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themajorbarkana2 days agoPhoto

Here’s the last thumbnail sketch and dog introduction we have! This is sweet Millie, and she’s our Page of Pentacles. 馃挏

Here’s a bit about her, from her humans:

“We both work at the shelter we adopted her from and it was love at first sight. We brought her home as quick as we could before anyone else could get to her. She is the lovelist and happiest pup you’ll ever meet. She loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone she meets, and loves every animal she meets just as much as people! Her favorite toys consist of puppy/baby toys, and she’d love to show you her collection.”

She’s also apparently quite the mother to ferrets. Cute!!

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themajorbarkana3 days agoPhoto

This is Lyra, and she’s the sweet doggie on the Nine of Pentacles card!聽

She was a rescue, so initially was quite frightened but now she really has some serious personality.聽

“She has always been full of love and energy. 聽Ever watchful and wants to know everything that is going on. 聽Nothing and no-one 聽can come into the house without her inspection. 聽She loves to get massages for only for a bit and then she is up and running for her latest favorite toy to play with me.”

Apparently she’s a tomboy and lifts her leg to pee too–silly girl!! That’s okay, though–you can break gender boundaries, we’ve got your back.聽

Give Lyra some love with a like or comment! <3

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themajorbarkana4 days agoPhoto

This is Jetpack, our Eight of Pentacles pup!聽

(Jetpack is the GREATEST name!!)

This Shepherd/Collie mix is so cute she actually converted her human’s husband from a cat to a dog person. That power! You go, Jetpack!!

She’s also incredibly focused, apparently:聽

“Jetpack gets super focused when she’s playing fetch or doing tricks for treats. *Nothing* can distract her when she gets in the zone of chasing that ball! She’s a pretty quick learner when it comes to new tricks, and she’ll do anything for a lick of peanut butter or a piece of popcorn.”

Do you have a pup that loves popcorn too? Tali did, before I became allergic to corn (haha)!聽

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themajorbarkana5 days agoPhoto

Meet Rosie, our adorable Seven of Pentacles pupper!!

According to her human, everyone LOVED Rosie. Janitors, coworkers, homeless folks would all spoil her with treats…and it was hard to avoid the public taking photos of her.聽

She was a goofball, too! Like stealing pizza right off your plate, playing games burying herself underneath a shed…that sort of silliness!

Rosie has since crossed the rainbow bridge–and we’re really honored to be able to immortalize her joyous spirit in this deck. 馃挒

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themajorbarkana6 days agoPhoto

Aren’t these two pups the most adorable, with their floppy pink tongues?? 鉁

We can’t wait to paint them on our Six of Pentacles card!

Here’s a kind little quote from their human:

“My adventure buddies are always there for me whether we are hitting the trails or sitting at home. They are the reason I can come home and smile, they are always there to cheer me up no matter what kind of day I had. They are my family as we grow through different phases of life I am glad they get to be part of it! My life would not be the same without these two amazing furkids.”

They’re also both therapy dogs, and they volunteer at a senior center!

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themajorbarkana7 days agoPhoto

Guess what?? The Five of Pentacles pups includes a service pup in training!

Here’s a bit about Rowan (the SDiT):

“She鈥檚 my service dog in training. She also helps get me out of the house to meet new people. She鈥檚 so social and calm that people just want to love on her. It doesn鈥檛 hurt that she also looks like a living teddy bear.”

Rowan also nurtures any other stray pups her human takes home!聽

And…here’s a bit about Elsa, the other sweetheart with her:

“Elsa is a former hunting dog and abuse survivor. She needed a lot of work when we got her…but she鈥檚 so much more affectionate now than I ever thought she would be. I was prepared to have an unaffectionate dog but now she yells at me if I don鈥檛 pay attention to her.

"She will also give paw as a response to yes or no questions. I don鈥檛 know how she learned that but I didn鈥檛 teach her that.” (Our Tali does that too!)

Leave these sweeties some love with a reblog or like! <3

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themajorbarkana8 days agoPhoto

This is Zelda, the sweet rescue who will be painted on our 4 of Pentacles card! Isn’t she precious?

This sweet whippet has quite the personality, too!聽

“Zelda loves her job. When I arrive to work with her she won’t sit still until she visits the residents in the nursing home. Once she has done her first set of rounds with me she will lay on her dog bed content as can be. Don’t ask her to come to any meetings…..she will become impatient after 15 mins and tell me it’s time to leave! I can’t blame her. She is impatient just like me!”


Are you excited to see her card? <3

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themajorbarkana9 days agoPhoto

Card of the Week: King of Cups (reversed)

This King is all about elegant and calm control, a regal presence without being overbearing. But…when he reverses, he can symbolize a manipulative or emotionally oppressive force in your life.聽

This could be a large figure, like a political leader doing something extra blah, or someone you know personally.聽

But, this week, don’t be surprised if you have to stand a bit more strongly in your boundaries…or if you’re going to feel some frustration at how you or your people are being treated.聽

We don’t get the sense it’ll be anything too major…but it’s good to have a heads up! :)

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themajorbarkana9 days agoPhoto

Say hi to Lulu, the service dog featured on the Two of Pentacles! 馃専

Lulu was trained by Little Angels Service Dogs and, although handler training was just completed–it sounds like she’s going to make a world of difference in her human’s life.聽

“I have juggled an mission critical job with tremendous responsibilities most of my life. 聽Now that those days are behind me, Lulu will be my companion having my back bracing me against falls, giving and receiving unconditional love.”

