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This story isn’t all pretty.

Warnings: slow burn, sexual tension, angst, sex (not too smutty), gore.

Alright, now to the description-

They came to earth—Pestilence, War, Famine, Death—four horsemen riding their screaming steeds, racing to the corners of the world. Four horsemen with the power to destroy all of humanity. They came to earth, and they came to end us all. 

When Pestilence comes for Sara Burn’s town, one thing is certain: everyone she knows and loves is marked for death. Unless, of course, the angelic-looking horseman is stopped, which is exactly what Sara has in mind when she shoots the unholy beast off his steed.

Too bad no one told her Pestilence can’t be killed.


Yeah, this is a love story….but it definitely doesn’t start out that way. The first many chapters you’ll be questioning why you’re reading this. Like this is brutal. Don’t worry theres no rape or sexual assault, but some scenes can be gory. The Male protagonist Pestilence is harsh, you know what cut that he’s kinda cruel. At the start He’s not nice at all to the female protagonist Sara. I mean she tried to kill him, but he’s the one spreading the Plague that gets everyone sick and dead so he had it coming to him.

In the end they do fall in love but it’s gradual. Sexual tension and attraction doesn’t start until chapter 20. Some would say it’s kinda Stockholm Syndrome ish but ehh we won’t go there.

Personally, I LOVED IT! ‘cause i like this enemies to lovers troupe and also 'cause I like…pain and slow burn. This book has all of it. There’s angst and the male protagonist is broody. It’s paranormal and apocalyptic. There are moments that will have you weeping, the tender moments in this book have me weak.

But, I’m not gonna lie after a couple of chapters i almost put down the book, but I’m glad i continued. Some folks will tell you to not bother with this book because it’s harsh, but i say please give it a try.

The characters are all very well written. Did i mentioned the romance is very good? It’s not cheesy or annoying. The female protagonist is awesome. The book is written from her perspective. The male protagonist..you might hate him at first but that’s how it’s suppose to be 😅😅

All in all This is not your typical romance paranormal story. Proceed with caution. But it’s worth it.

The ending of this book though has me so damn excited for the next one.

War is the second book in this series.



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I know we complain about Tumblr bots but it’s nothing compared to Instagram. Porn bots have taken over and asking stuff like “Does anyone have something long and hard? 😚😚👍” And there’s always someone replying “yeah, my life”. The replies makes things a little better.

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If an alien race were the same size as these octopi, the females would be 6.6ft (2m) in height, and their males would only be 2.4cm tall.

Imagine seeing what you think is your alien comrade sitting alone with dinner, only to see a tiny figure dart across the table like a bug. It scurries up her arm and seems to plant a little kiss on her cheek. 

Surprise, she’s having dinner with her husband!

Why is that dinner bit so cute gosh

This could be us but you decided not to be 457 feet tall 😒

Ghibli knew what was up

just because i needed an approximate visual scale on this

Less exaggerated but fuck it heres
my take

They’re an alien, their legs can be anything you want them to be.

I love it. They’re an amazing couple!

“dart across the table like a bug”

And just like that, war is declared because you just killed the ambassador’s husband.

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Happy Straight Pride everyone!

This story is actually fucking horrifying

The studio didn’t background check the guy, he had a history of domestic violence, abuse, and stalking.

When editing the episodes for air they found bits of audio picked up by his mic of him telling the girl that if she said anything to the producers he’d kill her and her family

honestly who even thought this show was a good idea to begin with

how could a show where the woman is under intense pressure to Make Things Work and Not Make A Fuss because if she does she’ll be torn apart by viewers possibly attract predatory men??? really makes you think!

I’m all for making jokes about The Straights™ but I’m getting kind of tired of posts that go:

A woman: [gets abused by her partner]

Tungle.bunghole: “LMAAAOOO STR8 CULTURE”


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if i had to watch this bottle of water get cuckolded then so do you


thottled water

it’s been fun, but i think it’s time to delete the internet forever

You know how we are like “companies need to stop sexualising women in order to sell their products”?…Guess they found a different way and hella creepy 😂

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Do fellow ADHD understand what I mean when I say that “it’s not that I don’t have interest in that thing, but I don’t and I haven’t for some time even though I really wanted the thing and I like it, I enjoy talking about it, it makes me happy, but I can’t actually do it for now and it makes me sad, but I can’t force myself so I just have to wait it out for my interest in the thing to come back even though I am interested in the thing” because I don’t know how to explain it and I’m frustrated?

This is me with Loki right now 🙁 I’m just here for months waiting for my full interest in everything Loki related to come back. It hasn’t gone but it’s also…gone. My hyperfixations are that Office meme saying “Parkour!”

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ok can we agree that the WORST feeling is when you’re just sitting around consciously procrastinating and you’re just overly aware that each second that passes is more time wasted and you like watch hours pass and you’re STILL procrastinating and you CANT STOP and your panicked brain is trapped inside a body that refuses to be productive and inside you’re screaming but outwardly you’re just eating chips 

that’s not procrastination that’s executive disfunction



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“I like that nowadays they are like, let’s steer clear of the murder stuff.

Like Tom Hiddleston will date Taylor Swift for a week and they’ll look like a couple of assholes on a beach wearing shirts. That’s all they gotta do. Nobody needs to murder each other to get in the papers, you know.”

