this.
He's asking for my help to get him out of the country, or his captors will hunt him down and kill him.
Did you know? All this time? Did I know what? That he's alive? While you held this over my head.
I gave you that so you could put the whole incident behind you, not carry it like an albatross around your neck.
I believed, as you believed, that the man was dead and that the issue of what happened there in Kuwait was resolved.
I won't look the other way again.
I've carried this secret for way too long.
I have to do something.
I suggest the utmost discretion.
To preserve flexibility.
What do you mean, flexibility? It's Iran, Harold.
We can't just stroll through the front door.
We don't know what we're walking into.
So we keep it small.
No team.
Just you and I.
Until you look this man in the eyes.
Until you know for sure what you plan to do.
I plan to do the right thing.
We'll soon find out, won't we? COOPER: It happened fast.
I remember Lieutenant Hutton getting hit.
I remember radioing and returning fire, but they were everywhere.
I tried to keep him safe, but next thing I knew they had taken him.
He was gone.
INTERVIEWER: Your actions were commendable, Lieutenant Cooper.
But I have to ask you about reports that you and Lieutenant Hutton were seen having an argument prior to these events.
- That never happened.
- What never happened? That you had words, or that they were argumentative? –
What are you doing? - What is this, Harold? These are supposed to be med supplies.
- Close the crate.
- Where's this going? Who are you funding? Is it the Kurds? You're smuggling cash over the border to Iraq - to fund rebels - I said close the crate.
We're here to help stabilize this region, not bankroll some private, dirty little war.
Dan, I'm warning you just close the crate.
I forgot how handsome you were back then, Harold. And how loosely tethered to the facts.
You're one to talk about facts. Aren't you, Mr. Koslov?
Ah! So Elizabeth finally told you. She took longer than I thought she would.
Once word was out, I figured I was on borrowed time.
And I'm sure, knowing you as I do, that you'll feel an obligation to report this to the powers that be.
I don't see a way around it.
If you do that, Harold, they'll take the task force away from you.
It'll be the end of what you've built.
I'm sorry. It's my duty.
Mm. Well, we're not finished just yet, are we? You must admit, though, it's ironic.
Us jetting over there to protect your secret, and you refusing to protect mine.
We're not "protecting" anything.
We're righting what was wrong.
Keep telling yourself that.
How do you even know about Hutton? The real Reddington was there. He was part of an oversight panel and testified about it later. But you're not him. How do you know anything about it if you weren't there?
I know because I know. Because whoever I once was, I am now and will continue to be Raymond Reddington. Given where we're going, the real question is, who are you? Are you the man in front of me who I know to be good and decent? Or are you the man from years ago who got himself into this mess in the first place?
We'll be arriving shortly.
Farhad will meet us at the airstrip.
Do you think Hutton knows? Do you think he has any idea what part you played in what happened back then? I don't think so.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked for me.
Let's hope not.
Because if he does hold you responsible and if he plans to tell the world, then we'll have to shut him up.
- I'm not gonna do that.
- No, I know.
I guess that's why I'm here.
I can work pretty crazy hours.
DENORA: Oh, that's fine.
Some weekends, some traveling.
Honestly, whatever you need.
If it helps, I can stay here when you're gone so Agnes can keep her routine.
I spoke to some of your references.
Is it true that you watched their kids and cooked? Yes, I love to cook.
Oh, good, 'cause on my best day, the best I can do is peanut butter and jelly and tuna fish.
You're busy.
My job is to put time into areas you can't.
You have no idea how much I need that.
How much Agnes needs it.
I'd be lucky to do it.
When can you start? RED: Farhad! You son of a cur.
It's been an awfully long time.
You look good, my friend.
- And prosperous.
May Khodah in his infinite wisdom keep the sanctions in place for as long as possible.
Of course, you remember Dembe.
And this is the associate of mine we spoke about.
You violated sanctions on Iran? Sanctions have caused a certain amount of investment in Iran to dry up.
It's a barren garden.
I decided to water it.
At a healthy interest rate.
It's all the rage! Despite my associate's reflexive flag waving, he's a fine man in need of careful guidance in and out of this CIA outpost everyone pretends to know nothing about.
I've made the arrangements as discussed one of my best men to drive you and a backup vehicle for protection.
This close to the border, there are checkpoints all over the place.
They can be tricky.
Fortunately, the right bribes can get a man where he needs to go.
I'll have a double Scotch waiting for you when you get back.
You're not coming? I've made a lot of trouble in Iran through the years.
Best not to have a sore thumb sticking out.
When we get to the checkpoint, don't speak.
Don't draw attention.
Just look out the windshield at the view.
They'll forget me the moment they see me.
These dog tags were the only thing he had on him.
You have a release? You kidding? We don't exist.
We didn't invite this guy here, and we sure as hell don't want him found here.
He's your problem now.
Hutton? HUTTON: Harold? Hey, is it really you? It's me, Dan.
I've dreamt of this moment so many times.
I can't believe I'm looking at you.
I went to your funeral.
How did you survive? I don't know.
They tortured me for I don't know how long, traded me, sold me for intel different factions.
Do you remember anyone who had you? Even for a short time? There was an Iranian.
They called him The Simoon.
Everyone in the intelligence community has heard of him.
He's been a dangerous intel leak in the Middle East for years.
Name means "poison wind.
" Everywhere he goes, people die.
The intel he's given to terrorist cells has led to armed embassy raids in Pakistan, a consulate bombing in Syria, the death of countless U.
Dan, it's a miracle you're alive.
It's a miracle we're both alive.
I remember that day in Kuwait.
How did you survive that? I'm not sure.
But you did, thank God.
Harold, the last time I saw you I want to apologize.
That's behind us now.
I was young.
What you saw was none of your business in the first place.
It's too late.
I went to the Captain.
I'm not gonna be an accomplice to whatever you got yourself involved with.
I told him everything I saw.
You told him about the money? I did what I had to.
You didn't leave me a choice.
You had a choice.
The choice to do exactly what I told you to do.
Leave it alone.
I don't take my orders from you.
You have no idea how much worse you've made this, Hutton.
That some sort of threat? Oh! I'm hit! - Oh, God! I'm hit! - Hold on, hold on, hold on! It all seems so unimportant now.
But I knew, sitting in captivity, despite what I did, that you would come back for me.
You would never abandon me.
Because you're honorable.
That's what sustained me.
That if Harold Cooper survived that firefight, he would come back for me, no matter what.
COOPER: Minesweep! This is Minesweep One! We are under attack.
Under fire.
This is Lieutenant Harold Cooper, Minesweeper One.
We are under attack.
So when I finally escaped and I knew enough to get myself here, I also knew there was only one person that I could reach out to one person who would stop at nothing to get me the rest of the way home.
And here you are to rescue me.
I'm gonna get you home.
Thank you, my friend.
Thank you.
Taste a bit of allspice? You're right.
For arthritis and libido.
Whoever your friend's package is, I assume the outpost wants to get rid of him.
I would assume as much.
But I'm sure the Revolutionary Guard would like to have him.
They'd find him sooner or later.
Well, time, for now, is on our side.
I think we may have a situation.
Have you heard from Harold? No.
But our scouts say the route between him and the airstrip is suddenly swarming with patrols.
Trouble? How many extra men can you bring me? I'm paying $3,000 a man now.
I'll double it.
I need men who can shoot straight.
I'll make the call.
- Ah.
Harold? You on your way? Not quite.
I've spoken with Hutton.
- There's been a development.
- What kind? Hutton told me the last person who held him in captivity is a man known as The Simoon.
Harold, you got to get the hell out of there right now.
Why? What do you know? The roads are swarming with patrols, which means The Simoon is already on the scent.
You need to get back to the airstrip as fast as you can.
We'll have the engines running.
He's mobilized to find Hutton? And he'll burn the city to find him.
I'm bringing on extra men.
We'll lock down the landing field.
You just get yourself there in one piece, and I'll get us airborne.
We can be there in 30 minutes.
30 minutes.
That gives you 15.
Notify your men.
Tell them to expect a fight.
It's gonna be a hell of a lot more difficult getting out of town than it was getting in.
- BERDY: Denora Mejia? - Yes? Agent Kevin Thompson.
This is Agent Ritter.
Can we talk? It's about Elizabeth Keen.
I don't understand.
But you're familiar with - the name Raymond Reddington.
- What does this have to do with Have you heard of him? Of course.
He's a wanted fugitive.
He's also Keen's father.
Open it.
That man is one of our agents.
He's staking out Keen's building.
Four years go, Reddington and Keen went on the run together.
She was on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
It says here her name is Masha Rostova.
It also says she's the daughter of a KGB agent.
A notorious KGB agent named Katarina Rostova.
The agent out front He's not looking for Reddington.
He's looking for her.
As bad as he is, Rostova's worse.
The child you're being asked to care for is their granddaughter.
They're in Keen's life, and if you take this job, they'll be in yours, as well.
I'm sorry.
I never meant to put anyone in danger.
We'll make it, Dan.
20 minutes, and we're in the air.
All seems too familiar.
Long ride, hostile territory.
Try and relax.
I can't go back, Harold.
Not another hole in the ground.
You're not going back.
Yeah, well, this guy, The Simoon, if he comes after us [LAUGHING.]
maybe he can take you this time instead.
You answered the phone, so you're still alive.
Where are you? COOPER: We're approaching the checkpoint.
Hang on.
- I don't like this.
- What's wrong? The policeman at the checkpoint He's carrying an H&K416.
That's pretty new.
- And expensive.
- Too expensive for police.
Harold, you need to get the hell out of there right now.
We got a problem.
- Harold.
Harold, talk to me.
What happened? Get the Post Office on the phone.
Tell them I work for the United States government.
The FBI.
We're here on official business.
They know who you are, Harold.
How could they possibly know that? 'Cause I told them.
Looks like The Simoon wants a word with you after all.
- Anything? - Nothing.
But Aram's on with Reddington now.
Okay, I've got eyes on the checkpoint.
RED: The last thing I heard was men yelling in Farsi.
Lots of it.
That was 13 minutes ago.
And if Harold was taken, they may have put him in another vehicle.
This is about the SIPRNet cable.
Daniel Hutton.
Got it.
Okay, looks like they shoved him into a blue sedan.
All right, tracking from there, they headed northwest, made their way to what looks like some kind of old palace or estate outside Zahedan.
RESSLER: We should call the State Department.
No, there's no time for that.
They could start back-channel negotiations.
- I can do better.
- What, better than the State Department? Way better.
And more importantly, faster.
We have one chance to get Harold out alive.
So listen carefully.
HUTTON: How quickly fates change.
Isn't that right, Harold? What have you done? What I had to do to survive.
Do you know how many different groups held me over the years? The Kurds, the Iranians.
Couldn't keep track after a while.
So, tell me How easy was it to sell me out? - I never did that.
- You left me for dead because I found out you were illegally funding - those same Kurds.
- That is not what happened.
Because I blew the whistle.
I had no idea we were gonna be ambushed.
I heard you got the Navy Cross for your bravery that day.
But we know what really happened, don't we? This is Minesweeper One, Lieutenant Harold Cooper.
We are under attack.
Hold on, Hutton.
Hold on.
Hutton! But we weren't ambushed, were we? Your Kurdish pals came for me, not you.
Get your hands off me.
- Cooper! Cooper! Cooper! Cooper! Aah! HUTTON: They traded me.
Sold me to their enemies to fund their war.
Everyone may think that you would never leave a brother to die, but I know you'd never think twice.
You can believe what you want.
But I didn't plan the ambush, and I wanted to go after you.
Then why didn't you? Was the ambush your idea? - Mind your tone, Lieutenant.
- Was Hutton captured to keep - our arrangement a secret? - He threatened to expose the mission.
Get me on a plane back to Kuwait.
Lieutenant Hutton was executed by Kurdish rebels an hour ago.
You survived an ambush.
Fought valiantly.
I'm going to recommend you for the Navy Cross.
That'll put you on the fast track, Harold.
Any job you want.
Or you can raise a stink and throw it all away.
Either way, Hutton's still gonna be dead, and the cash flow continues.
You had him executed.
I followed orders.
And if you're as smart as I think you are, you will, too.
HUTTON: You were a traitor treated like a patriot.
I was a patriot treated like a traitor.
So that's what I became.
It's you.
You're The Simoon.
Pleasure to meet you.
Excuse me.
Do you know how to get to the White House? Sure.
Spend a lot of money.
Good to know Reddington hasn't lost his sense of humor.
- I'm Ressler.
- Campbell.
You know what we're supposed to do now? Yeah.
Find the Dungeon Master.
Didn't you see the sign? - Yeah.
It said "open.
" - Well, we're not.
Yeah, well, you are to us.
Homan said so.
What the hell is this thing? It's not a PlayStation, pal.
Let's see the case.
And a set of coordinates.
Homan said you'd know what to do with them.
I do.
Let's get the party started.
I know what to do.
Thank you very much.
What did we just pay for? No idea.
And with Reddington, it's pointless to ask.
So, you work for him? Reddington? No, but he certainly thinks so.
Yeah, it's done.
Whatever it is.
Please thank Francesca for me.
And trust that as far as Harold is concerned, we are now in the gifted hands of a master.
Time to storm the castle.
It's a heavily armed compound, and there is only five of us.
You're right.
Even the Magnificent Seven had seven.
Slim chance of survival.
Impossible odds.
This'll be fun.
COOPER: How could you do it? The intel you gave Iran Mobile cost people's lives.
I held out for years.
Through beatings, in solitary, in cages.
Then I realized no one was coming.
How could I do it Harold? How could you? You gave them access to Naval intelligence.
I did.
Then they upgraded the network, and I got shut out.
After that, I interpreted data.
It was easy when I knew the players.
That gave me value.
But now the only player I know is you, which is why you're here.
I won't cooperate with them.
Because it's the wrong thing to do.
The wrong thing.
You certainly know all about that.
LIZ: By text, not by phone.
She quit via text.
KATARINA: That's unbelievable.
I know.
I thought she was perfect.
- What are you gonna do? - Well, that's why I'm calling.
I am stuck at work, and Agnes is gonna be home soon.
I'm happy to help.
I'm so sorry about this.
Oh, don't be silly.
I'd love to look after Agnes.
Really? Are you sure? Of course.
Take your time.
The longer you stay at the office, the more time I'll have to spoil her rotten.
Thank you.
You're a lifesaver.
I don't know what happened.
Don't beat yourself up.
Sometimes people just aren't who they seem to be.
FARHAD: No way we are getting in there.
- Where's your faith? - I left my faith on the jet.
Let's go back and get it.
We breach in two minutes.
- Raymond, even with help - It will be a bloodbath.
Yes, but not our blood.
So many of my prisoners, during torture, they break down, beg for mercy.
But not you.
Right, Harold? Remember those cages I said they kept me in those first few years? [CHAINS RATTLING.]
You're in one.
I'll check back on you in a few decades.
For what it's worth, Dan I am sorry.
- 20 seconds.
- This is a death sentence.
Farhad, you and your men to the south.
Dembe, you and I to the north.
They will kill us all.
Ready on your go.
We are not ready.
- 10 - I am not! - 9, 8 - [ENGINE WHIRRING.]
What the hell? Here we go.
I won a rather high-stakes game OF "MAGIC: The Gathering" recently, and I've called in my chits.
Wait, listen to this.
That our cue, fellas.
Let's go.
Not another step.
Looks like you have better friends than I did.
At least they tried to save you.
DEMBE: Raymond, I'm out of ammo.
Red! What took you so long? It's over, Dan.
I won't let you leave me behind again.
If I can't trade you to the Iranians, I'll trade you to your own people for a way out.
Harold! Help me! Please, help me, Harold.
Harold, please.
Cooper! Cooper! Cooper! Cooper! Aah! [GRUNTS.]
I'm sorry, Harold.
You should've learned your lesson the first time.
Harold, you okay? - I couldn't leave him again.
- We have to go.
He isn't your burden anymore.
- Isn't he? - RED: What is it you need, Harold? A reminder that you're a good man, a moral man? 'Cause you didn't need to save Daniel Hutton to know that.
You just needed to look in a mirror.
What I did to him has followed me half my life.
And it's time to let it go.
Now come on! We need to move.
You did what you thought was right.
- Mm-hmm.
- Put your safety on the line for a man you thought was your friend.
He betrayed you, and now he's dead.
Your secret is safe.
If there was ever a reason to celebrate, The Simoon is finished.
You helped yourself and your country.
Close the book.
Raise a glass.
How do you do it? Wake up each morning content to live a lie? How do you put on a face for the world? I don't live a lie.
I may once have had another identity, but that identity no longer exists.
I am exactly who I am.
And I can assure you, I'm a far more interesting Raymond Reddington than Raymond Reddington ever was.
And what about Ilya Koslov? I've always believed who you are should define you, not who you were.
And I don't know anyone that should be more at peace with who they are than you.
Whatever decisions you make going forward I hope they grant you that peace.
Do you like contests? Because I love contests.
What kind of contest? I was thinking a drawing contest.
I know you like princesses, so I got a princess coloring book.
I bet you can't color a whole page in, say, five minutes.
Do you think you can? Then that's the contest.
Take this book and these pencils, and you go into your room.
In five minutes, I'll come in and see if you've finished.
Okay? [LAUGHS.]
Reddington called in a drone strike.
From a gaming store.
I don't know how he did it just that it saved my life.
Why were you there in the first place? And why go with Reddington? Other than that he can call in a drone strike from a gaming store.
I went with Reddington because we have no authority in Iran.
And the reason I went was simple 30 years ago, I thought a soldier in my unit - had been killed.
- Daniel Hutton.
The SIPRNet cable told you he was still alive.
I went to try and bring him home, and in the process, he died.
That's awful.
Were you two close? We were, once.
In many ways, he was instrumental in shaping the person I am today.
Is your mind made up about what you're gonna tell her about Reddington's identity? It is.
It's made up about a lot of things.
Well, isn't this like finding four peas in a pod.
Is there a snowball's chance in hell I'm gonna like anything y'all have to say? I'd say definitely not.
Harold, to the Scotch.
You said you wanted to talk about Reddington.
So talk.
Reddington is He's not the person you think he is.
I'll bite.
Who is he? 'Cause yesterday a bullet found my chest He's a much better person than I gave him credit for.
And I don't got the energy - I, on the other hand, am not.
- To dress myself Harold, you're not making any sense.
And I can't walk without help What is that? A truth I should have told a long time ago.
And I I can't remember why I joined this war And I can't tell you what we're fightin' for [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING.]
I guess I wasn't smart enough to see the game Okay! Five minutes are up! Ready or not, here I come! You're giving the Navy Cross to The Simoon? Putting it where it belongs.
He was a brave man.
I was a coward.
He refused to follow an illegal order.
I insisted on carrying it out.
I knew the payments weren't authorized, that someone up the chain of command was breaking the rules.
They were higher on that chain than I was, so I didn't ask any questions.
And I didn't stand with Hutton when he did.
I left him behind.
You were told he was dead.
I should've gone back to look for him, found him.
But I didn't.
And that turned him into The Simoon.
The Daniel Hutton I left behind that day deserves this.
If it had been you, you never would've betrayed your country.
He tried speaking truth to power, and the powerful punished him for it and rewarded me for letting them.
I gave Panabaker the flash drive.
That won't wipe his slate clean.
I didn't do it for him.
I did it for me.
And I have you to thank for that.
You told me that people should be defined by who they are, not by who they were.
The cover-up, the medal They represent who I was.
A man willing to look the other way.
Who I am who I hope to be is someone who takes responsibility for his actions.
So you're a truth-teller now.
Did you tell Panabaker the truth about me? I did.
I told her your true identity.
Who you are, not who you were.
I told her you're Raymond Reddington.
Mistakes and all I love it.
More importantly, Agnes loves it.
We had fun.
You really saved me today.
I told you before, I'm happy to help.
I still can't believe Denora bailed on me like that.
You'll find the right person.
And until you do, you can always count on me.
I think I'll be counting on you a lot.
Fun times with the urchin?
 Productive times.
So what am I looking for?
 Second photo. Top of the page.
Ilya Koslov.
Who's he? 
The one person who can tell me what I need to know.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
7.03 Les Fleurs Du Mal  #151
PRACKETT: Remember, my friends, the task at hand is not an impossible one. The Defiance is not rigged. Mr. Paer has before him every tool, schematic, and safety precaution necessary for him to save his own life. Ladies and gentleman, drink in the moment.I want you to let the numbness of life wash away even if only for tonight, for this moment. The love. The fear. This is what it is to be alive. This is The Defiance. This is Les Fleurs du Mal.
I can't. Please, you have to let me out of here. I can't do this. Are you listening to me?! Make it stop! I can't!  Aah! I did it! I did it! I beat the game! I beat the game!  - I did No. Wait, no!
LIZ: Shoot.
Let me help with that.
Oh, no, that's okay. I got it.
Nonsense. I insist.
No thanks. I got it.
Oh, do you want some coffee?
I was just going out for some.
Come on. I insist. So happy we finally get a chance to chat.
Is Agnes at school?
Yeah, I just dropped her off, and, uh, I was on my way home and realized I didn't have anything for dinner, so I picked up a few things.
What do you do for work?
I'm a government employee.
What about you?
Me? Ha, I'm retired. I moved here to be closer to my daughter. We're estranged, but I'm hoping to get closer to her.
Agnes is in full-on princess mode.
What? Oh Right.
I know it's not very woke, but she's irresistible.
No, fairy tales are very important. They help children cope with separation anxiety and loss.
Oh, and I love a fairytale.
Just not the part where you got to get saved by Prince Charming.
Um that's work. I'm so sorry. I got to go.
Have you seen my keys? I could've sworn I just put them right here.
Oh! Here.
I must have knocked them off the table.
Uh, keep the mug. Bring it back later. I'm really sorry about this.
Don't be. I got what I came for.
"To creep softly like a coward toward the treasures of your body, to whip your joyous flesh and bruise your pardoned breast, to make in your astonished flank a wide and gaping wound. " As a general rule, I believe the sword is mightier than the pen. But in the hands of a free-spirited, syphilis-ridden French dandy, I'd say the odds shift considerably.
How's my grandfather?
We saw him this morning. He's still critical.
And the woman who tried to kill him?
You know Baudelaire was prosecuted for offenses against public morality?
The woman.
His words were so provocative that six of his poems were banned for nearly a century.
You said you had a lead.
I do. A secret society named after Baudelaire's "Les Fleurs du Mal. "
Poetry lovers?
Thrill seekers. People who go to extreme lengths to offend public morality. A society of decadent misanthropes. People who have everything, so nothing is special.
And this connects to the woman who abducted you in Paris?
It does.
According to Reddington, Les Fleurs du Mal is our best chance of finding Steinhil.
Because whoever runs it contracted him to create an illusion.
Well, whatever he did for them can't top the illusion he created for himself rising from the dead.
If we can get to him, he can get us to the woman who put Elizabeth's grandfather on life support.
ARAM: All right, I combed through every database, and there's nothing concrete on Fleurs du Mal, only rumors about a man given a knife and locked in a room with a tiger, a woman who fell off the Eiffel Tower, and something about piranhas.
You said Reddington had a lead.
A name. Charles Radcliffe. According to Reddington, he attended one of the society's events.
Ressler, Aram, go see Mr. Radcliffe. See if he can I.D. these people before they hurt someone else.
How's Agnes? Uh amazing. She's sweetly oblivious to the guards you have sitting outside our apartment to protect her.
If you need anything including time off Is that why you sent Aram instead of me?
I sent Aram because he needs more experience in the field. You are a single mom with a hard job. I just want you to know if you need to come in late or leave early
I don't. But it's good to know I can. Thank you for everything.
Elodie Radcliffe? Agents Ressler and Mojtabai, FBI.
I knew you'd come sooner or later.
You did? Les Fleurs du Mal.
That's why you're here, isn't it? Uh how could you know that? I thought you'd given up.
On what? On my husband, Charles.
Well, if he's here, we'd like to have a word with him, as well.
We have a lot of questions for the both of you.
Charles can't help you.
Because those people in Les Fleurs du Mal all but killed him.
So, The Defiance It's done?
You said this one was important.
And the Player will be provided with tools?
Yes as discussed. Mm. All useless.
For the Player to survive, he needs to be willing to, uh break his index finger and dislocate his thumb, work his hand into the cam slot, and disengage the lock.
It's the only way.
So, one could survive.
Could? Yes. Would? Incredibly unlikely.
But the narrow chance of survival is the whole point, right?
Is this a diving accident?
An arterial gas embolism.
That's the lie they told me to hide whatever they really did to him.
Did you go to the police?
And say what?  I don't know what happened. And even if I did, these are powerful people with the resources to protect themselves.
So, how did you find these people?
Charles found them. It was a gift for our anniversary. Our marriage wasn't perfect.
We were bored, drifting apart. Charles thought this might be exciting.
To To watch people die.
Sharing an experience, something so rare and raw and extraordinary that it can't be forgotten that it can only bring you closer. They called it "The Defiance."
Sounds terrifying.
Which is why I didn't go.
Do you know how to make contact?
Y-You want me to talk to them?
Yes. Help us expose them. And find out what happened to your husband.
Mm, Charles had an e-mail address for the man in charge, Thelonious Prackett.
That's all I know.
Motya?! I'm sorry to barge in unexpectedly, but I've called repeatedly, and there hasn't been hide nor hair of you, so I thought I'd come and check to see if you're okay.
Please go.
And you're okay! Thank God! I thought maybe Ed Broadfoot and his sons had finally tracked you down and dragged you off to one of those gravel pits.
What do you want?
It's about the Townsend Directive. I understand it's been reactivated that you and everyone else who bought in are actively hunting for her.
Do you think I'm an idiot?
Motya, I need to take care of this myself. It's personal.
Ah. Do you know your conversations with the Minister of Finance single-handedly responsible for getting my operations pushed out of Kiev? I lost millions in rail lines alone.I lost my relationship with contractors, politicians. My own wife left me for the competitor.
To be fair, she'd been screwing him for months.
Forget about The Directive. Forget about Katarina Rostova. I'm not gonna help you find her. I'm gonna hunt her down, and I'm gonna kill her myself. And the next time I see your face, I'm gonna shoot before you can start talking.
Too soon, the comment about the wife? [CHUCKLES.]
Good talk.
I told you.
Yeah, you were right. But we had to try. And now he's forced our hand.
Sir, there is nothing on Thelonious Prackett.
It's It's got to be an alias.
But whoever he is, he agreed to let Mrs. Radcliffe - recommend a new member.
- Did you tell Ressler? Prackett agreed on one condition that if the new member gets invited to an event, Radcliffe has to go with.
That'll be all right as long as Ressler is with her the whole time.
Yeah, um, about that.
If, um If we're doing this, I'd like to go with her.
Instead of Ressler.
We need to be a convincing couple to have a connection, and we have one I can relate to her loss.
Not that what I went through even compares.
You went through plenty.
I'm sorry I haven't asked you about it more.
I'm fine.
Um, still a bit, uh, numb, [CHUCKLES.]
I guess.
But, um, when the last real feeling you had was devastation, you're not super psyched to get out there and feel again.
But I'm good.
I'm good.
I agree.
That I'm good, or or devastated? That you should go with her.
Work on your cover you're going in.
Greetings! Where are we going? And why do I have to go with you? Because you remain in my debt.
I saved your life.
Yes, after putting it at risk.
And I told you about Steinhil's contract with Les Fleurs du Mal.
Why aren't you looking at them? I've got people working on that.
I'm supposed to be at dinner tonight at The Peppermill.
It's my wedding anniversary.
Congratulations! That shouldn't be a problem.
You're holding me hostage.
I prefer to think of it as looking out for my best interests.
Please, find yourself another seat.
Read a book.
Watch a movie.
Do you like Truffaut? We have the complete collection.
What did Stevenson say? The room is being swept.
He can't get a camera in.
Someone from the hotel staff, then.
Surely we can incentivize a maid or someone from room service to take a photo.
They're only allowing authorized personnel.
We're too late to get anyone on the inside.
Can I ask you something? - "Day for Night.
" Definitely.
- The photograph.
Oh, that's none of your concern.
If I got it for you, would my debt be paid? Conceivably.
ARAM: We met at Ascot.
I had a horse racing in the Dubai Shergar Cup.
And how did he do? Fractured his left-front pastern.
Had to be put down.
Cost me $300,000 in stud fees.
Per stud? 40 studs a year, that's $12 million per year.
That must have been a dark day.
Until I saw Elodie.
Things brightened considerably after that.
How is Charles? The man I married is alive, but my husband is gone.
And our role in that tragedy? I don't hold you responsible, if that's what you're asking.
He wanted the risk.
We both did.
Well, I know you did.
I'm surprised you still do.
I didn't.
For a long time, I thought I never would again.
Then I met Shameel.
I was a guest in one of the royal boxes, and she was three rows below, and still the peacock feathers in her hat blocked my view.
Your interest is unusual.
I don't see why.
I can buy anything I want.
So, naturally what I want is something I cannot buy.
It's unusual because it coincides with an upcoming event.
Why is that unusual? Because we haven't issued invitations yet.
Which makes your interest an usual coincidence or worse not a coincidence at all.
I understand your caution and why you need to vet your guests as closely as you do.
I would expect nothing less.
But we've told you our story, we've exchanged wiring instructions, and I'm one text away from depositing $1 million into your account.
The Defiance is an experience money can't buy.
Of course not, which is why I'm all the more happy to pay for it.
So, I need to know Are we in, or are we out? Welcome to Les Fleurs du Mal.
I'm confused.
We have no idea where we're going, who will be there, or how to get out.
I mean, we don't even know how to get to this event.
Prackett said he'd send instructions.
- Which he hasn't.
- He will.
We sold our story well, but if you're uncomfortable I am.
Because I [SIGHS.]
Look, I don't quite understand the plan.
Can we go over it again? The location of the event is a closely guarded secret.
- LIZ: Which means you and Aram will be on your own.
RESSLER: When Prackett makes contact, you'll follow his instructions.
Well, if you don't know where we're going, and you can't follow us, how do you plan to find our location? ARAM: With an ELT beacon.
We'll smuggle the device in disassembled so we can get it past security.
You're going to wear the device into the building in pieces.
COOPER: Once inside, Aram will assemble the device, activate the signal, and it'll give our team your location.
And once you get the signal? RESSLER: We'll come and get you.
I get it.
We literally have no idea where we're going.
We don't.
It'll be okay.
I promise.
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh Miss Radcliffe, Mr.
Aubeelauck, welcome.
If you would.
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh For The Defiance.
Enjoy your stay.
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh - Thank you.
- Cheers.
Why do we need these again? I have no idea.
Signal's clear.
We're good.
I miss having children.
- I need to tie my shoe.
- Mm.
Hand me the antenna.
And what are you two up to? What? Oh.
Uh We, uh Hmm.
We were, uh We were just, uh, talking about how delicious those little shrimp tartlets are.
Uh, he's quite a foodie.
- I am a foodie.
- Mm-hmm.
I am I'm such a foodie.
I'm I'm a foodie.
Well, eat all you like.
Drink all you like.
Tonight is an event that none of us will soon forget.
Have fun, my friends.
And good luck.
"Good luck"? Why would he say, "Good luck"? I have no idea - and I don't want to find out.
Let's keep moving, shall we? Okay.
RED: That's Motya Morozov.
He's one of the two men I need you to photograph.
But you already have his photograph.
I have photographs of both of them.
What I need is a photograph of them together.
- Why? - The other man's name is Fields.
Despite staying at the same hotel, being seen together would be - [LOCK BEEPS.]
- quite damaging.
They'll take every precaution to prevent that from happening.
How can I help you? You see that tall drink of water behind me? I'm gonna ask him to marry me.
Good for you! We stayed here once and had the most incredible time.
In room 267.
Any chance it's still available? I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- The lobby is crawling with security.
I'm not surprised.
The FBI are not known for their discretion.
That's who's scanning the room? The feds?! That's who doesn't want a photo to be taken.
As I said, neither party You didn't tell me that one of the parties was the FBI.
An oversight, admittedly.
I thought you were working with the FBI.
A small, select group of agents are in my employ.
- Any of these guys? - Unfortunately not.
I can see this was a mistake.
10 minutes.
The valet line.
Be there with the engine running.
How are you gonna do it? Ding-dong ditch.
- Ding-dong ditch.
I loved playing [CHUCKLING.]
that as a child! [LAUGHS.]
May I have your attention, please? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
The Defiance is here.
The spectacle we are about to witness only has meaning because each of us is invested.
The pledge we made is what binds us.
It's what lets us feel like we're alive, even if only for one night.
Each of us has agreed to embrace this challenge, and yet only one of us will face it.
For that unlucky member, may it be some small consolation to remember we ask no risk of you that we have not taken ourselves.
With that, The Defiance begins in one hour.
Good luck to us all.
Oh, my God.
The Player.
They choose one from the guests.
I don't know what's taking so long.
It's online and transmitting.
So, why aren't they here? Are we maybe out of range? No, it doesn't matter where we are.
It's GPS activated.
Okay, so, where are they, then? I don't know.
But the only thing that could possibly interfere would be a sun-flare a jammer.
So, the FBI has no idea we're here.
- I don't think so.
