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thepenpalhub·12 hours agoText

Hi! I’m Tyler—21 and from California. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten invested in these pen pal pages, but I always like meeting new people (we could all use that a lot during these quarantines)

About me:

I play video games. I’ll only name the co-op ones but I really play lots of single player games. I play Dark Souls, Sea of Thieves, Halo, Minecraft, Xcom, For Honor, and others that I can’t remember. Tbh I’m much more into physical gaming, like Warhammer, D&D, and Magic: The Gathering. I love introducing new players to those 3 and even just meeting fellow players.

I love movies. In no particular order, my favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, The Passion of Joan of Arc, The Shapw of Water, and The Big Lebowski.

My music tastes are pretty broad, but I tend to like somewhat mellow stuff. Alt-J is my favorite band, but I also love Catfish and the Bottlemen, Hozier, the Platters, Marty Robbins, and Gene Pitney

All people are welcome to talk to me. I love to talk about world issues and politics (so long as the conversation is civil) and will jump at any chance to talk world history. Regardless of any identity you hold, feel free to say hi😁👍 contact me @worldsshortestgiant

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thepenpalhub·19 hours agoText

Hi, I’m Megan!!! I’m 20 years old, and a college student from the US!

So I’ve had penpals before, but over time I guess we just stopped writing? Anyways, now that I’m a little older, I’d love to start penpalling again.

Some info about me is that I’m an English and animation major, I absolutely love reading and writing, and I like finding time to make art. So if we become penpals, expect a lot of weird artwork and book suggestions! It would be really cool to write to someone who likes to read, too. If anyone wants to make a quarentine book club zoom group, if be down for that, too!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE musical theatre (I just saw Beetlejuice!). I’ve been in a ton of productions, most recently being Urinetown and Footloose, and I live near NY so I see a lot of shows, too.

Musicwise, of course musical theatre showtunes are the best, but I also listen to a lot of bands. This summer I’m seeing Fall Out Boy and Greenday, and man I’m hoping for MCR tickets, but we’ll see. I’ve been getting into Cavetown recently!!

Other interests include hiking, my DOG (I LOVE HIM), journaling, and uhh I’m trying in vain to learn to play ukelele because I’m basic, but it’s rough and I’m horrible. I also have a collection of octopi for some reason!

If any of that was a selling point for you somehow, my email is!

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thepenpalhub·a day agoText


My name is Adrianna, i’m 20 years old and i’m form poland. I’ve never had a penpal, and because i have online classes now and im extremely bored, i’d like to find one.

So maybe a little about me, i’m studying english and german, but i would love to learn some new languages.

I really like true crime shows, and horror movies (my favourites are: Scream, The silence of the lambs and It)

From time to time i also like to draw or write,i think i listen to every genre of music and there is none that i dislike. I would really like talk with someone that doesn’t mind my awful sense of humour and talkativeness, no matter age, gender etc.

So if i haven’t bored you to death already you can write to me on

Insta: holyyst

Snapchat: holllyst


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thepenpalhub·2 days agoText

I’m Molly from the UK, south east of England if I’m being specific. However, my sleeping pattern is awful currently don’t sleep until 9am. I’m 18, so I don’t mind talking to anyone from about 17-25. I don’t mind talking to anyone, no matter what gender or nationality. I’m also bisexual. 

Well where do I start?

In September I will be going to university to study Criminology so my passion is prisons, mainly changing them from mass incarceration to rehabilitative prisons. Obviously alongside this I love learning about crimes and criminals, especially watching true crime documentaries. That might make me sound insane but I just find it incredibly interesting. 

Aside from that I love watching Anime and various different tv shows, my all time favourite being HIMYM. My favourite movie genre is horror but I’ll watch anything. I’m also happy to start watching shows if people need someone to talk to about it. 

I love music, going to concerts is honestly one of my biggest thrills. My favourite band is Queen and I will listen to almost everything. Lil Peep owns my heart but Freddie Mercury will always be the biggest inspiration to me. 

Other cultures amaze me and I am always happy to learn about the different aspects.

I also play tonnes of games on my laptop at the moment because my PS4 is an old man and can’t run games like he used too. Currently playing Moonlighter but my favourite game is either Life is Strange or The Last of Us.

