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If you’ve got problems with a nasty ghost, a wicked spirit, or an enemy witch’s familiar, this is a possible avenue to take.

Find a small stone near a large building or tree. Take it home and cleanse it with running water (could be a creek or a faucet). “Hollow heart, empty prison”. 
Dry it and mark on one side a diamond with an ex through it. On the other side, hold it above a flame and let it turn completely black. “Keep in that which I bring to imprison”
If you know specifics about the spirit, write them down and burn the paper. Set the stone on the burning page. 
Leave a fingernail or a strand of hair on top of it until the spirit is trapped. 
Burn the stone and bury it to get rid of the spirit. Keep it to serve you, if you can command it. 

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As someone with psychosis if I catch you telling someone with psychosis that the voices are gods, or that they really are the chosen one, or tell someone who is clearly manic that yes, the world really is about them and about to become glorious and you feed into their delusions of grandeur, I will personally make it my goal to fucking obliterate you.

Take. Your. Meds. If you can’t feel magic on your meds than try another med or maybe witchcraft just isn’t for you. If partaking in witchcraft makes your paranoia worse, STOP. If witchcraft makes you in any way want to stop you meds, take that to mean witchcraft is inherently unsafe to you in a way that it is not for others, and choose self care by removing yourself from witchcraft circles.

Herbs are not a suitable alternative to medication. Crystals are not a suitable alternative to medication.

If anyone has a problem with this, don’t just unfollow. Block me. I do not want to accidentally interact with someone who is anti medication. If you clown on this post you are endangering vulnerable lives and I will block you and you will go to whatever your religion’s version of hell is.


So speaketh the screaming skeleton.






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ur twenties are weird. i have the priorities of a kindergartener again. i don’t know what in the hell is going on EVER. i like colors. i like soup. i want to take a nap

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Prairies are some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, with the tallgrass prairie being the most endangered. Only 1-4% of tallgrass prairie still exists.

Prairies are critically important, not only for the unique biodiversity they possess, but for their effect on climate.

The ability to store carbon is a valuable ecological service in today’s changing climate. Carbon, which is emitted both naturally and by human activities such as burning coal to create electricity, is a greenhouse gas that is increasing in the Earth’s atmosphere. Reports from the International Panel on Climate Change, a group of more than 2,000 climate scientists from around the world, agree that increased greenhouse gases are causing climate change, which is leading to sea level rise, higher temperatures, and altered rain patterns. Most of the prairie’s carbon sequestration happens below ground, where prairie roots can dig into the soil to depths up to 15 feet and more. Prairies can store much more carbon below ground than a forest can store above ground. In fact, the prairie was once the largest carbon sink in the world-much bigger than the Amazon rainforest-and its destruction has had devastating effects.


I just have to add–that extensive root system? It’s not just how the plant eats, and how it keeps itself from getting pulled out of the ground during storms, or dying when its aboveground portion is eaten… it’s how it talks to its friends and family, how it shares food with its friends and family, and more than likely, how it thinks. That’s a whole plant brain we’ve domesticated away, leaving a helpless organism that has trouble figuring out when it’s under attack by pests, what to do about it, has very little in the way of chemical defense so it can do something about it, and can’t even warn its neighbors. Even apart from the ecological concerns, what we’ve done is honestly pretty cruel.

Here’s some more articles on this too!

Whether or not you think this should qualify as a form of “intelligence” as we know it (which in itself as a pretty nebulous and poorly defined thing), plants exhibit complicated interactive behaviors that help them grow and thrive, and the way we harvest a lot of them for our produce just doesn’t even give them a chance to reach their maturity and begin trading nutrients the way they’re supposed to.

this is why I get so defensive about grass on Tumblr, and yes, I recognize how ridiculous that sentence is. The anti-lawn-culture movement - which is great in many ways! - is very anti-grass, because they think of grass as this plastic green stuff that American dads spray on everything, at the cost of Perfect Beautiful Nature. But grass is incredible. The reason that people commonly like to surround themselves with grass is because it is a fantastic plant. And yet it’s associated with the boring and mundane! People think of it as, like, background noise. They think of it as the floor. It’s like some kind of carpet to them, to be complained about occasionally because it isn’t a forest or vegetable garden. They don’t even care about it, and then they complain about it. But let me tell you: the Grass Fandom is extremely rewarding.