- So, now what? PRACKETT: Ladies and gentlemen, it's time.
Are you ready to meet the Player? [BEEP.]
- Oh, my God.
- Okay.
Oh, my God! Okay, Elodie, we're gonna figure this out.
We're gonna figure this out.
It's gonna be fine.
- It's gonna be fine.
Just - No.
No, wait! Wait! Wait! Hold on! Hold on, stop! Please don't! No! I'm gonna come for you, okay? Stop it! Please! Stop! Don't do this! Him.
That's Kirilenko.
Head of Russian Vor in America.
- CAMPBELL: Get away from me! - [GLASS SHATTERING.]
Stop, you're hurting me! FBI! - [GRUNTS.]
- Stop her! - [GRUNTS.]
WOMAN: Oh! - Oh, my - Wow.
Nice noodle.
She's good She is very good.
I believe this makes us even.
Dembe, we can tell Edward we'll be ready for takeoff in 20.
Your husband, what's his name? Paul Paul Farwell.
Absent head winds, in two hours, you and Paul will be celebrating your anniversary at The Peppermill as planned.
I recommend the corn chowder.
Oh, my! Ding-dong ditch.
Hey! We finally got something.
Bring up the map overlay.
MAN: End of the hall to the left.
Connections are all solid.
What happened? I don't know.
We lost the signal.
But we got a location.
Scramble the HRT choppers.
You and Keen need to get there now.
PRACKETT: Ladies and gentlemen, after our brief interruption it's now time.
Welcome to The Defiance.
Tonight, our Player faces a most desperate challenge.
Using only the tools left inside the chamber, our Player must find a way to save her life by unlocking the device and climbing free from her tomb.
But this device, this Defiance offers an additional challenge, one involving [IMITATES CLOCK TICKING.]
Our Player not only has to get out, she has to do so before she suffocates.
Player [SCREAMS.]
give us a show we won't forget! Stop it! I mean, stop it! And good luck.
Please, don't do this! I can't get this open! I I I can't! I don't know how to do this! Come on, guys.
RED: Is that stroganoff? Yes! [LAUGHS.]
Mmm! I'm always hunting for a new recipe.
The woman.
You sent her? I did.
After our last conversation, I felt you needed a soupçon of motivation.
I told you that if you come back, I'm gonna Yes, I know, you'd shoot first and not bother with the questions later.
But But, quite a bit has changed since then.
This photo prove nothing.
They prove you went to Miami [WHISPERING.]
to meet in secret with the FBI.
I was told you were a snitch.
And unless you do as I instruct, everyone else will know the truth, as well.
When you get a lead, I get a lead.
When you get a location, I get to go there first.
The nutmeg is nice.
- Needs salt.
Please stop this! The police! The FBI they know.
They know all about you.
- They're gonna arrest all of you.
Aram! Aram, please, make it stop! Please tell them! Please! Please tell them.
I need you to come with me, please.
- Make it stop! - What? No.
Sir, I'm not asking.
UM ELODIE: Aram! could you, uh could you just, uh, - uh, give me a minute? - Sir, we're leaving now.
Prackett's gonna be very upset with you.
Upset with me for what? [GUNSHOTS, PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
FBI! Everybody on the ground.
Nobody move.
- Where are we going? - I don't know.
MAN: The jammer's back up.
They're not going anywhere.
MAN #2: Secure the east exit.
Shh, shh.
- Check that door! Where are your friends? I don't know.
What was that for? Thank you.
We have to keep moving.
- We're almost there.
- Okay.
- Welcome back.
- Let her go.
This really is a first.
I'm an FBI agent, and you're gonna let her go.
You must know, if you're an FBI agent, that we can't let you go and expose our guests.
So, you're going to come with me, you're going to tell my men exactly what the FBI know, and then we're gonna take you to the water's edge and drown you.
- No, wait.
- She had nothing to do with this.
- I'm the one you want.
- What's done is done.
- Kill them slowly! - Drown them! [SHOUTING CONTINUES.]
- Go, go, go! - FBI! Hands! - Hands up! - Let's see 'em! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Hands! Hands in the air.
Some Defiance.
You find this funny? I think it's thrilling.
The other society members don't share your enthusiasm.
They're too busy turning on you.
So far, they've detailed six murders.
People want risk.
I give it to them.
The chance to feel alive.
Is that what you gave Vance Palmer when you locked him in a box with a bomb he couldn't defuse? If everyone's talked, why talk to me? Snitches roll uphill.
I'm on top.
Not quite.
Louis Steinhil.
I'm told you hired him once.
Never heard of him.
Well, that's too bad.
'Cause if you had, we could have recommended to the D.
that he take the death penalty off the table.
Then again, lethal injection sure would give you a chance to feel alive you know, before it kills you.
What What's his name again? Steinhil.
Louis T.
It's an anagram for The Illusionist.
RED: You said The Peppermill didn't deliver the champagne?They said there were no reservations under Farwell or Campbell.
Francesca said she was married.
But according to Glen, - the DMV database lists her as single.
Hello? When it's appropriate, I'd like to engage your services.
I thought we were even.
We are.
You're under no obligation, but I could use a capable operative.
Do you need an answer right now? Oh, my goodness.
Oh, how rude of me.
It's your anniversary.
Did you make it to The Peppermill?I did.
We're here now.
And here I am talking shop.
Go, have fun.
I hope Paul knows how lucky he is.
How could he forget? I remind him every day.
Hello? Elizabeth? Elizabeth.
Oh, hey, sorry about that.
Um Give me one second.
- Okay.
So, I was just calling to tell you I got what you wanted.
- An address on Steinhil.
- Tell me.
Some people are so thoughtful.
Where is he? They found Steinhil.
That's too bad.
I'd grown quite fond of him.
Well, hello, young lady.
Thank you for the books.
You're very welcome.
Would you like to read one to me?
Oh, well, I'd love that.Would you like me to?
You did well out there today.
Uh eventually.
You did well.
- Go row the boat - I'm proud of you.
To safer grounds
KATARINA: "Once upon a time, there lived a little country girl, the prettiest creature who was ever seen. Her mother was extremely fond of her; and her grandmother doted on her still more.
" My mind still fears How's Mrs.
Radcliffe? She's, uh She's okay.
You know, I think part of her found all the danger exhilarating.
It's crazy, right? [CHUCKLES.]
I've long since given up trying to figure out what excites people or why.
Yeah, and getting your kicks from Les Fleurs du Mal is crazy.
But, uh, as a general rule, I admire people who insist on finding ways to be exhilarated.
As opposed to being okay with feeling numb.
But we're running out of time You're not okay with it.
You're scared to feel again, which is understandable.
All the echoes in my mind cry But I want to encourage you to try.
There's blood on your lies Because as hard as it is to feel pain it's much harder to feel nothing.
"The poor child did not know of the danger she was in.
Come in.
What would it be?
"'Grandmother, what big ears you have.' 'All the better to hear you with, my child, ' replied the wolf.
" I wanted to come by to make sure you were okay.
I am thanks to you.
I also, uh, stopped by, uh, to say that that you shouldn't, um you know, feel badly about About what? - Kissing me.
- All the echoes in mind cry You shouldn't feel badly about that at all.
There's blood on your lies I shouldn't? Absolutely not.
There is nowhere for you to hide The hunter's moon is shining I'm running with the wolves tonight
"'Grandmother, what big teeth you have.' 'All the better to eat you with, ' replied the wolf.
And, saying these words, the Wicked Wolf fell upon Little Red Riding Hood and ate her all up.
She's an angel.
How did it happen? You becoming estranged from your daughter.
All that matters now is that I want to make amends.
I was estranged from my mother. I would hope that she would want to make amends with me, too.
I'm sure she does.
Well I hope it happens.
KATARINA: For a long time, I didn't think that would ever happen.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
7.02 Louis Steinhil, conclusion # 27
KATARINA: 6,000 milliliters. That's how much blood an adult male of your size has in his body.
It's a little more than a gallon of milk.
76 over 54.
They say a man can lose up to 40% of his blood, but not much more. You've lost 20%. That's why you're feeling the palpitations. Your heart can't fill with blood before it contracts. It's the beginning stage of what doctors refer to as exsanguination. Raymond, please, I don't want to hurt you. This isn't easy for me.
Sorry you're having a hard time.
You can help me.
I've always helped you.
No. You pretended to help me. You were never on my side.
I came to Paris to warn you.
You came to Paris to control me, to keep feeding me your narrative. But I'm done hiding. I won't do it anymore. I can't. Not with Elizabeth asking questions and telling ghost stories.
Nobody knows you're alive.
They're asking the questions. That's enough.
I never betrayed you.
The Townsend Directive is my death sentence. Even with your help, I can't outrun them. There's only one way to survive. I have to give them what they want. Tell me how.
I have nothing to tell you.
We'll see. If you think those secrets of yours are worth dying for? Prove it.
COOPER: What do we know? We questioned everyone who worked the con.
Steinhil used doctors, nurses, ex-cops, intel agents.
Smart group.
But not as smart as Steinhil, who kept everything need-to-know.
None of them know the name of the woman who hired him to con Mr.
Just why she did it to ask what he knows about my mother.
I'm less interested in the why than in the where.
If Steinhil employed all these people to create the illusion that Reddington was in a French hospital, where the hell was he when we got there? Apparently, he escaped.
Or tried to.
He got less than a block.
But the hospital gag was blown, so they moved him somewhere else, but we don't know where.
Let's start at the beginning.
Reddington went to meet with someone he felt safe enough with that he didn't bring Dembe.
Or he went alone to keep a secret.
From Dembe? That must be some secret.
What else? He was abducted in Paris, then flown to Annapolis.
Why? Could be there's something there that they needed Reddington's help to find.
Something or someone.
Katarina Rostova.
I thought your mother was dead.
Maybe that's what she wanted us to think.
Even you?
Apparently, she's not the maternal type.
So far, I'm hearing a lot of maybe's and could be's, a lot of theory, almost no fact.
Here's a fact creating a French hospital in Annapolis takes planning.
All the doctors, nurses, police, they all were sent to the same location to get fitted for their wardrobe.
You have a location? Textile warehouse in Anne Arundel County.
Get there.
If they couldn't con Reddington into telling them what they wanted to know, they're probably trying to beat it out of him.
Agent Keen? I brought Agnes home thinking my mother wasn't a threat.
Now I'm not sure.
KATARINA: He's a tough old bird.
He'll give you what you want.
I don't want this.
It's the best of a bad situation.
I wouldn't be in this situation if you'd done your job.
I told you I needed three months to create the illusion you were looking for.
You gave me three days.
The FBI, have they released anyone? I spoke with Abigail.
How much do they know? About me? Very little.
About you? Absolutely nothing.
I never planned on killing him.
He'd find you if you didn't.
It's better this way.
To kill a man.
This man.
Once you've bled him for what you need.
The nurse was with him when he escaped.
I trust her.
Then the only question left is, should I trust you?
How long do I have?
Half an hour.  Maybe less.
I've met my share of killers. I know who has the capacity to take a human life. I know the the look in their eyes. You don't have it.
It wasn't my decision.
But it is. If you help her if you do nothing to stop her, you're responsible.
You almost escaped. She blames me for that.
I can't take the risk. I'm sorry.
I'm afraid hypoxia has set in. The drip, drip of your blood taking with it the oxygen your organs so desperately need. I'm told hypoxia can be quite uncomfortable. I know a little something about pain.
Everything I cared about died that day.
I didn't want that.
I'd made a life for myself, a family. You blew all that up.
I didn't know.
Dom promised me no one would get hurt. Said he loved his child and just wanted her to be safe. Do I seem safe to you? Hunted, chased into the shadows.
I I can't give you what you want.
What I want is my family back. No one can give me that back. Least of all you. You can't give me what I want. But you can give me what I need. You want me to believe you had nothing to do with Belgrade.
I didn't.
That you care about me.
Then prove it. Who's coming for me? How many? And most importantly, the truth.
I can't.
What is it?!  Very well. Dom then. That's right. I found him. I know it's cruel to go after the old man, but you leave me no choice. Something tells me he won't hold up nearly as well.
Leave him alone.
Gladly. If you give me what I need. Goodbye, Raymond.
Be quiet.
What are you doing?- Shh! [DISTANT CLANK.]
I can't do this alone. I need you to get in the car.
GUARD: Hey, stop! - I said stop! - Don't.
I don't want to hurt you.
Excuse me.
Agents Ressler and Keen FBI.
How can I help you? We, um That is, are you okay? Oh, this? No, no, no.
It's just It's It's The Kennedy Center's doing Phantom.
We're doing the effects.
We thought you were a wardrobe house.
Wardrobe, effects whatever a production needs.
We're here to see Margaret Teague.
I'll let her know you're here.
Illusions. Cons. People pretending to be something they're not.
- Just like Reddington.
- Or my mother.
Look, Keen, you did the right thing by bringing Agnes home.
But if she isn't who I thought she was, if she's a threat - Then we'll deal with it.
- We? Don't think Cooper, Aram, and I haven't talked about this.
You've put your life on hold long enough.
It's past time you start living it, and I I'm Margaret Teague.
Agents Keen and Ressler.
We're looking for Louis Steinhil.
I'm not familiar with that name.
He's a con man, sets up elaborate illusions If you think I had anything to do with the last one being a French hospital in an Annapolis warehouse.
See, their doctors, nurses, and cops who worked that con, - you outfitted them.
- I'm a supplier.
What people do with my supplies, I'm sure I don't know.
I don't care if you know or not.
I'm looking for someone I care about, and in order to find that person, I got to find Steinhil.
So lets cut to the chase.
What you provide, does he pick up, or do you deliver? I've never met the man.
- So you deliver.
- Yes.
To where? Oh, my God.
I just shot that guard.
I didn't know what else to do.
I need your phone.
- Mila.
Mila, your phone.
You're alive.
I thought It's been a week.
I was going to enact The Protocol.
Where are you? You have to get to Dom.
She's going after him.
He doesn't know he's in danger.
Bring the cooler. I need platelets, frozen plasma eight units.
Raymond, you sound bad.
Come alone.
If you won't make it to Dom's, you need to get to a hospital.
If I don't make it, you you know what to do.
Raymond. Be safe. I'll be there.
Who's Dom? [GASPS.]
You need to get us to the highway.
You need a doctor.
No, no, no, no doctors. Just the highway.
You are not okay, all right? You're not gonna make it. You're sick. If you don't make it to a hospital [GROANS.]
What are you doing?
Give me your arm.
We need to get to Dom.
Listen to me. If we don't do this right now, you're gonna be dead before we get to wherever you think we're going to. I didn't save you to watch you die in my car.
If we don't keep moving, they'll find us.
They already have. Hold still.
- W-What? –
Don't move.
What do you mean they already have?
You have to trust me.
Why did you help me?
Like you said, I'm not a killer. And I have terrible judgement when it comes to men.
MILA: Hello? Anyone here? [GUN COCKS.]
You'd better have a damn good excuse, darling.
Is he dead?
DOM: Tell me what she said. Not your interpretation, her exact words.
I'm not interpreting anything. She's coming for you, and she made it very clear she's closing in.
Nonsense. I'm off the grid.
Elizabeth found you.
You mind your own business.
There's no reason to risk it, Dom. This is your house. I know it won't be easy to go, but there's nothing heroic about dying when you don't have to. This isn't "Rio Bravo."
For your information, going out with a fight, standing your your ground, dying on your own terms, that sounds pretty good to a man 81.
Are you 81?
Secondly, nothing about this situation resembles the plot of "Rio Bravo. "
She knows you tried to kill her, Dom. She wants answers, but she also wants revenge.
You set her up, betrayed her
Whose is this?
My daughter's. Katarina.
That's your daughter?  Katarina Rostova? –
Put it away, please.
Your own daughter wants to kill you because you betrayed her?
It's complicated.
I never betrayed Katarina. She betrayed me.
Oh, come on. Enough.
Not just me. Our country, our our values, our entire way of life.
The truth is, Mila, you've stumbled headlong into a family squabble. And the Rostov family can be rather eccentric.
She broke my heart. Made choices I couldn't understand. What was my response?
Wait, what did Tolstoy say about unhappy families?
Despite all my anger, my frustration, I did what I thought was necessary
"Happy families are all alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
Did I make mistakes? Yes. Do I deserve to die for them? Eh, maybe. If I die, at least I will go to my grave knowing that I did what I did to protect my own.
We found him.
A farmhouse a few hours north.
So I was right to trust you.
Will he give you what you want?
No. Just what I need. I'll talk to my halawadar. The balance due will be paid by this time tomorrow.
He means a great deal to you.
He did. Once.
If the situation were reversed, would he show you mercy?
Then you can't show him any.
DEMBE: Thank you.
For what? It's my job to protect him.
I couldn't do that.
You did.
He was supposed to be a bad man, a criminal, a fugitive, the worst of the worst.
That's why I signed up. Not to protect him. But to take down the Most Wanted.
In my experience, who people are supposed to be is rarely who they are.
Steven Biel. Contractor?
Call him. Tell him Raymond sent you.
Raymond takes care of the people who take care of him.
I didn't do this for the money.
No. You did it because it's the right thing to do.
You give me too much credit.
Take the card. It's not just money. It's protection.
You think she'll come for me. Please thank him for me.
No thanks are necessary.
He seems so decent. How is that possible?
Because he is decent.
I should go. He said I'm not a killer Reddington. He said he could tell just by looking at me.
Then you're not.
He knows nothing about me.
He knows enough.
What was that?
I don't know.
MAN: Show me your hands!
Police! - You go.
He was here.
SWAT AGENT: I need help here! I've got something.
Someone inside.
It's locked.
It's Steinhil. He's alone.
FBI. Open the door. Steinhil, I said open the door.
Damn it! I could've sworn I had another box of shells in here.
Dom, we can help you. We'll take what we can.
I'm too old to run.
But too young to die.
Wh Where would I go?To the beach, the mountains.
How about the Tetons?
You really think she's close.
I think we have the day.
You don't.
What do you mean, "don't"?
You don't have the day. You don't even have the hour. She knows where you are. She's been tracking us since we left the safe house. How? You took the chip out of Raymond's neck.
Yes, out of my neck, but not out of her own. We didn't escape, did we, Mila?No.
She ordered me to help you.
Hoping I'd lead her here, to Dom. How much time do we have? Mila. How much time?
She'll be here in 20, 30 minutes.I didn't have a choice.She said she would kill me.
Dom, I suggest we find that extra box of shells. Who are you? You've thrown your lot in with me. I should at least know your name.
Francesca Campbell. People call me Frankie.
Tell me, Francesca. How is it that you turned out to be my guardian angel?
That is not what I am.
Are you really a nurse?
I'm a former combat medic. That's why Steinhil picked me.
He created the illusion. Was part of it, too. Inspector Oban.
Tell me about it the con.
They'll be here any minute.
Tell me.
All I know is Katarina Rostova hired him because she thinks people are trying to kill her and that you might know how to stop them. The plan was to con you, not kill you, to get you to tell Inspector Oban who the assassins are and what they, or you, might know about her sources and safe houses.
You don't believe in assault rifles?
Open that.
RED: Steinhil's smart. He knew I'd be overconfident after figuring out the hospital wasn't real
Carefully, carefully.
that I'd think I'd solved the puzzle when I'd only gotten one piece.
I believe in plastic explosives.
He knew I wouldn't see his fingerprints all over the escape.
CAMPBELL: Everything was planned, down to the last detail leaving you alone to die, the car parked outside.
You shot the guard.
No, I didn't. All that and the chip in my neck.
Inspired. When this is over, I must see about putting this Steinhil on retainer. So you're not a nurse who's afraid of her own shadow. You're a soldier.
That's right.
And I'm not leading you or anyone else into an ambush.
Four shotguns two pump action, two lever.
Three bolt-action rifles all single shot.
And a few souvenirs from home.
Let me help you.
Your help is what got us into this mess.
She'll kill me, too.
When she realizes that you knew she was coming, she'll know I warned you.
Raymond, we could use an extra gun.
Not if it's pointed at the back of our heads!
What do they call a combat medic in the army?
68 whiskey.
Dembe, give the woman a shotgun.
RESSLER: I want a full autopsy.
No one accesses that body until I get a solid ID.
You got that?
They tricked him, made him think he escaped.
Reddington escaped, but he didn't?
He was being tracked.
They both were.
Both? What do you mean both? One of the security guards said there was a nurse on site who befriended him, made Reddington think she was on his side.
She orchestrated the escape.
So they could track him.
Why? Where Where did they think he was gonna go?
My grandfather's house.
- Your grandfather? –
Whoever took Reddington was trying to find out about Katarina Rostova.
If he wouldn't tell them, maybe they think Dom will.
And if they do to him what they did to Reddington We're not gonna let that happen.
They may already be there.
It's not gonna happen.
They're both here? Reddington's recovering in the downstairs bedroom.
He's not mobile.
The old man's working at the back of the house.
- Anyone else? - No.
Did everything you said.
It went all as planned.
You three, inside with her.
Find Reddington and kill him.
Berdy, tell the others to go around the back.
Bring me Dominic.
I want him alive.
It all falls apart Constant fear of explosion Crypto-fascist contagion Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah They took no time to unwind it all Manufactured suggestion Wag the dog and then drown him - [GUN COCKS.]
Don't move.
You didn't tell us there was anyone else in the house.
Drop your guns.
Do it now.
He said drop 'em! [GUNFIRE.]
Oh, no Oh, no, no, no This can't be how it all whimpers out [BEEP.]
Dembe! Dom's hit!
Okay. One more step. That's it. All right, sit. Something for his head. There you go.
Single round to the chest.
Please tell me he has a hemostat.
DOM: How bad? Some Quick Clot powder? Celox? –
I don't see any.
- Gauze?
Oh, the the plastic.
Give me the package, too.
All right.
Get him up.
How bad is it? How bad?
That's it.
They're here.
Gentlemen, it's over! Go to hell! Seems you may get there first.
Raymond, I told you I want answers, which means I need him alive.
Send him out, and I'll have no choice but to save his life.
We open it, she'll kill the three of us and eventually kill him.
CAMPBELL: He may not make it anyway.
Then we fight.
KATARINA: Open the door, Raymond, or my men shoot their way to you. Raymond, this is my last warning!
Move up, move up!
Clear! - Clear!
Ressler, in here!  
Dom? Dom, it's Elizabeth Keen.
Are you okay?
Elizabeth! It's us! –
Is it clear? –
It's clear!
Dom's hit. We need to get him help now. That's it.
You have Reddington?
Been through hell, but he's okay.
Better than Rostova.
No. Dominic her father, Keen's grandfather.
This, everything, it was about getting information on Katarina and the people hunting her.
Getting information for who?
Are we any closer to finding out who hired Steinhil?
No, they were gone by the time we got there.
And by the looks of things, they came in guns blazing.
The nearest hospital's in the opposite direction.
Yes, it is.
Then why are we going the wrong way?
Because we're not going to the hospital.
What? - What? I'm sorry, but who are you?
He needs an operating room, a surgeon.
Yes, and I intend to get him the best one available.
What if he dies before then?
He's a Rostov, Elizabeth. If we take him to an emergency room, questions will be asked, questions he's not prepared to answer.
Please don't tell me she's the nurse from the French hospital.
- She was very convincing.
- She was in on the con.
Yes, and now she's the best hope your grandfather has to survive.
Stein and his team have been alerted.
They're en route.
Called Dembe on my way to Dom's, and given my condition, he felt it prudent to assemble one of our triage cubes.Turns out, it was.
- What's happening?!
Tension pneumothorax.
Air's leaking out of the hole into his pleural cavity.
We need to remove the seal, or else the pressure's gonna collapse his lungs.
It's not just air.
He's bleeding into his chest cavity.
We're losing him.
How far out?!Three minutes.
We're almost there.
So much to say.
And a lifetime left to say it.
GSW! White male, 80.
Sat-level 76 and dropping.
WOMAN: Got it.
His lungs are drowning.
Which one of you is the surgeon? - Doc's still in transit.
- ETA? - Six minutes.
- He'll be dead in six minutes! If we don't put a chest tube in him in the next two, both of his lungs will collapse.
- Then you do it.
- Me? I'm a field medic.
I don't care what you are.
Do you know how to do it? - I've never done it before.
- Do you know how to do it? Just do it.
These people can help you with whatever you need.
Do it! MAN: CO2 number.
If they pull you under, you're buried alive CAMPBELL: Knife.
Doesn't matter which one.
Just pick one.
Don't wait for an answer 'cause no one survived Seventh intercostal.
Give me the smallest ET tube you've got.
It's force of habit Take something from it Okay.
You called, it came It's here to stay MAN: Critical.
MAN: Stabilizing.
These wounds don't heal But they won't show [AIR HISSING.]
They've already been out there They've been walking for miles
Those questions you don't want asked, well, I'm gonna ask them anyway. Why don't we start with who did this.
Not now, Elizabeth.
Yes, now. Someone out there thinks Katarina Rostova is still alive, and clearly they think you know more than you're saying.
That isn't a question.
Who grabbed you in Paris? Who tortured you? Why is my grandfather dying in a lumberyard? My question is, what the hell happened?
You did. You and Agent Ressler.
Excuse me?
How many times have I told you? Leave it alone. I warned you. Even saying the name Katarina Rostova has consequences, and now you see. Now you see what that name will make others do.
These questions of yours have gotten their attention, and now they will crawl out of whatever hole they were in, and they will hurt whomever they must just on the chance, just on the notion that she might still be alive. "What happened?" Elizabeth. You raised an old ghost, and that's why your grandfather is dying in a lumberyard.
COOPER: Reddington blamed you?
He's not wrong.
Of course he is.
None of this would've happened if Ressler and I hadn't started asking a lot of questions he told us not to ask.
You wouldn't have had to ask them if he'd been honest with you, if he'd told you his real identity.
Have you decided whether to tell Main Justice?
Not yet.
But telling them Reddington is really a former KGB agent whose name is Ilya Koslov will cause a firestorm I have no interest in dealing with.
What I am interested in is you and making sure you know that none of this is your fault.
Reddington wouldn't tell us who abducted him. And it's not like we can ask Steinhil or whatever his real name was. Aram's following up with the ME. If we can identify the body, maybe we can work backward from there. In the meantime, I've assigned a security detail to your apartment.
You think that's really necessary?
We don't know who took Reddington, but she's asking about your mother and has shown that she's willing to go after anyone who may know about her, so, yes, I think it's necessary.
I'm sorry my family is so messy.
Katarina Rostova is your relative. We're your family. And we're not gonna let anything happen to you.
Agent Mojtabai.
Something wrong?
Definitely. I did what you said and followed up with the Medical Examiner's Office, and they didn't know what I was talking about. They don't have Steinhil. I mean, they never even got him.
Apparently, the call we made requesting they respond to the scene was canceled.
Canceled by who?
Well, the log says by Special Agent Gerald Host. G.Host, as in Ghost.
I've been trying to decide what to do about you. I suppose by warning us, you saved our lives, but you're also a large part of the reason our lives needed saving. The things you've done I've killed others for less. I appreciate what you did for Dom. It's the reason you're still alive. But to be clear, it does not make us even.
Why didn't the FBI arrest you?
I intend to find the woman who did this.
You're number one on their list, and they just let you go.
Perhaps you can help me find her. Perhaps not. Time will tell. But until we are even, you're not going anywhere.
If you don't mind me asking how's he doing?
We don't know if his brain was deprived of oxygen, and if so, for how long. If he ever does wake up, he may not be himself anymore.
I didn't realize you two were close.
Ahh. I've known Dom a long time. Most of it's been unpleasant. Still, something happens when you've when you've known someone that long, when, after all of life's twists and turns you look over and there they are, still in it with you, still yours.
I'm sorry my questions caused all this. But they are questions I deserve answers to. Maybe not now. Now it's too dangerous. But someday, I'm going to insist on answers. And you're going to have to give them to me.
When he gets better, you should bring Agnes to meet him.
LIZ: Shoes, shoes, shoes! If we don't leave here in two minutes, Agnes, you're definitely gonna be late for the bell.
Wait! My headband!
Ears or no ears? Ears!
Mom, that's not Mrs. Monzewski, right?
WOMAN: Oh, my goodness! I love those ears!
Uh, hello. I'm Liz. This is Agnes.
Maddy Tolliver. Your new neighbor.
It's funny.
Mrs. Monzewski's lived there forever. I didn't know she was thinking of moving.
She didn't. I'm just subletting. It all happened very quickly. The woman who showed me the apartment said something about her going to Pittsburgh for a while to be closer to her grandson.
You're pretty.
Thank you, sweetie! So are you! You remind me of my granddaughter.
We have to run, but it was nice meeting you.
So nice to meet you both. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
7.01 Louis Steinhil  #27
- Hey, hey.
Shh, shh, shh, shh!
Where is he?
What? I don't
Reddington! Where is he?! –
Okay, okay! Arrête.
Put down the gun, eh? –
- Aah! You run the network, Joubert.
If Reddington was smuggled out of Paris, you'd know.
Who got him out? Reddington is impossible to track. He's like a ghost.
What about the strike team?
What strike team?! Hey, hey, if Reddington was in France, I would know, and I would tell you.
I would.
Take this phone, Joubert, and call me if you hear something.
What do you mean, smuggled out of Paris? Is Reddington in trouble? Is he? What happened to Reddington?!
Where Where am I? - Il lutte contre les sangles.
Il ne peux pas bouger.
Dis lui qu'il do it rester immobile.
What happened?
Mr. Reddington, please be calm. You are in a hospital. You're in Paris.
I can't feel anything. Why can't I move? Why can't I feel anything?
Do you recall the incident? How about the rescue? Mr.Reddington, I'm sure you have many questions, and, uh, a great many police waiting to speak with you.But my only job is to care for your physical health, and I'm concerned you may also have cognitive damage.So I need you to tell me what, if anything, you remember about the incident.Do you know who did this to you?
I don't.
Police had a local gang under surveillance when they saw you being pulled from a van.
So they caught them the people who did this.
Well, the inspectors intervened, but they got away. You'd been drugged and beaten within an inch of your life.
Why can't I feel my legs?
Look, the people who did this to you, they shattered your spine L-two, three, and four.
The neurosurgeons performed an emergency surgery a laminectomy.
They removed the shattered bone, fused your spine.
But I can't walk.
Tell me when you feel this.
There. I can't walk.
There are tests to perform, work to be done, but time will be the only real judge of what functions you will eventually recover.
Why am in this thing?
Patients living with the challenges of immobility
So I'm paralyzed.
People in your condition –
I'm paralyzed.
- You're immobile. And while you are immobile, you're prone to both pulmonary complications and pressure-related injuries. By moving you up and down, this will help you avoid an embolism and pressure ulcers.
Will I ever walk again?
Mr. Reddington, you're lucky to be alive.
ARAM: Okay, so, I ran background checks on all the applicants.
Yeah? Who is your top choice? Mrs.
Doubtfire, right? Would be, if she weren't three months behind on her rent.
What about "Hand That Rocks the Cradle"? Two stints in rehab.
- "The Manny"? - 17 unpaid parking tickets.
Well I have more than that.
One scofflaw in the family is enough.
- [SIGHING] Are they all bad? - Bad? No.
Just, uh, not good enough to be Agnes' nanny.
Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone has a skeleton in the closet? [CLICKS TONGUE] You know, after Samar left, I spent six months drowning my sorrows in kielbasa and Ingmar Bergman movies.
Then Ressler insisted I sign on to a dating app.
When I refused, he signed up for me.
I swear, he is more of a yenta than my own yenta.
First three names he swipes right on their background checks bankruptcy, credit-card fraud, and a restraining order for slashing their ex-boyfriend's tires.
Now we are both eating Polish sausage and playing chess with Death.
Well, I need to keep looking.
Williams is helping me out as a favor.
I need someone who's permanent.
Raymond's gone.
- Gone where? - Taken.
Tell me what you know.
- We came to Paris.
- When? Six days ago, for a meeting.
With who? Someone I don't know.
Someone he trusted.
How do you know you can trust him if you don't know who he is? Because he insisted on going alone.
He went without you? - Why would he do that? - I don't know.
He's in trouble, Elizabeth.
I need your help to get him out of it.
I was beginning to think that you didn't exist.
And yet, voilà  here you are.
René Oban.
Chief Inspector, DGSI.
I've been hunting you for years.
Well, this must be very exciting for you.
It was.
Like chasing an illusion.
Reality is much less interesting.
Welcome to yours.
A Frenchman who states the obvious how unusual.
Like a Swiss who argues.
Or an Italian who doesn't.
I have been hunting you and Katarina Rostova.
- Fun.
- We know that she is in Paris.
And at the risk of stating the obvious, it cannot be a coincidence that you are here, as well.
[BED WHIRRING] Tell me about Rostova.
Call the number.
We know about the Townsend Directive.
We know that it is a standing order to kill Rostova and that it is very much in play.
I want you to tell me who is coming for her and where she is so I can get to her before they do.
She has some intel that I want, and obviously I cannot get it from her if she's dead.
You said you prefer illusion to reality.
More than you can possibly imagine.
I may have seemed like an illusion, but she is one someone you can never find.
I am not interested in talking to your lawyer.
Then you must not be interested in talking to me, because you can't do one without the other.