-Shane Madej

OMG 😱😂😂

I am no longer the same person I was before I witnessed this. Somebody call Tom Hiddleston (ᗒᗩᗕ)(。ŏ﹏ŏ)

According to Shane Madej, Everyone’s capable of murder if you push them hard enough 😅 Now I’m just imagining the FBI knocking on Tom’s door like..

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timetravellingshinigami·2 days agoText

“I like that nowadays they are like, let’s steer clear of the murder stuff.

Like Tom Hiddleston will date Taylor Swift for a week and they’ll look like a couple of assholes on a beach wearing shirts. That’s all they gotta do. Nobody needs to murder each other to get in the papers, you know.”

-Shane Madej

OMG 😱😂😂

I am no longer the same person I was before I witnessed this. Somebody call Tom Hiddleston (ᗒᗩᗕ)(。ŏ﹏ŏ)

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2018 is the year we stop using the “white straight male” narrative and start holding moc accountable and including them in the offending party so they start thinking about their actions and stop using their race as a cop out. Sexism isn’t white mens issue, it’s a male issue period.

Moc hate woc more than anyone, they rape, they beat and they kill us because they can. Brothers walk around thinking them getting dick dipped is more important than our lives, it’s tiring. I am sorry but I don’t hear of white men throwing acid on white women on the daily cause a bitch refused to wash the dishes, or of white men killing their female infants and trying make it look like an accident by dropping(oops), sitting on( cause I didn’t see my infant on that seat before I sat down and suffocated her), drowning while bathing their infant daughter (I was just trying to help my wife and accidentally killed this kid) and neglecting them and their expenses and refusing to pay for certain medication or vaccines saying the doctor doesn’t know anything . It’s time we stop acting like non western people aren’t really as human as y'all and that our realities are tales of some faraway land, please stop, moc, think about how you’ve hurt us and change it.

Most moc aren’t angry about how white men treat them and they’re definitely not angry about how white men treat woc. They’re angry cause they wish they had as much power as white men so they can treat other groups of men, woc and white women worse than white men have treated them.

Exactly. The men at the bottom just want to be the men at the top and rule everyone else. This is the goal of all poc movements, get moc power and strengthen non white patriarchy. Its fucking disgusting.

Men of color are so brutal in their treatment of us, there is no empathy at all, but moc in the west on top of just being men with their male violence almost take out the anger and broken ego caused by generally being a minority to whites on their women and they as woc just have to sit there and take it and support them and defend them and build them up as theyre being abused.

We don’t gotta look far to see what it would be like for moc to be the majority, many women out here are living the reality of that. After moving back to my home country I have never been more horrified of Men. Men of color ain’t shit, both when they are the majority and when they are not. Non western Men find it almost insulting that you have vagina and arent officially classified as subhuman to them even tho your rights, social and economical treatment is subhuman it’s almost like the fact that women aren’t just categorized as cattle already pisses them off, the only they we are is holes to get fucked and make babies so how can we not declare our subhumanity already. It’s like I don’t even know what they want, non western women are already self-flagellating, and see themselves as subhuman to Men, they often say that whatever horrible treatment woman received she had it coming so what do they want? It’s like they don’t find it humiliating enough what we already go through.

yes yes YES!

men of color are so fucking angry that women aren’t categorised as cattle and have some kind of right even then they make their OWN movements (which isn’t about skin color but their male sex) like indian MRA movement while they literally gang rape girls to death EVERY SINGLE DAY. MOC AINT SHIT! -a brown middle eastern ex muslim woman. Yes i’m allowed to talk about it. shut up liberals.


Being from Asia, women’s rights is still something we are struggling to achieve. We haven’t reach anywhere to what western women have. And the reason is because MOC men are the most sexist beings on this planet. There’s a freaking reason why so many women would rather live in the west than in their own country. It’s the main reason why so many women are leaving their religion because they see the blatant sexism that exists in Their religious community. I mean you aren’t allowed to visit a place of worship because you’re a woman, you aren’t allowed to enter a place of worship because you are on your period, you can’t pray in the same room as men, you need to get married and have kids you don’t have a choice, you are a property who will one day be given to a man and his family and if your family cannot supply his family with money then you’re dead literally (it doesn’t matter how rich or educated you are this shit will happen), and if you are from a poor or lower caste family you might as well not be living. And this thing doesn’t happen to few women, it happens to ALL. A few lucky ones who have open minded parents might escape this. Also, Saying ‘no’ to a MOC man is so freaking scary ‘cause there’s always the fear he’s going to throw acid on your face. This shit happens way too much and the law will do almost nothing to stop these men.

It’s always going to be weird seeing here the phrase “white man” when we’re talking about sexism. Like OP said this shit doesn’t happen to western women your men don’t do this. WOC has to deal with the sexism that western women face and then 10 times more.

Interesting thing the practice of Sati (burning the widow alive on her Husband’s funeral pyre) in India has been abolished by Raja Ram Mohan Roy (pioneer of women’s rights in 1800s) and Lord William Bentinck. Yes there are good MOC men and British but the number are too small and not at all enough. Honour killing of women is still something that happens a lot in India to this day.

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