Obviously, it isn’t a good idea to terraform landscapes into lawns. Golf courses can fuck right off. Nobody needs to water lawns (if lawn grass turns yellow in the heat, it is almost always because it has simply gone dormant; it’ll turn green as soon as it gets some water. You don’t need to water it, it will resurrect itself.) But neither is it a universally good idea to rip up established lawns and yards and greens in order to replace them with vegetable gardens or whatever (unless you need to, or if the grass can only live there with extensive life support in place.) Grass is an excellent plant to have around the home or town; it allows pets, poultry and children to play and piss and shit and walk, and it kindly breaks all of it down; you can walk on it, and it forgives you; it prevents erosion, saving our vanishing topsoil with a ferocious stubbornness; it locks the moisture into the ground, produces a renewable harvest of grass clippings that can be composted for rich green manure, and respires nearly year-round in some areas.

I mean, grass resists being stomped on all day! It keeps high-traffic outdoor areas from becoming mudpits or dusty swathes! That’s seriously impressive in a plant. To replace that durability in public and private spaces, you’d often have to lay down gravel or chippings for people to walk on, which isn’t green and doesn’t grow and has to be acquired from somewhere. Isn’t grass impressive? Name another type of plant that will carry you like that.

Like, the OP mentions grasslands and climate change. You almost never hear about this, because the eco-public prefers the concept of trees as the Most Eco Plants Ever. Everyone loves trees sooooo much, that there is this constant background insistence that planting loads of trees will fix environmental damage forever, and that the world would be better if it all looked like some Eurocentric fantasy of a mossy fairy forest.

Now, trees are great! I am also in the tree fandom. But trees aren’t hugely efficient at fixing carbon - and across most geographical swathes of the planet, they only work part-time. They only grab carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during the stages of their life cycles when they are “awake” and actively growing - so not during winter, not in their old age, etc. And contrast with wild native grass, which apparently considers carbon capture and sequestration to be its favorite hobby. But you almost never hear people going on about “preserving grassland” or being “grass-huggers” - and that is incredibly important! Let’s talk more about grass!

 And vast tracts of the world - magnificent biomes on every part of the planet - are not native forests, but native grassland. Steppes, tundras, prairies, savannahs and scrublands are places that trees don’t dominate, but they are bursting with important and diverse life - often centered around the rhythms of native grasses. Trees don’t live in Antarctica, but grasses do! Grasses are GREAT. They harbor life! They support life!

Grass forms the basis of the human food supply - we eat grains more than anything else. Grains are grasses, and we also use and eat the animals that eat grass. The great domesticated cereal grains of the world - maize, rice, millet, wheat - allowed for food storage, which allowed towns and civilizations to form. And the domesticated animals which have carried our societies on their backs for so long - cows, sheep, horses - all eat grass. Grass is so incredibly important to our daily lives. And it’s beautiful! And complicated! And clever! It’s so much more than a floor covering.

Resist the insistence that grass = lawn. (and in some climates and geographies, embrace that ‘lawns’ are a natural environment.) Encourage and celebrate the native grasses of your area! Whether they’re tallgrass or bamboo, they are very exciting and important. Perhaps you’d like to meet the nearest patch of grass - a lawn, a park, or a strip of green in a city. Is it delicate bentgrass? Tough and resilient ryegrass? Is it invasive? indigenous? Formerly invasive but now naturalized? What is it used for? Who loves it?

Just. Grass is so great! Join the Grass Fandom today!

It’s a grassroots movement

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i just want a lover that i would stay up with throughout the entire night in a dimly lit room talking about books, philosophy, love, and the stars.

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Addendum, I just realized my phone autocorrected some of the measurements to tablespoons when they should most definitely be teaspoons.

So the coherent recipe ratios should read as:

3 cups of cornmeal. 4 teaspoons of baking powder

1 ½ teaspoons of salt.  1-2 tablespoons of sugar.

8 tablespoons of olive oil. 4 eggs. 2 cups of milk. 