What's his name? Marvin Gerard.
Sounds French.
What's the status?
BERDY: Reddington is being interrogated as we speak.
And Annapolis knows we're coming?
Yes, everything is on schedule.
Problem? Uh, one of Reddington's men found me.
That was to be expected.
He shot two of my men.
And he'll shoot more unless you tell him where Reddington's being held.
No, no, I-I would never do that, ever.
I just think that you should know that they are close, and they are getting closer.
Thank you, Joubert.
For your concern and kindness.
[SILENCED GUNSHOT] How I wish we lived in a world where kindness wasn't a liability.
I have intel on Keen.
Should I act on it?
Not yet.
I'm hoping we won't have to.
[SIGHING] Clean this up and meet me in Annapolis.
And, Berdy Yes, boss? Say a kind word over his grave.
Yes, the Raymond Reddington.
- Positively I.
'd in Paris.
- I talked to Morgan.
He hasn't heard from him.
Can you reach out to Chuck? Okay, so, I reviewed all the CCTV footage from the Paris neighborhoods that Dembe thought Mr.
Reddington might have gone to.
Wherever he went, he didn't want to be seen.
- French police are on line one.
- I'm on with French police.
The secret police.
They called the 0100 number.
I didn't know we had an 0100 number.
- We don't.
- I'll have to call you back.
Yes, this is René Oban with the DGSI calling for Marvin Gerard.
He's not available right now.
Mm, well, he will be when you tell him I have Raymond Reddington in custody.
COOPER: Inspector Oban, this is the Assistant Director of the FBI, Harold Cooper.
We have arrested Marvin Gerard and have a tap on his lines in the hopes that we might find Raymond Reddington.
Apparently, we have.
- Is any of this true? - No, but he doesn't know that.
If you have Reddington, we need to meet.
If you have him.
I'll need verification.
Yes, understood.
But since I am in Paris and you are in Washington, uh, might I suggest a meeting at our embassy between you and our attaché? Fine.
Make the arrangements.
You're quite lucky, tapping the number Reddington gave me to call.
Luck had nothing to do with it.
Oh, no, I don't suppose it did.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS, TELEPHONE BEEPS] Think he suspects? Suspects what? What What was all that? 0100 is a dedicated line, a way for Reddington to let us know if he's been arrested.
He demands to speak to his lawyer, and we pretend like we just arrested him.
COOPER: This Inspector Oban, I want a full rundown on him.
Hang on, hang on.
Reddington goes 30 years without getting caught, and now he's been caught twice within the last year.
He wasn't caught last year.
Wasn't caught? He was nearly executed.
He was arrested, but he wasn't caught.
What's the difference? I turned him in.
- You what? - Why would you do that? So he couldn't get in the way of me trying to find out - his real identity.
- Whose real identity? Reddington's.
Wh [LAUGHING] What? And you knew about this? Yeah.
And I promised Reddington I'd keep it to myself.
They deserve to know.
Know what? That the real Raymond Reddington died in 1991 and the man you know as Reddington was once a KGB agent named Ilya Koslov.
That's impossible.
I knew Reddington.
I served with him.
It's a long story.
And I'll tell it to you after we get him back.
Reddington, who you say is dead.
It doesn't matter who he was.
I thought it did, but it doesn't.
And once you hear the story, I don't think it'll matter to you.
The only thing that matters is that Reddington our Reddington is in French custody, and we have to get him back.
Ressler, Aram, run a check on this René Oban.
Keen, circle back to Dembe and press him on who Reddington may have been meeting with.
I'll reach out to Main Justice and explain the situation.
Which one? The one about getting him back.
Once we do that, we can figure out the rest.
Or try to.
- BRIAUX: Ah, pardon.
- [HORN HONKS] Director Cooper! Patrick Briaux, Homeland Security Attaché.
Ici, s'il vous plaît.
Where we going? To have a private conversation.
Surely you know we can't do that in the embassy, since all the listening devices were installed by your government.
COOPER: I share your desire for caution.
Mine concerns René Oban.
He was with the DGSI until three years ago.
After that, there's no record of him.
Does the FBI have a record of you after six years ago? If they do, I couldn't find it.
Fair enough.
But before I say anything, I need proof that you have him.
He was picked up near the Seine, badly beaten and unable to walk.
We expect your full cooperation in returning him to our custody.
You're a mystery an agent who doesn't exist.
And yet, when we call Reddington's lawyer, you pick up and demand his return.
I wonder Is that because he's your fugitive or because you work for him? A friend in high places.
Do you have Reddington or not? This photo tells me nothing.
[CELLPHONE SPEED-DIALING] I have Cooper. Put him on.
OBAN: Nothing will come from this.
COOPER: 30 years ago, Raymond Reddington heard classified testimony in connection with a US. intelligence officer killed in Kuwait What was the soldier's name?
Daniel Hutton.
So it is you.
Were you expecting someone else?
I wasn't sure. Now I am.
Is it true about your injuries?
It is. But I've been paralyzed before. The spine of a blowfish pierced my wet suit off Pit –
Not remotely. An extradition request will be made within the hour.
Cheer up. I'm a man of my word. You did as I asked, so I'll tell you what you're dying to know.
About Rostova?
The blowfish.
I was stung off Pitcairn Island during a brief assignation I had with a rapturous descendant of Fletcher Christian.
Okay, I'm clear.
ABIGAIL: Jiro wants to know if you want him to intercede with the extradition.
OBAN: No, tell his people to hold.
Is this the updated Cooper file? It is, but Werner says it's a work in progress.
The DOJ files are understandably difficult to access.
How's our patient? He's stable.
Respiratory rate and O2 saturation are good.
- Last dose was at 10:00.
- What are the levels? He's fine above L2.
Is our client here? Yes.
Dose him again.
And? Still a mystery.
As is whether he has a connection to Reddington.
It's a work in progress.
- And Reddington? - Still thinks he's in Paris.
But if he thinks he can wait for the FBI's extradition order, he's gonna be less inclined to talk.
Then use that to your advantage.
How? We're up against a clock.
We need a plan B.
It's not gonna take them long to find out what's happening here.
Yes, well, if you're any good at your job, this will all be done by the time they do.
[DOOR OPENS] Good news.
I'm told you're going to get into a chair soon.
Right now, I'm a little less concerned with what I can't feel than by what I can an insufferable itch on my cheek that I'm unable to scratch.
Would you be so kind, Nikola? Tell me where.
Uh, the right cheek.
Yeah, that's right.
A little higher.
Oh, no, a little higher than A-Almost OBAN: I don't know whether to be impressed or disgusted.
It appears your American friends, they are more fond of you than I had anticipated.
They've asked my government to proceed with extradition proceedings.
Now, sadly for you, that will not be considered by the French government unless I sign off.
And I will not consider that until after you have told me about Katarina Rostova.
MILA: We need to change his dressing to avoid infection.
OBAN: Ah, you see another incentive for you to tell me what I want to know.
Could you give us a moment? Wait outside.
[DOOR CLOSES] I may not have told you what you want, but I told you all you need.
You'll never find Rostova.
OBAN: Ah, yes, yes, yes, because she's an illusion.
What does that mean? She's a figment of the collective imagination.
I don't believe you.
In fact I am thinking that she did this to you.
Did she? Why are you protecting her? Some people in this world are soul mates.
Katarina Rostova and I shared one.
Betraying her would be like betraying myself.
[DOOR OPENING] - [DOOR THUMPS] - What have you found? Reddington's in French custody.
Cooper's working on extradition.
Then we'll get him back.
Well, we hope so, but, uh, his physical condition What about it? It's not good.
Tell me.
ARAM: Let me get this straight.
Raymond Reddington is your father.
The real one.
But he's dead because you shot and killed him.
When I was 4, yeah.
And after he dies, your mother, Katarina Rostova, puts you in foster care and escapes from the KGB, FBI, and the Cabal with the help of her oldest friend, Ilya Koslov, who nips and tucks his way into becoming Mr.
Reddington in order to access the millions that the real Reddington didn't even know he had, in order to finance her disappearance.
Is that it? Pretty much.
You're definitely gonna need therapy.
And now that you've told me, so am I.
Listen up.
I just got off the phone with Panabaker.
The French are denying everything.
But, uh, you went to the embassy and spoke to the attaché.
RESSLER: Maybe they're gonna wait until they can bleed Reddington of all the intel they can and then hand him over.
Whatever their motivation, the French know this is a priority for us, and they will use that to their advantage in negotiating extradition.
But the attaché, Briaux you said he was cooperative.
He was, which is why I'm going back to the embassy personally to deliver the extradition paperwork.
Ah, Mila, my dear! You are a sight for sore eyes.
You did not eat a bite.
My God, no.
Eating even a swallow of that gruel with all the bread and cheese, chocolate and wine on the other side of these walls? That's more torture than a man can brave.
Well, at least you'll be able to get out of this bed.
Ah! My chariot arrives.
Reddington, let's get you moving around, shall we? I've been on the run half my life.
I suppose now I'll be on a walk.
Or a roll.
You're a very dark man.
Yes, well, walking or rolling, I intend to show my gratitude by sharing with you the finest night of drinking and dining one can possibly imagine.
- Are you comfortable? - Quite.
That ought to keep me from running.
Harold Cooper, FBI, here to see Patrick Briaux.
Yes, sir.
Go right ahead.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Monsieur Briaux.
Harold Cooper to see you, sir.
What can I do for you? Patrick Briaux? Yes.
Something wrong? [CELLPHONE RINGS, BEEPS] Keen.
Elizabeth, it's me.
Did you talk to Briaux? Yes, I'm I'm with him right now.
We have a situation.
Take a look at this.
So, these are the surveillance feeds from inside the embassy, which show Briaux waiting in line to request a visa application.
But once he gets it, he leaves.
Never filled it out.
LIZ: He was just lingering outside, chatting up the guards, waiting for you to arrive.
ARAM: I'll issue a BOLO, circulating the image with MPD and surrounding jurisdictions.
The real Briaux insists that Reddington is not in French custody and regrets the misunderstanding.
Well, if Reddington isn't being held by the French police, who is holding him? Maybe the person he met with.
You have no idea who that was? I only know it was someone Raymond felt safe with.
And Raymond never feels safe with anyone.
Whoever it was must've known we were in the dark and reached out anyway, had Briaux come to meet you.
Why? What were they hoping to gain? Maybe confirmation that he's our informant.
He has a lot of enemies.
Now one of them may suspect he's working with us, and if that's the truth, we may have just signed Reddington's death warrant.
Briaux, or whatever the hell his name actually is, he's our only lead.
Let's find him.
["DANSER DANS LA NUIT" PLAYS] Sous les etoiles on danse avec la lumiere de la lune Nous deux ensemble somme aussi leger comme une plume [MOUSE CLICKING RAPIDLY, THUMPING] Quelle joli soir et tout le monde a but un verre ou deux TECH: What the? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Liam.
Hey, the hell's this? Something's wrong with the picture.
Do me a favor.
Get Colton.
I'm on it.
Et chaque fois que tu me prends dans tes bras Good evening, Mr.
Time to change your dressing.
Yes, Mila, please, do come in.
C'est magique danser dans la nuit! Let me ask you something.
Do I frighten you, Mila, with all the police and the guards, the handcuffs? No.
To me, you seem like, uh I don't know the word.
[SIGHS] - You seem like a nice man.
- [MUSIC ENDS] I'm glad.
[FRANCOISE HARDY'S "TU PEUX BIEN" PLAYS] Ah! Would you mind turning up the music? I love this song.
Tu peux bien te perdre - Et tu peux, demain - [VOLUME INCREASES] Mila, please, just a little more.
Sans rien me dire, disparaître, je sais bien I remember hearing this wafting across the courtyard and through the window of my apartment on Rue Jacob.
It could have been my mother.
She loved this record.
- [GRUNTS] - [OBJECTS CLATTER] [GRUNTS] Aah! Ohh! Unless you want whatever is in here, - I suggest you be still.
- Who are you working for? A-A woman.
I don't know her name.
- Katarina? - Maybe.
She's Russian.
And the beating? Don't, please.
I'm begging you Tell me about the beating.
It was a story.
Like Inspector Oban and the doctor.
They'll be here any moment.
[MUSIC CONTINUES] I can't hear anything with the music, and I've got no video.
- There was no surgery.
- No.
- And we're not in Paris.
- No.
Then why the chair? Why can't I feel my legs? - Answer me.
- [GASPS] The surgical drain in your back, i-it's not to collect fluids.
It's an epidural.
When we change your dressing, we're pushing sensory and motor blockades [INHALES DEEPLY] tetracaine and bupivacaine.
And what happens if I don't get the scheduled dose? If you don't, then you walk.
Je rêve de me perdre si c'est me perdre avec toi, toi [GRUNTING] Aah! [BOTH GRUNTING] Et je cours à  ma perte Si tu n'as rien d'autre pour moi, que ça Signal looks fine.
It might be the camera, some internal glitch.
Whatever's happening, it's no accident.
Get in there.
[OBJECTS CLATTERING] Plus tu gagnes et plus je perds à  t'aimer [BOTH GRUNTING] Ou lassée de tout perdre Je saurais partir loin de toi Et par peur de me perdre [BOTH GRUNTING] You make a sound, I'll kill you.
Tu croiras que tu veux de moi [SPEAKING FRENCH] [MUSIC STOPS] I'm sorry.
Uh, my French is really only good enough for restaurants and little old ladies.
Do you speak English? - [FRENCH ACCENT] Some, yes.
- Ah.
In that case, may I ask a favor? I-Inspector Oban the one with the crooked little grin would you please tell him I'd like to speak with him? There's an important matter I'd like to discuss.
[DOOR CLOSES] She killed her father.
I can't imagine the burden that carries.
If we tell Justice who Mr.
Reddington really is, will they shut us down? Rather than stay in business with a KGB agent? I would.
MPD just found Briaux's visa application in the trash outside the embassy.
They lifted a print.
Tell me we have an I.
LIZ: Briaux's real name is Michael Hansen.
Lives off Vermont and North Crescent.
High-end grifter who stings anyone from Vegas big shots to tech VCs.
And gullible FBI agents.
Well, he's one of the best, which means that whoever has Reddington is even better.
ARAM: As soon as we pull a warrant, we can get Hansen to tell us who that is.
- How long will that take? - An hour, maybe less.
Definitely less.
I'm guessing he's not waiting for a warrant.
No, he isn't.
Neither am I.
I understand crossing lines for your father, but now who are you crossing the line for? A man I've grown to like.
[DOOR THUDS OPEN] FBI! - [GROANS] - Where's Reddington?! I don't know! [GROANS] - Aah! - [BONES CRUNCH] Then you're gonna tell us who does.
[GROANS] LIZ: Louis T.
Steinhil? That's what they call him.
That name's what, an alias? It's an anagram.
The letters spell "The Illusionist.
" [GROANS] How does he operate? I get a call, a character to create, a script to follow, and a boatload of money.
And you do what he says, no questions asked? In my world, everyone wants to work with Steinhil.
The man has an incredible reputation.
Tell us about it, this reputation.
[SCOFFS] The thieves who set fire to the Vasa Museum and took three Dutch masters? They weren't thieves, and they didn't steal the paintings.
They worked for Steinhil, who posed as a fireman, cleared the building, and took the masterpieces himself.
I'm telling you, The Illusionist is everywhere and nowhere a fireman, a casino boss.
A French cop.
Sure, if the illusion calls for it, yeah.
Listen, it was just a job.
I don't know who he is or what he's done with Reddington.
You said he pays well.
How? Cash? Wire transfer? [FRENCH ACCENT] You asked to see me.
Yes, I did.
There's something you should know.
It's an urgent but [SIGHS] private matter.
Take off your coat.
Have a seat.
Something's wrong.
Tell Colton we got an emergency.
We lost the feed again.
Oh! Ha-ha! The keys.
[KEYS JINGLE] I asked you here, Inspector Oban, or whoever you are, to tell you how much I admire your plan.
And I do or I did.
The paralytic agent that was your pitfall.
The medications wear off when not administered every four hours.
I'm overdue for my next dose, so [CHAIR CREAKING] [GRUNTS] The next time you want to convince me I've broken my spine, you damn well better break my spine.
Hey, put that down.
Don't touch me.
It's either a bullet in the head or a needle in the arm.
I'd take the needle.
- What is it? - Ketamine.
The same tonic used to knock me out on the street.
For a man your height and weight, 150 milligrams should do the trick and give you the most wonderful dreams.
Or it might kill you.
I'm pretty sure it's the dreams.
But I'm no doctor, and you're no cop.
Either way, I suppose pharma-karma's a bitch.
He has a gun.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] - [ALARM BLARING] - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Where are we? Hansen couldn't lead us to The Illusionist, but there's a chance his money can.
Aram's tracing it now, and I'm hunting for childcare.
Turns out Steinhil isn't the only one who isn't who he appears to be.
I'm beginning to think no one is.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you before.
Why didn't you? - [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Hey.
So, um, I was able to trace the payment Hansen received to an account in Paris.
Now, the account's in the name of a shell corporation, so the I.
trail is a dead end, but and I am 74% confident there is something to this I found several other payments out of the Paris account, one of which was used to rent a small warehouse in Annapolis.
So? So, three other payments were made to rent medical equipment that, according to the rental company, were sent to that same warehouse.
You think that's where they're holding Reddington.
I know we think he's in Paris, but maybe that's just another illusion.
Get Ressler.
Tell him we may have located Reddington.
Got it.
I do have an answer to your question, by the way.
When this is over, I look forward to hearing it.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] Aram, text me that address and notify the FBI in Annapolis.
- What about local authorities? - Not yet.
I don't want to scramble units that might expose Reddington until we know what we're dealing with.
Address is on its way.
[TIRES SQUEAL] [TIRES SCREECH] Stop! Stop! Don't move! [TIRES SCREECHING] [GUN CLICKS] Drop the gun! - Turn around! - Hands on the wall! Good to see you again, Raymond.
Get him in the van.
What happened? BERDY: Nurse says he got to one of the contingency weapons.
- Our exposure? - Well, we found it on him.
Doesn't look like any calls went out, but we're taking precautions.
KATARINA: What about the Elizabeth Keen intel? - Is it solid? - 100%.
Give it to the Movers, just in case.
He's coming to! Dose him again.
The nurse, the one who let this happen Bring her to me.
We know you all worked for Steinhil.
What we want to know is who he worked for.
The employer.
We want a name.
LIZ: We know the hospital is fake.
- We assume the injuries were, too.
- So? So Reddington isn't paralyzed.
He's been on the run 30 years.
If we could make him think he couldn't run anymore She thought he'd talk.
She? I don't have a name.
A description, then.
Nobody knows who she is.
But you know what she wanted Reddington to talk about? - Yes.
- Which was what? Not what.
Some woman.
Do you know her name? I know she's dangerous.
A Russian.
A Russian.
Katarina Rostova.
[FOOTSTEPS] [SOFT MUSIC PLAYS] This is who my mother is to me an aura that surrounds me.
For better or for worse, I don't know.
How does it feel when it's quiet and calm? They're in there asking them about her.
And will I be denied? Whoever took him, it's because of her.
How will it feel when it's time to move on?
He'll be okay.
You don't know that.
Apparently, Reddington died 30 years ago. He rose from the grave once. I'm pretty sure he will again.
I didn't tell you because you're honest. You'd want to report Reddington's misrepresentation to Main Justice. And I don't think you should.
What makes you say that?
Because he's not my father.
I don't understand.
When I thought he was my father, I hated him for abandoning me. I thought he shirked responsibility. But now I know he takes it on even when he doesn't have to. I was nobody to him. The illegitimate daughter of a childhood friend. And he devoted half his life to me. Do you know anyone else who does that?? Because I don't.
Feeling okay? I'll be fine.
I don't like this, Raymond. The whole ordeal pains me. Surely you understand that. I went to great lengths to pretend to hurt you. We're past that now, Raymond. This is very real.
I can assure you that, before we're finished you're going to tell me everything I want to know.
Miss? Shall we begin?
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
6.22 Robert Diaz #15
MAN: This way.
Come on.
Let's go.
- It's handled.
DIAZ: Except Keen and Reddington.
The less you know, the better.
Anna, I believe we're way past plausible deniability.
They'll come for their friends, and then we'll have all the traitors.
You say that like it'll be easy to prove.
These are honest people ANNA: Who have killed Secret Service Agents investigating a plot against the President.
Whose work has made Reddington stronger.
They're in league with him, and he hates you.
I'm not worried about making a case against them.
The question I have is you.
Do you want this? We've talked about this.
I know.
But this is it.
It's your last chance to say no.
It's what has to be done.
I can't imagine how hard this must be for you.
One shot.
A kill shot.
That's my instruction, and I want it clearly conveyed.
- A kill shot.
- I'd like this to be as painless as possible.
[PHONE BEEPS] MIRIAM: Tomorrow's a big day for you.
For both of us.
What you've wanted me to do, I'm gonna take care of it tomorrow at the debate.
Do you mean that? This has haunted us for too long.
[EXHALES SHAKILY] I'm relieved to hear you say that.
It'll shock the world.
I don't care about the world.
I care about you.
I know you're conflicted, but this is the right thing to do.
[SIGHS] And I'm proud of you for doing it.
It's over.
Agent Keen's badge was swiped.
We know she's in the facility, and we will find her.
Main Justice has evidence that your Task Force is working with Reddington on a coup d'etat.
Reddington will be hunted.
Your team will be tried and convicted.
But I'm willing to help you, Harold only you if you reach out to her.
Bring her in.
[CLICK] The Miles dossier.
We recovered it from Agent Mojtabai's computer.
Without it you have nothing.
Make the call.
Bring her in.
Good luck.
- Good luck? - You're gonna need it if you hope to dismantle my team.
Your team is going to prison.
Then I'm going with them.
And Agent Keen? She won't make it out of here alive.
You don't know Agent Keen.
- Reddington.
- RED: Elizabeth.
McMahon has them.
Cooper, Ressler, and ARAM.
She has her people sweeping the building looking for me.
I need your help.
I have an idea.
You've gotten out of there before.
You can do it again.
I am not leaving them.
There's nothing you can do for them right now.
I don't think you get it.
I am getting my team out of here.
We are stopping the President from killing himself, and then I am going to the store for every princess pillow, comforter, backpack, toothbrush, and pajamas I can find so my apartment's ready when Agnes gets home.
Do you understand me? Tell me what you need me to do.
Put me in touch with your friend.
Uh, the kid whose mother hates you.
- Tadashi Ito.
- Yeah.
- That's it.
Have him call me.
- I'll try.
[CHUCKLES] But my arrangement with Mariko is weekends only.
- What else? - How long do you think it'll take Ruddiger to get here? Ruddiger? I am not sure he's even in the country.
It isn't just Ruddiger.
He's gonna need help.
Elizabeth, slow down.
If I'm going to involve Ruddiger, I need to know exactly what you're planning.
[RADIO TUNING] Where the hell is everyone? Ah.
It's, uh It's a work in progress.
A work in progress? Ruddiger! We don't have time! I was very clear [CONVERSING IN GERMAN] - Who's this guy? - Jurgen.
Does Jurgen work at the airport? Part time.
Customer service.
He's bilingual.
- You said you needed a team.
- And this is them? - Yeah.
- Who are these guys? - This is Dieter.
Little Udo.
- And, Jurgen, you have met.
- Hello.
You said you need to get through concrete and steel.
These five are the best.
What? Wait.
Five? The Shadow Five? - Yeah.
- [CHUCKLING] Oh, my God! These guys robbed the Banco Central.
How do you know them? Till and I met in rehab.
And they know what we're doing? [LAUGHTER] We're all very excited by this.
- Hey, hey, hey! - Yo! [SOFI TUKKER'S "BEST FRIEND" PLAYS] [PHONE UNLOCKS, BEEPS] LIZ: Tadashi, it's me.
I found the Access Control System.
Where have you been?! I'm missing the entire prom! Tadashi, I promise you, I'm gonna make this up to you, but, right now, I need you to forget about that dance and walk me through this like your life depends on it.
I'm looking at a map of the controller hub now.
- Give me names.
- Okay, in the war room on the upper deck, there should be a holding cell.
It's probably called holding T-6.
Or maybe just Bay Six.
I see it.
On the distribution panel, you're gonna find port 18.
There should be a CAT5 wire feeding that slot.
- Do you see it? - Port 18.
I've got it.
TADASHI: Pull it.
What about interrogation on the B subfloor? C-2.
- TADASHI: That's port 27.
- [BEEP, LOCK CLICKS] - Interrogation C-1? - Port 6.
[BEEP, LOCK CLICKS] LIZ: Okay, Tadashi.
Stay with me.
I'm gonna go fast, so pay attention.
War room south corridor, - south exit, R3.
- Port 38.
- Annex fire lane.
- Port 20.
- West mechanical room.
- Port 14.
[BEEP, LOCK CLICKS] I think that I'll keep loving you, way past 65 [BEEP, LOCK CLICKS] We made a language for us two, we don't need to describe Every time you call on me, I drop what I do - [BEEP, LOCK CLICKS] - Oh, my God.
- What? What is it? - My date's favorite song.
This girl, she's way out of my league.
Tadashi, one day you're gonna write a book about how you skipped the school dance to prevent a conspiracy and save the President's life, and then you'll be in a league of your own.
Now, do you remember what we talked about? The ultrasonic system.
LIZ: How do I activate it? We got a lot in common We can talk 'bout nothin' Shoot the ish, we got ish to shoot [BEEP, LOCK CLICKS] Okay, this is, uh This is weird, right? No.
It's Keen.
She's here.
We need a plan.
Agent Keen is our plan.
I know you and Mr.
Reddington have a plan, but Tadashi.
The ultrasonic system.
The router clamp.
Pull it.
[ALARMS BLARING] Pretty sure that's not part of Agent Keen's plan.
All right.
Let's go.
- [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - Hey! They're gone.
Not gone.
They're in the facility.
COOPER: If we can make it to the boiler room, access the security module, we may be able to open one of the south delivery gates.
MAN: Hands on your heads! Hands! - Don't move! - Hands! Copy that.
Ma'am, all three are in custody.
South annex, Block C.
Please tell me you have a space in this facility that's better suited at housing criminals.
Yes, ma'am.
Matter of fact, we do.
[BEEPING] [RUMBLING] Don't go anywhere, boys.
This'll all be over soon enough.
It's me.
- RED: Did it work? Yeah, they're in the box, right where we want them.
I'm on my way to you now with Ruddiger and the boys.
Tell the fellas we're a go.
[SHOUTING IN GERMAN] [ALL CHEERING] - Yeah! - Whoo! SHADOW FIVE: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! RESSLER: This brings back memories.
None of them good.
[INTERCOM CLICKS] ANNA: I gave you a chance, Harold.
I tried to extend an olive branch.
But this? You chose this.
Have you found her yet? Agent Keen.
I asked if you've found her yet.
We will.
I sort of doubt that.
[CLICK] I don't care if you have to tear this place down.
Find her! [BRAKES SQUEAL] We're in lockdown.
Nothing in, nothing out.
Couple packages is all I got.
I'm trying to finish my route.
Can I just leave 'em with you? GUARD: Fine.
Make it quick.
- [GUNS COCK] - Special delivery.
Can you hear me, guys? - Agent Keen? - Wait.
Can they hear us? No.
I bypassed the monitor relay.
ARAM, listen to me.
I need your help.
Reddington and I directed you to the box for a reason.
If we can bypass the CCTV on our control server piggyback the RSS could someone remotely view our internal feed? - They'd have to be very capable.
- If they were capable? Well, yeah, but if you bypass the signal, the war room monitors will stream the same data over and over again.
They'd be blind.
- Oh.
- Assuming that Aram can walk you through the process remotely, what then? [KEYS CLACKING, STUDENTS SHOUTING IN DISTANCE] TADASHI: Okay.
I'm good on my end.
The video feeds are looping.
He's in.
The war room's blind.
Reddington, you're on.
Oh, you're bad enough to me Bad enough that we Always have something to get over Cameras are down.
You're clear.
Danke euch.
Viel gluck.
I got that salted chip on my shoulder Oh, but when the night is deep You find me in the streets Asking me to come over [BUZZING] LIZ: Guys, hang tight.
Reddington's on site.
Calvary's on its way.
Reddington? What's he gonna do? He doesn't think he can blow through The Box, does he? It's titanium-gold alloy.
That's it, I'm crazy That's it, that's it Tadashi, can you hear me? Mr.
Reddington! Yes! Uh, I mean, copy that.
I'm gonna guide you.
You ready? Right as rain.
Ready for Roger.
- I don't know what that means.
- It means yes.
Yes, I'm ready.
Which way do I go? On your right there should be a door.
Take it and move down the hallway.
Even if he could blow through the foundation, which is impossible, he'd likely kill us in the fall.
Nobody's killing anybody.
TADASHI: In 30 feet, there's a door.
Agent Keen says the code is 71-6324.
We're there.
Bring the feeds back online.
Here goes nothing.
That's it, that's it, that's it, yeah, you're crazy [STATIC CRACKLING] Yeah, you're crazy They're inside.
Hit the alarm.
- What's going on? - We have a breach.
[ALARMS BLARING] Ruddiger, we're back online.
Show's over.
Get your men out.
Reddington, you're almost there.
100 yards.
Maybe less.
SANDQUIST: It's a diversion.
Fancy meeting you here.
[KEYPAD BEEPS, LOCK CLICKS] - [GUN COCKS] - MAN: On the ground, now! LIZ: Put your weapons down! Hands! - Don't move.
- Show me your hands! - Don't even try.
- What's the passcode?
ARAM: Passcode.
It's It's "Samar.
" I'm not sure I'd associate a high-security containment cell with my girlfriend, but I guess love is blind.
[KEYPAD BEEPS, LOCK CLICKS] - [ALARMS BLARING] - Good to see you, Harold.
Hold your gratitude and appreciation till later.
We're in a bit of a rush.
[KEYPAD BEEPING] [ALARM BLARING] [KEYPAD BEEPING] - That was the easy part? - The most predictable.
ARAM: Uh, we just broke out of a black-site facility.
COOPER: And now we have to break in to the most secure building in America the location of a presidential debate.
Eyes in the sky.
Everyone, this is Roxanne, the maître d' at Delmar's.
I thought it best to discuss our next move on a full stomach.
Um, are those Are those French toast kabobs? With Vermont maple syrup butter dipping sauce.
- The debate's tonight.
- Yes, and, by then, we'll need to figure out a way to infiltrate the protestors outside the arena, start a riot, pose as law enforcement coming to quell the insurrection, slip inside during the commotion, hack into the facility's surveillance feeds to find the shooter before he kills the President.
And you think we have time to eat? Have you had their Ethiopian porridge? Who will be the first responders to a disturbance outside the arena? Local police will maintain command.
Then we'll need Elizabeth and Donald assigned to the MPD.
You are aware that we're wanted fugitives.
And that our pictures have been posted to the MPD website.
Harold? Any favors you can call in? - Thanks, Phil.
- You said it was urgent.
A warrant has been issued for my arrest in connection with a crime I did not commit.
The only way to prove my innocence is for you to let two of my agents work perimeter security for the debate.
I need this, Phil.
I can't think of anything I've needed more.
Next, surveillance feeds.
Well, the debate's taking place at Fillmont University, and campus security is in the same building as the student union.
ARAM, looks like you're going back to college.
So, uh, what's with all the, uh, security? Presidential debate.
Anyone tries anything, they're gonna shoot first, ask questions later.
How comforting.
RED: Lastly, The Third Estate.
They have a permit to protest outside the debate.
Fervent subversives that they are, I'm certain they and their colleagues will offer full-throated outrage.
But to get inside that hall, we don't need a protest.
We need an insurrection.
And you have someone that can make that happen? I do.
Yo, yo, yo! So, who wants to go to a presidential debate, huh? That would be no one.
- [LAUGHTER] - Okay.
Let me rephrase that.
Who wants to cause trouble at a presidential debate? - [CHUCKLES] - Look.
Your democracy needs you.
And it'll pay if you heed the call.
How much? Ah, well, that depends on how much trouble you cause.
And that's the plan.
And the sooner we execute it, the sooner I bring Agnes home.
Is that true? It is.
This is wonderful news.
She must be absolutely thrilled.
When did you decide this?
Donald, a word?
ARAM: This is amazing
COOPER: When is she coming home?
Elizabeth told me you had a run-in with a few Russians recently.
She told you that? –
Yes. When you were investigating my identity.
[SIGHS] I was looking for information about, uh, Katarina Rostova. I don't know how they found out, but they were anxious to know what I knew.
Did you get a name?–
No. But a friend of theirs drove a vehicle with diplomatic plates, so I figure some pretty powerful people want answers.
As for answers, I believe Elizabeth has given you one.
She has.
And it stays with me.
[COOPER SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] Everyone seems to have a part to play.
Except you.
I have an important meeting.
More important than saving the President's life? I couldn't care less about saving the President's life.
I'm just trying to get your old job back.
Have some fun.
It's gonna be a riot.
[CHANTING] Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA! Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA! Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA! Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA! Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA! Yo, hey, hey, hey! No fascist USA! [CHANTING] Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! Okay.
Cooper? Mr.
Cooper, I think I may have found something.
