Darling, this is chamomile tea.

God have mercy on anyone who has ever wished me ill And goodnight .   Ig:elonmuskonlyfans

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theocseason4·22 minutes agoAnswer

Pretty good! My friend got to go to set a few times and everyone was nice.


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theocseason4·25 minutes agoAnswer

No he was in the crew

how was it

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theocseason4·26 minutes agoAnswer

My friends dad worked on psych

As in he was on the show ?

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theocseason4·28 minutes agoAnswer

and i know ur gonna say you are annoying so correction: you are annoying too but in a fun way all you do is give the funniest responses to some of the asks you get, share recipes and book recs and learn swedish! whereas deuxmoi is thinking of getting people to pay them for the boring ass anons the get about bumping into headphones nemesis bike gear teacup or whatever at a store

thank u for agreeing that I’m annoying

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theocseason4·28 minutes agoAnswer

Do you guys have any movie recommendations?

The Women

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theocseason4·33 minutes agoAnswer

i’m so glad you’re not annoying like deuxmoi i can’t stand that account sometimes they label who each anon is about but for some celebrities they have weird nicknames like “headphones dino” is leo dicaprio??? how was anyone supposed to know that?? it obviously has an inside joke with it that new followers don’t know... and u cant say anything cuz they said “check faq” like no ❤️ just say ‘shawn mendes’ instead of “coffee cup holder hand band bandana” or whatever his lame made up nickname is 😭

If i had a faq the only answer to a frequently asked question I’d have there would be “diaper kink” with the question being ‘what is the freddie prinze jr thing?’

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theocseason4·37 minutes agoText

Watching Psych bc its the only thing not worsening my mental health currently ❤️

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theocseason4·4 hours agoAnswer

I wanna be a fake doctor

Become an actor

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theocseason4·4 hours agoText

these fake doctors being like see how the so willingly stings ❤️ like of course it does its feeling threatened lol

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theocseason4·4 hours agoAnswer

talking about rom coms did you ever watch moonstruck? cher's amazing and nick cage's absolutely unhinged

Ofc its one of the classics that my mom introduced to me

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theocseason4·4 hours agoAnswer

@ triangles song anon try /r/ tipofmytongue on reddit

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theocseason4·4 hours agoAnswer

Can someone pls help I have this fucking song stuck in my head and idk who it’s by or what it’s called but it’s a woman and I think in the chorus she says triangles but she says it like trianguhuhuhls. Pls

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theocseason4·4 hours agoText

Watching the bee treatment ep w/ my mom its so outrageous how the common denominator in every single one of these alternative treatments is how the ppl behind it prey on the vulnerable and the desperate likw the people who would do anything for a cure mixed with a general mistrust of doctors bc they’ve been mistreated and misdiagnosed so soso many times

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theocseason4·5 hours agoText

Gonna make brioche tomorrow that one anon inspired me

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theocseason4·5 hours agoPhoto


Tsuguharu Foujita (1886 - 1968) La Jeune Fille Au Miroir, 1950 (24 by 19 cm)

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theocseason4·5 hours agoPhoto


william eggleston, “untitled,” 1983-1986, pigment print

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