Service dogs are a blessing to this world!! 馃挒

(P.S. What do you like of the thumbnail, too? That’s what her finished card will look like, approximately!)

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themajorbarkana10 days agoPhoto

Meet both pups on the Ace of Pentacles–plus a preview of what their finished card will look like! 鉁

There’s two pups here: Sofia and Luna. Both fluff-buns deserve of LOTS of love.聽

According to their human: “Sofia is my sassy Gemini, and Luna is my rambunctious Sagittarius. They’re both my rocks.”

So sweet~! Give them a virtual pet with a like/reblog. 馃挏

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themajorbarkana10 days agoPhoto

You鈥檙e going to start seeing big Barkana updates soon!!

We鈥檝e been busy these past two months finishing a children鈥檚 book commissions (it pays the bills!)…and we鈥檙e done with all the paintings.

We did 24 full watercolor paintings in 6 days…woo, they were LONG days!! It鈥檒l be nice to step back and work on our own dog project soon.

We鈥檒l be sure to link to the published book when it鈥檚 printed too. 馃榾

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Card of the Week: The Star (Reversed)

Well, looks like gravity decided to flip us upside-down for this week! The Star, reversed, is a card that often signal past pain and hopelessness…but it’s not a bad message. Just look at all those shimmering lights!

Essentially, you may feel hopeless or hurt this week, especially thinking about things from the past. That’s okay–and it’ll be important to peacefully validate those emotions.聽

Trust in your ability to survive it, and take responsibility for how you cope with these feelings. It’ll pass soon enough. <3

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Card of the Week: Six of Cups

This card is often a symbol of playfulness, innocence, and family. It’s also a card that shows you you’re supported by many people who love you–and now is a good time to call on that support if you’re struggling. People will really show up for you.聽

That’s what we feel the main message this week is. Reach out to those close to you and form a sense of community and closeness. Talk honestly about how you feel, let empathy flow, and have some playful banter with those you know can lift your spirits.聽

This is both what you need this week, and what you’ll find when you reach out to your friends and/or family!

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themajorbarkanaa month agoText

Hey lovelies! I know we haven’t posted as much lately…here’s why:

We’ve been super busy finishing up a children’s book commission we started at the beginning of the year (gotta pay the bills, and we’ve always wanted to have our art published).聽

The pandemic and our own virus slowed us down a bit, so we’re in crunch mode trying to complete this now.聽

A little sneak peek of this is below (just digitally colored thumbnails)! We are allowed to share occasional updates on our own portfolio sites, btw. :)

The good news is that, as soon as this is done, we’ll be able to pour the 2+ hours a day we’re working on this solely into the Barkana…and you’ll see a BUNCH of art being churned out!

Additionally, we’ve just begun to pursue integration/fusion with our DID. For a long time, we felt totally comfortable existing as separate alters (like Bael and I both working on the project), but suddenly working on becoming one single person felt the most right.聽

It’s taken quite a lot of attention and energy to start the process, but what we’ve experienced has been beautiful.

Right now, we don’t think our expected timeline of finishing this deck by the end of the year will be affected (unless printers are shut down still bc of the pandemic). So, this is just a temporary heads up on why you’re seeing us a little less present on social media!

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themajorbarkanaa month agoPhoto

Card of the Week: Temperance (reversed)

When Temperance is upside-down like this, it’s signaling that you’re depleted and exhausted. You need to start, right now, taking care of yourself and making sure not to overexert yourself.聽

Personally, we feel like this has to do a lot with the pandemic. It’s tiring to live through these times, so it’s important to stop trying to accomplish everything we normally do when life is normal.聽

It’s okay to need some extra rest right now. It’s okay to work slower, to put personal growth on pause. Rest first. <3聽

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

Card of the Week: Strength

This is a beautiful card to pull this week since, well, it inspires courage and strength, something I think we all need during these world events.

It’s also a VERY good sign if you’re currently fighting an illness, injury, or difficult condition. You’re on the path to healing.聽

On a more emotional side, Strength is about mastering strong emotions. Not changing them (still stay the lion you are!) but rather bringing each aspect into control, so you can live the most empowered life.聽

You’re in a place where you’ll begin acquiring new skills and confidence in who you are, but the path to get there will require some courage, especially in the face of difficult emotions.聽

Reblog if this message resonates with you, btw! It certainly does with Bael and I right now.聽

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themajorbarkana2 months agoPhoto

Card of the Week: The Moon

We’ve got a little lunar love from this pupper deck today! And it’s telling us to trust our intuition unconditionally this week, especially in relationships and career.聽

There’s a lot of financial turmoil going on right now, so it’s going to be important to really feel what decisions are right for you. Don’t rush into purchases (especially out of stress or wanting to escape the painful world events), and instead stay cool and level-headed.聽

With relationships, look for moments of deception and where people lack integrity, as these relationships may be ones you’ll want to walk away from.聽

This dual message was quite an interesting thing for us to pick up on this week (usually there’s just one clear message)! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. :D

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