Follow method as described, or again, check out my patreon above where everything is listed and just double ingredients.


an image of a golden brown bread loaf in a white pan

Retrieve your loaf pan now that it is cool enough to handle. If you greased it right, it should just come out, like so. If not wigggle it about and swear and consider using parchment paper next time.

a gif of me struggling to tip the loaf pan over as the bread slides out

Pro-tip: using both hands and not filming the process makes this step exponentially easier.

a loaf of cornbread sitting on a parchent lined worr rack

You now have cornbread to do whatever you wish with. Stuffing is a good option, but this loaf actually holds up pretty well to being sliced and toasted or being used for a variant of French toast. Mothman personally likes to grill cheese with them or crumble it into soups and stews.

a gif of bread being sliced into with a purple knife
an image of the bread loaf being sliced

It is crumbly, so parts of the crust may fall off when slicing, but that’s okay because it just means you get to eat them. I like to preslice mine before wrapping the halves in foil and storing them either in the pantry of freezer, depending on what my cooking looks like for the week. 2 days pantry, 2-3 months in freezer. Reheat the same as the waffles, though I personally prefer to throw the foiled wrapped portions into the oven and let them toast while I cook other things.

Congratulations you now have delicious gluten-free cornmeal waffles and bread to do whatever you wish with. It’s 6:54am and I’m going back to bed. Goodnight.


@coppercorn-and-cauldron​ said:  If this is your sober middle-of-the-damn-night baking, then what does your too much tequila induced 0dark:30 baking look like?

I don’t drink anymore due to health reasons, but all you need to know is my mother has a permanent lifetime ban on me being in her kitchen after dark.

a crispy waffle in the waffle iron
a waffle resting on a sheet of parchment paper

Check on your waffle again and find it is a more satisfactory level of cronch. I like to lay mine out on a wire rack lined with parchment paper to let them cool and to keep them from going soggy while I use up the rest of the mixture.

Repeat this process until you are done, and then serve yourself up the final waffle, which should be crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Serve with whatever toppings you like.

gif of a waffle being covered in maple syrup

Stand back to admire your work and then realize your bread needs to come out the oven in 56 seconds and you’ve nowhere to put it because you’re stove top is covered in waffles.

a stove top covered in a bountiful crop of waffes
a stack of waffles wrapped in foil

Panic wrap the bounty of waffles in foil, pausing to take bites from your breakfast because you don’t want it to get cold.

The remaining waffles should be cool enough to store, but if not you can let yours cool fully before wrapping them in aluminum foil and tossing them in the freezer, where they will remain good for up to 2-3 months. You can bring them back to life either in a microwave, toaster or by throwing the whole thing in the oven. I’ll let you figure that out.

a loaf of cornbread in a pan
a toothpick sticking out of the loaf of bread
a gif of my hands attempting to remove the lost toothpick

Pull the bread from the oven. It should have a nice golden brown top. Try to make sure the bread is baked through by using a toothpick, only to realize how Deep the bread goes and ultimately lose it in the middle. Burn fingers attempting to retrieve it.

a loaf of bread with a knife sticking out of it
a gif of a bread being pulled out of a loaf

Decide a knife might be better and test the middle like you’re Merlin shoving Excalibur into a soft, crumbly stone. If the knife comes out clean with no wet batter, it’s done. If not pop it back in and keep an eye on it. You can cover the top with foil if you’re worried about it burning. Leave it to cool in the pan for another ten minutes or until however long it takes you to upload a recipe post live to tumblr.


Spoon out enough batter to evenly cover the bottom of your waffle iron:

a waffe iron filled with batter
a closed red waffle iron lid with a green light
a sink full of dishes

Close the lid and follow whatever mechanism your waffle iron requires to work. Blood sacrifice and demon summoning are also acceptable alternatives to conventional waffle iron practice. Consider that while you are riding high on this apparent burst of executive function, you should probably do the dishes from last nights dinner so your cryptid husband doesn’t wake up to a kitchen that looks like it got ransacked by a raccoon with aspirations of chef-hood.

Get distracted by realizing the maple syrup dispenser is empty and retrieve the gallon jug of maple syrup from the pantry to refill it.

a gif of maple syrup being poured into a gass jar

Panic when you realize the waffle iron is telling you the cook time is up, and scrabble like aforementioned raccoon to lift the lid.

a cooked waffle in the waffle iron
my hand turning up the heat settings on the waffle iron
image of a hand goving the thumbs up at a bendy angle

Realize that while this waffle is *technically* done, it’s not as browned or crispy as you like it and that you’re previously mentioned husband has likely been messing with your preset settings again. Crank the temp up, close the lid and allow it to brown for several more minutes. Attempt to give a jaunty thumbs up and marvel at the fact that you never noticed your thumb bends that way, and wonder why it took 33 years to be diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

a bottle of water with a straw in it

Hydrate some more cause you’re a POTS ass having bitch and even the heat from the waffle iron is making you feel like a genteel Victorian lady who has just learned of a scandalous affair that has ended in ruin, wondering all the while as you recline on your fainting couch if you will fall prey to the same illness that took your mother from your doting but sad father at the time of your birth.