Other than that I don’t know what else to say and if you want to know more about me then feel free to message me on tumblr @schwellenangst and I will happily give you my Instagram, Snapchat or Whatsapp. 

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thepenpalhub·2 days agoText

Hi I’m Georgia 23 year olds and from England🇬🇧. I am Bi and use she/her pronouns. I am looking for someone around my age give or take five years. From anywhere in the world.

I am into a lot of things really mainly books such as HP, Dark Hunters, TMI and classic fairy tales such as the Grimm brothers. I also like the Arrowverse as well as anything Marvel (I play both sides I know). I also love star wars and star trek (TOS didn’t like the new ones as much but they were still okay). I like swimming and I am learning how to knit and I am really bad at it. I love country music new and old. As well as Kpop Ateez is currently my ult but Vixx will always hold a special place in my heart. I also love kdramas Weightlifting Fairy and Strong Woman are amazing but I will always hold a special place for DOTS, Moonlight drawn by clouds and Moonlovers.

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thepenpalhub·2 days agoText

My name is Jennifer. I’m 38 years old and just moved to Missouri after 4 years in Florida. I’m looking for a few new #penpals.

I am simplifying my life and not getting internet or cable in my new apartment. That will be a new experience. I’m doing it to force myself to get up and outside more. I found I was spending way too much time on my couch doing nothing.

I make jewelry, cross stitch, read (I read just about anything), crochet and I also make junk journals. I love all types of music. I love listening to it on my record player. I dont have a big record collection right now, but I am slowly adding to it.

I have a dog who is spoiled rotten. I love to collect turtles. It’s a problem. Lol. I’m sure theres more that I cant think of so I’m sure I’ll write about them as I think of them.

I love to talk about anything and everything. I love medium to long letters. They dont have to be on fancy stationery. I also enjoy getting letters written on things that most people dont think of using.

I have PCOS and Type II Diabetes. If you have either and want to talk about it, I’m your girl.

So there’s my little introduction. Theres more to me but I’ll save that for snail mail. If you’re interested in writing please message me.

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thepenpalhub·3 days agoText

Hi 👋

My name is Shanice and I’m a 27 year old female from the UK.

I’ve never had a pen pal before but the idea I’ve writing to a complete stranger and becoming friends from it always fascinated me. I’m interested in getting to know people from all walks of life.

Here’s a few things I enjoy,

- Movies (most kinds)

- I listen to all types of music, not so much heavy metal but I’m not opposed to finding new music

- I enjoy reading, I’m a big softie so I love a good romance novel. The other half loves crime and serial killer novels

- I’m available all the time to talk so I’d make a great pen pal 😁

I’m sure there are more things I could learn and discover through new people. So if your interested you can email me at 🙂 include a picture so I know the face I’m speaking to :). You can find my face @vshanice92

Speak soon

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thepenpalhub·3 days agoText

hiya! i’m rosa, i’m 15 (16 v v soon) and i’m from london, i lovelovelove movies (anything a24 cos i’m that bitch), i’m v much into history and politics and i love art (both creating art and looking at art). i love chatting about the world, i love aliens and ghosts, all things cryptid and i’m a sucker for cottagecore. i’ve never had a penpal but am interested in online penpals and mail penpals.

i study (surprise surprise) art, history and politics and rlly want to travel. i love music and going to shows and would rlly like to get to know some new ppl, so 15-19 year olds (lgbtq friendly pls) from anywhere and everywhere hmu.

u can msg me on here but my dms are a bit messed up, my insta is @ttylaligator so give me a msg there (say ur from tumblr). i feel like this was long and didn’t explain a lot about me but hmu anyway and we can send each other poems :)

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thepenpalhub·4 days agoText

hi I’m ryker, i’m 21 and i’m from the US (the east coast). i’ve been wanting a pen pal for a while now so i figured i’d finally out something in for one. my interests are all over the place to be honest. i love poetry, art, sunsets and adventuring Oh also, i love spoken word poetry and slam poetry a lot!! i watch a wide range of shows and all that good stuff. I also listen to most music so 🤷🏻‍♂️ i’m looking for somebody who is around 20-30 and that enjoys a little creativity. your interests don’t matter as learning new things about people is always a fun thing for me, i’m not sure what else to write about myself here SO

you can find me @emersace on tumblr or twitter (:

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thepenpalhub·4 days agoText

Hello, I’ve never been able to find a real penpal friend but this whole thing has always fascinated me, being the super sensitive romantic girl I am.

