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thockeyfinatic·7 months agoText


@mbergie824 Yay! Thank you for reblogging Mary ♥️ here are my 7 asks for you:

4, 5, 23, 33, 44, 45 and 50 😬😬


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Hey guys! I made this ask challenge! Just reblog if you want to play and I’ll send you an ask with some of the questions Ive always wanted to ask you all! 💗💗


The Ultimate Taylor Swift Ask Challenge!

I never see any of these on Tumblr anymore so I thought I’d make one to celebrate the release of Lover in less that a week!!

Feel free to reblog and tag your friends to participate! And send me any asks you might want to know! 😊

How to play: Get to know your fellow swifties by sending them an ask with 5-10 numbers of the questions you want to ask! Then wait for the person to reply! Have fun!!


1. What are you most excited for, for the Lover (album) release?

2. What is your favorite Lover song so far?

3. What is your favorite TS song?

4. What is your top 5 favorite songs?

5. What is your favorite song from each album?

6. What is your favorite album?

7. How many tours/performances have you been to?

8. What were you doing the first time you heard a TS song and which song was it?

9. How long have you been a fan?

10. How long have you been a Stan?

11. What is your favorite album cover?

12. What is your favorite era aesthetically?

13. What is your favorite music video?

14. What is your favorite music video from each era?

15. What is your top 5 favorite music videos?

16. What is your favorite tour song performance?

17. What is your favorite tour?

18. What is your favorite photoshoot?

19. What is your favorite candid?

20. What is your favorite red carpet look?

21. What are your top 5 favorite outfits Taylor has worn?

22. What is your favorite music video look?

23. What is your favorite Polaroid of Taylor?

24. Which post of yours has the most notes?

25. What is your favorite edit someone else has made?

26. What is your favorite edit you’ve made?

27. What is your favorite post you’ve made?

28. Have you been noticed by Taylor?

29. Have you been noticed by Taylor Nation?

30. Does Taylor follow you?

31. Have you met Taylor or anyone related to Taylor?

32. What are your 5 favorite TS blogs ON tumblr?

33. Give a shoutout to your favorite mutuals

34. What is your favorite TS love song?

35. What is your favorite TS anthem song?

36. What is your favorite TS pop song?

37. What is your favorite TS country song?

38. Which do you like better: Country Taylor or Pop Taylor?

39. What is your favorite price of TS merch?

40. Who is your favorite TS ex boyfriend?

41. Which of Taylor’s cats is your favorite?

42. Do you like Scott, Andrea, or Austin better?

43. Do you have a lover?

44. What is the funniest thing your family has said about your TS obsession?

45. Recount 5 of your favorite memories involving Taylor or her songs from your life.

46. If you could have a Funko Pop of Taylor, what would she look like?

47. What is the one thing you have the most in common with Taylor?

48. What is your favorite TS home?

49. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of Taylor?

50. What would you say to Taylor if you met her? Or what did you say to Taylor when you met her?

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thockeyfinatic·8 months agoText

Track 5 is officially called The archer

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