Also do the dishes while you wait.

dirty dishes in the sink being washed


a cup of milk in a measuring jug
a bowl of wet ingredients
a bowl of waffle batter

Next measure out two cups of milk or your dairy free option of choice, water works too if that’s all you have. Realize you should have whisked the eggs in already but it’s now 4:35 in the morning and in the grand scale of things, it doesn’t really matter. Mix until no more lumps remain.

an image depicting two bowls of cornbread mixture, one small, one large

Also mention at this time because you are the dancing adhd gremlin queen, that you are making a second batter in tandem to make regular bread with, except instead usking the skillet method in the above patreon link, you are using a bread pan which has been allowed to come to heat in an oven set to 400’f

image of a white loaf pan
a gif of me using a knife to spread rapidly melting butter over the bread pan

Remove heated loaf pan from oven and grease well. I’m using a knob of butter cause that’s Mothman’s favorite.

a loaf pan filled with batter
loaf pan being placed in oven

Pour additional batter into bread pan and baking in the oven for approximately 35-40 minutes on 400’f heat in an oven that hasn’t been cleaned since the day you bought it, and make a mental note to try out that steam clean function it keeps reminding you exists like the warning light on the dashboard of your car that you keep hoping will go away.

Remember you’re supposed to be making waffles and turn your attention back to the now hopefully preheated waffle iron.

image of a red waffle iron and a bowl of batter
a ladle being dipped into the batter

Realize you are again at the image post limit and seriously regret love documenting this process.


This is essentially just my gluten-free cornbread mix you can find for free on my Patreon (x) with the ratios doubled, so if you want a coherent recipe go there. But because sharing is caring and my insomnia is cranked up to an eleven, you all, unfortunately, get to come along on this ride with me.

An image depicting a cup of yellow cornmeal.
An image depocting a tbspn of baking powder.
an image depicting a tbspn of salt.
an inage depicting a tbspn of sugar
an image of a bowl filled with ingredients being whisked.

Gather together your ingredients which consist of plain gluten free cornmeal, baking powder, salt, sugar, milk and eggs. Pour three cups worth of cornmeal into a medium sized bowl, 4 tablespoons of baking powder, 1 ½ tablespoons of salt, sugar to taste (I tend to do 1-2 tbspoons) and whisk together with the brand new whisk someone very kindly sent from your amazon wishlist because people are loving and kind but you’re an adhd gremlin so you can’t remember if you scanned the gift receipt or not and said thank you, so are now using your blog platform to do so in the hopes the person sees it.

an image of a tbspoon of olive oil
an image of a cart of brown eggs
an image of a bottle of water with a straw in it

Next add 8 tablespoons of olive oil (you can use melted butter or another fat, I just try to get as much variation into my food as possible because of MCAS) and 4 eggs, remembering to hydrate because while everyone loves a salty bitch, no one likes a dehydrated one. I’ve also been told by followers that the Bob’s red mill egg substitute works well with this recipe but can not verify that myself due to allergens.

Crack the eggs into the bowl using one hand because it’s about the only culinarily flex you have left after illness rendered all your other skills impossible,

a gif of an egg being cracked into a bowl

And then realize you’re at the image limit for this post and continue on in another reblog.


Time, unlike hunger is a social construct, so you know what that means. It’s time for 4:30am cornbread waffles 👍

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So there are cave paintings that are simple and abstract, and there are cave paintings that have naturalistic, three-dimensional forms and perspectives.

The popular narrative would have it that the former are older than the latter, with the naturalistic type representing a more “developed” style of art; however, in many cases it turns out that the naturalistic cave paintings are the older ones and the more abstract ones are the more recent.

From a sociological perspective that’s fascinating and all, since it implies that there have been art movements for as long as there’s been art, but all my gremlin brain can picture is a middle aged hunter-gatherer peering over some poor cave-painting kid’s shoulder as they painstakingly sketch out a bison in charcoal and ocher and going “is this anime?”

