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I am called We. Pronouns are They/Them. We are not who I was

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thegreatdevourerofstars·an hour agoText

The previous host is coming back but not fronting for more than a couple minutes at a time so we have taken to literally talking to them outloud again (as done when We first existed) and to say the Spouse is having concerns, is quite the understatement.

However he does know that We exist (as separate but same) so he’s just like “does anyone answer back?”

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I just queued a couple of art posts and they’re sharing my divine tag so the tagging together looks like this:

#sometimes I’m a lion #choking on divinity

#beware the ungulates #choking on divinity

And if that’s not a concise summation of my current spirit fuckery I don’t really know what is.

They are both posted now. Still fuckeried

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thegreatdevourerofstars·2 days agoText


Genetics and chance. Some rare double tuskers will occur. Slightly more animals have a right side tusk than a left.


Silly question I’m having: What determines on which half of the skull the tusk sprouts from?


“Unicorn” is a bit of a misnomer, as the singular horn is actually not a horn at all, but a tusk, or elongated tooth, similar to that of an elephant or a narwhal.

The unicorn is an anomaly because it is a grazing animal, but the giant tusk makes it very difficult to traditionally graze. The unicorn evolved around this by employing a prehensile trunk, which it uses to pick long grasses and leafy forage. Bull unicorns are larger than cows, and have longer tusks, which they use to spar.

Sparring or “jousting” with these deadly weapons can easily cause severe injuries or death. As such, unicorns developed an elaborate and intense display system of dancing and rearing to intimidate rivals, and will typically only fight as a last resort.

Do the horns grow straight always or must they be maintained to avoid curling?

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thegreatdevourerofstars·2 days agoText

So we got ACNL the other weekend for the 3ds acquired for Yule.

Spent a few days in a nice town and learned all the buttons and ropes and stuff and bought a buncha turnips to make some money.

Then forgot we had them.

Saturday rolls and we have 20 groups of rotten turnips in storage (from the first Sunday we had them, they were at the bottom of an empty container) so we torched the town and started anew with a new town set back a few weeks (cause we dropped every bell earned into a crap market and had nothing for recycle fees)

We have spent the last 4 days (sat-now), time traveling a day at a time, running the stalk market, running minimum errands, saying hey every day, getting the museum up and running, and just speed running the first 30+ days of gameplay cause Momma needed that sweet sweet golden axe to fix their town (we’ve played the last week twice so that we could get it and cut down all the damned trees).

Now, we get to catch up to current time (still moving 1 day at a time to keep weeds and hurt feeling low), and play properly. But yeah, we always speed run the first mth of Animal Crossings.

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thegreatdevourerofstars·3 days agoText

So a part of whatever is wrong with us (fibro or maybe something else idk), is we get horrible muscle spasms. Like, daily, sometimes several times, and they can last anywhere from 30 sec to almost half an hour.

Lately tho, whenever we stretch or move, there are horrible muscle cramps. We’ve gotten them in the ribs, back, sides, legs and arms (oc), and most horrible, our frickin neck.

Last night we stayed up til 5am bc of these cramps in our neck. We would shift, cramp. Move a leg, cramp. Smallest One slept in our bed last night and every time he rolled over and forced us to move, cramp.

We’re trying to stay hydrated. We are eating the healthiest we ever have (no gluten in 4 days). And these cramps and spasms are becoming ridiculickulous.

The cramps in the neck have been so bad they’ve caused horrible skull crushing pain.


This body is a lemon. We demand a refund.

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