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tiktokmuseum · 13 days ago
if the r*df*ms discover the prettybird post istg i will Scream please just let me post in peace
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tiktokmuseum · 13 days ago
captions for those who would like them:
"There's been a lot of discourse about pretty privilege on my page lately, including men criticizing me for the amount of effort I put into my appearance, saying if I worked harder on my personality I wouldn't have to rely so much on being pretty.
So in response to that I would like to read to you one of my favorite poems, called "Song of the Prettybird" by Shay Alexi Stewart."
(she reads the following poem)
"I've lived 20 prettybird years
Of this great big prettybird life
And I think I pretty pretty pretty bird bird pretty much know what I'm talking about
People like to poke fun at my pretty bird pretty preening
At my pretty pretty bird pretty feathers
But look at my long clean coat
At my pretty pretty bird pretty pink legs
When pigeon men track me cross sky highway
They are happy to trace hungry orange eyes
between my pretty pretty bird bird feathers
Too busy fantasizing pretty bird
Wet dreams swollen chest fluff fest
To pretty poke bird fun
To pretty poke fun bird
To pretty bird bird pretty bird bird pretty pretty pretty
Too busy fantasizing
to poke fun at permanently preening pretty bird
My vanity is insanity unless it helps get you off
What a treat hosting eyes between my thighs
They will spend equal time begging to share bed with me
Condemning mediocrity
How does one achieve complexity when all she was ever taught to be was basic
Pigeon man wants pretty bird to pretty bird
Until pretty bird fulfills ideas of prettiness
Then she's too pretty pretty bird bird paralyzing and preened
Look at my long clean coat
At my pretty pretty bird pretty pink legs
Track me cross sky highway
Take a picture I beg you
Take a picture pretty bird pretty bird
My left side is my best side
I have a best side
I have a better half
I am a half
Pretty cause they want a pretty bird bird
I grew up on a diet of bread crumbs catalog clippings and sidewalk cracks
How do you expect anything else
Pretty sure I know what I'm talking about
Pretty sure
pretty sure
Maybe not
Sorry sorry sorry sorry
Can I ask a question
Sorry sorrry
May I may I
Pretty bird used to sing
Baby bird used to sing
Baby bird was pretty bird before pretty bird learned to pretty
And baby bird could compose whole symphonies
Acute intricacies melodies capturing vacies poetry
But the reviews came in
and they prefered apology
So she shrank
learned to make herself small enough
to nearly fit back in her eggshell
to tip toe atop eggshells
expanded flight just long enough
for pigeon men to track her cross sky highway
but still she sang too loud
so they caged her up
for her pretty pretty bird bird long clean coat
for her pretty pretty bird pretty pink legs
and they said sing pretty lady sing
but I forgot how
so I said
pretty pretty bird bird look at my long clean coat
at my pretty pretty bird pretty pink legs
but they were bored of me"
pretty pretty bird bird
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tiktokmuseum · 21 days ago
you will literally never be able to guess what's going to happen next
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tiktokmuseum · a month ago
Yo rando question but where did you get that icon of a water bear wearing a hawaiian shirt? Just askin cuz I adore Water bears!
okay so idk how long this has been sitting in my inbox
but honestly idk, it just came from my camera roll and i have no idea where i got it from. sorry to disappoint! you could probably just google "tardigrade hawaiian shirt" or something and find it?
idk if anyone knows who originally made the image please tell me
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tiktokmuseum · 3 months ago
Are women okay?
idk maybe you should ask them
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