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Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! Happy St David’s Day! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I spent the afternoon drawing this flower study 🌼

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Don’t let them drain your account

For those who have Nelnet as a servicer, here’s the message that shows when I just logged in:


So it looks like (for Nelnet in particular, at least) under some circumstances (i.e. if your account is overdue) they’ll automatically apply it, but otherwise you might have to request it. This link has more details re: forbearance, capitalization, and the temporary 0% interest rate. 

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Leaving tiny little vials of herbs or luck spells for someone to find. Charmed coins or hand made runes. Mini tarot cards, bought or handmade. Little pieces of sea glass, tiny crystals, dried flowers, or pretty sigils neatly folded and closed with a sticker or washi tape. 

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this wont work unless you get other people that your landlord rents to on board. talk to other people in your building or on your property about it. If only one person doesn’t pay rent, it’s not a strike. You’ll just get in trouble for not paying rent. If nobody pays rent, it is a strike.  

Get your neighbors and fellow tenants onboard. 


Between Eviction, Infection, and Refusal: What You Need to Know About the April 1st Rent Strike & How to Plug In - It’s Going Down

What Is A Rent Strike?

A rent strike is a collective refusal by tenants of a building, housing project, or dwelling to pay rent to their landlord. Often, groups of tenants have set demands that they want addressed, such as: unfair rents, unmade repairs, or an end to harassment by management.

Throughout history, rent strikes have been a tactic utilized by renters to combat slumlords, racism and attacks on civil rights, high rents, and also secure and defend housing for poor and working people in times of crisis, pandemic, and economic depression.

In recent years in the face of the growing housing crisis, rent strikes have grow in popularity in larger cities as a tactic utilized by renters to fight back against predatory landlords. Organizations such as the LA Tenants Union and Parkdale Organize have mobilized to back massive rent strikes which have resulted in key victories for tenants. Occupations of vacant housing, such as the recent occupation organized by Moms 4 Housing in Oakland, CA, have also resulted in victories.

Who Is Calling For The Strike?

There are a wide variety of autonomous groups, organizations, networks, and individuals who are pushing for the rent strike. This includes:

A network of autonomous anti-capitalist groups and organizations across the country.

The group Rent Strike 2020, which has been pushing petitions signed by tens of thousands of people.

Groups of renters, such as the anarchist housing collective, Station 40, located in the Mission District of San Francisco, who have publicly declared that they will go on rent strike starting April 1st.

Seasoned tenant organizations such as Parkdale Organize.

Hasn’t The Government Called Off Evictions?

In short, the government is some areas has placed a moratorium on evictions. This means simply that for a set amount of time, they agree to not evict anyone who can’t pay their rent, but they still expect you to pay it at a later date and in a timely manner. This means more debt and more payment of money you don’t have.

As 5 Demands, an online rent strike hub, wrote:

Current moratoriums on evictions and utility shut offs protect you from immediate threat of losing your home or having your utilities shut off, as long as those moratoriums are in place. Your landlord can’t file for eviction for non-payment during the moratorium and the utility companies can’t turn off your water or electricity. You can use the money you’ve kept on the immediate things you need, like medicine and food. The moratoriums alone don’t prevent you from owing back-payment once they lifted, though. That’s why we are pushing for a rent and debt cancellation, so millions of people are not facing insurmountable debt on the other end of this crisis.

We also know that millions of people organized and united in refusing to pay will overwhelm court and eviction symptoms, which have a finite capacity.

Won’t A Rent Strike Hurt Landlords?

Simply put, for middle-class landlords who rent out extra property, there are simply more protections from foreclosure than there are for renters. Homeowners across the US are getting federal mortgage relief and HUD has also called for a halt on foreclosures. According to NPR, homeowners can also have their “mortgage payments reduced or suspended for up to 12 months.” In cities like New York, there is currently a moratorium on mortgages for 90 days, while in California, those paying a mortgage will be given a grace period.

Corporations like Subway, the Cheesecake Factory, and Adidas have already declared that they won’t pay rent in April. There’s mortgage relief for the middle class, but none for renters. They want the poorest to foot the bill.

It should also be noted that many corporate retail stores are also not able to pay rent and are currently working with landlords to pay reduced or restructured rent – or in some cases even given grace periods.

For renters, these protections do not exist – our only way forward is through collective action. As Parkdale Organize wrote:

Landlords’ resources will allow them to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic better than most, while tenants are more and more concerned with our daily survival. The government has already announced financial support and mortgage suspensions for businesses and landlords. By keeping our rent we will have more money for groceries, medicine, disinfectant supplies, and other basic necessities. Our landlords will be fine without our rent. We may not be.