I'm in their network now, and This is weird, but one of their cameras is down.
- How does that help us? - Well, the system says it's offline for a self-diagnostic, but according to their blueprints, the room that it's watching is some sort of lighting booth on the fifth floor.
Meaning it has a direct line of sight to the stage? That's gotta be it, right? I mean, that's our shooter.
You just made it.
Protestors have all the streets locked off.
It's a madhouse.
Is he okay? He's a good man.
Today I think he'll be great.
It'll be a day to remember.
MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.
[APPLAUSE] [CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING] [THUNDER RUMBLING] RED: The consulate is on alert, which means everyone's is.
ILYA: We've been in worse situations. Those worked out. This will, too.
They're actively looking for Katarina.
[SIGHS] Masha was bound to find out you aren't who you say you are.
What I can't figure out is Dom.
Why would he tell her all that?
In an attempt to help her move on.
And she believed him? –
She did. So much so that she's decided it's safe to bring her daughter home.
[SIGHS] I know Dom meant well. He shouldn't have told her that story.
If Moscow is looking for Katarina if Agent Ressler's inquiry has reignited their search Then
I know that could be bad.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] I want this done before Masha's daughter comes home.
Have I ever let you down? Once.
When we were children.
You wouldn't give back the truck.
[LAUGHS] I'll get this done.
You're always so optimistic.
I thought that's why you loved me.
I love you because I can trust you.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] COPELAND: The rich say get back! PROTESTORS: We say fight back! - The rich say get back! - We say fight back! - The rich say get back! - We say fight back! - The rich say get back! - We say fight back! - Get back! - Fight back! - Get back! - Fight back! - Get back! - Fight back! - Okay, we're on site.
- Ready on your go.
Jones? [BEEP] Yeah.
We're here.
We're ready.
RESSLER: Guys, the entire Secret Service is looking for us.
Anytime soon would be great.
Jones, let's go! Make some noise! PROTESTORS: The people, united, will never be divided! The people, united, will never be divided! The people, united, will never be divided! The people, united, will never be divided! [GLASS SHATTERS, FLAMES RUSH] WOMAN: Leave the grounds immediately.
We are ordering you to leave the grounds immediately.
[GLASS SHATTERS] [CROWD SHOUTING] Disperse immediately, or we will give you tear gas.
RESSLER: We're gonna have a crowd crush on our hands.
- Call in the gas.
- LIZ: We can't hold the line! We've got a situation here on the south perimeter.
If these people breach, we're gonna lose this position.
Hey, you two, help me secure that door.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] LIZ: We've got a problem.
We need your help.
Lock these doors and redirect any additional staff.
You, notify the Control Center, tell them we need to issue a lock-out.
ARAM, we're in.
- [KEYS CLACKING] - All right.
I'm bringing up the blueprints now.
I'm gonna guide you.
MODERATOR: Healthcare has been a central question in the campaign.
Senator Trotter, what's your position on single-payer healthcare? This is the final question before closing remarks.
He's getting into position now.
Randolph, it's them.
They're here.
MODERATOR: I think we can all agree on.
[MODERATOR SPEAKING IN DISTANCE] ARAM! Talk to us! ARAM: Okay, when you exit the stairwell, there is a service hallway to your left.
[KEYS CLACKING] [LATCHES CLICKING] All right, when you get to the fifth floor, make a right.
The lighting room is about 40 yards down the hall, top of the stairs.
DIAZ: But here it is the bottom line.
I'm very proud of the work we've done, but that work is far from finished.
I believe that there's progress to make on jobs and education, on military spending, and financial deregulation.
I'm asking the American people to give me the chance to finish what we started.
- Thank you.
- [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] ["THE STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER" PLAYS] What happened, Robert? I thought you were gonna do the right thing.
ARAM: Right there.
Straight ahead.
[GUNSHOT] [AUDIENCE SCREAMING] AGENT: Get him out of here! Let's go! [MIRIAM GASPS, BREATHING SHAKILY] Hands up! Right now! Drop it! Put the gun down! This is a mistake! This is a mistake! He got a shot off before I could stop him.
Command into control.
Two under.
Suspects in custody.
LIZ: He's the one you should be taking into custody! He's the shooter! [SIRENS WAILING] No one's gonna believe we tried to assassinate the President.
It's more believable than the alternative.
That he tried to assassinate himself? - 'Cause that's what he did.
- Is it? Because I know we think that's what happened.
Because that's what happened! We're being accused of trying to assassinate a man whose life we saved.
[SIRENS WAILING] [CHAINS CLINKING] - You okay? - Not really, no.
He didn't do anything.
You're traitors.
To your badge and your country.
You don't have to beat the truth out of us.
We're telling you.
He's the shooter.
Save it for trial.
You're never gonna let us get to trial.
They've been arrested.
- And the President? - He's fine.
The plan worked.
They stopped the assassination.
- And then got blamed for it.
- They've been taken.
I don't know where, and I'm in no position to find out.
Who's the controlling authority? Homeland.
Do you have DHS on the payroll? I'm in no mood for opaque.
Do you have them on the payroll or not? - Yes.
- Call them.
You got them into harm's way.
I need you to get them out.
Is my wife all right? - She is, Mr.
- Put Sandquist on.
[PHONE BEEPS] He's here.
Wanna tell me what the hell happened? - The Task Force.
- You told me they'd been neutralized! - They'll be held responsible.
- For what? Wounding my wife? That wasn't the plan.
- No, sir.
- Do they know what the plan was? We don't think so, sir.
You don't think so? You don't think so?! You know how much comfort that brings me? Absolutely none! Before today, I had one problem.
And now, thanks to you, I've got two.
Deal with them.
[PHONE BEEPS] - He got the shot off.
- After we surprised him.
That's why he missed.
I've seen his file.
Sandquist was a Green Beret.
His unit won the Army's Special Ops Sniper Competition.
Beat 40 other teams from around the world.
Shooting a clay pigeon's a lot easier than killing a President.
- [SIGHS] - Maybe he got cold feet.
Then why take the shot? Okay, so the President wasn't his target.
Who was? I mean, think about it an assassin goes to all the trouble to take a shot at a presidential debate, and his target isn't the President? Does that make any sense to you? No, it doesn't.
But I'm telling you that's what happened.
- Where are we? - The end of the line.
If it's, uh If it's all the same to you, I-I think we're good here.
Feel free to resist.
After all, you're gonna be killed when you try to escape.
But, um, w-we're not trying to escape.
You didn't try and assassinate the President, either.
Let's go.
- How many are you? - [GROANING] - How many? My leg! [GUNFIRE] - Come on! - Six! There's six of them! ARAM: Ressler.
You threw me down a rope It killed me Endowed You shut me [SCREAMS] If only I could float Cover! Are there, maybe Are there, maybe Are there, maybe Breaks in me [GROANING] Breaks in me And are there, maybe And are there, maybe Drop it! Breaks in me RED: Go, go, go! Go! We need an ambulance! Quickly! [KEYPAD DIALING] [GUN COCKS] Put the phone down! And the gun! - You, too, Agent Ressler! - Not gonna happen.
You thought that we were trying to hurt this country.
We weren't.
We were trying to save it.
With a coup d'etat.
That's original.
You have no play here.
I know! But neither do you.
No more games! No more cheating death! Don't do it.
If you kill him, I kill you.
I hope so! [GUNSHOT] WOMAN ON TV: And while authorities have yet to make - Hey, ARAM.
Pass me that.
- what we can confirm is this the shootout occurred as the suspects were being transferred to a federal detention facility.
- Sorry.
Don't mind me.
- sources tell us that as many as six federal officers were wounded in the shootout.
That's us.
Wanted in connection with shooting at the President.
LIZ: And without the dossier, we can't prove otherwise.
Except no one shot at the President.
What exactly are you doing? Diaz wasn't the target.
Then who was? RED: Okay.
[PHONE BEEPS] [PHONE CLOSES] Will they be okay? Chuck will be.
Morgan, it could go either way.
Morgan is strong.
So, are you back? Does this mean I'm forgiven? The Townsend Directive.
Our friend in Miami says it's in play.
Is that why you're here? - He says it's very important.
- It's critical.
But not as critical as knowing why you're here.
I said I needed to follow my own path.
I did.
It led me back to you.
RESSLER: So, this is the debate stage and everyone who was on it when the shot was fired.
The moderator, the Senator, her husband, their son, the President, and the First Lady.
- And the shooter? - Here.
World-class sniper with a clean shot at the President.
Who he would've killed if we hadn't surprised him.
RESSLER: But why? And why wait, then? Why not shoot during the debate when he's not moving? WOMAN ON TV: Meanwhile the outpouring of sympathy from around the world continues for the President and his injured wife.
You think he arranged all this to boost his poll numbers? RESSLER: A crack shot misses an easy target? It's the only explanation that makes sense.
Except for the real explanation.
And what's that? He didn't miss.
In no world is this okay.
- We'll keep it brief.
- Two minutes.
I told them we had information on the assassination and that it was a matter of national security, and they gave me two minutes! [ELEVATOR DINGS] I agreed to talk to you, but this My God.
What's he doing here? RED: Mrs.
Diaz, for the sake of brevity, please allow me to get right to the point.
I understand you've been harboring a powerful secret.
I need to know what that secret is.
What is this? Why is he here? Because of your husband.
You and I both know that about four years ago, he accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from a Russian oligarch named Constantine Rostov.
I blackmailed him about it at the time, but there's more to the story, isn't there, Mrs.
Diaz? I have no idea what you're talking about.
The assassination attempt.
It wasn't aimed at the President.
It was orchestrated by the President to kill you.
A plot by a desperate man trying to get rid of his wife, while disguising her murder in the mess of what appeared to be a botched assassination.
What would make you think Why? - That can't be.
- Mrs.
Why does your husband want you dead? It's all right, Miriam.
Four months before the primaries, we were at my parents' place at Indian Lake.
We'd been out.
We'd been drinking.
There was a woman.
And her son.
Robert, he'd had so much to drink, he thought he hit a deer.
We talked about going to the police.
We didn't.
Robert said he knew a man, a fixer.
The Russian money wasn't used to buy the election.
It was used to buy your husband's reputation.
I was fine.
I thought I was.
I But I couldn't sleep.
I-I couldn't eat.
I wanted What did you want? I wanted him to tell the truth.
To go public.
I didn't care what it meant.
I wanted us to do the right thing.
But he refused.
So I put together documents.
From the fixer.
I made recordings.
That bullet.
You really think it was intended for me? This is not some horrible mistake? Horrible, yes.
But this was not a mistake, Mrs.
WOMAN: The President will announce his resignation in a prime-time address to the nation.
MAN: The attempt on the First Lady was allegedly orchestrated by the President.
WOMAN #2: A stunning fall from grace WOMAN #3: as an attempt on the First Lady's life WOMAN: prime-time address COOPER: Sir, did you hear what I said? Mr.
President? PRES.
DIAZ: Yes, I heard you.
Upon my resignation, the Bureau will open a criminal investigation.
Reddington did this.
No, sir.
You did this to yourself.
How does a wanted fugitive bring down a President? [INHALES DEEPLY] With pleasure.
You're gone now for so long You grown a child Ah, I feel anxious.
I don't know why.
RED: It's a new beginning.
Anxious isn't really the right word.
It's more like heightened.
Like, I can feel every breath.
I'm not used to that.
You're doing the right thing, Elizabeth.
Well, it's only because I finally know.
I know who you are.
I know that you care.
I know that I'm safe.
I know that my mother cared.
She'd be proud of you.
Ooh-ooh AGNES: Mommy! - Ooh! Welcome home, Agnes.
- Mommy! LIZ: Oh, I've missed you.
Kat, hi.
Scottie wanted me to tell you she'll bring over the rest of her things in the morning.
Bitter dirt Bitter tea Everything we do is a mess Well, we'd better get going.
May we walk you out? But, oh, honey You're not gonna stay for dinner? And intrude on your mother-daughter reunion? I don't think so.
And we need to be someplace.
We knew everything AGNES: Mommy, who's that funny-looking man? LIZ: [CHUCKLES] It's a long story.
But we finally have time to tell it.
Ooh Hey, do you want a lemon bar? - AGNES: Yes.
- [LIZ CHUCKLES] All things sacred Ooh-ahh Nothing wild
I found her.
You're sure? Oh, my God. It's her.
I'm telling you, Raymond. Paper trails. The passports. The travel.  It's her.
You have an address?
Raymond, are you sure about this? If you're not sure
I'm sure.
Are they watching?
It's not safe. You're not safe.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
6.21 Anna McMahon #60
Previously on "The Blacklist" The President's expecting me.
I have to show this to the Americans.
You have to tell them that I'm keeping the dossier.
- Sir.
- We can't trust them with the proof until we know who's involved.
RED: Christopher Miles. Former MI6. If there is a dossier, he's precisely the kind of intelligence officer who would compile it.
The assistant attorney general plotting against America?
RED: We thought she had the dossier. She doesn't.
This is it, everything we have worked for.
You need to mobilize your men right now.
Find the dossier before Reddington does, and we finish this.
Tell me.
- Uh, blue.
- Definitely definitely? Or you're too busy to focus, definitely? Definitely, definitely you are going to land this account, blue or red.
Hello, my love.
And when you do, we should celebrate.
- Pick a winner, buddy.
- Blue is four letters.
I hate the number four.
Go red.
Sound reasoning.
Wish me luck.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] You have the Joint Chiefs at 4:00 and the DNI at 5:00.
And then you and the First Lady are honoring veterans at a reception.
I'll meet you in the briefing room.
- Did we get it? - Mr.
Sandquist is en route.
- Yes or no? - We are about to, Mr.
Well, you better.
Or heads will roll.
His and yours.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] - [BEEP] - Hey, man.
How's it goin'? - What the hell are you up to? - What are you talking about? The drive you asked me to decrypt.
Do you have any idea what's on it?
LIZ: The drive contains the dossier.
I thought McMahon had the dossier.
That's what we all thought, but Reddington told me McMahon hired a finder to locate it for her.
Did the finder tell Reddington where it is? Yes.
After he told McMahon.
Moreau slipped the drive into the backpack of a passing child.
Named Parker Grimm.
She already has a head start.
Ressler, scramble WFO SWA and coordinate with Keen on the location.
ARAM, alert the Grimms.
If what Reddington says is true, they have no idea that Bastien Moreau slipped the plans for a terrorist attack into their son's backpack.
TAMMY: Okay.
- [KEYS JINGLE] - I won't be long.
- Tammy Grimm? - Yeah, that's right.
But I-I'm just running to the store, so whatever it is can I'm with the Secret Service.
Is something wrong? It's about your son.
JOHN: A plot against the United States.
On the drive I found under my son's bed? You need to get over here.
- Is this a surprise party? - What? No.
It's not Because I specifically told Tammy I didn't want It's not a surprise party! [CELLPHONE RINGS] All right.
Tell me what it says.
- Voicemail.
- Try his wife.
The man who put the drive in your backpack was a terrorist.
But why? I mean, why me? Can't say.
It's a matter of national security.
Which is why you need to give it to me.
Well, we would if we could, but my husband couldn't open it, so we took it to a friend to have a look.
I'll need the friend's name.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] I need his name.
She didn't pick up, either.
If something happens to that kid or his family Couldn't we prevent that by just arresting Anna McMahon? Based on what? Reddington's word? The proof is on that drive.
We need to get it first.
Special Agent Sandquist.
Secret Service.
I believe you know why I'm here.
- I'm sorry, but, no, I-I don't.
- Mind if I come in? Actually, I was just on my way out.
Change of plans then.
SANDQUIST: Where is it? Where is it? Where's the drive? [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] MAN: FBI! Clear! WOMAN: Top floor clear! RESSLER: Well, either they're a really messy family, or else they left in a hurry.
Or they were taken.
All clear, sir, ma'am.
- No signs of forced entry? - No, sir.
But there wouldn't be.
The family left on its own.
How do you know that? This would have been much easier if I'd found what I was looking for.
[SHAKILY] Please.
That's all I have.
A copy.
I need the original.
I saw what you're planning.
You won't get [YELLS] - [SQUISHING] - The drive.
Did Grimm keep it? [GROANING] [SOBBING SOFTLY] This needs to be done in under an hour.
Disposal and clean-up.
Why? Because I love my country.
[RADIO CHATTER] ARAM, are you getting this? Yeah.
We're patched into the system.
This was taken 40 minutes ago.
RESSLER: He looks panicked.
That's it.
That's the drive.
From the look on his face, I'd say he knows what's on it.
If he did, why wouldn't he call the police? Probably because what's on it makes him think he can't trust them or us.
LIZ: Or maybe because an hour earlier this guy showed up on their doorstep.
- ARAM: Who is he? - LIZ: No idea.
He avoided the cameras.
Well, we know as of 40 minutes ago they were okay, but what we don't know is where they are.
And if I put out a BOLO, McMahon will know, and it could lead her to them.
So we have to find three people who don't want to be found who are probably using fake names and cash.
Which means we have nothing to go on.
LIZ: You said they think they can't trust us.
If they've seen the dossier and it indicates the government's involved, they think we're looking for them on every CCTV monitor, surveillance feed, or private video the government has access to.
Well, that rules out airports, train, bus stations.
You think there's a chance they haven't left the city? An insurance broker and his teacher wife and kid? Yeah, I think there's a big chance they're laying low in a motel room, scared to death right now.
COOPER: If you're right and they are hiding out, we're still looking for a very small needle in a very large haystack.
Yeah, but I think I have a way to narrow it down.
[ENGINE STARTS] No sign of the targets but the FBI is on site.
- Did you find Grimm? - No.
Neither have the FBI.
But they're at his house.
Which means they know the dossier is in play.
[SIGHS] I should've killed him when I had the chance.
- Who? - Who do you think? The bane of our existence.
The reason the FBI is now one step ahead of us.
LIZ: [HUSHED VOICE] Reddington.
[LOUDER] Reddington.
I need to talk to him.
What you need is Jin to work your pressure points.
You've got a problem, reflexology will rub it right out of you.
The man is a healer.
LIZ: [WHISPERING] The Grimms have the dossier.
But they're on the run with it.
We need Rogelio to help us find them.
[SPEAKING MANDARIN CHINESE] [SIGHS] [NORMAL VOICE] Sometime this year would be good.
So be it.
But when my sinusitis flares up, I'm blaming you.
Xièxie, Jin.
Guess he's still angry.
- I admire her joie de vivre.
- That's not an apology.
I hired Rogelio's niece to work in my warehouse in Lisbon.
Before she started, our margins were 18%.
After, 13%.
You blame her? My angel? Your angel slept with my foreman.
And when his wife forced him to quit, she slept with his replacement.
- She likes powerful men.
- [SCOFFS] - Is Is that a crime? - No.
It isn't.
- Will you just apologize? - Me?! Her snogging cost me my entire management team!We need his help.
- Rogelio, I'm sorry.
- LIZ: Great.
Let's skip the kisses and hugs and get straight to business.
We're looking for a family who doesn't want to be found.
A husband, wife, and 11-year-old son.
We think they're holed up in a hotel room somewhere within a 60-mile radius of D.
I need you to circulate their photo to every maid, busboy, and janitor in your undocumented army.
I'll pay $20,000 to the person who locates them.
$50,000 if they do so by dinner.
Speaking of which, we passed a Bolivian food cart on our way here that serves the best tucumanas this side of Sucre.
When you have news, that's where we'll be.
[DOOR OPENS] How stupid do you think I am? Anna.
It's good to see you, too.
You think you can lie to my face and I won't know it? That you can go behind my back and succeed? The Grimm family.
What's your interest in them? I'll be happy to tell you after you tell me why you're having my agents followed.
I assume that's how you know what they're up to without my informing you.
The only thing that's important is that you didn't inform me.
- So do.
- You want to be informed? Fine.
I'll inform you.
You're involved in a plot against this country.
You know why we're looking for the Grimms because you're looking for them, too.
They have a flash drive that details your treason.
I'll have your job for this.
I'm sure you will.
Unless we get the drive first.
I can't prove a thing without it.
Or stop you from whatever it is you're planning.
The only thing I'm planning is to shut you down.
Go ahead and try.
[DOOR SLAMS] LIZ: I know we were supposed to talk tonight, but I have to reschedule.
I'll call you later and figure out when.
A deep-fried pocket of heaven for your thoughts.
I was supposed to meet with Scottie tonight and figure out a transition plan for me to bring Agnes home.
The only reason I'm not with her is because I thought figuring out who you really were would put her in harm's way.
Now I know it won't, but in trying to find out if you were the devil, I learned my mother was.
That tape they played at your trial? She destroyed my father.
She's the reason he ran.
I shot him, but she's responsible for his death.
Your mother can't hurt you.
Because she's dead? The Russians don't seem to think so.
When Ressler was trying to help me find out who you were, he went looking for her and was confronted by the KGB about what he found out.
What if I bring Agnes back and they're right - and she's alive and she finds us? - [TIRES SCREECH] And she's more of a threat to Agnes than you ever were? Raymond! I may have something.
Before I give you the address, I want an apology.
I'm pretty sure I already apologized.
No, not to me.
My angel.
I am very sorry that I forgot what my father always told me: no good deed goes unpunished.
You look stunning.
I'm doing this out of respect for their service, not as a photo op.
Well, it's both actually.
After all, we are gearing up for a re-election campaign.
Are we? Because I'm pretty sure there's something you have to do first, and you haven't done it.
You have a call.
Do it, Robert.
Or I will.
WOMAN: Ladies and gentlemen, First Lady Miriam Diaz.
[APPLAUSE] - This better be good news.
- The Deputy Director of the FBI just accused me of being a traitor.
- So he got the drive.
- No.
And he can't prove anything unless he does.
Then why are we having this conversation, when you should be making sure that doesn't happen? Sir, I think we should consider a change of plans.
Absolutely not.
The situation is untenable.
We proceed as planned.
Now get that drive.
MIRIAM: The President and I are so grateful for the sacrifices you've made in defense of our country.
[APPLAUSE] RED: They're being followed? COOPER: If you'd have let me know you had a location.
- That's what I'm doing, Harold.
- Now.
After Keen and Ressler are already on the scene! Anna McMahon knows we're after the dossier.
She does, and if she thinks that's what Keen and Ressler went to the motel to get, she'll come with force.
And they're going in unaware and without backup.
The manager confirmed.
This is it.
Grimm, FBI.
Open the door.
[BEEP] LIZ: Ressler! Hey! No! Stop! TAMMY: Please.
Please don't hurt him.
He doesn't know anything.
LIZ: We're here to help.
RESSLER: We know you have the flash drive.
You don't know what's on it.
Why do you say that? Because if you did, you'd know we could never trust you.
People in the government are involved in a plot against this country.
Why should we believe you're not part of it? Because if we were, you'd be dead already.
- Sam.
- Who's Sam? Sam's a security analyst.
The most tech-savvy person we know.
When I saw the drive was password-protected, - I gave him a copy of it.
- Was he able to read it? Yeah.
And it freaked him out.
He called and said I needed to come to his house.
Something about German Intelligence and a plot against America.
By the time I got to his place, two men were there.
If you are who you say you are, you'll send someone to his house.
We have the Grimms.
Bring them in.
Because McMahon found you.
You're being followed.
If her team isn't there yet, they will be soon.
You said you gave Sam a copy? Please tell me you have the original.
I mailed it to The Washington Post.
People need to know what's going on.
And when they do, we won't be a target.
- Yeah? Special Agent Tyson, Secret Service.
Sir, we need you to come with us.
Agents Keen and Ressler, FBI.
What's going on? We have a situation.
We believe Mr.
Grimm may be in danger.
Grimm and his family are safe in our custody.
You need to come with us.
I'm sorry.
That's not happening.
SANDQUIST: Stand down.
Mr Grimm.
With me.
Right now.
RESSLER: Hold up.
We're federal agents.
You're not taking him anywhere.
- That's him.
- Who? That man, the one who's in charge.
He came to the house earlier today.
- He showed me a badge.
- RESSLER: federal warrant I told him we gave the flash drive to Sam.
You saw him? TYSON: We're operating under the authority of the DHS Secretary.
It's for the safety of you and your family.
Don't listen to him, John.
This man doesn't have the authority to take you anywhere without my consent.
You want me to get the Secretary on the line? That won't be necessary.
I went to see your friend, Mr.
It was a dead end.
I told you how important - the information on that drive is.
- That's him.
Grimm, if you don't come with us, I have the authority to place you under arrest.
SANDQUIST: These people, these agents, I don't know their involvement or what their interests are.
That's him! That's the guy! The one I told you about! He's the one who was torturing my friend Sam! - Oh, God.
- I said get in the car.
Put it down.
I said put the gun down! You better holster that weapon before you make another decision that you're gonna regret.
John! Do not get in that car! - We're taking him with us.
- Jonathan, no.
Don't! You have no idea who you're dealing with, Agent Ressler.
- You need to stand down.
- Not a chance.
- AGENT: Gun! - [BULLET PLUNGES] [GUNFIRE] [GROANS] - [CLICK] - I'm out! The supply case in the back! Can you get to it?! They're exposed! Take the wife if you can! Get rid of the kid and the two agents! JOHN: No! Please, no! - Can you get eyes on Grimm? - I can't get him! [TIRES SQUEAL] [GUNSHOTS] - You all right? - I'm fine.
- Get everyone out of here.
- Where are you going? After the dossier.
[TIRES SQUEAL] COOPER: These poor people, neck-deep in a world of hurt that has nothing to do with them.
LIZ: Did you get ahold of Reddington? Please tell me he tracked down that fake Secret Service and got ahold of Grimm.
RESSLER: We haven't heard from him.
But we do know this they're not fake.
ARAM: Agents on scene identified the deceased as one Steven Jacob Tyson, a Special Agent detailed to the National Threat Assessment Center.
What about the burner he was carrying? Right.
I ran the info from the SIM card that you gave me.
Now, that phone has only corresponded with four numbers in the past six months, none of which I've been able to ID.
Now, I'm running a tap on all four now, but there's nothing I can do until someone calls.
[CELLPHONE BUZZES] - Reddington.
- RED: I lost them.
Grimm and the dossier.
That's bad, but this is potentially worse Grimm's wife told us that the man who came to their house was Milian Sandquist.
I've seen him at the White House.
That's not surprising.
He's one of the President's body men.
Grimm also said that he's the one who tortured their friend.
Yeah, we sent units to Whatley's house, but he's missing, and his computer's gone.
And his house is neat as a pin.
Yes, it was.
He's not missing.
He's dead.
They sent a cleaner.
If the people closest to the President have been corrupted, then the President's life is in danger.
Or he's part of the conspiracy.
Let's be realistic here.
Realistic, Donald? Might I remind you I blackmailed your President over $300 million in illegal campaign contributions he took from a Russian oligarch over three years ago.
The man has money, not sense.
If the DOJ and Secret Service are involved, we have to warn President Diaz directly.
Do that, and you show your hand.
Yeah, to the Commander in Chief.
There's no scenario where I can sit on information that the President's life is in danger.
ARAM, stay on MPD, see if they can tell us anything about Grimm's whereabouts.
- Okay, but where are you going? - To see the President.
AGENT RANDOLPH: What do you mean you mailed the drive? Mailed it where? To a friend at The Post.
TAMMY: Her name is Stacey Aguilar.
We went to college together.
- She's a reporter? - Yeah.
She's one of their national-security correspondents.
AGENT RANDOLPH: You thought giving the dossier to this friend was gonna keep you safe? Look, if you let me go, if you don't hurt me, - I can contact her.
- No, no, no, no.
- That's not how this works.
- I can get it back.
RESSLER: How do you know she even has it? Why wouldn't she? So, you said you mailed it.
When? After John got back from Sam's.
Have you found him? Do you know where my husband is? We're still looking, but right now I need you to focus on that drive.
[HUSHED] What mailbox? I want the location.
Please - [SQUISH] - [SCREAMS] Okay! Okay! Okay! Stop! [WHIMPERS] TAMMY: It was on our way out of the city.
We went over the Key Bridge.
Drove right into Rosslyn.
The box is on the corner.
If you're lying, our situation will become markedly more difficult.
I'm not lying.
I promise.
LIZ: This is good, right? We can still get to the drive before Sandquist.
RESSLER: I'm not sure.
If Tammy told us, then John probably told his captors.
And if he told them, that means They're already on their way.
- [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Hey.
So, I may have some good news.
You figured out who was calling that burner? No.
Not yet, but I did check with the post office in Rosslyn, and it turns out that specific box that Grimm used to mail the drive was scheduled for a pick-up by the driver over three hours ago.
Meaning the dossier is not there.
We still have a chance.
RESSLER: ARAM, get in touch with Rosslyn.
Have them locate the truck and driver.
Tell them we're on our way.
Harold Cooper to see the President.
Yes, Mr.
I'll let him know you're here.
ARAM: No, uh, please.
I need to talk to the postmaster.
Okay, ma'am, I already told you I'm with the FBI and that this is a matter Okay.
- I know you're busy, too, but this - [FINGERS SNAPPING] Um.
I'm sorry.
Uh, now I'm sorry.
You've got to You have to hold on.
Give me a second.
What is it? It just came online.
Literally 20 seconds ago.
[KEYS CLACKING] [CELLPHONE BUZZES] ARAM, I need to call you back.
ARAM: No, no, no, no, no.
Don't do that.
It's about one of the four phone numbers we pulled from Agent Tyson's burner.
I'm at the White House.
Uh, one of them is live, like like right now.
And it's Anna McMahon.
Speaking to whom? I don't know.
Uh, I'm pulling it up.
ANNA: The Secret Service is aware of the incident, but none of it is traceable to you.
- MAN: And if it is? - ANNA: You simply say agents in your security detail were killed trying to obtain Intel about an attack on this country.
They died doing their patriotic duty.
MAN: The FBI knows differently.
ANNA: Only Cooper and his Task Force.
Which may be to our advantage.
Okay, whoever's receiving the call, they're on a burner.
Has he seen the dossier? Do they have it? - This is a chance to find out.
- MAN: Hold on.
ANNA: Talk to Cooper.
See what he knows.
You're positioned perfectly to find out just how far along they are.
But I already know the answer too far.
Tell me something I don't know, Harold.
The President's involved in McMahon's plot against the U.
How is this even possible? Diaz? The highest office in the country? That explains the Secret Service.
But the President.
Involved in a plot against America.
To do what? And why? I feel terrible.
I voted for him.
Diaz has already phoned me twice, and that's not a call I can dodge.
The only way to unravel this is with that drive.
Where are we at with the mail truck? Any updates? Oh.
Uh, not yet.
I sort of got distracted by the whole "President is part of the conspiracy" thing.
Well, it's out there.
And we need to find it.
Before Sandquist and McMahon.
Agent Sandquist, Secret Service.
We're acting on a credible threat from Homeland that you may be unintentionally transporting classified material.
Classified material? A-Am I in some kind of danger? We believe one of the boxes on your route was used as a dead drop.
We need to escort you to a secure site, where we can explain everything.
H-Hey, mister? We got two other trucks that, uh, run pick-ups in this neighborhood.
Uh, do you want me to notify my supervisor? [MUFFLED] Hey! - Go! You gotta go! - Be quiet! Who's that? [MUFFLED SHOUTING] One of our suspects.
Um I'm sorry.
What did you say your name was again? [MUFFLED] Go! Run! They'll kill you! No! No! No! No, no! [YELLS] [WHIMPERS] Get him off the street and into the truck.
What is it? All right.
I've got bad news.
Now, the mail truck is a Grumman LLV built 30 years ago, so there's no radio, no GPS.
- No way to track it.
- What about the carrier's cell? - Can you trace that? - That's the thing.
The driver's name is Earl Wilson.
Married, with two kids.
Now, the two kids are in middle school, which is why the wife says they use an app to track their family's movement.
Tell me he's logged in.
He was logged in before the signal died, but his last location was headed northeast on Rhode Island Avenue, just past Eckington, which is over 8 miles off his route.
The bags.
Let's go.
RESSLER: So, is this where we think he is? ARAM: No.
And that's the problem.
The vehicle was traveling at 68 miles per hour when the signal went dead.
So it tells us the direction he was headed in, not where he is.
COOPER: Pull CCTV in the area.
Have local police canvass the area where the abduction took place.
Find a witness.
Whatever it takes.
We need to find that driver.
We have a problem? No, it's just I can't Without my glasses, I can't see.
AGENT RUDOLPH: Hey! That's a bad idea.
Pepper spray.
SANDQUIST: Take it easy.
We're all here to help you, John.
Tell us what we're looking for.
I don't know.
It's a small envelope.
Like a bubbled-wrapped envelope.
Maybe 5x7.
Okay, gentlemen.
You heard the man.
Small padded envelope.
Stacey Aguilar.
The Washington Post.
Let's get to work.
- ARAM: Sir.
- [KNOCK ON DOOR] I think I figured it out.
Uh Not by tracking the driver of the postal truck, but Sandquist.
Tracking Sandquist? I can't believe I didn't think of it before.
He is Secret Service.
So I accessed their employment files, which is, like, total legal, and I pulled his phone number - Which you tracked.
- which is not so legal.
- You have an address? - Six miles north of where Earl Wilson's cellphone went dead.