I am 19 and I come from Italy, where I’m currently attending my first year of University. I am a very common girl, with very common interests: music, art, films, literature – and baking (I love cooking desserts and French pastry has a very special place in my heart). I’m not into videogames nor comics nor anime.

But I’m a very curious person and I’m curious about people. Indeed one of the things I’m mostly fascinated by are people and their stories, their emotions, experiences. When it comes to me, it’s all about old and random stuff I fill my life with. They can be books talking about faith and politics of 1917, dedications written by strangers to strangers years before I was born, songs that tell the story of a world which is no longer the world we’re living in.

If you’re interested in talking to me, just message me.

Tumblr: @ultimavoltasulfiume

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thepenpalhub·5 days agoText


I’m Marah, and I am a sixteen year old girl from Ontario, Canada. With all this coronavirus stuff going on right now, I have been craving social interaction… 

Here is a bit about me, but make sure to let me know some of the things you are interested in, because I love hearing about others…

I am Native American and belong to the Anishnaabek people. I am bilingual, probably better in written French than in written English so sorry in advance.

One of my favourite things in the whole world is music. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. I am so here for all those cool little alternative bands, and I really like every genre except opera.

I also am really into art, such as abstract drawing, painting, and dancing. One of my favourite things is exchanging art, or little sketches. I also enjoy jamming out on my ukelele. My singing is horrendous, but my shampoo bottles beg to differ, so take what you will.

I love cracking dad jokes and hearing funny stories, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, I recommend scrolling lol.

As for shows, I really love Shameless, Grey’s, You, How I met your mother, Gilmore Girls, The office, and just those typical shows that everyone likes. I also really enjoy those shows that netflix keeps putting out with like only one season (When They See Us, Unbelievable, Ted Bundy tapes, etc). This may make me sound a little insane, but I am super into like those crime shows or youtube videos about cults like the FLDS, Jonestown, as well as like serial killers because it just like fascinates me, like the psychology behind it all.

Wow thats kind of ending on a dark note but WHATEVER

Anyways sorry for that long read, but I am really excited to find a place where I can finally find a pen pal (fingers crossed)

Email :

Insta: marahh.l

Snap: Marahlaforge67

Have a great day!!


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thepenpalhub·5 days agoText

Hi! im Ashton, im a 19 yr old new yorker whose super bored rn (also pretty depressed) and i kinda wanna try getting a penpal, ive never done this before but it seems fun

i cant send snail mail, my current living situation doesnt allow for real mail, i also only speak english, but i live with plenty of people who could translate spanish and i def want to learn it as well (i keep quitting doulingo cause of lack of motivation 😩)

im LGBT so only people who are friendly to the community please!


- art

- steven universe

- soap making videos (royalty soaps), doll making videos (like dollightful and hextian)

- prop making videos and woodworking/ furniture making videos

- animals (i love cats, dogs, snakes, frogs, etc)


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thepenpalhub·6 days agoText

My name is Em, I’m from the states and I’m 25! I’d love to send snail mail to someone who could become a good friend! (Preferably 18-30)

About me:

1. I’m a bartender so I love to drink and make my own creative recipes.

2. I love anything fashion or costume related

3. I love to paint, sew, and do anything crafty

4. I’m into witchcraft.

5. Learning French

6. Very bold, creative, and a big dreamer

7. Bisexual

8. Love to read and learn new things

I’m specifically looking for someone from France or who speaks French so I can become more fluent.

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thepenpalhub·6 days agoText

i’m jamie! im nonbinary (they/them only please!), 16, and i live in new york. im looking for a pen pal around my age (15-18?); i dont have a preference for location or anything, so feel free to reach out regardless of where ur from!

im a big fan of cute things like cottagecore, but i also like things more on the goth side! i love love music and i listen to lots of genres- my favorite band atm has to be grlwood! ive been an artist my whole life (im in a major art block rn tho :/), and im interested in learning more languages (already speak english and spanish, working on korean) and traveling. humor plays a big part in my life, so i spend a lot of time on tik tok,, im also interested in getting into/ learning more about films and literature. 

anyway- i dont really use tumblr anymore, so you can email me at! i hope to hear from you soon!