How Can I Plug Into The Rent Strike?

The best way to is link up with a group that already exists or one closest to you.

You can also call this hotline and talk to organizers who will help you find local initiatives and resources for your strike:

WEB: 5 Demands Global

CALL: (312) 883-4677

TEXT: (316) 742-0167




Atlanta Survival Program


Rent Strike ATX | 512-200-7750


Rent Strike Carbondale


Autonomous Tenants Union

Chicago Medical Autonomy

Tenants United


Denver Rent Strike COVID-19

Colorado Rent Strike and Eviction Defense


Can’t Pay Won’t Pay DURM


Flagstaff Rent Strike


Rent Strike IE


Rent Strike Kingston


Rent Strike London


LA Tenants Union


Madison Rent Strike 2020


Rent Strike Twin Cities | (763) 294-5592


Greve des Loyers


COVID-19 Rent Strike


Olympia Assembly


COVID-19 Rent Strike Ottawa | +1 (353) 883-5608


Philadelphia Tenants Union


PDX Rent Strike


Eagle Mill Rent Strike | 804-554-4032

Pollard & Bagby Tenants Council

Richmond Tenants Defense Council


Bay Area Rent Strike

Station 40

Tenant and Neighbor Council

Oakland Tenants Union

SF Eviction Defense Collaborative

Tenants Together


Drop Rent Santa Cruz


Seattle Rent Strike


STL Rent Strike


Parkdale Organize

Parkdale Organize -

Further Resources


Sample letters to neighbours and landlords:

Dealing with landlords:

Coronavirus rent strike info:

COVID-19 Tenant Organizing Toolkit


This April, millions won’t be able to afford their bills even if they want to pay them. Like the pandemic, this is the inevitable consequence of a system that wasn’t designed to keep us safe in the first place.

Organize for self-defense!


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Some eaiser variations of push ups to help you build the strength to do a traditional one!

I don’t generally reblog ‘fitness’ stuff but gaddamn could I use some more arm strength.

Push-ups are my worst nightmare. I can only do 44 before I pass out on the floor.

“I can only do 44” hahaha omg I can’t even do one.

yes good

I was always frustrated how my P.E. teachers wanted all of us to go “all-or-none” and basically hurt ourselves without letting us build up from square-one like in the first gif.  Then they’d fuckin yell at us for not doing it right >:|

Knee-pushups is not square-one.

When I got my first personal trainer, she had me doing push ups almost standing upright in the weight lifting bars so that I could do 15 reps and 3 sets of them. It’s more about the technique of the push up, and if you’re pushing too much weight, you can’t exersize the correct muscles within their tolerances. This post is pretty important tto know cause of that.

I was introduced to the knee push-up last year and it was such a fucking game changer. I had NO idea it was possible to work those same muscles just with a slight variation in position. 

I wanna just verify that these are excellent for building strength, both as someone who took weights class in high school with a good teacher, and as someone who’s had a lifetime of physical therapy (not for my arms specifically, but I’ve spent a lot of time in sports medicine centers). And again, if the vertical one in the first gif is difficult, you don’t even have to lean into it like that. Start standing, and only lean as much as it takes you to lower towards the wall.

And remember, many exercises can be modified in this way! I did an image search for “modified pull up” and got exactly what I was looking for right away, which is this:

Doing pull ups on a lower bar, or from the straps with handles that gyms sometimes have (called the TRX - they can also be used to support yourself during squats and some balance exercises) is a lot easier than jumping straight into vertical pullups, and lets you build up that muscle with exercises that are still comfortable and safe for you, so you can do more sets of more reps.

As a general rule, always start with lower-strain exercises and practice good form before you work your way up. You don’t want to have to unlearn bad habits that could lead to injury later as the difficulty increases.

@imfemalewarrior I’m assuming you’ve seen this post but in case you haven’t—it seems like your kind of thing

Here are push up and pull up progressions! 

-FemaleWarrior, She/They 

Because I have serious issues with core strength and cannot do a sit up or a crunch without using muscles I shouldn’t and hurting myself, I looked up core exercises for beginners (because modified sit ups just have me ways to make it harder), and here’s what I found.

All from here, which also includes sit ups with the idea that you start up and don’t go all the way down.