Nice work.
Notify MPD.
Tell them we're on our way.
[KEYPAD DIALING] That's the last bag.
- I'm telling you, I'm trying.
- Not hard enough.
Maybe you need some incentive.
The mailman.
Bring him over here.
No! Please! I'll find it! No.
No, no, no.
[SOBBING] Please, please, please.
No, no, no! No, no, no! Please! [TIRES SCREECH] What do we know? No movement.
No one in or out.
- No idea who's inside.
- We can't wait.
- [SCREAMING] - Please stop! I'm begging you! I don't think we're gonna stop until you find that letter.
Maybe you stopped the wrong truck, right? I mean, maybe that's the problem.
We got the wrong guy! I don't know, Mr.
You think we got the wrong guy? - [SCREAMING] - I'm looking! I'm looking! MR.
Grimm, you have the help of six men, and we're all looking.
What worries me is that you lied to me.
The drive isn't here.
Now, we can do this without you.
We can simply open each piece ourselves, Before we do that, before I blind poor Mr.
Wilson for life, I'm gonna give you one more chance.
RESSLER: FBI! Show me your hands! - [ENGINE STARTS] - RESSLER: Call it in! - We need a medevac! - [TIRES SQUEAL] Take him! I'm going after Sandquist! - LIZ: Hang on.
Hang on.
- [GASPING] Hey.
Don't talk.
We've got help on the way.
JOHN: pocket Listen to me.
You hear my voice? Hang on.
Stay with us.
Hey! Stay with us.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACH] Anything on the dossier yet? Keen and Ressler are en route.
Don't you love the anticipation? The moment before the curtain goes up, wondering if the show will live up to all the hype and expectation.
- I'm rooting for underwhelming.
- Aww.
Whatever Intel the dossier contains, too many people have been killed to keep it secret.
John Grimm.
Christopher Miles.
Ava Ziegler.
You were nearly killed.
I never properly thanked you for making sure that didn't happen.
I was doing my job.
You respect authority.
You follow the chain of command.
And yet you marched into the White House and ordered the President to stay my execution.
Desperate times
What you did wasn't a desperate measure.
It was an act of bravery and friendship.
I can count on one hand the number of people to whom I owe my life.
You are one of them.
For that, I am forever grateful.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] They're here.
Okay, just, uh, give me a second.
I need to make sure we run this through our AV malware.
RED: Remember when classified documents were classified documents, Harold? Typewritten on onion skin, mimeographed, and stamped "Top Secret" just like in the spy movies? That was fun.
Simpler times, I suppose.
ARAM: All right.
Here we go.
LIZ: "The Princip Initiative.
" What's that? Princip? Gavrilo Princip, the Bosnian Serb who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of Austria.
That single act set into motion the chain of events that ignited the First World War.
[KEYS CLACKING, BEEP] LIZ: What are we looking at? COOPER: Code names.
Operational details.
[KEYS CLACKING] ARAM: There's a hyperlink here.
Madam Ziegler, if you're watching this, it's only because your people have vetted my story.
As you know, in September this year, the BND contracted my private security firm for an intelligence-gathering operation.
It was during that op that I unintentionally stumbled upon a plot, one to assassinate the sitting American President.
Diaz's plan is to assassinate - Himself? - So much for underwhelming.
Contained in this dossier are the cables, intercepts, and secret sources I've used to unravel this plot.
There is a lot of data-sourcing here.
To the best of my knowledge, the operation appears to be led by Anna McMahon, a high-ranking official in the Justice Department.
I believe McMahon, along with select others, are working in concert with members of the President's security detail.
He doesn't sound like he thinks the President is in on this.
I don't know exactly why this is happening or who initiated the hit, but I do know the when and where.
President Diaz and his opponent will be conducting a series of presidential debates.
I have reason to believe the hit will be carried out during one of them.
I'm not sure who I can trust within the U.
government, which is why I'm coming to you.
Because we have a history.
Because I can trust you.
And because I think you have the best chance to save Robert Diaz's life.
RESSLER: All right.
There are three debates.
One last month, one next month and one tomorrow at Fillmont.
RED: See if the Third Estate pulled a permit to protest outside.
You told us McMahon had nothing to do with them.
She doesn't.
But perhaps she wanted us to think she did.
Why? And how does it fit in now? The Third Estate are domestic terrorists dedicated to bringing down the rich and powerful.
I'm sorry, but, uh, am I understanding this correctly? The American President is part of a plot to assassinate himself.
It doesn't make any sense.
I'm sorry.
What are we missing here? - He's not gonna kill himself.
- Uh, okay, well, it looks like the Third Estate will be protesting at the venue.
Of course they will.
They hate Diaz.
McMahon needs a patsy.
Who better to blame for decapitating the head of state than a group named after people who decapitated heads of state? The debate is tomorrow.
That gives us a day to figure out how to prevent the assassination.
But if the President supposedly wants this to happen, we can't inform him or the Secret Service.
So we're on our own.
And we're on a clock.
I want the blueprints to that venue and the path to Diaz's motorcade.
I don't care if the President is involved in the plot to assassinate himself or not.
Our job is to keep that from happening.
POTUS is about two minutes out.
It's over.
They have the dossier.
We don't know that.
Listen to me.
Listening to you got me shot and five of my men killed.
- They know.
- Which is why we can't call it off.
If we do, they'll arrest us and we'll hang for treason.
We are gonna hang for treason.
Not if someone else takes the blame.
The Third Estate can't save us now.
Only Reddington can.
We can get what we want.
And take him down once and for all.
But if POTUS knows that we lost the dossier, he'll get cold feet.
Diaz cannot know the truth.
Milian, listen to me.
I know we haven't always agreed on tactics, but you have to trust me on this one.
- How do you feel? - Fine, sir.
Next question.
And this time I want an honest answer.
Did you get it? Yes, sir.
We did.
Please tell me this makes sense to you.
The President conspiring to kill himself?
RED: He took foreign money to get elected.
If he did that, who knows what else he's done.
Maybe people found out, and the walls are closing in, and he prefers to go out as a martyr to the cause.
Many presidents only live for their legacy.
Whatever the reason, he's carrying a heavy burden.
People who kill themselves always are.
Burdens they can't imagine ever being able to cast off.
Are you talking about the President or my mother?
Your mother was not as bad as I understand why you might think she was, but she wasn't.
She was a young woman trying to make sense of a world that was falling apart around her.
She was on one side of an unbridgeable divide.
Your father was on the other.
And you were in between.
Over the years, your mother's legend has grown.
Mythic spy.
Bloodless turncoat.
In the process, people forgot the person behind the legend, but I haven't.
If she were here, I'm sure she'd tell you she made so many mistakes.
She was scared and uncertain and just trying to do the best she could.
Bring Agnes home, Elizabeth.
If there's any risk
There isn't.
Bring her home.
If you need me, I'll be at Jin's.
Sinusitis acting up again? –
- [DOORS SLIDING] I'm telling you, the man is a wizard.
Be sure to get all the case files, paperwork, electronics.
- Oh, my God.
This can't be good.
- RED: What? RESSLER: What are you doing here? Sir, please put your hands where I can see them.
Elizabeth, what's happening?
McMahon's here with DHS agents.
ANNA: Agent Mojtabai, you're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.
What's going on? LIZ: They're arresting everyone.
You're going to prison, Harold.
- You and your entire team.
- And why is that? 'Cause I know about your plot to assassinate the President.
My plot? You know we have the dossier.
Diaz refused to commute Reddington's sentence, so he convinced you to seek retribution.
You're trying to get us before we get you.
You have the right to remain silent.
I strongly suggest your exercise it.
You do know you actually need proof.
We have it.
You don't.
What I have are five dead Secret Service agents, murdered by your Task Force for trying to stop your conspiracy.
- No one will ever believe you.
- No one has to.
I have CCTV footage that proves your agents murdered them in cold blood.
And John Grimm.
Who tortured and murdered him? I'm fairly certain there's traffic-camera footage - that confirms your agents did.
- Doctored footage.
He and his friend Sam Whatley.
Poor man.
Gunned down for simply try to blow the whistle.
On corruption in law enforcements.
You wont get away with this.
Take him downstairs.
Harold, I told you I'd shake it down.
I can't just stand here - and not to do something.
- Wait Elizabeth.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
6.20 Guillermo Rizal #128
1 [CRYSTAL FIGHTERS' "WILD ONES" PLAYS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] I thought I was a star Until I started fadin' From the sky, I free fall Every single day, I Go out, look up at where I'm from 'Cause I thought I was a star You know what your problem is? Yeah, my speed control suck What sucks, besides your language, is the color of your ball.
It's blue.
Your lucky color's pink.
Go find Mom by the DayGlo dinosaurs, and I'll get you a pink one.
The color won't make a difference.
[CHUCKLING] Oh, really? Then why does Tiger Woods always wear red on Sundays? Because he's superstitious.
And superstition sucks.
Well, when you've won 15 majors, you can do without it.
Meantime, try to get between here and Mommy without using the S-word, okay? I thought we'd gone too far We started walking on the water Felt like we'd been reborn When we woke up in nirvana Up in the clouds, not coming down 'cause Mom? Hey.
Mom? [OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYS] [CHUCKLES] I'm looking for my daughter.
She's 9.
She has a turtle shirt? - You try the bathrooms? - Anything? - I've looked everywhere.
- The bathrooms, too? Mark, she's gone! Every patrol car has Corinne's photo.
Every bus and train station.
Train station? You think she's being taken somewhere? We don't know, but, as a precaution, we entered her into the nationwide database for missing children.
Is it true that unless you find her within the first couple hours, odds are you never will? We're doing everything we can.
And I promise, as soon as we have any more information, we'll let you know.
- We already do.
- Did you find her? - I don't know.
It's - Is everything all right? It's hard to explain.
[KEYS CLACKING] [COMPUTER BEEPING] That's her! That's Corinne! OFFICER: Yeah, that's the thing.
It's not.
[KEYS CLACKING] That's Corinne.
And that - Who's Nora Anne Mitchell? - According to our records, she's a missing child who was abducted 37 hours ago from her home a thousand miles away.
Hey, stranger.
It's been a week.
I haven't had a case for you until now.
Okay, but the last time we spoke, it kind of changed everything, and I thought maybe we should talk about that.
I thought we covered everything we needed to.
Oh, you mean, "I am what I am, Popeye the Sailor Man"? Come on. I know you don't want to talk about it, but you should. We should.
Because we've never been able to be completely honest with each other, and now we can.
This case has twins who aren't twins. Child abduction. And a mysterious connection to Anna McMahon. Care to hear about it?–
No. Not until you tell me why you're doing this. Are you upset?
About what?
I live and work by a very strict code built on loyalty, justice, trust. I survive because I eliminate those who betray it. Up until now, no one has been spared, not even my closest associates. Not even Kate Kaplan.
So that's what you're conflicted about? Whether or not to kill me because I betrayed some "code"?
You can mock it because you live in a world with institutionalized codes, where order has already been imposed by powerful forces outside of yourself, where there are laws and rules for everything. I live in a world with no laws, no rules, and certainly no order. So I have to impose my own.
I'm not conflicted about killing you. I'm conflicted because I can't. Because I can neither kill nor trust nor forgive.
You forgave Dembe.
Dembe hid your misdeeds. Yours. Not his.
So where does that leave us?
With a case. Until it's solved, our conflict can wait.
LIZ: Corinne Walker was abducted from a family arcade outside Minneapolis.
37 hours earlier, Nora Mitchell went missing from a park in Seattle.
Living in different cities.
- Twins who aren't twins.
- According to birth records, Corinne was born March 2, 2011, to a Heather and Mark Walker, and Nora was born a day later and over 2,000 miles away to a Sara and Ben Mitchell.
RESSLER: How is that even possible? COOPER: And what possible involvement could Anna McMahon have in it? LIZ: Reddington isn't sure, but according to the surveillance team he has following Anna McMahon, she's connected to the abductions.
He's got a surveillance team? This photo was taken last week, and then this next one was taken yesterday outside the same arcade where Corinne Walker was abducted.
RESSLER: It's the same guy.
COOPER: Does Reddington know what his connection is with McMahon? ARAM: What does a top Justice Department official have to do with a series of child abductions? He doesn't know, but he said he has a line or two in the water.
Then while he's fishing off that pier, we'll focus on the families.
Ressler, Keen, talk to the parents.
Something's tying them together.
Maybe they know what.
Where have you been hiding? - What do you mean? - You've been a ghost ever since I told you that I've been looking into who Reddington was.
Thought maybe you were still pissed at me.
What? No.
I'm grateful.
You did what you thought was best for me.
I'm grateful for that.
[FOOTSTEPS DEPART] HEATHER: They look exactly the same.
MARK: This other girl, Nora, is it possible that she is our daughter? Fingerprint and hospital records confirm they are different girls.
Nora's parents are just as desperate to find their daughter as you are.
Desperate's an understatement.
You said you had new information? - Yes.
We ran a DNA test.
- And? SARA: She looks exactly the same.
The girls are identical twins.
How can this be? There's more.
There's something else.
And this isn't going to be easy for you to hear.
RESSLER: According to the report, the two of you are not genetically related to your daughter.
- What? - No.
I'm sorry, but we ran the test several times.
LIZ: It isn't just you.
Neither you nor the Mitchells are biologically related to either of the girls.
- You're telling us what? - [EXHALES SHARPLY] That we got some other couple's eggs by mistake? - So you did conceive through IVF? - Yes.
But now you're telling us that Nora is someone else's child? What sperm, what egg doesn't matter.
We want our daughter back.
And we're doing everything we can to find her.
Can you tell me the name of the IVF clinic you used? New Dawn, outside Minneapolis.
Our doctor recommended it.
- New Dawn? - It was nearby.
I was finishing my degree at Saint Mary's at the time.
MARK: We'll do whatever you need, but you need to be completely honest with me.
I need to know, do you have any idea where our little girl is right now? Completely honest? [INHALES SHARPLY] No.
Not yet.
[DOOR OPENS] Hello, Corinne.
My name is Doctor Rizal.
I'm pleased to meet you.
I know you've had a very long journey, so I got you a gift.
I want to go home! I know, sweetheart, and you will.
Very soon.
But let's get you changed.
There's something I want to show you, something I built for you.
Corinne, Nora.
You're both unique individuals.
And together, we're gonna change the world.
Obviously, we're horrified to think that there could have been any sort of improprieties here at New Dawn.
We have stringent protocols that would render a mistake nearly impossible.
Well, we have reason to believe this wasn't a mistake.
The Walkers and the Mitchells, they were both clients? Anne, before you answer that RESSLER: We can subpoena medical records.
I want to be clear we're ready to cooperate in any way that we can.
The Walkers and Mitchells were both clients.
In June of 2010.
And they shared the same doctor? Actually, they had two different fertility specialists working with two entirely different staffs.
So how does that explain the mix-up? You do not have to answer this.
I've looked at their cases, every staff member, every person in the chain of command and the only possible wrinkle I can imagine might be in embryology.
- Meaning? - On the day of transfer, the cultured embryo is taken from our incubators on site directly to the mother.
Now, it's possible, yet highly unlikely, that the embryologist could have swapped out the cultured genetic material with I don't know.
Something else.
Like an embryo cultured off-site? Y-You said that the women had different teams, different doctors, but did they have different embryologists? No.
But his reputation - We need a name.
- He's one of the best.
Miss Mauler.
A name.
LIZ: Miles Gordon, FBI! I'm not gonna ask again! [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH] Something going on? I had the TV on.
I don't hear a TV.
Mind if we ask you a few questions? Right.
Let me just, um That was stupid.
Now I get to arrest you.
[STRING MUSIC PLAYING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Senator Christensen! I'm terribly sorry to interrupt.
I know you're very busy getting stroked here, but I only need a moment.
I'm in the middle of a meeting.
I'm looking for this man.
I'm sorry.
Do I know you? I've searched near and far, and it's come to my attention he may be in your employ.
If you want to set a meeting, you call my office, just like everyone else.
[TENSE MUSIC PLAYS] Who is he? I have no idea.
Senator, unlike your lunch date here, I'm not interested in foreplay.
I've spoken with a number of sources who tell me the man in the photo is in the business of finding difficult-to-find items and is presently trying to find something for you.
How could you possibly know that? Will the gentleman be joining? No.
I-I will take a martini.
Two olives.
[HUSHED] I met him through a friend.
This isn't the place.
Maybe if we went somewhere more discreet.
[LOUDLY] Actually, I find indiscretion often works to my advantage.
Go on.
[WHISPERING] They call him Mr.
Francis Cotton.
That's not his real name.
I hired him to find a missing work of art for my wife's collection.
- How do I reach him? - You don't.
He contacts you after you place an ad in the wanted section of the Post.
It took two months before he reached out.
He has my number.
He said he'll contact me when he finds the piece.
What is the piece? Of art? Ah! Vaisravana.
Uh, sir, are you leaving? I have your martini here.
No, no, no.
It's for the Senator.
He could use a good stiff drink.
You want to help ARAM in there or should I? He seems to have it under control.
Looks can be deceiving.
What I said earlier was true.
I'm grateful that you're a good friend.
But, um, I'm also grateful for what you did, for telling me about my grandfather. I found him, and he told me about Reddington, about who he was.
Wait. You You know?
His name was Ilya Koslov. He and Katarina were childhood friends, and then they were in the Cabal together.
But why take on Reddington's identity?
After the fire, after I shot my father and the world was after Katarina, the only way for her to survive was to access the funds they used to frame Reddington.
Yeah, but they couldn't do it without Reddington.
Since he was already dead, Ilya Koslov brought him back to life.
That's the answer that Reddington killed people to keep quiet? - I mean, why? –
I don't know.
To protect me somehow? To protect himself. Ilya Koslov and Katarina Rostova disappeared after betraying powerful people with long memories who were willing to kill to find out information about their whereabouts. Or try to.
A couple of weeks ago, I got the drop on some KGB mook who had heard that I was looking into Katarina. Wanted to know what kind of leads I had.
That's why he's keeping it a secret. That's why we can't tell anyone.
Yeah, but we got to tell Cooper and ARAM.
Whoever he was, he is Reddington.
Cooper will understand that, but he might feel obliged to tell someone in the Bureau who doesn't.
Anna McMahon does not trust the Task Force, and she hates Reddington.
She's looking for any excuse to shut us down.
You're worried that they'll void his immunity agreement.
I'm pretty sure I had the right to know the truth, and I'm absolutely sure no one else does.
Look, I get that, but is it the truth? I mean, does it make sense that this is the answer he'd kill to keep quiet? That so many people have died trying to find out?
It's because so many people died that I gave up my child. To protect Agnes until I learned the truth. Am I sure I know why he guarded his secret? No.
s it possible that I'm overlooking some of the holes in the story because there's a sweetness to it? Yes, it's possible. But it's more possible that it's true.
“More possible."
Ilya Koslov had motive and opportunity. If this were a crime, you'd say it was solved, and you'd believe you were right.
Well, you and New Dawn are the only thing connecting the abductions, so if you didn't take them, who did? I told you I have no idea.
You had some legal trouble before your time at New Dawn, right? I was working at a clinic in Boston after I finished my degree.
There was a power outage.
Core temperatures never moved outside the acceptable range, but one child was born very sick.
That must have been a very difficult time for you.
Plus, the large settlement, legal fees, school debt It was difficult, yes.
It's why I moved to Minneapolis.
- But, look, I didn't - The thing is, is five months later, you signed a mortgage and bought a new car.
- That That was I - I'd like to think it was a lucky break, the lottery, a bequest, even.
But come on.
I'm guessing that wasn't it.
Someone approached you, offered you money? No, it's not like that.
Those parents just want their girls back.
If you tell us the truth, we can help you.
Who approached you? I don't know his name.
Just He said the parents would never know, that it was a simple swap.
- You switched the embryos.
- It was a lot of money.
And the chances of all three embryos - implanting successfully was - I'm sorry.
Did you say "three"? Yes.
All three embryos we swapped were carried to term.
The third child remember her name? LIZ: Grace Draxton.
We're here to take her into protective custody.
- FBI? I don't understand.
- Is this connected to the CPS complaint? - CPS? Agent Cavali from Child Protective Services got here maybe thirty minutes ago.
He said he needed to speak with Grace about some problems at home.
He's in with Grace and the school Counselor.
You need to take us there.
Tell them a child has been abducted from your school.
I have an item for your catalogue.
Got the wrong place.
I fix clocks.
Fat Joe says you do more than that.
Don't know any Fat Joe.
He told me to tell you there are moles in your garden.
He say what I should do with them? Call the exterminator.
[CLOCK WINDING] Let me see the item.
That's a photo of the item.
And this is a suitcase filled with $50,000 in unmarked bills for putting it in your catalogue.
I fence items, not photos of items.
There's another suitcase for letting me use your back room to talk to the buyer.
You got a lot of suitcases.
Do you know who I am? Yeah, a guy with a lot of suitcases.
How many will it take for you to circulate the photo? Do you have the item, or are you just using me to smoke out the guy who wants to buy it? Four suitcases, no questions, and you throw in the mantle clock.
I'm a sucker for Limoges.
The triplets they're not the only ones who've been taken.
What makes you say that? I went back into the database and found this kids taken from Miami, Chicago, Dallas.
There are more.
Twins and triplets, all of them born to different parents, all of them reported missing in the last 18 months.
You think this is some sort of sick, sci-fi version - of human trafficking? - ARAM: No.
I think this is some sick, sci-fi version of human experimentation.
I had the girls' DNA sequenced.
The differences are 90,000 base pairs.
Now, that sounds like a lot, but when you consider that the human genome has about 3 billion base pairs, it's nothing.
My guess is that the person we're looking for took a fertilized egg, split it into three embryos, and then made changes.
Resulting in identical triplets who are genetically unique.
Grace, this is Nora and Corinne.
Can you say hello? Now that you're all here, we can begin.
How exciting.
Genetic differences.
You think they could be random? I would, except the insertions and deletions around the effected areas suggest that someone used a virally delivered editing tool to rewrite Corinne and Nora's DNA.
Rewriting DNA? Who can do that? Are the devices active? - [COMPUTER BEEPS] - Bringing subjects online now.
Hey! Look! [SOFT BUZZING] Begin at 95 degrees.
Set humidity to 50%.
[BEEPING] LIZ: You said two girls had their DNA altered.
What about the third? ARAM: Preliminary samples taken from her home suggest it wasn't edited, which is what leads me to believe it's some kind of experiment.
NORA: What's happening?! Why are you doing this to us? CORINNE: Let us out! - Increase it to 100.
- RESSLER: It's a control group.
They created identical triplets to restrict outside genetic factors and left one embryo unedited so they could establish a baseline, a way to measure the effect of the changes.
But who? And for what? Are you out of your mind? What the hell is wrong with you? - Excuse me.
- You think I want my picture above the fold on the Post? More bad press? He could've killed me.
Slow down.
What's wrong? What's wrong? How about lunch with a fugitive? - I don't understand what you're - Reddington.
He came to see me.
Hold on.
What did he want? Your friend.
The Finder.
He wanted me to put him in touch.
- And what did you tell him? - What did I tell him? Anna, it doesn't matter what I told him.
All that matters is what I'm telling you.
You introduced me to Cotton in exchange for my vote on the farm bill.
Well, guess what.
You're not getting my vote.
[PHONE SPEED-DIALING, RINGING, CLICK] Did you talk to Cotton? Less than an hour ago.
Good news.
He had the information we were looking - Doesn't matter.
Listen to me.
- I'm sorry.
"Doesn't matter"? I need you to reach out to Cotton, bring him in.
- What's going on? - Reddington knows.
I don't know how, but he knows.
He's looking for Cotton.
If he gets to him, I guarantee you he'll get him to talk about our plans.
You need to find Cotton before Reddington does.
COTTON: [CLEARS THROAT] I heard you have moles in the garden.
So? Have you considered calling the exterminator? It's in the back.
[DOOR OPENS] I'm here about the Vaisravana.
RED: No, you're here for a little chat.
Let's hope the conversation is fruitful.
[COUGHING] [BEES BUZZING] The britches! I'm gonna need you to take them off! You do know this is a matter of some urgency, right? Legends aren't born, Bite of the wife's Reuben? Teddy, I need to know where he took the children and what he's doing for Anna McMahon, and I need to know now.
Corned beef's as lean as a dog in lent.
If I end up needing an actual exterminator, you're paying.
If Demby was here, he'd take a bite.
- Ah, here we go.
- What? If he was here, he'd take a bite.
He's not here, so he won't.
That's all I'm saying.
- That's all you're saying.
- The man loves a Reuben.
For all we know, he's having one now.
Only we don't know, because you fired him.
[CHUCKLES] I didn't fire him.
In fact, I forgave him.
- And he doesn't eat meat! - Forgave him for what? For not following your rules, your do's, your don't's? There's a code of ethics! Why is that so difficult for people to understand? How 'bout 'cause you got a guy in the next room getting his avocados pollinated? The code's like the suit and the hat.
You feel good wearing it.
Look good, too.
Million bucks.
But and I gotta think deep down you know this it's like lipstick on a pig.
It can cover a lotta sins.
End of the day, it's still trayf.
[DOOR OPENS] Anything? The man who hired him to abduct the kids.
He coughed up a name.
Guillermo Rizal.
Reddington says he's the one responsible for the abductions.
Does he have a location? No.
Ressler's working on that now.
What do we know about this guy? Heart rate's slightly elevated, perspiration rate increasing.
Bring the temperature to 105.
Introduce hydration.
ARAM: Okay, so, Rizal basically invented gene mapping.
At 24, he wrote the code that runs the gene-sequencing software used by every hospital, laboratory, and university in the world.
COOPER: If anyone knows how to rewrite DNA, it would be him.
ARAM: The IPO was launched 12 years ago, and he resigned later that year.
And a year after that, the first set of twins was born.
[BEEPING] - You want to back it off? - No.
They may be scared, but these girls are pioneers.
In many ways, humanity depends on them.
Introduce the solution.
[METAL CLANGING] RESSLER: Real-estate records show that Rizal has a warehouse in Howard County.
What makes you think that's where he took the girls? Well, the guy's got houses in New York, London, Bermuda.
But Reddington said the Finder handed off the girls in a roadside exchange somewhere in rural Maryland.
- Howard County.
- Get there.
ARAM, notify HRT and pull a warrant.
I want it issued by the time they arrive.
[BOTH COUGHING] Try again.
I'm telling you, Mr.
He won't give it up.
Anna McMahon.
I need to know what she's instructed him to find.
I know that's what you want, but whoever this Anna McMahon is, she put the fear of God in him.
So much for making this a family business.
- Dad, I'm telling you.
- Hand it over.
Hood, hive, the works.
Thank you, Teddy.
You want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.
Nothing hurts so bad as when a child disappoints.
Like being impaled by a unicorn.
This doesn't look very friendly.
He's not alone.
Three guards in the booth, two more at our six, and another watching from the west.
Agents Ressler, Keen.
We have a warrant.
I, uh I don't have the authority to let you inside.
- My warrant's your authority.
- Right.
I just need to notify Mr.
Rizal's general counsel.
No, you're not notifying anyone.
You're gonna open that gate right now.
Our SWAT team is en route.
Is this gonna be a problem? Hey, you! Put the phone down.
Who are you talking to? RONSON: Subject one's numbers plummeted.
Subject three is radiating down.
Subject two? BP stable, pulse-ox normal, perspiration steady.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] That can't be.
She's steady.
Please! She needs help! Please! RESSLER: Look, we have reason to believe that you have children being held inside against their will, so you're gonna open that gate right now.
Hey! Not a good idea.
Put the gun down.
You want to be arrested for obstruction? Is that what you want? It's okay.
Open it up.
They're police.
Let them inside.
- [POUNDING ON DOOR] - RESSLER: Open the door.
Radio the lab.
Tell them we have a breach.
Code White.
- But the police are - I said Code White.
The hell is this place? [ALARMS BLARING] [ALARM BLARING] Hey.
I'm not leaving without her.
We have to go back.
We need to get you out of here.
I don't think you understand how significant that little girl is to my work.
She's coming with us.
You understand? Take him.
I'll clear observation.
It's okay.
I'm with the police.
We're gonna get you out of here.
Listen to me.
We got kids at the Rizal property.
A dozen.
Maybe more.
I need you to send a medic, protective services.
[ALARMS BLARING] I'll go check it out.
You stay with the kids, get them help.
Copy that.
- Corinne.
- What did you do to them?! I'll explain everything later, but right now we have to go with these men.
- No! - Corinne, please.
[ALARM BLARING] [COMPUTERS BEEPING] What's going on? Feds are on site.
You gotta go.
The system's wiped.
Nothing can be traced.
[RAPID GUNSHOTS IN DISTANCE] [ALARMS BLARING] LIZ: FBI! I'm gonna show you my credentials.
- We're hearing gunfire.
- Last door on the left! There's another agent down there! [ALARMS BLARING] [GUN COCKS] [GUNSHOTS] [GUNSHOT] - One down! - Where's the girls? MAN: They're back there! Let go! Let go of me! - Be careful with her.
- Stop it! No! They have a vehicle waiting for you at the south entrance.
Take the girl.
Make your way on foot.
Move! FBI! Hands! Cover him.
RIZAL: Hang on.
You're almost home.
- Hands.
Show me your hands! - Don't shoot! Please! Put your hands in the air.
Step away from the girl.
I said put her down! I can't! She's been shot.
All right.
Back away.
Put the girl down.
I said back away! I got a minor with a gunshot wound.
We need an emergency Medevac now.
3121 South Broxton.
She's not breathing.
She can't die.
I'm begging you.
She cannot die! [DOOR OPENS] How is she? In surgery, if you care.
Of course I care.
I created her.
I created all of them.
To be human guinea pigs.
Why? Because you eat meat.
Waste water.
Guzzle gas.
You like riddles? Not particularly, no.
How many SUVs does it take the FBI to bring in a single suspect? I counted six.
You think I've committed a crime? - You're killing the planet.
- And I suppose that you're trying to solve it by, uh, experimenting on children.
50,000 years ago, a relative of the modern-day human lived on the Indonesian island of Flores.
Because resources were scarce, people adapted by becoming smaller.
Adults were only three feet tall.
As a result, they consumed less, had a smaller carbon footprint.
If we're going to survive climate change, we have to adapt to our environment the same way Homo floresiensis adapted to theirs.
I want us to survive.
To do that, we have to evolve.
And since we don't have time to wait on natural selection, I figured out a way to speed up the process.
Oh, by changing their DNA? As temperatures increase, fresh water will become scarce.
Rivers will dry up, springs and aquifers will become contaminated by the rising seas.
People will die of thirst.
Unless their kidneys become more powerful, capable of processing the higher salt content.
Yeah, CSI said that you forced those little girls to drink salt water.
And expose them to extreme heat.
The genetic changes I made to Corinne's DNA increased her tolerance to both by 12%.
Multiply that by 7 billion people, and you begin to see a glimmer of hope.
So, Corinne, the little girl you tried to save, she's she's your chosen one.
First of a new breed.
Homo solvos.
The savior of humankind.
COOPER: I just spoke with the hospital.
Corinne's out of surgery.
She's gonna be okay.
That's great.
And the others? Corinne's sisters are in stable condition.
All the other children have been released.
Any word from Mr.
Reddington? We still don't know how any of this connects to Anna McMahon.
[DOOR OPENS, BEES BUZZING] Home is where I want to be, pick me up So? Sang like the Mormon Tabernacle during Vespers! Why did McMahon hire him? If he knows anything, he hasn't told me.
Given how angry he is with me, I think I'd be the last to know.
- Why's he angry with you? - Family squabble? Family? Is that what we are? I'm not so sure.
I've been thinking about it a lot recently, and, uh I don't think I know what "family" even means.
[VOICE BREAKING] Before we had Agnes, I thought Tom and I were gonna adopt, that family had nothing to do with biology.
If this case taught us anything, it's that it doesn't.
COOPER: Family isn't about bloodlines.
It's about commitment and love and a whole lot of faith.
The parents of Rizal's children.
No one would blame them for walking away from those kids.
But I'm guessing that learning biology isn't what's keeping them together is a powerful reminder of all the other things that do.
Every family has challenges.
God knows yours with Reddington has more than most.
No one would blame you if you chose to walk away from them, but you never will.
And not because you can't.
Because you don't want to.
Because in spite of his His way or the highway.
In spite of everything, he's committed to you, he loves you, and he has faith in you.
And I think you have the same for him.
LIZ: Thank you for coming.
I came because I have news. About Anna McMahon.
I've been thinking a lot about what you said. About your code.
She hired Mr. Cotton to find the dossier. We thought she had it. She doesn't.
Did you find out who does?
Yes. A child. A random child that Bastien Moreau gave the dossier to in the moments before he was killed. A child who has no idea that they possess a detailed description of a plot against the United States.
If Mr.
Cotton told you, then he told McMahon.
He did. Just before I got to him. Which means she has a head start.
I have a code, too. I don't kill people who violate it, but it's every bit as important to my life as your code is to yours. Do you want to hear it?
She's gotten so big.
Love wins.
That's not a code. It's a greeting card.