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thepenpalhub·8 days agoText

Looking for a Pen Pal ✉

Hello, my name is Harper! I’m 14.

I’m from the United States in Kansas.

I’ve been looking for a Pen Pal for a while so I came here to gods favorite site, Tumblr.

Some of my interests are art, painting, and drawing, I hope to make it my career someday. I really like collecting bones aswell, and am in the vulture culture community. Botany is also an intriguing subject, even though I can only keep cacti and succulents alive 😁. I love music and I play the Baritone and Tuba in my school band. Some of my favorite bands and composers are Panic! at the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Tash Sultana, FalloutBoy, Paramore, Mumford and Sons, Vashti Bunyan, Greenday, Joe Hisaishi, and James Newton Howard. I love literature aswell so if you have any good book recommendations I’d love to hear them. Photography is something I enjoy doing but I’m kinda bad at it 😅.

I’m looking for a penpal in the age range of 14-17 in any location.

I hope to make some good friends! 😁

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thepenpalhub·9 days agoText

🍒Looking for a penpal!

My name is Erin. I’m 16 and from the UK. I like EVERYTHING, there is nothing I won’t talk about or try once or listen to opinions about, so We’re guaranteed to be friends. I love sending cute letters and decorating.

My interests are: music, films/shows, nature, travelling, myths & conspiracies, art

🦋Send me a message if you want to be my new friend @hougherinx or on insta @erin.hough.x

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thepenpalhub·10 days agoText

hi! my name is Olena and I’m from New Jersey

I used to exchange letters w a PenPal when I was younger, and I really wanna get back into it!

I’m into reading (mystery and corny romance), watching movies (horror and comedy), baking, the paranormal/scary stories, music, and art!

my user is @immortalcubes, feel free to message me if you’re interested in becoming mutuals and/or exchanging snail mail!

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thepenpalhub·10 days agoText

Hi ^^ my name is Helô, I’m 21 years old girl, I am currently in a monogamic relationship, I’m descendent of japanese raised and born in Brazil.

I’m on my supposedly last year If college for social science which includes sociology, anthropology and political science.

I love historic documentaries and animal documentaries, I’m also a huge fan of animations, manga, classic literature and philosophy.

It would be quite nice to chat with someone in those days, so If you feel like we could get along please send me a message in my Tumblr @ellarazen or my e-mail

#penpals #lookingforfriendship #lookingforanicetalk

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thepenpalhub·11 days agoText

Hi, my name’s Rooney I’m 23, from Argentina. 


Facts about me: I’m studying engineering and I’m sort of a geek who likes to stay fit. I’m fluent in Spanish (mother language) and English. I’m an extrovert full time.


I used to read a lot, now I haven’t got much time, but I still enjoy it. I love Marvel and musicals. I’m currently watching Outlander, Blindspot, and How to Get Away With Murder. I’m constantly listening to music, I prefer 80s rock (my country had some pretty great bands), but I wouldn’t say no to anything.


I’m not looking for anyone in particular, but I’d feel more comfortable with people over 19. I’d like to talk to people from any country and culture. I’d prefer online buddies now, though, either emails or social media.


My tumblr is:

And my email is:

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thepenpalhub·12 days agoText


hey i’m matilda and i’m 19 and from england! i’m currently doing a physics degree at uni but obviously right now everything is online, so i have a load of free time!

i love binging tv shows, some of my favourites i watch over and over are archer, the it crowd, it’s always sunny and arrested development. right now, i’m watching supernatural, and i just finished house! i also love writing and reading in my free time. at uni i work in a kitchen and i actually really enjoy it because somewhere deep down i kinda wanna be a chef? physics degree might get me there who knows

i’ve posted on here before and made some really good friends, but i am very bored currently and would love more people to talk to!! if you’re interested my tumblr is @jessandzola

thanks for reading!!

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