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How do you think the Dursleys would have treated Harry Potter if he was a girl? I鈥檓 mostly curious about how you think a Petunia would behave towards a female Harry. (Sorry if this has been asked before!)
For better or worse, I don't think Harry's gender would have changed much for them. Perhaps they would have been less physically violent with her, but as it's Petunia swinging the frying pan was not a premediated action and seemed impulsive. I imagine Harry the girl would have been hit by it as well.
What I do see as different would be the Dursleys punishing Harry for not fitting female societal norms... despite going out of their way to ensure Harry will never meet those norms.
Harry gets to wear Dudley's oversized masculine clothing. She's given purposeful bad hair cuts. She's never allowed to have friends over and thus only hangs around (i.e. is beat up by) Dudley and his friends. I imagine she's then called ugly, unfeminine, etc. for this.
I think it'd still be awful, basically.
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Ask one at a time. First one is jasper book vs jasper movie character. Then Rosalie book vs Rosalie movie.
Anon's referring to the time someone asked me for the difference between the movie characters and the book characters. I stared at them for a moment and pointed out that would be a mother of a post.
So apparently, we're compromising and picking just two at a time.
Jasper Whitlock
Jasper from the books is a very stoic, relatively quiet, and very distant figure. Bella presumes he doesn't like her because he keeps his distance. He has very few conversations with her. The main ones are in Twilight, when he has a line telling Bella she's worth protecting, and then in Eclipse when Jasper reveals his backstory.
Before then he's a very intimidating figure as, while Edward doesn't speak of him often, he confesses that Jasper had been intent on killing her after the van. He's also the one to nearly eat Bella and she knows he had a 'different' past (until Eclipse when she gets what that fully was).
The man is tall, thin, covered in scars, and not prone to friendly expressions. He's intimidating as fuck.
Jasper from the movies is far more approachable and friendly. He doesn't stand out among the Cullens as an outsider, we see him talking with Bella in the hallway in New Moon, clearly very friendly with her and with a familiarity that implies that this is how they often interact. When he nearly devours her in New Moon, he looks... frankly he looks ridiculous.
In Eclipse it doesn't seem so much he's the authority in this or taking charge, as the movie throws us his backstory because it's time to throw us his backstory (Rosalie suffered a similar fate in this).
He's just sort of... there. I'm actually not sure why he's in the movie at all. To round out the Cullen numbers? Make sure the fans are pleased that Jasper wasn't forgotten? But he doesn't do anything and what was important about him is either removed or glossed over. He's just... the other Cullen guy. You know, the other other guy since we have Emmett as also "the other guy".
Friendly enough, jokes around with Emmett and Edward, talks with Bella.
Does he have scars? Oh, well, we're not going to see those.
The movies could have cut him completely and it would have made no difference to the end product we were delivered.
Rosalie Hale
Oh Rosalie, what have they done to you?
In Twilight we're introduced to Carlisle calling Rosalie "kitten" and Rosalie going "meow". This sets the stage for everything, I think. Rosalie suffers also from "what's the point of you?" in the film. Much of Bella's insecurity with Rosalie is cut and while Rosalie still keeps some of her lines asking why Bella's here, etc. they feel a bit forced.
She's there for Bella's visit to the house and didn't pointedly skip as she did in the book. While she makes a rude comment when she learns they made food for Bella for nothing (as she already ate) it's... not even that rude.
The big one though is her backstory. In the films it comes out of nowhere. Bella happens upon her, they sort of stare at each other, then Rosalie says, "HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE TIME I WAS GANG RAPED?" Rosalie gives us the whole story, complete with flashbacks of her doing Kill Bill style murders as The Bride, and... it's not clear what the point of her telling this story is. She sort of summarizes at the end "and now you should stay human" but it got lost during the whole story. It felt as if the writers desperately threw it in, knowing they needed to have it, but had cut all the context to have it in.
And that's Rosalie. Like Jasper, she's just sort of around and a shadow of her book self, she says the right things (mostly) at the right time, but the film distracts itself from how intimidated Bella is by her, Rosalie's reasons for wanting to remain human and her resentment of Bella for choosing everything she wouldn't without a care in the world.
This makes Rosalie's choice to aid Bella in Breaking Dawn meaningless and arbitrary. It feels like Rosalie's helping her because... it's time for Rosalie to help her. AND BABY!
As usual, the movies are terrible, news at eleven.
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your reference to the 25th Albert Hall phantom...a fellow woman of taste
Pfft, thank you. Look at that @therealvinelle, we have taste!
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Tumblr media
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I would die for hong bellamo if he asked
Anon is referring to The Seventh Seal, and its main character Hong Bellamy.
One chapter in? Color me impressed and flattered.
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ok so let鈥檚 say dimitri is the first one to hear about this new vamp, let鈥檚 call him branko. branko seems to have the ability to transfer powers from one vampire to another. dimitri tells aro about this, what does aro do? collect him? destroy him? if he recruits branko would he actually use his power or would it more be like 鈥榖etter im the one with the nuke鈥?