You won't stay angry with me. I know you think you will, but you won't. Parents don't stay angry with their children. Or their grandchildren. And that's who you are to us. It doesn't matter who you were. This is who you are and who you'll always be.
Because you believe love wins?
Every day and twice on Sundays. Says so on the greeting card.
When I was little, did you train me for everything you knew I'd have to face?
If you're asking whether it was a surprise that you became an FBI agent, the answer is no.
I want to know what you did for me so I can do the same thing for Agnes. To train her for everything I know she'll have to face.
Sam did what I told him to. Will Scottie do the same for you?
She won't have to.
She will if Agnes is to get what she needs.
I left Agnes with Scottie because I was afraid of who you were. But I'm not anymore. Scottie won't have to train Agnes. Because Agnes won't be with her. I'm bringing her home.
ANNA: So, did you find him?
Not yet.
Which means Reddington did.
I'm still working a few And if he found him, he got Cotton to talk.
Which means he knows where the dossier is.
You don't know that.
I do know that.
That's the one thing I know.
Did Cotton tell you where the dossier is?
Then he told Reddington. This is it, everything we have worked for. You need to mobilize your men right now. Find the dossier before Reddington does, and we finish this. Let him beat you, we're no better than dead by morning. Now go.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
- Absolutely.
You grow mint? I do the same thing at home so I can have it for my Yes, you may.
Thank you.
Na zdorov'e.
Can I ask why? You're my grandfather.
Why would you want to hide that from me? [CLOCK TICKING] Because I made a promise a long time ago.
[SLURPS] A promise to lie to your granddaughter? [CUP TAPS LIGHTLY] Why would anyone ever ask you to do that? [TICKING CONTINUES] Hmm.
To keep you safe.
You know his identity.
I do.
Who is he? And how is it connected to my mother? I know she didn't drown in Cape May.
I know that, 6 months later, she helped whoever's pretending to be Reddington become Reddington.
I have proof.
What happened in those 6 months between the night the world thinks my mother drowned and the day Reddington came back from the dead? What happened? [WIND RUSHING, CHIMES CLINKING] [WAVES CRASHING, BIRDS CALLING] [GASPING] [GRUNTS] For most people, baptism comes early.
My daughter had to wait half her life to be reborn.
[DOORS CREAKING] [DOORS THUD SHUT] PRIEST: Ma'am? - Can I help you? - [GASPING] Are you all right? [THUD ECHOES] Hey, there.
It's okay.
You're in a shelter.
It's not a hospital.
You had a nasty fever when they brought you in hypothermia.
You picked the right church, though.
Father Wendt was a medic in Lebanon.
Said you needed rest and warm liquids.
- How long have - A few days.
Enough time for the fever to break.
What's your name, sweetheart? That's okay.
I don't need to know.
You get some rest.
JODI: You need to know whatever you share with us is confidential, and it stays with us unless you request otherwise.
You want to talk about it? No.
I saw the bruises on your stomach, the cuts.
They weren't from the ocean.
[GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] Well, wh-when you want to talk about it, we're here.
You're safe.
- Thank you.
- [PEN CLATTERS LIGHTLY] But she wasn't safe.
She wasn't safe.
[CLOCK TICKING] She was being hunted.
There was a Russian Anton Velov.
He was searching for her.
These are from the last week? ATTENDANT: Everyone we received.
And bodies wouldn't have been sent anywhere else? If a body was pulled from the water within 40 miles of here, this is where it would come.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] What do you say you and I take a little drive? A drive? Well, there's something I want to show you.
[DOOR UNLOCKS] [DOOR SLAMS OPEN] [SHOUTING IN RUSSIAN] What's the problem? Who is she? We couldn't get her name.
No one knows what she's saying.
She walked in and started yelling.
Call the police! - [CONTINUES SHOUTING] - [SHOUTS IN RUSSIAN] Don't call the police.
She's telling you not to.
You can understand what she's saying? - [SPEAKS RUSSIAN] - Her boyfriend did this.
JODI: Can she tell us his name? [CONVERSING IN RUSSIAN] She doesn't want to.
She's afraid.
Her boyfriend is friendly with the police.
If you call them, he'll find her.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Her arm she thinks there might be a fracture.
Katarina should we talk? About what? You think that's me? I think we're all running from something.
I think we've all had to do things to survive.
Everyone here has a past.
Whatever your story is, it's your story, and yours alone.
Most importantly, I think the woman who stepped into that ocean is dead.
The one who emerged has new choices, a new future, and I'm here to help her.
LIZ: She got help.
DOM: She got well.
She kept to herself.
She remained patient.
While she made a plan.
Remember, all this happened as the Soviet Union was collapsing.
REPORTER: 93% of voters in Lithuania have voted for independence from the Soviet Union.
- She betrayed all of us.
- By working with the Cabal.
By helping to fan the flames of an uprising.
Many powerful people were looking for your mother, and she knew she needed to disappear, to fade away.
She stayed at the shelter, biding her time, until LIZ: Until what?
Get out.
Sir, please. You're drunk.
What did you say to me? –
It's late. You've been drinking.- M-Maybe the best thing for you  
MAN ON P.A.: Mr. Koslov. Paging Mr. Ilya Koslov. You have a lost item at the security desk.
Hi. I'm, uh, Ilya Koslov.
Someone paged me.
Oh, Mr. Koslov, yes.
We found your briefcase.
- Oh.
- Lucky someone turned it in.
Must be my lucky day.
I thought you were dead.
I am dead.
What are we doing here? Making sure I stay that way.
I hope you know your mother loved you.
And my father? Did she love him, too?
Reddington was an assignment.
So, you were her handler.
Katarina was my protege or so I thought until I learned that she had a life I didn't know anything about, a cabal conspiring against Russia, her affair with Reddington.
Which you ordered her to have.
I ordered her to turn him turn him, not to have his child.
I don't know if they loved each other or not. What I do know is that they loved you.
And fought over me. That's what they were doing the night I shot him. Whoever's impersonating Reddington, they had to know Reddington died that night. And if they knew that, they also knew that's when my mother gave me up.
Lock the door behind me.
She was alone and scared and wanted me to be safe.
She was scared, and she wanted you to be safe.
But she wasn't alone.
I cannot believe you're alive.
The papers How did How did they get it wrong? They didn't.
I went into the ocean to end my life.
Yeah, but you came back.
I told you my plan.
Yeah, well, we need a new plan one that has even a remote chance of success.
The KGB knows I betrayed them. The Cabal knows I had an affair with a man who has information that could destroy them. I am marked, and so is everybody I care about guilt by association. I won't stand still for that.
That is what I hate about you.
Don't say that.
Well, don't take it personally. It's how, uh, all moral relativists feel about righteousness in the face of impossible odds. On the plus side, I'll have nothing but love for you if we succeed, which we won't.
Well, we pledged our lives to each other.
When we were 6.
And a promise is a promise.
Okay. For this to work, we'd need passports, cash, access, time.
Okay, okay.
Okay, well, which of those do we have?
What, not even time? I don't understand. The world thinks you're dead.
There was an incident at the shelter a man with a gun. Velov will hear about it. The news of my death would fool most. It won't fool Velov.
KATARINA: We did the right thing, right?
ILYA: What thing? Pulling him from the fire, trying to save his life? I can't stop thinking about those firefighters, what might have happened if we'd left him there if they found him, maybe they could've gotten him help, saved Raymond's life.
He would've burned to death. We did everything we could, and we got him out.
And yet, he died.
Look here. Glasses. Good luck, Anna Croft.
MAN ON PA. All passengers are subject to random screening
This is impossible.
I'm sorry, Mom for everything.
What's happening?
I'm in trouble which means you and Papa are in trouble, as well.
And Masha?
She's fine. She's safe.
You're gonna take the ferry to New London, and then, you'll take the bus to Boston.
What? No.
Ilya liquidated his bank account to access cash. It's in this suitcase, and it's enough to go wherever you want.
I don't want to go anywhere.
There are documents in there a passport, a Social Security card, everything you'll need.
Need for what?
A new life.
Katarina, talk to me. What is going on? What have you done?
The things you'll hear about me are true. And I wish to explain them to you someday, but not now. Right now, you have to get on that ferry. And, remember, when you get there, you'll be somebody else.
But why? I don't understand.
Because I'm a traitor. And they'll think you're a traitor, too. They'll think you're on my side.
I am on your side always.
I love you, Mama.
Woman on - P.A.: Your attention, please. The next ferry to New London is now boarding. The ferry will depart in 15 minutes.
She's safe.
And out of my life.
Yeah, for now.
You don't know that. We got to her first, before Velov.Maybe we were wrong about him. Maybe he's not as close as we think. Maybe he's not –
Don't stop. It's him. Brown coat it's Velov.
The man I killed at the shelter I used his credit card to pay for the room.
There's nothing in the room that would tell them where we're going.
If he knows I'm alive, he already knows where we're going next.
LIZ: To you, right? She was going to see you in Moscow.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] I have to see him.
Velov's men are here to arrest you.
They can't arrest what they can't see.
We have to go in together.
I'll be fine.
What are you gonna do, shoot your own daughter? No, but I may shoot a traitor.
- I am not a traitor.
- You betrayed me.
You betrayed your country.
The country betrayed us.
You sneak in here like a thief in the night.
The building is being watched.
Of course it is.
It's because of you.
Which is why you have to go right now.
Go? Go where? Away, before they arrest you.
They? I'm on their side.
They won't think so.
Not after what I've done.
They won't suspect me.
You trained me.
You're my handler.
Of course they will suspect you.
Not if I turn you in.
You wouldn't do that.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] You betrayed me.
What makes you think I won't do the same thing to you? [KNOCK ON DOOR] Papa I have one duty.
And you will do it.
You told them? What would you have done? I would have protected my child.
Katarina! They're coming! [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [GUN COCKS] [GUNSHOTS] [THUDS] [KATARINA BREATHES DEEPLY] [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Oh, but you do have something to lose something quite precious.
We never worked together.
Drop the gun, and you can tell Velov all about it.
Do it, and we both die.
I betrayed him just as much as I betrayed you.
[CHUCKLES] I'd say, from the look of his face, much more.
Then you'll let him go.
Yes when you put down your gun.
- He's lying.
- I know.
So pretty.
A shame.
I have direct orders from Velov to shoot you on sight.
Kill them both.
Papa [THUDS] [GUNSHOTS] Please.
It's been too long.
We have to get rid of the bodies.
You're on her side, too? At that moment, I'd say we are all on the same side, sir.
YOUNG DOM: Passports.
You're Americans.
Take the train from Leningradsky Station to St.
Petersburg, and then on to Helsinki.
I have an asset at the American embassy who will vouch for you, see that you find transport from Helsinki on to Zurich.
What about you? The only reason I'm here is to make sure you vanish.
You can't stay here.
I have contingencies.
What contingencies? An identity, a place to go.
You did protect your child.
Your house in the woods.
What about Velov's men? I'll deal with the KGB.
No, Papa, listen to me.
You have to go.
You can't come back here.
Once things have settled Moscow's gonna fall.
It's only a matter of time.
You have to leave.
You gave up everything your country, your life.
You walked away from it all to protect your daughter.
And my granddaughter.
You can't see Masha ever.
She's gone.
I'm gone.
You can't ever come back here.
Just get to Helsinki.
LIZ: What did you do? DOM: I got rid of the bodies, I got out of the country, and I got into America.
For Katarina, it wasn't so easy.
They'll destroy him.
We did everything we could.
We warned him to get out right
Not Papa. Raymond.
Reddington's dead.
You and I know that, but the Cabal think he's on the run, a liability. They'll discredit him to undermine his proof of their existence.
Okay, so, you destroy the reputation of a dead man.
He had a wife and a daughter. She's nearly the same age as Masha. Jennifer's her name. They'll be told that he was a criminal and a traitor,
And they won't believe it.
Don't you understand? He was my asset. I'd been siphoning intel off of him for years.
You don't think we had plans in place to destroy him if he ever found out that he was sleeping with the enemy?
Of course they did.
Money in secret accounts. Paper trails of payoffs. Passports in safety-deposit boxes, evidence that I didn't steal his secrets, but that he shared them with me.
Alternate history.
They will destroy him, and they will destroy us, and they won't stop until they do.
SAM: Where are you? What's going on? Do you know what they're saying about Reddington? Sam, I need to talk to her.
[SIGHS] Talk to her.
You can come and get her.
Sam, please.
It's your mother.
- Mama? - Hey, sweetheart.
How are you, my love? Good.
What are you doing? Coloring.
When are you coming home? [VOICE BREAKING] It's gonna take a while.
Mama has some work to do.
But I miss you.
I miss you, too.
[SNIFFLES] And I want to be with you.
I really do.
Until then, I need you to know that I I love you so, so much.
I love you, Masha.
Whatever happens, Mama will always love you.
[SNIFFLES] Bye, sweetheart.
Bye, Mama.
What's going on? You've got to talk to me.
Take care of my girl, Sam.
Katarina! Stop! Katarina, stop! You said we'd figure a way out of this, and I have.
You tracked me down here. We fought. I went over the edge. You'll be a hero. You'll get your life back.
Katarina, please, I have a way to get your life back, a way for me to get my life back, a way to escape the Cabal, the KGB, the Americans, and no one has to die. The world doesn't know what happened to Raymond Reddington, Katarina. It is a mystery, right? So, we give them the answer.
What does that mean?
Will you let me explain? - Let me explain.
Please, let me explain.
It's clever.
But it's absurd.
No one knows that Reddington's dead.
It would never work.
In time, they will think he is on the run a fugitive and traitor to his country.
Because I framed him.
Yes, and if the fugitive Raymond Reddington can disappear without a trace, then why wouldn't it stand to reason that the money you framed him with could disappear, as well?
KATARINA: Ilya, it's not that simple.
I think it is.
Raymond is the only one who can access those accounts.
How much? I mean, those banks are known to bend the rules.
They work with criminals, but still, that doesn't Just humor me.
How much? $40 million.
That is more than we would ever need to stay two steps ahead of the the KGB, the Cabal, the Americans.
It was easy to get those funds wired in, but Raymond would have to show up in person to access that money.
And since he died in my arms, he won't be able to.
I don't think you're entirely grasping what I'm suggesting.
What are you suggesting? Becoming Reddington.
Purposely stepping into the shoes of a man destined to be condemned as a traitor.
But how? That would be impossible.
What if it's not? What if Raymond Reddington were alive and able to walk into those banks? Of course, we couldn't pull it off alone.
We'd need help.
He'd need doctors, like Koehler - [MONITOR BEEPING] - someone who could change his face.
And not just once many visits over the course of a year.
He'd need the details the account numbers, the pass codes, the names of the contacts at the bank.
But not just physical details.
We need personal details about who Raymond was, his family life, his work life.
Liz: He'd need anecdotes to complete the story some true, grounded in reality, some invented.
And who better to provide those details than the woman who spied on him who loved him the woman who invented him? Stop.
I hear you.
It's a desperate, if not bold, plan.
All the pieces were in place.
All that had to be done was to step into the lie and bring it to life to become him.
But there's still one thing that doesn't make any sense.
Why would you do that? To protect you.
They'll hunt you.
You'll never be able to stop running.
Isn't that what we've been doing? Running.
Besides why do I have to keep reminding you? We pledged our lives.
[INXS' "NEVER TEAR US APART" PLAYS] Promise me one thing.
If they get to me, if they take me Don't ask me take care of Masha.
What you know is true Like she was my own.
Don't have to tell you I love your precious heart I I was standing MAN: Sir.
You were there Two worlds collided And they could never tear us apart [FOOTSTEPS ECHO] Mr.
Welcome back.
We could live For a thousand years - SIMON: Is everything all right, sir? - But if I hurt you I hope you're not uncomfortable.
It was necessary for me to make - some changes to my appearance.
- I'd make wine from your tears I've had some recent troubles with the authorities and We have a valued history of discretion, Mr.
Your privacy is our utmost concern.
- Thank you, Simon.
- 'Cause we all have wings Now But some of us don't know why what sort of withdrawal will we be assisting you with today? [SPEAKING GERMAN] I was standing [SPEAKING SWEDISH] You were there [SPEAKING FRENCH] Two worlds collided And they could never, ever tear us apart Yes.
It worked.
A few months after I made it to America, Katarina met me here [CHUCKLES] on that sidewalk.
She handed me a key to box 642.
- The letter.
- Mm-hmm.
This is where you picked it up.
[SIREN CHIRPS IN DISTANCE] She gave the key to her mother, too.
She told us that, when she resurfaced, she would make contact with us.
I got this 28 years ago.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] And in 28 years, there was not a week that has passed that I haven't tried to use it.
I'd say a silent prayer first hoping, praying to find something from her.
And did you? [SCOFFS LIGHTLY] Last time I saw my daughter was in this rearview mirror nearly 30 years ago.
If my Katarina was still here, she would have let me know.
But the letter you picked up in February Katarina's mother sent it to her.
A letter in a bottle, cast into the ocean by a mother on her deathbed, hoping against hope that somehow the letter would find her daughter alive.
I picked it up because I knew it never would.
Thank you for telling me.
I wish I had a different story, but You and my daughter you're the only family I have.
I haven't treated you like family.
I I wanted to.
I I'm sorry.
Can I meet her, your daughter? You are her great-grandfather.
I expect you to spoil her rotten.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
RED: After pondering that for a moment, replies, "It's too early to tell.
To what do we owe the pleasure? I hope it's a hankering for roast goose.
Succulent doesn't begin to des It isn't the goose.
I know the truth.
Your real identity.
I know who you are.
Take a look at the door.
I know I said I wasn't search - You see Chuck? - Yeah.
You know who you don't see? Dembe.
You know why? Because your hunt for the truth mine, by the way, not yours cost me my relationship with him.
If that's the case, I'm sorry, but it's gonna be okay.
I know it will, especially because you've got nothing to disagree about anymore.
I know you're Ilya and the incredible thing you did to protect my mother to protect me.
Who told you this? Dom.
I know about him, too, that he's my grandfather.
I know everything the facts, anyway.
Of course, I have like a thousand questions.
You and me both.
And those can wait all except for one.
I know you became who you are to access Reddington's accounts.
- You know that? - I do.
And it worked.
But what I don't understand is what happened after it worked.
I mean, you became Reddington, but then, you stayed Reddington.
And I don't understand why.
I am what I am.
Popeye the Sailor Man.
[SCOFFS] I was so excited to tell you, I flew halfway around the world.
Was it worth the trip? That depends.
Is the goose really succulent? [CLOCK TICKING]
What were you thinking?
Don't start with me. You were the architect of this charade. Cost me my daughter and, up until now, my granddaughter and my great-granddaughter.
What did you tell her?
She was going to find out sooner or later.
I know the broad strokes. I know who I am. I need to know the details of exactly what you've thrown out there into the ether.
What you need to do is to thank me for putting all of this behind you.
Is that what you think you did? Because I think you may have made things worse.
So, from the start what did you tell her, word for word?
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
6.18 The Brockton College killer #92
Hello? Is someone there?
Has the meeting been set with Ruddiger? For lunch.
And do you think he'll kill him just to set an example? [BREATHES DEEPLY] I won't say he will.
But I can't be sure he won't unless he knows your truth.
- I didn't hear you come in.
- [CLICKS] I'm listening to a podcast.
They're these episodic audio recordings
I'm familiar with the concept of a podcast.
Everyone is.
No one listens to them on audio cassette.
Digital is the province of hackers and prying eyes.
My life depends on sticking to simpler pleasures.
This one's a compelling but misguided series called "Thaw.
" The one about the serial killer who froze his victims? Tobias Carlyle.
Though, if the podcast is to be believed, Carlyle is in prison for crimes he didn't commit.
Isn't he getting a new trial? Yes, and with the case about to go to the jury, this happens.
Carlyle went to prison six years ago.
When he did, the murders stopped.
It can't be coincidence that they've started again.
It could be a copycat.
Yes, or a contract killer, one working at Carlyle's instruction.
So you think he orchestrated the murder from prison. Do you have any evidence?
None. Which is why I'm giving you the case. A serial killer is in prison. His associate is carrying on in his absence. Unless you catch him and prove his connection to Carlyle, the jury will overturn Carlyle's conviction. And there will be two killers on the loose. Keep me posted. It's a busman's holiday, but I'm a sucker for true-crime drama.
Your lunch with Ruddiger You should cancel it.
Why would I do that?
Because you're going to ask him if he turned you in to the police. He didn't.  I did.
The homeless woman who called in the anonymous tip. You You said you showed her a photo of Elizabeth. You said she didn't recognize her.
She didn't. But she did recognize a photo of Jennifer.
I asked him not to say anything. It's not his fault. It's mine.
No, it's mine. I knew it was you as soon as I found out you were looking for Dr.
Koehler's nurse.
You knew that –
One day I'm captured the next, you're looking for someone who knows I was once someone else? I knew that wasn't a coincidence, but I let my hopes convince me that - you'd never betray me like that.
- If I had
That neither of you would.
If I'd known what was gonna happen
That they'd put me on trial, - sentence me to death? –
That surprised you? –
No! The only thing I knew is - you aren't who you say you are.
And you think you deserve–
to know the truth.- I do.
- That you're entitled to that?–
That entitlement justified risking my life?
I thought it justified anything, yes. But I don't anymore.
And why is that?
Because you almost died. I came face-to-face with losing you, and I realized that I don't care about who you were I care for who you are. And that's the only thing that matters. You You have to believe me.
I'm not sure I'll ever believe you again.
[KEYS CLACKING] - What's this? - A favor.
You should know that I once held the high score on "Ms.
Pac-Man" at Earl's Pizza in Pike Creek, and I will not go easy on you.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Maybe some other time.
This is about a case.
Uh, looking for someone, and his prints are on one of those quarters.
- Is this a new case? - Cold case.
Can you run them for me? Sure, but that might take awhile.
- Just name the place.
- Place for what? Our "Ms.
Pac-Man" tournament.
How'd it go with Reddington? I don't really want to talk about it.
- Did you tell him? - Ressler.
What did he say? Can we please just go to work? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] The Brockton College Killings were a series of murders that took place on Brockton campus in 2013.
Over a year and a half, three women Krystala Norris, Lauren Key, and Melissa Seymore were found dead, their bodies staged like frozen statues.
Besides going to the same school, all these three women had in common was a connection to a fellow student named Tobias Carlyle.
Norris shared several of the same classes, Key worked at the diner he frequented, and Seymore was a writer for the school newspaper where he was a photographer.
In fact, she had last been seen in Carlyle's dorm.
Forensics recovered his semen from her body.
Did he know the most recent victim? No, I didn't know her.
And even if I did, I couldn't kill her from prison.
Which is why we're arguing to have this new murder be admissible in court.
It's last minute, but this could change everything.
This case has gained international attention recently because of "Thaw," a podcast hosted by Kimberly Owens.
Owens believes Carlyle is innocent.
Hang on.
I mean, he confessed.
You don't believe he's responsible for this most recent murder? - He's in prison.
- Which doesn't mean he's innocent of the crimes he's already confessed to.
Reddington believes Carlyle contracted a killing to help his case.
I'm a big fan of "Thaw," too, and I can't believe Mr.
Reddington could listen to it and actually think that Tobias is guilty.
That is crazy.
It was obviously the professor.
- The professor? - Adrian McCaffrey.
He teaches English at Brockton University and had all three victims as his students.
In fact, "Thaw" uncovered that one of the victims, Lauren Key, had filed a suit against him for sexual harassment.
Now, the university didn't disclose this to the police during the first trial.
How do you explain that? I don't know, but if Reddington is right, this murderer is about to manipulate the justice system to walk free.
Keen, Ressler, talk to the police.
Aram, if you're so certain about the professor, check him out.
MAGUIRE: Well, like the original murder victims, the corpse was marinated in liquid nitrogen 320 below.
But here's the interesting thing.
Take a look at the bruising at the back of her scalp.
Cause of death in all the victims was hypothermia, but they also showed evidence of blunt-force trauma caused by a dimpled mallet, like a meat tenderizer.
The bruising pattern here is identical to the others.
Whoever did this used the same exact instrument.
We have a source who suggests that the killer may have been told how to do it by Carlyle.
That they're working together to make it look like he's innocent.
He wouldn't need much coaching.
Whoever listened to that podcast would know how to do it, which limits your suspects to what like 3 million people? Help! Please! [POUNDING ON LID] Please, help me! Help! - RESSLER: We want a name.
- TOBIAS: I don't have one.
Oh, first a podcast gets you a new trial, and then a body drops when the jury is trying to decide your fate? I didn't get a retrial because of luck.
I got a retrial because Kimberly Owens uncovered police misconduct and suppression of evidence.
That woman, she's my angel.
Before I start today, I have sad news to share.
Another Brockton student has been reported missing.
LIZ: Her name is Jenny Marciniak.
Hello? I don't know who that is.
[GASPING] Let me out.
RESSLER: We've seen your confession.
You admitted to killing those women.
I would've said anything to end that interrogation, and so I did.
If I had to pick one word to sum up this case, it would be "missing.
" Five girls went missing in 2013 and two now, but other things are missing, too.
The weapon used to knock out the girls is missing.
Police tore Tobias' life apart and never found it.
The kill site is missing.
Tobias lived in Manor Hall with a roommate.
It's not exactly a place he could've frozen a body in liquid nitrogen without anyone noticing.
I hate that anyone more is being hurt, but maybe the silver lining is the truth will finally come out.
- The truth? - The truth is that Lauren Key's sexual-harassment report against Dr.
Adrian McCaffrey is the biggest missing piece of all.
We have it now, of course, but it is missing from the official case in 2013.
I was a student at Brockton while the original murders were happening, and everyone knew McCaffrey liked sleeping with girls half his age.
Were all of the victims students of his that turned him down? Both of the new victims had him as a professor.
McCaffrey is the one police should be talking to.
Jenny Marciniak was kidnapped 12 hours ago? My client has an ironclad alibi.
What's Dr.
McCaffrey's? I was in my office, grading my papers, just like I always do.
- Can anyone corroborate that? - This whole thing is ridiculous.
I shouldn't be a suspect.
Sir, you are not officially a suspect.
Oh, sure, I'm just having a little chat with the FBI.
It's just a-a-a few questions, like, um, about that sexual-harassment complaint.
You're one of those, aren't you? You've listened to that podcast.
You should know that I am suing that woman for defamation.
I'm just curious why you think the college didn't disclose the allegation during the original investigation.
- Because it was untrue.
- Okay.
Hang on.
So So you deny that one of the victims had reported that, uh, you had said, uh, "she looked good in her skirt, and that, if she was interested in a better grade, she should see you in your office after class"? I acknowledge that a complaint was made.
I also acknowledge that I had called her paper on "The Decameron" derivative, and I graded her accordingly.
She was just getting back at me.
All of the victims have been your students.
I mean you have to admit that's a little weird, right? No, I don't have to admit anything.
I teach English 101.
It would be harder for you to find a student at Brockton that I haven't taught.
And the rumors you were sleeping with students? You sound just like my ex-wife.
Do you have my divorce agreement in that file of yours, as well? Because if you did, you would know that there was never a speck of evidence that I had an affair.
They were lies, all of them.
And I got everything I wanted in the divorce because of that fact, just like I am gonna get everything that I want once I'm finished with Kimberly Owens.
No, no, no, no.
You are angry.  You shouldn't also be careless.
I need some time to think.
I agree. About why you are confusing loyalty with betrayal.
I'm not confused. I'm not angry.  I'm just tired.
I believe you should tell Elizabeth the truth. You disagree. So I keep your secret out of loyalty to you.
You knew Elizabeth turned me in.
Yes. And I kept her secret out of loyalty to her. How is keeping her secret from you different than keeping your secret from her?
The difference is that you and I don't have secrets.
She can wait.
She knows you're upset.
What you do for me, what I depend on you to do, cannot be done if your loyalties are divided.
The same could be said about me for you.
I've trusted you with my life, with everything in my life.
You are the person to whom I am most vulnerable.
That makes you either a singular friend or a mortal enemy.
You know the answer to that.
I know I need time to think about that.
We've looked into Carlyle's visitor records, call logs, even his commissary account.
No evidence of a hit.
What about his family financials? Any unexplained transfers? - Nothing yet, sir.
- Okay.
So, get this.
McCaffrey mentioned he got "everything he wanted" - in his divorce.
- And? And so I thought I'd pull up the agreement and see what it included all profits from his personally published works, a piece of art he and his wife purchased, and this [BEEPS] his family's cabin.
It's isolated, private.
The police never figured out where the bodies were staged.
This could be the perfect place.
I got your message about the accident.
I sent it a month ago.
Yeah. Three months after it happened.
I'm fine, by the way.
Car's on life support, but you're doing fine. What's it gonna take to get rid of you?
Are you here to compliment me or to do some work?
I'm here to think.
About what?
Think. Not talk.
Have it your way. You always do.
McCaffrey? Anybody here? FBI.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] Looks abandoned.
[DOOR CREAKS] - Oh, my God.
- There's somebody in there.
Look out.
Lemme buy you a new car. This one's not safe. Not surprised you got in an accident.
Whatever you're thinking, why come here to think about it? What have I done to deserve this honor?
I'm thinking about excommunication.
Well, who's left?
Elizabeth and Dembe. She turned me in. He knew and said nothing about it.
You’ve killed for less.
I’ve never killed for more.
But not her. Uh, she’s off-limits.
DEMBE: There is a woman.
My employer's connection to her has been his moral compass.
And that connection is broken.
Yes. Without it, no one is safe.
Not even you?
Why did she turn you in? What did you do that made her want to do that?
I haven't ever been totally forthright about myself.
What does she know?
She’s been looking and thought she’d have a better chance of finding out more if I was in prison and couldn’t interfere.
And Dembe kept her secret.
He did.
COOPER: Jennifer Marciniak was rescued 30 minutes ago.
My agents found her locked in a freezer on a property owned by Adrian McCaffrey.
Well, that's hardly enough to just Several gallons of liquid nitrogen were also found at the crime scene.
Your Honor, this is exculpatory.
I-I want the jury recalled.
I-I want to reopen testimony.
The prejudicial impact of that on the government's case - would - Yeah, to hell with that.
I'm putting Director Cooper on the stand.
JUDGE: You're not doing anything unless I say you are.
Folta, even if the jury convicts, if I exclude this new evidence, there's a good chance the conviction would get overturned on appeal.
But what really troubles me is the possibility Carlyle is wrongly accused.
COOPER: I'm willing to testify, Your Honor, to what we found at the scene.
Under the circumstances, I no longer feel I could stand by a verdict of guilty in this case.
Moreover, I find that no reasonable jury could do so, either.
That leaves me no choice but to dismiss the charges against Tobias Carlyle.
Cooper, I'm looking to you to ease my conscience here.
If Adrian McCaffrey is responsible for these murders, make the case and make it stick.
We'll do everything we can.
[CELLPHONE RINGS, BEEPS] Tell me you got something on that APB, because I just went by McCaffrey's office he was a no-show for all of his classes.
- No, nothing on the APB.
- [KEYS CLACKING] I'm following up on that cold case I looked into for you.
- And? - I used your name to expedite the search and got 38 prints.
13 were in the system.
Six of those were white men, but the oldest was 46.
- Nah, that's too young to be my guy.
- I'm sorry.
I can forward you the names I've pulled, if that would help.
Nah, that's unnecessary.
Look, Aram, I'm gonna have to call you back, all right? [CELLPHONE BEEPS]
Who are you? Why are you following me? [BREATHING HEAVILY] Answer me.
[RUSSIAN ACCENT] I'm supposed to watch you.
Why? Who wants me watched? My superiors.
They want to know why you're interested in Katarina Rostova's father.
- What makes you think I am? - You ran his prints.
So you're looking for him, too.
[VEHICLE APPROACHES] [TIRES SCREECH] I think you should let me go now.
We'll be watching, Agent Ressler.
Carlyle! Mr.
Carlyle, can we get a comment? REPORTER #2: Do you have any plans to sue We have no comment.
Did you know Jenny Marciniak? Please, please, we'll issue a formal statement shortly.
How's it feel to finally be set free? [SIGHS] Fantastic.
If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be going home.
- Mr.
Carlyle! - Mr.
Carlyle! - Mr.
Carlyle! - Do you have any comment?! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] [SIGHS] The campus was a bust.
No sign of McCaffrey.
[TAPS LIGHTLY, DRAWER CLOSES] What's going on? It's Dembe.
I'm worried about him.
You think Reddington would actually punish Dembe?
DEMBE: Allah
He wasn't okay with what I did.
And he certainly wasn't okay with Dembe keeping it secret.
I'm worried about what Reddington might do, how he might respond.
I put him in an impossible place.
I asked him to hide the truth because I thought my secret was more justifiable than Reddington's, but the truth always comes out, and someone always gets hurt.
Uh, so, I found something.
You know how nobody has been able to locate Dr.
McCaffrey? - Tell me you found him.
- Aram, you're a wizard.
No, I'm not really a wizard.
I just waited for Mr.
Cooper to get a warrant, then pinged his phone.
He's at the home of Margo Parish, another former student.
Adrian McCaffrey.
Where is he? Right here.
[SIGHS] Good.
'Cause you're under arrest.
How about a new Mercedes or a pickup truck? You want a brand-new pickup truck? Thank you.
