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i love seeing young lesbians.

lesbians who are 13, 14, 15, etc. i love seeing them be so sure of themselves, knowing who they are and who they love. it’s so hard to figure that out when you’re young, especially being surrounded by so much heteronormativity and the world telling you that being a lesbian is wrong or too sexual for kids. i had so much trouble finding out who i was at that age. i’m so proud of them.

if you’re a young lesbian, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too young to know or that being a lesbian is inherently sexual. there’s no age limit to being a lesbian.

(this post includes trans lesbians!)

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on a real note, i wish success to everyone trying to achieve it 

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can’t believe language was invented. like everyone was chill and quiet and then one day someone just started saying some shit

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hey everyone! so yesterday i finalized which colleges i’m going to apply to and i’m really excited to share my process! so, without further ado, here we go:

1. where to begin

for me, where to begin was easy. it was my priority to get out of california and go somewhere else for college, but for you it may not be that simple. my best advice is to figure out what you want in a college in terms of:

- size: how big do you want your college to be? how many students? what student-to-faculty ratio would you want?

- location: do you want to live on campus or off campus? do you want to commute to school and live at home? what type of weather do you like?

- options: do you have a specific major or minor that you want? where is a place you would like to intern at? do you want to go to a specialized school for music, art, etc.?

- community: would you like greek life? do you want to live co-ed or not? do you want to live with people who are similar to you? do you want to join a specific club that you enjoyed in high school?

you may find the perfect school that has everything you want and that’s awesome! you may find that you have to prioritize some aspects over others and that’s okay too!

2. cutting the list down

after you’ve begun, you will probably have a long list that’s full of great colleges and that’s amazing! you’re awesome! but here comes the hard part: making cuts. no one wants to do this, but it has to be done, so here’s some things that could help you cut it down:

- application fees: if you were as clueless as i was, you probably didn’t know about application fees. that’s right, colleges make you pay to apply to them. it may sound like i’m joking, but i’m not. but there’s some good news- fee waivers exist too! so, if you have no clue how you’re going to pay for applications, see which colleges you can get fee waivers for! after that, figure out how much you, your parents, your guardians, or whomever is helping you with applications can afford to pay in application fees.

- data: most colleges have average sat scores, gpas, and other data on their websites of accepted students, so make use of it! see which colleges are more your speed, which are a bit of a reach, and which are ones you probably get into! if you’ve been on studyblr long enough you’ve probably heard of some variation of safety, average, and reach schools. if you have never heard of these terms, safety schools are schools where your academics and scores are on the higher end of their accepted data range and it’ll be easier to get in. average schools are schools where you would be in the mid-range of their accepted scores, gpa, etc., so you may go either way. reach schools are schools where you’re on the lower end of their accepted student data and it’ll be harder to get in. personally and based on many posts, videos, and websites, please make sure that you have more safety/average schools than reach schools! it makes it more likely for you to get accepted to at least one college so you won’t be completely disappointed!

- in the future: i know that maybe you’re not thinking of it now, but you will have to pay for college in the future and maybe you’ve started applying for scholarships already, but check out what each college offers for financial aid, scholarships (both need-based and merit), grants, fafsa, payment plans, work study etc.

- visit: if you are unsure of a college, schedule a visit! colleges offer a lot of options for visiting like group tours, solo tours, self-guided tours, sleepover ones, sitting in on lectures, etc. so just check it out! that way you can see what it’s like, what the communities like, what the dorms are like, etc.

- go with your gut: this is the most biased part of the post, but make sure that this is what you want. that these are schools you want to go to and that you aren’t just applying because they are prestigious or your relative went there or that it sounds good. this is your life and you should do what you want with it. period.

3. finalizing your list

i know that this can be the scariest part, but once you have your list, check it over to make sure you’re confident in your choices. you can make pro and con lists, spreadsheets, last minute visits, etc. until you feel a 100% sure. once you’ve done this, start looking at applications and hit the ground running!

i hope you all enjoyed this post and got some good advice from it! we will all get through this together! i love you all and happy application season!

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august 5, 2018 - hey everyone! a LOT has happened over the last week and i think i’m gonna make a post (or more) about everything so be on the lookout for some soon! i love you all and hope everyone is having a good day! 💛

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july 14, 2018 - today i’ve just been organizing and watching youtube! i’m kinda getting stressed about school already even though it doesn’t start until august 15 so i’m organizing all my summer assignments and making sure that i’ve done them or are going to be done with them by the time school starts! anyways, i hope everyone is having a productive day! 💛

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july 7, 2018 - hey everyone! today i’m watching queer eye and doing nothing else really, so feel free to send in stuff!

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Working on tutorial questions today. Do you ever do optional class work or only what’s required?

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Day 73 of 100: June 19, 2018

Another year is over :’) I can’t believe how fast everything went. It still feels like September, and I really liked this school year. I had my last math class today and I’ll miss being in precalc so much. Our parametric projects were due and I printed a small copy of mine to stick in my journal (it’s the images above on the right ^^)  hehe. We had to use a minimum of 10 functions on Desmos to create a drawing. I went a little overboard and used 203 parametrics, but I loved this project. It was tedious and took a long time, but it was very satisfying to piece math equations together to form something completely different. Throwback to when I hated math and now it’s my favorite subject… like wow. Choosing to take precalculus this year was the best decision that I’ve made.

she said, ‘shut up, you fool, you’re falling in love again’” / Falling In Love Will Kill You / Wrongchilde and Gerard Way

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taking time for yourself is important (via cwote)
Stop what you are doing. Go outside and breathe. The world will not end if you take ten minutes for yourself.
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