The Tenant Of Wuthering Heights

XXII - english/literature student - pianist - non traditional - this is a side blog, so I can’t follow from it, sorry

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i want history museums i want art galleries i want forests i want waterfalls i want oceans i want long car drive i want concerts i want book stores i want rooftops i want star gazing i want to travel i want to feel 

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does anyone else always carry a notebook around w them?? like its not always the same one but there has to be at least one notebook w me,,,,, for moral support. for emotional stability

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students as months of the year

january: fresh journals, black and white notes, bullet journals filled with motivational quotes, cold brew coffee, loves writing letters, finishes everything on time, a daydreamer, seems laid back but really they’re stressed about everything

february: doodles in the margins of notes, the person who lends you their pens, sloppy handwriting, loves motivational speeches and classical music, finishes easy assignments early but writes their essay the night before its due,

march: straight A’s, study playlists, the teachers favorite, color coded notes, everyone thinks they’re naturally smart (but really they’re spending every night studying), forgets to eat sometimes, hasn’t slept for what feels like years

april: open windows, listening to the rain and thunder, tea pots full of earl grey, a functionally messy desk, fairy lights, always losing their pens, a huge nerd, afraid to raise their hand in class in case their answer is wrong

may: cramming for tests, lives in the library, highlighters and sticky notes everywhere, drinks espresso, would definitely consider bringing their coffee pot to school, messy desk, if an assignment is due at 9:00 they’ll submit it at 8:59

june: late nights, smoothies for breakfast, hanging out with friends, takes notes on their laptop, minimalist, organized, says they’re studying but they’re actually on studyblr, tries to study everything at once and gets distracted

july: staying up late to read, learning new languages, focuses on the learning and not the grade, watches documentaries for fun, loves the classics, owns a thousand pens, takes studyspo pictures, hundreds of unread emails,

august: stationery shopping, getting ahead in class, iced drinks, spending weekends with friends, takes very little notes but does well in class anyways, a relaxed personality, healthy snacks, the master of self care

september: a morning person, new pens and folders, a perfectionist, audio records classes and re-writes notes, over works themselves, loves the smell of new books, competitive, “i’m gonna fail!” but ends up getting A’s and B’s

october: chai lattes in travel mugs, will study for three days straight and then not study for a week, snacking in class, uses washi tape and stickers, sleeps for eight hours but is tired anyways, terrible at accepting compliments

november: gratitude journals, mental health days, the baristas at their local cafe know their name because they’re always studying there, study groups, loves to travel but never travels, cinnamon in their drinks, trouble sleeping, sweet smiles

december: hot chocolate, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, says they don’t care about grades but panics when they get less than a B, to-do lists, tutors their friends, watches movies in their free time, vanilla candles

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Small things I find improve my mood:

💌 Opening the blinds

💌 Making the bed

💌 Lighting a candle

💌 Watering any plants

💌 Tidying up the desk and floor; just picking a few things up and putting them away

💌 Opening the window, even just slightly

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Giveaway Contest: We’re giving away fifteen paperback classics featuring Richard Adams, Edgar Allan Poe, Simone de Beauvoir, J.R.R. Tolkien, Richard Wright, Harper Lee, and others! Won’t this collection look lovely on your shelf? :D

To win these classics, you must: 1) be following macrolit on Tumblr (yes, we will check. :P), and 2) reblog this post. We will choose a random winner on April 25, at which time we’ll start a new giveaway. And yes, we’ll ship to any country. Easy, right? Good luck!

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remember to practice self care during this rough time. wash your hands, call or facetime your friends, hug your pets, binge feel-good movies, make art even if it turns out bad, summon spirits in your living room, go for a nice walk alone, restrain yourself from panic buying, read that book you keep putting off, buy and try out a bunch of board and card games.

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dark academia things you can do that don’t require a $400 tweed blazer and a private school

because not everyone lives near a national museum

  • get a penpal to write letters to and enclose personalised gifts
  • take advantage of local libraries
  • thrift old porcelain teacups, wine glasses, engraved silverware
  • make paper - technically not dark academia but writing cute love letters onto handmade paper and doodling hearts on it is god tier
  • start a book club with friends and pick a book/short story to read and discuss together
  • take your time going through the book section at thrift stores to find old, worn copies of classics
  • find a park and journal at sunset until the light fades
  • use postcards of your favorite paintings as bookmarks
  • speaking of bookmarks, use scrap paper to write out lyrics, poems, quotes from authors, words in other languages, and turn them into bookmarks or scrapbook pages
  • if you drink coffee, make your own cold brew or flavored coffee and drink it from the fanciest glass you own
  • if you’re a tea drinker, you could thrift a cheap but cute vintage looking teacup and saucer along with a little spoon to keep you company while you study
  • replace some phone time with a book, e.g. on public transport, waiting rooms, before bed
  • go to a cafe with a book and spend some alone time reading and annotating
  • go for a walk and pick flowers and leaves to take home and press between a book
  • take said pressed flowers and glue them onto a handmade birthday card or wall decoration, complete with a quote
  • if you have long hair, tie a ribbon around your wrist along with your hair tie and let the ends dangle down
  • if you’re at a campus or park that has a grassy area, take your notes and study there on a warm day
  • have a dark academia inspired picnic
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“The officials have alerted us to ensure we have a month’s worth of necessities. Zelda and I have stocked up on red wine, whiskey, rum, vermouth, absinthe, white wine, sherry, gin, and lord, if we need it, brandy. Please pray for us.”

Nick Farriella, from a letter supposedly written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1920 (under Spanish influenza quarantine in the south of France)


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