Might as well offer.
You'd take one whether I wanted you to or not.
A beer?
A beer, a life. You do what you want, no matter what I think.
Which you find unforgivable.
You want to know what I find unforgivable?
Aside from my suggesting you get a new car?
You not seeing how forgiving I am.
- You forgiving? - Hmm.
My child betrayed everything I believed in. She turned her back on my country and on me. And because she was a traitor, people assumed that I was one, as well.
What did I do I turn her in, turn my back on her the way she turned her back on me? No, no. I went into hiding, gave up my home, my granddaughter. Masha doesn't even know I exist.
You forgave Katarina.
But not me.
I forgave my child.
Good luck with the car.
Where are you going?
I know how to hurt people I care about. I came for advice on how to live with it.
Yeah, well, I can't help you with that.
I don't know how that girl ended up in my cabin, but I am telling you that someone is trying to frame me.
Really? Because it looks like people are trying to protect you.
See, we know the university suppressed the sexual-harassment allegation that was filed against you by one of the victims.
It wasn't suppressed.
It just wasn't true.
Do you have an alibi for the night Lauren Key was murdered six years ago? Yes.
That's why I was at Margo's house, to get her to come forward, explain that I was with her that night.
With her? We were seeing each other at the time of the original murders.
- But she's - A former student, yes.
The rumor that I was having affairs with several students was untrue.
I was having an affair, but with only one.
I can prove that I didn't kill Lauren Key.
I have photos of Margo and me together that night, over 200 miles away.
So why didn't you disclose this? [SCOFFS] Are you kidding me? If anyone had found out, I'd have lost my job.
But now that I'm the lead suspect, well, let's just say that I would rather be unemployed than spend the rest of my life in prison.
So, it's confirmed the B&B in West Virginia can provide documentation that McCaffrey and his girlfriend were there the weekend Lauren Key was murdered.
Which corroborates the photos his girlfriend gave us.
The reason we looked at McCaffrey in the first place was because of his connection to Key.
And the fact that Jenny Marciniak was found in his cabin.
A cabin he claims he never uses.
Maybe McCaffrey's right maybe the killer knew that and put Marciniak there so we'd blame him.
I just hung up with someone on the custodial staff at Brockton who says they can confirm McCaffrey's alibi, that he was grading papers the night Marciniak was taken.
Looks like maybe McCaffrey was framed after all.
- [KNOCK ON DOOR] - If he's not the killer LIZ: Then a guilty man may have just been set free.
I hope I'm not bothering you.
TOBIAS: A lot of guys inside they don't have any hope.
Before you, what you did for me I thought I was gonna die in there.
I just told your story.
Yeah, well, no one was listening to me before you, so thank you.
You're welcome.
I thought That was inappropriate.
I never should've  
You gave up a lot. That was hard. Sometimes, I forget how hard.
It looks like you came all this way for nothing.
Why'd you do it? Why sacrifice so much that you end up like this?
Ah, it doesn't matter.
If Katarina were standing here instead of me, if it were she asking you why you did what you did after she'd betrayed you, what would you tell her?
It doesn't matter, because she's not here and she's not asking.
But if you could tell her–
I can't!
But if you could
Love. Love.  Love.
- Walk me through it again.
- Well, the problem is that, even if Adrian McCaffrey is innocent It still doesn't explain the death of a student in Stafford County or the abduction of Jenny Marciniak.
Who still can't I.
her attacker.
Well, whoever he is, he knows enough about the case to stage a kill site at McCaffrey's cabin.
I might have a lead the liquid nitrogen.
- Were you able to source it? - I spoke to the lab.
They managed to isolate a partial print on the bottom of one of the canisters we found at the cabin.
Belongs to a Paul Lamar.
Works for Hersh Chemical.
ARAM: - You think he's the killer? Am I in some kind of trouble? We'd like to ask you a few questions.
About the Brockton murder.
I-I think I w-want an attorney.
I'd really, really missed having sex.
Well, let's make a night of it.
I remember you told me once that there was something you missed even more than sex.
A hot basket of French fries? Mm-hmm.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] There's this awesome takeout burger place around the corner.
When the tanks went missing, deep down, I-I knew something was wrong, but I [SIGHS] I just I didn't know what.
I should've figured it out.
Can I tell you something? Thought we've told each other everything.
Well, it's a little embarrassing.
When we were at Brockton, I had a huge crush on you.
- Really? - Yeah.
You were so cute.
I was going to ask you out, but Everything went all to hell.
LAMAR: She's been obsessed with him for years.
RESSLER: Who? My stepdaughter, Kimberly Owens.
Wish I'd gotten to know you back then.
Who knows how differently my life would've gone? [CLATTERS] I really wish you hadn't found that.
You m-murdered my friends.
It is not like that.
Everything that I have done has been for us.
Those w-women they were distractions.
[SNIFFLES] I still remember the first time I saw you.
It was Freshman Comp.
And you were so handsome, it's like I could barely breathe.
You didn't notice me, but I still fell for you.
You killed them.
All of them.
You're insane.
No, don't talk to me like that.
After all I have done You're the reason I was in prison! No, you confessed! Why would you do that, silly? Those girls they were gone.
- I got rid of them for you.
- Get away from me.
No, don't you dare walk out on me after all I have done getting you a retrial, framing Dr.
You should be thanking me.
I am the only reason you are out of prison! - I said get away from me.
- No! Don't you dare! I'm going to the police! No! [PANTING] [SNIFFLES] We could've been so happy.
[THUDS] [GRUNTS, BREATHING HEAVILY] I always wished I could've opened up to you about this.
Maybe that's the silver lining.
I was 12, and Stephanie Curtiss was the coolest girl in school.
And she invited me to her birthday party.
Turns out, she only invited me to humiliate me.
Her and her friends locked me in a freezer.
I was convinced I was gonna freeze to death.
I was in there for almost an hour.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Did you know that, most hypothermia victims, before they die, they rip off their clothes? Well, luckily, I didn't get that far.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] The sluts who threw themselves at you they reminded me of Stephanie and her friends.
So I gave them a taste of their own medicine.
[DOOR SLAMS OPEN] [THE WEEPIES' "LOVE DOESN' LAST TOO LONG" PLAYS] [AIR RUSHING] [SCREAMING] [SCREAMING CONTINUES] Watch the sun go down I watch the sun go down Then I wander around Then I wander around It's here, then it's gone - Love doesn't last too long - [SHOUTS] - I didn't even have time - [ENGINE SPUTTERING] - Ha ha! - [ENGINE RUNNING] To get it straight in my mind - To catch up from behind - Ha ha.
[ENGINE SHUTS OFF] [CELLPHONE RINGING] To see that I was blind –
You gonna answer that? –
It's Elizabeth.I'm sure she wants to know what I'm gonna do.
That's easy. You're going to exact revenge.
You didn't.
No. No, and it nearly killed me. You know what I did. You have no idea how I feel surrounded by nothing but memories every Christmas, every time it rains.
The car.
The last time you saw Katarina was in the rearview mirror.
Some memories you want to hold onto. Most haunt you like a curse.
I'm not sure I know how to live with Dembe's betrayal.
Get revenge, and that will pass. Forgive it, it won't.
Are you at peace with the choice you made
I am. I am because I loved her.  The real question is, how much do you love Dembe?
Going somewhere?
My affairs are in order. My only regret is, after all we've been through, our friendship has to come to this.
What is the "this" that our friendship has come to?
Our friendship was born of suffering and desperation trust and compassion.
It grew in crisis and chaos, matured in curiosity and scholarship.
Our life together has been peaceful simplicity.
Our life together has been death-defying.
I'm not sure if the right word is "friendship" or "love.
" I just know it lives in me for as long as I live and, hopefully, longer.
I went away to think about you and me, and all I could think was that I missed you. Us. You know, Elizabeth Keen has lied and deceived me more times than I can count, and I've forgiven her every time. But I realize you don't need my forgiveness. Ever. Because when it comes to "this" you can do no wrong.
I appreciate that, Raymond. But I can't forgive you.
I guess I don't understand.
No. And I suppose you don't.
Wh-Where are you going?
I've followed your path long enough. It's time I follow my own.
[KEYS JINGLE] Any word from Reddington? Not yet.
Or Dembe.
[PAPERS RUSTLING] Your secret the one you thought was more justifiable than his I have a secret, too, one I thought was pretty justifiable, but now I'm not so sure.
You didn't stop, did you, trying to find his real identity? No, I didn't.
I don't know who he was, but I think I found someone who might.
Your grandfather.
You found Reddington's father? Katarina's.
Look, all I have is a photo.
Can I see it? Look, I know you were asking me not to pursue this, and if you're pissed at me, I get it, but I felt like I had a right to know.
My only regret is that I hit a dead end.
'Cause that guy he's a ghost.
Agent Keen.
What can I do for you? You could begin by saying hello to your granddaughter.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
6.17 The Third Estate #136
Get out.
Through the door, up the stairs.
She's waiting.
Hello? Hello? Where is she? Please! I'm begging you! Help, Dad! Oh, my God.
That's far enough.
Zoey, are you okay? Please, let her down.
You brought the business manager? Yes.
She, uh, has the laptop, just like you said.
Did you know, Susan, that the richest 26 people on Earth have as much wealth as the poorest 3.
8 billion? I find your boss' wealth to be an act of immorality, so my friends and I are going to redistribute it in small amounts to those who need it more.
I-I will give you whatever you want if you just please let Zoey down.
Sitting in the Fidelity Savings and Trust account is $8.
6-million bonus that Jacob was given for stopping the attempted unionization of his employees.
I want it.
You Wait.
Hang on, Susan.
Can we talk about this? Wrong answer.
Okay, okay, okay! Just, stop! You have my routing numbers, Susan? Fine.
Ow! It's done.
Now just let her go.
Not quite.
But your firm has $36 million at First Brooklyn Savings Bank.
It's the surplus from your corporate tax cut, money your board of directors intends to use to buy back stocks and boost profits at the expense of workers.
I want it.
Okay, no.
I can't do that.
I don't have authorization to - Susan does.
- If we can talk about this, I No, no, stop.
Stop! I just I said stop! Daddy! Please! Okay.
Please, please, please! Thank you both.
I can assure you these assets will be redistributed in a thoughtful manner to those in need.
Zoey, thank you.
Jacob, you can have your daughter back.
Ted King? Donald Ressler, FBI.
I was hoping to have a word with you and your wife.
Is something wrong? Just a few questions.
Uh, may I come in? Is your wife at home? My wife had been sick for some time.
By the time the doctors found it, it was too late.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
No need to be sorry.
We had a good life, Virginia and I.
Well, I'm here to ask you about Katarina.
Who? Your stepdaughter, Katarina Rostova.
I don't know who that is.
Now, Mr.
King, if you expect me to believe that you don't know Well, I don't care what you believe.
If my wife had a daughter, I think I'd know.
What is this anyway? Why are you here? We believe that your wife's daughter from a previous marriage may be able to help us identify and capture the number one on our most wanted list Raymond Reddington.
Now, about Katarina I'm sorry you came all this way, but I don't know who this is.
If my wife had a child from a previous relationship, she never told me.
I hope you find this character you're looking for.
I really do.
But I'm afraid I can't help you.
- Please, come in.
- This is a first.
- I have a lead.
- You answering the door? - The Third Estate - Where's Dembe? I know why they procured the surveillance equipment to help them breach security systems favored by the aristocrac Are you listening? In the six years I've known you, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've seen you without Dembe, so, yeah, I'm listening, for an answer to my question.
Dembe and I are having a bit of a disagreement over methodology.
- He thinks I'm being heavy-handed.
- About what? Finding the person who turned me in to the police.
He's been unusually oppositional.
I suggested he take some time to more thoroughly reflect on my way of thinking.
- Which is? - A top advisor to the President is orchestrating a plot against your country.
She's engaged the Third Estate to help her.
Why? And who are they? During the French Revolution, they were the 99%.
Their goal was to behead the 1% in order to create a more perfect union.
Sound familiar? Our 99% wants to soak the rich, not kill them.
Tell that to the billionaires whose children the Third Estate has abducted from their homes.
The surveillance equipment.
Five abductions in the past 18 months, ransomed for hundreds of millions of dollars.
That's terrible, but I seriously doubt kidnapping rich kids is the plot against America Anna McMahon is orchestrating.
Or perhaps it's a way to finance something more diabolical.
Either way, it's a symptom of where the world is right now, the rage of the many against the few.
Like the rage you have against the person who turned you in.
Both are indomitable.
Anna McMahon oversees all our cases.
So if we bring this to her, she's gonna know we're going after her.
Well, that'd be perfectly awkward.
I almost wish I could be there to see the expression on her face when she finds out.
- The Third Estate? - You've heard of them? I think they were mentioned in an intel briefing.
Domestic political agitators.
Small potatoes.
According to Reddington, they've kidnapped the children of some of the wealthiest people in the country.
Zoey Mercer, Oliver Paige, Matt Ford, Mia Walker, and Des Foy.
Scions of oil, real estate, pharmaceuticals, and finance.
These are high-profile scions from high-profile families.
If their kids had been abducted, why didn't we know about it? Because they threatened to kill them if they told anyone, so they made payments in private.
And the children? Were they safely returned? Four of them were, after their parents paid nearly $300 million.
And the fifth? - Des Foy was taken two days ago.
- Unlike the others, his parents refused to make the secret settlement and went straight to the NYPD.
Aram, talk to the department.
Tell them we will assist.
Keen, Ressler, talk to the Foys.
I want options on how to get their son back, and I want them fast.
So much for small potatoes.
- Why'd he bring you this case? - I don't know or care.
A life hangs in the balance.
That's reason enough for me.
He has a reason.
I've read your case files.
- He always has a reason.
- Yes.
Or a target.
Your son tells me you hate going into the city.
But tomorrow, you're gonna cross the river and see how the other half lives.
There's a bus station at 136th and Lincoln.
Be there at 11:00 a.
, come alone, or your son dies.
How long ago did he call? - I'm not paying! - About an hour.
Not one goddamn penny! Don't listen to him.
Please don't listen to him.
We'll pay.
If you go through with the ransom drop, we can use your money to lure them in.
Five kids have been taken.
And you know why they keep on doing it? Because it works.
If we give in, someone else's kid will be next.
I am not capitulating to terrorists! I don't care.
I want my son.
Negotiation isn't capitulation.
The longer you string them along, the more opportunities we'll have to locate your son.
You have every right to be angry.
And when you're angry, it's difficult to trust people.
But you can trust us.
Our only interest is Des' safety.
I'm not paying the ransom.
But, if you think it'll help get him back, I will be on that bench tomorrow.
As-Salaam-Alaikum, imam.
Na'eem tells me you rented out his entire restaurant for Ramadan.
I wanted to sponsor a few iftars for the community.
Now, you know I appreciate all your contributions.
You basically built our new tea room.
But I wish I saw less of your checks and more of you.
You look troubled.
I've lived by blind faith even when I don't like what I see.
I'm not sure I can do that anymore.
The Foys are playing ball.
I've already alerted a TAC unit.
Surveillance vans with audio feeds are prepped and ready to go.
Foy will be wearing a tracker.
Are we gonna need Mother Superior's okay? I think where she's concerned, we'll go with seeking forgiveness rather than asking permission.
I told you, it's under control.
- They suspect you.
- Which is why I'm here.
So it never amounts to more than suspicion.
Need I remind you what's at stake? Sure, 'cause I'm gonna forget that the fate of the country hangs in the balance.
Failure is unacceptable.
So is having no sense of humor.
Why don't you go take care of your problem and I'll take care of mine? My word is my bond, and before I break my word, I will give my life.
And you have given your word to your employer? My bond with him extends through this life and into the next.
But it brings you no peace.
It has required compromise, lies, and killing, seemingly without end.
The first principle of Shariah is the preservation of human life.
Does your work with him save the lives of innocents? It did.
Now I'm not so sure.
Perhaps this question is not about your employer, but about you.
Perhaps you have begun to wonder, is there more to life than protecting him? And my bond? There are many Jihads in this world.
But the hardest Jihad you will ever fight is the one with yourself.
It is our prophet's ideal, peace be on him, to fulfill your oath, but not at the expense of your soul or finding your true intention in life.
Is it self-glory or in defense of a higher cause? If it is the latter, then you must always guard the purity of your intention against corruption by Shaitan.
You've got eyes all around.
We're gonna bring your son home.
I'm still not giving him my money, so your plan better work.
Aram, you good? His cell's up.
I got him pinned.
HRT is standing by.
Foy, just do what they say.
We'll make our approach when we know both you and Des are safe.
Aram, heads up.
Okay, here we go.
Uh, guys.
That's not his cell.
There's a phone here.
What should I do? Answer it.
Hello? - You have the routing number? - Yes.
Aram, talk to me.
Tell me you can pull that audio.
No, but I'm gonna try and triangulate that signal.
I'm working on it now.
Take your cell phone and drop it in the trash.
Across the street is a coffee shop.
Go inside.
He dumped his cell.
Asset's on the move, headed south on Fordham.
- Aram? - Hang on.
I'm working on it.
Foy, we can't hear that cell, but we're right here with you.
Inside, there is a young woman sitting near the window.
She has something for you.
Okay, guys, we got a problem.
This signal is bouncing from mirror site to mirror site, and I can't seem to Whoa.
- What happened? - I lost signal.
Caller hung up.
They're operating Foy.
Someone's got eyes.
I'm guessing they got a spotter out here.
See if you can pull him up on our recon feeds and get a visual.
Foy, be careful.
It seems like we're dealing with a team here.
Aram, let me know if you get a visual and a location.
I'm working on that now.
Now they're directing me to a car.
- Do I get in? - What car? Where? Black Mercedes.
Out back, I think.
- There! - Okay, yes, we got your spotter.
Hotel rooftop.
137th and Rider.
Yes? Who are you talking to, Mr.
Foy? - What? No one.
- You bring friends? Some sort of K&R team that you think can help? No, no, wait.
Now, you listen to me.
That was a mistake, David.
Hey! Whoever you are, I'm gonna use every dollar I have to hunt you down.
Agent Ressler, black G-Wagon headed your way.
All right, the spotter is packing up, headed for the fire escape on the east side of the building.
- You assured me.
- Mr.
Foy, please calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
You don't tell me anything.
I should never have listened to you.
Foy, we're absolutely doing everything in our power Uh, how do you want to handle this? - Give me that.
- No! Hello.
It's me.
I'm here.
No, please.
Call my dad.
He's rich.
He'll pay.
I gave you instructions.
You disobeyed them, so we're done.
Please, no! There's got to be a clue in here somewhere.
The wardrobe, those masks.
Why are they wearing those masks? I feel like we're responsible for what happened.
They look like death masks.
If we hadn't lost the father, if I'd found that spotter, we could've found out where they were and stop Des Foy is dead because his father refused to pay the ransom.
That's on him.
If we don't catch these guys and someone else dies, that's on us.
That's it.
- What's it? - The rack.
- Uh, what about the rack? - That's our lead.
A torture device from the 18th century? Antique weapons.
The rare and the macabre.
Do you know who trades in them? Oh my, yes.
I know just the person.
Marie Mortel.
Iron spiders.
The occasional Judas Cradle.
What's your fancy? I'm texting you a picture of the rack used by the kidnappers.
Can you send it to her and tell us what she knows about it? Gladly.
I've been meaning to pay her a visit.
Judas Cradle.
People use this? Yes.
Often quite voluntarily.
How are we? I'm a student conforming to your teachings.
Some of which I like, some of which I don't.
I don't expect you to like it all.
And you can leave at any time.
But if you stay, I need to know I can count on you.
My word is my bond.
I want you to set a meeting with Maxwell Ruddiger.
Very few people knew I was in New York on the day I was arrested.
He was one.
He was there.
So, please, call Ruddiger.
What do you plan to do with him? I have no plan one way or another.
The hood worn by the executioner who beheaded Anne Boleyn.
Your basic enema pump.
Skull crusher.
Ah! Judas Cradle, of course.
And the pistol used in the attempted assassination of Bismark in 1866.
Oh, my goodness! A holy nail.
One of 30 in existence.
Discovered at the base of the True Cross and placed in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
Marie, you've outdone yourself.
I'm not the one who beat death by lethal injection.
Is it too much to ask you've brought me one of the syringes? I didn't.
But whatever object does lay me low, I'd be honored if it ended up in your collection.
So, what brings you? Are you buying or selling? I'm wondering if you can help us locate this, an ancient device resurrected to inflict contemporary pain.
Constitutio Criminalis Theresiana.
The criminal code of Maria Theresia, archduchess of Austria.
Promulgated in 1768 to unify criminal law throughout Europe.
The rack is part of a legal code? A key part, judicial torture.
That is a rare piece.
Belongs in my collection.
Help us find it, and I'll make sure that happens.
I'll ask around.
If it's authentic, I'll find its provenance.
But enough shop talk.
I have to show you a saber Genghis Khan used to kill hordes of hordes.
Forgive the pun, but it's to die for.
I've been thinking a lot about our last conversation.
Well, I appreciate you calling.
You said you remembered something.
I'm afraid I wasn't completely upfront with you before.
About what? I met Virginia in 1998.
The love of my life.
I-I knew it the moment I laid eyes on her.
She told me she was from Saint Petersburg, uh, that she'd split with her husband in her 40s, came to America to start over, and spent the rest of her life here.
T-That was that.
Until about eight years ago.
I found a photograph between the pages of a book in the bedroom.
She said it was the only photo she had of her daughter, and that they'd had a falling-out and that she hoped that they would reconnect at some point.
They were in touch? Uh, no, I-I don't think so.
But they could have been.
Virginia didn't talk about it.
She said it was "too painful," that, uh, the falling-out that they had had was her "greatest regret.
" I see.
Near the end, Virginia wrote her a letter.
Uh, I don't know if she wrote any other letters, but by that time, she was in hospice, so she asked me to mail it.
It was her way of clearing the air, I guess.
Get some closure before she Well, anyway She gave me the address, and I mailed it.
Mailed it where? Post Office box.
Upstate New York.
Do you remember the address? This girl, Virginia's daughter.
Katarina, uh, Rostova, you call her.
I looked her up.
They say she's some kind of Russian spy.
She was a Russian spy.
I'm sorry.
Uh, give me a minute.
Yeah? Remember the getaway car? Black Mercedes? - Yeah, I remember.
- Aram uncovered a suspicious-vehicle report filed 48 hours ago Black Mercedes G-Wagon, no plates.
Who filed it? Della Whitmore, the pharmaceutical heiress.
Apparently she spotted the car loitering outside her mansion.
- Does she have kids? - 22-year-old son.
All right.
Text me the address.
I'm sorry.
My apologies, Mr.
Your wife, we believe she may have been running from someone or something.
If that's true, then I really didn't know her.
Whitmore, I need you to tell us exactly what they said.
They said that they would call us back with demands and that they'd kill him if we didn't do as instructed.
- And you called the police? - They told us not to.
This is a terrible situation, but I have to tell you that the last person whose son was taken refused to pay the ransom, and his son was killed.
They're all too well aware of that.
How are you holding up, Dell? You okay? - You know each other.
- Marcus.
These are the agents I was telling you about.
My son is dead because of them.
Please, I'm begging you.
Do not listen to a word they say to you.
Excuse me.
We're looking for Noel Gerrick.
Here he comes.
And there he goes.
Wouldn't a racetrack be better suited to this sort of activity? He used to come here all the time as a kid.
When he made his first billion, he bought the park.
He loves this place.
I'm Steve Homan.
And you are? Bored to tears.
Tell me, why is it that men your age feel the need to compensate for an increasingly flaccid penis? It's only natural.
So is cholera.
I do hope you're not the poor man's girlfriend.
Don't be perverse.
I'm much too old to be his girlfriend.
I'm his daughter.
Well, aren't you being a good sport.
You shouldn't go out there.
Men my age don't compensate.
We do what we want.
Youth compensates.
With disrespect and poor taste.
Mister, you gotta move.
Let's say he's doing about 100.
The stopping distance will be around 600 feet.
A flaccid, old man could never think that fast.
Perhaps your father has a bit more pep in his step than you think.
You trying to get yourself killed? What the Scoot over, Noel.
I'm driving.
Just to be clear, you want us to pay the ransom.
These are kidnappers, not killers.
- They killed my son.
- I-I'm sorry, yes.
And they will pay dearly for that.
But what I'm trying to say is that everyone who has paid the ransom has gotten their child back.
And given these killers the incentive to take another child.
We'll track your payment.
It should lead us to them before they can take anyone else.
Excuse me.
This is Agent Ressler.
Yeah, hi.
This is Jake Li over at the Postbox Elite in Wilmington.
Got a message the FBI was interested in some security footage? That's right.
We're looking for a person who picked up a letter from Box 642 in probably the first week of February.
This is a terribly difficult decision.
Actually, it's not.
We agree on something.
Could Marcus and I have a moment? Of course.
Take your time.
Thank you.
Everything okay? I was about to ask you the same thing.
Yeah, just, uh, tracking a letter I was expecting.
All's good.
What the hell is wrong with you? Stop the car! Let me out! I suspect you have an interest in history, Noel.
Did you know, shortly before her date with the guillotine, Marie Antoinette had a chance to escape from France? But she just couldn't bear to travel like a commoner.
She insisted on a rosewood carriage lined in ivory, large enough for herself, three chambermaids, four footmen, and all of their luggage.
The finished product was so decadent, it could only go about two miles per hour before breaking down altogether.
Just imagine if this had been her getaway car.
She could've settled in London and eaten cake for the next 50 years.
Good golly.
I haven't moved this fast since my first date with Jenn Parsons at the roller rink.
If we could maybe just pull over? Talk outside the car? Constitutio Criminalis Theresiana.
The criminal code that sanctioned Marie's beheading as well as judicial torture.
The rack was a particularly gruesome tool in the Ancien Regime's torture kit.
I understand you purchased one at auction.
I like legal history, how laws were enforced.
A rather peculiar hobby I'd love to hear more about, but as I'm pressed for time, let's focus on the rack.
- Who did you sell it to? - Nobody.
- Is this vinyl? - It's premium vinyl.
The blood will wipe right off.
Please! Watch where you're going! - A name.
- I didn't sell it.
I-I'm not a dealer.
I'm a collector.
Where's your collection? That's your decision? - It's the right thing to do.
- For who? Not your son.
We sent two children to war, in Iraq and Afghanistan.
That wasn't "good" for them, either.
But it was the right thing to do.
Trust me, it's not the same thing.
No, it's not.
In a war, the enemy is hard to defeat.
If you do your job, then this enemy, whoever they are, should be easy to defeat.
Do your job, and then we can do the right thing and save our son.
Anything? An address.
Aram, hey.
What do we know? Exposed on all sides.
Poor sight lines on our end.
- No easy point of entry.
- Unsubs? Spotters count six.
Could be double that.
- No way to tell.
- Can you get us cameras inside? My team can snake a borescope down 300 feet of sewer line, up through the kitchen sink, but I can't do it here.
Not while remaining unseen.
- What about their cameras? - Whose cameras? Uh, well, it appears they have IR bullet cams, uh, here, here, and here, which means it's likely - they have internal surveillance, too.
- What are you getting at? Well, if you could get me up to the building's trunk line, there's a chance I could splice into the multiplexer, get you access to their feeds.
Who's this guy again? Oh, I'm so sorry.
Uh, Agent Mojtabai.
And you're Very commanding, sir.
Thank you.
Say we try to do this.
Even if you could splice into those feeds, how do you suggest we do it without tipping them off? Hi.
Uh, Navid from, uh, uh, Insta Insta Cable.
I got a I got an install across the street.
Their gang supply is mounted on your building.
Mind letting me access the cable box? - Sorry.
It's not a good time.
- Oh, oh.
I, uh, I got to access that gang supply.
I didn't order cable.
Maybe you, uh, don't understand.
If I call out a bucket truck, they're gonna see that you're bypassing the terminal block screw and they're gonna fine you.
It's not to code.
All right.
Whatever, lady.
Your problem.
Hold on.
Just, uh What exactly do you need us to do? Hey, it's me.
I think we got a situation.
What kind of situation? There was some guy here at the track, asking my dad questions.
Navid? Why don't you come with me? Okay, just, um, hold on a second.
Now! Look, um, whatever you think this is Hey.
You're, uh, what, like a Like a guard? Tell me if the The Whitmore boy, Tyler.
Is, um Is he here? Is he safe? If you let me talk to whoever's in charge, I can help you.
You have my wallet, my cell phone, so you know by now that I'm an FBI agent.
I need to speak to whoever's in charge, please.
You hear me? Hey, hey, listen to me.
I'm trying to help you.
You need to get whoever's in charge and tell them that the FBI is gonna call that phone right there any minute now.
They're They're gonna try to make contact, and when they do, you need to answer.
Do you hear me? Come on.
You need to answer that phone.
Talk to me.
HRT's on the line with one of the kidnappers now.
Aram and the Whitmore kid, - have we confirmed they're unharmed? - No.
They're thinking about breaching, but they don't know the layout, how many people are inside, or how heavily armed they are.
I can't do that.
Not unless you give me something in return.
This is Deputy Director Harold Cooper, FBI.
I'm gonna hang up, and you're gonna call me back on FaceTime.
When you do, I want to see the hostages, make sure they're all right.
We have nothing to discuss until that happens.
You really think that was the best way to handle it? No, I think it was the only way.
Agent Mojtabai.
Am I glad to see you.
- Are you hurt? - I'm fine.
And the other hostage? We haven't hurt anyone.
Who am I speaking with? They'll stay that way unless you do something stupid.
That's not gonna happen.
We're not going to storm in.
We're just gonna talk.
You and me.
There's got to be a way out of this, and I need you to help me figure out what it is.
Now tell me.
What is your name? He saw my face.
He can identify me.
I think being identified is the least of our concerns right now.
You have to let Tyler Whitmore go.
Not me.
You can keep me here, but the boy needs to be set free.
If you don't, they are gonna swarm this building, and it'll be a show of force unlike anything that you have ever seen before.
You don't have to let me go.
I can be your hostage.
I can be your hostage.
But he's got to walk.
He's got to walk.
Try something like that again, and see if I don't pull the trigger.
- If you let me help you - Shut up, shut up! I saw what you did to Des Foy.
I watched him die.
And I saw what it's done to his parents.
I'm I'm begging you.
Come on.
Don't do that.
Just Let Tyler Whitmore go.
Commander, is HRT prepared to breach or not? We are.
Just waiting on the go order.
Which you do not have.
If we go in, the hostages will die.
You don't know that.
I know they'll have no incentive to keep them alive.
If we keep negotiating, they do.
You've been negotiating for almost an hour, and what do you have to show for it? Absolutely nothing, because there is nothing to negotiate.
We're not letting them go, and they're not giving the hostages up.
You have to trust the process.
Actually, I don't.
You may have operational command of the Task Force, but in the field, I will not take orders from you.
You're not.
You're taking orders from her.
Della Whitmore bundled $32 million for the midterms, single-handedly re-electing the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
The Chairman will do anything for her, including rolling tanks on that warehouse if that's what it takes to free her son.
So either you send in HRT, or he sends in the National Guard.
You should know we've decided not to release Whitmore.
Figure there's no point spending the rest of our lives in prison.
- We're gonna fight.
- Don't do that.
I'm not going to prison.
Here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna tell me where Tyler Whitmore is, and you're gonna help me get him out of this building.
You hear me? Where is he? I'm right here.
Des? I You're alive? - I thought - You thought we were the victims of the Third Estate? We are the Third Estate.
Des, talk to me about the ransom money.
I need to know where it was sent.
I need a name.
All your friends are going to jail.
If you cooperate, we can help you.
The money.
I think you kicked it upstairs to the head of the Third Estate.
Who is he? His lawyer's here.
I'm not talking to any lawyers.
You know, I understand you're angry.
Angry at your father.
My guess is you knew he was never gonna pay that ransom and that you felt like he didn't care if you came home or not.
For what it's worth, I did.
I wanted to see you get back home to your family.
And I'm I'm really sorry your friend Tyler didn't.
He's dead? I'm sorry.
Des, we need your help.
Talk to us about who runs the Third Estate.
I took the liberty.
W-Who are you? What do you want? Anna McMahon.
- I don't know who that is.
- Ohh, you're too modest.
You are the Third Estate.
You got trust-fund babies to go on a kidnapping spree, and you kicked the ransom money to one of the most powerful figures in the United States government.
I want to know why.
I-I-I don't know what you're talking about.
Refresh your memory? No? How about now? Please stop.
Last chance.
Anna McMahon.
You can spill your guts or your brains.
I'm good either way.
So there's no connection? If there was, he would've told me.
Anna McMahon isn't working with the Third Estate.
- Doesn't appear so.
- But Olivia Olson's files.
McMahon turned all of them over to Main Justice except the file on the Third Estate.
Why would she do that if they weren't working together? I knew they'd check to see if I withheld anything, so I did.
You held their file from Main Justice because you wanted to put the Third Estate on the FBI's radar screen? As a result, the FBI now knows about an organization hell-bent on domestic terrorism, on taking down the rich and powerful.
So when we put our plan into effect Like I said, it's under control.
All we know for sure, Harold, is that Anna McMahon is a much worthier adversary than we thought.