I think it might be deemed too dangerous.
This is how he appears to have gotten into trouble in "Life and Death" (and part of the reason I can't take it in any way seriously). There is a gift swap vampire there that, miracle of miracles, allows Sulpicia to stage a coup and give Aro's power to her.
Of course, as you note if Aro controls this vampire then so much the better (and this is in theory partly possible with Chelsea, though I give her much less credit than other fans). In that case Aro could look less for gifted individuals and more for loyalty.
The twilight disaster would be staved off as Bella's power would be stripped from her presumably in New Moon and probably given to a secretary.
The guard would look very different though.
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your new fic takes the cake muffin, this might just top for the love of a woman.
I... thank you?
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Is your new fic based on that ask about Bella鈥檚 gift making a fake Bella projection for Edward??
Yup, the ask in question. I do sometimes go back to my asks for fic ideas, you know.
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How do you think twilight would鈥檝e went if Edward/Bella weren鈥檛 a toxic relationship? Like, do you think that would have changed the story stephanie was trying to tell/the general storyline?
Answered in part here.
The trouble is the Twilight plot goes completely off the rails.
Our characters are introduced with the fact that Edward is highly dangerous to Bella. This drives him off, at first, but then it begins to intrigue him. He quickly grows obsessed and in part thanks to Alice's help he decides that what he's feeling must be love. Bella, for her own part, has the most interesting, beautiful, inhuman boy in the world paying attention to her.
Right out of the gate, the pair are a mess who are attracted to each other for all the wrong reasons and none of those reasons having to do anything with who the other person even is.
But backing this up, the point is that Edward is very dangerous to Bella. An Edward who respects not only Bella's wishes but her chances at being alive would have nothing to do with her. Edward would have left Forks.
So, right away we have a problem. For this to not be a toxic relationship, Bella cannot be Edward's singer. Otherwise, he is knowingly putting her at extreme risk for next to no reason. Not a good foundation for your relationship.
The plot of Twilight is now off the rails as Bella and Edward have a very normal Biology lesson where Edward is a complete dick. He can't hear Bella's thoughts, weird and he panics he might be losing his gift, but she's still plain and boring (she doesn't become not plain and boring until he starts grilling her to see if she noticed he wanted to eat her after his return). Bella, in turn, is turned off by Edward's dismissive attitude as she initially was in canon until he started playing hot and cold.
Well then, either Edward's personality has to change completely (which it kind of does for this not-toxic thing you're going for to work) or we need to put Bella in mortal peril much earlier.
Except Edward is a man who acknowledged that he'd normally be pro murder Bella after the van incident as well had she not been Bella Swan. So... he'd let her die.
So, we completely change Edward's personality. He still saves her from the van, gets to know Bella slowly, but now he never intends to reveal he's a vampire because that would damn Bella to having to become one herself whether she wishes it or not.
Luckily, we have James to conveniently go after Bella! So, now Edward has to explain! And Bella has to be turned!
Except Bella is still Bella and probably using Edward as validation for herself because she has such cripplingly low self-esteem that she needs other people to define her self-worth.
Oh no.
Bella has to change completely too.
In short, anon, you can't have Twilight or the plot of Twilight with Edward and Bella being their loveable, defunct, selves.
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Hi! What advice would you have on creating/writing original characters, particularly main characters? How do you have a character change throughout the story while also keeping it 鈥渋n character鈥?
My advice is you're thinking about it backwards.
Whatever happens in the story, the journey the character goes through, is what will influence them. A character will change, yes, but if you're flailing about in the dark asking "how will my character change?" you're going to end up with something inorganic.
Think about what's going to happen to the character, what they go through, and knowing what you know of them how will they react and learn (or not learn) from this experience. Each step of the way will influence where the character ends up and where they go through the story.
With this, a reader should be able to follow the character along and no matter how dramatically they end up changing, it will be 'in character' as the reader will see exactly how it happened.
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I was reading some tumblr (I forgot which one) that had a list of the best things about MD and it said that Edward likes ABBA? Is that true? If it is what do you think? I would have thought that Edward would feel contempt about ABBA, I don't know why but I just hear it and I can't imagine Edward liking it. Maybe because it's so catchy and happy? And because Edward seems like the kind of snob that would only like classics? Which Cullens you think would like ABBA?
Edward tells us that he has eclectic taste and is often the one to introduce his family to newer and more niche artists. The famous example he gives being Linkin Park which Edward considers... um... niche.
We also know that Edward knows his classical music, or at least Clair de Lune, and that he has walls and walls of CDs. And I believe he famously notes to Bella in Twilight that he wasn't a fan of the 60's and 70's music but was more of a fan of the 80's. Which is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard anyone profess to.
