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themajorbarkana13 hours agoPhoto

Card of the Week: The Devil (reversed)

Our dress up pup is upside-down today! Fortunately, this usually negative card has quite a good message when reversed.

This is a time of breaking free. You鈥檒l start pushing away, or finally solidify distance in any toxic relationships you have. You鈥檒l end limiting beliefs or cycles of self-sabotage.聽

Breaking these chains won鈥檛 be easy, but you鈥檙e on the right path. This is a time to trust in your own strength and go against the forces trying to pull you back down.聽

Want your own free tarot card reading? You can get one here!

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themajorbarkanaa day agoPhoto

The Ace of Pentacles sketch is complete!

These two puppers are sweet and cheery, aren’t they? Their happiness is perfect for the meaning of this card, too. It’s a new beginning, and one that represents a lot of fortune and abundance.聽

Which these puppers have plenty of! In joy, happiness, and that big pentacle that’s probably a cookie treat with dog-safe frosting. 馃崻

Give them some love with a reblog! 馃挏

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themajorbarkana7 days agoPhoto

Card of the week: Ace of Cups!聽

The Ace of Cups is all about new beginnings, and genuinely positive ones too. It can mean that a recent change starts to look up, you build a new loving relationship with someone, or you simply see yourself in a newly compassionate light.聽

It can also mean good news is coming your way–so if you’ve been waiting for it, you can expect it!聽

We’re personally hoping this optimistic message has to do with Tali (our service dog who was attacked and can’t work anymore). That either we’ll get some good compensation or that something else around the situation will start looking up.聽

Here’s to hoping. <3 The Ace of Cups definitely tells us to!聽

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themajorbarkana22 days agoPhoto


Awesome, this is a great message of hope! There’s a lot that will be glimmering in your future–and this next week will prove it.聽

If you have some money or career worries, this is an extra good sign (that’s what our intuition is saying, at least). An abundance of extra fortune will come your way…or at the very least, the seeds for such will be planted.聽

They’ll bloom soon! So, have hope, let yourself dream, and bask in the loving light the Universe is shedding on your life. 馃専

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themajorbarkana22 days agoAnswer

How can you STAND doing all that doggo artwork; I'd go the bad kind of crazy, looking at pictures of puppers all the time and not being able to PET them because they're PICTURES.

It definitely helps having a pupper in the home too, our beloved Tali-bug!! But gosh…we really do want to meet every pup in this deck…so badly!!

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Card of the Week: Justice!

Decisions that you’ve made in the recent past will be coming to a fair conclusion. And, if something has recently happened to you, you can expect compassionate justice. That’s what this pupper is sharing for this week!聽

You can definitely expect your life this week to mirror past actions. If you’ve acted with kindness, you’ll notice great generosity and support. If you haven’t been, let’s just say, on Santa’s nice list…you might find those consequences coming back to you.聽

This sweet pup is giving you a heads up!

(This sounds like it might be a good sign for Tali and I after the dog attack situation! Maybe we’ll get a dangerous dog decision made against the other dog, by the judge.)

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Card of the Week: The Hierophant聽

This intelligent pupper is all about the importance of the status quo. Essentially, now is not the time for innovating. Go along a tried and true path, even if it seems overly conventional.聽

It’s good to have a community around you, to keep you steady, especially in work. You’ll also want to play it safe–the Hierophant is not about rocking the boat. So, don’t challenge your boss, your partner, etc. right now! Work as a team, as synergy is meant to be prioritized this week.聽

Does this pupper’s message resonate with you? Let us know in your reblog, or with an ask!

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Here’s the last thumbnail sketch and dog introduction we have! This is sweet Millie, and she’s our Page of Pentacles. 馃挏

Here’s a bit about her, from her humans:

“We both work at the shelter we adopted her from and it was love at first sight. We brought her home as quick as we could before anyone else could get to her. She is the lovelist and happiest pup you’ll ever meet. She loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone she meets, and loves every animal she meets just as much as people! Her favorite toys consist of puppy/baby toys, and she’d love to show you her collection.”

She’s also apparently quite the mother to ferrets. Cute!!

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

This is Lyra, and she’s the sweet doggie on the Nine of Pentacles card!聽

She was a rescue, so initially was quite frightened but now she really has some serious personality.聽

“She has always been full of love and energy. 聽Ever watchful and wants to know everything that is going on. 聽Nothing and no-one 聽can come into the house without her inspection. 聽She loves to get massages for only for a bit and then she is up and running for her latest favorite toy to play with me.”

Apparently she’s a tomboy and lifts her leg to pee too–silly girl!! That’s okay, though–you can break gender boundaries, we’ve got your back.聽

Give Lyra some love with a like or comment! <3

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

This is Jetpack, our Eight of Pentacles pup!聽

(Jetpack is the GREATEST name!!)

This Shepherd/Collie mix is so cute she actually converted her human’s husband from a cat to a dog person. That power! You go, Jetpack!!

She’s also incredibly focused, apparently:聽

“Jetpack gets super focused when she’s playing fetch or doing tricks for treats. *Nothing* can distract her when she gets in the zone of chasing that ball! She’s a pretty quick learner when it comes to new tricks, and she’ll do anything for a lick of peanut butter or a piece of popcorn.”

Do you have a pup that loves popcorn too? Tali did, before I became allergic to corn (haha)!聽

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Meet Rosie, our adorable Seven of Pentacles pupper!!

According to her human, everyone LOVED Rosie. Janitors, coworkers, homeless folks would all spoil her with treats…and it was hard to avoid the public taking photos of her.聽

She was a goofball, too! Like stealing pizza right off your plate, playing games burying herself underneath a shed…that sort of silliness!

Rosie has since crossed the rainbow bridge–and we’re really honored to be able to immortalize her joyous spirit in this deck. 馃挒

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

Aren’t these two pups the most adorable, with their floppy pink tongues?? 鉁

We can’t wait to paint them on our Six of Pentacles card!

Here’s a kind little quote from their human:

“My adventure buddies are always there for me whether we are hitting the trails or sitting at home. They are the reason I can come home and smile, they are always there to cheer me up no matter what kind of day I had. They are my family as we grow through different phases of life I am glad they get to be part of it! My life would not be the same without these two amazing furkids.”

They’re also both therapy dogs, and they volunteer at a senior center!

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