A fact which, much to my dismay, I find oddly arousing.
Maybe it's the red hair.
We have a problem.
Reddington told me you two had a falling-out.
We did.
Over our problem.
Our secret, yours and mine.
He can't know who turned him in.
He won't stop looking.
So? He looks.
It's a puzzle he can't solve.
So what? Ruddiger.
Maxwell Ruddiger? What about him? He was in New York the day you turned in Raymond.
So? I've set an appointment for him to meet with Raymond.
Ruddiger's a friend.
Maybe not.
You think he'd do something to Ruddiger? To set an example.
For anyone who knows the identity of the person who turned him in to come forward.
Is that what you're gonna do? Come forward? I'm coming forward to you.
You must tell him, Elizabeth, because if you don't, I will.
Ruddiger? An appointment has been set.
Excellent! A silver lining at the end of a grimly overcast day.
I was wrong about Anna McMahon.
We're no closer to identifying her plot than we were yesterday.
But Ruddiger I have a good feeling about him.
Jake Li? - That's right.
- Donald Ressler.
We spoke on the phone about box 642? Sure.
I looked into the security footage like you asked.
The drives cycle out after 90 days, but I took a look.
And box 642 was accessed only once in that time.
February, like you said.
I printed the best image I could.
I don't understand.
The letter was sent to a woman.
Well, the box is registered to a Tracey Ivers, but that's the guy who picked it up.
- Do you know him? - Can't say I do.
Phone number's disconnected.
The account's paid by money order.
But anyone with a key can obviously open the box.
He in some kind of trouble? What did he do? Wish I knew more.
I asked everyone here. We got no idea who he is.
How about we start with that hard drive? 
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
6.16 Lady Luck #69
- Let's just simmer down.
- [ARGUING STOPS] What's the problem here? [ARGUING RESUMES] DEMBE: You see what I mean? [LAUGHS] What are they fighting about? It's the first shipment of a $3-million order.
There's a dispute over some doctored shipping manifests that are missing.
Who was in charge of the manifest? Henry Morris.
He works for the Department of Transportation.
- MAN: Henry! - The one with the gambling habit? - The same.
- Didn't we square his debt, get him some kind of help or something? - Where the hell is he? - Not answering.
- [GUNS COCKING] - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Oh.
All right.
Hey, hey.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Guys, put the guns away.
Put the guns away.
Come on.
It's just a bunch of TVs.
[LAUGHS] There's plenty more where they came from.
Dembe, let's see if we can't drum up a few bottles of arak.
Yeah, there we go.
All right.
[BEEPING] Life seems lonely And I'm by myself AGATHE: Can't be all that bad, can it? - Bad? - [LIQUID POURING] How about my savings, my house? And my wife has no idea.
You'll think of something, Henry.
How'd you know my name? I know all about you.
The default on your mortgage, the credit cards.
Oh, not to mention what you owe Tony and the boys in Boston.
Heck, they haven't forgotten.
Who the hell are you? Who told you that? Oh, that's not important.
You know what is important? Luck.
And yours just changed.
- I'm supposed to be somewhere.
- No.
You're meant to be right here.
With me.
And all you have to do is make one more bet.
This time on yourself.
Thank you, boys.
Thanks, guys.
There really is no misunderstanding that a bottle of arak can't cut through.
Five Albanians and four Nigerians walk into a shipping depot.
There is no punch line.
Where the hell are you? HENRY: I'm sorry, Red.
I am.
But I ran into some trouble, I lost some money.
RED: You were gambling today? No.
I mean, yes, I was, but I-I got it handled.
She came to me.
My miracle.
We made a deal.
What are you talking about? Who came to you? I needed you here.
I have to take a trip, but I swear, Red, things are turning.
I'll be a new man.
- Luck's finally on my side.
- [PHONE BEEPS] [PHONE BEEPS] Something wrong? I'm afraid our friend Henry was paid a little visit by Lady Luck.
RESSLER: That's it.
That's all the CIA has on Katarina Rostova.
WARD: Well, hunting for spies who didn't come in from the cold after the Cold War isn't exactly a priority.
Anton Velov claimed that she was seen at the Cross Sound Ferry Terminal two weeks after her alleged suicide.
Claimed, not proved. The ferry requires reservations, so if she was on it, her name would be on the manifest. And it wasn't.
There's no copy of the manifest in here.
Had to be a gut punch. Hunting Reddington all those years, only for him to get caught and escape all over again. I mean, that's what this is about, right? Finding Rostova to find Reddington?
Raymond Reddington's gone.
No one's ever gonna find him.
Then who are you looking for?
MJ, I need a copy of that manifest.
[ENGINES IDLING] SMOKEY: It's all arranged.
You got locations in St.
Louis and Denver.
Secure, private, safe.
Thank you, Smokey.
You can give the addresses to Dembe.
He'll alert the unfortunate guests.
Why unfortunate? While I was in prison, certain people in my organization took it upon themselves to do a little freelancing.
Others attempted to move against me.
In the time since that regrettable chapter ended, I've determined who the Benedict Arnolds are and will be confronting them about it at the locations you've secured.
[SCOFFS] The opportunities you give people.
This is what some of them do? Bite the hand like that? Ooh.
Eaz-I d-eaz-on't kn-eaz-ow wh-eaz-at t-eaz-o s-eaz-ay.
I'm sure you're not really surprised by how few people I can trust.
You can count on me, 100%.
[FINGERS SNAP] That means more than you know, Smokey.
Those people who turned, just how unfortunate are they gonna be? I'll know when I see them.
Ultimately, everyone's fate is negotiable.
Except the person who turned me in.
Whoever they are, their fate is sealed.
Elizabeth! A warm light in an otherwise dark and gloomy day.
Are you coming or going? Going.
On a West Coast swing to Los Angeles.
We have a few stops along the way, so I'm a bit pressed for time.
If you don't mind Right.
Whatever you ask.
Dembe's teaching me backgammon.
I'm sorry to rush to the point, but I need your help.
An associate has had a sudden and startling stroke of good fortune.
A-And that's a bad thing? Imagine gambling away your mortgage, facing financial ruin because you're addicted to chance.
And then imagine, in that moment of anguish and desperation, you're offered salvation erase your debt, keep a roof over your family's head.
- Would you take it? - What's the catch? No catch.
A bet.
On yourself.
A dance with Lady Luck.
Lady Luck.
An urban legend that Reddington claims is all too real.
A Blacklister who serves up salvation in one hand and damnation in the other.
- So, what's the bet? - Reddington doesn't know, because no one's lived long enough to say.
And this Lady Luck, she's propositioned an associate of his? Yes, someone Reddington claims has done business with the Third Estate and may be able to tell us about their plot against America.
Which means maybe not.
Tell us about this friend.
All right.
His name is Henry Morris.
He lost $3,400 last night in Atlantic City.
And based on bank records, over the past two years, he's lost $196,000.
HENRY: I'm not sure I can do this.
AGATHE: We made a bet, Henry.
You win, you get $200,000.
You lose, your family gets evicted.
Are you calling to say you lost? No.
I'm just I'm not sure.
Well, get sure.
I'm married to a loser, Henry.
Trust me, it's a fate worse than death.
[PHONE BEEPS] ARAM: Henry Morris left the casino at 4:18 a.
Hasn't been seen since.
Could be he's running from people he owes money to.
Or maybe Lady Luck convinced him to gamble with his own life.
Let's start there.
Go talk to his wife.
Let's see what she can offer.
TERESA: Missing? Henry isn't missing.
He called a few hours ago from Pennsylvania.
Had to stay a little bit longer for work, is all.
Morris, are you aware that your husband was let go by the city two months ago? No.
He has worked there for two years.
He's in Allentown on a work trip as we speak.
This is a screen capture from a CCTV camera in Atlantic City.
Apparently, he lost pretty big there.
RESSLER: Over 3 grand last night.
TERESA: No, no, no, no.
He lost everything before, before we were married and once after.
I thought maybe he'd beat it.
He pawned my engagement ring.
It was my grandmother's.
Ma'am, if your husband calls again, we're gonna need your help.
I've gambled down in Washington And I've gambled up in Maine - [THUMPING] - I'm goin' down - [DOG BARKING] - Into Georgia To knock down my last game What is it, Mimi? Hello?! Is there somebody there?! - [BARKING] - I'm a gambling man - Hello?! - [GASPS] No! A gambling man, man, man, a gambling man, man, man A gambling man, man, man, I'm a gambling man I'm a gambling man, man, man, a gambling man, man, man [DOG YELPS] A gambling man, man, man, I'm a gambling man She took me in her parlor, cooled me with her fan She said, "Oh, mother, mother I'm in love with a gambling man" He's a gambling man, man, man He's a gambling man He's a gambling man, man, man A gambling man, man, man, a gambling man, man, man [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Detective Evers? Donald Ressler, FBI.
We spoke on the phone.
You put out an APB looking for our UNSUB.
We did.
What do you have? From last night, we pulled this off a security camera from a liquor store two blocks from here.
His clothes match an image of the perp caught on the building's CCTV.
My guys think the scene was staged to look like a robbery gone wrong.
What can you tell us about this guy? Not much.
Missing person.
We actually thought he was the one in danger.
Yeah, well, when you find your missing person, give me a call, because he's wanted for murder.
Tea! It's so good to hear your voice.
TERESA: [SHAKILY] Henry, what's going on? I got so much I gotta tell ya.
Our troubles are over, Tea.
We're gonna make a fresh start, you and me.
Your old man finally took care of business.
Let's meet, all right? 11:00 a.
tomorrow at the playground.
You know the one.
Yeah, okay.
11:00 at the park.
I-I got something for ya.
Something I owe ya.
All right.
I gotta go.
I love ya.
I'll see you at 11:00.
[PHONE BEEPS] You did the right thing.
[SIZZLING] [CHUCKLES] Red? You're a sight for sore eyes, my friend.
W-When you got captured, I thought I'd never see you again.
Is that why you took advantage? Advantage? You You were in custody.
You were on trial.
You were on death row! And who survives that? Pepper? Thanks.
Carlo, I didn't bring you here because you stepped out while I was otherwise engaged.
You're here because I want to know whether you were simply pressing your advantage or whether you were the one who created the advantage in the first place.
I'm gonna ask you one time, and I want a simple yes or no.
Did you turn me in to the police? No.
1,000 times no.
10 percent.
Going forward, you're gonna need to kick in an extra 10 percent.
A tax for underestimating me.
You know, Red, that doesn't seem fair.
You were in cu You know what, Carlo? You're right.
Make it 15%.
Any objections? No, no.
15 percent is completely fair, Red.
ARAM: The woman Henry Morris killed in the bathtub was Betsy Nagel.
Two weeks ago, she posted on her social media that she was #GratefulToBelnRecovery.
- Recovery from what? - Well, in that same post, she shared a link to a website for G-A-R-T.
It's a support group for "gambling, addiction, recovery, and therapy.
" - She was a gambler, too.
- With multiple online poker accounts all linked to her credit cards.
- She was in debt.
- Actually, not anymore.
All of the gambling sites have been paid off and her accounts are all deactivated.
This came for Agent Ressler.
He's in interrogation.
I'll take it.
I was told it's about a case he's working on.
It's okay.
We're working on the same case.
Could she be connected to Morris through poker sites? Well, I haven't found an online identity associated with Morris in any of the chat rooms, and there wasn't anything virtual about his debt.
Maybe Morris and Nagel were in recovery together.
I've searched everything.
There is nothing these two people shared beyond their history of gambling.
COOPER: Keep looking.
Find a link a mutual acquaintance, a restaurant they frequent, a connection.
Teresa Morris just hung up with her husband.
They set a meet for tomorrow at 11:00 a.
Get a team together.
Let's see if we can get a confession on tape.
I thought we had an agreement.
An agreement? What agreement? CIA documents from the Russia desk? Some kind of passenger manifest from '91? - You're looking for my mother.
- Keen, listen.
I told you, I'm not interested in digging this up, and I'm certainly not interested in you digging this up.
Keen, if you'd let me finish.
This was in motion long before you and I spoke.
I requested this file weeks ago, and it took this long.
It's nothing.
All right? - See? - Thank you.
- We good? - I'll call in the surveillance op.
Megan Marie.
She's our eldest.
And she got her acceptance letter last week in the mail.
And [LAUGHS] You've never seen a kid smile so big.
[CHUCKLES] No matter how bad things are, my world just lights up when that kid's happy.
[CHUCKLES] It's, um It's Middlebury College.
And now she can't go because, um, I lost her tuition money at the track.
And, um And I haven't told her yet.
I mean, how can I tell her? I'm not gonna break her heart.
[CRYING] Let her know what kind of man her father really is.
[INHALES SHARPLY] I would do anything to make this right.
[SIGHS] [OWL HOOTING] [ENGINE IDLING] Here, take my heart On a silver platter [ENGINE SHUTS OFF] Really, Ned? This doesn't look like a solution to me.
Most insurance policies don't even cover suicides.
Who the hell are you? How did you get in here? You want to go to Megan Marie's college celebration, don't ya, like a good father should? How How did you know about that? I know lots of things.
I know you gambled away Megan's tuition.
And I know about the bookies and the dodgy loans, not to mention the damn Lakers neglecting to cover their spread.
- You're a debt collector.
- Of sorts.
[DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE] I got nothing left to give.
Oh, don't sell yourself short.
You've got you.
But tell me, do you have the courage to make one more bet? This time, on yourself? SMOKEY: So, who's the next unfortunate? Martin Walcott.
Do you know him? Walcott? No, I don't think so.
What'd he do? Skim off the top while you were away? On the contrary.
He recorded record profits.
So what's your beef? WALCOTT: Raymond! It's been too long.
Martin Walcott, Smokey Putnam.
SMOKEY: Yeah, nice to meet you.
I brought the book.
I figured you'd want to go over the numbers.
Smokey used to run with the circus.
Handled logistics.
Trains in, trains out.
I'm surprised the two of you haven't crossed paths.
I'm just a sideshow for Martin.
He's a senior VP at a railroad that runs freight between New Mexico and Illinois.
That a fact? Yeah, I'm surprised we never hooked up.
Let me ask you something, Martin, and I want a simple yes or no.
[BOOK CLOSES] Did you turn me in to the police? Red, what? No! Of course not.
Why would you ever ask me that? Because that's an awfully big number.
And the only way you could've hit it was if I was in prison.
I thought you'd be pleased.
Did you? I don't think so.
If you thought I'd be pleased, the book would reflect how you hit the number.
But it doesn't do that, does it? It's a big number because you cut a deal with the Catela Cartel to run methamphetamine.
You used my network, my trucks, my drivers, my warehouses.
If you're not gonna be in the drug business, somebody else will be.
It's not like we're gonna stop it from coming in, right? [CHUCKLES] I'm not in the methamphetamine business.
It's a poison.
You traded on my name.
I'm a relatively forgiving man.
But that that, I can't forgive.
Hold on, hold on.
I thought that you What do you think? - Me? - Yeah.
What do you think I should do with Martin? I'm curious.
I don't know.
I-I guess [CLEARS THROAT] On one hand, he kind of betrayed you.
I say "kind of" because when you were in prison, maybe he was thinking, in that situation, he had some latitude.
You said, "On the one hand.
" Is there another? - [ICE RATTLING] - Yeah.
No, of course.
I mean, look, I never killed anyone.
When it comes to people, I'm vegan.
[LAUGHS] So if it was up to me, and and let's all reflect on how awesome it is that it's not, but if it was, I guess I'd opt for firing him.
Or fining him, like you did with Androssani.
I mean, both these guys are family guys.
Androssani's got a wife.
He's got a kid.
So, you know Anyway, that's why you do the strategic thinking and I stick to logistics.
Gordon Liddy was an architect of the Watergate break-in.
A strident true-believer who trained himself to be unemotional about doing terrible things.
He'd literally test himself by fire.
[MATCH STRIKES] Holding his hand over a flame without flinching as his flesh burned.
People thought it was a trick.
He said the trick is not minding.
[BLOWING] I mind.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] You got no idea how much I missed you, Tea.
What's going on? HENRY: You gotta know, everything I did, I did it for us.
- Keen, you getting this? - Every word.
LIZ: Tango Team, the minute you get verbal confirmation, move in.
- Assume he's armed.
- WOMAN: Copy that.
HENRY: I made us square.
- There's no more debt.
- But how? We're gonna be able to pay off all of our loans.
And we we can start over.
We'll go somewhere else.
- We'll go somewhere warm.
- Keen, heads up.
We got a white male near the playground.
You think his wife tipped someone? RESSLER: Or Morris brought a plus-one.
I'm gonna check it out.
HENRY: I stopped by the pawn shop.
If you've done something illegal, you need to tell me, please.
I have something for ya.
RESSLER: We've got a gun.
FBI! Stop! FBI! Hands! [GUNSHOTS, TERESA SCREAMS] Put it down, put it down! Don't move! LIZ: Henry Morris, you're under arrest for the murder of Betsy Nagel.
I'm so sorry.
[CRYING] Henry, what have you done?!
RESSLER: I went over the manifest, and I think I found something.
WARD: I'm glad to hear it, Don, but I'm in the middle of a big briefing here.
Dead or alive, everyone's accounted for.
- Except one.
- Then you need me because?
Because that one person doesn't exist before buying a ticket for that ferry.
Everything about her credit rating, social security, mortgage payments it exists only after she bought that ticket, not before.
Seriously, I am in a room full of people waiting on me to give a threat assessment.
It's important, MJ.
I need your help.
It's also off-book, so I'm gonna have to farm out the legwork.
If I send you what I have, can you do the due diligence for me?It's gonna cost me, but for you, Crimea can wait.
- I owe you, pal.
- [BEEP] [DOOR SLIDING] This bandage isn't enough.
I-I really need to go to a hospital.
Not until you answer my question.
Look, I don't know how to find her.
- Because she came to you.
- Yes! At the house.
I mean, it was like she was studying me.
She She had all kinds of information.
LIZ: What kind of information? HENRY: Everything how many months' rent I owed, how much I lost that night in Atlantic City.
NED: She knew my favorite teams.
She knew how much I owed.
She said that she could make all that debt go away.
LIZ: How? What exactly did she say? That, uh, my gambling had become a cancer on the people I love.
She said that I needed to start over.
What does that mean? Start over how? HENRY: By doing her a favor.
She asked me to take care of someone for her.
And by "taking care of" someone, you mean drowning Betsy Nagel in her bathtub? Well, it was supposed to look like something else, like a robbery.
A gunshot in broad daylight wasn't exactly subtle, Ned.
I'm guessing she didn't sign off on that.
HENRY: Look, I may never get out of jail for what I've done, but I did it to help my family.
And if I was smart enough, I would've got away with it, too.
LIZ: Henry, you were never gonna get away with it.
Because you were always gonna be her next victim.
What do you mean, "her next victim"? It's gamblers killing gamblers.
Lady Luck identifies her target, someone who has a significant amount of debt, to be her hitman, and then she offers to pay off that debt in exchange for the killing.
But what the killer doesn't know is that he's the next victim.
Like Betsy Nagel? Turns out, she'd been bleeding her sister dry for years to pay off her gambling debt.
I spoke to the sister, and she said that Betsy showed up last month, paid her back, paid her mortgage, and a half-dozen maxed-out credit cards.
Using money she'd gotten for killing a gambler.
ARAM: And Miss Nagel is not alone.
I looked into suspicious deaths of known gamblers who squared debts shortly before dying, and get this Janice Deavers a gunshot wound to the chest off the Vegas Strip.
Jeff Warner stabbed to death in the parking lot of a casino in Connecticut.
And there are more.
So Lady Luck's outsourcing her kills.
But why spend all this money on bribing gamblers? Why not kill them herself? Where's the bribe money coming from to begin with? I don't know, but her cash supply seems endless.
- Which means she won't stop.
- Ned Green.
Lean on him.
Find out how he contacts this woman after the hit's done.
One way or the other, Green's gonna put us in touch with Lady Luck.
This is my final offer, and I think you'll want to accept it.
It's this or it's nothing.
You finish all your peas, and I'll let you watch "PJ Masks" before your nap.
Do we have a deal? [CHUCKLING] Smart move, mister.
Sorry I'm late.
- Mmm.
- What are we up to? AGATHE: Culinary negotiations.
Thanks, Mom.
I'd be lost without you.
Picked up a shift from Sherry on Tuesday.
Any chance you might be free to watch Joey? It shouldn't be a problem.
[CELLPHONE RINGING] Oh, who the heck is this? Oh, I don't know no one from 2-1-6.
[CELLPHONE RINGING] [BEEP] Is it done? NED: We hit a snag.
AGATHE: What snag? Not over the phone.
C-Can we meet? There's a spot on Route 9.
MEET ME AT 4:00.
If you're late, the deal's off.
And you can go back to your garage and start the engine.
He called out of nowhere, sounded worried.
This one may not be up to the task.
I know what you're thinking.
We've been dealt far worse hands before, and we're still here.
I'll be back for dinner.
Do you want anything special? [CHUCKLES] Don't answer that.
I'll think of something.
MAN ON TV: That's it.
You have $300 Why pick this place to meet? I don't know.
I don't like it, either.
It's too public.
NED: I told you.
She'll be here.
- [CELLPHONE RINGING] - Hello? AGATHE: Oh, Ned, I expected better from you.
NED: What are you talking about? I-I'm here exactly where you told me to be.
Unlike you, I know how to hedge my bets, Ned.
That's got to be her.
My husband took me to that diner to watch Sunday football for 15 years.
I know the regulars.
I knew Ben Sherman, who always comes in for his 4:00 coffee.
Ben's not there.
I know Dale and Toddy, who work splits on Fridays, and they're not there.
- She's watching.
You got eyes? - She's not in here.
Heck, Ned, we got a whole lot of new faces, enough to make me think you've been talking to the police.
You know the problem with gamblers, Ned? They never quit when they're ahead.
I made you a sound deal.
I trusted you, and you brought cops.
- No, no, no, wait! - She's close.
Good luck on your own.
You'll need it.
NED: Wait, wait! [GROANS] She's bailing.
- She's bailing.
- [ENGINE STARTS] Keen, tell me you see something.
I got nothing.
[RATTLING] Oh! Doubles again! [LAUGHS] You're either very lucky or you're playing with loaded dice.
What's that look?
You said you'd never met Martin Walcott.
No. Why?
If you never met him, how'd you know he had children?
I-I didn't. I –
Stop. The only thing worse than a lie is the lie that compounds it.
Y-eaz-ou w-eaz-ere r-eaz-ight.
In plain English. I don't want to miss a word.
I did know Walcott from the circus days. He knew I could move things, so when when he decided to move drugs, he gave me a call. I-I didn't know what was gonna happen to you, so, you know, I-I [SIGHS] I did what they did, and and I freelanced.
Androssani was just trying to make his rate. I don't condone it, hence the 15% surcharge.
Walcott came up with the idea to use my infrastructure to move drugs.
Which was bad enough, but what you did was considerably worse.
You made his idea happen.
You were the logistical mastermind.
Without you, his idea was just that an idea.
Thanks to you, it's now a reality.
- Red –
I know about the network, Smokey.
The shipments of meth you're making to Phoenix, Miami, Seattle, Boston, and everywhere along the way.
I didn't turn you in to the cops, if that's what you think.
What I think is that you're a born carny. You're a con man. You're simply hard-wired to help yourself at the expense of others. Friends, addicts, enemies, even me. In my absence, you built a network that ships meth coast-to-coast. That's impressive. Offensive.
Dembe, my brother, help me out here.
Dembe doesn't make this decision.
Look, Red, you want me to dismantle it, it's dismantled.
I told you, I'll I'll do whatever you ask.
Have you ever had a flying dream? What? A dream in which you suddenly have the power of flight.
Unburdened by the weight of apprehension and doubt, you suddenly find you can fly.
It's a dream of freedom and bliss.
The opposite of a falling dream, which, of course, is a dream of fear and anxiety, panic.
Flying is life.
Falling is death.
Mommy says by the time your program's done, she'll be here.
That's no nuts I'm going on a trip.
While I'm gone, I want you to be good for your ma.
She's gonna have a lot to do and nobody to help her do it.
Huh?! When you get bigger, people are gonna say things about me.
Not-so-nice things.
But I want you to know, what I did, I did as a kindness.
Can you remember that? [CRYING] I love my little monster.
So much.
I love you, too, Grammy.
How'd she get away from us? Because she was never in the diner parking lot.
I pulled security footage from the trucking company across the street.
Check out the Buick with the "Bush/Quayle" bumper sticker.
So she made a getaway doing the speed limit.
The car is registered to an Agathe Tyche 66, of Camden, Delaware.
And she has a very, very sad story.
Miss Tyche was an upstanding citizen of her community, married to a lifelong gambler, Lou Tyche.
In 1986, Lou bought a lottery ticket and won $87 million, largest jackpot in Delaware history.
Made national news.
I remember this story.
There was a child.
Second child being born.
It was a long, intense labor.
Lou waited in the hospital, but at one point, he left with her son to make a run to a convenience store and bought a lottery ticket.
There was an accident.
The son died.
The father was badly injured.
And the ticket was a winner.
At the same time that Agathe was giving birth to her daughter, her son was dying three floors away while her husband was in surgery.
The ticket was returned to her by a medic who found it in her husband's effects.
Looks like we've found Lady Luck.
Looks like you're going to Delaware.
[KNOCK ON DOOR, DOOR OPENS] Agathe Tyche? What? Uh, no, that's my mother.
Agents Keen and Ressler, FBI.
Is she here? - No.
- Do you know where she is? I don't.
What can you tell us about the lottery that your parents won? Lottery? What does that have to do with anything? Well, we understand your father won $87 million.
Decades ago.
My mom gave all that money away.
Why would she do that? Because the day he won was the day that he got in a car accident that killed my brother and paralyzed my father.
He died a few months after.
She connected the money with their deaths and didn't want anything to do with it.
That may be what she told you, but the truth is, she kept the winnings and has been using them for years.
She's using it as a slush fund to finance a series of murders.
[TELEVISION PLAYING] She told my son she may never see him again, and I couldn't understand LIZ: Because she knew we were coming.
Ma'am, if you have any idea where your mother might be, you need to tell us.
LIZ: She's gone, and her daughter says she doesn't know where.
- You believe her? - RESSLER: We do.
She lied to everyone, including her.
Apparently, she told her daughter that she gave the lottery money away after her husband died.
After? Her husband died less than a year after his accident.
No, no, no, no.
That's not right.
I pulled a death certificate for the son, but there was nothing for the husband.
In fact, the Delaware State Gaming Commission is still recording annuity checks sent to an address near Wilmington.
Aram, send us that address and get us HRT out of Quantico.
MAN ON TV: Jumper! Jumper! Bad news, Lou.
The police are onto us.
I pray they don't drag Moira into this.
Lord knows we didn't want that for our baby girl, the one bright spot in our lives.
[SIRENS WAILING] If there's no death certificate Then the father's still alive.
But why would she lie, to her daughter, of all people? [LAUGHS] Okay.
I get it.
You can't always trust family.
But that could mean The father's in on it.
We had a good run.
Didn't we? Wasn't all a waste.
[IRON LUNG CLICKING] I guess this is goodbye.
I can't exactly take you with me, now, can I? I had plans for the rest of the money, more families to save.
[SIRENS WAILING] At least I have the satisfaction of knowing some of this blood money protected others from our hell.
[SIRENS APPROACHING] We did good, Lou.
- FBI! - Move! Sit down, lady.
RESSLER: Put the gun down.
- It's over, Agathe.
- Oh, I know.
I need you to put that gun down.
We don't want anyone to get hurt now.
Hurt? You can't hurt me.
I died years ago.
My life was gambled away cheap.
My firstborn gone.
I swore then, I'd do everything in my power to keep people safe from that kind of destruction.
RESSLER: Put that gun down.
And God answered my prayers.
I used those cursed winnings to help other suffering families.
A perfect system to guarantee they'd never be ruined like I was, like we were.
You need to put that gun down.
They're the worst kind of addicts.
They think they deserve to win while everyone around them loses.
Not this time.
[ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [GASPING] She tripped the breaker.
I don't know where it is.
Find it! [ALARM BEEPING] - [WHIMPERS] - Get him out of there! [ALARM BEEPING] Got to find that breaker! [HANDCUFFS CLICKING] Speak up, Lou! [GASPING] Last chance to atone for your sin.
[WHIMPERING] Are you saying my father didn't die after the car accident? No, he was paralyzed.
That he's been alive all these years? Your mother kept him on a mechanical respirator.
In hiding.
From me? I can't imagine how hard this is to hear, but all these years, your mother has kept your father hostage.
- Why would anyone do that? - To punish him.
She believes your fathers's addiction destroyed your family, so she came up with a way to prevent other families from being destroyed.
By killing addicts, people who can't help themselves.
It's because they couldn't help themselves that she thought they had to die.
And when they did, their family's fortunes were restored.
Your mother's a troubled woman who's gonna spend the rest of her life in prison.
There's no consolation for this, for losing her.
But you do have your father back, as well as what's left of his winnings.
I hope that affords you some solace.
Can I talk to her? - What? - I think you know.
An example had to be made.
[DOOR OPENS] - Hey! [LAUGHS] - You came! Of course! We wouldn't miss it! Ahh.
Look at you, Janet.
- Ohh.
- It's good to see you.
I can't thank you enough for everything you've done.
I've never been thanked for exiling someone before.
You didn't just give me a new house.
You gave me a new life.
It's the least I could do for keeping my relationship with the task force secret.
Oh, but you've done so much more than that.
Your contributions.
There there'd be no arts program here at Shermer without them.
What you're going to hear tonight, none of it would've happened without you.
Thank you, Janet.
You're the best, Mr.
Imagine that! [BOTH LAUGH] So? Name's Virginia Lopatin.
Married Tim King in '98.
Lives in Chicago with a dog and a cat, three credit cards, and a subscription to Foreign Affairs.
Says she's 81.
Rostova would be 59.
The story goes that after she killed herself, Rostova's parents went into hiding.
Father was KGB, so people assumed he helped the mother disappear.
But if and this is a big if if Rostova didn't die, if she knew people were coming for her She'd be the one to protect her parents.
81 and 59.
The passenger was 22 years older than Rostova.
Do you have a D.
on the mother? We do.
She was 22 when Katarina was born.
We didn't find Katarina, but it's possible we found her mother.
[APPLAUSE] Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I'll be watching you I'm sorry it turned out this way.
I am, too.
Every single day [CRYING] There's so much I want to tell you.
It's okay, Mom.
I know everything I need to know.
The lady that got me to do this, this Lady Luck, I'll tell you anything you want to know about her.
That's good, Henry.
But right now, I'm not interested in Lady Luck.
First, I want you to tell me everything you know about a group called the Third Estate.
Can't you see you belong to me? Red was right.
Henry Morris is connected to the Third Estate.
He gave them state-of-the-art surveillance equipment so they could penetrate high-end security systems - in private homes.
- Did he give you a name? No, they contracted through encrypted wire transfers and dead-drops.
But think about it.
The Third Estate is the 99%.
If they're plotting against America, where else are they gonna start than by attacking the 1%? Yeah, but it's a pretty big target.
Yeah, well, it's 99% smaller than it was a few minutes ago.
I'm gonna go tell Cooper.
Keen, hang on a minute.
Uh Every move you make, every step you take - I'll be watching you - [SIGHS] By the way I'm sorry I snapped at you before.
I'll be watching you You've been on Reddington's case longer than any of us, and you deserve to know who he really is.
Every bond you break, every step you take I owe you one for letting it go.
Every word you say Anyway, what is it? It can wait.
Let's go see Cooper.
Every vow you break Every smile you fake - [TRAIN HORN BLOWS] - I'll be watching you Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night you stay Every breath you take Every move you make Every step you t-a-a-ake I'll be watching you [APPLAUSE] But it was the wrong example to make.
Someone betrayed me.
Someone turned me in to the police.
But you don't think it was Smokey.
But anyone who may know who did, I want them to come forward and tell me before more people die.
That's who the example is for? The people who know who turned you in? If you knew the truth, would you come forward to stop me from taking a life? - Of course.
- Well, then.
I can only hope that anyone who actually knows is as principled as you.
Remember me? [GASPING] It's your baby, Moira.
[GASPING] I don't know if Mom told you.
But it's your lucky day.
I'm gonna be taking over the family business.
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theblacklistscripts · a year ago
6.15 Olivia Olsen #115
1 [BELL DINGS] You need help? What is this? Hey.
I'm talking to you.
[BELL DINGS] Hello, Chief Walker.
Sorry to interrupt your meal Who the hell are you? Who I am is immaterial.
What matters is that I know you.
I know, for example, you're the top cop in a city consumed by an opioid epidemic.
I know the Saleri Cartel have had remarkable success moving product on your streets, and I know why You're protecting them Whatever you think you're doing you and a cadre of corrupt underlings.
I've provided a sample of the kind of proof that my team has gathered.
Copies, actually it's all quite well documented the warnings of impending raids, the secure transport your men have provided, the cartel members you've neglected to arrest.
What do you want? What is this? A notification.
We're not asking you to stop anything, we've simply decided to change your employer.
My employer? I've been retained by the Tuerto Organization