This stuff on the bottom is some of the stuff I do for physical therapy, can vouch for it

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there are temptations that will haunt you this plague season, and you must know how to approach them.

from one cursed creature to another, here are some tips:

- around midnight one lonely night a temptation will come to reach out to someone who hurt you in the past, and an urge to forgive where forgiveness is not due. resist for three nights - and on the third night, if this haunts you still, channel that desperate loneliness into a powerful curse, and cast it over the one that dared hurt you so.

- if you take one look too many at yourself in the silver of the mirror, you will be possessed by the idea of changing it all. if you feel the urge to shave your head, do it. if you feel the urge to shave your eyebrows or dye your hair bloody red, do it. if you feel the urge to give yourself bangs, find out which deity is currently designated to your area and pray to the that this horrid urge passes soon. flagellate if you must.

- a thought will appear while wasting your precious mortal minutes observing someone you will never meet and listening about their vessel surface routine that you should, perhaps, start working out. abandon that thought as you’ve wasted enough time already. you will rot, and soon, and sore muscles are not a delicacy among worms.

- you will feel guilt for the amount of sleep. you will feel lazy and blasphemous in your wastefulness. banish that guilt immediately, however you see fit. sleep even more: but this time invite an ancient terror or two to visit you in your dream, and duel them. or fuck them, should you wish. once you wake up you will feel quite achieved and motivated.

- once boredom becomes nearly too much to bear, you will contemplate starting this show this one girl in your workplace keeps talking about. do not watch it. there is a reason you are not friends with that girl, and why risk finding out that it’s her terrible taste in media that’s the root. leave some sweet mystery there.

- you will be overcome with disdain towards certain people as you realise who they truly are. but remember, the time of the plague is great for strengthening important relations. therefore, take some extra time for the ritual and ask your favourite hell-born beast to smite that asshole.

more will come, once the entrails I use to divine from cool down a bit and I’m done trying out a makeup look in the seclusion of my home that I would never dare to show another breathing being.

- one evening you will feel a strange and sudden sensation in your chest, in-between your heart skipping a beat and a stab beneath your ribs. don’t ignore it but acknowledge it and savour the moment. it means the fates have rolled the dice again for you, and this time they landed on the edge. whatever comes will hurt, but it be thrilling and will change your life.

- one eerie night at 3 am everything will go silent. whatever voice you hear, ignore it. whatever shapes you see in the corner of your eyes, ignore them. but do get up and brush your teeth. it’s high time. demons aren’t afraid of toothpaste but they always respect a ritual. take care.

- whatever you’re about to do now. don’t do it.

I mean it, don’t do it.

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Shampoo spells!

These are so simple. They’re also very inconspicuous for you closet witches out there! And if you’re a baby witch with little to no experience with magick, this might be a nice and easy way to start :)

It’s been said that the act of making something is what gives it its magic. I find that to be absolutely true. You can’t just buy a bottle of shampoo and expect it to be magickal on its own.


Buying a plain, unscented bottle of shampoo and modifying it a bit…that’s different!

Simply buy a plain, unscented bottle of shampoo (you choose your favorite brand), and add stuff to it. Add essential oils, herbs, biodegradable glitter (if you can get ahold of some), write down an intention and put it inside the bottle…the possibilities are endless!

Boom! Enchanted shampoo. You can modify it to do whatever you want. Just think about the symbolic act of washing your hair—you’re cleaning something OUT, and bringing something else IN.

Here are some ideas:

Add lavender essential oil and other sleepy oils and do a spell on your shampoo for a deep, restful sleep. Good for people who shower before bed! Charge the bottle with amethyst for an added boost.

Add orange essential oil, a bit of lemon juice, and rosemary and cast a spell on it for motivation, mental clarity, and joy! Good for people who shower first thing in the morning. Charging with citrine wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Use rose oil, rose petals, and a little vanilla extract to attract romantic interest! Maybe bring a rose quartz into the shower with you. As you wash, repeat your intention to yourself. Play some love songs.

Put some peppermint, eucalyptus oil, and rosemary leaves into the shampoo and charge with clear quartz, enchanting it for deep energetic cleansing for when you get done interacting with negative or rude people. As you scrub, imagine a bright purifying light that gets brighter and brighter and burns away all the negativity the harder and faster you scrub.

If you have any other ideas, use them! Again, this is super discreet and really effective magick and it can serve a ton of different purposes, so experiment around and do whatever works best for you. I hope this helps!

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