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Holding on to negative beliefs of fear, victim-hood, separateness and personal limitation will be a heavy, self-inflicted burden to carry on your journey to self-awakening.  Trust in the wisdom of non-identification (with form) and embrace all that you are, as the whole universe”.   ~Anon I mus (No-self)

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unpopular opinion but it’s cool if you don’t want to be in love

like, idk. I used to feel so compelled to make excuses for being single, whether it was self-deprecating jokes about myself or insisting that I was too busy for a relationship or making myself go out on uncomfortable and pointless dates just to make a show of trying to not be single. there’s such an expectation that if you’re single you should be actively working of changing that, and it’s like. nah. there are 9999 other things you can be focusing your time and energy on and if you don’t really feel like being in a relationship now or ever that’s cool.

i had a friend who once referred to herself as a “single dollar bill, not lookin for change”

I changed my mind I am in love and it’s with that phrase

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The “crystals have no historical or traditional meaning” argument is kind of irritating when actually a lot of crystals have been revered by ancient cultures. It’s also important to consider that sometimes when you make that argument, you aren’t just erasing European thought, but usually ancient closed or indigenous cultures.

Here’s a rundown on crystals in ancient cultures.

Lapis Lazuli was used in Islamic Orient to protect from the evil eye, in Persia as a symbol of a starry night, in Europe to banish spirits of darkness, and in Buddhism to represent freedom.

Rose Quartz was considered magical and powerful by Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and even used in that same fashion in the Middle Ages.

Amethyst was used by Ancient Greeks and Romans, Catholic Bishops also wore it to stop mystical intoxication.

Tanzanite is considered by the local Maasai people to be a spiritual stone and to aid in compassion.

Sunstone has been discovered in Viking burial mounds and the native people of Oregon used it for trade.

Turquoise represented the heavens in Ancient Persia and it was sacred to the Aztecs. It also has a long history within the Navajo nation and their jewellery.

Just because a crystal isn’t your culture and belief system doesn’t mean it isn’t someone else’s, or that it isn’t an object which can make someone else feel closer to their ancient roots or religion. Just say you don’t use crystals.

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Finally settled on this design for a picnic blanket!

It’s a simple pale greenish yellow plaid woven blanket with folk-inspired embroidered sides, cotton lace trim, and scattered with fallen leaves on the edges.

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the only video game tip one truly needs is “save your game immediately after doing anything that took effort or you will suffer”

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“I think it’s important to realize you can miss something, but not want it back.”

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