But yes, given that, I imagine Edward does listen to Genesis, Wham!, Madonna, and of course ABBA. Edward's a snob, but at this point he's made his variety of taste part of his snobbishness. While the Basics of the world are listening to the Rolling Stones he's appreciating Phil Collins for all he's worth.
As for ABBA, they are a great group with very catchy numbers, so I imagine it's a fair amount of them who like or at least tolerate ABBA. But this is me off in headcanon land, I really have nothing to go on for the rest of them.
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Tumblr media
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Do you think vampires could be affected by drugs? Marijuana is inhaled, and since the venom replaces the blood, theoretically the THC could flow through their veins and get to the brain. Imagine how much more chill all of them would have been if it were possible.
I mean, theoretically, but we have no idea how vampire biology works. We don't know if the venom circulates like red blood cells (or how it would as there's no heart controlling the circulation and lungs are just for aesthetics/sense of smell rather than controlling the flow of oxygen and carbon monoxide).
What I will say is that I imagine vampires have tried it and since we don't meet "hopeless stoner vampire x" and "hopeless drunkard vampire y" and Corin exists (a vampire who can miraculously make you feel like your high) I'm guessing it's not a thing.
And it wouldn't make much sense to me of how it could be a thing because, I don't know what's happening in vampires, but I do know they have no heartbeat.
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Do you think Eleazar ever has sex with Tanya, Kate and Irina?
So, the thing is with Eleazar, I have my thoughts, but I'll admit to choosing the worst possible version of him at every turn. In writing this makes him a more interesting character. Is he actually that bad? You could argue he's not and you would be right.
The Denali's sex lives are left... murky.
Oh, we know they love having sex with human men to the point that this convinced them to live on cardboard for the rest of their lives. But it's never explicitly detailed if, say, Kate stops sleeping with humans when she gets together with Garrett (insert me saying "doubt"), or that Irina stopped sleeping with humans when she slept with Laurent (also "doubt"), or that Laurent didn't sleep with the other sisters (string "doubt" and "Tanya was very welcoming!")
What I'm getting at is they do not seem at all monogamous. And then you have Eleazar and Carmen, showing up, and staying. The sisters were already doing their thing, if Eleazar and Carmen weren't just cool with it but completely supportive, it wouldn't work out.
To me this implies that... yeah, Carmen and Eleazar may very well have dabbled with having sex with humans if not are full participants who just get glossed over and that Eleazar's probably had sex with the sisters.
I think it's likely.
But I think someone could also choose to argue the other way and not be any more wrong or right than I am.
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Wait...someone found a ship you approve of! Tom/Carlisle!! Stop the presses!!
Hey now, I do approve of ships occasionally, it's just unwise to ask me for validation. 9/10 you will fail.
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have you seen the new spiderman movie? any thoughts? maybe thoughts on mcu peter parker in general?
(going on withdraw from tltic and living from your metas 馃サ)
Alas, I have not been the new Spiderman movie (that is now old). And it has been implied by commenters that I can't comment on it without having seen that film so...
I think I'll skip this until/if I do watch it.
Ooh, praise for The Less Than Immaculate Conception. Look @therealvinelle, praise and spiderman!
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What about Tom Riddle/Carlisle, would that work?
Answering this would only lead weird places.
So yes, it'd work, but to get into it in the way it deserves I'd almost have to write a fic. I have no immediate plans to write such a fic.
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In your opinion is vampire hair still hair like or is hard like say steel wires so not as hard as their skin but still harder than humans hair or is it made from the same material than their skin? If they put their hair behind their ears will stay like that or will it move if they shake their head? What about braids and general hairstyles do they stay perfectly put always or depends how fast/hard they move?
I believe Bella comments on vampire hair moving in various circumstances and looking much like normal hair. Edward's hair feels much like normal hair.
Aside from the fact that it can't seem to grow beyond a certain length, it seems to act mostly like hair.
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So given how you made the venom sperm be able to survive almost anything, do you think it would be possible after making one inseminate (or however it is called) an egg in a petri dish (or however they do it in labs) and then putting the fertilized egg it in a tank of blood that it could actually develop just from that as long as they keep refilling the blood?
Anon's referring to The Less Than Immaculate Conception wherein Marcus' sperm survived everything done to it and ate each other. Carlisle was horrified.
You're unwittingly referencing the Christmas special that @therealvinelle and I never got to. The plot was that, after the events of the fic, Sulpicia and Esme get mighty curious. A heist is planned, is shockingly successful, and the two retrieve donated eggs.
Marcus then finds himself fathering a child with a petri dish, nobody knowing who the mother even was, and that baby just... growing in a dish. Doing fine on blood. Happily sitting in there and practically indestructable.
There would be many jokes about virgin births, an accidental nativity scene, and Carlisle having a mental breakdown because no one around him seems to realize how terrifying this all is.
Alas, we ran out of time, and it got scrapped.
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